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Dan Snyder

Daniel Snyder (February 23, 1978 – October 5, 2003) was a professional Canadian ice hockey player.

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I hope fans aren't comparing John Elway 2014 to Dan Snyder c. 1998 by this Dec. Quite a shopping spree, but does it lead to more W?
God forbid Dan Snyder profits from the term Redskins, but holy Hiawatha can sure profit from Indian Motorcycles. Wow
Jim Irsay is becoming what Al Davis/Dan Snyder used to be: the owner every agent wants to hear from...
Joe Gibbs not only believes that Dan Snyder made the right coaching hire in Jay Gruden, but that the Washington Redskins owner has what it takes to lead the team back to the promised land.
Washington Redskins Defeat Maria Cantwell It’s easy to see both sides of this issue. Having seen it, most Americans think that the Washington Redskins should keep their name, despite its past usage as a racist slur against Native Americans. What’s more, most Native Americans think the NFL team should keep their name. Quoting CBS News: “In 2004, the National Annenberg Election Survey asked 768 people who identified themselves as Indian whether they found the name ‘Washington Redskins’ offensive. Almost 90 percent said it did not bother them.” didn’t stop Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrats from Seattle … a white Democrat from Seattle … a rich, white Democrat from Seattle from jumping feet first into the issue. Agree or disagree with Cantwell or the Redskins, what BuzzPo dearly loves is seeing a sentient, sovereign, free human being stand up to a cloying, pernicious politician who has, oh, about 17 trillion other priorities she should be focusing on before this. Dan Snyder, the Redskins ow ...
Dan Snyder not only hired Jim Zorn ,he gave us the great Coach Steve Spurrier, & provided All Pro Grump Haynsworth 100 mill!
Dan Snyder can't wait to throw 79 million over 1 year at Dez Bryant and end his career
And now, the Redskins begin their traditional NFL offseason title chase. Without a first-round pick and only a couple impact free agent signings realistically available, Washington's biggest hope for rebounding from a 3-13 disaster is to re-sign its own top free agents. It all begins with Brian Orakpo. The Redskins have seven defensive free agent starters. It would be easy to say, "Who needs those guys?" after the team finished 18th in total defense and 31st in points allowed. But there are certain players that need to be kept. Incoming coach Jay Gruden retained defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and most likely the 3-4 defense. But then, with only four sure starters returning, it would be easy to switch back to a 4-3. Orakpo is really the key to which way the Redskins are headed. For years under owner Dan Snyder, the team rarely kept its own stars. Snyder always highly valued other teams' players -- even if they were past their prime. It was a disastrous recipe, from signing Deion Sanders to Adam Archulet ...
Roger Goodell is one of the greatest Americans I have ever met, behind 1. Bruce Allen. 2. Dan Snyder. 3. Nick Sundberg. 4. Lorenzo Alexander
About to drop article on seeing R*dskins owner Dan Snyder last night at event for racial justice in the NFL. Still buggin' out.
Travis scoops that racial slur-slanging George Allen is advising Dan Snyder on Redskins name PR
Wouldn't it be great if Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones owned the same football team?
For all of you non football fans, being compared to Dan Snyder is not good
Oh please Warren Buffett make Dan Snyder an offer he can't refuse and fulfill your dream to own the Redskins.
. Yes . Time for Dan Snyder & 2b something more important than KKKowards! http:…
Take your pick of problems The Front Office going after Dan Snyder over O-care The changing rules leading to a crappy game...
Update your maps at Navteq
The redskins HQ is an apartment studio. Get it? Dan Snyder's cheap? Anyone?
NSHE chancellor Dan Klaich will recommend Don Snyder to be temporary UNLV president, according to a memo.
Redskins will never be great.. not ever, especially if Dan Snyder maintains the wheel...
Don Snyder gets nod to become UNLV's interim president: Nevada higher education Chancellor Dan Klaich has...
MiKE PETTINE??? What is with the Cleveland Browns and these nondescript hires? They are the one NFL team that could actually learn something from Dan Snyder.
The Redskins damaged because they didn't have enough sense to take him out of the game when he was injured. Fire Snyder, PLEASE
Chancellor Dan Klaich says he gives his "unqualified recommendation" for Don Snyder as acting UNLV prez:
Starting to think Dan Snyder has nothing on founding Redskins owner George Preston Marshall when it comes to marketing.
Why won't you give up on Dan Snyder?
Even if it's true that Cerrato wanted Jamal Charles and was overruled by Dan Snyder for Malcolm Kelly how relevant is it 6 years later?
Adam Schefter implies the Redskins drafted Malcolm Kelly over Jamaal Charles in ’08 because of Dan Snyder -
How much money would it take to convince Dan Snyder to sell or rename the [Pigskins]?
.thanks for the and your support. Love the burgundy and gold. - from Dan Snyder
Dolan doesn't deserve fans. He's the version of Dan Snyder.
cover32: Dan Snyder named a top 10 biggest jerk in the NFL..
Dan Snyder needs to sell the redskins I want warren buffet as the owner he would do Washington proud
My comic buddies will be roasting Dan Snyder. Go to see play Snyder:
Pick up print Answers Issue for a rare sight: photo of Dan Snyder on the cover (sans devil horns).
But hey, at least the Cheerleaders aren't sueing Dan Snyder (yet...)
if you don't like the name get $1.8 billion and buy the team from Dan Snyder
Grow up. You know Dan Snyder was wasted too and made the decision to get In the car.
it's been 21 years, 11 months, and 29 days since the Washington last won a Super Bowl... DAN SNYDER must go
Because I'll listen to the Oneida, Seminole, Choctaw, and Sioux Nation before I listen to Dan Snyder.
hey, Dan 'Snyder' Patrick you'd get your *** handed to delayed patsy.
I swear every bone in my body cracks and returns to the assumed position when I move, Dan Snyder I def am going to give your man a call.
I’m counting on him being available when Mason gets too much money from Dan Snyder in 2018
yeah but you think Dan Snyder cared about what they were saying
TEXT from Dan Snyder: "I'm going to help you save some face -- Redskin One is gassed up for the flight to Mobile in the morning."
Redskins (for now) fans should be praying Warren Buffett offers Dan Snyder so much money he can't refuse, looking at you
I've been putting off clearing my driveway because we didn't need to go anywhere until tomorrow, so I was just getting bundled up to do it when Dan Snyder called. He's coming around 4:00 to do it for me. Bless you my old friend, even using my snow-blower destroys my back.
