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Dana Carvey

Dana Thomas Carvey (born June 2, 1955) is an American actor and stand-up comedian, best known for his work as a cast member on Saturday Night Live and for playing the role of Garth in the Wayne's World movies.

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Thank you so much! Work day infinitely improved by Dana Carvey.
Dana Carvey SNL Choppin' Broccoli. This is what I need in my life today. 🙌
love the podcast and how u get ppl to open up like Dana carvey one of my favs but never heard the serious side b4 listen everyday
Really enjoyed the Dana Carvey *** I always find him interesting to listen to.
it might he Dana Carvey pranking us
I'm sorry America, Dana Carvey is really great in so many ways, but not at impressions.
I know he's known for it but to be honest I really don't find Dana Carvey's impressions all that great. Especially his latest special
Alec Baldwin isn't funny doing Trump...Dana Carvey does him best...SNL is so biased that it takes away the humor..funny days are over 4 SNL
If you enjoy stand up comedy Dana Carvey's special on Netflix is party on! Excellent!
you & Dana Carvey singing at the end of today's show was beautiful. Vulnerability is a thing. So is authenticity. 👏🏻
I wish. But in the battle of broccoli songs there is only one true winner and that's Dana carvey's version lol
Suddenly, Dana Carvey appears at Studio 8H in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, in time for 11:30 on Saturday night
the last time SNL was culturally relevant, Dana Carvey was still a cast member
Dana Carvey was at his best in this role.
Dana Carvey was funny as Bush 41. Baldwin and SNL is into Political bashing. Time to boycott Saturday Nite Live.
SNL stopped being funny when Dana Carvey left.
Listen to the debut episode featuring a candid and colorful interview with comedian and “SNL” star Dana Carvey.…
Just heard on that 'Bad Boys' with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was originally developed for Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz *** indeed
oh, im big on podcasts cuz they make me feel less alone. Dana Carvey is on Maron today!!
What a beautiful talk with Dana Carvey. I cried a bit. It really touched me.
2 of my favs! My brother and i would do dana carvey bits to make our mom laugh and now im a huge fan of marc! Great talk
Carvey doesn an OK Paul, but his John is totally spot on! You'll love it!! Don't understand why Dana wasn't a bigger star.
Dana Carvey / Ellen Degeneres love child? Lol! She's on every 5 minutes just to look important. Grr.…
Dana Carvey's impression of Trump is so great. 😂
I liked a video Dana Carvey as Trump Clinton & Obama
Dana Carvey is 61 years old and presumably suffers from rheumatoid Garthritis
Dana Carvey as GW Bush was the best
Dana Carvey also did a funny Trump impression this year at a standup comedy show of his on Netflix. Bring him back.
What if they've been giving Trump fake phone numbers so he's not really talking to different foreign leaders, and it's…
There was no Groundlings or Upright Citizens Brigade where I was fro...
or Bill Clinton. My mom, who I am certain is Dana Carvey's muse for the Church Lady, loves his version of her.
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- you, Dana Carvey and Kevin Spacey in an impersonation-off. Make it happen for those that need a laugh. Please??!!
Since returned to SNL last night I'd like to use this time to push the best episode of
After watch Jimmy Fallon, Dana Carvey shouldn't be allowed to do anything. Ever. At all. You just gotta know when to turn it 'off.'
Watching Dana Carvey's latest Netflix special and all I can focus on is whether or not he wears a hairpiece
Dana Carvey's Netflix special is everything anyone needs at the particular moment in time. Take an hour and 6 minutes @ enjoy the geniusness
GUYS Dana Carvey was on SNL this week!
Nugent is an *** but I'll always fondly remember that episode of Conan with him, Dana Carvey and John Ritter
Dana Carvey sprints through 17 spot-on celebrity impressions:
guy reminds me of Dana carvey impersonating Ross Perot
Someone please clone Dana Carvey so I can have him with me at all times. OK? OK
Have not seen the new Dana Carvey standup special on Netflix?? You are missing some great 2016 U.S. election humor...
