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Dance Floor

Dance Floor (foaled 1989 in New Jersey) is a retired American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was bred by William Purdey at his Greenfields Farm in Colts Neck Township, New Jersey.

Dahvie Vanity Flogging Molly Far East Movement Sophie Ellis Bextor

Vota 1⃣°turno. 1) Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix. 2) E=MC2. 3) Love for sale. 4) With Ginger Baker: Live!
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet you Look Good on the Dance Floor
Riker Lynch Takes the Dance Floor with Allison Holker on 'Dancing with the Stars' - KTLA
Blood on the Dance Floor ended kind of an Dahvie Vanity ???
Dahvie Vanity blazed with My Chemical Romance's Blood on the Dance Floor >:3
Drake and Jennifer Lopez Share a Kiss on the Dance Floor
thanks baby cakes!! See you on the dance floor sexy minx 😝
Last night a random girl hit me in the face on the dance floor and while she was apologizing we started kissing! 2017 off to a good start ❤
soul is in the musical, that's where I feel so beautiful, magical, life's a ball so GET UP ON THE DANCE FLOOR
S/O to and for picking me up off the dance floor 😂🙈💕
If I had know it was going to be the dance floor I would have definitely braced it off LMAO fun while it lasted
Jay/Louise was all over each other on the dance floor at Ronnie/jacks wedding which is odd she's 15 and he's on the register
Last night the DJ/hostess played "Mo Money Mo Problems" so I literally RAN to the dance floor…
Move the couch, lock the door, socks move well on a hardwood floor, and we're gonna dance🎶
Apparently I was on the dance floor for most of the night dancing and rapping NYE's. Wish I remembered how bomb I was.
Welshly Arms – Blues/Rock - The dance floor will be open. The power of their live show has quickly built them a...
Everyone can relate to my cousin on the dance floor 😂👌🏼
Think I tore my ACL on the dance floor last night
Ready for a salty dance floor with great people this next week.
My titties fell out on the dance floor last night
Why can't you hold me in the street?. Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?. I wish that it…
"J.V." Team just killed 40 people in a dance floor...
When your song comes on in the banc and you watch leave the dance floor to come and find you
We had shot poppin on the dance floor with a broom 😂
Last night I slipped and fell on the dance floor and picked me up by my hair
Thank god for my new phone protector dropped my phone 20x.even into puddles and got flung to the other side of the dance floor at one point
It was so hard leaving to dance floor. & had no fillers.
When you spot your mate on the other side of the dance floor
I was drunk last night n Blood on the dance floor seemed funny. 2017 isn't off to a good start
Yo my bro richy was so wasted last night. I go to the hallway and come back and he's in the middle of the dance floor sta…
no lol i dont believe this😂 all I remember is the dance floor 😂
My sister just called panic at the disco, panic at the dance floor 😂
Had so much fun on this New year in was great to finally meet some of you on dance floor personally!!... https:/…
Nothing better than being on the dance floor with good friends
You know it's going to be a good year when Mr. Grotte hits the dance floor! Happy New Year, all!…
On the Floor. Dance Again. Booty. I ain't your mama. The fact that she's still one of the best WORKING actresses in…
What you actually looked like on the dance floor last night.
President-elect Trump and soon to be First Lady on the dance floor.
Turned my porch into a dance floor lmao
I don't have a voice from screaming lyrics on the dance floor and laughing non-stop for 24 hours. 2017 is looking good.
well you better start getting back in shape I need to see you out on that dance floor asap
I can't dance to save my life and the moves I was throwing at bobbin dance floor last night were so shameful but I couldn't care less
TAEMIN 태민 Guess who's on the dance floor url_
Celebrating at Artista!. Walter Suhr of Mango Punch did a great job of getting Houstonians on the dance floor to...
She couldn't even get up.. she was literally doing the Charlie Brown dance move on the floor...
