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Dan Snyder

Daniel Snyder (February 23, 1978 – October 5, 2003) was a professional Canadian ice hockey player.

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I've known so many people that have jumped off the sinking Dan Snyder ship to be Panther fans the last 10 yrs. I would too.
I don't care if it's the quarterback or the yellow pants. Any decision that Dan Snyder can't make is alright by me.
the fans hate the "gold" pants. PERIOD. Dan Snyder said the white pants are fine but Bruce Allen said no?
So Bruce Allen trumps what the OWNER Dan Snyder says?!
sorry, forgot about Dan Snyder for a second
actually it has. Dan Snyder went so far as to buy the radio station group to control their Skins coverage.
Im guessing Lions fans have never listened to 980 or heard of dan snyder...
First time Dan Snyder's ever rejected something for being too white.
yes,Dan Snyder got a guy who covered the skins fired a few years ago&so did the saints after that als joke segment in atl
I'll take the Panthers giving 14.5 on the reverse teaser. Your boy Cam is gonna make Dan Snyder leave the KKK.
Dan Snyder is a thin-skinned racist whose sunglasses look like something a tacky pedophile might settle for.
Well, neither has Dan Snyder or the Lerners.
Can somebody get a giant inflatable Dan Snyder to literally hover over everything at skins park?
All that shady CONCACAF money still couldn't meet Dan Snyder's rental fee.
its totally mutual. I hope Dan Snyder lives to be 1000.
As long as Dan Snyder owns the Skins, their name will not be changed. Hail to the Redskins
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross takes on racism, but not Redskins owner Dan Snyder, writes
Dan Snyder can lace his KD8s with the meniscus.
Dan Snyder [...] has long since perfected the art of treating criticism as a form of persecution. - The [Was …
Blake Snyder. He wrote a book called 'Save the Cat'. Look it up. I hate it.
Dan Snyder, Rodger Woodell, & the NFL should take all necessary steps to have the racist name used by the Washington R.S changed. Jerome
do you think Dan Snyder would let me trade my RG3 jersey for a Kirk Cousins jersey??
Our 2015 Mad Brewers Challenge winners [Dan Voors & Sam Snyder] are in brewing their Hopocalypse Double IPA today!
its safe to say qb8 is NOT a Snyder guy, what if Dan says i am NOT paying this guy more than X amount take it or leave it
is he up there with Dan Snyder? That D is great. I'm seriously a big fan of Bowles. The are a QB away from domination.
chill out there Dan Snyder. U can't just go on a spending spree every offseason
Yeah now I truly believe drafting RG3 was an inside job and Dan Snyder intervened. So glad Mike Shanahan at least drafted a backup plan.
As long as Dan Snyder isn't rerarded e ough to keep RGIII on the roster next season. You may as well.
John Oliver has invented an ingenious new way to troll Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder https…
Tom Coughlin giving Dan Snyder hope makes me dislike the Giants even more than already do.
Significantly weakens Mannings trade value here. Broncoes probably only going to get two 1st rd picks from Dan Snyder af…
Cause Steve Bisciotti whined hard enough to get an exception to the rule while Dan Snyder didn't.
John Oliver goes after Dan Snyder, finally giving the Bog some sweet John Oliver clicks
News are highly interested in gifted local offensive coach. Dan Snyder calls him a football genuis.
Why is Dan Snyder afraid to fire his horrible coach?
Wow lets fire Mike Shanahan and hire Jay Gruden, that's really an improvement at the HC spot. ~something only Dan Snyder would say
I'd love to have camera on Dan Snyder in his luxury box right now. History says he's going to do something impulsive sooner…
For the first time in 6006 days, Dan Snyder isn't the worst owner in D.C. sports
I'm honestly terrified of the day that Mike Rizzo quits or gets fired as GM of the Nats. Ownership sounding like Dan Snyder more and more
Hershel Walker Pleads to Dan Snyder to Send Robert Griffin III to - Yardbarker
Probably didn't help having Dan Snyder there ... and Jason Campbell as your starting QB LOL!
