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Dan Stevens

Daniel Jonathan “Dan” Stevens (born 10 October 1982) is a British actor.

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"The Man Who Invented Christmas" features Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens. Check out the trailer!…
Hi, We're Here Too w/ Stevens and Dan by Stevens Rivas on
WATCH: star hints at new powers and personalities for Full Interview:
Dan Stevens is mere feet away from me and I keep looking over like a *** tourist.
I need a SIX-STRING SAMURAI remake with Dan Stevens, please and thank you.
- Dan Stevens as David Haller - Best Show on TV. Can't wait for Season 2!.
I was in a room alone with Dan Stevens a few months ago but I left so quick after I noticed who he was! I didn't know what to do 😅
Quick hit between flights to see in Jersey enroute to Dublin to see off to school.
today, I'm going to watch all of dan stevens/batb-related video and post my favourite ones here. therefore, this thread is c…
Dan Stevens. Elba's will be too old.
What's the point in watching Downton Abbey when Mathhew died? What tf la seriously. Why did Dan Stevens decide to leave that series ffs
This movie looks so much fun! I love xmas movies:) Dan Stevens is Charles Dickens in the first...
Well like, I just love Dan Stevens so. ❤️
Also starring peter capaldi, Dan Stevens and David thewlis I didn't expect to see more actors I know 😛
'Dan Stevens' talks with 'Patrick Stewart' on 'Professor X' appearance on 'Legion' https:/…
If Brolin can be Thanos and Cable, Dan Stevens can be Victor Von Doom
📷 loveofromance: Dan Stevens as Edward Ferrars in Sense & Sensibility (2008)
Dan Stevens' Edward Ferrars is way thirstier than Hugh Grant's. Hide it under a bushel plz
If you were worried that the LEGION soundtrack wasn't going to have Dan Stevens singing "Rainbow Connection", I HAVE GOOD NEWS.
After watching the live action Beauty and the Beast, I will now forever have a crush on Dan Stevens and Luke Evans. 😍😍
I liked a video Belle and Prince Adam kiss (Emma Watson and Dan Stevens) BatB
Dan Stevens and his wife,the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition on June 3,2015 in London,England
Dan Stevens is such a beautiful man omg was excellent 😍😍😍
Everybody should watch Legion, ep 7 is pure art. P.s. Dan Stevens
Oh, dan stevens is also in Colossal too? Anne Hathaway and Dan Stevens, the beauty and the handsome 😆😆😆
No No my bet for the reverse flash/Eobard Thawne is Michael Hall from Dexter.. Pls not Dan Stevens or Aaron Eckhart he already played 2 face
Here's what Dan Stevens would look like as Reverse-Flash in the DCEU -
I added a video to a playlist Dan Stevens Evermore Lyrics (Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack 2017)
Pre-CGI video from Beauty and the Beast proves both Emma Watson and Dan Stevens deserve Oscars - Blastr
Also no offense to Emma but I think Dan Stevens should have credit to this one
Emma Watson's acting is unbelievable once you know what the Beast really looked like while filming…
dan stevens did not have to wear stilts and a heavy *** moco suit for y'all to call him "the pre-CGI Beast"
How did Dan Stevens not fall down those stairs?
Dan Stevens being fancast as Adam Warlock and now as Reverse loving this song. 👌🏼✨
people are fan casting dan stevens as adam warlock AND reverse flash. MY LIFE IS AT THE HAPPIEST MO
It. Is. Fantastic. Dan Stevens and Audrey Plaza are a pure gift. Hope you like it!
The dan stevens version of evermore is better than the josh groban one don't @ me
Fans think Emma Watson should win an Oscar for acting with Dan Stevens in his bonkers Beauty & The Beast CGI suit
I watched the whole half hour of extras for batb and I still didn't get dan stevens singing without the beast filter im so
This footage of Dan Stevens filming 'Beauty And The Beast' in a CGI suit is hilarious
I hate how inaccessible theatre is ugh I just want to see Dan Stevens in Much Ado, As You Like It and The Heiress :(
If Brad Stevens is coaching his last game as Celtics coach as many expect, most believe he will return to college (like fri…
i love emma but we gotta give credit to dan stevens for playing the beast HE WORKED *** HARD FOR IT
Just saw a "Norman" trailer on TV and it was mostly Dan Stevens his year chugs along!
