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Dance Club

A nightclub (also known as a discothèque, or simply a club or disco) is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.

Year 2 there is no Dance Club after school because of the Car Boot Sale. Dance Club will restart after half term.
Well done Woodcroft Primary Choir & Dance Club - great performances today Unity Festival…
Server Marshmallow. Room: Dance Club. Come now!. Let's listen to our remix tracks and play Dance Contest!
If I heard this at the club... ooof my best dance moves are coming out for this
Getting ready for Member Appreciation Dinner and Dance. Should be another great evening at River Wilderness Golf and Country Club!
I can't take you serious if you come to club doing a dance routine with your friend 😂😂😂I never laughed so hard in my life
Mehn Dj exclusive is mad I don dance tire, is mix is crazy felt like I was in d club Mehn tumbs up
If he can't dance in a night club...!
He returns the hug with a pat on her back " Well, i rented a dance club, apparently alcohol for tee…
the slow dance scene in the Jazz Club no
[the devil walks around his club watching as dorky people dressed as superheroes awkwardly dance with each other]. This was my worst idea
Bally is that kind dude that goes to club alone, by his drinks alone, drink them alone, dance alone and drive home alone.
Tboss be eyeing sh exclusive like say Na real club she dey... olosho can not hide her seff, dance she nor gree dance
tboss be showing us shez really a club girl..d *** can't even dance. She finally killed miyonces vibe. Make she get out abeg
TTT KAIN guy i wanna dance with at the club won't make you feel sleepy kinda guy...
Tboss reminds me of when you go to the club and the hottest girl just sitting @ a corner that didn't come to dance with no one...
Clint Boon is waiting for you. 11pm tonight, come and dance with your favourite can of Red Stripe and drink with...
Tonight. Come dance in the club. The curtains are so red and the drinks & music so good.…
That amazing moment when you dance in a club & the spotlight hits you up☺
Imagine Miyonse running errand for TBoss in a dance club, dt boy can mumuish..yoh!!
We are recruiting for Sports & Dance Coaches, Lunchtime Supervisors & Playleaders & an After School Club Manager: htt…
TBoss reminds me of those gals that shout club all day but on getting there they just stand & watch others dance
Just want to hit the club again so I can dance with my girl
Tboss is just like me, she can't dance. So in a club we just hang one corner nursing our drinks like it needs much
Why tboss no gree dance... Bally na correct club boy...he has the swag .
Just Dance fitness today at club! Fantastic turn out and lots of fab moves!
"An instant dance-floor burner that harkens back to sparkling classic club hits.." . new remix 🔥…
Some Nigerian babes would come to club and be looking like prostitutes, you're meant to dance
me I Dont understand this girls o... If na Lagos club now ona go they show ona self... Dance now I can't feet.. Tboss u better go
Tboss be like those babes for club you buy drinks for and they still won't dance with you
must Tboss 2 dey behave like runs girl, Abeg dance make you nor observe who dey down pass no be club you dey
Tboss after wearing clothe your own is to dance inside bbhouse club abi
I hate Kemen now .. what is this formation dance in the club too
Don't wait to late , tickets going up !
The life of a New York City Ballet corps dancer
Castlelyons Juv U12 Camogie team enjoying their club victory dinner dance at the Midleton Park Hotel..…
Wait o. Miyonse nor sabi dance which one him dey put hand for pocket for club
Just walked past a k pop dance class in LA. Theres dance classes for everything. Just watch videos and go to the club like we did. FREE these girls carried this useless naija girls club attitude to . STAND UP AND DANCE!
Ballroom dancing this afternoon anyone? Upstairs in the Dance Club, free, 2pm till 5pm. Riverside Casino.
4.1 GPA, President of the Senior Class, President of the Dance Club,3 Year volleyball player w/ a job and bf 💘 h…
VSU Dance Club supports Miss Emanii Davis! Please help us by going to the link below and voting for her!
So @ Wooster's student body president and vice president, are you going to let WHS Dance Club perform at assemblies ???
S/O to the guy who took me out to dance salsa at the club. U knew what u was doing & u got my heart lowkey.
Percentage night at Mellow Mushroom tomorrow ALL DAY ! Just mention ECU Club Dance. 10% of sales will go to our team ! Co…
"Class analysis." I went to that club meeting once. How many capitalists dance on the head of a pin? Not deep.
Bro I promise you teen center at the club used to go up with the dance battles
Need to pick a club in Chicago 😊😁 after my bday I can legally dance ANYWHERE
When you try to hit the club with your pre-torn jeans and get viscous on the dance floor…
You never really get how big the Polo Club is till your lost in it 🙄 struggles w
Come on Marissa Cooper, dance like you did in that Tijuana Club 💃🏼
+ dancing has always been her hobby since she was a child, but it's just a mere hobby. This dance club room is pretty nice, though.
How Americans get over heartbreak. Friends take you to club. Take some shots of vodka. Dance with a stranger. Knack stranger that very night.
Hot new dance club just opened up. Hope the bouncers aren't super strict with the dress code!
When you dance to "Going Down For Real" at night club cardio and you instantly do the dance!!
Brandy- "Long Distance" was the track from this week back in the year 2009 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs...
[lights cut across the club, couples and singles and group swirling across the dance floor. A disco ball makes -
I hate when say hi to a girl at the club and get a dance from me they wanna stand by me the whole time.
What's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright. Just dance.
When you ask girls from Connecticut for a dance in the club
[sexy time]. Him: Do that sexy dance for me, baby. Me: What dance?. H: The one you did at the club last nite. M: *does the …
Come out & support & ardrossan club with end of year dinner & dance!
Big ups to our friends at for winning Best Global Club at the International Dance Music Awards tonight in Miami. 🙌
When a ugly dude tries to dance with you in the club
It's amazing how you have to make up excuses as to why you don't want to dance with a guy in a club or else you get palmed in the face lmao
Is is okay for a guy to go to a club and dance with girls when hes talking to someone but not if the girl goes to a club to dance with guys?
Lmao strictly hype club bangers from the 2000s, & everyone has to dance and come dressed like it's that era
Anyone Can Dance panel at Culture Club with Kate Champion Lloyd Newson and Rafael just starting...
Any family function dance contest is guaranteed to be live
Nothing I love more than watching a group of chavy lads dance in the club
"you like lazer light shows/dance club environment right.ever seen "Night at the Roxbury?"
guys I'm in the dance club on club penguin find me
"Black Friday" Beats Giveaway promo poster/flyer design for Electric Cowboy Country and Dance Club in St. Louis...
Some rooms like the Ski Lodge, Dojo, Dance Club... are decorated. Awesome!! =D Thanks!
My personal favorites are the Dance Club + Lounge, Ski Village and the Ski Lodge.