Dan Snyder has chewed up and spit out a few Hall Of Fame coaches. Not succeeding there cant be pinned on HBC
Horrible toilet people Dan Snyder, Sean Payton, John Harbaugh and Pete Carroll all lose this week.
don't candy coat it Lowell. Jork is making Dan Snyder and Chris Cohan look good.
Steven Ross=modern day Dan Snyder. Go after big name coaches. Big money free agents. 8-8. Wash Rinse Repeat.
.Chris Wallace in the Redskins' owner box with Dan Snyder.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Back in 1997, right after Jack Kent Cooke died. The should have been sold to John Kent Cooke, not Dan Snyder.
A Redskins name change is obvious and inevitable and it's about time Dan Snyder recognizes that, writes Mike Wise:
dear Roger Goodell commissioner...please help the fans and ditch Dan Snyder. a Save our Skins! Protect the game of football
Meanwhile, the Redskins just snapped up former Cardinal WR Andre Roberts. Rare good FA signing by Dan Snyder
and Dan Snyder both need to leave Washington.. time to let it go
Me thinks "Team RG3" (Bruce Allen, Dan Snyder, RG2) is daring Jay Gruden to make his next move...
The Anti-Redskin: John Cueno Ray Halbritter, the leader of the Oneida Indian Nation, and Dan Snyder, the owne...
I don't like Bill Simmons, but read this article on Dan Snyder..
Mike Shannahan and Dan Snyder don't understand how much time and work should've went into NOT DRAFTING RG3 as a pocket qb
Couldn't imagine how extra petty Al Davis would've been with Marcus Allen in this digital era. Dan Snyder gone show us with RGIII.
Even Vivek and James Dolan are like, "Dude..." to Dan Snyder right now.
Think needs to spend millions to investigate, suspended and fine Dan Snyder, the GM and Head Coach for...
Dan Snyder just appointed Jim Riggleman as head coach.
I'll now believe anything. Kirk Cousins is actually Mike Shanahan in disguise? Sure. Dan Snyder is a hologram? Yup. Anything.
Dan Snyder taking baton from James Dolan as owner of most dysfunctional sports team
And for Dan Snyder ' s next act, Caitlin Jenner to be named RB coach
Dan Snyder assumes GM position, hires JOHN Gruden to be coach.
So what would it take for you not to believe anything written about the Skins under Dan Snyder at this point. Awful har…
The Redskins need to be the first NFL team that HBO does a show on all season. I want to see Dan Snyder trolling the halls of Redskins Park.
I'm nervous. Dan Snyder is pushing too close to James Dolan's crown.
I don't see Washington ever truly competing with Dan Snyder running the show. He's the James Dolan of the NFL..
Wasn't Jerry Jones a D-1 player under Barry Switzer in college? Dan Snyder doesn't have the experience than Jones had.
Dan Snyder is the king of awkwardly wanting black athletes to like him.
If i wanted to screw someone else out of owning a franchise it will always be Dan Snyder though.
Requires a week to process ur order . Except dan snyder who erased ur colored worm from public to begin with
the person who made this shirt has to be a huge fan of Dan Snyder
People give Dan Snyder a lot of flack. but personally... I think he's great. I really like him
Is there a handsome man in ur spoon? . Rob snyder or evan dandos third power? . Dan snyders haliburton heart of steel
did Dan Snyder steal your lunch money when you were little? Maybe bullied you? Get over yourself
I see it as fair only because Dan Snyder owns our team.
Dan Snyder still calling the shots smh gonna be a long season.
His knee, being coddled by Dan Snyder, focus on endorsements, where we behin?
Clinton campaign is like one of those Washington teams Dan Snyder spent 3 trazillion dollars on and then they win 6 games
I wish reporters would stop being cowards and call out Dan Snyder.
PLEASE keep ethering the Baalke/ York brain trust. They make Dan Snyder seem likeable. Most inept, disjointed FO in the NFL.
