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Dan Snyder

Daniel Snyder (February 23, 1978 – October 5, 2003) was a professional Canadian ice hockey player.

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I read this article a couple of weeks ago but waited till today to share it because I knew I was going to see...
Welp, Hogan's gonna be absolute PALS with Dan Snyder isn't he? *headdesk*
The only thing that could go wrong is Obama supporting Dan Snyder and the R*dskins name.
Oh sweet titties, we did it! My main man Rick Snyder is governor for 4 more years and my friends down in Republican town took the senate
nah but Dan Snyder hung out with some Indians once and they said it was chill
Dan Snyder you will never buy my spirit cuz I'm and my family is
Dan Snyder named them the Redskins because he is and has always been a racist ***
Dan Snyder (Team Owner): "Your offense at my Most Offensive Offensiveness has Offended Us. We shall now Sue Forthwith!"
Club goin up. On a Tuesday. Workin on a set dan in and bein dumb in my room.…
I completely agree, Dan Snyder is way too involved in the team. He's always been like that and I can't imagine that changing
True. Just feel Dan Snyder gets too invested in someone
Even Dan Snyder must be laughing about the signing of Lamar Houston
Watching Dan Snyder talk about Dale Earnhardt's Redskins fandom was not how I wanted to spend the minutes leading up to the game.
Imagine the uproar if Dan Snyder gave up his wife seat for RG3. it would be so many anonymous reports out.
dan Snyder... Why does he not draft a superfluous amount of talent?
Native legal team stated NA welcome going forward, can cross examine Snyder under oath. PR Nightmare Dan
Meet Black Singles 300x250
PLEASE RT. Dan Snyder, of thinks it a good idea is to SUE five Native people who find the name offensive.
because they are looking to cozy up to that *** Dan Snyder. I believe her based on history.
Election 2014: Dan Gilbert says a Rick Snyder loss 'would not be a good thing' for Detroit
From Ray Rice to Danny Ferry to Dan Snyder to Adrian Peterson... do we have to have a pitchfork mentality for everything that comes up?
Why is Dan Snyder the Redskin's owner. He clearly doesn't know anything about running a football team or football in general. 😑
Snyder's ongoing campaign to justify his franchise's nickname reeks of stubborn lunacy
Which media outlets refuse to even utter Dan Snyder's team name any more?
.& are in w candidates Rick Snyder & Mark Schauer running for MI governor. Full details…
In an awkward plot twist, Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, is suing a group of Native Americans.
No one in America hates Dan Snyder and the Redskins more than John Feinstein
"National Council of La Raza...called on the NFL and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the team’s name.".
A message to all you Monday Night Football fans: Don’t get sacked Dan Snyder style!
Another reason Ed Gillespie’s Redskins ad last night was so strange? Dan Snyder already gave money to Mark Warner. http:…
I wonder how much Dan Snyder likes having to go to JerryWorld?
He likes Dan Snyder actually but the Redskins name is toast LOL FCC, Trademark office, and IRS against you DYING SLOWLY
Believe it: Dan Snyder and thrive on stereotypes like the "noble savage" NDN - yeah I can be strong WITHOUT their branding.
Someone please send this item to Dan Snyder. Marty Kady? Charles Pierce?...
Five weeks after straining his hamstring in the season opener, tight end Jordan Reed will return to action for the Washington Redskins and will start. Meanwhile, starting free safety Ryan Clark will play, but starting inside linebacker Perry Riley JrThe Washington Redskins' owner fights back against the PC police who are trying to force him to change the name of his football team. This photo was just take a few minutes ago of the Washington Redskins owner, Dan Mark One Wolf was, for a time, a favored native in Dan Snyder's fight to save the "Redskins" nickname. "Native American backing team name is VIP at practice," read a Richmond Times-Dispatch headline. It was accompanied Head Coach Jay Gruden talks to the media following today's loss to the Cardinals.GLENDALE, Ariz. — With the losses mounting, first-year Coach Jay Gruden recently conceded Washington was a team searching for its identity. After Sunday's mistake-filled 30-20 loss at Arizona, that identity has taken indisputable shape. Washington is
Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins football team watched Sundays game with the President of the Navajo Indian nation Ben Shelly. He's fine with the name, so you liberal *** can go find another cause to whine about!!