8:00PM - UAS Dance Club - Latin Friday: This is a great chance to learn and practice Salsa dancing. Beginners…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Mrs Wentzville hanging out at Electric Cowboy Country and Dance Club with 93.7 the Bull. Where are you? - Blake
Dance Club starts at 10:30pm! Come on out for a night full of fun for only $2!
If club fuse is open this Friday will someone please come and dance with me pwez 😫😄
Omg we was tryna do that dumb as dance rich homie Quan be doing in the club 🙅🏽😂 never again 😂😂😂😂
That's why y'all don't want to dance with us because y'all be in the club farting in A minor
2. He learns to dance spanish music and we go to a hispanic club😏
When bae's dad just got out of prison you dance with her at the club like
I added a video to a playlist Variation From Don Quixdote - Club Dance Studio
boogie nights is the only club I wanna go to cause I can mom dance
💕💕💕. I hate when you call me mijo 😒😏😂. We can't go to the club because I can't dance😂
I'm obsessed with her YouTube channel and the club dance girls!❤️
Tabestoon Koohe Tickets - The Encore Dance Club on July 04 2015 in Vancouver - ticketZone
w/ some of the turn up crew Lastnight.We got 📷💣 @ HG Dance Club & Adult Playground
Here are some of our tentative after-school offerings we are working on here at SBES: 1. After-school Math (Gr.4-8) 2. After-School ELA (Gr.5&6) 3. Writer's Club (Gr.4) 4. Dance Club (Gr.6) 5. Book Club (Gr.5) 6. Chess Club (Gr.5) 7. Music Recording (Gr.4-8) Hopefully, we will have more to announce as we move forward. Please be on the lookout for letters coming home announcing these offerings. Thank you!
Year 4 Dance Club are getting ready to perform at The Queen's Theatre
Oh no, wait. It's just Monash's Dance Club practicing in full view of everyone this Open Day. It's not like they're even performing..
Posted by Emily Donahue. Come see the 6th Annual Spring Dance Concert at Cranford High School. Featuring faculty and student choreography from the Academy Dance Program, Elective Dance Class and the Dance Club at CHS. Featured is the first multimedia da
Now Playing on NRG FM Dance: Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons
The dance battle in the club is foe sho my fav part
Thanks everyone for helping make climb to on the Club Dance Charts!!
Every time crazy in love comes on I am forced to do the dance they do in the club on white chicks.
Club members warming are warming up before dance class with Volunteer
Restaurants Mobile Marketing: Joke - Husband takes the wife to a dance club. There's a guy on the...
I resign as president of Dance Club and as captain of Dance Team. I'll help with choreo but the rest can suck it!
Looking forward to getting my dance on at the *** club tonight 💃
I am seriously dying of a coffee overdose, I need to go to a club and dance all night long and talk, talk and talk so my heart stop racing.
Dance club and The Chase are so great!!👍
Bout to hit the club and dance like a stripper!
Huaytara's second dance club meeting was held today. I did so much kicking and arm waving
Why would I go to the club? I don't even dance and I sure as *** won't waste my money by just standing there
Today's lesson: don't get water on a phone, or tears, or put it in your bra at a sweaty sweaty dance club.
Only if Tulsa had a dance battle type club for teens !
Quick question: drink and dance at Club? Or Not drink and drive home and watch anime?
Dance club just won organization of the year! I am so proud to be apart of such an amazing family ❤️
Working this party is soo annoying like Christ a bunch of old people trying to dance to club music like um K
Apparently there is an under 21 dance club in Madison. (Insert evil laugh) followed by "excellent"!
“Prolly about to go dance in Sams Club. 😂” same
Oh my! Two Door Cinema Club! Go listen to it and you will understand why we are smiling in the kitchen and watching Eleanor dance.
Black girls with them itching weaves in the club. Tap and dance!
Welcome to The Crippled Club where we mess up our knees during dance...
TOP TEN - "Warrior" moves up to on the US Billboard Club/Dance Chart this week! Thank you -...
The drunker I get, the more dance moves I know
Everybody's looking for love. Oh. Oh. Ain't that the reason you're at this club. Oh. Oh. You ain't gonna find a dance with him. No. Oh.
I seriously dont have many people i call my friends, if you havent noticed i go to EVERY club i dance at by myself
The All of Me pop remix is literally the worst thing I've ever heard. They took a good song and made it into dance club trash.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I won't dance in a club like this . All the girls are slags . and the beer tastes just like *** .
Prolly about to go dance in Sams Club. 😂
Tonight's the night you guys! Hope you all can make it out to Stargate Dance Club tonight. Doors open at 10PM - 2AM Ladies $5 til 11PM Fellas $10 All Night 18+ To Party 21+ To Drink Free Beers Throughout the night! Brought to you by
At Ocean Springs Upper Elementary School first Talent Showcase put on by Kellye Bolar and presenting the OSUE Dance Club. Let's go Kellye!
For those of you who didn't know it, Ben and I ran a Teen Dance Club back in the 1980s. These TBT photos are from that time and that club. We had some very dear friend who helped us and my Mom also helped take tickets. Leanne Webb Tacosik, Julie Calvert Volbers-Klarich, Troy Unland, Joe Joe Hines, and a birch other really neat, good kids came. We had so much fun! Thanks kids for making us feel young again!
Rouleau Dance Club Dance Recital April 27th at 2:00pm. Come out to watch our local talent perform. Silver collection at the door. Roast beef supper to follow at 5:00pm. Tickets $15:00 each. Please contact Linda @ 776-2237 for tickets or any Dance Mom. Please RSVP.
Anyone else excited about DISNEY TRASH THURSDAY at Merlin's Dance Club Wine Bar Lounge tonight?!?! I AM ! I mean, not for nothing but Sh don't tell her I told you but if Katrina went in early today for a REHEARSAL. ooo girl.. you know it's going to be HOT! ;)
OLD CAPITAL SQUARE DANCE CLUB— If Hank Williams, The Rolling Stones, Gram Parsons, and a few members of the Traveling Wilburys sat down and got to know each other for a few days, Old Capital Square Dance Club may emerge. With tone conscious guitar and layered harmonies OCSDC has a sound that congers…
American Dance Club is the longest standing Ballroom Dance Studio in Greenville, South Carolina. We specialize in social dancing as well as competition ballroom dancing. American Dance Club also has designed a ballroom dance program that is geared toward helping soldiers suffering from PTSD learn ***
Okay friends and family, I am going to be the Cheer Coach for Chino Valley High School next year. If you register with escrip and put the CVHS Pom & Dance Club as the organization that you want the money to go to it would be awesome! Shop at eScrip merchants & earn all summer long for CVHS Pom & Dance Club! If you haven't signed up for eScrip yet, please take a few minutes and do so now by visiting There are many ways to earn, and there is no cost to you. If you are already an eScrip supporter, make sure all your participating grocery club and payment cards are registered and up-to-date. Remember, to earn, you will want to use your registered cards at every opportunity. Thank you. We appreciate your time and support!
