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Dan Snyder

Daniel Snyder (February 23, 1978 – October 5, 2003) was a professional Canadian ice hockey player.

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Dan Snyder this is for you you need a new linebackers knew better you need and tell Dan you need to step up and win the game
Redskins phones probably lit up from St. Louis; RG3 or Kirk - listen to those offers, Dan Snyder.
I saw his injury last night but who the heck is Dan Snyder Cares if he doesn't know who Bradford is?
How on Earth have the Rams not drafted another QB?? They've had 39 first round picks in the last few drafts thanks to that bozo Dan Snyder.
rams should hit up dan snyder RIGHT NOW and get cousins.. jus sayin.
Didn't even make it through training camp...🙈 @ Dan Snyder Memorial Arena
Even if that's the case... Not gonna happen. Dan Snyder ain't gonna let Gruden bench RG3
"A Redskin is a football player, a Redskin is our fans."
Somebody said yesterday that Dan Snyder said "I wanted him so we got him" referring to WR Ryan Grant... he really said "Ike wanted him" smh
I don't think tribes realize that by taking gifts & payment from Dan Snyder they are now involved in a lawsuit against other tribes
Going to be interesting to the the PR fight Dan Snyder puts up for the name
Don't think ESPN moves w/out tacit approval from NFL. Means walls closing in on Dan Snyder.
Clint Didier – Dan Snyder punished for contributing to conservatives - " Radio interview and article: ——-...
The Washington Post Editorial Board will no longer use the word 'It will continue using 'Dan Snyder.'
A huge thanks goes out to the Dan Snyder Memorial Foundation as they supported us through this amazing tournament
“Some Native Americans are infuriated as Dan Snyder digs in even deeper on name.
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Organizational (Dan Snyder) thing, they've been cheating the preseason for years. Nothing new
In case you thought Dan Snyder and the Redskins organization could not possibly be more direct in their racism
I recommend this because it's about a Native American man who had Dan Snyder's ear -- and he still couldn't hear:
Maybe the name would 'honour' Dan Snyder as the owner?
How about "honouring" Dan Snyder by changing the name to instead?
Pretty sure would be more appropriate. It would "honour" their leader, Dan Snyder.
I can really do without Dan Snyder, liked it better when he was behind the scene
Sports agent Scott Boras: owner Dan Snyder shouldn't be allowed to continue to use the offensive name:
How about changing it to in honour of Dan Snyder?
It's time for owners to pressure Snyder on Washington's team name
So. Dan Snyder isn't going to allow Jay to bench RGIII unless he's half dead and missing a limb.
so Sayeth the man whose paycheck comes from Dan Snyder's radio station
how much do you pay people, Dan Snyder, to use them in this campaign?
Oh, no. That Dan Snyder already showed he can be bought, he will change the name, just not for free.
🏈 Dan Snyder needs to change his football team name to Washington FATCATS. No offensive to him. None...
Also you & I share the same Birthday🎂.I respect you and ur opinions, but I think you're comments are influence by Dan Snyder
DAN SNYDER should HONOR his OWN people and Re name the DC TEAM "the *** here's your LOGO
who cares what wacko activists think. All that matters is Dan Snyder said NO and NEVER. Game Over
who cares... Dan Snyder said NO and NEVER and that's all that matters. Thanks :)
just accept Dan Snyder's generous offer and then say Thank You :)
Not that I think Dan Snyder is a good owner. But at least he doesn't impose absurd budget restrictions on his GMs like Saul, Fred and Jeff.
love me or hate em, at least JD spends money on FAs. And Redskin fans here in DC, same is true if Dan Snyder.
who cares what anyone but Dan Snyder says and he said NO & NEVER so it's
Do U agree Cousins might see playing time sometime this year? Or do you think thats a call Dan Snyder will make sure won't happen
I get paid 0 extra dollars from Dan Snyder for the redskins name issue. I choose freely to help defend our name. My moti…
Great moment with Dan Snyder presenting Sonny Jurgensen with his 80th Birthday Cake. Happy Birthday Sonny!! http:…
Surprise! owner Dan Snyder and present Sonny Jurgensen with a cake for his 80th birthday.
"I'm going in with the 1's now, Brian." "Guys, they can't hit my fastball." "How's this for 'Redskins' pride, Dan Snyder?"
To all my Fellow Native American People-- There has been an article written saying we as American Indians will not march to Washington DC like others have to rally to a cause of getting the name changed! If you are wanting to voice to we the people in this country, Native People, our forefathers paid dearly for the Name Redskins, and to get a consensus of all Natives will get the start, because I do want to march to show them we are as people and will rally to show we are still here and we will not Be ignored anymore!!! Please share to get this started! I want to get a consensus of 500,000 Native people as Dan Snyder says 9 out of 10 Natives say it is not a racist name! I disagree and so does a minor census done on HINU campus today!! Let's Stand together Native America!!