Far more than the supposed infraction itself, the thing that has galled the political correctness police the most is how Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, has refused to back-down from the political correctness bullying. In fact, nothing enrages a bully like a potential victim scoffing and sayi…
Shelly says he talked business with Snyder:
I wonder how upset Dan Snyder was that he could only bring Navajo's president to a Redskins game the day before and not ON Columbus Day
WASHINGTON (WJLA) - During a broadcast of Sunday's Redskins game, owner Dan Snyder was seen sitting next to the president of the Navajo Nation and his wife, who were both wearing Redskins hats.
Navajo president meets with Redskins to expand partnership
I urge all my navajo brothers let your president how you feel about the slurs. Was pretty saddenin seeing him with Dan Snyder…
The only way Dan Snyder could make this Columbus Day weekend stunt less comfortable would be to offer him a blanket.
Dan Snyder is beneath contempt. Using a disgraced politician, scorned by his own tribe for corruption and Snyder. Disgusting.
The Redskins are headed for another lost season, and Dan Snyder reportedly isn’t handling it well. With Washington headed to its fourth consecutive defeat, a 30-20 loss at Arizona, the Cardinals’ r...
I support whatever Dan Snyder does because I love this football team no matter what the name is, but I truly feel like we are cursed
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder still just doesn't get it, attempts to brush off controversy.
Timely throwback. Gingers need awareness about as much as Dan Snyder needs awareness
Dan Snyder has consistently put his interests above the team, including the name of the organization despite the people who oppose it
- i wonder if Dan Snyder runs an Indian PAC? is there nothing this man cannot do?
Maybe when Dan Snyder changes the name of his NFL team. Columbus Day is the only thing more offensive to Native Americans
President Shelly attends Miss Indian Arizona Pageant, also meets with NFL to discuss licensing agreement PHOENIX, Ariz.—Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly spent the weekend in Phoenix attending meetings for native scholarships and for the economic development for Navajo craftsmen. On Oct. 11, he attended the Miss Indian Arizona Scholarship Pageant in Scottsdale, where he escorted Shaandiin Parrish for the pageantry. Parrish, a Navajo contestant majoring in political science at Arizona State University, came in third place at the pageant. President Shelly said, “I was very happy to participate in the pageant and I’m proud of Shaandiin. The scholarship is a great opportunity for our youth to expand their horizons with a college education.” During an Oct. 12 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly met with Redskins owner Dan Snyder to discuss the expansion on an NFL agreement. In early 2014, the Navajo Nation entered into a licensing agreement ...
Interesting, all the white progressives freaking out because Dan Snyder sat with Ben Shelly today. Shelly didn't ask permissio…
Brennan: Does not get why Dan Snyder would not want to change name, for purely economic reasons.
This is not true.. Dan Snyder went down to locker room area and watched end of game on TV.. Which is what he…
Can't speak to Bertrand Berry's report that owner Dan Snyder spit (although I doubt it), he WAS in stadium at e…
Schoenke: I would encourage Dan Snyder to step up & make a real commitment (to Native Americans), more than playgrounds
I work for Fox 10 in Phoenix. We're looking to do a story about Shelly, Navajo Nation, and Dan Snyder's team.
Dan Snyder chartered 5+ buses of Natives (mostly Navajos) to the Racial Slurs game in AZ today. Gross.
A Native American audience member responds "We don't take blood money," when Ray asked what if Dan Snyder offered their reservation money.?
In case u forgot: Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder
"Kicking it wit my homie Dan the man Snyder.