The apparently thinks it's okay to suspend Tom Brady for cheating but not Dan Snyder for being a horrible vampire
Like, isn't there somebody with more money than Dan Snyder that will stand up and say "OK, these fans have suffered enough. Let me help."
It's done, tomorrow you'll see it colored!. [The: MAD MAX + Scott Snyder + Greg Capullo + Dan Didio + Jim Lee Drawing.]
Why Dan Snyder pays Loverro is one of the great mysteries of the universe...
because Dan Snyder has no idea what he's doing.
It's August and I'm already tired of listening to the Washington sports media talk about that trainwreck Dan Snyder calls a football team.
Redskins name been around 4 80+ yrs, why change now? *** no don't change the name, only thing I agree with Dan Snyder about
I think a lot of it is that he's carrying Dan Snyder's water. Displaced anger at RG.
Dan Snyder- why does everbody hate me???. Bruce Allen- what are you talking about,they all love u
Since buying the Team in 1999, Dan Snyder has gone through six coaches.
When I saw how short dan Snyder is on hard knocks it all made sense to me.
Welcome to the world of Dan Snyder. Though, FedEx Field is almost 20 years old. But the point remains the same.
"Shut up, you fool! The more you talk the more they'll know we don't have a Substance Abuse Policy" -Dan Snyder
Tony Wylie and Dan Snyder. Boy oh boy, talk about pouring GAS on the fire. Wylie needs to go. Another bad move by that guy...
it was about the Redkins screwing up almost every major decision they've made since Dan Snyder bought the team.
for every1 complaining they don't see spot.Dan Snyder still goes round n picks him up 4 practice.Only the best 4 da best
Oh well... media got what they secretly wanted all along... to shut RGIII up via Dan Snyder... now they can attack Snyder for banning them.
try the *** man out,Dan snyder make that call this team needs something anything positive
All Dan Snyder has to do is change the Redskins name and Jed York immediately becomes the worst owner in the NFL.
Best part: Washington fans feel the team will never be good since Dan Snyder is only 50 and he’s never going to sell. . Jed York is only 35.
SURPRISE TRUCK AUDIT! Annoucing last weeks'"Cleanest Truck Awards". Congrats techs Greg Freiert and Dan Snyder. Enjoy the snacks and cash!
That's Dan Snyder everyone, in case you didn't get it.
I'm just here so I don't get fined. Also, I think a large segment of the DC/NFL media hates Dan Snyder so much they want the team to fail.
"Senator Rubio? It's Dan Snyder. We're looking for a back up for the best QB in the NFL and want to talk to you."
lmao. Can't wait to hear what he has to stay after working for Dan Snyder for a year
And for anyone who hasn't seen it, McKenna's A-to-Z cataloging of Dan Snyder's horrors is still an all-time classic.
Definition of delusional organization.RGIII is the best qb in NFL, Dan Snyder is not racist & Desean does not have gang ties 😔
"I don't really believe there is." - Joe Theismann on if there is any way Dan Snyder changes the team name.
Not a Giants or Eli fan, but c'mon with the RGIII silliness. He is a mediocre QB, playing on a mediocre team, for Dan Snyder
This is my jam: I'd Really Love To See Y... by England Dan & John Ford... on Shaun Cassidy Radio ♫
rockers! Check out some free music here: . DAN SNYDER. PAPER LIGHTS.
C'mon, sellout. Only 12 uses of "I" in that quote. You can do better at greed. Think Dan Snyder.
If you Dan Snyder would you change the name?
Dan Snyder has enough money to reinvent the franchise..
Dan Snyder is such a moron. Wether or not u think public opinion is wrong, ur running a business. Any *** knows that.
Not as long as Dan Snyder is paying the bills.
Too late Dan Snyder loved it and has renamed his cheerleaders. Polls showed only a couple scruffy mules took offense
"And I'm a fan of Jeff Fisher because of how he trolled Dan Snyder last year."
it's unbelievable. It's crazy that Dan Snyder just donated a $1M artificial field turf playing surface for a high school too smh
I live in the DC area, so I have to put up with Dan Snyder (tho I'll never be a fan of that team).