“The Beast is this incredible kind of creation that Dan Stevens developed.” ❤️
Emma Watson's acting is unbelievable when you see what the Beast looked like while filming 'Beauty and the Beast' https:…
The internet can't get over Emma Watson with a pre-CGI Dan Stevens in 'Beauty and the Beast'
Emma Watson had to waltz with a pre-CGI beast in a puffy suit for
You can't unsee this footage of Dan Stevens filming in his CGI suit:
I could watch Dan Stevens daintily walking in his non-CGIed Beast suit all *** day.
[Mashable] Behind the scenes video of 'Beauty and the Beast' shows how much work went into the Beast…
Find someone who looks at you the way Dan Stevens and Susie Hariet look at each other.
Tbh I spent the whole movie imagining Dan Stevens in his CGI suit so this is a gift.
Beauty and the Beast is actually way more entertaining without the CGI
Pre-CGI Beast is hilarious. Dan Stevens looks like Baymax in that gray suit 😂
You Can't Unsee This Video of a Pre-CGI Dan Stevens in Beauty and the Beast
📹 luke-evans: Luke Evans, Josh Gad and Dan Stevens play True or False. 1. Beauty and the Beast is...
Other details THE GUEST gets right: Dan Stevens definitely murders people IRL; Lance Reddick could order God to sit down and shut up.
Twelfth Night-Hong Kong will at the Winter Garden Theater on broadway from 8/3/17 to 9/17/17. Dan Stevens will be playing the lead role!
Did you like the LIVE Disney Version of Beauty & The Beast that starred Dan Stevens, Luke Evans & Emma Watson?
Disney perfectly cast Emma Watson as Belle, along with Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston.
I won't rest until I've found my Corey Stoll or Dan Stevens.
Dan Stevens & Emma Watson at the Hollywood premiere of Beauty and the Beast held at El Capitan Theatre. ht…
Movie starring Dan Stevens and Bérénice Marlohe: Take a look to this brand new poster of Kill Switch……
I didn't even realize Dan Stevens was Matthew from Downton Abbey until halfway through the second ep. He got way hot lol.
Dan Stevens & Aubrey Plaza performance is outstanding. Their acting is so brillant and nuanced. GIVE THEM ALL THE AWAR…
Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza to star in Noah Hawley's new FX drama series
The next (Dan Stevens-led!) movie from the director movie is headed to Netflix
I'm against remakes, but... A remake of The Blues Brothers with Ryan Gosling as Jake and Dan Stevens as Elwood? Anyone else needs this?
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens talks Beauty and the Beast - via…
Dan Stevens is like the British dollar store Gosling, and I'm ok with that
.Dan Stevens have sweetest interview with 'Mini Belle' and 'Mini Beast'
Have decided that Dan Stevens is the hybridization of Chris Evans + Bradley Cooper + Ryan Gosling. Don't @ know I'm right.
A late but holy good lord Dan Stevens. That is all.
Omg I'm just fangirling over here about how perfect Dan Stevens is for the prince. He is up there with Ryan gosling…
I loved Abbey! Look at Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) now. He sure looks different, doesn't he? Wow. Wow!...
Holy COW Beauty & the Beast was AMAZING. I might be ok with Dan Stevens leaving Downton Abbey now.. maybe... 💛💙
I love Dan Stevens so much I'm rewatching Downton Abbey for the third time!
OK like I know Dan Stevens is the Downton Abbey guy but I never watched that and I know he's in Legion but I haven't started that either SO
Literally only watching Downton Abbey as an excuse to stare at Dan Stevens and drink copious amounts of tea
i can only name the actor, Dan Stevens. Dont know where this is from though.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are literally the cutest couple I can't even
I'm literally obsessed with Dan Stevens I have a problem
Dan Stevens telling David Haller that his british accent is rubish . THIS SHOW IS LIFE
Beauty and the Beast - "Evermore" had me misting up, as did the shoddy CGI wolves. Year of Dan Stevens continues.
After watching interviews and more of his filmography, I would say Dan Stevens is very skilled at accent work and vocal mimicry
Dan Stevens plays Dickens: what do you think?
Dan Stevens is amazing. Also hot lol. He's the Beast for goodness sakes!