1118# My hommie , who always keep it real no matter what , haven't seen u fool.. but I know u probably somewhere with Dan SNYDER , trying to put together RG3 knee lol... But no matter what u know u gonna ride with them skins lol...
OK, it's actually just a comedian playing Dan Snyder.
Reflecting on the life and career of Dan Snyder. An interview with Dan's parents and how they're honouring their son.
Watching yesterday's NFL conference championship games made it painfully obvious to me (and I suspect to many jf you) how far our home team is from the level of play we all saw. And inspite of everything our fan base has been subjected to by the inept and greedy ownership of Dan Snyder, I still love my home football team, and I yearn for much better days ahead. In this new year, I just want the players to know that I have never faulted them, it's only the the men at the very top of the organization I hold in unimaginable scorn.
Both state that legalized recreational marijuana are in the Super Bowl…. Your move Dan Snyder….
So if MD legalizes weed, will Washington get to the Super Bowl? Only if Dan Snyder smokes enough to forget he owns the team.
Congratulations to Peyton Manning. Love this guy that Indianapolis thought was too old and injured to play. Also to Champ Bailey (former Redskin) that he is going to the Super Bowl. Once again proves that Dan Snyder can't buy a Super Bowl ring and those that he lets go (hey, Brad Johnson, QB, Super Bowl alumni) are better off. I was born in DC and will go back to the Redskins once Dan sells them!
NFL Picks: After loser 0-4 on my Wildcard Weekend picks, I improved to 3-1 on the Divisional picks. All home teams win today, Broncos and Seahawks go to the Super Bowl. Dear Dan Snyder, When will I be able to pick the Redskins on Championship Friday? At least Jerry Jones played football. Sincerely, The guy with a brown bag on his head.
I cant believe its been 10 years since the sudden passing of now former NHLer Dan Snyder who was tragically killed in a car accident, he was takin so young
Make sure to stop out at The Batter's Box Sports Bar and Grille today from noon to 1 for another great edition of Talkin' Sports with Dan Snyder and Justin Carlucci! Today, the guys will be giving away two $20 gift certificates to Highland Beverage in Jim Thorpe and Chet's Wholesale Beverage in New Philadelphia. But you have to be there to win!!!
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I live in Desert Hot Springs, CA. I'm a register voted, the children in this town only have the Boys & Girls Club as far as activates and/or entertainment. Now the city has no money in the budget to keep the contract, the town has been depleted of all it's fund. So now the children of Desert Hot Springs have to suffer for the poor management of it's city. Also the football team is willing to play a challenge game to raise funds and awareness for cancerAlong with Semi pro teams and NFL. I have stepped up with the children to help save our town. We are writing you, Tom Joyner, Bruce Bruce, Venus & Serena Williams, Jeff Johnson, Jackque Reid, Roland Martin, Roger Goodell, Jim Irsay, Jerry Richardson, Virginia McCaskey, Jordan Campbell, Mike Brown, Jimmy Haslam, Bill Bidwill, Arthur Blank, Steve Bisciotti, Ralph Wilson, Alex Spanos, Paul Allen, Denise Debortolo, Jed York, Edward Debortolo, Stan Kroenke, Malcolm Glazer, GM Ruston Webster C/O Susan Adams and Amy Adams, R.I.P. Bud Adams, Dan Snyder, Robert McNai ...
As many of you know, I opened a new restaurant recently called Roof Bethesda. Roof is an upscale casual restaurant with amazing food, extremely creative specialty cocktails and delicious desserts. When people ask me about operations, I simply tell them this, "I do not have anything to do with operations. I don't want to Dan Snyder the place, I let the experts in upscale dining run the place. No need for me to do anything except promote our beautiful place and support our management and staff however they need me to." Maybe Snyder can call me and I can teach him how to stay out of the way and let the experts do their job?
This letter by Rabbi Michael Feshbach & Josh Silver was sent to Dan Snyder, owner of D.C.’s football team, on December 23, 2013.
Ok do the following names will need to be fitted for tuxedos by May 1st Justin Brown Kenny Spencer Arnulfo Torres Joshua Sheradin Derick, Dan Snyder Terry Spencer. Any questions PLEAS CALL ME OR IN BOX ME.
Bleacher Report What Are Redskins Getting in Jay Gruden? Bleacher Report The Washington Redskins have taken another stab at being a successful modern NFL franchise under the guidance of owner Dan Snyder with the hire of former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. No, Snyder did not...
I really think the skins picking up Jay Gruden, the former Bengals offensive cord. Was a wise decision. He just needs to come in with his foot planted and tell rg3 how it's going to be. Hopefully he can turn the skins around because Dan Snyder hire him on for 5 years! He must have a lot I faith in Jay because that's longer than most first time Head Coaches get from the gate. We'll see though! Come on 2014 season!
Football things I learned today - Tom Brady is still one of the best 2 QBs in football (sorry Russell).. RGIII is nowhere near Tom Brady as a QB (or Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning or 10 other QBs) Dan Snyder needs lessons from the Krafts Note to Dan - buying 1 or 2 big dollar free agents doesn't get you 10 wins LeGarret Blount is a BEAST Tom Brady is really better than you think he is
Being a fan can be depressing at times. It may even remind you of your own mortality. But for one radio caller, his focus is on how long Dan Snyder will live. “I can’t see them ever winning, ever again, until he sells. And if he never sells, get comfortable for the next 40 to 50 years until he dies.” LISTEN:
Memo to Dan Snyder owner of the Washington Football team:
1/10 - Highs and Lows... made it home straight to Tampa, and lo and behold Customs treated us like 'WE' - the entire flight crew and two passengers - were terrorists!! I won't go into it here, but C'mon Customs!! I would think an aircraft with uniformed pilots/crew and the painted 'UNITED STATES NAVY' on the side of the bird may be a giveaway. Picked up by m'bubba Dan Snyder and a trip to the Wing House and some of the delights there... on AND off menu. Surprised the lady of the mansion... which is what I was going for! Then a lost cell phone/check book makes me frantic... Gr!! Until Dan calls me up and says they're found. YAY!! So gonna go pick them up and be back later. GREAT TO BE HOME... fresh brownies too!!
Redskins thought they were hiring John Gruden...Dan Snyder has cocked it up again.
Congratulations to the Redskins 5th coach in the last 10 years,Jay Gruden,for being able to work with the 2nd best owner in the NFL, Dan Snyder. Hopefully he'll have as much success as the previous 4 coaches. FTTR.
Jay Gruden says he'd like to make 'Raider Nation' proud. Do you think Dan Snyder called him 'John' during interview?