A new favorite: Welcome To The Dance Floor - Snippets by Black Mosaic on
All purpose parts banner
But really though... If you come to my 21st, be ready to dance to hispanic music. I pull everyone on the dance floor.
ha yes I did thank you, hero of the hour! Gutted I can't get into Murder on the Dance Floor, it sounds mega! Smash it pal 👊🏼
Now playing Boots on a Dance Floor by Jon Wolfe! Listen LIVE here:
I liked a video from Blood on the Dance Floor - "SORRY NOT SORRY" Official Lyric Video
Andy Hurley memed it out with the Blood on the Dance Floor .
Blood on the Dance Floor is all team Mystic... Is Dahvie Vanity really someone you want on your team?
Blood on the Dance Floor, commonly known as BOTDF is a two person group, currently Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe
Vote for my song 'Dance Floor' on Mixtape Edition Vol. 12!
Confessions on A Dance Floor was Madonna's best album lets be honest
Love this! – ♫No Parking (On the Dance Floor) by Midnight Star, from with LiveLyrics®
Listen to Girls On the Dance Floor (feat. Stereotypes) by Far East Movement & Stereotypes on
How many best friends like we are get the chance to be on a dance floor of a ball together.
Aww, snap. Step away from the dance floor, Ang. *Watches with a raised brow of horror.*
Can I hold you on the street, can I kiss you on the dance floor
Door's from 11pm tonight with on deck duty with all your favourite tunes ready to rock on our famous dance floor!!!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
..Dance the night away, live your life, stay young on the floor...
2nd place: any bar's dance floor at 2am. 1st place: New Paltz - any day at any given time.
When you spot bae on the dance floor
yes Steph👏🏽 I'll see you on the dance floor at my 18th pal💃🏽
we're not going to AWP but if we were I would designate this as our dance floor song
set the dance floor on Fire last night!!!
If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music
My dance floor moves are exactly like what happens when a child wanders into the middle of a parade.
Classy but edgy. Nothing but fun. Reserve your spot on the dance floor:
Hit the dance floor , hit the dance floor ! . Have fun tonight :D :D :D
I'm pretty sure "Hammer Time" no longer means a cool foot dance while moving across the dance floor! Day 2 of my...
Best thing to happen tonight: zollie kissing on the dance floor
Whether your hot stuff, or murder on the dance floor, we have a massive tune selection to choose from! Get in touch for booking details!
I'll be spinning the tunes with until 3am for your dance floor pleasure! all night
When you're in the club and you spot your ex across the dance floor
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I need me a dude who will get up out his seat and take me to the dance floor when bachata starts playing.
Tonight!!! Setting the tone paramourbar see you on the Dance Floor
I seem to recall I once fell off a raised dance floor in a Plymouth club - about 25 years ago! I may have been drinking.
"dancing on a dance floor made of broken glass and rusty sheets of thunder". Lumen Lab has a review in Bad Alchemy.
Sharna Burgess' 'DWTS' Blog: Look for a Very Special Guest on the Dance Floor Next Week: "Dancing with the Sta...
If I choreograph the first dance it will include Tom *** the floor as Kelsey does ribbon gymnastics, all in total sil…
Check out this gorgeous event that we assembled the custom black and white dance floor for.
When I hit the dance floor you know I'm doing the stankly leg
Can't wait to add another memory to the book 😚 lets tear up the dance floor ❤️💃🏼
This is my secret love song - will you kiss me on the dance floor
Hold it -- do you twerk and eat at the same time? Or do you eat all the tacos you want first and THEN hit the dance floor?
why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?
Now this is how you make an entrance! I can't wait to see these two on the dance floor Saturday!
Looking forward to deep cuts on a dance floor with and
Remember when iKONICs were on the floor bcuz of this Rocket dance in Running Man?. ©hanbinatog
Get 6 Free VitaTops
oh my god that can't happen no, I need you on that dance floor
Dance nu vandhuta BBoyBurn Watch him own the dance floor LIVE on at 4 PM!.
