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Dana Plato

Dana Michelle Plato (November 7, 1964 – May 8, 1999) was an American actress notable for playing the role of Kimberly Drummond in the U.S.

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Dana Plato died a while back in the late nineties
Dana plato and landon hall in different strokes
There's an episode of Growing Pains in season one where Dana Plato from Diff'rent Strokes dresses like Madonna & tries to bang Mike
Conrad Bain died of natural causes on 1/14/13. Dana Plato died of a drug overdose on 5/8/99. Gary Coleman died of epidural hematoma on 5/28/10
I added a video to a playlist Dana Plato and Truth Behind The Sitcoms One Day at a Time
The leader of the gang insists he is guided by the ghost of dana plato
one of the early ones, I went off making jokes about ESRB, Joe Lieberman, Night Trap and Dana Plato playing a tennis racket.
Growing up, all I did was work and vacation, but I loved it, no one pushed ...
People have an awful lot of problems that society has put on them and a lot...
Nice work but even Dana Plato would be horrified by Trump's rise.
I wanted this to have as wide an audience as possible. I didn't want to get...
I'm tired of defending my character. I am what I am. - Dana Plato.
If marijuana had never been criminalized, Dana Plato might still be alive today.
“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato
Yea, I was kind of wondering about that myself. At least he wasn't arrested and addicted to drugs like Dana Plato!!!
So soon, I will be running a charity stream in memory of Dana Plato to raise money to help people in a dark place find their light.
Baby Boomers are 2.4x more likely to vote for Dana Plato on our The Greatest Former Child Stars list. Vote
I like to go with the energy because when you ignore it that's when you sta...
"I'm Agent Dana Scully, Plato is Fox Mulder. By the end of the episode I'll be out of the cave". - Me on my midterm paper
Notice on TV, Dana Plato almost always stood with a hand in front of the vajayjay. This is a psychological TELL. You see it often..
I've got to be honest, there's no pleasure when you're working.
I think the whole nerves thing comes into play when we worry about what oth...
30 years ago today the final episode of Diff'rent Strokes airs on ABC. RIP. Gary Coleman. Dana Plato. Conrad Bain
I think you're right? I don't know why I thought he died. I know Dana Plato died years ago, and so did Mr. Drummond
Dana Plato on an episode of CHiPs, so sad that she died so young.
or the outrage when Dana Plato from Facts of Life posed in Playboy?
Probably not. Interestingly, it's the only thing Dana Plato was known for aside from Differn't Strokes and ODing on pain killers.
Kim K is getting all kinds of different strokes shouts out to Dana Plato,Sofia is super cuffed and JLO is OUTTA HERE
now you're just going off topic. So random, get with the program... Dana Plato, John Ritter.
"I'm tired of defending myself. I am what I am. What you see is what you get.". -Dana Plato…
Feeling a little less Todd Bridges and a little more Dana Plato.
Dana Plato died in an RV in South OKC
I still miss Dana Plato, but it is old news.
A just dealt with a pharmacist that looked like Dana Plato.
How many arrests do you have?UR going to end up like Dana Plato living in an RV @ when MTV is done with u
Thanks. I was going to include that Diff'rent Strokes star Dana Plato once robbed a video store, but it seemed like too much.
did anyone tell these child actors when they grow up they'll become drug addicts or work at a dry cleaners like Dana Plato?
If Mr. Drummond had insisted that Mrs. Garrett take Kimberly with her to "The Facts of Life," Dana Plato might still be with us.
she is going to end up like Dana Plato and or Margot kidder in 1996. Just sad
After seeing many sad posts about the late Robin Williams I wanted to point out that Whitney Houston, Andrew Koenig, Ray Combs, Dana Plato, Lucy Gordon, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger,Cory Monteith and many others also died in the same self inflicted way. I have to ask myself is it really that sad? They had fortune and fame, people worshiped them, they could do whatever they want and yet they kill themselves. Seems to me the old saying money can't buy happiness must be extremely true. I guess no matter how famous or wealthy one can be does not change how we feel inside and that is truly sad. I surmise that happiness and inner peace can only come from within and can not be purchased. Happiness and peace can be found, it is out there, I urge you if you suffer from depression or substance abuse, seek help, accept it, work with it, there are people around you that care and are willing to help you stand up. Even though you feel all alone it does not mean that you are. Reach for a hand that will pull ...