Dana Carvey returns to as the Church Lady with a special message:
just show her the Dana Carvey bits from SNL.
If you haven't watched Dana Carvey's new special on Netflix DO IT NOW
Bill Murray & Dana Carvey were on weekend update this week, thank GOD
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Church Lady Returns to 'SNL' to Weigh in on the Election, Reveal Her Love for 'Westworld' - Thrillist
Dana Carvey's Church Lady Weighs in on the Election on 'SNL': Jesus Is Not on the Ballot
Church Lady is my second favorite character of Dana Carvey's.
Talking to Dana Carvey about his return to standup
I live in a village of 90 million people. We all work in the same factory. All we make our buttons. That's all we make. - Dana Carvey
His Netflix stand up, Straight, White, Male, 60 is pretty funny. — watching Dana Carvey
Dana Carvey's Church Lady gets self-righteous over the election in "SNL" return
I wanna be able to have comedic character impressions like Dana Carvey 😂
Everyone should go watch the new stand up of Dana Carvey on Netflix. Will make you feel better about this presidential race.
Let this sink in. Dana Carvey is 61 years old. He is like church lady old.
Dana Carvey's Church Lady returns to 'SNL' with an election song
Is Dana Carvey an ok guy? I am attracted to 60 year old him but worried he has done something wrong. Someone pull out the receipts.
I liked a video Dana Carvey Returns to SNL as Church Lady to Weigh in on 2016: ‘Jesus Is Not on The
Church Lady returned to to dish on the election—and make fun of Colin Jost: 🙊
Hey, look at the bright side of the 2016 election. It's given Alec Baldwin and Dana Carvey the chance to run more SNL jokes…
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Watch Bill Murray and Dana Carvey's surprise appearances on 'SNL.': On…
I hope it's an all-star political cast;Will Ferrel as Bush,Tina Fey as Palin,Larry Sanders as Bernie, Dana Carvey as old Bush...
exactly! And when it's on they only air ones from 2012 or something. We wanna see some episodes with Dana Carvey or John Belushi
I'm good, mostly because my conscience is Dana Carvey's George H. W. Bush saying "Wouldn't be prudent, not at this juncture," on a loop
Billie Joe Armstrong as an actor suddenly looks like Dana Carvey mixed with the hair of young Mark Ruffalo to me.
Roughed up by critics, Matt Lauer jokes with Dana Carvey
If you've never seen the TV version of 'Blue Thunder', you must! So cheesy but with Dana Carvey, Bubba Smith and *** Butkus!
*** just read that 'Bad Boys' was originally written to star Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. What different film that would've been.
Vintage photo of Florence Stanley, Nicolas Cage, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz star
was almost made with Jon Lovitz & Dana Carvey. Which I can only imagine would've sent into a tailspin. 😳
"Bad Boys was written for Saturday Night Live stars Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey."
SD 41: Blair, Pugh duke it out via The all-American boy vs well, uh, what would Dana Carvey say?
Where is the new Dana Carvey? The new Chevy Chase? These guys sank Bush I and Ford, respectively. Trump can be susceptible to ridicule.
“The presidential candidates are a godless liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton.” Dana Carvey (as the Church Lady)
REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin has aged to look like Dana Carvey playing Cronin in SNL sketch.
SNL's Dana Carvey takes on 'President Trump': He'll do 'fabulous nuclear war' inf
DANA CARVEY & his slightly off-color JIMMY STEWART impressions on CONAN tonight were pretty funny. Does he have an LP?
Highlight: is the master of political impressions, & his new Trump & Bernie impressions prove it.