6 dumb things Dan Snyder has said about the name of his football team, Redskins, in the last year via
I can see Dan Snyder being DFL in likeability (or lack thereof), but how Jerry Richardson is not is beyond me:
Steve Ballmer will quickly become one of those villain owners: Marge Schott, Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, Donald Sterling.
We Are Not Redskins This past November I had a surprising opportunity to speak face-to-face for about twenty minutes with Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins football team. Snyder unexpectedly arrived with an entourage at the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center where I serve as director. Naturally, I saw his visit as part of a strategy to divert attention from the controversial and regressive “Redskins” mascot and team name. I spoke to Snyder about A:shiwi heritage, our deep knowledge of cosmological processes, and of our artistic sensibilities and scholarly accomplishments as contributions to the universal human experience. Later I walked Snyder to his car, put my hand on his shoulder and told him I was not pleased with the Redskins mascot and team name and he snapped back with, “We are a football team.” I saw at that moment quite clearly, my objection did not concern Snyder. Now a few months later, I am not surprised to hear about the establishment of the Washington Redskins Orig . ...
Nancy Allen and her mixed-blood Cherokee children say to Dan Snyder "Just Change it!"
Redskins owner Dan Snyder: 'We've got to help' Indian Country- Yes start with removing racist mascots ! via
Dan Snyder said some nice things, is still wrong -
When Keith Olbermann goes after Dan Snyder, who the heck do you pull for?
is wondering if I should pull a "Dan Snyder" and stick with the name of my new electronic bowling app: Ebowla!
ESPN Video: Former Washington football player Mark Moseley has decided to take some of the stupid off of Dan Snyder and temporarily focus it on himself. Keith Olbermann explains.
How do you feel about the Redskins name? And do you also feel Dan Snyder is a squirmy little weasel?
Dan Snyder donates millions to natives and offers to work to use the name respectfully.. there shouldn't be a problem with the redskins name
explain to me how Dan Snyder donating millions of dollars to Natives is a bad thing
What do you think about the Redskin name controversy? Here's Dan Snyder's thoughts:
As a debate coach, I would advise Dan Snyder to stop talking
Anyone who doubts desire to protect its NFL partner should watch John Barr's loathsome interview with Dan Snyder. …
Some guy is gonna change his name to "Redskin Fo'Life" and Dan Snyder is gonna give him season tickets for life
From to the How Dan Snyder Bought Off the DC Media: via
Dan Snyder would rather have RG3 than Tom Brady
does Dan Snyder not realize his hand will be forced eventually?
REDSKINS play preseason FB today the Hekawi will be there 2 support em & Dan Snyder, LOL
I'm not sure who should be making the decisions on nicknames&logos; Dan Snyder(Redskins owner)is adament in not changing team name
it was more the horrible directing of Zack Snyder, poor casting of Zod, and >
The truth is sir, if everyone were as offended and intelligent as you clearly are, Dan Snyder would have no choice but to
Ever discuss Don Sterling with Dan Snyder? They have a lot in common.
Do you like to go to cross burnings with Dan Snyder and other owners?
I hope there is a Special *** for People like Dan Snyder, Donald Sterling and Both George Bushes Sr. and Jr.
I hate Dan Snyder, but I like that he isnt folding on his stance w/ the Redskins. Dont let the "PC" crowd stop you. Didnt bother them before
I have the utmost contempt for Dan Snyder.
I legit did not know that Mike Wilbon was on the Redskins payroll while at the Washington Post.
Should prompt another Dan Snyder TV appearance about what a tribute it is...
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Was he just pulling random words from a hat & reading them? "It's honor, it's respect, it's pride" Dan Snyder on …
VIDEO COMMENT: Dan Snyder, the best advocate imaginable for those who want to I deconstruct his intvu h…
Thank you for the chuckle tonight, Your jokes about Dan Snyder and "breaking and entering" killed me.
.Dan Patrick to Dan Snyder in regards to defending the team name: "Just shut up."
The best part about Dan Snyder and Redskins name is the constant citing of Lone Star Dietz. Not Native American.
On one side of history: Coach Popovich, Peter Holt, the Spurs. On other: Dan Snyder, Roger Goodell, the Washington NFL team
Between Jerry Jones' photos & Dan Snyder's self-serving ESPN interview, today wasn't a good day for NFC East owners.
Dan Snyder: "Other than the time I convinced Joe Gibbs to coach again, the ESPN interview may be my finest hour."
Dan Snyder just might be more paranoid than James Dolan.
Can't wait to see Stewart/Colbert mock this Dan Snyder interview. Dude is
I can just tell how big a lie it is when Dan Snyder says how the Redskins "are his team." Referring to a GM, coach, etc.
Sounds like his ego will fit right in with Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, and the late Al Davis if he were still alive.
Dan Snyder needs to face reality. If he is looking for a compromise, maybe he should just rename the team, The Washington Bullets.
Dan Snyder can learn from when the Bullets became the Wizards - Washington Post
.MT "..Dan Snyder has said he's changing the offensive team name from the "Redskins" to the "Prairie ***
Are you implying that we vets are minions of Dan Snyder and that our outrage is feigned?