Dan Stevens: Now I know she'll never leave me. Me: EVEN AS SHE FADES FROM VIEW
Amma Asante and Dan Stevens take over our photo booth at tonight's
Yeah I used to have a thing for animated!Prince but then Dan Stevens came along and OMG. 😍
Rachel Keller, Dan Stevens, and Aubry Plaza are all giving Emmy worthy performances. Everyone needs to watch this w…
My timeline is full of Dan Stevens and batb's gifs, I'm not complaining
If I married someone with Dan Stevens voice and a heart for Jesus, my life would be so incredible.
Dan Stevens would be a good husband tbh
Just saw Beauty & the Beast. so naturally it is making me want to watch Legion. Dan Stevens, you sexual mutant beast. (;
I'd sell a kidney for Dan Stevens to look at me once with his piercing blue eyes.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens tho they look good together
I might have a huge crush on Dan Stevens.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens have backed our literacy campaign
If Daniel Craig chooses not to resume his role as James Bond, Dan Stevens is the man for the job.
Today in rampant Bond speculation: the world is ready for a bearded Bond, and Dan Stevens is the man for the job. http…
Chuck help me if Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Dan Stevens, and JJ Field ever end up in a movie together XD
Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad in a new outtake from Art Streiber photoshoot for
Luke Evans and Dan Stevens potographed for Buzzfeed. I love my handsome boys.
Belle really lucked out when the beast turned out to look like Dan Stevens.
Audra McDonald, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline and Dan Stevens give great performances. The others were bothersome to grim.
Dan Stevens' Evermore is the new Gerard Butler's The Mirror for me. I can't stop listening. Loved the movie so much.
// Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are so cute together omooo
Good parts of Beauty & the Beast: Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, and Dan Stevens when he was The Beast.
She had unbelievable chemistry with delightful Kevin Kline, and with Dan Stevens, who I think stole the show.
Verdict: was special and exceeded my expectations. Top marks to Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor and Kevin Kline.
Evermore by Dan Stevens still haunts me
I just want some behind the scene videos of Dan Stevens portraying his role as the Beast.
Kevin Kline in particular is wonderful. Dan Stevens makes a looot of his motion capture. Audra McDonald gets to sing!
We did NOT expect the star to reveal this!
Beauty and the Beast star Dan Stevens reveals truth behind Beast costume
I have! I'm wildly partial to the Dan Stevens one. I may or may not have cried...
Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and Laura Carmichael reunite at Christopher Kane fashion bash
15HQs @ Dan Stevens on set of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (Jan 28, 2014) -
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are magic together 😍
Watch this!. Your morning will thank me. This is life!!! :D
Crosswalk the Musical: Beauty and the Beast w/ James Corden & film stars: Josh Gad, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans
Dan Stevens and that growl at the end of got me like
I will sing along with every song on the soundtrack except Evermore, because one does not sing over Dan…
You've never really lived until you hear Dan Stevens saying "all I care about is Amy."
Dan Stevens!! Singing!! On the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack!! No words!!
Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time pero sobrang fresh ng live-action version. Fresh ni Emma Watson. Fresh ni Dan Stevens 😉
So Dan Stevens just teased on accent department in Legion. Is David gonna speak in British accent in the upcoming ep.?
Read how the "new 'is even better than the original" here: Get Tix:
Listen to Stevens saying "Indonesia" 😆 - Emma Watson and Dan Stevens on Filming ‘Beauty and the Beast’
is now officially in theaters. We already can't wait to see it again! . .
James Corden sends up Beauty and The Beast in HILARIOUS Late Late Show spoof
I think Dan Stevens should come in here and I must go there..beside Emma
liking Dan Stevens is another matter entirely
[352] ‘Beauty and the Beast’ review: A dazzling retelling that plays it too safe
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Dan Stevens at the premiere in NYC.
If you haven't watched this new Crosswalk the Musical then what are you doing with your life?! htt…
also i've been in love with Dan Stevens since Matthew, and I was v emotional to see him again
I have been in love with Luke Evans this whole time until I saw BATB and Dan Stevens stole my heart
My favorite song from Beauty and the Beast is Evermore by Dan Stevens. Gosh Groban also sings it. Both are absolutely beautiful
Why Dan Stevens says Emma Watson was 'terrified' of him while shooting 'Beauty and the Beast'
I like Dan Stevens well enough but RIGHT IS RIGHT.