Dana Carvey does a funny Scarface at Thanksgiving at about 1:00 minute into video - via
Dana Carvey just compared Donald Trump to a Batman villain. I couldn't agree more. LMAO
Dana Carvey is on right now. I attend the college he went to
From Garth to Trump Dana Carvey always brings the laughs via
Honestly, her 'tude makes me wonder if Dana Carvey can be a church-lady character in parody of her
Today I met Dana Carvey on the set of Master Of Disguise
Dana Carvey is TOO talented... One of the funniest
Dana Carvey brings his top notch Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to
Dana Carvey is such a great impressionist
Just saw Dana Carvey's imperessipns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Its really really funny
"Turn Dana Carvey into the church lady!":
Previously on improvised a song about the flugelbone
If you like as Trump on check him out on Dana Carvey's "First Impressions" at 10:30pm tonig…
I tried out a new show last night, that premiered on USA, called "First Impressions with Dana Carvey. It is...
is back! Dana Carvey returned to this past weekend and slayed!
Grosse Pointe Farms native Amy Phillips will appear on "First with Dana Carvey, which airs May 17.
Ended up watching Wayne's World last night because of this. Still solid. We could use a Dana Carvey renaissance.
My first impression of USA’s First Impressions: absolutely hilarious: The first episode of Dana Carvey's real...
The first episode of Dana Carvey's reality competition, First Impressions, delivered on talent and laughs, with amazing i...
Dana Carvey as Church Lady was totally wasted on the millenials in the SNL audience.
is BACK on TV in Dana Carvey's new show First Impressions!
Dana Carvey's Church Lady returned to SNL for the election, and it's perfect. (Bonus: Taran Killam as Ted Cruz = A+) https:…
Dana Carvey is back for the cold open.
When God closes a door, he programs "First Impressions With Dana Carvey," to prove he hates you.
This video proves Ted Cruz is Dana Carvey’s Church Lady risen again:
is the f'n man!... Loved U since the Dana Carvey Show
Dana Carvey thinks 'total accuracy is sort of overrated'
Dana Carvey looks a lot like his wife
Now that he's back, I think it's time to hit up Dana Carvey with my Opportunity Knocks 2 script.
First impression of First Impressions: When did Freddie Prinze Jr. get like way older than Dana Carvey?
Holy Balls that Rusty guy's Sharon Osbourne was nuts — watching First Impressions with Dana Carvey
well done Dana Carvey it was a great show wish it was an hour i'd admit you got me to laugh which is rare for me A+
The premiere episode of "First Impressions" starring Dana Carvey and Freddie Prinze Jr aired tonight and the...
Not bad, it's good to see Freddie, looking good! Dana Carvey you are Awesome! Jersey Shore🌹
What dirt does Dana Carvey have on Steve Carell?
Anyone else think Dana Carvey's impressions are terrible?
I feel & would be prefect for show First Impreissons with Dana Carvey. It's so funny
Found out that Dana Carvey will be at the Atlantis while we're in Reno. Booked two tickets for May 28!
Ugh Dana Carvey told us that anyone can do impressions and we all can learn by watching tons of YouTube videos
Loving I've missed seeing Freddie Prince Jr. and Dana Carvey on my tv!
First Impressions with Dana Carvey is on!!! I am I love I love impressions so much. :)
About to watch people sound like famous people. — watching First Impressions with Dana Carvey
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no complaints from me at all. hey did you see dana carvey on SNL?
I had written in another draft a completely different kind of fight, but th...
Dana Carvey at this weekend! Saw him there a few months ago. Highly recommended!
& talk about the impression competition 1ST IMPRESSIONS :
I knew there was somebody Cruz reminded me of even n Voice George Bush SR.think DANA CARVEY SNL CRUZ EVN DOES HIS MOTIONS-THINK ABT IT
Dave D's face always reminds me of Dana Carvey's church lady expression.
I recently found out about this other super movie star. He only works from ...
I must have been 10 or 11, but anything Dana Carvey ever did, I just really...
Dana Carvey mutilates and humiliates Donald Trump on SNL - Bravo!
(EW) What to Watch Tuesday: 'New Girl' is having a wedding - Plus: Dana Carvey and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a ne...
Dana Carvey on SNL (as church lady): "And now we've landed on the exciting match-up between a Godless liberal democrat & Hillary Clinton"."