So just forget about the world, we're young tonight I'm coming for ya, I'm coming for ya! TONIGHT Come out and PLAY with your Boxx in KATRINA'S Trash Thursday! Watch as we the magic lights up the Merlin's Dance Club Wine Bar Lounge Stage when we get our DISNEY on!!! 18 to Party 21 to Drink!!!
Quick update! Parrots invade Charlotte, teen hides gun where no one really wants to look, french fry truck goes up in flames, NC GOP Senate candidates square off in another pointless debate, snake is still around and animal rights protestors plan pilgrimage to Charleston, Kansas murder suspect thinks his MURDER tattoo may sway jury and wants it inked over(DUH), mall adds fast walk lane at request of teens! Have a great weekend! Fantastic Shakers in Cherryville, Norwood and Lynn's Dance Club Fri, Sat, Sunday! Come party with us!
Enjoy new dance club summer hits for this summer with an amazing video of Greek places! Greece is one of the best countries u should visit during the summer ...
Hey trampy girls (looks like a duck and walkd like a duck) school doesnt have a dance club or stripper poles does it?? I am so grossed out by you lack of *** cover. Please cover you future wore out places for all of us. Thanks nasty Little girl.eeeweee
Hye peepz come n join us at Sukran Dance Club
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
ATTENTION!!! All WILD DANCERS! GlOW PARTY DANCE CLUB IS HAPPENING TONIGHT!!! Hosted by Eddie Alex. So if you Need a break from school work. Make your way to the Hardie at 930!
Hips hurting. Bad sleep. Wake up to nausea and a throbbing headache, along with hips of radiating fire. Which sounds like some magical power. "I have Hips of Radiating Fire!" I'd kick *** at a dance club. My hips don't lie.
The Sul Ross Dance Club has been providing the senior citizens in Waco, Texas a safe, friendly place to dance since 1978.
Hi Portland we're tourists we're here for your donuts, coffee, beer, strippers, food trucks, 90's dance club, and fixies!
BILLBOARD UPDATE: In Issue 1st May, Mariah Carey's "You're Mine (Eternal) [Remix]" jumps 1 spot and now stays confortably at of Billboard's Dance Club Songs. Congrats Mariah and the Let's make it in this chart next week! - Mariah Carey Community
Sending warm regards from me, Danny Lee, and all the The Wilde Bunch Square Dance Club on the occasion of your 30th anniversary!
TOMORROW NIGHT! (Friday) is the first ever dance club night in the back bar at The Pom in troutville! This week's theme is 80's night! Come dance the night away to all your favorite 80s tunes. The party starts at 9...and this week we have a special treat...There will be tequila samples available from 9-10! Remember, every Friday night is ladies night at Club Pom! All females get in free! So come on out and share this status! Lets make this thing huge!
North Houston Swing Dance Club meets again at Big Texas Spring, Thursday, April 24. BOBBY PRITCHARD will once again be our special guest teacher. Everyone loves Bobby's unique styling and patterns. You can't get this great deal anywhere else; only with North Houston Swing Dance Club at Big Texas Spring! Class starts at 7:30. Don't be late!!! Lesson costs $10 - Happy Hour drinks - $2.00 You don't need a partner; just bring your dance shoes! This week the dance floor is OURS; stay after class; dance some country western moves. Join us!
Ansbach ES: Please make plans to join us for The Night of the Arts on Wednesday, April 30th at 1700. Our dance club will perform, there will be an art show, and the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will perform our show "Lights! Camera! Action!"
I think Maroon 5 is the Nickleback of pop music. Mind you I was a bouncer at a dance club for pretty much 2 years and somehow the dj was able to pound a ridiculous amount of Maroon 5 and The Black Eyed Peas into five hours every night.
It's past midnight, and you know what that means? Today is the day for Trash Thursday! This is the last week, and it's going to be a sight!!! Come out tonight to Merlin's Dance Club Wine Bar Lounge and make you're inner child squeal with delight as the contestants battle it out, Disney style!!! DON"T MISS THIS EPIC SHOW!!! :D
I plan on going to The Metropolitan Dance Club tonight!!! If anyone wants to come with me, please meet me at the Briggs Avenue bus stop at 9:20 pm!!! That is 10 minutes prior to the bus arriving!!! The bus will drop us off by The Cell Block, which is only a couple of blocks away from The Metropolitan Dance Club, which we'll walk over to!! I realized that every Thursday is College I.D. Night!! It's an 18 and up night!! The party runs from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. If you want to come, you must pay: $5 With College ID OR $10 With State ID Please take a look at the photo attached for more information. If you want to come, please comment on this status saying that you want to come!!!
I'm so lucky to be able to train full time, it's like dream come true. thanks to my team BRONX Boxing/MMA. And my Sponsors CR Consulting. Crystall Glass. YEG Dance Club. Less than 5 weeks till my fight. Get your ticket already 3/4 of tickets sold out. Hurry and get yours and I'll deliver them to you!
You know you're from Haskell when you remember with a smile on your face when the Americian Legion Hall was the place to be on Saturday nights for teen age dances in the 1950's, dances after home football and basketball games, all the High School Proms and the teen age Square Dance Club dances with Alton Middleton calling the calls!
It's lovely when a friend who you haven't heard from in ages phones you. It's great to hear about all the fantastic things that she & her family have been doing in that time. Then, she says that she would like me to make some cupcakes & do a candy bar for the daughters dance club. She was very specific with what she wanted, colours, flavours etc, so I told her that I would get back to her with a costing. Costing? Costing? Are you going to charge me? Yes, that is correct. But, you did not charge me for the cupcakes for my 40th! Er no, you still have not paid for those cupcakes despite asking for it several times. 'Click'. Yep, she hung up on me. By the way this woman is on over $75 grand a year plus perks, plus whatever hubby makes!
It's official!! Josh Angel will be providing his awesome lighting for the July 26 Tampa Floorplay at Bayou Dance Club!!! Thinking black light like Demery's bday party and we can all wear bright neon colors that will glow under the light. And would like to make it a theme night... Maybe Disco/funk?? Lots of 70's outfits and music to match?? Thoughts? Ideas for another theme? I know Keith Little and Margaret Keach Little would have their costume already! Lol Any ideas would be welcome;)
Dance club west has just a few spots left. Hurry don't miss out.
Go to The Wolf Pack Square Dance Club and "Like". Thank you for your support.
Is it a newly remodeled kitchen or a dance club??? Hm.well you know we had to be different! Awesome job dear. As always!!!
Tomorrow will be a special day. I get to be "Principal for the Day" at South Kilbourne Elementary where I formerly served as library assistant, office assistant and the all important President of the 6th grade dance club. What fun! South Kilbourne is one of the 50's Gov. James F Byrnes schools. The were all one story, red brick and not a tree on the lot.
