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Dana Perino

Dana Maria Perino (born May 9, 1972) is an American political commentator for Fox News.

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The Five is Dana Perino's best show in 18 years.
3 of 5 stars to And the Good News Is... by Dana Perino
...designed to appeal solely to fans of Eric Bolling and Dana Perino...
The TV show is brutally funny and ironic about the way this corrupt world is manipulated by the cynical Dana Perino.
YOU can&handle the truth! Blocked by Rick Wilson, Dana Perino, Dana Loesch and ILLEGAL *** filipino
Dana perino acknowledged me. This marks the beginning of forever.
Gen. Dana Perino said that the EU faced criticism from same-sex marriage lawyers Ms. Harding and President Bill Clinton.
Wolfey was a little toasted. Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino were also there.
Williams chewing up scenery as Dana Perino? Heck yeah, where do I sign?
A tough, gritty and occasionally sadistic police thriller with anchor/star Dana Perino in peak form.
If "We the People" are getting rid of the Establishment in DC, we need to get rid of Dana Perino off FOX.
Dana Perino, who sold soul to GOP Establishment, on FoxNews today, referred to Hillary as WikiLeaks VICTIM for exposed priv…
The Five showcases the fine commentary of Dana Perino.
It goes straight into the Fox News rotation. This is like Dana Perino saying no terrorist acts occurred in US under…
In Charleston they might worry about such rules. Here in Greenville we'd be saying "Isn't that Dana Perino?" Where are u, btw?
prageru: The awesome Dana Perino in studio filming our 2017 Commencement address! DanaPerino
"Feeling don't change FACTS, and its not mean to point them out." Dana Perino. Unfortunately have never…
Agree.. Dana Perino still thinks Bush is her d…
Dana Perino just predicted that MN Senator Al Franken will run for President in 2020. Heading off to bed I'm thinking, "my worst nightmare!"
I have Loyalty to the Truth of Sean Hannity, JUDGES NAP AND Janine, Lou Dobbs, Dana Perino, Tucker Carlson…
petition for Jesse Waters or Dana Perino to fill O'Reilly's spot on Fox News
"With O'Reilly out, the network chose a woman — Dana Perino — as the first fill-in host..."
Austin, TX thanx for selecting Dana Perino as Ur guest host & not using the lack-luster, talentless Eric Bolling as the host
My main man Spicey, the only Press Sec I have cared about since Tony Snow and Dana Perino
Dana Perino and Ed Henry are fantastic! PLEASE keep them more often! we love both of them! Shepard Smith is terrible!!
Dana Perino on The Five is obviously anti-Trump. She joined Bob Beckle in cover for Comey and Rogers who were obvously l…
Of all the Fox News hosts I've tried garner friedship, only Dana Perino and James Rosen reached out. Thank you both for your courage.
Ten years ago, The Five played second fiddle to Kimberly Guilfoyle's all-media split with Dana Perino.
: Unfortunately some at FOX are NOT helpful: Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Dana Perino 😬
Can you imagine Ari Fleischer, Josh Earnest, Dana Perino answering with "It's above my pay grade?" Spicer out of hi…
Dana Perino delivers sad news that brother of FNC’s ‘The Five’ co-host Andrea Tantaros has passed [video]
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what is Dana Perino and Bob Beckel talking about we're not taking those refugees. Tell Saudi Arabia to take them Or Pakistan.
We need some women like Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle in Congress. Not impressed with the fem questioner of Gen. Mattis. Pretty...dum.
You must know- the only person I need to follow me is Dana Perino.
How about Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino at 5 move the 5 to seven tucker at 9 and hannity at 10
A person that would fill her slot better - Dana Perino..
Dear Megyn Kelly. Take Dana Perino, her pet monkey (Gutfeld), and Juan Williams with you as well or stop using "Fair and Balanced"
The answer to Megyn Kelly's replacement is pure and simple.Dana Perino!!!
Dana Perino is just a liberal in disguise.