Sometimes when I do something not quite right during inventory I berate myself sweetly in Dana Carvey's Church Lady voice.
you know you're a BAD-- *** when you leave Dana Carvey speechless... If you want ratings,have Todd Chris…
When someone (says you're literally Dana Carvey's 😍😍😏😘
The Church Lady Returned to 'SNL' to Convince Ted Cruz to Go to *** Literally
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John McLaughlin is at my big work event. Should I ask him how he felt about Dana Carvey's portrayal of him?
One of the Boys - one of TV's Guide Worst Series - on NBC in 1982. Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, and Dana Carvey.
one would think someone would Dana Carvey has a new show that will air on USA networks with Freddie Prince Jr judging impressions
(and Dana Carvey having a new show on USA to promote)
Dana Carvey's Church Lady returns to SNL to interview 'orange mannequin' Donald Trump
Dan Aykroyd, Dana Carvey, Michael Palin should do a parody of the Expendables called the Sidekicks
"I'm Freddie Prinze, Jr. and this is my younger brother Dana Carvey.".
:( I love Dana Carvey. Time was, I could say that about Mike Meyers, too, but eh... his recent work leaves a bad taste.
I'm now WAY older than Dana Carvey when he was pretending to be the same age as Mike Meyers, who was 29 pretending to be 22, my age in 1992.
Freddie Prinze Jr has aged worse than Dana Carvey & they're hosting a show together. What was the weirdest part of this statement?
Actually a real show: Freddie Prinze Jr. & Dana Carvey host a competition for people who do celeb impressions. Another USA network winner!
Was that Freddie Prinze Jr and Dana Carvey? Aging like the Undertaker
Lmao they gave Freddie Prinze Jr and Dana Carvey their own show in 2016
Why does Freddie Prinze Jr look older than Dana Carvey?
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Dana Carvey are going to win this tag team tournament
When you saw Jon Lovitz or Dana Carvey or Phil Hartman doing something, the...
I miss the days when you'd go to a laundromat and Dana Carvey would just pop out of a dryer & try a new bit on you.
Here are the season 1 contestants on Dana Carvey's USA series 'First Impressions'
I love 1995 HBO special. Now, has given it new life. My latest for
Kinda like a SNL anniversary show and Dana Carvey does Church Lady and Chevy falls down and everyone feels a brief sweet feeling
Ted Cruz sounds like he's doing Dana Carvey doing George H.W. Bush.
It's almost like he's started to sound even more exotic the more people sta...
Quimby was JFK. Cruz is so obviously Dana Carvey's Bush Sr.
Dana Carvey's interpretation of the Simpson trial must've been as much an inspiration for this show as Toobin's account.
explains y he gets oh In the voice of Dana Carvey aka Isnt that special h…
The Dana Carvey Show was ahead of its time It would lead ratings today. Seth I love you, but you'd be writing for Dana.
I love limos. They're anti-status symbols. To quote Dana Carvey (which ordinarily I'd NEVER do): "Ooh... I have...
now tell link to change his header to Dana carvey
ninja turtles were made acceptable and NOT oddlooking a long time ago. whatever dana carvey was doni tho..i just donno
I will legally change Dana Carvey's name to "The Guy Who Did Master of Disguise"
Ted Cruz sounds like he is impersonating Dana Carvey impersonating George Bush.
When people come to see my stand-up, they get a chance to see my characters...
Here they are, your first 18 contestants on with
He sounds like Dana Carvey doing an impression in George H.W. Bush.
I'm pleased to announce that I'm in an episode of "First Impressions" with Dana Carvey airing on USA May 10th!.
Vintage photo of Director *** Jackson and actor Dana Carvey from the film "Clea
Bad Boys was originally a story titled "BULLETPROOF HEARTS" and was supposed to be a comedy starring Dana Carvey and Lovitz.
Freddie Prinze Jr. and Dana Carvey tease their new comedy competition 'First Impressions':
I will give Wayne Brady $100 if he does the Heisman/Gun to his head for OJ he did on the Dana Carvey Show from a float.
