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Dance Moms

Dance Moms is an American reality television series that debuted on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. Created by Collins Avenue Productions, it is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Abby Lee Dance Company, and follows children's early careers in dance show business and their mothers.

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Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller has been sentenced to 1 year in prison:
EXCLUSIVE: TOMORROW: "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller speaks out for the first time since being sentenced, only on
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller is going to prison.
Piece of work she is⚡ Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison for fraud.
'Dance Moms' star sentenced to prison by federal judge
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller got a year prison sentence. I have a feeling some inmates are going to become pretty amazing dancers this year
Top story: 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Gets Year in Prison | Hollywood R… see more
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller headed to jail. If only there had been some red flags in her behavior!
I can't believe we live in a world where Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms has been sentenced to prison and Donald Trump h…
🚨 BREAKING: Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year in jail! 🚨
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller has been indicted for fraud & is going to jail where I'm guessing she'll be at the bottom of the…
Dance Moms woman gets jail time but Hillary and Susan Rice don't.? As my kids say "It's not fair !!!"
Cheryl Burke Will Reportedly Replace Abby Lee Miller on 'Dance Moms': It looks like Dance Moms may have found a……
"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller says she has quit the reality series ahead of her scheduled May sentencing
My brother just told me that the dance moms woman is in jail for filing for bankruptcy when she had bare money and I am sHOOK
They just announced that they are canceling the show dance moms, and I've never been more heartbroken in my entire life💔
You'd never see Maddie running back to Dance Moms. probably because she can actually book a studio film. Two of them, BTW.
Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller quits, accusing producers of manipulating her
Abby Lee Miller quits "Dance Moms": [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for…
I've just watched episode S03E22 of Dance Moms!
So what if Chloe only went back to Dance Moms for publicity exposure? What's that have to do with you😂
If you would've told me two years ago that Chloe would be back on Dance Moms and the Zieglers would cut ties w Abby, I'd sa…
I love dance moms so much it is my fav!!!
Will loves watching dance moms lolol
My evenings just aren't complete without an episode of Dance Moms 😂
Abby Lee Miller has left after feeling "disrespected and used"
I've just watched episode S03E19 of Dance Moms!
with honey boo boo, dance moms, the cirssleys, & any LHH on tv this doesn't seem out of place.
Wait a minute.Abby Lee Miller announced last night no more Dance Moms.😮😩😔😢.my favorite show is ending..I'm so sad.
Abby Takes Off Her Top | Dance Moms Kira never make somewon cry like that
"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller parts ways with the show in a fiery Instagram post.
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Abby Lee Miller "Quits" on Instagram As one does when drunk and angry...
sorry to hear you are not returning to Dance Moms. Really enjoyed your show.
Abby Lee Miller is quitting Dance Moms, so everyone put on your in mourning leotards and tights.
me too!! And then im like "tomorrow I'm gonna go swimming and get fit" when tomorrow comes i sit and watch dance moms eating
Bring it moms are ten times more classier than Dance mom moms.
Abby Lee Miller quits 'Dance Moms' before fraud sentencing.
'Dance Moms' instructor exits the show
Abby Lee Miller announced she is leaving "Dance Moms." has the details on
Volatile coach Abby Lee Miller quits reality show before she is sentenced for fraud…
it's 345 AM and I am catching up on the beef between the cast members of Dance Moms. I wish I was kidding
Remember when Abby Lee Miller emailed me back & said I was very impressive and would be a perfect fit if Dance Moms the Musical ever happens
Live it on the dance floor? Abby Lee Miller has fallen off the Dance Moms pyramid for good.
Abby Lee Miller says she's quitting 'Dance Moms' - "I ... have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected, ...
Reality:Abby Lee Miller quits ‘Dance Moms' as possible jail time l
'Dance Moms' star says she's quitting show
Today . 850 N San Antonio Ave. Upland, California. Fierce National Dance Compeition the cast of Dance Moms and you for the Season Finale!
I want a hot chocolate but I can't be bothered to leave dance moms and my blanket 🤔
Everybody and their moms going to Denver. lol jk Dance hard! 👏
. Lifetime, The home of Tori Spelling and Dance Moms. Real high brow stuff 😂
All the dance moms are obsessed with Ainsley
Mark your calendars, MarvelOUs will be having a spring concert! March 31, 2017, 7pm in Baker Ballroom. Bring your m…
Watching Dance Moms... some of these comments made are hateful.. I hope they are scripted.