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Dan Snyder can parade around as many pro-Native Americans as he wants. It doesn't change the definition of the w…
.says Dan Snyder is trying to quick-fix the name controversy the same way he tries to fix team w/new QBs
Some reservations considering repainting playgrounds donated by Dan Snyder because they came in colors, Tara Houska said.
gave a few bucks to the Quechan Skate Park because it's a cool thing to do and also it spites Dan Snyder
If Dan Snyder is looking for more Native Americans to sit with him in the owners box during games, I'm down.
Columbus and Dan Snyder would get along just fine
Dan Snyder is stepping up to help Native Americans says
Nothing like spotting Native leaders chumming it with Dan Snyder @ a Redsk*ns game on Columbus Day.
Would your tribe accept a payoff from Dan Snyder? If not, why assume the Navajos would?
"Actually, that was the disgraced, soon-to-be-former Navajo Nation President sitting with Dan Snyder: http:/…
Guess who sat with Redskins owner?: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was seen Sunday sitting with the outg...
Significance of Dan Snyder and Navajo president meeting unclear via
Soon-to-be former Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly watches Redskins with Dan Snyder
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly sitting with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder at today's game in Arizona.
Here's all you need to know about the Native American guy Dan Snyder hung out with yesterday
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly dons Redskin hat to sit in box with owner Dan Snyder via
TV shots of Navajo leader w/ Dan Snyder were misleading. Guy is lame duck & in minority w/in tribe.
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was joined by the president of the Navajo Nation, Ben Shelly,
Soon-to-be-former Navajo Nation Pres. Ben Shelly sat with Dan Snyder at the game. http:…
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly sits in box with Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder watched his Redskins play the Cardinals on Sunday alongside Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation, and his wife Martha. Snyder's team lost the game on the field as they won a public-relations victory in the visiting owner's box.
Redskins team owner Dan Snyder (left) invited Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly (right) to Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.
As part of his campaign to convince you that his team's name isn't racist, Dan Snyder took in today's game with Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation. Once again, Dan probably should have done a little more research.
Navajo Nation President wears Redskins hat and sits with Dan Snyder at Cardinals game. Isn't that nice.
Corruption laden Navajo Nation Pres. Ben Shelly partnered w/Dan Snyder in secret, lost re-election by 8K votes
Even if Ben Shelly didn't support the name change of the Washington Redskin´s, he is a man of political status; meaning that he should have the decency, integrity and the respect for the native people who are fighting the name change cause. There are many different tribes including Navajos involved in the name change protest. I'm sure Dan Snyder knew how insensitive and ignorant our Navajo Nation President is, and he used him to make a mockery of the protest. We should be embarrassed that we have someone like Ben Shelly running the Navajo Nation. He obviously has no common sense.
Dan Snyder hosted the soon-to-be former President of the Navajo Nation in his box.
good stuff from Lewis Black, including "“I probably hate candy corn more than Dan Snyder." LOL
As per ESPN, tension between Tom Brady & Patriots could impact QB's future with team. Dan Snyder just came so hard
An aging, primadonna quarterback who's just slightly past his prime? There is no way Dan Snyder will be able to resist Tom Brady.
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Tom Brady the next Dan Snyder waste of money. Calling it.
What are your thoughts about the Washington Redskins naming controversy? Well, if you're making up your mind based on interviews from Dan Snyder or Washington fans flooding the mainstream media, you're probably not getting an accurate picture of the derogatory nature of the term "Redskin." Thankfully, Tara Zhaabowekwe Houska sat down with me last week to paint you that picture.
South Park made Dan Snyder cry earlier this week. The NY Giants did it tonight.
'South Park's' epic satire of Dan Snyder, the Washington Redskins, Roger Goodell and the NFL
South Park aired a season 18 preview in which the show takes on the controversy over the Washington Redskins' name during the team's Sunday game. In the promo, Redskins owner Dan Snyder asks that other companies stop using the team's name because it's "offensive to us" and "derogatory."
Cartman, the central character from Comedy Central’s South Park, took on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder in a promo for the 18th season of the […]
Really looking forward to Dan Snyder trying to brand South Park as anti-Semitic. "Look at how they treat poor Kyle," he'll say.