In addition to Birdcage, Weird Al & Copperfield, this week's 30 20 10 also talks about the RIDIC Dana Carvey Show
Also be wary of Abbie Hoffman, Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Slater, Dana Carvey, Lindsay Buckingham and Carroll O'Conner.
to Mark Pitta bringing me cake on stage because it was my birthday. Opened for Robin Williams and Dana Carvey.
I always think of Robin Williams as Ms Doubtfire or Dana Carvey as churchlady. Hehe
I added a video to a playlist SNL Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz
You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes - Dana Carvey — Comedy legend Dana Carvey makes it weird
If you like Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz and Nicholas Cage and cheesy screwball Christmas movies, this is worth...
I was going for Dana Carvey's old man character from SNL back in the day.
It does remind me of Dana Carvey's Bush saying "stay the course" and "thousand points of light" to fill time.
At the risk of sounding like Dana Carvey doing GHW Bush, "terror attack, tough to stop. Mass shooting, arguably less tough to stop".
In the voice of Dana Carvey's Church Lady, "Isn't that special."
Dana Carvey was pushing 40 when he made Wayne's World!! 😵😵 . He's now 60!!! 😳😳
Dana carvey (Garth, waynes world ) is 60 years old. ffs I feel ancient
TIL When filming Wayne's World, Dana Carvey did not know the words to Bohemian Rhapsody when they f…
that Dana Carvey-era SNL skit on the alternative ending re: Potter still makes me lol each time
I'm listening to Dana Carvey as a bedtime story.
Have you ever seen Dana Carvey and Reba in the same room at the same time?
I have a weird crush on Dana Carvey when I watch Wayne's World. This doesn't feel right
Please tell me Dana Carvey is going to play that singing "Chopping Broccoli" at halftime.
Dana Carvey is still hilarious. Thanks for the share!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Dana Carvey had to learn the song right before the shot. That's why at 1 pt he's mouthing it wrong loool
"His gravelly voice and leathery face aided his classic tough guy delivery to the likes of Dana Carvey and Bill Pullman..."
Best of SNL Dana Carvey...great way to start my day.
What is Dana Carvey doing these days? Have you guys seen him?
my other favorite- "Trapped in Paradise."Nic Cage doing bad ny accent, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. Hilarious.
take a hint from Dana Carvey and chop broccoli out of your pizza
just so you know the surefire way to my heart is Dana Carvey gifs#
hi Dana! My mom said the Farook attorneys' presser was a Carvey-Meyers routine. Would like to see you guys do your version of it
As random as it is, I always loved the movie Opportunity Knocks with him and Dana Carvey. Watched it not too long ago actually
Full disclosure, if I could pick one celebrity to spend my life with it would be Dana Carvey so I may be a little biased. 😍
.I almost forgot his great role as Dana Carvey's would-be father-in-law in the underrated OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS
Dana Carvey never translated to the big screen. So bad but agree about Loggia
Yep, got the "Choppin' Brocolli" song going thru my head. Now you can too. Watch Dana Carvey on YouTube -
RIP Robert Loggia. You were a good actor. I enjoyed most of your movies especially the Dana Carvey megahit ,"Opportunity Knocks".
I probably watched that Dana Carvey special 100 times in high school.
I watch classic reruns of w/ Dana Carvey playing George H. and Will Ferrell playing George W., tells me all I need to know!
.Pete Williams looks like a cross between Dana Carvey and Jeb Bush.
I think Dana Carvey was a stand up, Jon Lovitz came out of Groundlings... IS NIC CAGE A SECOND CITY ALUMNUS please say yes
Presidents and their impersonators via the Android app
In honor of my brothers bday: Dana Carvey Performs "Choppin' Broccoli" with Orchestra 😂 still love this so much
“It’s like a new pair of underwear. At first it’s constrictive, but after a while it becomes a part of you.” –Dana Carve…
Chris Farley as Heflin w/Dana Carvey as Thurmond in 1991 SNL Clarence Thomas sketch is GOLD
Larry David is great but best ever? Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Phil Hartman, Darrell Hammond, Dana Carvey?