This time next week we will be busting some moves on that dance floor with you!
Nice moves on the dance floor last night :)
43. Ashanti (founded the iconic floor scoot dance on Queen Latifah's talk show)
Last night my aunt got drunk and was doing sit ups on the dance floor😂😂
.blog: Look for a very special guest on the floor next week!
One of the cool new songs from tonight at Heartache on the Dance Floor 👍🏻👏🏻
so is this the real Dahie from Blood on the Dance Floor
Long Islands!! Voted "Best Bar to Shake it on the Dance Floor" with the WILD ORCHID DANCERS!!
Need to look out my Michael Jackson cd's. Feeling all nostalgic right now listening to the Blood On the Dance Floor album.
Devil's Dance Floor / Flogging Molly or the work of Electric Six. :/
Listen to Damaged by Blood On the Dance Floor on
MC Hammer and Dance Floor. Remembering your accomplishments. Our dads were frds in Emeryville, CA. TOC
Club Boogie Nights is coming up on Saturday, February 27th at presented by & friends! See you on the Dance Floor!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Nicole Jones Reeve from Driven TV and I teared up the Dance Floor at the after party with Bobby Presley playing...
Get me drunk enough and I'll serenade you with all the 2009 Blood On the Dance Floor songs
An Introduction to Latin American - The Bus, Dance Floor and Block Party by
Listen to Ghost On the Dance Floor by Blink-182 on
New music video 'Booty on the Dance Floor' by Cougar bait ft me Geli (s/o to for…
Get your "Booty on the Dance Floor" with Cougar Bait (Official), Biscuits & Gravy, Jetty, this Friday night at...
YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE DANCIN' - LEO SAYER do Album Disco Dreamin': Live on the Dance Floor - iTunes:
My new favorite old song. Ghost on the Dance Floor if your eyes stay right on mine my wounds would start to heal Gr8 freakin song
Dahvie Vanity from the iconic, talented band Blood on the Dance Floor
I liked a video Chats with Jayy Von Monroe of Blood on the Dance Floor
Come visit us on the Dance Floor at on Virginia Key Beach.
Be there Friday, October 2 as Boulevard Pool becomes the "Devil's Dance Floor" when Flogging Molly takes the stage.
Live: Snow Patrol - I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Now @
2005 Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor outtake by Steven Klein
Amazing night tonight on the Dance Floor! Thank you Acadiana for an amazing Saturday Night Dance Party!
Would have controlled the dance floor like I did at Pepperwood.😈
The dance-floor drug-overdose celebration. Hasn't he captured that hilariously?
When ur innocently eating a cupcake & el caballo dorado comes on, & kick off ur heels to hit the dance floor.
Of course we be killin the dance floor. Thought you knew.
YO BUT WHEN HOSEOK JUST DROPPED DOWN ON THE FLOOR I WAS JYSY LIKE my god all of this dance wasnt processing for me
I know that me and rapped the dance floor tonight😝
Dance like you're the last person dancing all alone on the dance floor after the party is over.
I went *** the barns dance floor tn just so you all would know!
can't wait for your announcement that, Blood on the Dance floor are your in-house orchestral musicians. Excited!
Glad to be a part of a great show tonight did her thang on piano controlled the dance floor
I dance in the bathroom not on the actual dance floor understand why people are surprised if you spend 3 hours on the dance floor - today I am broken :)
GenSan, are you ready to be struck by the fever?. Queen of the Dance Floor Maja salvador takes the... http…
・・・. Watch take over the dance floor on Don't miss it tonight 9pm
Lol right! Big homie you know first hand I'll cut a rug on the dance floor to any music😂
I regret learning how to sea walk. I never get to bust it out on the dance floor...
When you 1⃣3⃣ and you killing it on the dance floor htt…
was the greatest dance floor I saw in college
. Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor. Hangin' with some girls I've never seen before
Take me to plays, visit museums, bring me to restaurants where floor length gowns are worn & take me by hand to slow dance for the night...