After I picked the girls up from dance club, we made a quick trip into Aldi to buy some snacks for Community Group tonight. While checking out, an elderly lady struck up a conversation with me: Lady: Are ALL of those kids yours? Me: Yes, mam. Lady (with a very disapproving look): You look way too young to have that many kids. Me: (smile, giggle) Yes, mam. Lady (disapproving look continues): They all look like they are the same age. Me: Really? They're not. Lady (even more disapproving): They look very different. There's no way they could all be from the same dad. Me: (smile) Yes. I agree. (Walk away smiling) Have a good day. :-) Is it bad that I actually kind of enjoyed letting her make her own judgements?
So I had some questions about why Saturday so here it is: because most people work m-f. But what about Sunday then, there are many people who go to church on Sunday. As well if one wants to go out to a bar, dance club, or other night life Saturday night after the reunion Saturday would work best. My suggestion would be like the Chesapeake Inn. I know it wont work for all, but some people would be able to request off of work. Others would be able try to swing by other times. We would have the site from 8- sunset. June 21 2014 I saw sunset supposed to be at 8:33pm on So yea IDK. I am still up for suggestions and reasoning to change it.
Dance club icc banquet performance is next week friday we will start practice on friday and every day next week I need to know who will be there this friday for the first practice and if you're gonna be in the performance Please respond to this asap thanks
Does any1 know the name of the dance club on 29th & fairlawn, & if tmrw night is lady's night? ANY1, I need info, & would like cple friends to go w/. If not there, then tell me what club ya'll go to!
LOVING this song, especially knowing I will reveal a mystery guest 2nd annual OPEN HOUSE @ The Continental Dance Club on UNESCO International Dance Day to this CLAP-HAPPY tune...
You could have danced at the crossroads dance club if you were at tue class apr 22.. big class.. lots of class may 6
Hey to my girlfriends in Topeka, who knows anything bout dance club on 29th & fairlawn?? Anything going on Thursday night, any1 want to go w/ me? In box me!
Dance club!! Who is going to sportsfed on Friday? It would be nice if we all met somewhere before!
I'm gonna start a dance club. In my heart. I think thats a beat we all can dance too. Lmao ;)
Dear friends I am very much glad to declared that our pride project Friends Dance Club reopening soon. If u like to join this project please informed us. Regards Leo Neil Chairman Freedom Bird
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Dance Club of Washington College will present its annual Spring Dance Concert this week in Decker Theatre, Gibson Center for the Arts. Performances – free to the public – will begin with an abbreviated program designed for local schools on Thursday April 24, at 1:15 p.m. and continue with full
TONIGHT ~ stop out tonight at the hottest Country Dance Club! Doors open at 6pm, dance lessons start at 7pm w/Chris. 18+ welcome ~ Hope to see you there!
Back at after school dance club at Gomer juniors school xx
ASL Idol is on tonight at ISD! The Dance Club is going to rock the Marshall's gym. Dosia Middlebrook and I are extremely excited and nervous at the same time - we have worked really hard and last night watching them performed already got me goosebumps. Wish us luck. Jacksonville people are welcome - doors open at 6:30 PM show starts 7 PM. Come and enjoy the show.
Back to dance club next week after a lovely Easter break. Only a few lessons before the show! Exciting times and I'm currently surrounded by glitter and feathers! Don't forget to buy your tickets when we return. See you all next week xxx
Anyone know of a good adult dance club in hemel ballet or street? Come on Lisa Donne Russell and Kyla Emily Walker i need my dancing shoes back on! I miss it!
WE GOT BEST DANCE CLUB ON THE CURRENT! Holler lil do they know best bartenders too! What what!!!
Did anyone else go to the China Garden's under 21 dance club in the late 70's? Loved it.
Dance Club Meeting tonight at 10:45pm in Biesler Lounge! Come vote for your next years e-board!! As Dana said, bring a short blurb if you're interested in running for a position.
Congrats to Writing Tutor Talia Buonopane and the Dance Club for winning the Organization Academic Achievement award
Enjoy the UI Dance Club's electrifying performance - tonight at 6:30 in the IMU Main Lounge.
Going to write a poem for Southern Fried called "How to be the Introverted White Girl at a Dance Club." *giggles*
Club Penguin - New Music Inside The Coffee Shop and Dance Club! Check it out here!
A new Dance Club is launched at RHU. RHU Development - Student Affairs Office is pleased to announce the...
Kick up the Fun at Rum Runners Dueling Piano Bar & Dance Club
Just finished making homemade from scratch Cream of Asparagus soup and chicken cashew salad croissant sandwiches, fruit salad and a vegetable tray for tonight's Dance Club of Grays Harbor dance in Hoquiam... yum soup smells and taste great. secret ingredient... Swiss cheese... that's right... really kicks it up a notch. Now I have to start the cookies my granddaughter asked for her birthday. has been a busy day today
Boobar is on Alpine at the Dance Club
Boobar is online server Alpine at the Dance Club
Come one, come all to The Sigma Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.'s, SWAG & Dance Club's Valentines Masquerade Ball! Enjoy the night with someone you love or even come find that special someone here! Tickets are $15 and all proceeds are going to charity. So come have fun and party with a purpose!
IILM is offering dance workshop for you by the "Dance Club ( India)". The club is run by Paul Masih and Irine Likokeli, professional Ballroom and Latin American Dancers with over 15 year experiences. It is associated with the Latin American and Ballroom Dance Federation of Georgia. Join the workshop from February 11 from 4:30 to 5:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays...
Jody Watley releases video to her new hit Dance Club single 'Nightlife'. Read more @
Come join us at Lynn's Dance Club for the last Tango Monday of the year!
TGIF! If you're looking for something to do this weekend, we do have some options for you. Tonight. The Brookdale Dine and Dance Club will host its annual Christmas party at 6 p.m. at the Jim Huie Recreation Center, 9045 Tara Blvd., in Jonesboro. Anyone over 55 is invited to attend, and attendees are asked to bring a food dish to share during a pre-dancing dinner. Festival of Trees and Lights 6:30 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Clayton County International Park, 2300 Hwy 138, Jonesboro. Family activities in the Nassau Building on weekends. Admission is $7 per car, $10 per van and $20 per bus. Proceeds from the gate go to Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department while proceeds from inside the Nassau Building go to Rainbow House shelter for children. Hayrides, pictures with Santa, ornament and gingerbread men creation stations, s'mores, cakewalks, a Santa Shop, refreshments and live entertainment await. Saturday. Second Saturday with Commissioner Sonna Singleton will last from 10:00am until 12:00pm at Longhorn ...