Like you helped Dana Plato right Todd?? I see you throwing stones inside your glass house. Or is that a glass pipe still Todd?
Today in 1999 actress Dana Plato passed away from accidental drug overdose. Born 11/07/64.Did you know Todd Bridges purposely broke her arm?
A top panel of researchers has declared that 60 is the new 40, bacon is the new chocolate and Lindsay Lohan is the new Dana Plato.
Here I bear an odd resemblance to Dana Plato from Different Strokes! Working nine to five what a way to make a living Barely getting by it's all taking and no giving They just use your mind and they never give you credit It's enough to drive you crazy if you let it
Conrad Bain was born in Canada and was seen in primetime television for over 17 consecutive seasons. In 1972, was cast as Dr. Arthur Harmon, the liberal title character's conservative neighbor on the All in the Family spinoff Maude. Originally a widower, Arthur married Maude's (Bea Arthur) best friend Vivian, played by another future Golden Girl Rue McClanahan. Arthur was also Maude's husband Walter's (Bill Macy) best friend and army buddy. His identical twin Bonar Bain made several appearances as Arthur's twin. - After Maude ended in 1978, Bain was cast as millionaire widower Phil Drummond on the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. The father of a teenage daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato), he adopts his late housekeeper's two sons: Arnold (Gary Coleman), 8 and Willis (Todd Bridges), age 12, who are transported from Harlem to Manhattan. A family friendly sitcom, it tackled issues such as racial and class prejudices, drug abuse, kidnapping and was one of the first to tackle the issue of molestation, the latter a ve ...
Being a celebrity doesn't make someone an addict. For every Philip Seymour Hoffman or Dana Plato there are more Ron Howard & Erin Murphy!
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Dana Plato. Chris Farley. Phil Hartman. Heath Ledger. All taken too soon, and today, perhaps the finest actor of my generation joins them. Philip Seymour Hoffman. You left your audiences by turns disturbed, annoyed, baffled, awestruck, and inspired. Rest well, for your art will continue to astonish for generations to come.
Is thinking every generation has their fallen teen idol(s). My generation was Leif Garrett,Dana Plato, Danny Bonaduce, to name a few. Looks llike this generation's will be Justin Beiber,Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan to name a few. What were some from your generation?
John Connor, Haley Osmet, Dana Plato, and Jodie Sweetin. I could keep going for days.
Here's a question to ponder while we wait fir the 1/8 list deadline (some of you will be too young to answer fully, and that's sad). Looking back, would you have foreseen Kurt Cobain's suicide? Elliott Smith? River Phoenix's OD? Heath Ledger? Janis Joplin? Dana Plato? Spalding Gray? Hunter S. Thompson? Janis Joplin? Any other famous ones you would have seen coming?
You would've fit perfectly as the mom in the Cosby Show or replacement for Dana Plato in Diff'rent Strokes.
I meant we’d lay around eating butter and you could watch me stroke to Different Strokes, that Dana Plato is hot
He was talking about some of the different strokes he received from Dana Plato.
… Hey Alfonso … met you, Todd Bridges and the late Dana Plato on a 1988 NCL SS Norway cruise.
I think you're thinking of Dana Plato from Facts of life. She died.
I heard dana plato's demo tape on youtube does anybody know where i can find it
I get Laverne, Dana Plato and on a good day Rosanna Arquette :)
MSNBC responds: "But look what interracial adoption did to Dana Plato!"
looks as if won't mention my name. The Great Diff’rent Strokes Hoax of 1999: Dana Plato Cult
working on my website, having to deal with the past, killing me, found this: Dana Plato & the Diff’rent Strokes Curse
Two of the cast of DS died young, Dana Plato & Gary Coleman but Todd Bridges is ok now but his life was a wreck for awhile.
