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Dana Jacobson

Dana Jacobson (born November 5, 1971) is a sports anchorwoman, most recently with ESPN. She joined the network as an ESPNEWS anchor in December 2002 and soon became a regular anchor on the 6 p.m.

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What an honor to have Dana Jacobson visit my class today!
no worries...won't be long. Dana Jacobson had the same "promotion".
before I got into news I wanted to do sports and my dad would always say "like Dana Jacobson!"
ask Dana Jacobson to interview Stuart Sato or Bill Maher again. See that response.
MHS is thrilled to have Dana Jacobson, Alabama's Teacher of the Year, speaking to our parents at our Data Meaning!…
Data Meeting, Thursday, September 29, at 6 PM to discuss students' ACT/ACT Aspire score and to hear from Dana Jacobson! Teacher of the year!
Great small and group PD sessions today with Dana Jacobson, AL teacher of the year.
Dana Jacobson found the perfect analogy for last night's debate:
Awful Announcing: Dana Jacobson compared the Trump-Clinton debate to First Take
I'll buy the one that comes with a Dana Jacobson!
Honored to be with AL TOY Dana Jacobson, & FES AP Cortney Slaughter Elementary
Fultondale Elementary 3rd grade teachers collaborating with Dana Jacobson TOY explaining our work,
Dana Jacobson was right about Notre Dame
better if they mixed in some real ones, like Dana Jacobson's.
You should look up what Dana Jacobson said about Jesus.
ESPN's Dana Jacobson got only a one-week suspension for F-Jesus rant.(Thats fair)
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Dana Jacobson in her sexy black leather at the Imax show was so fantasticaly sexy,gorgeous,alluring and the most attractive TVwomanthis week
Dana Jacobson's thumbs hold viewers attention steady. Then her index fingers power her words into the minds of her viewers. It's powerful.
Dana Jacobson's skilled flash of her thumbs and index fingers set her appart from all other lady news the best power behind her words.
.told that Jim Harbaugh has become a combo of his father and Bo Schembechler. .
Super Wow! The super gorgeous talented Dana Jacobson has made CBSN a must watch for me. she had such an attractive pattern dress4-14-16.
Jamie Yuccus is a little too late. She appeared too late without a nacklace on CBSN. Dana Jacobson beat her and is now the CBSN no.1 anchor
Iwas so bored with Gayle w/her African witch doctor necklaces that I switched to CBSN. WOW!WOW! Super sexy Dana Jacobson with a tiny nklcwon
Dana Jacobson really beats the stuffing out of Katrina Pearson during Dana's questioning of her. Dana is CSBN's top anchor so far.
Dana Jacobson isn't more attractive than Norah but Norah+Gayle fall way behind Dana. Dana's necklaces are small enough.
Dana Jacobson is the only lady news anchor that knors how to wear the just right size necklace. She wears a necklace small enough.
Dana Jacobson is super,super gorgeous,gorgeous, and the best CBSN lady anchor of all on CBSN. WOW!!! I 'm totally charmed.
Tip time announced for Friday... 5:50 pm CT on TNT. Brian Anderson, Steve Smith and Dana Jacobson on the call.
Honestly, all your guesses are right on par with mine. Though I think maybe Dana Jacobson instead of Onowde just cause
Huge and critical battle down in LA for Dana Altman and Co. tonight.
I mean, you might not be slaying Rihanna, or Amber Rose every night, but you can get you a Dana Jacobson, or a Sherri Sheppard on deck
Dana Jacobson approves of this loss.
Dana Jacobson: "I wanted him to look at me the way he was looking at Heath Ledger!". 😏😏
Dana Jacobson set the bar with drunken rants. Can Sark top this?
Is trying to make something of this? The same ESPN that only suspended Dana Jacobson for saying "F*** Jesus?"
Over an F bomb? Is that all? Not that I approve but ESPN only suspended their own Dana Jacobson for 2 weeks for saying F*** Jesus
Everyone needs to back off Steve Sarkisian. Sincerely, Dana Jacobson
ummm no...I didn't get that memo I guess
I haven't watched in years. Last I saw it was when Jay Crawford & Dana Jacobson was still there.