I tried searching for Dan Marino and it corrected me to Dana Perino. Guess she played qb for the dolphins in late 80s. Hmmph
I barely care at this point. I just didn't want to let Dana Perino down.
Seriously Juan needs to go, also Dopey Dana Perino and Charles "Count Chocula" Krauthammer. Time for new direction.
This is the funniest thing I've seen since you talked about Hitler with Dana Perino
I think only Dana Perino is left. But my guess is they move to shock jock.
Dana Perino. She's awesome. Would be new Tony Snow at FOX.
...and take Dana Perino with you.BU BYE!
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Dana Perino. We need more of the Bush years!
Could you please take Shep Smith and Dana Perino with you?
Dana Perino and America's dog!!! Dang, I can't remember his name...
No longer watch The Five Dana Perino was never Trump and Juan Williams is just stupid
So Dana Perino for the Fox News 9:00 PM slot, anyone?
Is Dana Perino moving leftwards, too? MSNBC or CBS or NBC? Let's wish her on her way. Zero help to Mr. Trump.
Gavin, Kelly and Dana Perino both need to move to leftie pastures. They were ZERO help or support to Mr. Trump's win.
no no no Dana Perino I'll never watch Fox again
I like Dana Perino, Bret Hume, and a few others there A LOT. But they don’t anchor the key prime time hours. Trumpkins do (or will).
It seems like Dana Perino would have the best perspective on President & Congress for an evening Fox News show. I'm boycotting so don't care
if we could just get rid of Shepard Smith, Dana Perino and Meghan McCain now I would be a happy camper
Awesome job so far. Hey Kelly is leaving fox how about getting Perino doing that show # MAGA we need VA sec
My vote is you or Martha McCallum with KG and Dana Perino next
let's hope Fox doesn't give it to Dana Perino
I love Hannity but he is only gets a certain audience. I vote for Dana Perino but YOU are my first choice!
Breast Cancer Awareness
I wish Dana Perino would take her so called wisdom elsewhere!
Not Dana Perino! I would have to continue to boycott that time slot!
We don't watch because of Juan Williams and Dana Perino. Maybe Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling will ge…
Now all fox has to do is get rid of Dana Perino...
judge Jeannine or Shannon Bream. Not Dana Perino. Dana should go with Megyn.
Please tale Dana Perino with you.when is Shepard Smith leaving?
So true! Should just be Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle, maybe with some Katie Pavlich sprinkled in. Rivera stinks
Umm...not sure if you know it or not, but Dana "the dwarf " Perino is a well known Trump basher.
wish I was there! Three greats, Dana Perino, HHI and Mer Taylor!!!
I read on AOL homepage news that Megan Kelly was leaving Fox News, maybe Dana Perino could lend her Jasper so she can pet him to feel better
Can she take Dana Perino with her when she leaves
please get rid of Megyn Kelly and dana perino. Both unable to keep open minds .
Please don't lower yourself to Dana Perino's lame level. You're fat better than that.
If Dana Perino went solo, her show would have low ratings. She better stay on the Five.
The somewhat wilted plot manages to take on an unaccustomed bloom in Dana Perino's direction and the commentary of an adept cast.
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Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino is a gently poignant, compassionate tale.
I loved how Jon Stewart called Dana perino the tiny dancer of deception. That's what I think of Conway.
thnx for the buzz around Bid 2 visit the Set of Fox News' w
Help me support and bid to meet me when you visit the set of
Jasper is red carpet ready for tmrw on Hilton Head Island! Excited to sign books & take photos w you…
Dana perino and Megan Kelly fake news book tours bill orielly
Is Fox News getting ready to replace Dana Perino with Taya Kyle?
Hey Please replace Dana Perino with She is more articulate, conservative and we won't have to hear about Jasper!
I'll bet this jerk owns at least two copies of Dana Perino's stupid dog book
Come on Dana Perino was abducted by aliens that looked like her dog. That's the real reason she was at the WH
Can we replace Dana Perino with Taya Kyle permanently?