I loathe Dan Snyder and RG2 puts me in a bad situation lol
Well, Dan Snyder, but yeah, I see your point.
you come off like Dan Snyder bought the company your dad worked for when you were a little boy and then fired him, personal
If Scott is not on board with Cooley, do not! do not! push him Dan Snyder. Let Scott do his thing.
SPORTS CONTENT: Dan Snyder changes DC team's name to just Skins, players will be shirtless. Kirk Cousins bashfully covers pepperoni nipples.
its more like a combination of the Cubs and Bills being run by the portly love child of Dan Snyder and Jeremy Jacobs.
The abject failure of the House Ethics Committee makes Dan Snyder look like a football genius and humanitarian.
you can see Dan Snyder's prints all over this.
For the 2.5 of you who still don't think Mike Ashley is the Scrappy Doo to Dan Snyder's Scooby.
Reinsdorf is Chicago's version of Dan Snyder. Tom Thibodeau should still be the Bulls coach.
dude my family is friends with Dan Snyder that's how we get the tickets! I met Dale Earnhardt Jr. last year!
I imagine there is an epic monthly poker game with Loria, Dan Snyder, Sterling and James Dolan
What is the " Wall of Shame" when it comes to professional team owners? James Dolan, Dan Snyder, Loria?
McCloughan said he intends to meet with Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder before making an changes to scouting staff.
I'd take York over Paul Allen, Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and others.
Does Ted Leonsis thank his lucky stars his sports teams are in the same town as the one owned by Dan Snyder?
Of all the terrible moves Dan Snyder has made in Washington, firing John Schneider after one season is the most underrated.
Two years ago, I was happy Dan Snyder was avoiding huge free agent busts. Washington has gone 3-13 and 4-12 since.
I think Scott is our best find since Dan Snyder got this team, and we're not even to draft yet
Dan Snyder & Bruce Allen earned all of those critical Jason Reid columns due to the team's performance. Fans should know that.
All in all, I can't believe Dan Snyder gave Jason Reid a job only to take it back. What an Indian giver.
Jason Reid/ESPN 980/Bruce Allen/Dan Snyder story is starting to get national legs. Skins are in the news no matter what.
Dan Snyder and the Redskins organization is a parody at this point. Total goat rodeo in Landover.
Cowboys made a decision reminiscent of the Skins back in 2003...when Dan Snyder chose to pay Lavar Arrington over Champ Bailey.
Secret meeting with Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Chip Kelly..."Just say yes to every trade and we'll take real good care of you"
While we are blasting Mike Shanahan- rightfully- save some venom for Dan Snyder allowing his team to play in glorified kitty litter.
Whoda thunk Mike Brown would be off this list and Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder on it? RE
Jay Gruden only announced Griffin as starter to lower controversy of Cousins training with John Gruden. F' Dan Snyder too
Dan Snyder, Randy Edsall, and Kevin Anderson are on the same plane when it crashes. Who is saved? . A: Skins and Terps
Dan Snyder cut ur loses wit Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen now .
If Robert Griffin III had a torn calf he'd be laying in bed under an afghan that Dan Snyder's grandma knitted for him.
I'd be surprised, but Jerry Jones is a bigger wildcard than Dan Snyder, so maybe
Goldman Sachs telling JP Morgan to break up is like Dan Snyder telling Jerry Jones he's spending too much money...
I don't think you got my joke:). It was Bill Snyder not Dan Snyder
TEXT from Dan Snyder: "Let me know if you get the feeling A.J. is gonna try to trade Robert. We can't have that."
We have people SPECULATING that Bruce Allen/Dan Snyder fired Haslett behind Gruden's back... we KNOW the Eagles fired Gamble w/o Chip input.
The way Winston looks tonight, I'm afraid Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen will want to draft him.
it's hard when your chancellor is the Dan Snyder of college football.