First Take lost a lot when it lost Jay Crawford, but it lost a lot more when it lost Dana Jacobson
Good to see Dana Jacobson still getting work. Give me a couple hoppy bevs and she
lol they have Dana Jacobson doing the Notre Dame game
Good thing Dana Jacobson has the early shift on today's games so she can make happy hour later.
If you know anything about Dana Jacobson, you know it's a little bit awkward that she's covering the Notre Dame game today.
Dana Jacobson on the sideline for the Notre Dame game. I'm sure Irish eyes are smiling about this.
Dana Jacobson!! My favorite memory of her is still seeing her black out drunk at the Mike and Mike Roast in Atlantic City! Good times.
Dana Jacobson is working the NCAA tournament? I used to have the biggest crush on her as I'm totally into Jewish women.
Skip Meyer gets more air time than Dana Jacobson on this game.
Dana Jacobson sideline reporting a Notre Dame game...keep her away from the vodka
Dana Jacobson covering the Notre Dame basketball game. Isn't that a little awkward?
Dana Jacobson working a Notre Dame game? Someone at CBS has a sense of humor.
Always subtly hilarious to see Dana Jacobson interview someone from
Dana Jacobson doing a Notre Dame game should wake up these echoes:
It seems ironic to me that Dana Jacobson is doing sidelines fro a Notre Dame game.
Dana Jacobson, Michigan grad, as sideline reporter for Notre Dame game? Everyone forget what she said about ND? Google it!
Watching on THAT'S what happened to Dana Jacobson.
Interesting choice for CBS to have Dana Jacobson covering the Notre Dame game.
Whoa, Dana Jacobson doing sideline now for CBS. Upgrade from sitting next to the moron on First Take.
My first complaint.Dana Jacobson hasn't aged well.
Dana Jacobson is a sideline reporter. Didn't she used to have a career?
Tonight’s fight is hosted by none other than
truTV is winning right now. Allie LaForce > Dana Jacobson.
Dana Jacobson covering the Notre Dame game right now, has yet to throw Jesus under the bus--
Hey, look everybody, we got a Dana Jacobson over here
Dana Jacobson I follow automatically in minutes.
Clearly Dana Jacobson working this game has rattled this Notre Dame team.
.Yes, no Gus Johnson is not a good thing. But hey, you have Dana Jacobson.what else you want?
Of course you're accustomed to helping yourselves, aren't you? Dana Jacobson
"Dana Jacobson" shows up as trending topic world wide at rank 9
Hope Dana Jacobson brings bad mojo to ND from the sidelines
In case you need to be introduced to the CBS sideline reporter, Dana Jacobson, and her feelings on Notre Dame:
NCAA Tournament opens with Dana Jacobson (last minute fill in) doing a Notre Dame game. That's interesting.
More than a little ironic that Dana Jacobson’s first NCAA Tournament assignment on the sidelines is for a Notre Dame game.
In case you need a briefing on why Notre Dame is no doubt thrilled to have Dana Jacobson on the sidelines:
I hope CBS gave Dana Jacobson a breathalyzer before letting her do this ND game.
Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson would keep those two in line and contribute to the topic. The new host isn't a great moderator
Been said that. Also the theme song is off putting. And the set is too dark. It was better with Jay Crawford or Dana Jacobson on there
Bring back Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson show was so much better with them on. Love Cold Pizza!!!
agree, loved the show when Dana Jacobson & Jay Crawford where hosts. Barely watchable anymore. Rare occasions I'll watch.
Another Super Bowl berth celebrated by player shouting at female broadcaster. (Baldwin to CBS Dana Jacobson). Win w…
Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford Espn First Take still was GOAT ESPN show
Tracy Wolfson, Dana Jacobson, Swin Cash,Laila Ali, and Lisa Leslie. Some of my faves...dope so far
Who remembers the old First Take with Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson?
TOMS FRIDAY TAKES 4...At CBSSportsRadio, Dana Jacobson and John Feinstein out, new morning show in as of Jan. 1.
