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Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart is a Democrat who served in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Torn between getting a few cold cans tonight to relax with whatever the alternative is to not having a few cold cans tonight to relax with.
."It's just too much emotion, too much feeling to come back and see the gaffer, the stadium and the fans. It's amazing."…
And trademark finish from a player who was past his best before his 30's
SlowMo of Dan Stewart going through Bungalow in the Superbike TT Race today.
Hi Katie, I'm Andrew, I'm from Northern Ireland. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the IRA, INLA, UVF, UFF…
Some great racing going on outside top ten: Good rides from Dan Stewart, Sam West, Horst Saiger and more
Dan Stewart did 7 laps in total yesterday but fully fit for today after a knee injury last year
Fair play to Pogba for ditching these bottlers and securing himself a place in the Super Cup final
Just a quick note for those who had those nasty Pogba drafts ready to go, this one's for you bbz
I'd love to be home to celebrate my dan stew's bday tomorrow, but I'm trying to be a boss lady. 😅💔
In just 2 days we sold De Gea,brought him back,signed Griezmann and then sent him back to Atletico. It's gonna be a long h…
Linking yourself to manchester united to get a new contract at your current club, how original
just watched the man who shot liberty valance and now I feel like I wanna be dapper dan john wayne jimmy stewart male archetypes thanx movie
Toyota Escondido Action Sports' host with Ivan Stewart hanging out at the Baja 500 Conting…
Currently watching Frisbee Dan do his thing and thinking of u
"Sales happen inside of conversations." —on the Genius Podcast
Might have a last min cancellation tomorrow . Who would be interested? May not know till the morning (sat 3rd June)
"Paul why are our energy bills so high this month?". "SHUTUP MUM I WAS TRIGGERING ALL THE LEFTIES ON THE INTERNET" https…
Selwood courageously going back, Stewart pushes Otten into contest as he attempts mark. Elbow hits head. Unfortunate accid…
.Scribbles: Sounds Double Down on Sox 8-3, 3-1…We’re On To Oklahoma City for the First of Four Tonight… --->
Atletico Madrid transfer ban upheld by CAS until January 2018 Dan Thomas and Stewart
Griezmann will spend the whole summer *** teasing united, then next summer go to barca after 2 days of negotiations for half the price
What Atletico can do amid transfer ban: Keep Griezmann at all costs Dan Thomas and Stewart Robson *** the state…
Will Griezmann stay at Atleti amid transfer ban?: Dan Thomas and Stewart Robson *** the state of
This series of gotham feels likes its been going on forever
Seems like a good time for this ...
This is my favourite thing to emerge from
Amber Rudd's father died on Monday - and Theresa May still refused to attend tonight's That's cold.
Slap in the face. 100 million or nothin.
New liam gallagher song does nothing for me.
Paul Nuttall reminds me a translink driver who shouts at you for giving him a ten pound note to get on the bus.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Barrow Isle of Man TT ace Dan Stewart hoping for 13th time lucky as he returns to the island…
Congratulations to Dan Stewart on passing his this morning in Well done.
It happened on January 10. - Rod Stewart and The Beatles both make headlines on this date in history.
Kudos to Tony Yung, Dan McAvoy, Lily Wang, Sarah Stewart and others associated with Sacramento's trade office in Chongqing.
Taker and goldberg the last two in the rumble match then
"I think...the world should know I will be entering the - The
My wife once surprised me with a Bears jersey from TJ Maxx: Youth XL Kordell Stewart.
Tattoo. Space this Saturday (January 14th) and Wednesday 18th January . Comment below if u would like to get tattooed and miss the wait
@ art space task force mtg, on intros; Dan Deacon says he wishes task force included more artists, seconded by fellow member Stewart Watkins
I like how Ben Affleck starts staring off into the distance thinking about batman v superman at any given time
are expected to make a move for Stewart Downing on loan, after an earlier enquiry was rebuffed. [gregg evans]
Meryl Streep giving Roman Polanski a standing ovation at the Oscars in 2003. He raped a 13yr-old girl.