I watched Dance Moms for the first time today. It was certainly something.
I love u u are so sweet and such a good dancer my fav solo from dance moms was boom boom (I think it's called that) lol 😘😍😜
What is your favorite solo that Mackenzie Ziegler did on dance moms ?
Matt when he realizes he's marrying someone who watches 4+ hours of Dance Moms every day
I just read a Dance Moms fan page and this one is on u, Hope
I've just watched episode S07E12 of Dance Moms!
you on Ellen,you're an inspiration for moms to learn to dance to get in shape-not that any could compare💗👶
Never have I ever hurt my myself dancing on AUDC Dance Moms
Love dance my inspiration is chloe luckisak and I love her so much and am a huge dance moms fan xx for chloe
I liked a video Dance Moms - Kendall could be Kicked of the Team Forever? (Season 7 Episode 1)
This is going to be worse than the mothers on dance moms
Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms just said hi to me. I'm crying.
I've started planning my evenings around an episode of Dance Moms.
When your at gym at watching dance moms score
I'm just casually sat in bed eating popcorn and watching Dance Moms, don't mind me 🤔😂
Lifetime channel, the folks that pump out Dance Moms and Tori Spelling flicks. Makes sense now.
Moms: show your grandma nem that dance y'all made up
I bet a show called Softball Dads could make as much money as Dance Moms did
Just entered her giveaway. you can (join too watch her newest colab with Where they prank Bry…
Right now I am watching dance moms s 6 e 3
Send me funny screenshots of all my facial expressions on dance moms. I'm so bored on this bus😩
Still sad about Maddie leaving dance moms about two years ago
I'd rather serve serial killers than dance moms
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What do u miss most about being on dance moms?
This made me so happy , I can't wait for dance moms now 🤗
Sometimes we need a reminder to . "To all the kids who dance in the rain & the moms who let them". 😘💕😘 http…
Cant wait for dance moms to come back again😩
"...every question asked from every audience member looked as phony as a Dance Moms’ group hug, because it was". https:…
Young Hollywood's big night! Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak is beautiful in blue as she kicks off ...
'Dance Moms' star gets OK to travel before sentencing - Page Six
Hard to decide what trash I want to watch, Dance Moms or Millionaire Matchmaker.
Yo Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms be getting wayyy too smart smh lol I'm surprised she hasn't been in way more physical fights!! 😂😂
Maddie Ziegler Speaks about her experiences on Dance Moms - The Maddie Diaries Preview
Why is Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller facing 5 years in jail for fraud? via
When Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms comments on Britney's photo 💀😂
I liked a video Dance Moms - Abby Lee Miller and The Girls at Christmas 2016 | Merry Christmas
Hello Abby! My name is Dee and I love your show Dance Moms, I just wanted so say thank you for being an awesome show!
Why am I binge watching all of Dance Moms ?
It's midnight and I am watching Dance Moms!!! What am I doing with my life!?! lol
I absolutely love the drama on dance moms
2016 Boss Ladies Dance Moms download our app now and make yours
What's your favorite show? — I have tons. House of cards, htgawm, dance moms, la...
Ok so I watch dance moms and I just have to say your sister looks like nia (the teen) and you make the same faces a…
I usually don't even get a text unless dance moms is on
My chili phase was my favorite because you can't mess up chili. Second best would be my Deadliest Warrior and Dance Moms era
The girls, with Dance Moms crew this evening!
TBH I was pretty pumped that I was sitting near from dance moms at the steelers game 😂
Drinking wine and wathing dance moms... what have i become
My friends of course are going to push me to dance, thus my parents will see and find out,I'm just unsure of the outcome. 😳 moms finna 🔪
To watch dance moms or put on some music videos ?🤔
I'm just quoting dance moms and I think Sarah's offended Bc of something
I've just watched episode S02E23 of Dance Moms!
Dance moms is a prime example of what it's like to communicate w women
Dance Moms Fandom: What happened to me today?