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Heartbreaking news for fans of the 80s hit sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. The son of Dana Plato, who played Kimberly Drummond, has committed suicide, has confirmed. PHOTOS: Celebs Who Di...
Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, Sir Gary Coleman & Conrad Bain. Dead as the Kaiser. On the upside, I hear Tootie is doing well.
Return to Boggy Creek (1977) is a sequel, of sorts, to 1972's Legend of Boggy Creek but no where near as tense as the pseudo-shock-u-drama of its predecessor or as gory as 2012's Boggy Creek. RTBC is about three kids lost in the bayou during a thunderstorm and stalked by the Boggy Creek bigfoot. Dawn Wells (Maryanne from Gilligan's Island plays the harried mother and Dana Plato (from Diff'rent Strokes) plays the older sibling. It's no lesser or greater than the other two movies in the series.
I've learned through experience that life is never that bad. The secret is just paying attention to how you feel and not letting anyone else dictate what in your heart you know is right. Dana Plato quotes
Diff'rent Strokes is on Encore. I am wondering how many people realize Charlotte Rae outlived Dana Plato, Conrad Bain and Gary Coleman. Todd Bridges has been able to survive bullets, swords and crack cocaine.
FILE - In this 1980 file picture originally provided by NBC, Gary Coleman, left, playing Arnold, talks with Dana Plato, as Kimberly, and Todd Bridges, as Willi
"Meg did to that guy what life did to Dana Plato"
Ke$ha looks like a combination of Dana Plato and Bigfoot. She's got her mother's style and health regimen, and her father's hygiene and singing voice. Lovely...
If u want something in life.Make a plan with attainable goals.Everytime you reach that goal you'll feel good motivated to go for the next one Don't let life pass u by.Its never too late to turn your life around." The late Dana Plato
Drug/Alcohol Ministry... Here a brief list of Hollywood actor in the limelight that died before their time due to wild lifestyles and bad choices and drug/alcohol abuse. 1) COREY HAIM age 38 best known for the Lost boys drug overdose 2)Heath Ledger died in February 2008 known for Dark Knight, Broke Back Mountain died was considered an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. 4) BRAD RENFRO died in 2008 heroin overdose 5) ANNA NICOLE SMITH died of a accidental prescription drug overdose. 6) Dana Plato Different Strokes committed suicide by taking and overdose of painkiller 7) CHRIS FARLEY died 1997 cocaine overdose 8) JERRY GARCIA died 1995 drug related heart attack. This is showing you that abusing drugs will take your life more ways than one.JUST SAY NO.
I think there will NEVER be a show that explored our fractured political landscape with the insight and grace of Facts Of Life. Too bad about that *** Dana Plato though.
robbin banks with D.Dokk and Dana plato ,a dream i had last night ,we both double teamed plato than jammed on some into the fire acoustic
Sick aa a broke *** dog today, on every kind of med they make. I'm heading towards the light now. I see JFK and his brother, Dana Plato, Lou Reed, and Leif Garret's career. Say nice things about me when I'm gone.ack.
Multiple choice answer. What was the biggest TV show in house sex scandal of all time? A. Bobby Brady banging Cindy in the dog house? B. Greg Brady banging Florence Henderson, (trust me Mike Brady won't mind) C. Dana Plato and Todd Bridges getting it on. Different strokes for different folks. Don't tell Mr. Drummond!!
Todd Bridges and Dana Plato performed Ebony & Ivory on Different Strokes.