Redskins owner, Dan Snyder,will have both UPS and Fed ex names on stadium next year new name is Fed Up Field
Why do I feel like Jed York is Anakin Skywalker to Dan Snyder's Emperor Palpatine? ("Yes, let the losing flow through you!")
“Hey Tony Wyllie, tell Dan Snyder if he wants a fanbase next year, Jim Haslett better be gone tonight.
I hope he wouldn't be another Dan Snyder. Spending money =/= success.
There will be no more silence. Dan Snyder it's time to change the name
Elizabeth Warren convinces Dan Snyder to change the name of the Redskins securing coveted Native American vote.
yes, a checked out Smith is an upgrade over Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder as co-GMs.
You think Washington dumps RGIII? Dan Snyder loves him. Jay Gruden doesn't. Is JG trying to get fired based on that?
WASHINGTON, DC — Washington Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder stunned the football community this weekend when he announced plans to change the name of his team from the Redskins to the Washington Veterans. “Look, I know I said ‘never,’ but this way everyone wins and we can finally have a team that doesn’t…
Also, let's take most of what Chris Cooley says with a grain of salt. He's a Dan Snyder shill.
The acceptance speech for Time POY: I'd like to thank Ray rice, Adrian Peterson, Dan Snyder, and all the guys with TBI
The demise of The New Republic shows us: Chris Huges - the Dan Snyder of magazines.
If Roger Goodell is person of the year he should invite Dan Snyder and Ray rice to the party
You all have never heard Larry Michael have you? He's stuck up Dan Snyder's *** It's comical
Dan Snyder. In a year of extreme partisanship, he brought DC together. Time for Danny Boy to get a dog.
Gruden wasn't coy or secretive about his relationships with Bruce Allen or Dan Snyder. He said they're ALL on the same page …
firer Dan Snyder!! He's the problem, two decades of bull. Joe Gibbs could of done it but, who's wearing plants? Dan Snyder..
Dan Snyder, Bruce Allen, Jay Gruden were all on the same page about Colt McCoy starting. Gruden says there's no divide.
I can't stand Larry Michael. He's your prototypical "yes" man. He's nothing more than a puppet of Dan Snyder.
What are five foreign things to Dan Snyder's organization, Alex?
Dan Snyder just needs to go... We will never become a better team with him in charge.
Of course they are. The Curse of Dan Snyder. Again. Skins headed for another showdown? via
Like many fans, Dan Snyder is 'confused' by what's happened to RG3. http:/…
Dan Snyder finally admitting he thought he was getting the guy from MNF?
If this is the case WHICH I HOPE IT IS, Dan Snyder turns the corner if he keeps Jay Gruden and fires Bruce Allen.
Dan Snyder is the worst. WORST. Ruined the franchise. Coach killer. Bruce Allen *** too.
Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen have officially gone off the deep end.
It's Dan Snyder then Bruce Allen then rg3.. Jay Gruden has nothing to do with all of this.
If the decide to fire Jay Gruden over RG3 I'll officially stop following them. I'm tired of your failures Bruce Allen & Dan Snyder
Redskins employees said that Gruden is done with RG3. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen could side the QB. Case of refusing to admit being wrong.
I want to read the Bruce Allen tell-all book about Dan Snyder after he leaves the 'Skins. I'd pay good $$ 4 it
Eagles have Chip Kelly and the rest of the teams in the division have Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and Eli Manning. ❤️ you, NFC East.
Absolutely no question. Jerry Jones is Wellington Mara compared to Dan Snyder
And y'all say Jerry Jones is a horrible GM no where near close to Dan Snyder no where
“Dan Snyder is really the worst owner in professional sports 😂😂” Mr. jones not far behind. Lol
Dan Snyder is the dumbest human alive is how.
All good points! However Jerry Jones...uh I mean Dan Snyder didn't help RG's ego. Dan destroyed him with all the special treatment
Dan Snyder and Chris Hughes might want to consider integrating their synergies in order to create Washington's top shi…
Jim Haslett look like the man from Saw. Probably will make Dan Snyder "Play a Game" if he fires him.