I love Dana Perino. She's smart, savvy and so fair minded.
could this possibly mean Dana Perino as Press Secretary?
Dana Perino is a very elegant lady. No wonder a lot of people don't like to watch her, what does that say about them.
I do watch some Fox News so i was just playing. Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino are smart and not bad on the eyes.
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I like Dana Perino a lot but sometimes her comments are mushy, more concerned with not offending instead of conviction
dana perino for Press Secretary. She already knows the ropes.
Love but loses points saying squish Dana Perino "did a good job" as Press Secretary. Maybe as a punching bag.
Being White House Press Secretary screwed Dana Perino up. Maybe shouldn't take the job. I like her too much.
Come say hi to Fox News contributor Dana Perino and her dog, Jasper, on Hilto... Read Blog:
Everyone wants some Jasper cheer this Holiday season - just look at Gutfeld!
dana perino jasper I love your new book and the information on HENRY TOO.
Anyone notice how wah-wah-Juan ALWAYS looks for verification, affirmation from Dana Perino? Never watched SNL anyway so who cares?
I wonder if Dana Perino remembers what I said about the Black vote. I was right.Shouldn't have blocked me.Would be better informed.
Dana Perino thinks politically, not for herself.
I cant choose! Juan Williams, Megan Kelly, Dana Perino and Shep Smith are all terrible. Editorializers. Not journal…
mr. doom and gloom wow Dana Perino Bush has definitely influenced you who you voting for John McCain?
HRC should have called into her show instead of O'reilly. watching a couple fox shows to see…
Dana Perino on Why Bush is not support Trump 'It's Not About Jeb': qua
Great interview with candidacy has set women 'adrift' via
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Dana Perino you never like Trump .we don't like you either.your very nasty when it comes to Mr Trump
Dana Perino is TV's most ardent Iraq War supporter still -- the Bushes will go out WITHOUT any class whatsoever
Dana Perino is on O'Reilly talking about how everything about the Bush family and everyone in the family is all-so-flowery and great.
Dana perino is such a bush family lover she has no objectivity
dana perino gets worse every day. Time to let her go she's pulling down ratings continually
Dana Perino is just awful she continues to lose her polish
So you folks predict there's no way Trump can win electoral college? Who says, Megyn Kelly? Dana Perino? Jua…
Dana Perino is telling us all how Trump should run his campaign, She is so smart. Wow I'm in awe of SUPER Press Secretary PERINO YIPEE.
Why do they keep Dana Perino? She is a. FOOL impressed with her own brilliance after all she was a quote Press Secretary WOO HOO.
no way am I letting Juan Williams or Dana Perino ruined my weekend. They both give me a headache
Doesn't surprise me that Dana Perino, is an Establishment Pig & Globalist Never…
Preview for my OMT coming up on amazon b&n h…
Dana Perino: Trump candidacy has set GOP women 'adrift'
I don't watch him or Dana Perino. Together I could only imagine it's worse than being waterboarded.
I really wish that Chris Stirewalt would go suck a fart out of his own *** while Dana Perino watches
No..Dana Loesch... the one who hates Trump more than Dana Perino
I cannot wait to see the faces of Megyn, Dana Perino and pork chop Chris Stirewalt when Trump is announced president on Tuesday .
I can't watch Dana Perino anymore. While I admire her loyalty to GW being his Press Secretary. She's not looking at big pic i…
I can miss Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino so so easilyTheFive
Can't stand Dana Perino. They get rid of Andrea Tantaros and keep that uppity holier-than-thou bimbo.
Books: New and noteworthy. Look for new books from John Grisham, Pat Conroy and Dana Perino.
Geraldo Rivera must be about 5'6" because he really has napoleon syndrome. He should be on the 5 with Juan Williams,Dana Perino
Fair & balanced my *** Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino, G.Rivera, Shepard Smith, and the dolt of dolts Juan Williams MUST GO!