When your friends forces u to dance with them in the club's dance floor
He keeps grinding with her on the dance floor and trying to make full eye contact with me & I swear I'm over hear crying of laughter 😭
It's like I've waited my whole life for this one night. It's gonna be me you and the dance floor. Cause we've only got one night
I saw a man pirouetting on the dance floor to "Pop That" tonight. goodnight world ✌🏻️
*takes you to the dance floor holding your hand and placing his other hand around your waist. Then he begins to sway*I love you
My husband better know how to get down on the dance floor that's all I'm sayin
Boogaloo Assassins drop their hit track encore "no no no" live dance floor burnin up
And I dont know what it looked like on the dance floor that night. But I know what it felt like. And it was amazing 🌌
・・・. Watch take over the dance floor this weekend on
Trying to make a baby on the dance floor lmao
Congrats for the Princess Of The Dance floor.. You deserve it!!! Congrats
Killed it on the dance floor and on that karaoke tonight!
Downtown was turned up tonight, can't wait to drink with ndsu students and hit that OB dance floor.
Brazilian electronic artist will take over the dance floor with his mind blowing numbers! Tickets: http:/…
I love it when girls grind against me on the dance floor, get my *** REALLY hard and then walk away!
I could only hear it I wasn't by the dance floor lol
Certain girls become way more attractive on the dance floor 🔥🔥🔥
You did it again, great buzz at Edwards yesterday and free entry into club certainly warmed the dance floor.
what a super cool 😎 MJ style Radhika rocks in the dance 💃 floor
Thanks to all you awesome people for lighting up the New Dance Floor at The Stache! Great Night :). UFC Saturday followed by a Dance Party!
"When you your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way." …
warming up the dance floor to earn a crowd is one of the more underrated/appreciated aspects of DJing
Blood on the Dance Floor - Where's My Wonderland Live Warped Tour 2012 via
Try listening to Trapped On the Dance Floor (feat. El Sid) by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Will Smith went *** that track.
I've been over my Blood on the Dance Floor phase for 5 years now, and I feel so sad that Jayy is still with that scumbag, child molesting retard Dahvie. Jayy could totally kick *** in a solo career.   10% Off
Jayy Von Monroe from Blood on the Dance Floor performs on the Kia Soul Stage at the Vans Warped Tour
Games (Charades, BSG-style Poker-Run, and more), Contests, Prizes, Cash Bar, Dance Floor, Live Music and DJ and...
You might think my favourite Sophie Ellis Bextor song is Murder on the Dance Floor. You're wrong. This is my fav:
Newtown, Sydney, AU- 'Murder on the Dance Floor' by Sophie Ellis Bextor, 6:15pm please!
Atilla is definetly worse then Blood on the Dance Floor in every way for the simple fact that Atilla has fans.
Julianne Hough's DWTS Photo Diary: Week 10 Went from the Judge's Table to the Dance Floor -
This is my jam: Murder On the Dance Floor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor ♫
Huma Qureshi, Kalki Koechlin DAAYAN on the Dance Floor - Promotion of Film at R City Mall
et535 Concert Tour Book MADONNA Confessions on a Dance Floor with CD
"Michael Kiss - Love on the Dance Floor ... would love to see the show only I live in the UK boo 😁
Anyone else feel like listening to Blood on the Dance Floor, Falling in Reverse, etc. or just me?
Looking forward to DJ'n to another full Dance Floor tonight at
Midsomer Murders are releasing an album of songs soon. I wonder if they need any ideas? 'Murder in the Dance Floor'
ASIA LINE On Stage Monday to Saturday at 9.30 PM Come and Let's Rock the Dance Floor..! \m/.
Now playing on 704Djs syndicated radio - Amazing - Dance Floor -
So what am I doing tonight?. Legend of the Dance Floor arrives to Gallery 212 tonight for Art Walk!