Great article This is not about political correctness run amok. This is about human decency.
The guitarist's Indian regalia is just awful! It's Dan Snyder-approved. But what a great song.
Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Dan Slott, Scott Snyder, and Jimmy Palmiotti will all be at Comic Con!! Get comics signed!!
Excellent! Take note, Dan Snyder. THIS is how it's done … a collaborative effort of Pitt's organization with the...
Dan Snyder has minions: Army vets blast PC police for attacking Apache, Chinook helicopters as racist
Detroit News no longer will use "Redskins" in football coverage - What's it going to take, Dan Snyder?
Letter sent to Dan Snyder by my good non-NDN friend
I liked a video from Washington Redskins - Dan Snyder WILL NOT change the name
Dan Snyder needs to sign a treaty with the Creek Nation allowing the team to use the name Redsticks. Amazing warriors!
I know I'm one of those Media Party(TM) sheeple, but really, this is still a debate? Dan Snyder would love this:
Dan Snyder like the Wizards business model, goodbye rounds 3-6
"Dan Snyder forced to settle hip hop dispute" is a headline I would click
Are we sure Dan Gilbert And Dan Snyder aren't the same person?
Jerry Rice Jr. is a scrub, Dan Snyder can't resist throwing money at people we don't need smh.
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If Dan Snyder really wanted to honor America's past, he'd rename his football team the Washigton White Devils.
I never found it offensive until dan Snyder said it wasn't. now I'm all
I mean dan snyder doesnt even do that. Youd expect it from him too
Ok, you've said that to me several times, you can stop now, I can't change it. Write Dan Snyder
Thanks Dan Snyder for NEVER submitting to the racist filth in the Democrat Senate 'Skins for Life!
I want results. But I also don't want Dan Snyder results. Short results long losing. I want the spurs model
you realize that the only person with a decision here is Dan Snyder right? I don't know what decisions you're referring to
Tuckahoe Strategies president, weighs in about the Washington cc
Man I bet Dan Snyder regrets not calling us.
Washington sports news: Wizards draft pick was traded for a new $100 and sack of marbles. Also, Dan Snyder trades for Jerry Rice Jr.!?
MT“& joined in helping let them know you won't be buying from them”
See, Dan Snyder: it really is that easy. 'Redmen' no more: Calgary high school becomes the 'Redhawks' via
And people call Dan Snyder a bad owner. At least he wants his team to win and will put out the cash to help them
This is why they never really contend any more. Dolan is killing this franchise.The NBA's Dan Snyder.
Dan Snyder should use Redskin Potatoes 4 his team logo. It's pretty hard 2 pee of a spud!! :-)
Find The Courage to Speak and Stand for others Dan Snyder. Images and Words have Power.
With One decision Dan Snyder you go from A Zero to A Hero. Stand up For Native People like others stood up for our People.
To me living as a Jewish man means fighting against Hate, Racism, and Discrimination. That's why I'm baffled By Dan Snyder.
respect to the for having the backbone Dan Snyder & his in-pocket VA legislators don't.
= watching VA's elected officials run 40 yd dashes at Dan Snyder's billionaire pockets. sad day for USA.
yea hate Dan Snyder and hopefully we step it up this year we added a couple pieces
Under pressure: Hitting Redskins' owner Dan Snyder where it hurts, in his wallet via
Dan Snyder, this is not a battle you're going to win. Do your image and reputation a favor and accept defeat.
There is work to be done. Critics abound. Change still will come. I grew up near the Oneida Country, first in...
Look at that slippery slope? Check that, it's a bloody cliff. I'm no fan of the name nor Dan Snyder. I just hope the ruling gets overturned.
the needs to change their name. Dan Snyder stop being an
however, from a PR SP, everyone hates Snyder and in effect the skins. Dan never makes correct PR decsn.
Yeah, that name might not be around for much longer. Course maybe it will if you talk to Dan Snyder.
Snyder Hawks about to put in work at Dan Law field here at Texas Tech! lleppahc12
LRT Figures Dan Snyder would hire someone living in his mother's basement to defend the team name.
Excellent. I'll bet Dan Snyder is not a democrat and that's another reason they are going after team.
BBC News post asks "Is it always racist to wear blackface?" Um, yes. It's not a tribute. Maybe Dan Snyder should move to Europe.
"The knew the country and were as hard to hunt down as the wild animals of the forest."—_Buffalo Bill_ (1955) CC DAN SNYDER
Report: Snyder neighbor registers 'Bravehearts' - . In a year in which Redskins owner Dan Snyder from the Oneida...
you said workout for Dan Snyder instead of Dan Gilbert in there
BREAKING NEWS: Dan Snyder takes a dump while thinking of ways to defend the name of the Washington NFL franchise.
Sign the petition and send Dan Snyder a message: Enough is enough. Change the name.