Uni work handed in, student loan has come in and staff party tonight
Middlesbrough will allow Stewart Downing to leave the club on loan, after he is suspected to have come down with Cameron Je…
Gee I wonder what he's trying to distract from... 😉
All purpose parts banner
Still more than we get from an Apartment staff meal 😂
Uni work done now I can take my trousers off and play video games
Vince changes from normal to mad man in a split second.
Tried adding an image into microsoft word for uni report and one of my paragraphs walk out my front door and is probably half way to dublin
This doll must be stopped before it takes over the world.
Trying to decide which snazzy shirt to wear tomorrow night
Cantona celebrating right in front of Leeds fans faces at Elland Road in 1996 after making it 4-0. What a legend
Me: I have so much work to do. Inner me: Procrastinate
I'm not & haven't been Rooney's biggest fan, but to focus on a shirt 'incident' which amounts to nothing, over a huge ach…
angle or taker. Though i think taker will announce hes in it on monday
Can't see that Stewart being at Liverpool long term
to star in new season Dan also filming & a recurring on . https:…
Who do you think will be surprise entrant of
Thanks to Dan, Sherry, and Jonathan Stewart and Barnett Creek Baptist church for providing lunch today. TU Baseball Camp.…
How are these clowns employed - give it a brand new manager over someone on his 3rd term? Olympiakos are whatever, but…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Hurt this peddler of hate speech by mocking his idiocy | Catherine Bennett
When you meet up with someone from tinder and the pictures don't match
Just found out the singer of kc and the sunshine band is white and I am shocked.
The way Arsenal have gone behind to Preston and Bournemouth doesn’t bode well with Munich on the horizon, does it?
Giroud with a 2 hour celebration after scoring against preston
Exciting football & 9 wins in a row for the first time since 2009. Where are the press and their LVG & Moyes compariso…
Mayor & Council name Dan Stewart as the new City Council appointee for Ward 4. Thanks to all of the other applicants f…
Hope rooney breaks the record with a scrappy 93rd minute offside tap in winner that came off his hand against liverpool
Yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutch man,. Get past him if you f*g can,. Try a little trick and he’ll make you look a d**k,. Yip J…
LVRJ: Former city planner Dan Stewart picked to fill vacant seat on Henderson City Council
Our IMPAC Committee would like to congratulate Dan Stewart for being selected as the new Henderson City Council...
Dan Stewart has been selected the new Henderson City Council appointee for Ward 4.
5 hours to do something that should have taken 30 minutes and I didnt even get it done.
Genius commercial relating to the American election. Seen in Copenhagen today 😂
"lets go not like what everyone else like and be different and see if we get any attention" . "Yeah!"
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Is tna going for like a casting couch vibe?
Ive had enough. Getting rid of windows 10. Lets see how long it would take me to copy all my files with this crashfest
So glad I never installed it.Think after this I'm going to join apple aka marvel aka Disney aka the face that runs the place
Half and hour to click the start button without a crash. We need to go back in time and stop windows 10 from ever happening.
I just want my laptop to do something when I click it instead of crashing for 20 minutes.
Neil I know you're watching this goes out to you you're pure brexit lmao
How does it feel being in the same league as Dan Brown, Stephenie "With E" Meyer, and Martha Stewart?
CONFIRMED: Ron Atkinson will be attending the Belfast Boat Club in Stranmillis on 13th December for a Q&A and... https:/…
DAVID MOYES 😂😂 'A don't know who Chris Kavanagh is' . 'The Referee.'
How to Make Money in featuring commentary from our CEO Dan Stewart! Check it out via
Watch BEN AFFLECK Gather every movie Batman together in the BATMEN League VIDEO:
It's not even the War on Halloween yet!