I added a video to a playlist Interview with Dahvie Vanity from Blood On the Dance Floor
Dont't let this weather keep you from celebrating The Biggest Party Night of the Year! DJ Slick-Rick and DJ Ooch are going to bring nothing but Fire to keep you guys Heated up All Night Long!! Shout Out to Miguel Rivera who will be behind the bar serving you guys great drinks! Shout Out to Nate Turnupking Offer and Ricardo Hinds who will be making sure everyone is safe and having a great time. And a special Shout Out to Buena Ale House and Angel Minguela for giving us a Beautiful establishment to host this Incredible Night we are going to have!! I'll see you on the Dance Floor!!
Salman Khan, SRK and Hrithik Roshan Danced Together on 'Chaiya Chaiya' On the Dance Floor at Arpita's Reception
'Dancing With the Stars' Semifinals Heat Up the Dance Floor: Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd were sent home de...
The second leg started off on May 31, 1997 at the Weserstadion in Bremen, Germany. Set list changes included the addition of "Blood on the Dance Floor" and later on the removal of the Off the Wall Medley and "The Way You Make Me Feel". After,It was only during the first concert in Bremen that Jackson donned a red jacket for "Blood on The Dance Floor," which was later replaced with a blue uniform. "Blood on the Dance Floor" was taken off the set list after the concert in Oslo on August 19, 1997. Also, Jackson performed at the Parken Stadium on his 39th birthday with 50,000 fans. He was presented with a surprise birthday cake, marching band, and fireworks on stage before the Jackson 5 Medley. Pro footage of this is found in Michael's private home movies. A concert was supposed to take place on August 8 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but was canceled due to poor ticket sales (this was the only concert that was canceled during the tour). The concert at Hippodrome Wellington of Ostend, Belgium was supposed to be held ...
Herby's Sports Bar & Grill in the Clarion Suites Roatan at Pineapple Villas NEW FRIDAY NIGHT 7 PM New Live Island Music with Sherwin and Joe we will have the Dance Floor open. They started a week ago and due to popular demand we will have every Friday Night. So Islanders from the East we are here for you on Friday Night. Free Jello shots and a lot of fun. Thanks for your Business
From the Tennis Court to the Dance Floor: Entering the National Tennis Center in Beijing o...
I'm listening to "Anthem Of The Outcast" by Blood On the Dance Floor on Pandora
, im the lead singer of Blood on the Dance Floor and this is my buddy Jayy Von Monroe
Tales from the Dance Floor book by Craig Revel Horwood buy and read re...
ATTENTION ALL YE YSA LIVING IT UP IN OAHU! The New Zealand Chapter A.K.A KIWI CLUB is hosting BYUH Opening Social for FALL semester... So Spread the word, kos it's about to go down! We are bringing the vibe of New Zealand to your shores. You don't wana miss out! To Our NON BYUH cuzzie bros, Get your YSA cards valid! We Want to see youze on the Dance Floor! IMPORTANT DETAILS TO REMEMBER DATE: Friday 12th September, 9pm till Midnight LOCATION: BYUH Old Gym THEME: "We Are Royals" COMING SOON - Video
Cause you know we got that dance floor crazy
Time to get on the dance floor and twirl the oldies
Nothing says welcome back to dance more than floor burns on your hands and legs 😭
Me and u on the dance floor Chris brown just need u to trust me
The dance floor, why do you need the smell is a database of us is all the pizza you love america & i like to use a good lawyer.
Gaston Coinzy Juju Jeanpierie killing the dance floor with heels. He had all the ladies live.
These four are about to battle it out on the dance floor! So adorable!
Another night out another dance floor 🔊
Got me spinning around, I ain't even on tha dance floor
Opening the night! 10-12 at let's party Chi Town. See you guys on the dance floor
I want everybody gone, wanna have you all alone on the dance floor! Ima be your! Queen. IMA BE YOUR! Queen.