Thought this was going to be about Dan "Snyder Fires Intern Who Tried to Infiltrate Rival Campaign
If im dan Snyder. imma make the NFL pay me to change the teams name
I had a dream last night that I was putting flashing over brick with Dan Snyder and he asked me if I thought he should change the skins name
Dan Snyder's Washington football team will NEVER face the situation that the University of North Dakota did.
Must-see morning clip: Does Dan Snyder understand that “Redskins” is offensive, ..Salon ProgressiveNews
Reliable Source: Marion Barry on Dan Snyder, the evils of sugar — and his new...
Nice article written by Mike Ozanian on about Dan Snyder's wallet.
End of term: Redskins fire coach Mike Shanahan - Shanahan was fired after a morning meeting with owner Dan Snyder...
Mike Lupica: "Dan Snyder is acting as dumb about this as he has about pro football for a long time."
How is that team still called The Washington Redskins? Oh, it's because their owner Dan Snyder doesn't want to change his way of life. Connect with Last Week...
How's your morning going, oh fine, just brain-fart transposed Ed Snider's first name onto Dan Snyder's last, in print for 100,000 people
...2014 Washington Redskins, and we have that "fire in the belly." Vince Lombardi had it, George Allen had it, Joe Gibbs had it, GM Bruce Allen has it, and has picked Jay Gruden to lead us to another Super Bowl win, because he has that "fire in the belly" it takes to win. We are going to overcome all adversity, yesterday's disappointments, and with this proven coaching staff, we shall prevail!!!...HAIL HTTR!!!... Snyder's history of coaching hires December, 31, 2013 By John Keim | Before the Washington Redskins' head coaching search gets fully underway -- though, in reality, it began a couple weeks ago -- let's take a look back at the coaching hirings owner Dan Snyder has made. This will be his sixth hire since buying the team in 1999. That leads to constant changing of schemes, which means a constant changing of talent to fit those schemes. And constant losing. Will this time be any different? Here's a look at his past coaches, all but one of whom was considered a big-name hire: Marty Schottenhe ...
Jon Stewart ripped the Redskins, Dan Snyder, Thanksgiving and America's long history of exploiting Native Americans, in this 4-minute segment brought on by the team name controversy. WATCH HERE:
Smith's assistant coach is Dan Snyder, a former boys and girls soccer assistant coach. Also led North Warren to 2 New Jersey…
Dan Snyder. Is your team up for sale? Really think about it. Signed, Oprah and David Geffen
I'm a New England Patriots fan but I will gladly stand with the & Dan Snyder against dirt bag Harry Reid
Dan Snyder should change the name of the Redskins to the Washington DC Tyrants. or Dictators. It would be highly appropriate
The Washington Kinda Racists (Logo will be Redskins owner Dan Snyder hugging Donald Sterling)
John Oliver rips apart Dan Snyder over his refusal to change the Redskins name
John Oliver's shaming of Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins is a must-watch.
Off to DC- will have some time tonight and tomorrow after 5:00- holler if you wanna hang and talk about how to get Dan Snyder out of office.
US patent office refused to grant a TM to "Washington Redskin" potatoes. What happens when Dan Snyder's TM runs out?
This is a beautiful ad. Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell are Bigots. I'm not asking them to stop being racist.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Here's a gif of Dan Snyder and Larry Michael doing the Wolf of Wall Street chest pound for Matthew McConaughey
The Redskins cannot become a Super Bowl team until Dan Snyder becomes a Super Bowl-caliber owner.
Ryan Clark: wanted to wear to tell stories on Sean Taylor...meant a lot for me...Dan Snyder's still hurt about Sean's loss...
Under pressure to change name, Redskins owner Dan Snyder announces team will move to Mississippi and be renamed the Slaves…
I like Mark Cuban he's a interactive owner how many NBA owners are like that? And as far as NFL its been Al Davis, Jerry Jones, & Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder is trying to smooth things over with Native Americans by visiting them now - Hope arrived in a private...
Dan Snyder attacked by 50 Senators - Half the members of the United States Senate sent Roger Goodell a letter as...
"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called for the NFL to take a stand against owner Dan Snyder -- who insists on...
We all know that the "sources" who keep reporting the Kirk Cousins to Cleveland rumors are all employed by Dan Snyder.
"Dan Snyder: the greatest trailblazer in sports since Jackie Robinson"
Trouble for Dan Snyder?: Federal court rules that trademarks can’t disparage ethnic groups
Dan Snyder never ceases to disappoint man
Jim: I recently wrote a letter to Dan Snyder, owner, Washington Redskins, suggesting that he change the name to the Washington Warriors. He might be able to keep the logo. This would be a win/win situation because it depicts the Native American community in a more positive light and would allow the organization to keep the logo. Hopefully this compromise would satisfy all parties. Reverend Charles E Becknell, Sr. (505) 280-0232
Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said Sunday that Redskins owner Dan Snyder should think about giving his football team a new name. "I think it should strongly be considered," Johnson, a former NBA point guard, said on "NBC's Meet the...