You know your a bad Quarterback when your Offensive Coordinator leaves you to coach under hated owner Dan Snyder and the Redskins. (cough cough Andy Dalton cough cough)
As Redskins are the talk of the coach change, I have a sudden change of heart. A good friend of mine who works for the Redskins in marketing, told me that a source says owner dan snyder chose a coach that will run whatever offense that RG3 wants to run. Cowboys talked of Romo friendly? Redskins talk of RG3 wants his way. Recipe for disaster? Or playoff bound?
Reading 'Next Man Up' at the moment. John Feinstein is less than complimentary about Dan Snyder.
as an Eagles fan I love the hiring too. Gotta love it when Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones just keep screwin up.
My2¢/FWIW: Regarding the much-maligned Washington Football Club, the Gruden hire is the right hire, right now. (So, then, was the Shanahan hire. Then.) Say what you want about Dan Snyder, he does know he doesn't know. But he also wants it to be fun for him. That's a balance he's still trying to strike. He's exceptionally fallible. Tragically flawed, even. But Blind Oedipus gained another kind of sight. So. Um. There's that...
Our entire table was offered free redskins tickets tonight at Morton's if we would let Dan Snyder and Jay Gruden have our place. Sensibly Tim turned them down.
Like, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder are not stupid men. They're really not. So how are they just sooo oblivious?
Jay Grunden will be fired in 2-3 years...thank god for Dan Snyder & Jerry Jones
Bad idea. They would be better off with Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder
The Washington (Bermuda Triangle) Redskins bring in another victim, Jay Gruden? Over/Under on his tenure.I'm putting it at 2.5 seasons (Come on Dan Snyder be consistent).please continue being the place where talent and coaching arrives but never survives.
Ok Redskins nation, another Head Coach. Suppose to be excited, but feel like this is another one of Dan Snyder stadium filler business decision. What do yal think?
Jerry is like Al Davis and Dan Snyder, he'll make a gutsy call.
Dan Snyder + the Washington Redskins...finally did it. I'm proud of them. They hired someone without making a big off-season splash. Jay Gruden. I dig it. I seriously thought they were going to lure Bill Cowher out of retirement... Shaun Craig
Jay Gruden, new coach for Wash Redskins, welcome to DC! May you bring us good skill, can break the Dan Snyder curse, and see what a great team we really do have!!!
SportsCenter staff may have enjoyed putting together that montage of Dan Snyder introducing coaches, but Lindsay Czarniak looked distraught.
Welcome aboard Jay Gruden, our new Head Coach for the Redskins. Please help the boys to get back on track. We need your help and I hope Dan Snyder hired the right coach. The last one was a moron and I'm happy he was fired. He will not be missed!
Redskins is hired Jay Gruden as Head Coach and signed him to a five-year contract. In 2011, Gruden left The United Football to take over the Bengals' No. 20 offense. He leaves them as a top-10 unit despite streaky Andy Dalton and vanilla schemes. Gruden, Jon's 46-year-old younger brother, gives owner Dan Snyder the name value he always seeks and General Manager Bruce Allen the man he knows from their time in Tampa.
Watching the press conference introducing new Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden ( on a 20 min tape delay) and I swear Dan Snyder just rolled his eyes during Bruce Allen's introduction speech. That cant be a good sign. HTTR!!!
FOR GOD'S SAKE - How long does it take a fat man to say thanks for the job I'll do the best at what Dan Snyder tells me to do since all I am is a puppet with his hand shoved up my *** Pouting Mimi Monroe
The Washington Redskins' search for a new Head Coach, which once looked like it would take weeks, ended Thursday when the team agreed to hire Jay Gruden, a league source told ESPN. Gruden had been scheduled to interview for the Minnesota Vikings coaching vacancy Thursday before he agreed to become the Redskins' coach. He is expected to be introduced Thursday afternoon. The team has called a 4 p.m. ET news conference. He replaces Mike Shanahan, who was fired the day after the team's season ended. Gruden becomes the sixth coach hired by owner Dan Snyder in his 15 years; none have lasted more than four years. Gruden, the Cincinnati Bengals' offensive coordinator, interviewed with Washington on Wednesday, one day after meeting with the Tennessee Titans. He also had a visit scheduled with the Detroit Lions. Hue Jackson told ESPN's Josina Anderson that he has accepted the job to become the Bengals' new offensive coordinator. He had been serving as the club's quarterbacks coach. Gruden has deep ties to numerous ...
Has anyone told Dan Snyder yet that Jay Gruden isn't the one from T.V.?
News Flash: The Redskins hired _(fill in) as their new coach. 20__ is going to be our year! Dan Snyder says Coach_ will be in complete control of the team. Former coach Jay Gruden has no comment.
"When did Jon start going by his first initial?" - Dan Snyder
Eagles-eye view of Jay Gruden hire - PHILADELPHIA -- It is all too easy for Eagles fans to be dismissive of the hiring of Jay Gruden as the Head Coach in Washington.It's not like it's Jon, right?Doesn't Dan Snyder always get this wrong?With Chip Kelly completing his first year on the job, the Eagles still have the shiniest, most progressive program in the NFC East.But it could be a mistake to take the hiring of Gruden too lightly, even if it means m...
terrible hire. he'll make a good yes man for Al Davis, I mean Jerry Jones, I mean Dan Snyder.
We have a new coach question is how much trolling he has over the team owner Dan Snyder do not interfere
"Jay Gruden"? I thought that was Jon going by his initial." -Dan Snyder
Jay Gruden is the Washington Redskins Head Coach. Can he survive Robert Griffin III's relationship with owner Dan Snyder?
Time to make some calls and update the resume to give the NFL a real good look! One thing I do know Jerry Jones is a hellavu man to work for! On the otherhand, Dan Snyder is known to be very difficult to work for. He got that Napoleon complex thang goin in frfr! He about as tall as Kevin Hart and wants peeps to know he the head man in charge!!! Aside from that and all things being equal tho you always have to look at opportunities to better yours and your families way of life...
“Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones gotta be the worst owners In the nfl” only cuz Al Davis passed
Dan Snyder does the face palm when he discovers he hired Jay Gruden instead of Jon Gruden.
Is it true or not !!!REDSKINS HIRED John Gruden! That would be the first thing little *** I mean Dan Snyder has down right since he bought the team !!Maybe 2014 is gonna be a better year for all !!I don't know why I keep thinking Dan's name is *** !!!Maybe because I think he is a real RICHARD !!!