Dana Perino is pissy because ofBush..she needs to get off the air !
please get Dana Perino off the air. Stop telling me that you are sick of Trump supporters. Go home.
honestly Steve doocy Dana Perino are insulting trump supporters we know crap when we see it
These people ruining Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Carl Whoever, Dana Perino, Brit Hume, Megan Slob Bimbo. Hope they go to
- do you mean Dana Perino's dog named Jasper?
she is another libtard fool that FoxNews seemingly enjoys giving a podium to. The absolute worst however is Dana Perino!
All of the media has decided they are supposed to take Trump out. So disappointed in Megyn Kelly & Dana Perino.
I liked a video Fox’s Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino Team Up to Tear Down Trump For Treatment of
'Stop talking about women's weight altogether' ~ ,
Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino are determined to get Donald Trump to stop making sexist comments
Dana Perino should be in the photos
Megan is not 4 Trump . Been paid off just like Dana Perino. It's all show ! Liars
And Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino et al call it absurd to even ask
Would Megyn Kelly or Dana Perino have shows on Fox if they were fat? Or had unattractive faces?
this is an excellent analysis-snarky Dana Perino is just about the worst-with Megan…
Have you subscribed? With guests like Mike Rowe, Dana Perino, Charles Cooke, Kevin Williamson, why not?
Dana Perino can't stand trump she is a Bush globalist
Dana Perino's laugh is like HRC's laugh. Listen to her laugh today.
Can't stand the Bush girl Dana Perino or Megyn. Both trying to get Hill elected.
Ugly fat 70 year old man can't stop talking about the way women need to look better
I don't know about the rest of them, but Dana Perino is NOT a Hillary supporter.
The charm of anchor Dana Perino's creation is she allows the sport that elevated Tantaros to take the audience on a ride too.
I'll help you put your blinders on. ;-) This page has links to Dana's podcast.
viewers are sick of Megyn, Dana Perino and few others trying to get Hillary elected
have Sean Hannity, Steve Doocey, and Dana Perino come as guests on your show and just you on show. Chicken? No backbone?
Woo hoo. If they do not get Dana Perino and Juan Williams off The Five, their ratings will fall big time.
Dana Perino-Ignorant Press Secretary?. Perino had no clue RE:Cuban Missile Crisis also did not know about Bay of Pigs
great I am glad to hear that.i am a great fan of yours are so very intelligent
the 5 would be great get rid of Dana Perino and Juan Williams
please slap the *** out of Juan Williams and tell Dana Perino to stop whining thank you
Megyn Kelly-OBVIOUS Ax against Trump- UNABLE to get Dana Perino to bash Trump-Clinton got smear from MEGAN!
You should do Dana Perino and Megan McCain next!
I will miss Greta. Fox should get rid of Megyn Kelley,Juan Williams,Greg Gutfeld,Geraldo and Dana Perino. All Trump haters
Dana Perino is just another Bush Mouthpiece sore loser who is mad Jeb lost to Trump.
Shocking that Dana Perino would blame Baby Boomers for racism!We lived thru the assassinations of black&white leaders!
little miss perfect snow white, Dana Perino, has completely gone to the left and now she cant wait till Baby Boomers cant run for office!
Should the FOX CEO fire Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld?; via
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It is time to boycott Dana Perino and Megyn Kelly. These two women definitely show their problems on TV. NOT Good. Get rid of them NOW !
FOX you need to give Trish Regan a political talk show. She is so much better then Megyn Kelly or Dana Perino.
Good time to remind everyone that as Press Secretary Dana Perino had no idea what the Cuban missile crisis was
Spot on. This former White House Press Secretary knows what she's talking about Trump
12. When the camera went to Dana Perino, I just had this depressing lonely feeling overwhelm me and I didn't even want to watch anymore...
" Look Mama, Dana Perino photo bombed this picture!"
It looks like it is to scale for Dana Perino only.
Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, Martha McCollum, Dana Perino, Shep Smith, are on my Boycott list, FoxBusiness is much better
ATTN-The sexy and beautiful Leg Goddess. Are on Foxnews right now Kimberly Guilefoyle and Dana Perino sending ratings through the roof
that's why she is Dana. PeRINO.. she loves blah blah standard politically safe PC nonsense
Dana Perino is like former boss, dancing at cops funeral, small in character and size. Always defends Obama, why??
Dana Perino thought the Presidents speech was really good.
and I'm NOT talking about Dana Perino, for example, nor Greta. If everyone were like them there wouldn't be any killing or political hating.
Early reports are often erroneous. -Dana Perino.
I think you guys deserve a little better than that. It might be OK for Dana Perino , but is cheap.
Greg Gutfeld is just as short as Dana Perino.
And let's not forget Megyn Kelly, Stephen Hayes, Rich Lowry, & Dana Perino. I refuse to watch any of them. They should go to CNN.
And the Good News Is...: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side by Dana Perino
Megyn, you, Dana Perino, & Greg Gutfeld are the only reasons I can still watch anything on FOX... 😐
And, now, a Blend of Ingenuity, with Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt.
According to CNN Money, Dana Perino and Arthur Brooks will also be attending. I'm optimistic about this meeting.
Dana Perino is acting like she just negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine!.
To be a fly on the wall when Zuck meets Glenn Beck, Arthur Brooks, Dana Perino et al via
I'm sure Dana Perino is very smart, but this just isn't the right platform for her. She's really boring.Melissa Francis much better
Greg Guttfeld & Dana Perino went full retard today. They hated on Trump more than Juan Williams. Time to boycott
You, Chris Wallace, Bret Baird, Juan, Dana Perino and others are the Kelly gang. How do it feel to be carrying her water?
Congrats for Dana Perino talks "And the Good News Is..." winning for Student Radio Talk Show- Entertainment/News!
You are supposed to be reporters. learn something from Anderson Copper, Dana Perino, Brett Baier, O'Reilly.. real reporters
Get your tickets to Town Hall w/ Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino & Larry Gatlin before the public on sale. Details below.
Yes, the grapes are mighty sour in the mouths of Steve Hayes, Karl Rove, Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino.
So all those jokes Greg Gutfeld makes about Dana Perino's height have basis; she's not much…
A show that ambles along agreeably and features fine performances from co-stars Dana Perino and Bob Beckel.
A likable, infectious musical, Dana Perino's The Five is sometimes uneven but always toe-tapping and fun.
Nobody labors quite like Dana Perino to produce a modest entertainment.
Against all reason we find ourselves caring, first about Bob Beckel, then about the vulnerable Dana Perino.
why was Dana Perino being so rude tonight. She didn't like watching Cruz but to be so blatant about it. sad.
Dana PeRINO is butt hurt that her Rubio lost and Jeb's not even on the map.
it is kind of interesting that both Ari and Dana Perino feel the same about Ted...
Dana Perino on the Iowa Caucuses, Hillary's Email, and More!-
She is influenced by Dana Perino who is upset that Bush isn't winning from the beginning
Dana Perino took Karl's white board away.
Cruz wins! ...and Dana Perino looks like she swallowed a goldfish. LOL
Dana Perino I liked you better when you work for George Bush you were less opinionated
Dear God I told my editors I'd watch Fox News tonight without checking to see that, indeed, Dana Perino was going to be on
Just saw Dana Perino on the FIVE. It looks like she borrowed 's fake hare. I think she's gone over to 'THE DARK SIDE' !
Dana Perino on Fox just refereed to Juan Williams as "Juanita."
It hasn't been wrong for 9 elections. Trump will win. . Dana Perino: I think the final DMR poll will prove wrong.
I have the same eye shadow palette as Dana Perino so basically, I'm Dana Perino.
And since you follow me, by the Transitive Property, Dana Perino follows me. But in all seriousness, that's awesome
Dana Perino - 2015 Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side Dana Perino ... My parents, Leo Ernest Perino and Janice Marie Perino
Top of the line Kimberly Guilfoyle with wonderful Dana Perino and surprisingly funny Eric Bolling.