Sen. John McCain said Redskins owner Dan Snyder is not the same as L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but said he would change the name of the football team. “I’m not sure I’d connect the two. I do believe that if I were [Snyder], I would sit down with Native American leaders,&rd…
So? Does anyone know who Dan Snyder's mistress is , I'm hoping to iPhone record Snyder saying Indians are dumb or something so we can remove! Him! And change the Washington football teams name from what it is now (which I will no longer repeat) to something respectable , Washingtons NBA team sensitive to gun violence changed the team name from the "bullets" to the "Wizards"
Oneida Nation: NBA has shown leagues like the NFL have a moral duty to take action against Redskins owner Dan Snyder
Breaking News: Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder informed his mistress tonight that she can bring all the American-Indian men she wants to football games (and take pictures.)
Before we pat ourselves on the back to the point of bruising, exalting the NBA commissioner’s decision on a lifetime ban of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, let’s take one more look at the situation with the Washington Redskins. If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had plenty to say about the Donald Sterling issue, wants to stand against racism he needs to do all he can to force owner Dan Snyder to change the goddam mascot. When I hear the rationale for keeping it I feel so intellectually superior I think my head will explode, and for those of you who don’t know me, I ain’t Mensa. “It’s a long and storied tradition,” they say. “We mean nothing but respect. Look at our logo. A noble Native-American.” Look, if you’re not willing to have them called the Washington *** represented by a “noble” logo of Martin Luther King Jr., or the Washington *** starring Caesar Chavez, or the Washington *** (maybe Greg Louganis?) then Redskins has to go. The ONLY difference i ...
By Andrew Johnson The NBA’s lifetime ban of Donald Sterling for his offensive comments should put the NFL on notice about Washington Redskins’ racist name, Harry Reid says.On the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon, Reid commended NBA commissioner Adam Silver for his response to the Sterling situation, and urged his NFL counterpart Roger Goodell to take similar action to “stamp out bigotry in its ranks.” The Senate majority leader also dismissed the tradition-based defense Redskins owner Dan Snyder has made of the team’s name when pledging to stick by it, pointing out that the Washington Wizards changing their name from the Washington Bullets in …read more Source: National Review
Good for Senator Harry Reid for calling out Dan Snyder as a racist.
My Rant for the day: Hey Harry Reid you *** Do you not have any work to do in D.C. that you are being paid to do by the taxpayers? I guess not or else you wouldn't be so damed worried about what's going on in the NBA and critizing Dan Snyder about changing the name of his football team.The name Washington Redskins have been here long before you came to D.C. or my time came to be.So if you don't like it then get over it.Cause it ain't a changin! Once a Redskin always a Redskin and your 2 cents worth of bullsit mouth is going to change it.So, go do your job and by the way: Kiss My *** Rant over.
In the wake of NBA move against Donald Sterling, Senator Reid calling on NFL to pressure Dan Snyder to change name of Washington Redskins. Don't you love Harry?
If racism, is not acceptable in American sports… Then why does Dan Snyder still have a team? The Washington Redskins get a free pass? Roger Goodell, time for you to step up and DEMAND change or take away his team.
I wonder if Dan Snyder is reevaluating his team's name over in D.C? it'll be interesting to see if the NFL changes their attitude towards the Washington Redskins
Just read a news story about the Oneida Nation urging the Washington Redskins to change their "racist" team name. Saying the NFL should follow in the NBA's footsteps. The Redskins were founded in 1932. Why now?! Why 82 years later is this offensive and racist? As a proud Native American I find nothing offensive about the Redskins team name! Stand strong Dan Snyder!
Dan Snyder should be banned from NFL and be forced to sell the Washington Redskins for refusing to change the teams name...
cool that they banned racist Clipper's Owner guy from the NBA.. Washington Redskins owner/chief bigot Dan Snyder is NEXT to get banned from NFL!! Hoka heh!
“Oneida Indian Nation Praises NBA Ruling YES. NFL should do same to Dan Snyder
Dr. Harry Edwards on Jim Rome, "redskins owner Dan Snyder isn't in same zip code as Donald Sterling,but the same truck delivers his mail. "
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Redskins owner Dan Snyder indicated that he did not any reservations about DeSean Jackson's character, saying, “I’ve spent some time with him, and...
Did he say anything about the case against Dan Snyder/mascots?
If Dan Snyder changed his last name to Redskin, everyone would shut up. "Hi, I'm Dan Redskin the owner of the Washington Redskins."
will some ask Dan Snyder two question , if the team name was The Washington Nazi or The Washington Hitlers ,would he change the name
"owner Dan Snyder: ‘Everyone is excited’ about the 2014 season: I wish Snyder would buy the Blues.
I already love you but ur comments today about Dan Snyder and the Skins made me love YOU more! Thank YOU for taking a stand!