Exclusive Interview with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens about Disney’s out 3/17. https:…
"I was just so happy to have not fallen off or killed myself" 💯. Emma Watson + Dan Stevens recall memorable moments from
Ever since I know Dan Stevens is casted as the Beast, I cant stop talking and digging everything about him lol
Emma Watson's admitted Dan Stevens helped her with her singing during filming for ht…
Beauty and the Beast Movie Cast: Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston…
VIDEO: Josh Gad, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens hilariously perform low-budget "Beauty and the Beast" on public...
Dan Stevens' mum told him to go play in traffic😂Big switch from Matthew Crawley!
Is it selfish to want Dan Stevens to be just Matthew Crawley forever i mean i like him as Beast but
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Christmas 2012: I swore on Matthew Crawley's grave I'd never see a movie with Dan Stevens in it. But I WILL see Beauty & the Beast, dammit!
Spoke to Dan Stevens about playing The Beast. (Let's all be more encouraging than Mark Ruffalo was to him.)
Dan Stevens talks about proving Mark Ruffalo wrong with
Dan Stevens is quite cute, too! So funny that he was boring Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey.☺️
…if we want to get a little Keanu Reeves v Charlize Theron v Dan Stevens
Was very impressed with Luke Evans, and Dan Stevens. Kevin Kline was also a pleasant surprise. :)
Matthew Crawley played by Dan Stevens . He is so cute
Dan Stevens, you'll forever be Matthew Crawley to me. 😍😍😍 but yes, Beauty and the Beast this week!…
Dan Stevens' transformation from Matthew Crawley to David Haller is absolutely majestic. What an actor. What an absolute star.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens answer most searched questions about 'Beauty and the Beast'. Must-watch!.
I'd like to see Daniel Craig to do one or two more Bond films. But if his time is up then Dan Stevens is a great choice.
Hugely impressed by Dan Stevens's acting in Clearly had to be a bit of a psycho already to kill off Matthew Crawley though
Dan Stevens will always be Matthew Crawley to me... 🤣
Monsters, maniacs, and Matthew Crawley: the freakishly good post-Downton career of Dan Stevens
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are coming but Mrs. Potts & Chip are already here at the junket…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are cover stars of April issue.
I really like Legion with Dan Stevens and Bellevue with Anna Paquin and Allen Leech. Finally, something worth watching😄
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson fail to ignite at the London premiere:
The 'Fargo' veteran breaks down Syd's feelings toward David (Dan Stevens) and surviving her journey inside of his...
Rachel Keller and Dan Stevens are hot AF together on screen!
Can we talk about the amazing chemistry between Dan Stevens and Rachel Keller?
Dan Stevens is doing a fantastic job of portraying Haller. All those shifts in personality can't be easy & he does it so well
Dan Stevens in is like a cross between Ben Stiller and Hugh Grant.
Dan Stevens is a physical composit of Micheal Shanks, Ben Browder, Nicholas Hoult and Robin Lord-Taylor.
"Beauty and the Beast": Watch Emma Watson, Dan Stevens in final trailer
Gareth Evans next movie sounds dope AF also Dan Stevens is in it!
I'm sorry but can we please talk about how Dan Stevens is the new Beast in the live action Beauty and the Beast
true story I met Dan Stevens who's playing beast! He was in a film at Sundance 2014 called The Guest. Watch it!
Cotterill in, sound. No right back 😫😫 I have a near heart attack every time the ball goes near to Little
NEWS: David Cotterill returns to on loan for the rest of the season.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
'Beauty and the Beast' final trailer - Talking clock, cup and many more surprises
ok. Dan Stevens. But he's Matthew to me.
I am so excited for new Beauty and the Beast songs sang by Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.
He will only lie to you all like king dog shagger did!