It happened in then red California after Pete Wilson and it's at least starting to happen here with Donald Trump/Dan Patrick
They popped out of Millwalls back that one time they ate after midnight.
Man City fans smashing up the toilets at Old Trafford last night .
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Pep Guardiola when he realises he doesn't have Messi
DAN HANNAN. Brexit must open our economy to the world – not lock it away behind protectionist barriers.
will Dan ever give his Jon Stewart leaving the daily show take? Been waiting a year plus now!
true that! If DC just played their cards do some re casts and used him they'd bounce right back
Arkham games are amazing the joker in that is perfection maybe Mark Hamill should just be the joker in the movies:D
Totally agree needs to be a mix of hard hitting messages & excitement 90sbatmancartoon to date I think still did it the best
They are sadly :( the old Superman & Tim Burton batman ones are far better
📷| Jose Mourinho apologises to United's Stretford End tonight for 4-0 defeat to Chelsea.
Good performance tonight 💪🏾 we go again 🔴 thanks to the fans for the atmosphere 🗣👏🏾h…
Pep is gonna quit man city after they have one bad week, just like he quit barcelona after they had that one bad week.
very true M gave creative reign 4 Iron Man & that worked they stuck to it older DC movies are far better due to non formula
Never went there for wwe ones,I actually forget where I got my GOOD wwe
I think a place called Stewart Miller in Bangor and Ards did them too.
Had an og wcw toy version of this from woolworths. Had a coat to.
Check out our interview with Matt Stewart, IV Dan of Three Dragons Martial Arts Academy
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I liked a video Never Have I Ever with Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick
Clearly gearing up for a survivor series cameo.
Proof that Undertaker has grown his hair and did not wear a wig...!!!
The Undertaker's ability to go from grandpa to bad *** in a relatively short period of time never ceases to amaze me.
Just imagine in years to come when our grandchildren ask us why Fellaini played over Mkhitaryan, Schweinsteiger and Schnei…
A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking by Rob Stewart, Hannah ... . - Bid on this now >
Eugh.Would have a kliq under nwo colours running rough shot over raw.
So true though I am a big fan of both its like they don't take risks anymore its quite repetitive and boring
Almost got everything sorted for my universe mode 👍
No work done tonight because of laptop killing itself. *** windows 10
Undertaker managed to grow 18 inches of hair and reverse the ageing process within 2 weeks? The gas is back baby http…
My laptop is being extra dicky tonight no point trying to do work on it
Seventeen years ago today, golf lost one of its greats. Thanks for the memories, Payne Stewart.
Exclusive: leaked recording shows what Theresa May really thinks about Brexit
From Alien to Nosferatu: the most horrifying movie monsters of all time
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Gini, K.Stewart, Dan and Origi.TAA and mini Pogba did good as well
Daniel Sturridge the brightest player out there. Should have had 2. Decent half from Kev Stewart, Trent A-A & Grujic too.
remember when Robin Williams tried to do "what if Jon Stewart was president?"
don't laugh as a kid when Paul Stewart Jennifer Hughes then Dan Stewart died onATWT it was brutal and final. Better story
I bet Doctor Strange has plot holes, a weak villian and too much CGI and no one will talk about it because its marvel and not dc.
But.he's been in the business for 40+ years he should know this 2 weeks into it.lmfao
Stewart Copeland and I say hello. An incomparable artist and intelligent fellow!. Photo by Dan Warren!
No,you're late to the designated time YOU
I don't feel sorry for you when he does that now cus you do that to me all the time.Heh heh heh.
You were giving off about them sitting at the front stinking out the place and more began to multiply and congregate
Never knew there was so many derby fans in belfast in this bar 😒😒
I'm pretty sure every other establishment in Belfast would have done the same.Not fair to single out just Cafe Nero
Friend of mine posted on FB about their experience today at a Caffé Nero in Belfast. I won't be going there anymore
Hmm, my Pandora station is definitely in a soft folk rock mood right now... John Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkle, England Dan
You need to do that thing that you did that last time 😉
There used to be hundreds of wee watering holes in Belfast working mans clubs gambling dives.