Jay Gruden has been hired as the new Redskins HC... Concerned? I'm not. Not as long as Dan Snyder is running the show down there... -Alex from Ardmore
I like Jay Gruden, it's not Lovie like I wanted, but I'm ok with it. Not that it will matter with Dan Snyder as owner. Can someone please pay Snyder back the 800 Million he paid to get him outta dodge. Ugh
Dan Snyder should watch the You'd want Michael Corleone as the settle for but you'd never pick
Good luck to Jay Gruden. You're going to need it working for Dan Snyder.
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Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will be the Redskins' next Head Coach, according to reports on Gruden, 46, will be the eigth Head Coach of the Dan Snyder era, succeeding Mike Shanahan, who was fired last month...
Good Luck Jay Gruden, you will need it to deal with the Curse of Dan Snyder.wish we could TRADE Dan!
has to beat the mess that Dan Snyder is creating
Can't hire him.hire his brother huh? LOL I see how you thinking Dan Snyder...
So the Washington Redskins have a new coach, Jay Gruden. Good luck, working for Dan Snyder, he's gonna need it!
Jay Gruden fits the template for Redskins next Head Coach. The team can sell him because of his offensive background. He'll make no demands relative to personnel, which means Dan Snyder can go about his meddlesome ways and Bruce Allen, who oversaw Jay for five years with the Bucs, can go about being his pencil-pushing duties as liaison to the owner. Jay will be thankful for the opportunity and keep his mouth shut. The guy does know offense, but you can probably guess how this will end. Redskins Park made bums out of Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan. Don't see why Jon Gruden's little brother would be immune to the toxins.
Andy Dalton is so bad, Jay Gruden agreed to work for Dan Snyder... Yeesh
Jay Gruden to coach Redskins. To him I say, "Good luck dancing in the Dan Snyder/RG 3 minefield, Sibling of Chucky."
So I realize they aren't the two worst teams talent-wise but are there any less desirable NFL coaching jobs than Washington and Dallas? I mean is there honestly any way you can expect to win a title with Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder as your owner? Jay Gruden would have been better just staying as the offensive coordinator in Cinci and waiting for say Cleveland or Buffalo to offer him a job, at least they don't have micromanaging owners who think that just because they have money they know how to build an NFL team
Ok we just got Jay Gruden for our Head Coaching job...I'm ok with that he's good but is Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder gonna allow him to coach. This will be interesting
So the Skins couldn't get John Gruden so they are going for his brother, Jay, as their new Head Coach. He may turn out to be a wonderful Head Coach, though the Bengals playoff game last week was not one that would be high on his resume, but it probably won't be in Washington as he has to overcome the burden of Dan Snyder.
Dan Snyder killed some trees, and a park ranger paid the price:
this shows, no one worth a dam w?ill take this job, this makes Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Al Davis look like the 3 wise men!
Redskins interested in Steelers Danny Smith Add current Steelers and former Redskins special teams coach Danny Smith to the list of people the Redskins would like to speak to about their Head Coaching vacancy, a source with knowledge of the team's search said Wednesday. Smith was the Redskins’ special teams coach from 2004-2012. The 60-year-old Pittsburgh native was hired by the Steelers last January. An interview with the Redskins has not been scheduled, the source said. Smith has no Head Coaching experience, but the fiery coach was well respected by players and fellow coaches during his tenure with the Redskins. He was also a favorite of owner Dan Snyder. Since firing Mike Shanahan late last month, Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen has interviewed, or expressed interest in interviewing, at least 11 other coaches. On Wednesday, Allen, Snyder and other executives were scheduled to host Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden at Redskins Park.
Hi all... I just started E.F.F.D.S. (Eagles Fans FOR Dan Snyder). We hope he stays as owner during our lifetime and beyond. The longer he's in charge, the better chance we have at winning our FIRST Super Bowl. Thank you.
Bobby Petrino signs contract to be Head Coach to Louisville (5 minutes later) Heads to lunch meeting with Dan Snyder
Joe Gibbs considers Ken Whisenhunt a great candidate When former Redskins coach and patriarch Joe Gibbs talks, Washington owner Dan Snyder usually listens. Gibbs recently heaped praise on potential Head Coach candidate Ken Whisenhunt, offensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers, and it will be interesting if Snyder makes note of Gibbs comments. Speaking with the Detroit News, Gibbs called Whisenhunt a smart player and great coaching candidate. Whisenhunt played under Gibbs in 1989 and 1990, and the coach fondly remembers his former H-back. “Ken is very smart and he’s a people person. As a player, he was one of those guys that worked extremely hard and made the most out of his talent and ability,” Gibbs said. Whisenhunt already has experience as a Head Coach, leading the Arizona Cardinals for six seasons. From 2007 to 2012, Whisenhunt and the Cardinals went 45-51, and his tenure included a Super Bowl appearance in 2009, where his team lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. “The advantage you have wit ...
Regarding Redskins coaching search, I am actually less concerned about who they hire, then I am about whether Allen and Co. can start to manage this organization correctly, and get the team back respectability. That needs to be fixed before this team can hope to win. I am sure Gruden, Zimmer, etc. are good people, but their success depends on whether true management takes the team away from Dan Snyder and starts to make quality decisions that don't involve mortgaging the future. I think the broad coaching search, rather than throwing money at Cowher or Briles, is a good start; however, we will have to watch to see if the constant stream of leaks to the media stop, as well as whether Allen prevents key players from continuing their entitlement relationship with Snyder. Otherwise, in a couple of years, we will be blaming another 3-13 season on a coach again.
Redskins' coaching search: Jim Caldwell Who: Jim Caldwell, Ravens quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator 2012-present. Other NFL experience: Colts Head Coach (2009-11), Colts quarterbacks coach (2002-2008), Buccaneers quarterbacks coach (2001). Age: 58 Accomplishments: In 2009, Caldwell set an NFL record for a rookie Head Coach by leading the Colts to a 14-0 start. The season ended with a loss to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Notable Redskins connections: None. Bottom line: When Caldwell met with Redskins GM Bruce Allen and owner Dan Snyder last Sunday, it was reported that he had studied each throw Robert Griffin III made during the 2013 season. (Caldwell did the same for Matthew Stafford when he interviewed with the Lions about their Head Coaching vacancy). That detailed approach underscores Caldwell’s strong understanding of what the Redskins need most right now—someone to fix RG3. Bolster his confidence. Gain his trust. Repair his mechanics. Help him become more proficient at dissecting complex ...