CNO citizens object strongly to Nation's association of any kind w/ Dan Snyder or Rwords organization
With the announcement of RG3 being benched for Colt McCoy, chances are that the last of Griffin is here with the Redskins. If that is the case, Griffin ended up with 38 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions over 33 games. Jason Campbell, another Heisman winner that was drafted by Washington, ended up with the same fate as RG3 when injuries caused his dismissal. Campbell had 55 TD passes against 38 interceptions after appearing in 52 games. Nearly identical ratios for both QB's. Dan Snyder wants to win now and it looks like that will be the doom of Griffin in the nation's capitol!!!
I love Coach Gruden, but I also love RG3. I guess I'll have to choose one. ~Gary in the Desert (ER) Dan Snyder
Sounds like Dan Snyder might be getting rid of another coach who dares stand in the way or criticize his prized QB.
Jay Gruden has done an absolutely embarrassing job as a head coach... but Washington is Washington, so I assume it's Dan Snyder's fault.
So is it too early to speculate on who will Dan Snyder hire as a new coach.
in fairness to I don't think anyone can play QB for Dan Snyder's fantasy football team aka the Washington
Believe it or not, there are still Redskins fans who defend Dan Snyder. Probably believe Bruce Allen real GM, Jay Gruden choose his *** ts.
.Some background on Dan Snyder's dad. He always says that his dad would never see name as slur. Hm...
Dan Snyder should To the Washington Corndogs cuzz he is just a weinnie with bread
everyone should send some to Dan Snyder lol
Powerful new anti-Redskins ad compares name to racial slurs via
I have never spoken to Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder
I read this article a couple of weeks ago but waited till today to share it because I knew I was going to see...
Welp, Hogan's gonna be absolute PALS with Dan Snyder isn't he? *headdesk*
The only thing that could go wrong is Obama supporting Dan Snyder and the R*dskins name.
Oh sweet titties, we did it! My main man Rick Snyder is governor for 4 more years and my friends down in Republican town took the senate
nah but Dan Snyder hung out with some Indians once and they said it was chill
Dan Snyder you will never buy my spirit cuz I'm and my family is
Dan Snyder named them the Redskins because he is and has always been a racist ***
Dan Snyder (Team Owner): "Your offense at my Most Offensive Offensiveness has Offended Us. We shall now Sue Forthwith!"
Club goin up. On a Tuesday. Workin on a set dan in and bein dumb in my room.…
I completely agree, Dan Snyder is way too involved in the team. He's always been like that and I can't imagine that changing
True. Just feel Dan Snyder gets too invested in someone
Even Dan Snyder must be laughing about the signing of Lamar Houston
Watching Dan Snyder talk about Dale Earnhardt's Redskins fandom was not how I wanted to spend the minutes leading up to the game.
Imagine the uproar if Dan Snyder gave up his wife seat for RG3. it would be so many anonymous reports out.
dan Snyder... Why does he not draft a superfluous amount of talent?
Native legal team stated NA welcome going forward, can cross examine Snyder under oath. PR Nightmare Dan
PLEASE RT. Dan Snyder, of thinks it a good idea is to SUE five Native people who find the name offensive.
because they are looking to cozy up to that *** Dan Snyder. I believe her based on history.
Election 2014: Dan Gilbert says a Rick Snyder loss 'would not be a good thing' for Detroit
From Ray Rice to Danny Ferry to Dan Snyder to Adrian Peterson... do we have to have a pitchfork mentality for everything that comes up?
Why is Dan Snyder the Redskin's owner. He clearly doesn't know anything about running a football team or football in general. 😑
Snyder's ongoing campaign to justify his franchise's nickname reeks of stubborn lunacy
Which media outlets refuse to even utter Dan Snyder's team name any more?
.& are in w candidates Rick Snyder & Mark Schauer running for MI governor. Full details…
In an awkward plot twist, Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, is suing a group of Native Americans.
No one in America hates Dan Snyder and the Redskins more than John Feinstein
"National Council of La Raza...called on the NFL and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the team’s name.".