First Take hasn't been the same since Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson left
it hasn't been good since they fired Dana Jacobson and moved Jay Crawford.
like i asked her why she didnt replace dana jacobson on First Take...she DMed me..i dont do
If you represented the majority with your opinion, she'd be replaced. Remember Dana Jacobson?
can you go and get that poster board from Jacobson today?
Dave Ryan, Corey Chavous & Dana Jacobson the CBS Sports Net announcing team for Florida game
You thought they'd learned their lesson when Dana Jacobson yelled "F*** Touchdown Jesus!" during the last roast.
u should give Dana Jacobson a call. She mite need it. 😅
Nash to miss season: Rand Getlin and Lawrence Jackson join Dana Jacobson on to discuss if Steve N...
I'd rather see Roger Lodge on Rome than Dana Jacobson.
ESPN needs to bring back Cold Pizza...Jay Crawford , Dana Jacobson, Skip, Woody Paige...great chemistry...
I like Cold Pizza, not the food, the genius morning sports talk show feat. the always crisp Jay Crawford & Dana Jacobson, but also the food.
No. 1 pick Jadeveon Clowney says he played with a sports hernia last season at South Carolina. Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney, and Dana Jacobson discuss the news.
The CBS Sports morning radio show with Tiki Barber, Dana Jacobson & that other guy is unbearably bad.
UConn point guard Shabazz Napier joins Dana Jacobson to discuss winning the 2014 Bob Cousy Collegiate Point Guard of the Year Award and advancing to the Nati...
should bring something to the show. Jay Crawford & Dana Jacobson did voice their opinions on subjects & made points as well
On Air: 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM ET An exciting triumvirate of media veterans as hosts of morning drive, Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobson anchor the program live from the brand new radio [...]
I can't watch First Take when Stephen A's on the road and plus I don't like Cari Champion as host. I prefer Jay Crawford or Dana Jacobson
I actually preferred Jay Crawford to Cari Champion as the host of Espn First Take. *** I liked Dana Jacobson .
Miss Dana Jacobson on that show as least she will say something
Thank you Dana Jacobson my daughter was asleep before we left the store an my son started snoring mid convo on the way home
College basketball is back which means Inside College Basketball is back! Join Dana Jacobson, Jon Rothstein and Alaa Abdelnaby at 9:30 PM ET
Don't go all Dana Jacobson on us. Drink moderately, and more importanly, responsibly.
Mom and Dad date night! Thank you Dana Jacobson Lamb and Cassi Lamb for offering a Piper slumber party! It's been a long work week combined with ridiculous social networking drama so I'm ready for dinner, movie, WINE. Mostly just wine.
First Take with Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson with random guest >
Tony Reali just said the funniest thing I've ever heard ANYONE on ESPN say.Dana Jacobson excluded.
Yes wit Dana Jacobson “I remember it use to be ColdPizza with Woody Page an Skip”c
if was on Espn First Take, Dana Jacobson would ask "the hammerhead is a fierce shark, but is he ELITE?"
My Lord this show with Tiki, Dana Jacobson and that dude? Wow.
I'd rather watch/listen/record Dana Jacobson and Doris Burke scissor than hear anything has to say
CBS sports radio??? Give me a break! Doug Gottlieb, Dana Jacobson guess what...nobody cares what you have to say!
Watching First Take for the 1st time in hella long! It's cool but not the same when it had Jay Crawford or Dana Jacobson! Lol
Many of us miss Dana Jacobson. She was the only espn female capable of handling Bayless. Please hire her back.
Cari Champion was a huge upgrade from Dana Jacobson on First Take
nah First Take started to fall off when Dana Jacobson left then when Jay left even more then when they hired Cari Champion
I'll be on this morning with Dana Jacobson, Tiki Barber, and Brandon Tierney at 8:20.
I miss when had Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson on the show... I'll even take it back to the days.
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ESPN suspension list now updated w/ 2008 Dana Jacobson vodka moment, too
Jumping on with Brandon Tierney, Tiki Barber and Dana Jacobson right now. Listen in at
oh wow, that's terrible. i stopped watching that show a long time ago. I liked Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford tho/
Whoa, since when is Dana Jacobson on CBS Sports?