“Olberman takes on Dan Snyder's issues and reality. via Snyder is such a clueless loser..
laid down the law today about Dan Snyder's hypocrisy today on
Read this and think of benevolent souls such as Dan Snyder. (h/t:
Disgraceful that you're on national television justifying/defending Dan Snyder's actions. You're smarter than that.
Ryan Clarke out here doing and incredible spin job for Dan Snyder on ESPN, incredible...
Dear Dan Snyder, You're the "worst person" in sports. Sincerely, Keith Olbermann
You know you're bad when Keith Olbermann names you "the three worst people in sports" and you're only one guy:
Dan Snyder's well researched solution was to offload last years surplus football swag and a backhoe to m…
Its clear as day Dan Snyder isn't ever gonna change the name if the Washington Redskins. I don't understand y this is a topic every *** day
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Here redskins fans you will be changing your name of your team., blame it on your *** owner. Dan Snyder is an ***
Team owner Dan Snyder said that the public needs to "focus on reality" when it comes to Native American issues (Cont)
Washington Redskins' owner Snyder says team name is 'not an issue' - STERLING — Washington Redskins owner Dan...
. to Dan Snyder: You're the 'Worst Person' in Sports via by
I did a Native Remake on owner Dan Snyder's answers about his OAFsome ways. http:/…
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder said Tuesday it's time for people to "focus on reality" concerning Native American matters instead of...
Then who's Redskins? Surely Dan Snyder hasn't helped things for the team.
Dan Snyder: We got tired of seeing DeSean Jackson score on us
Redskins owner Dan Snyder: Newcomer DeSean Jackson 'really a good guy':
Washington team owner Dan Snyder gets the trifecta on Olbermann
A DC team not owned by Dan Snyder and in the playoffs is a team worth cheering for!
I wanted to compliment Dan Snyder on donating money to a school field today. But as usual he kills his own goodwill: . http…
"As far as Dan Snyder is concerned, the team name is not an issue.:
The Score - Oneida Indian Nation responds to Dan Snyder: 'He's living in an alternate universe' - (cont)
Tues. Worsts: A Dan Snyder Trifecta: why can't you donate to Native American causes AND change your racist team name? h…
James Dolan is like the Dan Snyder of the
Dan Snyder on DeSean Jackson: “We got tired of seeing him score a lot of touchdowns against us"
Dan Snyder: "We were tired of DeSean scoring touchdowns against us." Then wouldn't it make more sense to spend that $8M/year on defense??
Dan Snyder: You are defending the indefensible. Change the name! Shame on the I agree with
Dan Snyder and the Redskins have donated $100,000 to a local High School to replace their grass field with field turf.
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says his team’s nickname is not an issue and it’s “time that people focus on reality” concerning these matters. Snyder said Tuesday the Redskins did their homework – “unlike a lot of people” – when the team recently established a foundation to assist American...
Dan Snyder on DeSean Jackson: It's going to be exciting
Congratulations to Dan Snyder for making all 3 spots on Olbermann's Worst List!
Keith Olbermann did ANOTHER 10 minutes on Dan Snyder changing the Redskins name. Obviously owes Bob Costas for sexual favors.
Dan Snyder: DeSean Jackson 'good' ESPN STERLING, Va. -- Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says pursuing wide receiver DeSean Jackson was an easy decision, one based on what he'd heard from his coach and general manager. And, he said, fans will see a different side of Jackson.
Definition of ridiculous, a quote from spokesperson of Oneida Indian Nation. ''If Dan Snyder thinks it is acceptable for a billionaire to market, promote and profit off of a dictionary defined racial slur, then he's living in an alternate universe,'' Oneida spokesman Ray Halbritter said in a statement. ''If he wants to focus on reality, here's a reality check: the longer he insists on slurring Native Americans, the more damage he will keep doing to Native American communities, and the more he will become synonymous with infamous segregationist George Preston Marshall, who originally gave the team this offensive name.'' My response: "Grow Up!"
Congratulations to our winners! Message me your information for your free Barren Island Oysters ... Carol Plotts, Kate Benner and Dan Snyder! Stay Tuned for more contests and make sure you turn notifications on for this page so you don't miss the next one!
Redskins owner Dan Snyder is ectastic about signing DeSean Jackson. Not just because of his playmaking ability, but because it means he won*t be torching Washington's defense twice a year.
Hail to the Redskins and Dan Snyder for donating $100,000 to Park View High School towards a new synthetic football/multipurpose field...
Dan Snyder, still waging that battle against self-awareness. (h/t
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Marqus Ellis send Dan Snyder my thanks for the W and the draft picks good look bro! 0-2 versus them weak Rams huh!
Dan Snyders. Look to your right, driving right beside you
In a Saturday morning announcement, which was odd, Grandview came through with a bombshell of sorts -- the Wolves have landed Dan Snyder, the longtime and successful fixture at Arapahoe.
Dan Snyder on D-Jax "Going back to DeSean --we're looking forward to him playing for a long time and doing great things for us."