A message to all you Monday Night Football fans: Don’t get sacked Dan Snyder style!
Another reason Ed Gillespie’s Redskins ad last night was so strange? Dan Snyder already gave money to Mark Warner. http:…
I wonder how much Dan Snyder likes having to go to JerryWorld?
He likes Dan Snyder actually but the Redskins name is toast LOL FCC, Trademark office, and IRS against you DYING SLOWLY
Believe it: Dan Snyder and thrive on stereotypes like the "noble savage" NDN - yeah I can be strong WITHOUT their branding.
Someone please send this item to Dan Snyder. Marty Kady? Charles Pierce?...
Five weeks after straining his hamstring in the season opener, tight end Jordan Reed will return to action for the Washington Redskins and will start. Meanwhile, starting free safety Ryan Clark will play, but starting inside linebacker Perry Riley JrThe Washington Redskins' owner fights back against the PC police who are trying to force him to change the name of his football team. This photo was just take a few minutes ago of the Washington Redskins owner, Dan Mark One Wolf was, for a time, a favored native in Dan Snyder's fight to save the "Redskins" nickname. "Native American backing team name is VIP at practice," read a Richmond Times-Dispatch headline. It was accompanied Head Coach Jay Gruden talks to the media following today's loss to the Cardinals.GLENDALE, Ariz. — With the losses mounting, first-year Coach Jay Gruden recently conceded Washington was a team searching for its identity. After Sunday's mistake-filled 30-20 loss at Arizona, that identity has taken indisputable shape. Washington is
Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins football team watched Sundays game with the President of the Navajo Indian nation Ben Shelly. He's fine with the name, so you liberal *** can go find another cause to whine about!!
Far more than the supposed infraction itself, the thing that has galled the political correctness police the most is how Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder, has refused to back-down from the political correctness bullying. In fact, nothing enrages a bully like a potential victim scoffing and sayi…
Shelly says he talked business with Snyder:
I wonder how upset Dan Snyder was that he could only bring Navajo's president to a Redskins game the day before and not ON Columbus Day
WASHINGTON (WJLA) - During a broadcast of Sunday's Redskins game, owner Dan Snyder was seen sitting next to the president of the Navajo Nation and his wife, who were both wearing Redskins hats.
Navajo president meets with Redskins to expand partnership
I urge all my navajo brothers let your president how you feel about the slurs. Was pretty saddenin seeing him with Dan Snyder…
The only way Dan Snyder could make this Columbus Day weekend stunt less comfortable would be to offer him a blanket.
Dan Snyder is beneath contempt. Using a disgraced politician, scorned by his own tribe for corruption and Snyder. Disgusting.
The Redskins are headed for another lost season, and Dan Snyder reportedly isn’t handling it well. With Washington headed to its fourth consecutive defeat, a 30-20 loss at Arizona, the Cardinals’ r...
I support whatever Dan Snyder does because I love this football team no matter what the name is, but I truly feel like we are cursed
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Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder still just doesn't get it, attempts to brush off controversy.
Timely throwback. Gingers need awareness about as much as Dan Snyder needs awareness
Dan Snyder has consistently put his interests above the team, including the name of the organization despite the people who oppose it
- i wonder if Dan Snyder runs an Indian PAC? is there nothing this man cannot do?
Maybe when Dan Snyder changes the name of his NFL team. Columbus Day is the only thing more offensive to Native Americans
President Shelly attends Miss Indian Arizona Pageant, also meets with NFL to discuss licensing agreement PHOENIX, Ariz.—Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly spent the weekend in Phoenix attending meetings for native scholarships and for the economic development for Navajo craftsmen. On Oct. 11, he attended the Miss Indian Arizona Scholarship Pageant in Scottsdale, where he escorted Shaandiin Parrish for the pageantry. Parrish, a Navajo contestant majoring in political science at Arizona State University, came in third place at the pageant. President Shelly said, “I was very happy to participate in the pageant and I’m proud of Shaandiin. The scholarship is a great opportunity for our youth to expand their horizons with a college education.” During an Oct. 12 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly met with Redskins owner Dan Snyder to discuss the expansion on an NFL agreement. In early 2014, the Navajo Nation entered into a licensing agreement ...