The golden mile used to be golden.Some fella told me about a place called pips and a place called space!
Got ideas for prototype websites I wanna do for my portfolio but I cant draw or design logos and comic covers 😬😬
Nemanja Vidic has announced his retirement from football. Thanks for everything legend, leader, warrior
RIP to you, the *** son of Dan Bilzerian and Tony Stewart (aka you're a dopey bearded murdercar driver)
It was a rubbish chippy to be fair. Was more upset about spuds closing a few years back.
Stewart Horton too. Blast from the past that name. Great guy too.
CM Punk should have went to Japan & let it all blow over with WWE.Gonna get the mickey rourke treatment in ufc
I'm not listening to somebody who can't even string a sentence together.lmfao
This is all the hipsters fault that a chippie has closed down, eating them *** boojums
With the recent announcement of the closure of Bishops its time for regeneration for the Golden Mile Belfast
With 15 trophies in 300 games, Nemanja Vidic averaged a trophy every 20 matches with Manchester United. Another era.
It’s time for the media to stop blaming students for America’s student debt crisis:
Braun Strowman vs Undertaker is being rumoured for WrestleMania 😢
About 98% sure that AJ Styles theme was originally written for the Briscoe's, lads
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Caleb and Spencer is like Dan and Blair, it's uncomfortable and doesn't work
Hopefully Paul gets rid of him when the velvet revolution happens.
becase they think its "sports entertainment". Ya know, all these people who call wwe that and not wrestling lol
Yeah where only big muscle men get to be the top guy.Need to check this Japanese stuff out,Lucha Underground too
its like the premier league over there. While america is vince trying to deal with his wee daddy issues lol
Wrestling in Japan is a completely different animal to North American wrestling.It's strange but in a good way!
like some sort of god. Wrestle Kingdom looks class.
confirm Shinsuke Nakamura signing with date - but will Dallas be his WWE debut? https:/…
"They're making me go to NXT first, the least you could do is give me a fist bump."
Iowa always gets to choose their favorite presidential candidate first. . Here's why:.
Great when sky one put on a string of great golden age simpsons episodes on during a night.Instead of that *** lady gaga episode *shudders*
Do be afraid to use your fingernails boys!
Who shot mr burns part 2 on sky one, all time classic
Hi Stewart, the most touches of a football in 30 seconds while keeping the ball in the air is 252 by USA's Parker Kuklinski. ^Dan
This. Lost an all-time great and a superb attacker. 2 of 3 replacements were Obertan & Owen. Peak Glazernomics.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Situation *seems* worse now than Moyes cause instinct was to assume that was just one poor manager. One bad year. Now rea…
Also has an underlying message for the fans - a new manager may improve situation but that's only part of a massive probl…
Moyes and Van Gaal weren't necessarily bad appointments on their own, the problem lies within the outdated structuring of…
This confirms several issues, but most importantly is that Ferguson was the paper over growing cracks. Those cracks forme…
Post-Ferguson, it's fair to say that 4th would have been par for side. Moyes underachieved but in context - only ca…
The last three seasons of Ferguson produced great results, yet standards of play dropped dramatically. Graphs here: https…
Came across an excellent article on decline. Big decline in performances since 2010 (post Ronaldo) & result since 2…
Our latest Genius Podcast episode with is up, Listen in!
Today professor Dr. Dan Stewart preached at New Life Community Church in Oxnard. There are 4 Life alumni...
Goodell is going be paying the refs a fat check after this game along with Stewart who was aiming for Gronks kneee all night
Darian Stewart, learn to tackle. He's taken four or five shots to the knee of Gronkowski tonight. The final one does him …
Hope Darian Stewart can sleep at night. I know I wouldn't be able to after trying to take out an opponent's knee.