10 THINGS?: Reply to my friend Wendy Ellison's request of, 10 things you didn't know about me. =1. I was going to move and live in Japan to model and take care of a ambassador's residence before relocating to LA. But a friend who I went to art school with, called me two weeks before my move, offered me a job in the art department at Columbia Studio in LA, designing VHS movie selves. She asked me to try LA out first, because Japan was so far away. =2. The late Dana Plato of "Different Stroke" and I became friends and she dropped by late one night crying and spent a night with me. =3. The great late Shirley Winters had a huge crash on me and had invited to her home behind the Beverly Center. =3A. I met Joan Collins in her Beverly Hills home for about a minute, while eating dinner with her 60's something German governess, Gertrude. Gertrude was a wonderful cook, she turn me on to Knorr's seasoning. She had a long list of stars who were waiting in line who wanted to employ her. She told me that, Hope Lang was ...
People that wonder how it came to be that the cast of "Diff'rent Strokes" had such tragedy visited upon them need look no further than the episode I just had the misfortune of witnessing in which Conrad Bain and Dana Plato pull double duty as Mr D and Kimberly AND the Drummonds' visiting Dutch relatives, replete with Dana playing the role of a teenage boy and Conrad in drag as "Anna." If it weren't for Matt Lauer and Al Roker's prostate exams this morning, it would easily be the most disturbing thing I've seen in eons. It's clear to me Diff'rent Strokes was opening the very gates of *** itself with this episode. They deserved every ounce of bad luck that befell them after showcasing such poppycock. I said good day, sir.
I've now outlived Dana Plato, Jayne Mansfield & Charlie Parker; and now I'm the same age as Andy Kaufman, Josh Gibson & Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Your telling me that wasn't Dana Plato playing the role of Trishelle?
Wow ! I've got to find out when they're showing this again !!!
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Better version of my Disturbing Strokes video edit.
I really thought my fame and notoriety from my National Geographic Hair Contest win would have lasted longer. I haven't been asked for a single autograph in months and the friend requests have been coming in at a trickle. Even Mikey from LIFE cereal had a longer run at fame than me. Maybe you guys can start a vicious rumor that I ate Pizza Fritte and Pop Rocks and my stomach exploded.
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle"~ Plato
Bulling in wrong. I was always smart, well liked and going somewhere til I met an abuser emotionally. Now, I am Dana Plato. On meds and fine.
What would u wear to a GWAR show.. I need to plan b/c I'm planning to bear the pit for Mr Manson.. I know the rumors & this is my 1st GWAR experience..
I think it's sad that Amanda Bynes is taking the Dana Plato Award away from Lindsey Lohan. Now what has she got going for herself?
Now: Todd Bridges asks some tough questions and brings up some difficult issues on Little House on the Prairie. Honestly, I never knew he guest starred on Little House.
Huh, Mad Max. Could have sword that was Dana Plato.
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they should have gone on stage at E3 with a hologram Dana Plato.
Dana Plato also known as Kimberly Drummond the daughter of Mr.Drummond and the sister of Willis and Arnold Jackson
For all those parents who want their kids to be famous. I have something for you to think about here: Corey Haim, River Phoenix, Dana Plato, Britany Spears, Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Christian Aguilera, Lyndsay Lohan. Need I say more?? PARENTS- It is up to you to protect your children! They may think they want fame but they aren't old enough to know what they want. I've never seen a child star yet who's life isn't screwed up almost beyond repair. IF YOU LIVE VICARIOUSLY THOROUGH YOUR CHILDREN, YOU WILL DIE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEM WHEN THEY DIE BEFORE THE AGE OF 30!! Lead them to Yahshua (Jesus), not to *** through fame.
My chicken Cordon bleu with Lillian Kay Camanian Hernani and John Rey
And actors too. River Phoenix, Heath Ledger (prescription drugs), Brad Renfro, Dana Plato and many others on the obituaries.
Ha! Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and Janet Jackson sound terrible on Different Strokes! Lol
Remember when Janet Jackson and Dana Plato sang "ebony and Ivory" on different strokes?
If there was an award for the worst sitcom actor/actress ever, I think it should have been awarded to Dana Plato.
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Now I am sad... I always thought Dana Plato was gorgeous. Too bad her life was so short.
Dana Plato with green hair. Ahead of the times.