Interesting, all the white progressives freaking out because Dan Snyder sat with Ben Shelly today. Shelly didn't ask permissio…
Brennan: Does not get why Dan Snyder would not want to change name, for purely economic reasons.
This is not true.. Dan Snyder went down to locker room area and watched end of game on TV.. Which is what he…
Can't speak to Bertrand Berry's report that owner Dan Snyder spit (although I doubt it), he WAS in stadium at e…
Schoenke: I would encourage Dan Snyder to step up & make a real commitment (to Native Americans), more than playgrounds
I work for Fox 10 in Phoenix. We're looking to do a story about Shelly, Navajo Nation, and Dan Snyder's team.
Dan Snyder chartered 5+ buses of Natives (mostly Navajos) to the Racial Slurs game in AZ today. Gross.
A Native American audience member responds "We don't take blood money," when Ray asked what if Dan Snyder offered their reservation money.?
In case u forgot: Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder
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"Kicking it wit my homie Dan the man Snyder.
Dan Snyder can parade around as many pro-Native Americans as he wants. It doesn't change the definition of the w…
.says Dan Snyder is trying to quick-fix the name controversy the same way he tries to fix team w/new QBs
Some reservations considering repainting playgrounds donated by Dan Snyder because they came in colors, Tara Houska said.
gave a few bucks to the Quechan Skate Park because it's a cool thing to do and also it spites Dan Snyder
If Dan Snyder is looking for more Native Americans to sit with him in the owners box during games, I'm down.
Columbus and Dan Snyder would get along just fine
Dan Snyder is stepping up to help Native Americans says
Nothing like spotting Native leaders chumming it with Dan Snyder @ a Redsk*ns game on Columbus Day.
Would your tribe accept a payoff from Dan Snyder? If not, why assume the Navajos would?
"Actually, that was the disgraced, soon-to-be-former Navajo Nation President sitting with Dan Snyder: http:/…
Guess who sat with Redskins owner?: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was seen Sunday sitting with the outg...
Significance of Dan Snyder and Navajo president meeting unclear via
Soon-to-be former Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly watches Redskins with Dan Snyder
Navajo Nation president Ben Shelly sitting with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder at today's game in Arizona.
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Here's all you need to know about the Native American guy Dan Snyder hung out with yesterday
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly dons Redskin hat to sit in box with owner Dan Snyder via
TV shots of Navajo leader w/ Dan Snyder were misleading. Guy is lame duck & in minority w/in tribe.
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder was joined by the president of the Navajo Nation, Ben Shelly,
Soon-to-be-former Navajo Nation Pres. Ben Shelly sat with Dan Snyder at the game. http:…
Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly sits in box with Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder watched his Redskins play the Cardinals on Sunday alongside Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation, and his wife Martha. Snyder's team lost the game on the field as they won a public-relations victory in the visiting owner's box.
Redskins team owner Dan Snyder (left) invited Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly (right) to Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, Arizona.
As part of his campaign to convince you that his team's name isn't racist, Dan Snyder took in today's game with Ben Shelly, president of the Navajo Nation. Once again, Dan probably should have done a little more research.
Navajo Nation president wears Redskins hat and sits with Dan Snyder at Cardinals game. Isn't that nice.
Corruption laden Navajo Nation Pres. Ben Shelly partnered w/Dan Snyder in secret, lost re-election by 8K votes
Even if Ben Shelly didn't support the name change of the Washington Redskin´s, he is a man of political status; meaning that he should have the decency, integrity and the respect for the native people who are fighting the name change cause. There are many different tribes including Navajos involved in the name change protest. I'm sure Dan Snyder knew how insensitive and ignorant our Navajo Nation president is, and he used him to make a mockery of the protest. We should be embarrassed that we have someone like Ben Shelly running the Navajo Nation. He obviously has no common sense.
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