TNA Turning Point notes: Hey Christie Hemme, Rachel’s Dance Club is near Orlando Airport not Universal Studios. James Storm was “attacked” at an Orlando bar before the Florida Death matchup. From people in attendance the new Soundstage 19 apparently seats about 800 people. Of course TNA opened their “PPV” style event with, a Dixie Carter promo where she has totally lost her mind. Speaking of Storm, who knew he was such a motivational speaker and persuasive guy. Magnus vs. Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere match started backstage and weird to see that kind of ending. Is Magnus the “Chosen One” or can someone stop him? Sadly there was not a “Throwback Thursday” by Bad Influence. Abyss vs. Abyss sorry Joseph Park of course didn’t happen but a reenactment of the ending to the film “Carrie” took place. Gail Kim took on PWG star and tag team bud to Joey Ryan, Ms. Candice LeRae and it was fun. Really cool to see World champion AJ Styles with Great Muta. That would have been an amazing m ...
What does MINEevery Thursday offer that other dance venues do not offer. Firstly, MINE is a dedicated Dance Club, with a REAL Dance Floor & Sound System. MINE also has a LARGE U-Shaped Bar with some of the MOST friendly Tenders around. As for seating, NOBODY has the lounge seating MINE has surrounding the dance floor. MINE offers REAL atmosphere which I think enhances your dancing. Saratoga Latin Dancing is not a large club, but that works to the advantage of those who come, because there is almost always room to dance. I know I love room to "do" my moves, and that is important to me. We never charge a cover on Thursdays & Fridays. Give us a try. You might like us. Hope to see you soon. DJ Viejo.
The Snow College chapter of Latinos in Action is partnering with the Spanish Club, Dance Club, and Multicultural Club to celebrate Day of the Dead festivities on campus TODAY from 12-3 in the GSC Commons with alters staying up till Monday. . Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) is a holiday celebrated across different regions of Latin America and the US, as part of All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day (Oct. 31- Nov. 2). Traditionally, people will arrange altars with offerings for their kindred dead: things like sugar skulls, flowers, poems, food items, and so on. There will be Latin dance performance and workshops, face painting, and decorating 100 calaveras. (Terrifying!)
Many dance studios offer free dance classes, so no more excuses! Check out ASU's Free the Dance Club and be inspired!
A fun-filled day working on club websites! Making final changes to the Electric Cowboy Country and Dance Club...
Jolene Hall and Sister in Law Kristen Freeman and I, we had blast in las vegas from Mandalay Bay Hotel, New York New York Hotel, Luxor Hotel, Excalibur Hotel and Sam's Town Hotel and Casino's and the walk on the Strip was excellent experience for Us :) wish we had more time to enjoy more of fun and entertainment. I have to thank good friend Melissa Altringer who took me and my wifey Jolene Hall to Rio Casino for the best of our time on top of the Hotel with Dance Club in getting in Free
I would like to take a moment to clarify some facts about the club. In fact it is a *** Dance Club. Some 'friends' on here are trying to overanalyze as to what was written on the website. ( the website is not complete and my apologies that we rolled it out without proper update). The proposed July 5 Grand opening will NOT be invites only. It will be open to everyone. ( again the website will be updated this weekend ). As to what will happen on the opening we don't even know, we are still working on it never mind someone posting that it will be a drag show I think it out of merit. If someone knows better than the owner as to what will happen on the opening please don't hesitate to message me and let me know. Again we are trying to make it a great club. This is not competition between Envy and Glow. It will be another option for us to hang out and to be free.
Italy journal Mon May 27: We're off to Rome from Miami, aboard Alitalia 631 at 4:15 PM. We had upgraded to "Economy Plus," which was well worth it and put us in the "Sky Priority" category. Tues May 28: Arrive in Rome at 8:15 AM. Picked up by Fortunata [after a little "issue" with the wrong name and destination] and arrive at Via Margutta, 33, with ROberto waiting to greet us and Miguel helping to check us in to the B&B (the Episcopo Lipinsky). Tehn we're off with Roberto for a walking tour: Piazza di Popolo Spanish Steps Piazza de Spagna Lunch Pizza Ré Wine: Morellino do Scansano Dinner Ristorante '34 Wine: Tignanello This red kicks *** Vintage Tunina this white is acidy Birthday surprise sparkler cake! Went to the Dance Club at the Valadier Hotel until 3:00 AM. Wed May 29 Bkfst Canova P di Popolo Lunch Ristorante Due Ladroni Near Augustus Tomb at P. Nicosia Wine: Germann Capo Martino Il Borro San Guistino Valdarno Toscana Dinner: Hi Res Rest Hotel Valadier (Guest: Monica) wine: Germann Chardonnay Vene ...
Get the weekend started with the best Dance Club and Karaoke Bar in the area! **New drink specials for Friday Nights** "Share" this on your page today before 6pm for a automatic FREE drink voucher or your chance to win a $20 bar tab! Justin Jones spinning the best dance music after the show. Karaoke with Danny Bailey on the deck. Open at 7 pm with 2-4-1 drinks till 9pm $12 Pitchers of Long Islands ALL NIGHT $3 wells 9 - close $3 bottles of beer 9 - close $3 House shots
From Steve Hass: It is time once again for Jo Rossano's monthly “Swustle Dance". In case you missed it last month, over 50 people danced the night away to East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Hustle music. The only complaint heard was the music kept people dancing too much -- there was no chance to catch your breath. So this time, Jo is going to mix in an occasional Rumba or Nightclub 2. Most of the music will be particularly suited for West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Hustle. Of course, a lot of Swing & Hustle music is also well suited for Cha-Cha or even a Fox-Trot. You will sometimes see people doing 3 different dances to the same song. Jo has been Volunteering for the Dance Club for some time now. Every Sunday she arrives early to help get the room set up and plays music so people can start dancing before Steve arrives. We appreciate Jo's help and would like you to show your appreciation by helping to make her Swustle Dance a big success. Admission is only $5.00!! (Exact change is reque ...
A DAY OF FAMILY FUN IN KNUTSFORD We’re having a party and you’re invited - THIS Sunday 9th June! The day will be packed with fun, food, live music and children’s fairground rides and be an event the whole family can get involved with. The excitement starts at 12 noon on Sunday at Booths Park House, Booths Park, Chelford Road, Knutsford. Along with Market Stalls and local Dance Club displays there will be a Dog Show, Face Painters, BBQ, Fire Engine and much more. The Knutsford May Queen will officially open the event with Aldi have kindly provided the BBQ (including the Chef!). Mobberley Ales are also providing the refreshments, along with a Tea and Cakes Marque and Traditional Ice Creams for that authentic village fete atmosphere. Matthew Townsend, local businessman and Trustee at The Children’s Burn Foundation said “We’re sure the day is going to be a great success, with the weather promising to be outstanding. Many local businesses have kindly supported the event and we hope to raise a great ...