Dana Jacobson is hosting studio halftime for CBSSports Network coverage of C-USA tourny. long way from ESPN.
"I think our spanish sub is schizophrenic" -
First Take with Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford>>>
You're Dana Jacobson. Why wouldn't he know your name?
do you listen to that god awful show with him in the morning with Dana Jacobson god its terrible
I tried to give her a chance, but the host of First Take brings nothing to the debate. Where Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson at?
Espn First Take came a long way. In the beginning it was Dana Jacobson, then Jemele Hill, now the beautiful Cari Champion
Since I'm forced to listen to national sports shows in the a.m. because we have no local hosts at that time, I have to say I cannot stand the Dan Patrick show and his band of goons. Drives me crazy. And the new sports show on NBCSports radio is terrible. Dana Jacobson, Tiki Barber and some other boring commentator. The only halfway decent show is Colin Cowherd on ESPN. But he always plays the outrageous card and offends people. At least we have Mankow on 670. He's pretty bad, but better than most stations. KXNT? News, news and more boring news. You really need a great host to galvaize the a.m. airways.
I like Cari Champion; but her blatant bias towards the lakers isn't professional to me. Dana Jacobson never did that.
From 4-7 a.m., you will hear Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney & Dana Jacobson. John Feinstein takes over from 7-10 a.m.
Dana Jacobson and I are disagreeing about lox. She and her dictionary says its smoked. I and my dictionary say ît isn't smoked. Anyone care to comment on whether "true" lox is smoked? I'm thinking maybe somebody modernized the original way lox was made? Help us settle this.
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I wonder how Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford feel about First Take being as big as it is now.
Be honest you totally hate Rachel Nichols, Erin Andrews and Dana Jacobson for copying you by leaving ESPN. (Joking)
Sad that ESPN is losing ppl like Rachel Nichols, Pat Forde, Erin Andrews, Dana Jacobson but yet still employs Stephen A Smith & Skip Bayless
- Erin Andrews, Michelle Beadle, Dana Jacobson, Amy Lawrence and Rachel Nichols have all left ESPN in the last year. Odd no?
Just got off a call with Jesse Sleamaker, Sherri Cannon, Dana Pearlman, Justin Lee, and Ingrid Jacobson about the Art of Hosting at the Hub in San Fran Feb 8-10. Team is solid. Looking forward to hanging out in the Bay area again.
Today on ShermanReport: Dana Jacobson on leaving ESPN, joining CBS Sports Radio; Armstrong ad; Skipper on Parker., the best Sports Social Networking Site. Join our sports social network & link with fans who are excited about sports. Create Your Free Account Today!
Dana Jacobson tells she'll be doing some college hoops on CBS as tourney gets closer.
Nice interview by talking with on her move from ESPN to sports talk radio with CBS:
Dana Jacobson: I don’t shy away from being a woman and talk about things the way a woman would.
Dana Jacobson: It is amazing to me in 2013, there’s barely any women doing sports talk radio.
Dana Jacobson on why she left ESPN and on being one of few women in sports talk radio.
Q/A with Dana Jacobson: On leaving ESPN; joining CBS Sports Radio; and being one of few woman in sports talk radio
When Dana Jacobson is the voice of reason, you know your morning radio show is not going well.
Dana Jacobson ( Freakin buckeyes! It is why the big10 is so dangerous this year, any team any day.
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wisdom from the great Dana Jacobson
Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford were the best
even though Dana Jacobson is a PAWG, she got horse face. Jay was aight...
I want to take this moment to say how thankful I am to not see Dana Jacobson on tv anymore.
they had a woman before her... Cari Champion replaced Dana Jacobson
Sports Radio 96.7 is hittin' the road with a wide range of programming originating from New Orleans in anticipation of the CBS Television Network’s exclusive broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, February 3. Beginning on Monday, Jan. 28 (6:00AM, ET) with the morning show featuring Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobson , CBS Sports Radio will present a daily all-access look at the world’s biggest sporting event with expert analysis and commentary. Broadcasts will continue with John Feinstein (9:00AM-12:00Noon, ET), Jim Rome (12:00Noon-3:00PM, ET) and Doug Gottlieb (3:00-6:00PM) live from Radio Row at the Super Bowl XLVII media center. Additionally, a variety of shows will broadcast from New Orleans live on Saturday, Feb. 2 and Sunday, Feb. 3, including programs hosted by CBS Sports Radio hosts Tierney and John Kincade.