Where in the Constitution does it say that you have a "right" not to be offended? I see and hear things on a daily basis that offend me and I can function as a normal person, shrug it off and go on about my business. It offends me when the anti-Cmristmas groups ratchet up there rhetoric, it offends me when the *** *** coalition accuse me of being intolerant, it offends me when illegal "immigrants" protest for rights they do not deserve. What you may ask brought this on today? I read an article linked on the Drudge report about the offensive and derogatory term "Redskins" , not the football team but a company trying to trade mark a rand of pork rinds, which by the way probably offends the Muslims among us. The article folows::: WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — There will be no trademark for “Redskins Hog Rinds,” a bad omen for the Washington Redskins in the legal battle over their name. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected a request from a company to sell pork rinds using the word “Redskin ...
I love Robert Kraft. New England is really lucky to have an owner who cares, but isn't Al Davis or Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder.
I agree with you. Red McCombs wants the guy he has heard of, not the best candidate. Dan Snyder runs his football team that way.
Now if the Skins could just find a way to make Dan Snyder disappear!
These all it took...hope Dan Snyder looked at this game
I don't believe any of this dribble, for one the owner is notorious for fraternizing with his star players, he seeks them out, RG3 was media made from the time he led them to the playoffs the year before last, he is a immature person who does not have anyone around with his best interest at heart, Dan Snyder did the same thing with Lamar Arrington, Clinton Portis, Dion Sanders and others. If you feed any young person's ego they will seek more and more power. Stop blaming this young man for the monster you the media created. It was like no one else on the team existed until he started using you media nobodies for his own sounding board and selecting whom he would and would not talk too. Someone needs to tell him to just shut down and let his game speak for him, Shanahan did not like the power the kid accumulated but he allowed it or he facilitated it. You all took turns blowing up his ego now you want to tear him down because he believed the hype. Dan Snyder created this atmosphere and only he can c ...
Wow...reading about how RG3 and how he was bragging to the team about the influence he carried with Dan Snyder...young man needs to grow up quick...that is a recipe for disaster...the soap opera continues..
Any coaching candidate making his way through the carwash at Redskins Park over the next few weeks should beware that the job will require more than just answering to owner Dan Snyder. Because Robe...
10 Reasons Why Packer Fans Should Still Rejoice... 10. We won the North Division while half of our team was on injured reserve. 9. We have the NFL's Rookie of the Year, Eddie Lacy, who will provide us a great running attack for years to come. 8. We have the best quarterback and perhaps the best player in the NFL. 7. We are not the Bears, Lions or Vikings. 6. We do not have Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder as our owner. 5. Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Jarret Boykins, and James Jones. 4. We don't have to worry that we will lose many of our defensive players in free agency (that might be a good thing if we did though). 3. We will always have the most unique professional sports franchise in the World with one of the greatest jewels (Lambeau Field). 2. We have great hope for next year with better health and with the return of Jay Cutler, Christian Ponder and Matthew Stafford to the North Division. 1. Our Badger Men's Basketball Team is 15-0 and ranked in the country.
Alright David Guider and David Bennett, who is the new big guy in Nashville gonna be? I'm so tired of Dan Snyder and his Cluster &in DC I'm about to abandon ship and yell CODE BLUE! lol
On a list of the bosses you'd LEAST want to work for, who would rank higher, Dan Snyder or Kim Jong Un?
Tim Murphy has a great story at Washington Monthly that shows, yet again, that you're justified in holding every idea you have about just what a rotten human being Dan Snyder is.
Nice to see Green Bay and San Francisco playing on a frozen dirt patch. Did Dan Snyder send his head groundskeeper to Green Bay for the playoffs?
Eagles fan must be really salty. Then again the day they make it to the Super Bowl -- Dan Snyder will run a successful campaign for President of the US.
In the pre-Vince Lombardi era the Redskins in the 60's were lovable losers. Lombardi and George Allen turned the 70's Skins into winners. Joe Gibbs made the 80's Redskins champions. Dan Snyder has ruined this legacy and made the Skins an embarrassing losing franchise. Sell the team! Sell it to the fans and give us some hope for a return to glory.
Have to do my Eagles rant. I would like to start this off by saying the Eagles could make absolutely no changes to this team and win the division next year. The Redskins are going to have a new coach next year that will almost certainly be a bad fit because Dan Snyder is picking him. They also have a some glaring holes as they allowed the 2nd most points per game last year. AND, they don't even have what would be a 2nd overall pick because of their terrible year. That goes to the Rams because of the RG3 trade. The Giants will need to make some major changes to be relevant, Eli threw 6 more INTs than Dallas and Philly combined (27 to 21), as well as 25 more INTs and 9 less TDs than Foles. Dallas will be mediocre again and is just getting older. For the Eagles, they had a great year that I don't think many people expected that to happen. I called a 10-6 record, go ahead and ask people, it's true. For the first time in a couple years, we are going in the right direction, but the time is now, we have ...
Ran into Clinton Portis, noted Dan Snyder ally, at BCS title media events. He thinks Skins job is very good, wants Hue Jackson as the guy.
It appears the Texans would be open to trading their No. 1 overall pick. No one tell Dan Snyder.
Great/awful story on how Dan Snyder and dirty National Park Service officials cost a man his job
Dan Snyder should take the one route he hasn’t tried: hire a proven NFL coordinator. Top 3 candidates.
Note to Dan Snyder. Head Coach - Jay Gruden. Offensive coordinator - Rex Grossman. Defensive Coordinator - London Fletcher. Think about it!
Team Report - Washington Redskins 14 hours ago The SportsXchange INSIDE SLANT One day shy of a year after leading the Washington Redskins to their first NFC East time since 1999, Head Coach Mike Shanahan was predictably fired Monday, less than 24 hours after his team concluded a 13-loss season with an eighth-consecutive defeat at the hands of the New York Giants. "Redskins fans deserve a better result," owner Dan Snyder said in a statement. "We thank Mike for his efforts on behalf of the Redskins. We will focus on what it takes to build a winning team, and my pledge to this organization and to this community is to continue to commit the resources and talent necessary to put this team back in the playoffs." Shanahan, who won consecutive Super Bowls in Denver while compiling a 14-year record of 146-91, departed with a year remaining on his $7 million per year contract, a ruined relationship with franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III and the return of the Redskins' laughingstock reputation that Snyder hir ...
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has joined several of his congressional colleagues who have denounced “Redskins” and called on Dan Snyder to change the team’s name.