'South Park' takes aim at Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins -
Looks like Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is about to face his toughest adversary yet: Eric Cartman. Comedy Central ran an ad for the upcoming season premiere of "South Park" in which Cartman takes on both Snyder and the team's in...
Dan Snyder has more integrity than Steve Bisciotti.
Kevin Durant got a game ball from Dan Snyder after he was present at Sunday's Redskins victory.
Noteworthy attendees at FedExField today .., in Dan Snyder's suite, & A.J Smith is back. Haven't seen him in two weeks
Maybe a medicine man cursed them and Dan Snyder. Lol.
.Dan Snyder: STICK to your guns. Or Bows n Arrows. . Don't let a SMALL group of PC,uptight liberals DICtate what THEY want.
They don't have Dan Snyder, so Pierre Garcon will have to do
the ANNENBERG foundation has been trying to forget there roll in their reds**ns poll failure... Dan Snyder still...
“If you missed Dan Snyder interviewing - can watch the full thing right here:
Purdue student section is black face. Dan Snyder approves
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder has spent much of his offseason defending his team's controversial nickname and claiming it will never change. One thing Snyder is willing to change, however? His stadium—and possibly its location as well...
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder told CSN Washington he's exploring plans to build a new stadium for the football team, and sources say this could include building a dome over RFK stadium in D.C. News4's Jason Pugh reports.
Dan Snyder confirms that Washington is in the beginning stages of planning a new stadium
Dan Snyder and the Redskins are Looking to Build New Stadium
Dan Snyder 'started the process' in planning new stadium: The Washington Redskins have called FedExField home...
Joe Theisman is really drinking that Dan Snyder kool aid. Redskin means pride? Foh with that
Ty Majeski picked up his first TUNDRA Super Late Model Series win in Round Seven Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes at Dells Raceway Park Saturday night. Majeski started third row inside and crept into the second spot at the most critical of times. Majeski had just moved past Dalton Zehr into second when the yellow came out for a skirmish involving Dalton Zehr and Billy Mohn. Electing the outside lane, Majeski was able to pull away from early-race leader Jerry Blystone. Prunty slid back, but returned to the second spot and pursued Majeski all race long. However, Majeski proved to be too strong weaving through lapped traffic and cruised during the long green-flag run. Prunty finished second, Mike Lichtfeld was third, fast qualifier Dan Lensing finished fourth and Zehr recovered to round out the top five. In DRP Late Models It was Jesse Bernhagen holding off Dillon Hammond for the A-Main win. Sportsman A-Main was won by Doug Paul who also won a hunting trip with Dakota Whitetails Adventure, & In the Bandits it w ...
You see? DAN SNYDER IS AN INVETERATE LIAR and will make up ANYTHING so that he can make more money on a racial slur.
hey do you still have the picture of dan Snyder rocking the KDs with the desean Jackson tattoo photoshop?
Rams. This is Dan Snyder. I will trade you Cousins for 2 1s and a 2. But you have to include Bradford. He is part Indian
and no one will trade for him cause Dan Snyder gonna make the trade so unreasonable so he cant be traded.
doing a great job of distracting me from Dan Snyder's dumpster fire.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
listen to cooley interview. He visited Reservations not connected to dan snyder. Are those opinions bought too?
Of course there isn't one. Dan Snyder would never allow it. :-)
Dan Snyder this is for you you need a new linebackers knew better you need and tell Dan you need to step up and win the game
Redskins phones probably lit up from St. Louis; RG3 or Kirk - listen to those offers, Dan Snyder.
I saw his injury last night but who the heck is Dan Snyder Cares if he doesn't know who Bradford is?
How on Earth have the Rams not drafted another QB?? They've had 39 first round picks in the last few drafts thanks to that bozo Dan Snyder.
rams should hit up dan snyder RIGHT NOW and get cousins.. jus sayin.
Didn't even make it through training camp...🙈 @ Dan Snyder Memorial Arena
Even if that's the case... Not gonna happen. Dan Snyder ain't gonna let Gruden bench RG3
"A Redskin is a football player, a Redskin is our fans."