Looks quite similar to Dana Perino's; the one she sent Peter to get Velveeta for late one night.
Just met Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld at my gate
A strong early effort from Dana Perino.
This will break Dana Perino's heart. No WH spokesman job for her just yet.
I want to be Dana Perino so badly. 🇺🇸🙌🏼
"If I were in some sort of legal trouble, I would call Hillary Clinton to find out how do you get out of it." – Dana Perino
There aren't many news shows more visually beautiful than Dana Perino's odd but moving "The Five."
One of the best Andrea Tantaros productions from this decade. A very funny TV show that made Dana Perino a star.
Fox's Dana Perino: the link between bacon and cancer is part of a climate change conspiracy
I don't watch outnumbered or the five, occasionally i'll watch dana perino is not a conservative beckle broke
Only a few tickets left! Come meet us on Sunday and watch me beat Tickets:
excellent interview with Dana Perino on BookTV. I can't wait to read your book.
Be expecting a phone call fm DANA PERINO since she is in big trouble & requires ur assistance in "SKATING" the FEDS, so she
Or Dana Perino's former employee who also works for Rubio!
Dana Perino, Juan Williams, Bill O'Reilly, Saudi prince is owner, open borders Australian is Progessive RINOs @ best
Dana Perino: Resolved: In 2016 I will not let politics strip me of my dignity |
Combined with, Rubio campaign staffer formerly worked for Dana Perino! Fox is now worse than any network they've criticized!!
after a hard day on Fox TV, cooking dinner with your best friend-just like Dana Perino and Jasper
Dana Perino out there shilling.. expect nothing less from Fox News.
Did you see Dirks Bentley score goal? Perino
. and Dana Perino doing yoga in Iowa...what a yoga outfit Tucker has!
This exchange between Dana Perino & Megyn Kelly about Rand Paul earlier this year is quite ironical:
I think Greg has been cloistered with Dana Perino & Juan Williams too much. I too like Greg
Bush's Dana Perino does not deny that Our Great Christian President held hands with & kissed King Abdullah of Saudi
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Loving the Dana Perino reference tonight. Keep pluggin
Gutfeld & Dana Perino: We must embrace the tools to engage our new enemy-
Dana Perino ever true to her Hateful Feelings toward Mr Trump blatently Pitched Chris Christie as the best choice. In dealing with terror.
Dana Perino was part of the corrupt Bush administration and her opinion is based on bias ideology. Christie never.
I am done...after hearing Dana Perino on O'rielly...she is a DEMOCRAT...won't watch the five anymore...I hate Greg Gutfeld also
So now - Dana Perino is pushing Chris Christie? ***
Dana Perino (who blocks me???) is 100% CORRECT in saying benefits frm his intvws re: CA murders
O'Reilly just threw an Obvious Donald Trump question to Trump Hater Dana Perino on Which Candidate in terror benefits.she: Chris Christie !
Dana Perino should be on CNN and not Fox
Dana Perino. mmm. the face of reason. (Drummer packs kit, calls agent, spits northward.)
BHO is at deflecting, and contorting the issue, Dana Perino is a close second, i.e. always justifying BHOs comments.
Dana Perino just said something interesting about. a Bush praying. and praying to a Bush. "I'm not a tree, . I'm a Bush."
You can now include him as a Dana Perino fan!
Dana Perino : Press Secretary to President Busch wearing with Arrellano &
Time to read/buy as Christmas gift "And the Good News Is..." by Dana Perino.Just finished Great read!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dana Perino always love how you treat liberals w/ maximum respect yet stab in the back!.
Dana Perino blaming Obama for using the bully pulpit. Basically said he was speaking out of turn asking for tougher gun laws.
Another complete waste of airtime used by Dana Perino. Useless.
Dana Perino absolutely nailed it right now. Obama should be a careful leader instead of someone impulsively making a website comment.
Dana Perino has lost it. One of two gud reasons 2 stop watching the Five. Othr is The thug Rivera.