Dan Snyder, please hire David Shaw from Stanford. His character is what we need. Also, please change name to "the Skins." Will get mojo back
Is this taught in PR level 200, 300 or 400? From today's Washington Post describing "bizarre" press conference by the football team after announcing Mike Shanahan was fired: "As Allen’s conference was winding down, a television reporter with a history of asking confrontational questions raised his hand and was handed a microphone, at which point communications director Tony Wyllie signaled to end the meeting. The reporter, WUSA-TV’s Dave Owens, waved off the team employee trying to retrieve the microphone; Wyllie then walked over and, after a brief tug of war, pulled the microphone from Owens’s hand." (This baffling paragraph leads me to paraphrase Ronald Reagan: "Dan Snyder paid for this microphone, Mr. Green.")
New years wish: Dan Snyder be smart and hire Bill Cowher or Ken Wisenhunt as the Head Coach of the Redskins.both would make our team tolerable to watch
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And what does DC have? Ronald Reagan! Yuck! How about Dan Snyder airport? Talk about getting canned ungraciously!! Shanahan needs to lay DS out.
Ron Jaworski came out yesterday and stated that Dan Snyder is a "great owner". How drunk was Jaworski and what drugs was he on? Snyder has made the 'Skins the laughing stock of the NFL!
Today? Fans and D.C. media have known that for years.
tell Dave Owens that it is rude, obnoxious, and immature to show pleasure at Shanahan's misfortunes. If you think first, you would realize that Shanahan is more of a victim then the cause of the Redskins recent demise. The real cuprite is Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners vendetta against Dan Snyder and his extravagant spending. The Salary cap penalty was intended to decimate the talent on the team resulting in losing seasons. Instead of firing coaches we should be demanding a Congressional investigate into violations of the NFL Anti trust exemption and removal of that exemption. Make them accountable for their actions by allowing the players to flow to the money. Finally, Russ Grim, come on home!
if i was hired as gm for the skins, i would poison dan snyder, hire lovie smith, make adam gase my OC and keep orakpo. all at any cost.
If Dan Snyder literally "released the hounds" Monty Burns-style on the media today, no one would blink.
If Dan Snyder held the patent for chocolate ice cream, he'd say, "There's not enough rat poison in this. Can someone PLEA…
Dan Snyder has ruined Six Flags and RGIII. Next he will be leading charge to outlaw pizza.
Time to defend Dan Snyder.. 1. He fired a coach who despite a nice résumé averaged 6 wins and 10 losses a year for four years 2. The coach managed a team who managed to lose every divisional game this year and finished 4 games in back of a team that started 0 and 6. 3. The teams best asset failed to improve under the Head Coaches direction 4. The Head Coach was a substantial factor in creating a toxic culture not conducive to success and conducted himself in a manner he would not accept from others.
Guess dan Snyder got tired of the shanahanigans
did they say when Graham's meeting with Dan Snyder is yet?
Christians are delusional and addled by a mythical past. Kinda like Dan Snyder.
you can sigh all you want. Jesus is Lord and is our Savior. Darwin is a nut-job. Kinda like Dan Snyder.
I can hear Dan Snyder now; Nothing fills seats like brothers coaching against each other, so I hired Rob Ryan.
OT: Paying little attention to either league, I sometimes forget that Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos are two different people.
With the 84th pick in the draft Washington selects Rob Danger, blind QB outta TX. When asked, owner Dan Snyder said "He's good in the rain."
In 45 yrs of existence, Pittsburgh has only 3 coaches. Dan Snyder is about to hire his 8th Head Coach in 15 yrs.. ***
Mike Shanahan was dismissed after a morning meeting with Allen and owner Dan Snyder
Now can we please get rid of Dan Snyder too?🙏
Cowher is on the record as saying he wouldn't work for two owners.. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder. No chance he's in play.
No one wants to win more than Dan Snyder. The problem is he gets in his own way.
White smoke emerging from the Sistine Chapel signaling Dan Snyder is looking for a new coach
dan snyder I hope you find a coach who will continue to develop a team the right way as Shanahan was trying to do. Show the patients.
Eight coaches in the last 15 years under Dan Snyder. EIGHT. It's getting harder to blame the coach with each Black Monday as a Redskins fan.
Owner Dan Snyder and GM/EVP Bruce Allen were both still at Park moments ago
Hey Dan Snyder while you're at it can you also fire Obama and Biden and Boehner and congress and the whole u.s. government k thnx
Good gracious I love this article. I said this exact crap weks ago as well. .
Dan Snyder: You don't buy a Superbowl Trophy. The talent you employ is enough. If you had given your 3 -13 team and coaches a real vote of confidence and left them intact, I believe they would have responded with a trpphy winning season. All the NFL players are physically capable. Motivation is the key! Sports psychology 101
Former "Voice of the Redskins" Frank Herzog talks the future of the team, calls Dan Snyder a "jock sniffer"
Personally, if I was Head Coach of Dan Snyder’s Wretchskins, I’d be praying to get fired.
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Brutally honest: tears apart the Dan Snyder era in Washington:
Firing Mike Shanahan will get the Redskins nowhere: Unless Dan Snyder makes some major…
Wonder who will put up with Dan Snyder? someone desperate and broke!
I have the ultimate ironic suggestion as to who Dan Snyder should hire as Mike Shanahan's replacement: Norv Turner. He would be great for RGIII.
i would say detroit. They have most talent. Minn. Has 2 years at a college wants to work with dan snyder.
Dan Snyder’s clearing of National Park Service trees cost a ranger his career.
Dan Snyder: "We want to thank Mike for his efforts." Translation: "I'm still paying him $7 million. He should be thanking m…
Fired Redskins coach Mike Shanahan did the impossible: he actually made me feel sorry for owner Dan Snyder. Didn't think that was possible.
Our website editor has a piece in The Washington Post today about 2013's year in open letters.
They might as well make RG3 the Head Coach since Dan Snyder is lacking his *** hole majorly
Firing Mike Shanahan will get the Redskins nowhere - USA TODAY
Chris Russell says Dan Snyder has already met with Bill Cowher at least twice
David Gow is the Dan Snyder of Houston radio.
when Dan Snyder says fans deserve better, but still won't sell the team.
has shown repeatedly that he can run a business into the ground...maybe he could coach for Dan Snyder.