I want to make a tumblr of White people I think look like Dana Carvey. Because a lot of white people look like Dana Carvey.
Friday Entertainment Buzz: Katy Perry earned $135M, Dana Carvey gets series deal, and more: Daily roundup of e...
I'd always heard Dr. Evil was just Mike Meyers ripping off Dana Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels, but man
Oofta! You got Dana Carvey following you there, Marcie. That's really somethin', ya know!
Dana Carvey set to return to television on USA's 'First Impressions' -
TBS rolls out w/ mega marathon, USA orders impressionist competition show & more TV news
Rejoice, There’s Finally Going to Be a Competition Show for Celebrity Impressionists -
I liked a video Wheel of Impressions with Dana Carvey
Oh we're chopping a lot of broccoli... Dana Carvey
The first impression of Dr. Carson was in the 1990's when a white comedian named Dana Carvey did his Garth impression.
Dana Carvey will always put me in a better mood tbh
I liked a video Dana Carvey Doesn't Want to Live in a World Without Donald Trump's Campaign
Jimmy Fallon & Dana Carvey spin the 'Wheel of Impressions'.
Dana Carvey to Jimmy Fallon: 'I never want to live in a world where Donald Trump isn't running for president.via
- Members of the 1999 squad hanging out with Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey.
it reminded of Jon Lovitz' Dukakis to Dana Carvey's Bush Sr. "I can't believe I'm losing to this guy"
Where is Dana Carvey's old man act when you need it? Or better yet, Tim Conway?
On this day in 1986, Season12 of Saturday Night Live began Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks, Victoria Jackson, Kevin Nealon joined.
SNL had a BIG LULL after Hartman, Farley and Dana Carvey left. Got better as Will Ferrell found his footing.
If KFC is using SNL performers to be the Colonel in these ads, chances are good that Dana Carvey is next.
Is it just me or does Ted Cruz sound like Dana Carvey's impersonation of George H W Bush?
What happened to Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey they were Brillant!! I want more of them it's been 20 years
" "Party on!" He said, which was a classic line from Wayne's World starring Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey"
Wanted to see if anyone else thought John Cameron Mitchell and Dana Carvey looked alike. Big mistake. HUGE.
Dana Carvey imitates George Bush sr. at MTV video music awards. remember this?
.Mike Meyer and Dana Carvey are the two main characters. Rob Lowe too.
So, is the guy in the new KFC ads doing an impression of Col Sanders doing an impression of Dana Carvey doing an impression of Ross Perot?
Why does the new Colonel Sanders sound like Dana Carvey imitating Ross Perot?
"Let's bring back Colonel Sanders and make him sound like Dana Carvey's impression of Ross Perot.". --KFC Ad Agency
Happy Birthday to Craig Ford did you know he shares the same birthday as Jerry Mathers and Dana Carvey.
Just heard your impression of Edward Furlong on MGScanlon and I am trying to recover. You're Giant Bomb's Dana Carvey.
And that's no knock on Grover, the Dana Carvey of the Children's Television Workshop
I think I have all six episodes of the Dana Carvey Show on tape
I liked a video Louis C.K. Ruined Jimmy's Chance to Star on The Dana Carvey Show
"You were inevitable." - on after revealing he'd torpedoed '90s-era "Dana Carvey Show" audition.
Louis C.K. on The Dana Carvey Show in 1996 (3 of 3): via ancient shows
Louie inadvertently killing it on Story about Louie peeing himself & Jimmys audition for Dana Carvey Show.
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My brain is torn apart every time I'm reminded of how much talent surrounded The Dana Carvey Show...and that it only lasted 7 episodes.
I never knew Louis C.K. vetoed Jimmy Fallon after he auditioned for the Rosetta Stone of modern comedy, The Dana Carvey Show.
Imagine: Jimmy, Dana Carvey, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell.. that would have been some show.