At least once a month I get an urge to run out & ruin a segment I'm not in. Not to do anything funny. Just stand there until I…
Ahmed, the eight-year-old son of a Syrian rebel fighter, smoking and holding an AK-47 in Aleppo. By Sebastiano Tomada ht…
With that touchdown pass, Tom Brady ties Dan Marino for the third-most TD passes all-time (420).
I saw Black Friday shoppers on YouTube going after vegetable steamers with more ferocity than Darian Stewart went after…
but no one is crying or puking in the advert. It doesn't make sense.
one red bull between two is sufficient. Maybe even three. You don't need that much tbf!
She had to be help down the stairs lost her handbag and tried to steal my taxi home.
Near 40 minutes to get this blocked aul doll who had been sitting in the bar all day out. Then when found her in the toilet hugging the bowl
Its easier to break someone out of a maximum security prison than it is to get an aul doll out of the bar at closing time at christmas!
“Bart to the Future,” a Simpsons episode that aired in 2000, was about Donald Trump's presidency causing the financial ruin …
Rest in peace Jennifer Markovsky. Rest in peace Ke’Arre Stewart. Rest in peace Garrett Swasey.
A bit overshadowed by the greatness of Clark and Stewart but what a racer Graham Hill was.
Its sunday afternoon, its like a saturday night.
Someone is gonna have to carry me into work today I cant move.
Why a return to Everton may be just what Wayne Rooney needs |
Nice touch as Dom Inglot and Dan Evans get announced to the crowd
Drink *** Girls!. got an interesting call. Means I stayed in.
Always that one *** who wipes his *** with his socks and throws them down the toilet and blocks it
Update your maps at Navteq
Told an aul doll we dont do drink to take away and because the worls didnt revolve around her on her yearly night out she cracked up
Had to explain to an aul doll what sprite was.
Thought at one point they were gonna come over the bar and grabbed ans drag me down to *** in their xmas jumpers
Don't forget to join us tomorrow morning as Pastor Dan Stewart continues the series Starting from Scratch. It's...
It's not even December yet for the love of god!!
Only in Deutschland could you get Rod Stewart building the crowd up pre-fight. . . Who's next? The Hoff?.
This is totally cringey. Rod Stewart, barely audible in a boxing ring?
*** has happened to Rod Stewart's microphone? Ah finally fixed! Stick to making cars and footballers Germany!
Can I get my money back for the boxing tonight. I wanted to HEAR Rod Stewart sing.
Rod Stewart doing the warm up? Epic stuff. Last time I watched Klitschko it was that Jar of Hearts chick.
Can someone please knock Rod Stewart out!
Hey Dan Stewart : dan4unc Do u want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? U better check my bi0. Thx
Yeah if you wanna do one out of town with when yehs get a break give us a shout.
Yes, I'm sure Dan Jarvis & Bob Stewart think war is like a computer game.
Hi m8s, how u think u,ll get on the day?
it's 4:23 and Dan Stewart is playing just dance by himself
Why do they always make a big deal out of everything with utd?can't we just
Our quick trip to Alaska was a blast. Dan Stewart and I were able to sneak in a little fishing! Missed the...
With set to unveil their new kit, we look at their best & worst from the past 25 years http:/…
Outrage that a lion has been shot. Outrage that immigrants aren't being shot.
Love the on - so excited to get mine finished in Dec - it's gonna look so good 😁
Phil jones has child locks on his car doors even though he is driving in case he falls out.
Really wish Phil Jones had a brain.
tu quoque fallacy. Stewart does it, you just did it.