“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” ~ Plato
Drugs kill! Ask Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Dana Plato, and hundreds of others who consumed drugs (legal and illegal) and died
My co-worker looks and sounds like Dana Plato. I don't know what to do.
The original edit, no playbacks or something like it! The song Chi Mai is made by Ennio Morricone. It`s a soundtrack from the movie "Le Professionnel". I don...
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Diff'rent Strokes is now airing on Antenna TV channel 39.2 (the television sitcom)(with Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato and Todd Bridges). Diff'rent Strokes will air tonight from 9 p.m. until 10 p.m. .
Lindsay Lohan's new attorney asked a judge for mercy and compassion Friday as the actress faces criminal charges that she lied about not driving a Porsche that crashed into a truck on Pacific Coast Highway. But Los Angeles County Superior...
Bonnie Franklin, the pert, redheaded actress who won fame as a divorced mom on the long-running U.S. sitcom 'One Day at a Time,' has died.
"Sarah Martin has always had a hard time making friends. But after eighteen years of being an outcast, this weekend is her chance...
This day in history: 28 Feb. 1991 - DANA PLATO, who played Kimberly Drummond on the TV show 'Diff'rent Strokes,' robbed a video store with a pellet gun.
Athens and Tel Aviv, I'm coming for you. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were smarter than your god. Q See you, USA.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lindsay Lohan's attorney has suggested to prosecutors that the actress serve as a motivational speaker and perform non-jail activities to resolve her latest criminal case.
Dear Conrad Bain (aka Mr.Drummond), I am sad to hear of your passing. Thank you for the work you did on Diff'rent Strokes. You played as a good man who opened his home and heart to two black orphans, thus showing the world that love is all that matters, Black or White. Even off set of the show, you were still a father figure to Todd Bridges (Willis), Gary Coleman (watchu' talkin bout Willis), and the cute Dana Plato. As a huge fan of different strokes, Thank you :)
this is amazing..and one thing people should learn! Change your mind change your life! Jennifer Howe Narkiewicz..this is what we were talking about!
Why, why I ask am I watching a documentary on Willi Vamilli?
Sure, has 5 dead cast members,but so does Diff'rentStrokes.(Dana Plato, Gary Coleman, Nedra Volz, Dixie Carter, Conrad Bain)
Only 1' left alive now, Thats Todd Bridges!! R.I.P. Rest of the crew.
From the CDC, the 4 signs that you're having a Different Stroke: 1) Conrad Bain 2) Todd Bridges 3 )Dana Plato and 4) Gary Coleman
I doubt most CVHS students would know Todd Bridges or Dana Plato. Heck, probably not even Emmanuel Lewis. But how come they all know Gary Coleman?
Watching Diff'rent Strokes now on Antenna TV. I really miss Gary Coleman and Conrad Bain. I still can't believe that Dana Plato is gone.
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I made a Dana Plato out of Play-Doh. It overdosed on rubber cement in a hot wheels van.
Todd Bridges in a life insurance commercial with holograms of Gary Coleman, Dana Plato and Conrad Bain.
So I just found out yesterday that Conrad Bain joined Gary Coleman and Dana Plato around January 15th; yeah, I find this out half a month later. Even still, RIP Philip Drummond.
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Lohan is lazy even with her downfall. Dana Plato didn't drag her heels.
Clip from "Exorcist II - the Heretic" with Linda Blair and Dana Plato. They're in a special institute handling "special" children. So awful that I added the ...
thank you so much for your talents: Conrad Bain, Dana Plato, Gary Coleman and Charolette Rae.
yeah.. specially Dana Plato.. I was horrified after reading about her life..
Checking out a tribute track I did for the late Dana Plato. Vocals were lifted from from her last interview on the Howard Stern show.
Tonight I learned that Todd Bridges was questioning his sexuality until Dana Plato put the ill na na on him. I learn something new erryday
I'm watching a 1978 episode of Different Strokes. Here are a few things I noticed. In 1978 at the age of 5, I was the same height as 10 year Gary Coleman. My Afro was as big as Todd Bridges'. I had the biggest crush on Dana Plato(before the drug use). And for her to be a maid, Ms Garrett always got the Drummond kids to do all the work. Did she get paid???