Louis C.K. Torpedoed Jimmy Fallon's dream on being on the Dana Carvey Show. 😭
I WOULD LOVE A Jimmy Fallon AND Dana Carvey Show. OH MY GOSH. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. But Jimmy has the Tonight Show so it all worked out
I had that same reaction when Dana Carvey followed me.
The one person my brain refuses to think of sexually is Dana Carvey.
Rand Paul could pass as Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live.
The time President George H.W. Bush did his Dana Carvey imitation just for me.
Force to watch the new SNL, or any television program featuring Dana Carvey.
Dana Carvey, Colbie Caillat, KC and the Sunshine Band to perform at San Diego County Fair.
"The Most Absurd Moments in Ross Miller doing the face of Dana Carvey doing the face of George HW Bush back when TMNT was cool"
It is Gerald Ford, but it's in the voice of Dana Carvey impersonating Tom Brokaw
How about you guys get Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, John Goodman, Will Ferrell, Rob Downey Jr or Forte to host this yr?
I saw Dana Carvey live last year (SO good). I expected him to be his Wayne's World age.but alas he's 60. That shocked me!
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"White House spokeswoman looks like Dana Carvey from Wayne's World. 😂. http:…
Photoset: Saturday Night Live! 1986-1994 SNL40 portroids of nbcsnl cast from the past 40 years. Dana Carvey...
Def Leppard shared Garth rockin' style on Dana Carvey
I get it over 40 years can't fit it all in 3 hours. But what about Will Ferrall, Dana Carvey, Dan Akroyd, Steve Martin legends?!
and of course, later on I found out that Dana Carvey was on Blue thunder lolololol
I'm not even saying they're bad but there are sooo many funnier people! Dana Carvey, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley, Kristen Wiig?
Cool that they brought Mike Myers and Dana Carvey back from the dead
Dana Carvey on His funniest was in '92 as Ross Perot w/ Phil Hartman (RIP) as General Stockdale 😄
Dana Carvey is still doing that George HW Bush impersonation, huh?
So excited for Can't wait to see Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey, Mike Myers and Will Ferrell back on the SNL stage
Dana Carvey will be on NBC’s “Meet The Press” this Sunday to promote SNL. Because that’s the world we live in now. Deal wi…
Anytime I ever hear an 80s hair metal song I think of Dana Carvey's Chopping Broccoli.
Me, Phil Hartman as Barbara Bush and Dana Carvey as Regis Philbin or Casey Kasem, backstage at SNL
My favorite memories were of Phil Hartman, Jann Hooks, Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson. I loved SNL in the late 80's and 90's.
"What's it like to work with Dana Carvey? Is Gilda Radner as funny as she appears to be? Will you book a spot on Carson soon?"
it was a great bit...those were their glory days...Phil Hartman.. Dana Carvey...Adam Sandler...Farley... and 10 more.
John Lovitz and Dana Carvey are equally ridiculous
Dana Carvey, John Lovitz, and Nick Cage. This is going to be amazing
Sadly, any trace knowledge of President Ford's voice has been erased by Dana Carvey's SNL sketch as Tom Brokaw saying hi…
Dana Carvey to perform at 'Beamer Awards' for Betty Ford Center - KESQ NewsChannel 3
Tonight on Icons @ 8, it’s a night packed with icons: Brando, Broderick, and… Wayne and Garth? Mike Myers and Dana Carvey star as the rock music obsessed duo in Wayne’s World 2 (1993). Then, Marlon Brando parodies his iconic Godfather role in the crime comedy The Freshman (1990). Watch tonight, starting at 8PM/5PT on MOVIES!
In the lighthearted, heartwarming 1999 Christmas Western "Secret of Giving", Reba McEntire looks like Dana Carvey in drag.
Always think of the Dana Carvey stand up special. Hey Gordon.
Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey selling out a beloved skit for State Farm Insurance...the endgame of every comedian.
At least Dana Carvey is working, guys.
good to see Dana Carvey is still alive.
Dana Carvey's schedule is probably free, but I think I last saw Mike Myers on a milk carton as Missing.
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