25. A little girl chose to dress up as a hot dog for ‘Princess Day’.
my mom and aunts all went to high school with abby lee from dance moms so every holiday we have to have Abby Gossip Hour
Staten Island studios star on Abby Lee's 'Dance Moms' this week; 'World Class ... -
Was casually watching dance moms when I realized that the competition they were at was at my
Maddie was with the Dance Moms cast a few days ago!!
Had to share. Platano Xmas with the folks.
Dance Moms is actually so entertaining
we have many albums of his. 'Dance to the end of love' is moms fav
hope our daughters turn out like Sadbh instead then we really can be dance moms
American horror story, teen wolf, dance moms, shadowhunters
Dance moms is completely INSANE and thats why i love it
Christmas in Mound so far is dad shooting rubber bands at moms feet yelling 'dance dance!' Mom is not pleased.
New post (Dance Moms - The Showdown Kalani Vs Daviana) has been published on DizzBee Videos.
Yooo so my moms cousin kept trying to dance with me last night like I don't think he knows we're related
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Telling my parents I met Abby Lee from dance moms a few months ago and they start fan girling over the programme...
New post (Dance Moms - Funny Pep Talk (Season 7 Episode 4)) has been published on DizzBee Videos...
When I first started watching Dance Moms I never thought that one day I would know Abby & have her legit comment/like posts of mine 😍
Black moms, aunties, and grannies always tryna get you to dance at family functions. And I'm like well Beyoncé don't do s…
Ray Pop doesn't watch Dance Moms for the moms.
After you watch Dance Moms and then Dirty Dancing 😂
. . Is Abby going to jail. What's gonna happen to the ALDC? I hope Dance Moms never stops!!
The federal court sentencing for "Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller has been postponed from Oct. 11 to Dec. 2. Federal prosecutors in
I liked a video from Abby Lee Miller Smashes Microphone on Dance Moms
Dang I guess I can't watch Dance Moms anymore cause Abby Lee Miller is "violent and scary" 😑
I really wish Chris Farley was still with us. Especially after watching Dance Moms with my kids. He would have nailed the part of Abby Lee.
Abby Lee Miller gets even cattier on Dance Moms this season
I love But if Coach D loses her entire mind and turns into Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms, I swear I'll quit watching.
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty to fraud and money laundering. Read:
'Dance Moms' star pleads guilty to tax fraud and money laundering
So all of the younger girls in my dance class are beginning to get their periods and their moms are making me talk to them about it.
Hey, have you heard the latest Dance Moms news?
I just wanted to get in ya bed and watch dance moms now look what's happened
'Dance Moms' star pleads guilty in federal court
Dance Mom's Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty in bankruptcy fraud case:.
Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller facing three years for money laundering charges .
Abby Lee Miller of ‘Dance Moms’ pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud, money laundering.
"Dance Moms" star pleads guilty to federal bankruptcy fraud:
I walked into smiths wearing my moms shirt which says "best mom" and extremely loose old shorts that say "dance" on the butt so bye
But why did they take dance moms off of Netflix
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller pleads in bankruptcy case
On the next episode of Dance Moms: Abby performs a solo to 'Jailhouse Rock'
just caught Desi looking at a dance moms FAN ACCOUNT
Abby Lee Miller pleads guilty to concealing assets, sneaking cash into the country
wow can't believe I used to watch dance moms...I was so much more sophisticated back then.
Hope this inspires some new dialogues
Horrible reality TV star abuses bankruptcy laws to screw people. No not that one, a different one.
Dance Moms star who pleaded guilty to fraud texted, "We have all this foreign cash. Need a little money laundering."
Im so rough, I'm watching a marathon of 'Dance Moms' and getting into it.
.opens up about her next goal after 'Dance Moms':
lets me talk to him about Dance Moms while he pretends to be interested and I couldn't ask for anything better than that
'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller undergoes medical procedure; What is her illness?
Writing an essay watching Dance Moms. Saturday goals 🙃
SHOP NOW! Abby Lee Miller - In a sneak peek of the new episode of "Dance Moms," the mom...
Come see me play the role of Andy Lee Miller in this years production of Dance Moms: The Musical
Dance Moms' Jessalynn Siwa's trash talk was out of line
'Dance Moms' season 6 episode 16 spoilers: Mackenzie fights for what she deserves in 'Mack Z vs. Abby Lee'
I'm in an ice cram shop with Abby Lee from Dance Moms
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