What do you think the odds were in 1993 that Todd Bridges would outlive Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, and Dana Plato? Ten million to one?
my gosh, you're right. I thought Dana Plato, but no.
“Can you imagine the cast re-union show going on in heaven right now?” "She who laughs last"- Dana Plato
They should make a new "Surreal Life" with Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Flavor Flav, Dana Plato and Jesus.
Who'd have thought Mr. Drummond would outlive Gary Coleman AND Dana Plato? . . . oh right . . . everybody
At least he got his fair share of time. Even Dana Plato's son is dead.
What you talking about Willis I heard Mr. Drummond died hopefully he is reunited with Gary Coleman and Dana Plato
Was watching "Different Strokes" last night. Can't believe Conrad Bain, Dana Plato and Gary Coleman are all passed away. (sad)
RIP Mr. Drummond. Who would have thought Todd Bridges would be the last man standing?
RIP Conrad Bain.Reunite again with Dana Plato &Gary Coleman Charlotte Rae on 'Diff'rent ...
At least now he can be reunited with Dana Plato and Gary Coleman in heaven.
Dana Plato, Gary Coleman, Conrad Bain ...How nervous is Todd Bridges right about now?
3 out of 4 central characters of are now dead, Dana Plato (Kimberly), Gary Coleman (Arnold) and Mr Drummond (Conrad Bain)
Dana Plato had some *** issues & her son followed the trend because he felt abandoned by her & hated Mother's Day
In the News, Conrad Bain died at the age of 89, he played the dad in DIff"rent Strokes. Did you know he was Canadian. Who is your favorite Canadian actor or actress?
Father In "Diff'Rent Strokes" Dies Even though he played the father in "Diff'rent Strokes," Conrad Bain never was a father figure to Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges and Dana Plato . As Bain told AP Radio in 1991, "they had parents of their own." Coleman, Bridges and Plato later became infamous for their personal problems. Bridges and Plato each had arrest records and drug problems. Plato OD'd in 1999. Coleman had financial and legal troubles. He died in 2010. Bain blamed the business. He said "it would take an unusual circumstance for any child to survive unscathed." Before "Diff'rent Strokes," Bain played Bea Arthur's neighbor in "Maude." Bain has now died. He was 89.
Diff'rent Strokes (Il mio amico Arnold) is an American television sitcom that aired on NBC from November 3, 1978, to May 4, 1985, and on ABC from September 27, 1985, to March 7, 1986. The series stars Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as Arnold and Willis Jackson, two African American boys from Harlem who are taken in by a rich white Park Avenue businessman named Phillip Drummond (Conrad Bain) and his daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato), for whom their deceased mother previously worked.[2][3] During the first season and first half of the second season, Charlotte Rae also starred as the Drummonds' housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett (who ultimately spun-off into her own successful show, The Facts of Life). Francesco Girotto
I saw where Conrad Bain, who played Mr. Drummond on Different Strokes has died. It's fascinating that he Gary Coleman & Dana Plato both passed before he did. Now Todd Bridges is the only major cast member still around. Don't forget that Janet Jackson played Wilis's girlfriend.
Awww.loved this show.sorry to hear this. :( I think Todd Bridges and Charlotte Rae are the only original stars still alive from this show. Gary Coleman and Dana Plato passed away before Conrad Bain.
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Isn't that something how he outlived Gary Colemen and Dana Plato!
How sad is it that Dana Plato and Gary Coleman both died before Mr. Drummond?
RIP Conrad Bain. Referred to as a "Father Figure" on and off-screen by Gary Coleman, Dana Plato and Todd Bridges, his work here was obviously done.
RIP Conrad Bain, aka "Mr. Drummond"! Now with the entire main cast of Diff'rent Strokes dead and gone save Tood Bridges, its not a matter of WHAT Willis is talkin' 'bout', but rather WHO he's talkin' to. :(
First Dana Plato, then Gary Coleman, now Conrad Bain...R.I.P. Philip Drummond...Todd Bridges and Charlotte Rae are the last two..