I'm look forward to hearing from you. Leksy Stewart
even sort of stuck up for Roger Goodell and Dan giggled like a schoolgirl. John Stewart has more credibility 4 sure
Engine speciality but goes to united is 59 stamina and injury
It's the lack of classic kits that get me,and players all mid to late 70's ratings
ea sports hates united. Always gives them less funds than other top team in career mode and never any classic kits
why cant we just...ya players. Lmao
it's pretty annoying,and I don't like it!
utd aren't the best or biggest team atm,ya reckon these players would use Chelsea,city,bayern,juve etc as a bargaining chip?
who else is there. Ya cant put your faith in johnny evans. Ya just cant lol
I knew ramos wasn't coming and I didn't even want him anyway
Player: Im not happy here, I want to leave. Man united have made me an offer. Club: yeah, surrre they havve *winks*
Players linking themselves to united for a better deal at their current club wont work now, clubs have caught on. Cried wolf too many times
Sources can reveal Graham Hunter will receive his payment via Paypal for helping Sergio Ramos secure a pay-rise.
Hi Dan, thanks for your email to the YDM - I've passed it on to Stewart
Man united vs psg tonight with angel di maria hanging 15 feet in the air. Whoever climbs the ladder and grabs him first gets to keep him.
Dan: left one, Gary: right one. Ewan all in black, Stewart shirtless.
America for the love of god dont make donald trump president.
well at Dan Stewart the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, & Canac have form as well! So don't trust these nos.
We cant sell ashley young.I need to sell him in my fifa16 career mode for more funds.
Pretty sure im walking round town with cuban sauce all over my face but I dont care that sandwhich was beaut.
One in every ten young adults calls most trusted news source http:…
Resubmit handed in. Though5 I could do it online but had to go all the way up to jordonstown.
I liked a video Natasha Leggero Got Invited to Martha Stewart’s Garden
"Jon Stewart secretly met with Obama at the White House "secretly"??
Stewart Friesen gets his first career win in the best race of the season (so far) at Ohsweken, holding off Do…
No,like would there have been a big kliq stable?how would have hall and nash fared in the attitude era?
Thought it was class,wonder what would have happened had hall and nash never left wwe?
everyone has nearly join arsenal if you believe wenger. More stories about the players he didnt or almost signed than did.
Bieber should really check each frame of his music video if he is gonna let people draw on them before he puts it out
Ya just know adam sandler will be in that emoji movie and it will suck.
seen this thought of you's! And dan there's not a knee high sock in sight
Henderson on loan should've happened back in January when we sold GMS & Armstrong, good player might hamper development of Telfer tho
Was cool hearing about the BSK gang in that KLIQ rules sneak peek on the wwe network.
The sky in belfast is so dark right now hulk hogan might be racist towards it
I love Stewart, but theres a sad message about the state of journalism when news orgs/pols laud a fake anchor as the pinna…
Rather save it if there was one of my own,or yours.or the lousy one had
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
It's all about to kick off in Gotham in these new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice pics: http:…
Dont think anyone wanted to see rollins v cena at summerslam and they sure didnt wanna see it on raw with the rollins gettin buried by cena
I know but I dont think he does. He doesnt know what he is anymore
Forgot about that weiner indykaila.If the papers and sky sports have no idea about transfers and just guess why would some bloke in kfc know
Don't forget you've got overtime this weekend be in for 7.
Stewart left speechless over Huckabee comments
Little dude found his dad's old Kordell Stewart jersey and Dan McCullers' helmet and painted it all brown
A box that smells like fish is named Lana. That's too much information, Rusev.
As he followed in the footsteps of previous winners James Mcbride, Ian Mackman, Dan Stewart, Lee Johnston, Ivan Lintin.
.pays tribute to Jon Stewart's years of making silly random noises:
Lol this Stewart kid looks like Dan Uggla
Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice meets Mario Vs. Sonic, in fun mashup trailer! .
Rumoured Man Utd target Dani Alves is just a normal guy.
Sounds like something out of saved by the bell go to
I'll be working alot in the new roof terrace bar which im naming "Dan's tiki hut" or "Dan's crab shack" lol
Update your maps at Navteq
The new is coming along and I think anyone that knew the place before will be wowed by the changes.