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BREAKING: The Redskins will fire coach Mike Shanahan when he meets with Dan Snyder Monday morning, sources told
Time for my Shanahan/Redskins post. I believe that the Redskins are better off now then they were in 2009 RG3, Alfred Morris, Trent Williams, Pierre garcon, Ryan Kerrigan, David Amerson, Jordan Reed, Chris Baker, and Brian Orakpo are a strong core to build a championship team around. However I think Shanahan got in his own way, causing too many problems to outweigh the good. (Haynesworth debacle, special teams atrocities, JIM HASLET!, Mcnabb, Rex grossman vs. Beck, really? 4 years later that still blows my mind, to name a few). I hope the next Head Coach is a great game manager who can draft and lead players well and find excellent coordinators to coach each unit. Dan Snyder, if you are reading this, PLEASE, no one like Jim Zorn, Steve Spurrier!!! (rant over)
Report: Dan Snyder has met with Bill Cowher twice already
no you don't. You hate Dan Snyder. You're projecting that hate towards me
Curious how Dan Snyder isnt yet on the PSU BoT.
is mad and he's not going to take it any more. And it's awesome. Please make Dan Snyder read this.
Thanks to Dan Snyder for the generous job offer, but I'm gonna stick with my winning football teams in
Dan Snyder fired the entire coaching staff of the Washington Redskins this morning. I am happy to see the Shanahans go, I don't know how I feel about everyone else leaving. What do other people think? Cleaning house can be a good thing, but is this going too far?
Many people may not agree with Dan Snyder but last I checked he's the owner. He can do whatever he likes. Redskins need a change.
In a 60-second span, Ron Jaworski says that Dan Snyder has been a terrific owner, and that Snyder needs to stick with being an owner.
Ok redskins fans ESPN radio? reports Dan Snyder has talk to Bill Fisher 2 times in last 24hrs go ahead make him rich too
Talked to Dan Snyder today.. Told him not to hire a black coach.. we already got a black president and a black quaterback... too many blacks and the KKK gonna be showing up soon lol!!!
I agree with Dan Snyder. Redskins fans deserve better. That's why he needs to sell the team. He has been a total failure as an owner since he bought the team.
Bill Cowher has already spoken with Dan Snyder.
I don't understand the issue...if Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, paid me 7 million for the privilege of firing me..I'd kiss his feet and offer to paint his house...these people need to put life in perspective
Dan Snyder reveals he is "very interested“ in hiring Vince Lombardi as coach of the Washington football team. "He brings a winning record and familiarity with the Redskins way." Informed that Mr. Lombardi is no longer available, Snyder replied, "Nonsense. How much would it take?"
Bruce Allen the GM and Dan Snyder the Owner of the Redskins said they are tired of losing, if that is so, they should fire themselves. It's been eight seasons with six different coaches. SMH
Ok, so who will Dan Snyder hire this time? My money is either on Ken Whisnehunt or Russ Grimm. Any takers?
Not surprised; but Dan Snyder, RGIII & his father have no class and as long as the team is run by the owner & a spoiled brat, the Redskins organization will never return to its faded glory.
For the record Dan Snyder should fire himself. I personally like Shanahan and think there should have cleared house with the defensive and special teams coaches. Offence was a top ten offense while special team was worst in league league defense was 31st with holding only one team under 24 points (embarrassing) also when a owner starts to side with a player rather than the coach then its gonna get worst and before better. Also dan snyder has no understanding about building a dynasty. He is about instant success and not how the nfl works. Rome was not built in a day.
Well, Dan Snyder has dropped the axe on the Shanahan boys. Hope we get a good coach, and a NEW NAME for the team by next year. I vote for the Washington Warriors. What we really need is a new owner, but I don't think Dan Snyder is going anywhere. Who do you fans think would be a good coach for RGIII? I hope we don't lose Albert Morris, 'cause he's my favorite new player.almost a Riggins with a little more practice.
Dan Snyder has already spoken with Bill Cowher? Interesting. I would much prefer someone who is up and coming, like Mike Zimmer,Bevell,etc but if we are going the route of proven coaches, I would be happy with either Lovie Smith or Cowher. I'm getting tired of having a new *** coach every couple of years!
Finally. Shanahan is gone! I wish dan Snyder has the sense to pick a winner not a whiner
New York Daily News football columnist tells John Feinstein why Mike Shanahan's relationship with Dan Snyder deteriorated over the last year.
Well, I guess Dan Snyder "won". Shanahan may be out, but RGIII is now going to have to learn a new playbook behind a crappy offensive line coupled with horrid defense. How likely is that to succeed?
According to Chris Russell of ESPN 980 via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, Redskins over Dan Snyder has already met with former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher twice already.
Man could you imagine if Dan Snyder was owner of your favorite team. Theres a guy who can't make a good decision.
I nominate former Redskin quarterback "Doug Williams" or" Russ Grimm" as the new coach. Do you hear me Dan Snyder?
Breaking news!! Dan Snyder has been talking to Denzel Washington all morning. He is gonna hire him as the new coach for the redskins, Snyder says he likes the way Denzel coached in Remember the Titans
The tragedy of the over decade long winless Washington Redskins continues; Dan Snyder fires his 7th Head Coach...
Really hope the Cowher to Washington whispers are just wishful thinking. Dan Snyder ain't no Dan Rooney.
Maybe Dan Snyder should hire Jerry Jones to be his Director of Football Operations. Think about it. The Redskins would improve to 8-8. And instead of being eliminated from the play-offs in week 4, they wouldn't be eliminated until the final week of the regular's all about improvement, right? Just thinking outloud.
Dan Snyder is a *** Firing the entire coaching staff isn't gonna fix the Skins! Firing Mike Shanahan isn't gonna help us at all. I'm so sick and tired of Owners firing coaches as if they are the ones playing the game on the field. The design plays, not execute them on the field! Our whole offensive line with the exception of Trent Williams should be fired! How can we win games when we can't protect our QB?!!! The players are the ones that are actually playing the game on the field, start there by deleting the weaker players on the line and acquire some talent on the O-Line. I doesn't take a genius to know that our O-Line is some garbage, that's why RG3 is always hurt and Cousins be fighting for his life! Shanahan is not the problem, the players are! Stupid move on Snyders part. We need a new owner ASAP!
We the people can fire Dan Snyder!! Yes, it is possible to force him to sell the team! All season ticket holders and business simply return the tickets and all Washington fan base agrees to not purchase any tickets until Dan Snyder signs in writing that he will sell the team befoe next season. When March comes around and thy don't get the money rolling in he will be sweating bullets since he has to pay all the players. A WAshington lockout of fans by the fans will wipe Snyder off the map! I just talked with a seaosn ticket holder of 40 years who will be giving bac his tickets. WE , THE PEOPLE , CAN END THE CLOWNS REIGN!!
I believe that Dan Snyder did the best thing he could with teh FIRING of Shanahan, and the entire staff. They let the best special team coach go to Pittsburgh. Now it is time to get a real coach LIKE Bill Cower and Jon Gruden, go get them and watch the team turn around. SORRY COWBOY FANS, but i di say it that they would not make the playoffs. now let us see if Peyton can get his second ring.