Ya quiero ver el clip the Queen of the dance floor hermoso
Riya and leah on the dance floor celebrating Emma's first bday!!
Best thing about last night was I found a dollar on the dance floor
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor.. (8
Spotting a potential rave bae from across the dance floor ;)
And has hit 1 million views already. Make your way to the dance floor! http…
Prettiest thing I've ever seen before got me spinning around I ain't even on the dance floor.
DJs command the floor tonight Arrive Early Dance Late Undress to impress
"The stunning ladies are all set to burn the dance floor!
The dance floor will be INSANE TONIGHT Our TRIO : : : are more than ready!!! ht…
I've smuggled similar pieces in my *** and shat them out on the dance floor of
It's Saturday baby! I'm rockin at the Boot tonight and comin at your girl on the dance floor like..
Hot topic did not have any blood on the dance floor stuff :(
I bet U2 will be the last ones on the dance floor 💃
Summer is winding down, it's the perfect night to hit the dance floor at Graham's!! $1.50 drinks/longnecks until 10!!
Fairy with a broken heart. Our Brooke stepped onto the celestial dance floor last night at about nine surrounded by her husband and children. She was at peace and knew she was loved so much. Thank you to all our friends and family who have been a part of her life -- you were part of the reason she lived live so fully and with love.
Such a sad goodbye to & You guys left your heart on that dance floor. http:/…
but still cool I just hate when ppl just stand on the dance floor -.-
Farting in the middle of the dance floor in a small cramped space should be one of the 7 deadly sins I swear. 😷
If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, & You are the music -unknown
“I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a *** you give me the slop...Nvm go ahead and do your thang on the dance floor boo
The group of Asian girls were killing it on the dance floor for DJ croz last night
Blood on the dance floor - Sexting (Reaction video) Yes this was when i heard the song for the first time. tag people you dare to make a reaction video to this song! Watch in HD!
Wow. Who would have known that Friendly the Tiger had such great moves on the dance floor.
Me and my friends if Blood On the Dance Floor ever broke up
The last five minutes would be blood on the dance floor. Wilshere has to reduce his cigarettes smoking.
Shredding the dance floor with Georgina McKenzie
Hello, wherever you are. Are you dancing on the dance floor or drinking by the bar? ♫ Crazy Kids by —
Come on down The dance floor is still hopping!
Only a few hours left till we get down and dirty on the dance floor with !!
Last night the dance floor at Havana Club was still full at closing time, and the energy of the night was through the roof. Prepare your white outfits for next Friday, maybe even two, because the All White Party is sure to leave you soaking in dancing bliss.
Desert problems! That one annoying *** dancer that thinks its cool to kicking up dust on the dance floor !
Congratulations to Suzanne and Matthew!. Photo Booth and Dance Floor were busy all night.
Love Idris Elba: King of Speed on but when are we getting Idris Elba: DJ of the Dance Floor?
Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kiss on the Dance Floor (Video) via
stop will be on Saturday Night at one of our favorite gigs. Sheridan's Lodge in Andover. Huge place with plenty of room to groove on the dance floor. I hope to see some friends this weekend.
Hittin the shmoney dance all through the showroom floor cuz idgaf
Fingers crossed sings four on the floor and I don't dance 😁😁
Wurkn it hard tonight on the dance floor
'Real girls get down on the dance floor' 💋
Come find me on Destiny we breakin the dance floor out here !
Twerks her *** off on the dance floor. But gets mad if a guy asks her number.😕 I don't get these *** 😴
I'm glad Tamia getting more camera time always thought she was cute and she a beast on the dance floor!!