Dana jacobson is a beuatiful young women i miss her at espn your biggest fan edward
Congrats to Cleverley starting TOMORROW her first show 2013 with a bang !!! BEING THE ONLY LOCAL RADIO SHOW JOINING THE NEW HOUSTON STATION !!! The new station is CBS Sports Radio 650. This is part of the brand new national CBS Sports Radio Network featuring well-known and respected sports talk personalities: Tiki Barber, Dana Jacobson,Brandon Tierney, John Feinstein, Jim Rome and Doug Gottlieb. the new show time will be: 9 AM to Noon every Saturday.
Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney, and Dana Jacobson on now! John Feinstein followed by Jim Rome are on deck! Hope you had a great new year from Toledo's Sports Leader 106.5 The Ticket!
Erin Andrews, Dana Jacobson and Beadle all leave AND Hannah Storm gets burnt up? It's been a rough 2012 for ESPN holding down the females.
Just for the record...I'll address this one more time. January 2nd The Ticket will be affiliated with CBS Sports. We are not owned by ESPN, we are owned by Cumulus Media. Cumulus Media has partnered with CBS Radio to develop their own sports network. I'm sure you can understand why Cumulus would like to run their own programming on their own station. This was a corporate decision as the CEO of the company didn't call Norm in Toledo before making a corporate wide decision involving 67 stations across the country. You liked the programming. I get that. I like it too. That's why we had it. With that being said, I am optimistic about the future. The new network is stocked with a lot of talent. The new morning show has an interesting dynamic with Brandon Tierney (a radio guy who worked in Detroit at one time), Tiki Barber (former athlete) and Dana Jacobson (a female from Michigan). I love John Feinstein (he's been on my show many times) and Jim Rome may be the biggest sports radio guy in the biz ( ...
CBS Sports Radio will launch January 2nd with Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobson in mornings.
Wanna know why Jay Crawford left and Dana Jacobson left 1st Take ? Because they couldn't deal with sorry soles on 1st Take
First Take was a lot better when they had a rotation of analyst debating sports and had Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson running the show
back when Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford were on they did interviews and different segments. Wasn't just a dumb 'debate' show
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After prominent on-air roles on SportsCenter and First Take over a decade at ESPN, Dana Jacobson last spring did something you pretty much never see in TV sports -- she took herself off the air.
Cari Champion ruined First Take bring back Dana Jacobson & Jay Crawford this is bs
I'M Sorry, but Dana Jacobson is WAAAY Better than Cari Champion, Dana had BETTER Sports Knowledge! but Cari AIGHT!
will Doug have time to do sports minute with this commitment?
If WTDY (1480AM) does go all-sports w/CBS Sports Radio, it'll be an impressive line-up: Tiki Barber, Dana Jacobson, etc
Any word on if any WNY-based radio station is considering airing the CBS Sports Radio Network?
CBS Sports Radio to launch... How does this affect the score (being that CBS owns)
CBS Sports Radio has a great lineup coming to a dial near you:
CBS Sports Radio has finalized their daytime lineup, and it actually looks very interesting.
Anyone else miss Jay Crawford & Dana Jacobson moderating First Take? I like Cari Champion too but just curious :)
Just read in newspaper Dana Jacobson is doing sports radio. Thankfully none of us have to look at that ever again on ESPN.
Catch up with soon to be morning show host on via
Dana Jacobson left the safety net of ESPN and takes on the challenge of hosting a sports talk show on CBS Sports Radio
A story on & her return to the airwaves at CBS in
.returns to sports yak on CBS Sports Radio (great read too!) via
Dana Jacobson returns to sports yak on CBS Sports Radio - USA TODAY
how does Dana Jacobson have any job in sports other than running in the Kentucky Derby?