Somebody said yesterday that Dan Snyder said "I wanted him so we got him" referring to WR Ryan Grant... he really said "Ike wanted him" smh
I don't think tribes realize that by taking gifts & payment from Dan Snyder they are now involved in a lawsuit against other tribes
Going to be interesting to the the PR fight Dan Snyder puts up for the name
Don't think ESPN moves w/out tacit approval from NFL. Means walls closing in on Dan Snyder.
Clint Didier – Dan Snyder punished for contributing to conservatives - " Radio interview and article: ——-...
The Washington Post Editorial Board will no longer use the word 'It will continue using 'Dan Snyder.'
A huge thanks goes out to the Dan Snyder Memorial Foundation as they supported us through this amazing tournament
“Some Native Americans are infuriated as Dan Snyder digs in even deeper on name.
Organizational (Dan Snyder) thing, they've been cheating the preseason for years. Nothing new
In case you thought Dan Snyder and the Redskins organization could not possibly be more direct in their racism
I recommend this because it's about a Native American man who had Dan Snyder's ear -- and he still couldn't hear:
Maybe the name would 'honour' Dan Snyder as the owner?
How about "honouring" Dan Snyder by changing the name to instead?
Pretty sure would be more appropriate. It would "honour" their leader, Dan Snyder.
I can really do without Dan Snyder, liked it better when he was behind the scene
Sports agent Scott Boras: owner Dan Snyder shouldn't be allowed to continue to use the offensive name:
How about changing it to in honour of Dan Snyder?
It's time for owners to pressure Snyder on Washington's team name
So. Dan Snyder isn't going to allow Jay to bench RGIII unless he's half dead and missing a limb.
so Sayeth the man whose paycheck comes from Dan Snyder's radio station
how much do you pay people, Dan Snyder, to use them in this campaign?
Oh, no. That Dan Snyder already showed he can be bought, he will change the name, just not for free.
🏈 Dan Snyder needs to change his football team name to Washington FATCATS. No offensive to him. None...
Also you & I share the same Birthday🎂.I respect you and ur opinions, but I think you're comments are influence by Dan Snyder
DAN SNYDER should HONOR his OWN people and Re name the DC TEAM "the *** here's your LOGO
who cares what wacko activists think. All that matters is Dan Snyder said NO and NEVER. Game Over
who cares... Dan Snyder said NO and NEVER and that's all that matters. Thanks :)
just accept Dan Snyder's generous offer and then say Thank You :)
Not that I think Dan Snyder is a good owner. But at least he doesn't impose absurd budget restrictions on his GMs like Saul, Fred and Jeff.
love me or hate em, at least JD spends money on FAs. And Redskin fans here in DC, same is true if Dan Snyder.
who cares what anyone but Dan Snyder says and he said NO & NEVER so it's
Do U agree Cousins might see playing time sometime this year? Or do you think thats a call Dan Snyder will make sure won't happen
I get paid 0 extra dollars from Dan Snyder for the redskins name issue. I choose freely to help defend our name. My moti…
Great moment with Dan Snyder presenting Sonny Jurgensen with his 80th Birthday Cake. Happy Birthday Sonny!! http:…
Surprise! owner Dan Snyder and present Sonny Jurgensen with a cake for his 80th birthday.
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Chris Cooley taking a hard stand on this means more if he weren't cashing checks from Dan Snyder. Or if he was on a good radio station. ~ Adam go tell Chris Cooley. Not too bright wannabe spokesperson for Dan Snyder et al so he can understand (1)
I just think it would be amazing if that account was shared by Dan Snyder & Chris Russell.
Just watched Chris Cooley embarrass himself on First Take. He may need a ladder to see daylight, from being so deep in Dan Snyder's pocket.
I know Chris Cooley is on Dan Snyder's payroll but on Cowherd just now he took shilling to a whole new level.
Way to get the name changed is Chris Cooley I root for not Name issues, Dan Snyder.