Todd Bridges is the sole survivor now! Phil, I mean Baines was hilarious! I cried when Dana Plato died, and Gary Coleman. Diff'rent Strokes is on Antenna TV tonight from 2100-2300 ET.
I see that Conrad Bain died today ... the father from Diff'rent Strokes. According to my count, Bain joins Dana Plato and Gary Coleman as dearly departed. Todd Bridges might want to keep a low profile for a few days. Just sayin'.
RIP Mr. Drummond. I wonder what Willis is talking about now that he's the only living original cast member?
Conrad Bain, a veteran stage and film actor who became a star in middle age as the kindly white adoptive father of two young African-American brothers in the TV sitcom
Actor Conrad Bain, perhaps best known for his role as kindly millionaire Phillip Drummond on "Diff'rent Strokes," has died at 89, his daughter Jennifer has confirmed to Access Hollywood.
For all those who remember the show Diff'rent Strokes:
Is chasing acetaminophen with Busch beer safe? Discuss. I mean, it's too late anyway, but still...discuss.
The episode of DIFF'RENT STROKES where Janet Jackson is considered the worst singer out of her, Todd Bridges and Dana Plato is classic!
Up at 2am writing about Night Trap. Don't care what anyone said, I bloody loved that game. RIP Dana Plato
Dana Plato Movie (Wichita, Kansas): We are seeking over 50 positions for anyone who wants to aud...
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Today is Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day. Billy Graham is 94, Joni Mitchel (folk singer) is 69, Dana Plato (diff'rent strokes) 1964-1999, Madame Curie (dicovered radium & polonium) 1867-1934. 1998 Wide Open Spaces by Dixie Chicks was 1908 Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid are reportedly killed in San Vicento, Bolivia. 1965 The Pillsbury Dough Boy makes his debut on television commercial. 2012 Barack Obama beats Mitt Romney for U.S. presidency( it was after 12 right! when we got news!)
Happy Birthday to... Peter Brady...that's right Christopher Knight is 55 The pretend Ace Frehley(FU Gene) Tommy Thayer is 52 Different Strokes star the late Dana Plato 48 Mudvayne guitarist Greg Tribbet is 44 Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano is 36
Let me triumph as a man or not at all. Rutherford B. Hayes, 1841 November 7 Birthdays Madame Curie (1867 - 1934) Billy Graham turns 94 Yunjin Kim (1973 - ) Leon Trotsky (1879 - 1940) Joan Sutherland (1926 - 2010) Barry Newman turns 74 Joni Mitchell turns 69 Dean Jagger (1903 - 1991) Jason and Jeremy London turns 40 Morgan Spurlock turns 42 Keith Lockhart turns 53 Dana Plato (1964 - 1999) Al Hirt (1922 - 1999) Rachele Smith turns 25 Mohamed Aboutrika turns 34 Nathan Adrian turns 24 Rio Ferdinand turns 34 Mark Philippoussis turns 36 David Guetta turns 45 Eric Kandel turns 83 November 7 In History 1967 - US President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 1944 - Franklin D. Roosevelt elected for a record fourth term as President of the United States 1932 - "Buck Rogers in the 25th century" radio program premieres 1929 - Museum of Modern Art, New York opens 1874 - Cartoon by Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly first use of elephant for Republican Party This Day in Business 1994 - The student r ...
Born on this day also known as the late: Mary Travers, Al Hirt, Dana Plato.
Slow birthday day...Christopher Knight-Peter from the Brady Bunch,rocker Joni Mitchell,and Dana Plato from 80's tv show Different Strokes.