Dana Jacobson doesn't know if football is blow up or stuffed. NYG wins 2 Super Bowls when Tiki leaves. Right there with Cowhead
CBS Sports Radio says their nat’l morning show will be Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney & Dana Jacobson from 6-9am. *** if that’s on in Pgh.
Tell me has ever brought in any gifts for Dana Jacobson? Why only all the time?
Remi! You know our girl, and proud Michigander, Dana Jacobson's doing a morning show starting January
Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney, and Dana Jacobson will anchor the new CBS sports network morning show starting January 2 when the network...
What I wrote about last Monday becomes a reality this Monday: CBS Sports Radio's new morning drive lineup is official:
Brandon Tierney, Dana Jacobson, & Tiki Barber have a real chance to kill Boomer & Carton big time in ratings with their new show.
CBS Sports Radio lands Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobson for wake-ups ...
Dana Jacobson is an award winning Sports Anchor and Reporter best known for the versatile roles she filled during nearly a decade of work at ESPN.
Go wish my homie Dana Jacobson a big ole congrats on her new gig! Starting Jan. 2nd, she will be on the brand new CBS Sports Radio Network with Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney. Congrats, girl!!! :)
please bring back Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson the show is so horrible now.
UPDATE: Icon Sports Media has released images of Dana Jacobson's drunken rant at the Mike and Mike roast. The coveted video is still hidden away, but the pictures below give you an idea of just how messy it must have been:
Ok. The state up north hate week started Sunday with Tom Brady. I forgot Monday's. Hate week includes players, coaches, and media members. Of course, the hate of all is their fans. But, here's the list up to today. Sunday: Tom Brady Monday: Charles Woodson Today: Desmond Howard, Bo Schembechler, Fielding Yost, and Lloyd Carr. Adam Schefter and Dana Jacobson.
isn't very good at her job. That last segment was so terrible that it made me miss Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford.
Bring back Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford First Take done dropped in quality
Espn's First Take needs to go back to what it use to be no Steven a smith and no rappers and bring back Dana Jacobson
Dana Jacobson so fine. So is Jemele Hill. So is Sage Steele.
I honestly have to get used to this chick on 1st take. I liked Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson.. I remember when it was Cold Pizza..
Cari Champion is BANGIN. Thats a huge upgrade from Dana Jacobson. Thank you Lord.
really need to go back to the days of Woody, Dana Jacobson, Jay Crawford, & them
Lol Dana Jacobson never got this much attention lo
You know who would make a good moderator? Dana Jacobson.
ok Cari Champion is fine, but she kinda gets on my nerves. Bring back Dana Jacobson
They just pushed Dana Jacobson on outta there
Back when Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford were thee moderators and they had sage steel covering other stories and interviews
Anyone else notice that cut Dana Jacobson from when she started taking up the whole couch?
*** ever happened with Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford anyway?
Crawford is a buckeye. He's not anyone's man. - tell Dana Jacobson I said hi.
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had to share the cigarette? Why would you do that to yourself Dana Jacobson, lol
well, its been a long time comming and I Finally decided today is The day I Finally hitch wbout my Top Sports show First Takenon ESPN... BRING BACK Jay and Dana!!! Cindy Brunson is terrible and is super hiases to S.A.S and Jemelle is terrible at erything a host does! C'Mon! Skip is The MAN! Tells it like it is! No sugar coating! So Iam officially starting FB Petition to get Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford back as hosts! Join Me!
Cindy Brunson is the best moderator on First Take since Dana Jacobson. KEEP HER THERE!
So sure of yourself? We cover everything running..including celebs..he is a celeb to us not poli. We even covered Dana Jacobson
Dana Jacobson "good morning everyone. Who's making breakfast?"
But it's ND so it gets blown out of proportion like Dana Jacobson's roast comments...
Dana Jacobson is what would happen if someone stole Tim Brando's Y chromosome.
Congrats to our FAV Luxx Model Dana Joy Jacobson for signing to BORN Models Agency!!! We wish you Much Success Doll!!