We will be refinishing our dance floors during the month of August. We will NOT be having Zumba during that time. Please come to class this Saturday at 8:15a.m. Tuesday at 7:45 p.m.
feels Great to be hitting the dance floor again, after two months break. live for the adrenaline rush 💪💃
Old man killing it on the dance floor!! More ►►► Worlds Best Pranks
I haven't been on a dance floor in I don't know how long
Im pretty sure all the other dance teachers don't actually be on the floor with their dance team like Diana
If I say super ridiculous, vulgar things into a microphone and add some auto tune can I be famous too? Call me Julia on th…
Lmao.old dude clear d whole dance floor. lol
The dance floor was packed on the dinner cruise. Looks like everyone had fun!
sorry I don't normally rape little kids so I guess I can't appreciate blood on the dance floor
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I won a freestyle dance contest at the club last night and all I did was walk drunk across the dance floor to get another glass of whiskey.
I done the fish tonight, it's when I flip about on the dance floor like a fish out of water. everyone shouts fish and then I do my thing
Move on dance floor by Djmastersound - Move on dance floor...
Do you have moves like Santa? He broke a sweat on the dance floor during his summer vacation! See more tomorrow... http:/…
If God is a dj then life is the dance floor
"hitting the dance floor at Jamies TGirl Saturday Party *** Party ThisSat 7/5
I wonder if Misty Copeland is available for this dance lesson
"What do you mean you don't have a copy of 'no parking on the dance floor'?"
No running in the exhibit hall, no parking on the dance floor. Same same.
VIDEO: Grandpa's moves on the dance floor make him an internet sensation:
My sister-in-law caught my parents tearing up the dance floor: ❤️ Gotta find a guy who can salsa dance.
Dance floor on fire from this battle!
Floor on fire from this epic dance battle 😅😅
Headed to a bit early for some prep. Music starts at nine. See you in the dance floor.
I never advanced past that on the dance floor.
Watch the GTA girls in the middle of BTB dance floor …
Get up on your feet step to the beat and celebrate!. 'Into the Groove' - 29th Anniversary! . "The dance floor was...
Can i make you wiggle on the dance floor!
I'm so Fayetteville!! I remember Saturday night at The Current Event in tallywood shopping center with my Picked out curly FRO, brown poly bell bottom pants and my brown and white pastel big collar shirt with my patent pleather stack shoes!!! Dancing to lafreak's the sheik and knock knock on wood! on a lighted dance floor drinking virgin pina coladas. Slow dancing with some fine chick!!! to every Commodores song the DJ played,
Play was giving Sharaine WORK on that dance floor
Binge watching in prep for and's wedding. I'm tearing up that dance floor!!
I need someone to do the FULL Kidd N' Play with me too! Hit the center of the dance floor like AH! Lol
Gotta turn the world into your dance floor \o/
Eminem 'Without me'...and Marino is on the dance floor!
My knees and legs are still recovering from NOLA that *** had me dance a hole in the floor at the Dragons Den.. & wasted 😮😹🙀🙈
Tanisha! Guurlll!!! You are Miss Emma Peel in that cat suit! You tore it up on that dance floor!
The way white boy grab the rebound and then put the rock on the floor you knew he was about dance on SOMEBODY!! 🏀.
"God's Great Dance Floor" blessed me during a time of renewing in my life. Forever in my heart!
Jill and my plan for the wedding this weekend: we're tearing up the dance floor until we're asked to leave
Really wish I had Joseph or Austin to tear up the dance floor with tonight 💃
~main room as we enter, noting the full dance floor and bar.} Would you like to be here or the VIP room?
Welp that was fast! BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR are OFF THE TOUR! Stay tuned for a new direct support…
only a Tennessee wedding will Rocky Top get more people on the dance floor than Beyoncé.
!!! Cc me when you do 😂 RT"I need to go to a live party like asap! Trying to bust a groove or two on the dance floor. 💃”
My show is back on 'BRING IT' ... Thank goodness cause I was falling off on this dance floor!!! Lol
Don't forget! Tomorrow and every Thursday is kid's night! Kids 12 and understand it for 50% off of the normal kids menu prices as listed below! Bring the family out for some fun play some shuffle board or the jukebox and have a party on the dance floor! Good times at JT Smokehouse!
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