Chris Cooley is paid mouth piece for Dan Snyder. He would say Cancer causes cigarettes if Snyder told him to.
Idk what tribes Chris Cooley has gone to, but I guarantee none of them are ok with the name Washington Redskins and Dan Snyder lol
Wow 'journalist' Chris Cooley is on First Take making Dan Snyder suddenly look like a rational, sympathetic figure in comparison
Chris Cooley sounds like a puppet for Dan Snyder beating around the bush and redirecting all questions hes been asked on
Dan Snyder did a bad job sending Chris Cooley on First Take
Chris Cooley be a great politician lol. What a company man Dan Snyder has right here boy. Loud, Strong and WRONG
I see Chris Cooley is making an *** of himself on 1st take. Dan Snyder let's his stooges take the hits I see.
Chris Cooley sold out to Dan Snyder so hard.
Dan Snyder is Chris Cooley's boss. No way Cooley would have courage to say what is right. Change the name
yeah! just ask Dan Snyder for a first hand account of his ownership
"I'm going in with the 1's now, Brian." "Guys, they can't hit my fastball." "How's this for 'Redskins' pride, Dan Snyder?"
To all my Fellow Native American People-- There has been an article written saying we as American Indians will not march to Washington DC like others have to rally to a cause of getting the name changed! If you are wanting to voice to we the people in this country, Native People, our forefathers paid dearly for the Name Redskins, and to get a consensus of all Natives will get the start, because I do want to march to show them we are as people and will rally to show we are still here and we will not Be ignored anymore!!! Please share to get this started! I want to get a consensus of 500,000 Native people as Dan Snyder says 9 out of 10 Natives say it is not a racist name! I disagree and so does a minor census done on HINU campus today!! Let's Stand together Native America!!
6 dumb things Dan Snyder has said about the name of his football team, Redskins, in the last year via
I can see Dan Snyder being DFL in likeability (or lack thereof), but how Jerry Richardson is not is beyond me:
Steve Ballmer will quickly become one of those villain owners: Marge Schott, Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, Donald Sterling.
Nancy Allen and her mixed-blood Cherokee children say to Dan Snyder "Just Change it!"
Redskins owner Dan Snyder: 'We've got to help' Indian Country- Yes start with removing racist mascots ! via
Dan Snyder said some nice things, is still wrong -
When Keith Olbermann goes after Dan Snyder, who the heck do you pull for?
is wondering if I should pull a "Dan Snyder" and stick with the name of my new electronic bowling app: Ebowla!
ESPN Video: Former Washington football player Mark Moseley has decided to take some of the stupid off of Dan Snyder and temporarily focus it on himself. Keith Olbermann explains.
How do you feel about the Redskins name? And do you also feel Dan Snyder is a squirmy little weasel?
Dan Snyder donates millions to natives and offers to work to use the name respectfully.. there shouldn't be a problem with the redskins name
explain to me how Dan Snyder donating millions of dollars to Natives is a bad thing
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What do you think about the Redskin name controversy? Here's Dan Snyder's thoughts:
As a debate coach, I would advise Dan Snyder to stop talking
Anyone who doubts desire to protect its NFL partner should watch John Barr's loathsome interview with Dan Snyder. …
Some guy is gonna change his name to "Redskin Fo'Life" and Dan Snyder is gonna give him season tickets for life
From to the How Dan Snyder Bought Off the DC Media: via
Dan Snyder would rather have RG3 than Tom Brady
does Dan Snyder not realize his hand will be forced eventually?
REDSKINS play preseason FB today the Hekawi will be there 2 support em & Dan Snyder, LOL
I'm not sure who should be making the decisions on nicknames&logos; Dan Snyder(Redskins owner)is adament in not changing team name
it was more the horrible directing of Zack Snyder, poor casting of Zod, and >
The truth is sir, if everyone were as offended and intelligent as you clearly are, Dan Snyder would have no choice but to
Ever discuss Don Sterling with Dan Snyder? They have a lot in common.
Do you like to go to cross burnings with Dan Snyder and other owners?