I can honestly say, I don't watch First Take as much as I used to because of Skip and Screamin' A. Chased off Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson
You should read Richard Deitsch on Dana Jacobson's defenestration from ESPN's First Take—as a co-host, she was to Skip Bayless what Dave Garroway was to his pet chimp—but you should really read this ESPN interview with First Take producer Jamie Horowitz, which is a stupid little fractal...
Hosted by Dana Jacobson, Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the brawl between the Sparks and the Shock.
I just listened to Fist Take today for the first time in a few weeks because well, for all of the 18 million sports shows out there, 18 million of them seem to suck on some level. Anyway 2 things came to mind while I was listening 1. I really miss Dana Jacobson 2. Skip Bayless probably wouldn’t make it out of a lot of Barbershops alive talking the way he does.
is too beautiful. She brings to First Take what's been lacking since Dana Jacobson and Reischea Candidate left.
Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson First Take without them similar to 106 with out AJ and Free except u know 106 suffered way more
It could be worse though. I could be Jay Crawford or Dana Jacobson right now
I have never seen Marv Albert and Bill Walton in the same room with Pam Ward and Dana Jacobson. Just a thought...
I don't think Dana Jacobson likes me.
Dana says Gustafsson is ready for a big fight too - plans to match him with a big name soon and find out where he sits in the division
I hate Espn First Take new format. They were best with more interviews and had Dana Jacobson and Jay Crawford. Now it's all about Skip.
So it looks like Jay Crawford has gone the way of Dana Jacobson-moving from FirstTake to SportsCenter. FT now Steven A Smith & Skip Bayless.
First Take isnt the same without Jay Crawford and Dana Jacobson
Michelle Beadle, Erin Andrews, Jim Rome, Brian Kenny, Pat Forde and Dana Jacobson have all left ESPN recently.
Just read the Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN.possible landing spot is!!.ESPN also lost Dana Jacobson and Michelle Beadle in the last month or so.
It's been an upsetting month for ESPN fans. First Michelle Beadle leaves SportsNation and now Jay Crawford is leaving Espn First Take. I've been watching him on here since back in the day when the show was called Cold Pizza and Woody Paige was where Stephen A. Smith sits everyday and Kit Hoover and Thea Andrews were the co-hosts before Dana Jacobson ever came around. It's been an incredibly fun 9 years of sports entertainment. Best of luck, Jay, at SportsCenter... First Take won't be the same.
When did Michelle Beadle leave ESPN? Same time as Dana Jacobson?
Why is Jay Crawford on epsn First Take? He's yawning back there...drop him like u dropped Dana Jacobson...
The Stars are out @ Michigan today with Charles Woodson, Dhani Jones, Adam Schefter, Coach Carr, Dana Jacobson, Brian Greise, Marlin Jackson
Also ESPN's Dana Jacobson and Adam Schefter and More Wolverines, Tim Massaquoi, Lil Brother Mike Hart, and Coaches Borges and Mattison...
- yeah her and Dana Jacobson have left ESPN. Rumor has it Scott Van Pelt is the next to depart.
I don't care what yall say, but I liked Dana Jacobson. First her, now Michelle Beadle smh. Who's next? Charissa Thompson? Sage Steele?
Isn't it strange that Dana Jacobson's contract with ESPN expires 5 days before the Kentucky Derby?
Dana Jacobson's last day at ESPN is today! thank god. if only Hannah Storm and Linda Cohn would follow her out the door.
no Dana Jacobson now no Jay Crawford I can't take this anymore the Blond is cute but she's no Jay or Dana ;(
Charissa Thompson makes my mornings.Dana Jacobson is not missed
I think it's great Dana Jacobson is leaving ESPN to compete in the Kentucky Derby.
dude I'm watching sportscenter and all I see is Conan the Barbarian when Dana Jacobson is on the screen. Thanks!
ESPN offered Dana Jacobson an extension and she decided to pursue new opportunities. Thanks for 10 years and we wish her the best.
And now a few words on First Take, Dana Jacobson and the Skip Bayless-ization of ESPN's mornings. Amid all the (cont)
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