Dan Snyder, showing his softer side, today presented Park View High School with a $100K check towards providing the school with a new turf football field. Park View High School is located in Loudo...
Photographing Redskins owner Dan Snyder this morning. It's times like these that I wish I cared even a little bit about football.
The Red*kins team name has managed to retain strong public support, even despite outcry against team owner, Dan Snyder, announcing this week the creation of the “Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.” But strong public support and apathy, even from many within the Native community, does…
I'll be in WRSU radio in New Brunswick tonight 9P-11P with Jim Wood, Dan Snyder and John Kayne of Loaded Poets talking up the music and the East Coast screenings of The Front Man. Should be lots of fun!
The Community Free Press did not print our event, here is what was said, "I'm sorry Scott, but the events calendar ran a little too long and the page designer had to cut it due to space limitations." ~Dan Snyder, reporter. It is more important than ever now to get the word out on this event, please share and invite all your friends to this event. Thank you.
The Navajo Nation Council voted to oppose the use of the Washington Redskins name, while a United Nations human rights expert said separately that the term is "inextricably linked to a history of suffering and dispossession." The Council's committee of the whole voted 9-2 Thursday to oppose the name. The measure was sponsored by lawmaker Joshua Lavar Butler, who says the word can have negative psychological effects on American Indians. The statement of opposition also applies to what Butler says are disparaging references to American Indians in other professional sports franchises. It does not apply to college or high school mascots. The mascot for at least one high school on the Navajo Nation is the Redskins. On Friday, James Anaya -- a UN expert on indigenous people's rights -- said the football team's name is a "hurtful reminder" of the mistreatment of Native Americans, but stopped short of joining in calls for the team's owner to change the name. Last month, team owner Dan Snyder said he was creating ...
Man... Dan Snyder needs to wake up quick! . I'm reading this article, and the picture of the top boss of native...
Troy Little, general manager of KTNN, should be deeply ashamed of himself for taking the "hush money" of Dan Snyder. The NECA and Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise should be equally ashamed of supporting a program that takes "hush money" from a immoral organization. Why do have Navajo people who do not have the discernment to know that affiliating yourself with such filth is WRONG!!
Despite Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder's best efforts to legitimize his team's controversial name, redskin is still a racist term according to the Governor Jesse Ventura! The debate rages on after Snyder set up his Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation. Do you think Sny...
Amazing piece on Dan Snyder, Washington's football team, and the curse of Lone Star Dietz: h/t
Next up: Dan Snyder takes on the UN
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Just reading about Dan Snyder's fund to support American Indians. I find it interesting that the whole issue of the "Redskins" name only became an issue after the team had great financial success in the 1980s. likewise. there was an awful lot of noise about the Cleveland Indians and their "Chief Wahoo" mascot.after they went to the World Series and had some success...back in the 1990s. there are several other professional sports teams that carry American Indian monikers. the Chicago Blackhawks. the Kansas City Chiefs. the Atlanta Braves.etc NONE of which have anywhere near the market value of the Redskins. think maybe this "OUTRAGE" over the "racist stereotype" of that name has anything to do with wanting to CASH IN on the trademark rights? And by the way. ... I myself am 1/8 Blackfoot Indian.but I'm not so blind that I can't see the likely truth. ...
BREAKING Washington Redskins NEWS ; Team owner Dan Snyder told reporters, "We would have signed Mr. Jackson earlier, but there is a "criminal cap" here in the District which has to be shared by the entire city. With so many slots being taken by Congress and the City government, the criminal quota was the signing was put on hold." "But when good news came with Tuesday night's primary defeat of Mayor Vincent Gray, that meant one less criminal will be in City government come next January, so our team immediately applied for, and was granted, an early waiver exemption by the CBO, "the Criminal Budget Office", and we were allowed to claim the future vacant spot for Desean Jackson." "The Redskins feel Desean will fit right into the over paid circus atmosphere we've worked so hard to build here and will help insure our low level status as a punchline within the league. Thank you!" Later on, Redskin sources speaking on condition of anonymity, said fans of alleged murderer and tight end, Aaron Hernandez, s ...
Check out our Grading the Statement: Washington Redskins Edition, as Dan Snyder (and The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert) receive serious backlash:!
Dan Snyder for once made his team better, but I still think the should of went bigger. 7pcks starting w/better go WR-WR
how is Dan Snyder, vinny cerrato, Jim zorn, Steve spurrier and Jim Bowden not on here?!
The Browns need to swoop in and snag DeSean from Dan Snyder's vice grip. Keep him out of the NFC, especially the East.
and before y'all say something about the browns, Dan Snyder gave Albert Haynesworth a $100 contract with 50 mil gtd...NUFF SAID.