I hope there is a Special *** for People like Dan Snyder, Donald Sterling and Both George Bushes Sr. and Jr.
I hate Dan Snyder, but I like that he isnt folding on his stance w/ the Redskins. Dont let the "PC" crowd stop you. Didnt bother them before
I have the utmost contempt for Dan Snyder.
I legit did not know that Mike Wilbon was on the Redskins payroll while at the Washington Post.
Should prompt another Dan Snyder TV appearance about what a tribute it is...
Was he just pulling random words from a hat & reading them? "It's honor, it's respect, it's pride" Dan Snyder on …
VIDEO COMMENT: Dan Snyder, the best advocate imaginable for those who want to I deconstruct his intvu h…
Thank you for the chuckle tonight, Your jokes about Dan Snyder and "breaking and entering" killed me.
.Dan Patrick to Dan Snyder in regards to defending the team name: "Just shut up."
The best part about Dan Snyder and Redskins name is the constant citing of Lone Star Dietz. Not Native American.
On one side of history: Coach Popovich, Peter Holt, the Spurs. On other: Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, the Washington NFL team
Between Jerry Jones' photos & Dan Snyder's self-serving ESPN interview, today wasn't a good day for NFC East owners.
Dan Snyder: "Other than the time I convinced Joe Gibbs to coach again, the ESPN interview may be my finest hour."
Dan Snyder just might be more paranoid than James Dolan.
Can't wait to see Stewart/Colbert mock this Dan Snyder interview. Dude is
I can just tell how big a lie it is when Dan Snyder says how the Redskins "are his team." Referring to a GM, coach, etc.
Sounds like his ego will fit right in with Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, and the late Al Davis if he were still alive.
Dan Snyder needs to face reality. If he is looking for a compromise, maybe he should just rename the team, The Washington Bullets.
Dan Snyder can learn from when the Bullets became the Wizards - Washington Post
.MT "..Dan Snyder has said he's changing the offensive team name from the "Redskins" to the "Prairie ***
Are you implying that we vets are minions of Dan Snyder and that our outrage is feigned?
Great article This is not about political correctness run amok. This is about human decency.
The guitarist's Indian regalia is just awful! It's Dan Snyder-approved. But what a great song.
Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Dan Slott, Scott Snyder, and Jimmy Palmiotti will all be at Comic Con!! Get comics signed!!
Excellent! Take note, Dan Snyder. THIS is how it's done … a collaborative effort of Pitt's organization with the...
Dan Snyder has minions: Army vets blast PC police for attacking Apache, Chinook helicopters as racist
Detroit News no longer will use "Redskins" in football coverage - What's it going to take, Dan Snyder?
Letter sent to Dan Snyder by my good non-NDN friend
I liked a video from Washington Redskins - Dan Snyder WILL NOT change the name
Dan Snyder needs to sign a treaty with the Creek Nation allowing the team to use the name Redsticks. Amazing warriors!
I know I'm one of those Media Party(TM) sheeple, but really, this is still a debate? Dan Snyder would love this:
Dan Snyder like the Wizards business model, goodbye rounds 3-6
Hamilton Collection
"Dan Snyder forced to settle hip hop dispute" is a headline I would click
Are we sure Dan Gilbert And Dan Snyder aren't the same person?
Jerry Rice Jr. is a scrub, Dan Snyder can't resist throwing money at people we don't need smh.
If Dan Snyder really wanted to honor America's past, he'd rename his football team the Washigton White Devils.
I never found it offensive until dan Snyder said it wasn't. now I'm all
I mean dan snyder doesnt even do that. Youd expect it from him too
Ok, you've said that to me several times, you can stop now, I can't change it. Write Dan Snyder
Thanks Dan Snyder for NEVER submitting to the racist filth in the Democrat Senate 'Skins for Life!
I want results. But I also don't want Dan Snyder results. Short results long losing. I want the spurs model
you realize that the only person with a decision here is Dan Snyder right? I don't know what decisions you're referring to
Tuckahoe Strategies president, weighs in about the Washington cc
Man I bet Dan Snyder regrets not calling us.