We're just over the half-way point! How many hours have you spent with us so far today? Get your second or maybe even third wind at the Royal Swing Ball beginning at 10pm, Tomorrowland Terrace DJ Dance Club from 12am-5am, or the Toontown Character Pajama Party from 12am-5am!
and its going to rain this weekend but get out and fill those seats.these are the Friday night dance venues...if I missed you post under here please. Fridays Gadsdan, TN, with Hot Country and Tommy and Wendy 641 Dance Club.641 Camden ,Tn American Legion, Mayfield TN Finger Community Center, Finger ,Tn Saturday Trezevant Tn - Jim's Dance Barn Hollywood's -Paris Tn with Tennessee River Band Mayfield, Tn -American Legion Reagan Community Center, Reagan , TN Lets keep these bands playing. I hope you dance.
Having a great time with friends @ Boogie Nights 70's and 80's Dance Club
I'm at Boogie Nights 70's and 80's Dance Club (Lawrenceburg, IN)
The Missouri S&T Ballet and Dance Club holds an open clinic to teach a hip hop routine to Thrift Shop. Here's a glimpse of one rehearsal.
A closer look at some highlights of the Final Round of We've Got Talent IV. Our official thanks to our performers, our judges, our guests, Dance Club, and al...
There will be a Dance Club hosted by the Potentate and Divan on March 22nd in the ballroom immediately following the Friday Night Dinner in the regular dining room, approximately 7:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. There is no cost to attend. Many have asked for some dances so here’s your chance to dance the evening away to the music of “Twice Shy”.
"VIP" BOOTH LIFE IS HONORED & PROUD TO WELCOME DJ KYRI TO THE TEAM:.BOOKING ALL HIS GIGS.DJ KYRI's BIO: As a young kid, growing up in NJ, Kyri was always surrounded by music. Coming from a Greek Family he was also listening to many different types of music, from Disco, Blues, Rock, House and Greek Music which was big in his home. Growing up he learned how to play many different types of instruments, some of which he took lessons and a few he just learned how to play using his "Ear", taught him self. He started listening to the radio and always found him self trying to catch the mix shows that were being played on the radio by DJ's and wondered how did they make those mixes? How did two songs sounded like one? Listening to the all these mix shows that these DJ's were doing and how the music made him feel. He was hooked and wanted to do them also! Learning how to DJ In the 90's where he was hired at a Dance Club (Tribecca in Fort Lee, NJ) as a light man, bringing him closer to the DJ booth. He would listen ...
Send us a pic of your favorite Tiki Bar, Dance Club, Adult Beverage or a sexy pic of your girl, LOL. Wanna hear from yall ~~ Eric
SGA allocated $471 to the Dance Club for new ballet bars
Let's get this party started! (@ Boogie Nights 70's and 80's Dance Club)
A HUGE THANK YOU to Tom Bare the owner of Lynn's Dance Club in Charlotte for donating his facility for our Shag event this Saturday night! What a wonderful gesture to do for this event! Karen Clark a lady that I work with has planned this event from the day I told her about our campaign and I am looking forward to meeting all these shaggers! People coming from across the state to be a part of this! Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Our customers are simply the best! We hope you think the same of us. It’s that time of the year, and we need your voice to be heard. “Simply the Best” voting is going on NOW and ends April 1. We are asking all our friends to visit Harrisburg Magazine’s website (and fill out a ballot with Anderson Pro Painting as your pick for “Painter/Paperhanger”. BE SURE TO FILL IN 30 CATEGORIES! Ballots with less than 30 will NOT be counted. Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think would take a moment to fill in the ballot, as well. Need a little help hitting 30 votes? Here are some other local businesses that we think are Simply the Best: AFTER DARK Dance Club – Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center Local Pub –Midtown Tavern Places to be seen – Sturges Speakeasy Pool Tables – ABC Abbey Bar Sports Bar – Flinchy’s FEELIN GROOVY Gym/health club – Planet Fitness Day Spa - IN THE STARS Local Band – Kilmaine Saints KEEPIN’ SICK AT BAY Dentist – Dr. Peter R. Brown, D.M.D. Family Doctor ...
I was a flash-mob-virgin...until today! Thanks Lex Dewey Porter and Elizabeth Pearce and the LBCC Dance Club for a fun experience today. That was a hoot! :)
Detox or a crowded, poorly lit Dance Club are the best places to find your soul mate
Wild Bill Gilbert Says Melt away those bitter winter blues at the hottest place to be on Saturday Night: The Colorado Cafe!!! Country Dancing starts at 7:00pm in the Dance Club with Paul teaching the line dance 'El Diablo' and '2-Step' at 7:30pm. Then 'The Original American Saturday Night Country Dance Party' gets cranking with Wild Bill playing all of your favorite Country Dance hits. Blame It On Richie will take to the Buck-Off Stage at 10:30pm, with their rocking good time of cover hits that you all love. And Buck-Off the Bull is ready to rip! Restaurant is open at 5:00pm - come early to eat, and stay all night to party!
A 14,000 sq ft Country & Rock Venue. Featuring a Restaurant a Dance Club with Three Bars, a 3,000 sq ft Dance Floor and a Sports Bar. Be it Line Dancing with a DJ, Rock Bands, Mechanical Bull Riding, sampling Tequila at our Tequila Bar, Karaoke or playing a game of pool its High Energy at its best.…
From Merlin's Dance Club Wine Bar Lounge: Come Celebrate Merlin's Grand opening with Jujubee of Rupauls Drag Race along with Katrina, Ms DeDe Kupps, Dusty Boxx, Kocao Chanel and Monroe Sedgwick! A Fabulous night of entertainment and Absolut Vodka Drink Specials and give a ways! Always wanted to meet Jujubee?? Well stick around for the meet and greet! Bring your cameras, Bring your friends and celebrate our new Dance Club ~Wine Bar ~ Lounge @ 73 Court Street, right in the heart of the center of the City of Binghamton! 21+ Advance Tickets $15, at door $20. Tickets will be available Feburary 1st at Merlins and Southern Tier AIDS Program, Inc. 15% of Bar Sales will benefit Identity Youth Center!
Did they start banging on the dance floor? There's a club in Berlin where that's a thing
Took her to the club, and made her do the rain dance.
Today in the Youth Centre we have EYS, Maggie Monk Dance, The 7UP Club & Keith Whitley. See...
/Dance in a club, drinking strong wine/
on a serious note, if we could dance, joining the dance club is a good idea. :P
I dance to club music around my house.
is the only song Nigerians don't dance Azonto to in the club. Cc:
You're surrounded by phoenitians grabbing your arm to dance ...Oh and if the club is called Krakatoa.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Ex. The cohort of people under 25 has increased in this region, so this is the best place to open a dance club
DJ Stingray, Who's Coming for the Next Bromance Records x Pelican Fly Party at Social Club, just Did a Remix for...
Dance Club is going ahead unless we hear from Becky that she can't make it. We'll inform parents straight away.
Happy Hour all Night at our Salsa Night !!! The Happy salsa Nights at Concerto Restaurant-Club "Red" Happy...