Today is the birthday of Madame Curie, Billy Graham, Dana Plato, and Johnny Rivers. Madame would be 145 today. She was a Polish chemist that discovered the radioactive elements radium and polonium. She also won the Nobel Peace Prize twice. The Reverend Billy is 94 today. He has been a preacher for at least 50 years. Dana would be 48 today. She played Kimberly Drummond on "Diff'rent Strokes." She overdosed in 1999. Johnny is 70 today. He is a 60s pop rock singer. His hits include "Memphis" "Secret Agent Man" "Baby I Need Your Lovin'" "Poor Side Of Town" "Summer Rain" "Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu" and "Slow Dancin' Swaying To The Music."
I randomly remembered this particular incident of years long gone. Maybe Paul and Maurice remember it too... So in 1997, two unrelated and comparatively irrelevant events occurred (I think it was '97, correct me if I am mistaken). One was that Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace came to theatres and there were lineups outside the theatres in Toronto that lasted for WEEKS. The other event that this post relates to was the untimely death of actress Dana Plato, who played Kimberly on the 70's/80's show 'Diff'rent Strokes'. Dana Plato led a troubled life and killed herself. Now my friend Zorro (name changed to protect his dignity and identity) was all distressed and rushed that very night down to Nathan Phillips Square (also known as Toronto City Hall) to attend a candlelight vigil for Dana Plato. The complication was that right across the street from the vigil was a Star Wars line-up and the neckbeards and unwashed cosplayers populating this wriggling mass of sub-humanity were yelling at Zorro and the o ...
one of my favorite dates with Rob included seeing Jim Belushi, and flipping out over that, then gettin Chicago PD to escort us to and fro anywhere, while we were numb, via lights and sirens to Seconds City, Ditkas, Chicago Museam... all because they thought i looked like Dana Plato, (kimberly drumond)before she robbed a 7-11 and OD'ed. Man. Those were the days!
“Is hurricane sandy a male name sandy or a female name sandy? have we gone pc on hurricane names?” Dana Carvey, or Dana Plato?
Dana Plato final interview with Howard Stern one day before her death from drug overdose (eventually ruled a suicide) --- Dana Michelle Plato (November 7, 19...
Lets just face it folks honey boo boo will be on t.v for a long time five years on her show three of four years on celebrity rehab for her upcoming hillbilly heroin habit and for the rest of our lives on the e true Hollywood story for going out quicker than Dana Plato
Howard Stern KILLED Dana Plato...? This show I'm watching on bio.HD all but comes right out and says this
I think Kirk Cameron's life has surpassed Dana Plato's death as the ultimate cautionary tale of child stardom.
In an exchange of silly lines ex-possessee Regan (Linda Blair) accidentally cures Sandra (Dana Plato) of autism. The hapless Regan actually got into trouble ...
Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas from "Home Improvement" really need three names? Couldn't his parents just have called him "suck"? - R.I.P. Dana Plato :/
Last week i was watching a biography bout Different Strokes cast i love that show growing up sad after the show was pulled some of the cast had problems mostly Gary Coleman and Dana Plato dying at a early age both were talented actors i hope young hollywood could learn and turn their lives around.
I listen to the Howard Stern and he is a lazy, lying hypocrite. Does anyone who listens to him not hear his lies? Howard Stern is not a good person. He does everything to pursue the almighty dollar. He has sued his former and current employers frequently. What good person does this? He’s also sabotaged people’s careers, wished cancer on people, contributed to the suicide of Dana Plato, etc. He missed his loyal employees’ relative’s funerals but made sure to attend celebrity funerals like Ed Bradley’s and Natasha Richardson’s funerals. Why? Because he wants to rub elbows with the rich and famous and impress his younger wife. And why did he invite former enemy Chevy Chase (who embarrassed Stern with a passive aggressive wedding speech) instead of 15 year former employee Jackie Martling? Howard also refused to help his “bro” Artie Lange who suffered from drug addiction on Howard’s show while Stern tries to now claim he had “no idea” Lange was really on drugs (sure). But he should ...
I didn't know there was such a thing as a conversation that DIDN'T include Dana Plato and Ernest Borgnine.
The DM's between me and right now are rather eclectic. References include Dana Plato and Ernest Borgnine.
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