SWOON! Check out Dan Stevens as The Prince in and MORE cast posters:
Beauty and the Beast - TrailerHD - Emma Watson Dan Stevens Luke Evans: via
Emma Watson cares for Dan Stevens in final 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer -
Beauty and the Beast 2017 Prince aka Dan Stevens REACTION -
I still dont forgive dan Stevens for leaving downton
Dan Stevens is Beast/Prince Adam on IMDB, maybe Disney have finally decided to call him Adam as that's what everyon…
Beauty and the Beast was my movie as a child and I'm really pleased that Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are bringing it…
new gaming video! want to find the line between kinks and good parenting? dan and phil play WHO'S YOUR DADDY
ian mckellen as cogsworth Emma Thompson as mrs potts dan stevens as the beast LITERALLY EVERYONE IS SO PERFECT FOR THEIR ROLE
Watch the final trailer for starring as and Dan Stevens as
If someone wanted to go ahead and cast Dan Stevens as Chris Redfield I'd be about it
awesome article on by great work Abe, can't wait to see Dan Stevens in action on this
Beauty and the Beast 2017 Final Trailer - Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans en
The only thing that makes me sad about the live Beauty and the Beast is that we won't get to see Dan Stevens' pretty face very long.
I'm 100% willing to stay imprison for life in an enchanted castle with weird creatures & a beast if the beast looks like Dan Stevens.🙄
Watch the trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Ewan ...
TRAILER: Here is the second trailer for starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens:…
ITM calls him Adam but looks we'll have to wait til March to see. I kinda like Adam tho.😂
Dan Stevens stars as Gino D'Acampo, who suffers bizarre visions and sensory weirdness when throwing together a bowl of pasta 🍝
When is Beauty and the Beast released, who do Emma Watson and Dan Stevens play and is there a trailer?
Curious to see how Dan Stevens will sound now that I've heard Emma Watson. YAY
I swear to Christ if halfway through we see Beast driving blissfully down the road I will boycott Dan…
Agreed. That's not Emma Watson or Dan Stevens singing. It's some awfully orchestrated abomination.
'Beauty and the Beast' final trailer via
🐌nice to get your glad rags on for awards like the Baftas, but it doesn't happen all the time. 👉Da…
There is something about Dan Stevens that I find so compelling and interesting.
The mind is a powerful thing. Dan Stevens is David Haller.
'Beauty and the Beast' final trailer shows Emma Watson, Dan Stevens in character
29 days out! Join us ---> Summit and hear great speakers incl CEO Dan Stevens. March…
So exciting to see emma and dan stevens 😍😍
Just popped into my head Dan Stevens should be the next Bond.
Disney releases a gorgeous final trailer for with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens -
I have no interest in LA LA Land. But I do want to see Beauty and the Beast. Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. Both good actors.
Dan Stevens being the Beast in March with Emma Watson will have to be my fix for Downton
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens wish you Happy New Year. (Added video without subtitles) . https:/…
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens on new poster of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast during their iconic dance scene from Disney's Beau
'Beauty and the Beast': See 9 Enchanting, Exclusive Photos | Dan Stevens as The Beast and Emma Watso
Total Film scans of Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Bill Condon interviews for Beauty and the Beast. h…
She looks young because she is young. Its gonna be weird seeing her with Dan Stevens (Beast) & Luke Evans (Gaston).
Emma Watson presenting the new 'Beauty and the Beast' TV spot. Also Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, and Josh Gad.
I liked a video Beauty and the Beast - Funny On Set Moments w/ Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans
La La Land in January, John Wick Chapter 2 in February and Gareth Evans film with Dan Stevens perhaps? Bring on 2017.
My Matthew Crawley❤ is happy, Dan Stevens as the Beast.😍. Maine as Belle & Alden as Beast, pwede...
Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star in dramatic first full-length trailer
Also starring in the movie are Dan Stevens as The Beast, Luke Evans as Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, Ewan...
Emma Watson's reaction when Dan Stevens' description of the Beast sounds a little like Trump...
All the kilig in my body is all out because of Beauty and The Beast Trailer!! OMGG Emma Watson and Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley)!! 😍😍😍
Dan Stevens rips his cosy Downton Abbey image to shreds in psycho-killer thriller The Guest 9pm tonight…
Stellar images from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad & Luke...
Beauty and the Beast first image reveals Emma Watson and Dan Stevens (in his furry costume!) https:…
Here's a new look at 'Beauty and the Beast' starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.
Finally, a first proper look at Emma Watson's Belle, Dan Stevens' Beast, Gaston, Lumiere and more https:…
I've never been a fan of directors who clutter a piece with all sorts of...