Videoshoot this Friday for My Single @ Club Crucial & Giveaway to who can do the Best Dance
I dont dance wit u *** in the club u stink i gig wit myself n my ***
exactly!, they have a street dance club, but its crap!, I only like contempary/modern(y) x
Trance Music does not sell drinks, it is not the crowd u want in your club. Nor do they Tip. It is a world unto itself. PPL go out to dance
Free Dance Club Taster Event today at the SU Studio for new & existing students! 5-6pm Contemporary, 6-8pm Hip-Hop
I told you not wear that dress up in the club Tryna dance up on me
tonight. "sky dance" with fdj lexi novinka,beric,and lil free at Geisha club palembang... be theree guys...
My life is a party my home is the club,party like a rockstar dance until im drunk!😁👊
White girls will dance with anybody in the club but Naija Girls ll flash their Cell Phone in your face to see what you look like
One chance,i wanna sing and dance with glee club. I love them so much,i adore th... (at William McKinley High School) —
I wanna be the dance club president !
*ahem* subtly joining your club here... I could rant now about something unrelated (about gcse dance). I won't x
So.. I'm at the dance club meeting.
I swear I can dance inna club but not just fa a *** doe well I neva did it yet
[NEWS/INFO] 130122 GLAM to take part of Club Audition: Quote Audition Online has a new service in the Dance Bat...
. id dance around anyone if drunk enough id take you to a club but you're not old enough :T
Its 2013..If you females still can't dance you shouldn't be let in the club
I need to get my *** to a club, I need to dance the night away with some drank in my system 💃
I be getting all the *** at the club when I dance, but you gotta be in the moment
When I go to the club tomorrow ima dance like
I mean I am going to the club tonight with mostly single people... But since I can't dance won't nobody be checking for me in the club
Soon ima be in the club doing the money Dance 😎
Zulus did it again. 19 Zulu guys went to a club, so when they entered the club. A xhosa guy was so shocked, he even asked them " kutheni nihamba niyi 19?". 1 Zulu guy replied " Bathe 'no under 18' we are from Nkandla''. Lmfaol.
Well done to UCC Dance Club on a great event in the Everyman Theatre Palace last night
Attention: Club SAR students, there is NO CLASS Monday night due to holiday. You are welcome to join me at 5th Row Dance Studios at 4:30 p.m. for a Free Power Flow class!!!
Funy,true nd sad:how a thousand naira il look so big usin it as offerin in d church,bt il nt even b enough to purchase gate fee or ticket as u may kal it at danc club or even 9t club
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I cannot wait to see you all on the 90 minute dance floor today at 360 Health Club in Reseda. 11:30am sharp! All are welcome
Why do people wear sun glasses in the club when it's dark !!?
Ok FBF my friends & I were having a discussion...If u were an Exotic Dancer/Stripper what would be ur signature song? Let's Go! Lol.
Just got to the club and about to start sound check!!! If your not coming out then your dead to me! Sundance is going on.. We have so many people coming out! rumor has it a few hot celebs are coming down!!! Join us tonight at Metro Bar Downtown SLC. FUSION @ METRO BAR: SHUT UP & DANCE w/ Dj Justin Hollister
Mark and I need British attire for an upcoming event. I'm thinking British Invasion, not downton abbey. We will be dancing the night away at a club, so I don't really think king and queen will work. Ideas?
About to hit club.(later).danc like a stripper bands make me dance drop it like it hot cmb make me drop it like it ice .lol im keep it cute
Zumba this morning with the lovely Alaina! She's pregnant and kicked my butt! :) love zumba!!
Biri e gana go tsena ke robala janong,nxa!
I'm at a club, I can't dance, how can I impress women???
At the Club-problem Child'S admirable lyrics:: whts the man lyk u doin in a plyc like ths? he said-wud u like to danc? i said-u fulfil my wish..he said-com on dwel womn,ooh wt u dd to me,wen u touchd my hand u set me lve free..i said -make me feel gud,myk me fil nyc.gimme ur lvn all thru th nyt...I was at the club
Far West or Escapade 2009 tonight I dont care I just wanna go to danc, kiero ir a bailar :) :) Aperrear :) :) :) :)
O God in Heaven we r waiting 4ur decision 4 dis gr8 day, I pray dat d demand n supply we b enough 4us to move today to d normal level Amen (hppy wkend)
Huntley High School Orchesis to Present “Unspoken” Huntley High School’s Dance Club, Orchesis, will present their annual showcase on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 7-9 at 7:00 p.m. in the school’s Performing Arts Center located at 13719 Harmony Road in Huntley. Tickets may be purchased in advance for $5 per person or at the door for $7 per person. Audience members attending this year’s show, “Unspoken,” will enjoy excellent performances featuring many styles of dance including hip hop, modern, lyrical, tap, jazz, and Indian. The Huntley High School Orchesis program began in 2008 with the focus of introducing high school students and the community to dance as an art. Orchesis consists of approximately 20 dancers in grades 9-12. Each year Orchesis auditions two student choreographed dances at the Illinois High School State Dance Festival. In 2010, they were selected to perform among the top 15 dance programs in the State and look forward to participating in the dance festival again t ...
Silver Linings Playbook, komus sie chce isc do kina?..
FREE ZUMBA ! TONIGHT ONLY !!! ( January 15th , 2013 ) 6 pm - 7 pm 162 queen st !!! - Erin's Dance Club ( upstairs when you walk into micro age ) ( parking on side of building or on street ) TODAY IS A FRE CLASS FOR EVERYONE ! :) want to try it out ??? ITS FOR EVERYONE !! ALL SHAPES AND SIZES !! & I am drawing for 5 free classes to one lucky girl or boy :D SEE YOU THERE !!! — ? - (519) - 360 - 9436
Hi, every one gupshup time is started , now u can share ur feelings whether it sadnes or happines :))
January 10, 2013— Santa Monica, CA — Germany's EDM marvel Zedd is proving why he was selected as an MTV Artist to Watch in 2013 with the release of his latest video "Clarity" Ft. Foxes out today. The video for the album's title track, which premiered today on MTV, MTV-Hits, mtvU & is directed by Jodeb (Cypress Hill, Porter Robinson, Deftones) and a blend of chaotic and explosive abstract visuals melded with towering sand dunes, vast caverns and American muscle cars. Combined with Zedd's soaring melodies and meticulously crafted compositions, the video creates an emotionally engaging experience that encapsulates the viewer. "Clarity", the title track from Zedd's chart topping debut LP, hit on the iTunes Dance Chart and had the biggest first week for a dance artist's album in the last 10 years. The album, which dropped in October, was propelled to ubiquity by the Matthew Koma-assisted lead cut “Spectrum” which soared to on the Billboard Dance Club Song chart and was named their Dance Club .. ...