.new album announced! Taster track is Stewart Lee reciting Wikipedia's "Meaning of Love"
Ah mannn...I'd love to go and see Stewart Lee at the City Hall tonight 😥
Sir Patrick Stewart sides with Christian bakers who wouldn't make “support *** marriage" cake.
Paddy power is that kid in school who tried too hard to be funny and get attention.
I predict Juventus will win the 2015
Ever wondered what Stewart Lee sounds like reciting a Wikipedia entry over a Booker T-like groove? Course you have https…
El Mundo revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s former girlfriend Irina Shayk was a lover of Sepp Blatter.
Dan is frustrated by the Stewart's ice cream containers similarity to pizza boxes
plenty more fish in the sea I guess
I'm well under that, I can be trusted🙌🏻
So after my placement interview they emailed us all last night with a webpage task for tomorrow to do. Finished up.
Melissa McCarthy made a dress out of Jon Stewart:
Our new cocktail stations delivered yesterday were installed today. This is now getting real. http:/…
I would have because I would have ditched you two and drove leaving you by the side of the road to fend for yourselves.
I liked the stories from the road,sounds class.You wouldn't survive with me and huss on the road with
He was still straight up which I liked,thought he would have been neutered after being taken off in the first
I'm almost certain that Chuck Blazer was bribed to look the way he does also. No-one makes the sane decision to look like…
Though jerichos podcasts recently with ambrose, ventura and owens were pretty good.
His other podcasts with heyman were better but good to see austin back on the network instead of jericho.
.chats to about ethical baking, setting up shop & macaroons. YES. h…
Steve Stewart, Financial Wellness Coach - Dan Miller; Helping people find the work they love for a decade – MPSOS180 do yall even keep track of all these parties..everyday is legit a new one.. 😕
"Is Marcus Bachmann *** Dan Savage and Jon Stewart think gaydar answers the question. They're wrong." ...
Big fan of Kevin Owens' t-shirt-based banter, a welcome return to the days of Shane McMahon writing relevant phrases on his …
There's a kindred spirit between people who are completely and absolutely obsessed with The Simpsons. Still. In 2015.
Started this world war 2 tattoo today on Tony Hill looking forward to getting more done
My nominee for is Kristen Stewart . Hola, dan RT??🌚
Ariana Grande London Bridge Wonder Woman Donald Trump Islamic State Champions League President Trump Theresa May Borough Market Real Madrid Megyn Kelly White House Middle East Tiananmen Square Bill Cosby Gal Gadot Nikki Haley Liam Gallagher Patty Jenkins New Zealand Justin Bieber New Jersey Eden Hazard Jimmy Piersall Hong Kong Bill Maher Prime Minister Theresa May Katy Perry Manchester United South Sudan General Election French Open Tiger Woods London Mayor El Capitan North Korea Miley Cyrus Paris Accord Warner Bros Derek Fisher Kathy Griffin Nintendo Switch Steve Kerr Gary Barlow Silicon Valley World Bank Supreme Court Susan Rice President Donald Trump Penn State Mutual Fund Grand Slam International Economic Forum Stanley Cup Dan Stewart Christiana Figueres Chris Cornell Charlie Campbell Jeremy Corbyn Sadiq Khan Neil Gorsuch Old Trafford Paris Agreement Front Line Star Wars Victoria Park Michael Carrick Al Gore Russian President Vladimir Putin Sophie Turner Tim Kaine Spice Girls Present Danger Blue Thunder Normandy Beach Jane Austen North American North Koreans Alec Baldwin Kevin White United Kingdom Super Bowl Manchester Arena Champions Trophy Big Day Black Eyed Peas Leo Varadkar Daily News Man City East London Harry Potter Alex Honnold Saudi Arabia London Mayor Sadiq Khan Mohamed Salah Gareth Bale Roger Moore World Cup Deutsche Bank Peyton Manning

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