The world lost a hero today with the passing of Navajo code talker Dan Akee. Thankful for everything he did in service to…
Man like Eliot Stevens slotting Dan prices sister
Website Builder 728x90
Dan Stevens in The Guest is so great!
.earns Mostly False for debate claim about 600 requests for help from Amb. Stevens.
First proper look at the Beauty And The Beast live action remake
Stop suggesting that if a victim didn't come forward at the time that the claim is a lie. That is to not understand sexual…
Just found out the gorgeous Dan Stevens is going to be in the beauty and the beast film, I have got to go and see this in 2017 😌
v has now made its way to the mobile platform. It was even stevens on FIFA but who will win at 😈
Brad Stevens is 39 years and is the 6th longest tenured coach in the NBA?! That is absolutely nuts.
Dan Stevens was assigned personal trainers and dietitians to begin his physical transformation for the role
who cares about emails lets ask ambassador Stevens who he is voting for...Oh yea Thats right
DAN STEVENS AS BEAST 😱 I need to watch beauty and the beast next year!!!
Dan, I'm not really a conspiracy theorist, but Stevens asked for more protection 600+ times. the
‘Legion’ teaser: Dan Stevens is a danger to himself as Professor X’s son in upcoming Marvel series
Dan Raynor of Stevens Puppets works behind the scenes of the marionette show Tuesday at Redkey Elementary School.
great partnership open discussion with Friedrich Baumann, DAN Stevens and Michael Burroughs.
e.g. Dan Stevens is a hot hunk of man-meat. I'm comfortable with that.
.OMFG WHEN will you people get this straight? NOT Amb. Stevens! . Uruguay, 1970. Mitrione.
I am actually really excited to see Dan Stevens play the beast in batb because i love him in Downton Abbey
‘Teaser: Is a Danger to Himself as Professor X’s Son in Upcoming Series
Taking center stage in the live-action Beauty and the Beast are Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (B...
Serves me right to be shocked after totally forgetting that Dan Stevens is David Haller in
I do love me some Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza...
FX's looks like the X-Men franchise we've been waiting for. Watch Season 1 teaser:
You do feel a certain obligation to shows that raise your profile like '...
Om, under Gary Stevens, was marvelously prepared for the City of Hope Mile by Dan Hendricks and his staff.…
Yesterday,also were the birthdays of the British actors:Charles Dance (turned 70 years) and Dan Stevens (turned 34 years).
Happy birthday to our future Beast, Dan Stevens!
Dan Stevens escapes government experimentation, which included programming in which he has to do anything to protect his identity
Dan Stevens is Profesor X's dangerous mutant son in Season 1 teaser
Dan Stevens made it approx. 5 minutes before mentioning/teasing Tom Hiddleston at this panel. 💗
Emma Watson is starring alongside Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens in the upcoming live action Beauty An...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paige O'Hara 'almost boycotted' 'Downton Abbey' post Dan Stevens' death in it:
Dan Stevens by Jan Andersen - a work in progress, drawn with Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in sneak peek of Beauty and the Beast - Daily Mail
Words can't describe my excitement for Beauty & the Beast next year. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, & arguably one of my fave Disney movies?? YAS
Hooray for fairy tales, and for Emma Watson & Dan Stevens!
Dan Stevens and Emma Watson are perfect for Belle and Beast but now I can't help but see Jason Momoa and Daisy Ridley
Get a peak at Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the live-action BEAUTY AND THE BEAST:
If there's anything Dan Stevens proved as Matthew in Downton Abbey with Mary Crawley it's that: an INFP can out-stubborn an ENTJ.
+11HQs @ Dan Stevens and Malin Akerman's portrait for Glamour at Tribeca Film Festival.
Nope- Shaun Levy has been talking about casting someone he's worked with before, which could mean Dan Stevens? (NATM3)
The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, ...
I've never tried to find my real parents. I'm very grateful to my mum and dad for adopting m...
My dad tells me that he took us to a pantomime when I was very, very small - panto being a s...
As long as I am given the opportunity to keep performing and keep exploring in whatever medi...
the last option is for the GIF of Dan Stevens getting out of the shower.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
That announcement was so artfully done. Star Wars by Timothy Zahn coming spring 2017.
Recent audiobooks make car time fun! Fahrenheit 451 (Tim Robbins' great narration) and Frankenstein (same for Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens).
oh my, i really havent thought about it. I still miss Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey😞
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