Citing two people with knowledge of the situation, the Washington Post reports the Redskins have "made progress toward a deal" with free agent DeSean Jackson, but no agreement is finalized. Jackson looked like he had a great time clubbing with DeAngelo Hall and rapper Wale late Monday, per his Instagram account, but D-Jax is very interested in money. And he's probably going to the team willing to pay him the most. In other words, Jackson may have to take one more free agent visit to max every penny he can out of Skins owner Dan Snyder. One source with knowledge of negotiations did tell the Post early Tuesday that the sides are "getting close." Related: Redskins Source: Washington Post
North Carolina USA Charlotte » 325 Stephen Colbert was making fun of Dan Snyder, not Asians and Asian-Ame...
Dan Snyder could retire the Redskins and its Mascot to the Native American Museum. It should be history, not a sports team.
So, Ricky from "Better Off Dead" (Dan Snyder) got the first ever Nickelodeon Life Time Achievement Award! And he even got
A jab at Dan Snyder went awry, and now comedian Stephen Colbert is facing a controversy of his own
I just came up with the solution to Dan Snyder's dilemna. Let's keep the name Redskins but change the logo from an Indian chief to a potato !!
Wait, wait... let me get this straight... people are outraged by Stephen Colbert satirizing Dan Snyder... yet not outraged by Dan Snyder? C'mon hash tag vigilantes... let's direct that energy toward putting some pressure on Snyder to change the Redskins name, then that would be one less thing for Colbert to satirize and one less target of faux-outrage.
Today in breaking news, Dan Snyder answers the age-old call of the white man's burden
Can everyone who's mad at Stephen Colbert PLEASE be mad at the actual racists he's spoofing? Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell?
So: On Wednesday night Stephen Colbert made sport of Washington football team owner Dan Snyder and his plan to undercut criticism of the team name by founding an organization for the uplift of "original Americans." Colbert ran though all the reasons why this was funny, then called back to a skit...
Ironically, heading with kids to Native American Museum, the place Dan Snyder or his reps have refused to go.
Stephen Colbert being accused of racism by people that have never seen his show or fail to understand that Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins, was the butt of the joke.
Yesterday, Stephen Colbert masterfully made a point about Redskins owner Dan Snyder refusing to change the team's name but starting a foundation to help Nativ
If you're unable to tell the difference between an actual racist remark and Stephen Colbert 's satirical takedown of Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins... well, maybe you were too stupid to be watching The Colbert Report in the first place. Seriously?! Go eat a chicken sandwich and let the adults talk about things that actually matter.
Seriously, Dan Snyder insults Native Americans on a daily basis, and no one says a thing. The Colbert Report makes a satirical joke and everyone is up in arms for his right to free speech. If that isn't the most hilarious, ignorant response of outrage I've seen in a long time. I stand behind The Stephen Colbert and his show since he brings light to the stupid in this country with satirical comedy.
I stand with Stephen Colbert. The man was clearly mocking Dan Snyder's spurious and half-assed attempt to court Native Americans despite retaining the name 'Redskins'. It's satire, damnit, and I would hate to lose such a wonderful art to the outrage industry.
I love the internet outrage machine. Stephen Colbert makes fun of Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and gets crucified for it. Perhaps people should do some research before they get "outraged" over something stupid. If we get outraged at the littlest thing, then we need to get outraged at everything on FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, A&E, BET, Lifetime, etc. We also need to put print media and radio (yes, people still listen to the radio) on high alert, too. We can't just pick and choose as to what we're outraged over. It could be the weird flirting on the Today Show between Carson Daly and Savannah Guthrie to the women who wear their dresses too tight on The Weather Channel. We have to be outraged until everything is how it was in the 1950s, where a white person wouldn't have to worry about offending brown people.
Slow news day folks? Colbert Report will not be canceled... as anyone who actually watched the "controversial" episode already knows. But great work media detectives... Colbert's Ching Chong Ding Dong first appeared in 2005 (so you're not 9 years late or anything), and in Colbert's recent episode HE (YOU did a great job digging through the archives sleuth) was the one who brought out and commented on/played off of/the racist qualities of his character in order to criticize Redskins owner Dan Snyder. But this is a great test in media literacy and a great way to see who will use the internet to boldly argue about something they didn't watch. You are the real heroes.
Stephen Colbert finds himself target of outrage after mocking Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder:
Head of Dan Snyder's new foundation was criticized in IG report about use of Bureau of Indian Affairs funds:
Stephen Colbert mocks Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, now finds himself target of outrage
On now w/ Keith & Dave - NFL great Joe Theismann (talks NFL, Dan Snyder, and the NLRB ruling:
Dan Snyder's letter made it onto last night.
Dan Snyder is that guy in a room who you slowly start to back away from so no one thinks that you know him.
Dan Snyder giving Native peoples clothes isn't the same as blankets with smallpox but there's still insidious intent
I will believe Dan Snyder is sincere about the mental & physical health of the Native American community when he changes …
So .6% of Washington D.C. according to the Census Bureau is Native American, yet Dan Snyder refuses to acknowledge the name is racist?
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, under siege for more than a year by groups demanding a name change, said he will start a foundation designed to help Native Americans.
Naming his PR stunt "Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation" makes me wonder what Dan Snyder thinks the N in NAACP stands for.
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