'Je Suis', I agree ! Dana Perino has now joined my 'Don't like her too much' list !
Dana perino wont admit Trump is right abt celebration after9-11,but ok w her boy JEB putting a plantrally
Dana Perino is absolutely staggering and wonderful... this, people, is what inspirational punditry is supposed to look like.
Dana Perino is a sweetly vulnerable Kimberly Guilfoyle; Bob Beckel is cold, brittle and, well, Juan Williams, as Eric Bolling.
Dana Perino lived the crush of DC, survived, thrived, learned lessons, gained wisdom. Good news ~ we can too. Review, Goodreads
Did you catch on with the Chicks yesterday? Listen here to hear how Dana spent her debate evening.
I am sick and tired of hearing Dana Perino.Saw enough of her as Bush spokesperson. Big RINO that should have retired
Clinton Attempt to Gag Questions on Server "With a Cloth or Something" Not Flying with Public -
Dana Perino freaks on Eric Bolling as her Bush burns in polls. She antiTrump fail, loses all credibility.
Mmaybe people aren't so sick of Hillary Clinton's emails
All purpose parts banner
The reasons I don't like who accused of covering for Trump just to get on his show
Dana Perino: Maybe people aren’t sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails
Maybe people aren't really so sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton's emails as she and Bernie would hope.
Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld's snarky sisterhood is making unwatchable. They have personalities fit for
Dana Perino and Bob Beckel are just charming, goofy, and silly enough to make this fluffy time-travel Adventure work.
As Dana Perino asked, is it a crime to be Muslim? So what if Obama is Muslim? Why is the media making a big deal?
I don't need Charles Krauthammer's opinion or Brit Hume or Dana Perino
.is turning into a total freak. She froths at the mouth when is mentioned - JUST LIKE Dana PeRINO
Did I just hear what I thought I heard?!?! via dana perino
But 4 Megyn w Trump they are. DANA PERINO is beautiful Inteligent &,coherent than KELLY feminist
Part of the debate prep is determining if a women is on her ''period'' watching Dana Perino on he's gue…
Dana Perino hints: "Someone may run 3rd Party..." Well she's connected with the Bushes and I've been saying for 2 months …
Roger Ailes and Fox News want Jeb Bush (especially Liberal Dana Perino) and CNN wants ANY Democrat (or Jeb Bush). Trump is doomed on both.
On the Five today, led by Liberal Dana Perino, Trump got hit for what he DIDN'T say last night! It's back to broadcast news for me!
Dana Perino changed A lot,Greg Gutifeld so annoying I turn off the five n I use 2 love that show!Bias against mr.T
What's the deal w Dana Perino and Trump? Did he dump her? Evict her granny? Refuse to let Jasper into any of his yuuuge buildings?
Here comes the fake poll of the day that Dana PeRINO mentioned. Sheep here is your brainwashing.
Dana Perino cites poll on to say Fiorina is winning in New Hampshire. 1-day touchtone phone poll released w/ no demographic data.
Dana Perino on The Five just said if O is muslim it wld be ok muslims not bad. All live by same book says kill nonbeliever.
Does anyone else think when Dana Perino answers a question, she runs on and on without actually answering, unless she's defending Jeb Bush.
Dana PeRINO is the 2nd person on today saying that Carly is not beating Trump in NH but they won't say what poll or cite source!
The Card Carly Doesn’t Play via Dana Perino likes this AND reports Carly leading now in NH.
as far as most of the media are trying to get him ie Perino I expect better from News
I'm a Conservative in the mold of Cruz & Palin. You're a RINO in the mold of Dana Perino
Dana PeRINO is cracking up folks, right on television - how pathetic is this?!
It is so obvious how much Dana Perino hates Mr Trump, it doesn't look good on you beautiful lady!
Dana PeRINO does not think Obama is waging a war on Christians in America. . This is your brain on RINO CRACK.
Dana PeRINO hates Trump so much she is foaming at the mouth today on with some slobbering propaganda. Disgusting.
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