Washington sports news: Wizards draft pick was traded for a new $100 and sack of marbles. Also, Dan Snyder trades for Jerry Rice Jr.!?
MT“& joined in helping let them know you won't be buying from them”
See, Dan Snyder: it really is that easy. 'Redmen' no more: Calgary high school becomes the 'Redhawks' via
And people call Dan Snyder a bad owner. At least he wants his team to win and will put out the cash to help them
This is why they never really contend any more. Dolan is killing this franchise.The NBA's Dan Snyder.
Dan Snyder should use Redskin Potatoes 4 his team logo. It's pretty hard 2 pee of a spud!! :-)
Find The Courage to Speak and Stand for others Dan Snyder. Images and Words have Power.
With One decision Dan Snyder you go from A Zero to A Hero. Stand up For Native People like others stood up for our People.
To me living as a Jewish man means fighting against Hate, Racism, and Discrimination. That's why I'm baffled By Dan Snyder.
respect to the for having the backbone Dan Snyder & his in-pocket VA legislators don't.
= watching VA's elected officials run 40 yd dashes at Dan Snyder's billionaire pockets. sad day for USA.
yea hate Dan Snyder and hopefully we step it up this year we added a couple pieces
Under pressure: Hitting Redskins' owner Dan Snyder where it hurts, in his wallet via
Dan Snyder, this is not a battle you're going to win. Do your image and reputation a favor and accept defeat.
There is work to be done. Critics abound. Change still will come. I grew up near the Oneida Country, first in...
Look at that slippery slope? Check that, it's a bloody cliff. I'm no fan of the name nor Dan Snyder. I just hope the ruling gets overturned.
the needs to change their name. Dan Snyder stop being an
however, from a PR SP, everyone hates Snyder and in effect the skins. Dan never makes correct PR decsn.
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Yeah, that name might not be around for much longer. Course maybe it will if you talk to Dan Snyder.
Snyder Hawks about to put in work at Dan Law field here at Texas Tech! lleppahc12
LRT Figures Dan Snyder would hire someone living in his mother's basement to defend the team name.
Excellent. I'll bet Dan Snyder is not a democrat and that's another reason they are going after team.
BBC News post asks "Is it always racist to wear blackface?" Um, yes. It's not a tribute. Maybe Dan Snyder should move to Europe.
"The knew the country and were as hard to hunt down as the wild animals of the forest."—_Buffalo Bill_ (1955) CC DAN SNYDER
Report: Snyder neighbor registers 'Bravehearts' - . In a year in which Redskins owner Dan Snyder from the Oneida...
you said workout for Dan Snyder instead of Dan Gilbert in there
BREAKING NEWS: Dan Snyder takes a dump while thinking of ways to defend the name of the Washington NFL franchise.
Sign the petition and send Dan Snyder a message: Enough is enough. Change the name.
Thought this was going to be about Dan "Snyder Fires Intern Who Tried to Infiltrate Rival Campaign
If im dan Snyder. imma make the NFL pay me to change the teams name
I had a dream last night that I was putting flashing over brick with Dan Snyder and he asked me if I thought he should change the skins name
Dan Snyder's Washington football team will NEVER face the situation that the University of North Dakota did.
Must-see morning clip: Does Dan Snyder understand that “Redskins” is offensive, ..Salon ProgressiveNews
Reliable Source: Marion Barry on Dan Snyder, the evils of sugar — and his new...
Nice article written by Mike Ozanian on about Dan Snyder's wallet.
End of term: Redskins fire coach Mike Shanahan - Shanahan was fired after a morning meeting with owner Dan Snyder...
Mike Lupica: "Dan Snyder is acting as dumb about this as he has about pro football for a long time."
How is that team still called The Washington Redskins? Oh, it's because their owner Dan Snyder doesn't want to change his way of life. Connect with Last Week...
How's your morning going, oh fine, just brain-fart transposed Ed Snider's first name onto Dan Snyder's last, in print for 100,000 people
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