TANGO AT LYNN's TONIGHT Introduction to Argentine Tango Class 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Practica 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. Location: Lynn's Dance Club 4819 S Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28217 704. 527.3064 Cost: Lynn's Cover: $3 at the door Tango Class/Practica: Donation in the hat Donations: Twelve years ago we brought the tradition of authentic Argentine Tango to Charlotte. We started these classes to share the culture of this beautiful dance. In order to build our community and to encourage people to try this new experience we didn't want to make money the decision factor, so we proposed to teach the class and offer the practica first, and then let the students pay based on what they think the experience is worth, including their budget into the equation. This structure allows new-comers to feel more comfortable not having to worry about payment and at the same time, it allows for people that love this dance to be able to enjoy it without the money factor being a burden as well. We rely on our guests ...
JVC RX-D206B 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver with USB PC Link and Game Mode, Black by Surround speakers don't amount to much without a quality receiver, and this JVC 7.1-channel model plays the role perfectly. Equipped with a full complement of surround decoders, including Dolby Digital EX, DTS (ES, Neo:6, and 96/24), and Dolby Pro Logic (II and IIx)--the receiver breathes life into home theater audio, delivering spectacularly crisp, explosive sound for both movies and music. The decoded formats are complemented by JVC's digital audio processor (DAP), which creates dynamic audio soundstages that mimic the acoustics of the most popular live venues. Among the multichannel DAP selections are Theater, Hall, Dance Club, Live Club, and Pavilion. Internally, the receiver is equipped with a hybrid feedback digital amplifier (version III) and a DSP digital equalizer. The amp runs at 770 watts of total power (110 watts x 7 in surround mode, 110 watts x 2 in stereo mode), which should satisfy all but t ...
Now we have our own PLATFORMS Dance Club vibe on Hutchinson Isle (Jensen Beach)! Bring your steppin shoes and come join in on the Treasure Coast's ONLY adult dance club night spinning the best of the Funk/Disco Era! Its like stepping into Studio 54 with palm trees and surf steps away. Whatsoever it iz it's GOT to be Funky!
Updated Announcement! Imperial Court of Los Angeles/Hollywood Election of new Board and Officers At the Board Meeting on January 3, 2013 a new Board of Directors was voted into office with new Officers as follows: 1) Co-Presidents: Empress Lonnie and Empress Karina 2) Vice-President: Empress Charlene 3) Treasurer: Carmen 4) Secretary: Emperor Don and Monica 5) Parliament Representative: Empress Martini 6) Board Member - LC 7) Board Member - Audrey 8) Board Member - Brandi 9) Emperor Darryl 10) Empress Carolina The new Board of Directors looks forward to working with the International Court System, Queen Mother Nicole, and Community Organizations in and out of our Empire. We cordially invite you to Investiture 2013 on January 27th, 2013 at Serra’s Dine and Dance Club (Formally known as the Queen Mary Show Bar) located at 12449 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA (818) 760 1002 from 6:00 PM through 9:00 PM. The flyer should be released in the next day or two. This will be a Mediterranean themed sit down din ...
Please watch Eat Bulaga tomorrow, January 5, and support our Angelicum learners for the Pinoy Henyo High and Campus Dance Competition. Competing for Pinoy Henyo are our YS 11 learners: Shairo Mateo and Ashley Sales and for the Campus Dance: Angelicum Dance Club. Go AC Fight!
The party that has rocked Downtown Lafayette for 10 years starts TONIGHT & things are just starting to get heated up!! South Louisiana's Biggest & Ultimate Saturday Night Dance Party starts at 9 pm sharp along with NO COVER TILL 10!!! Thirsty? Well we have you covered with $2 Bud & Budlight/Vegasbombs till midnight and 2-4-1 Bar Drinks all night long! The music will be bumping, the lights strobing, & a staff ready to make your last saturday night of 2012 better than anyone else can!!! It's party brought to you by Acadiana's Dance Club for 10 Years Strong, We Are Nite Town DownTown!!
Long day! Just returning home. Had good meetings on Social Media etc, very meaningful discussion on setting up of Centre of Excellance. Then very happy to have launched Qubate of KCT and went for a bit to Dance Club of Kct's event. Finially sports team meet. Then hostel rounds! TIRED...
The new year party you don't want to miss! Marco Carola & Marc Antona + Many others ! only at the Dance Club in...
I wanna go to H2o Dance Club in Ocean City... Lol
Getting off work early Friday? Come take a private dance lesson this afternoon! Discounted to $60 (reg. $75) through next Friday! Then tonight- we're performing for entertainment at the MN WCS Dance Club's Holiday Dance up at Murzyn Hall in Columbia Heights. Join us! $15/public, includes food.
Dance again! This Saturday night in Erie, PA at the Greek Orthodox Church on West Lake Road. Lesson from 7 to 8 and General Dancing from 8 to 11 pm. This dance hosted by the USA Dance Club of Erie. Large floor and a nice mix of ballroom and Latin dance tunes. See more details on the Calendar at
- Tamim Iqbal's 88* is the highest score by a Bangladesh batsman in a T20I surpassing Shakib Al Hasan' 84...
Hello !! Students Working to Achieve Greatness will be hosting The Blackout Event on Friday, December 14th at 6:30pm in the Auditorium on Broadway (1871 Broadway) Blackout is a showcase of various talents.. IN THE DARK. We've got singers, dancers, rappers, poets, comedians, Greek Life, a DJ BATTLE and a FASHION SHOW. S.W.A.G. in collaboration with Dance Club, Performing Arts Club , AHLSO, ROOTS, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Phi Alpha and Cultured Couture PROMISE you that this is an event that will be the topic of conversation long after the night is over. Do not miss out ! Let's end this semester the right way. Invite everyone ! Be proud of the community of young, talented individuals that YOU are apart of. Be proud of NYIT. Spend an UNFORGETTABLE night with the entire school singing, dancing, laughing, and living it up. Food will be served at 6:30pm sharp and the event will officially begin at 7pm. No food will be allowed in the Auditorium once the event starts so I suggest showing up on time. Admission will . ...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Vote to make this nominee the BEST Dance Club. Fat Harold's Beach Club:
Everyone (except 4th years)! Please be informed that we have rehearsals tomorrow November 23, 2012 from 2:30 to 4:30 for the 7th grade, 2nd, and 3rd year, Glee Club Room. Bring your copies! Then Saturday November 24, 2012 whole day 8:30 to 4:30 together witht he Theatre Club, Dance Club, Attire: practise-rehearsals attire! Kindly bring necessary snacks, food, water, powder, extra shirt, and towel.
The "Dance Club of Grays Harbor" held their monthly dance in the Grand Ballroom of the Masonic Lodge in Hoquiam, Washington on November 17, 2012. Here we see...
So pleased that Alfie is starting Dance Club at school on Monday, could have another Billy Elliot on our hands lol :) xx
FB family, Heard McFadden and Whitehead's Ain't No Stopping Us Noww yesterday morning on the Tom Joyner Morning show and (LOL) boy did it bring back memories! @ Charlane Brown-Wyand, Brigitte and Michelle Lloyd! Remember the Dance Club at the "Crest!
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