Note to dan snyder ..I beg you please sell you are the true failure .Please sell our team your fantasy of being a nfl owner is a total failure total .please sell our team
Dan Snyder deserves a losing season and contorted fart face deserves to lose his job. Anyone that allows the quarterback to continually make the most important decision of any game - should not have a job or a team. The quarterback does not make the team only enhances the team- regardless of what anyone thinks. A winning season is always a team effort and the minute it becomes a non-team effort you lose. We became the RG 3. it's all about me me me circus therefore our season was in the toilet before it started. That's my opinion and I am entitled to it. Good riddance Shanahan too bad you can't take RG3 with you.
Redskins owner "Big Bucks" Dan Snyder fired Coach Mike Shanahan. While I'm not happy with the season, I'm not happy with this either. Shanny was a classy guy. The cap penalty of $36 million dollars had more to do with their season than any thing else. Who ever screwed that up deserves to be fired (and I suspect that is Snyders doing). So we start the process again of rebuilding. By April I'll be excited again, only to have my hopes dashed in November and December. But wouldn't it be worse to be a Cowboys fan???
give me Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, or Bill Cowher. Or all Three. Mashed together, and the blood wiped away. Dan Snyder. go away forever. RIP Sean Taylor
Yeah Dan Snyder were getting another coach. I really believe you and Jerry Jones should start coaching football. It pains me to say this but the Cowboys and with the Redskins have had great talent. So the question remains is it really the coaches fault.
I'm sorry but as long as Dan Snyder is the owner, the Redskins will never be a winning franchise. Just my opinion.
I would vote for Coach Bill Cowher as the next Redskins Coach. Lovie Smith??? You have Got to be kidding me! Can you imagine the fireworks that would ensue between Lovie and Dan Snyder? That would be a match made in *** for sure!
If Dan Snyder thinks the coaches are the problem in Washington, he should check out these stats from a Fox Sports story: "Snyder will now be seeking his eighth Head Coach for his 16th season as an NFL owner - a span that includes just four winning seasons, two playoff victories, and seven last-place finishes in the NFC East."
Dear Dan Snyder, you are slowly turning into Jerry Jones. Please trust your former pro, experienced GM to do his job. We don't need you to do anything but sign the checks! Have several seats please. Thank you!!! -Lifelong Skins Fan
If we're going to clean house, can we fire Dan Snyder?
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Redskins did Mike Shanahan wrong, Dan Snyder knows that he messed up the salary cap the last couple years.
Yea!!! its party time, Dan Snyder finally did the right thing. He hire Donald J. Trump for Finger Pointing Monday. Shanahan your fired!!
Breaking news: Dan Snyder just announced that Robert Griffin III will now be starting QB, offensive coordinator, Head Coach, QB coach, and president of the new subway shop inside FedEx Field next year.
Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says the fans of the team deserve a "better result."
Shanahan is out... Dan Snyder talking... Here we go again... Maybe just Maybe Dan Snyder will not choose the coach again... Likely to interview: Lovie Smith Jay Gruden Mike Zimmer Not sure if I would choose any of them but we will see...
I'm not a Hater! I just happen to know football. What is the common denominator between the Cowboys and the Redskins? The Redskins have just fired their 7th Head Coach since the owner Dan Snyder bought the team (15 years ). Poor ole Jason Garrett, when he became "Head Coach" Dallas's Puppet master had all the assistants in place. Makes you wonder if he has to raise his hand to go to the bathroom...Nobody! Nobody! Nobody! Will ever be able to be Head Coach of either one of these teams and build a team that THEY think it takes to win in the NFL!!! The common denominator is they are Puppet Shows. Everybody wants to fire the Head Coach... When you go to a puppet show, and you don't like it! DONT BOO THE PUPPETS!
Dan Snyder - how's Chris Cooley, Head Coach and Chad Dukes, offensive coordinator sound?
Note to Dan Snyder: hire a GM who knows football, get yourself a fantasy league team to play with and let the NFL pros rebuild your franchise. Not that Dan and I are FB friends or anything like that LOL!
Ok Dan Snyder you did part one now it's time to find the right guy to lead this team back...i hope they dont hire one of these recyclable coaches and hire someone who brings this team back to greatness.
I heard that not only has Dan Snyder fired Shannahan, but he also fired the as-yet-unnamed new Head Coach for similar team performance next season.
I hear Dan Snyder has finally cut out the middle man and will be hiring himself as Head Coach, offensive & defensive coordinator, and general manager. Prior to extending the offers, he did fill out his own pink slips and dated them for the end of the 2015 season to avoid being in the uncomfortable position of having to decide to fire himself after Redskins fans endure two more awful years.
Next. Who wants to work for Dan Snyder???
Dear Dan Snyder, Please promote Bruce Allen to VP, hire a real GM (not AJ Smith), and hire a decent coach, one who's ego is not hyper-bloated, who won't hire his kids, and who won't demand to be the football czar of the organization. Thanks. -Everyone
Dan Snyder net worth: Owner of the Washington Redskins American football team, owner of the *** Clark Productions television production company, and primary...
Dan Snyder issued a statement this morning... "Redskins fans deserve better". And he is absolutely right. We deserve to have competent ownership that creates a structured organization, with a real General Manager, who makes ALL personnel decisions, right down to the hiring of a new Head Coach. Bruce Allen is not a true GM, as he is not a personnel guy. Danny "boy", step back and let the football people take charge in the hiring of a new coach. And lets not hire a John Gruden or Bill Cowher.
Coach Mike Shanahan was dismissed Monday after meeting with team owner Dan Snyder.
Shanahan Fired. Way to go Dan Snyder way to show them losing will not be tolerated in this organization. Hail to the Redskins. Let's find us a new coach! I'd like to throw my hat into the ring again!
Sources say Mike Shanahan told Dan Snyder "Redskins will never win a Championship with B3".
Would of rather seen Dan Snyder fire himself, personally. That *** has plowed through more coaches than he knows what to do with.
The Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder's of the world make you appreciate the class act of the Rooney family more.
It doesn't matter if Dan Snyder pays enough money to bring Bear Bryant or Vince Lombardi back from the dead to coach, the skins will not have a successful program till Snyder is gone. And that's not happening anytime soon
The axe just came down on Mike Shanahan, so let the coaching speculation begin. Ken Whisenhunt and Jay (not Jon) Gruden have to be considered legitimate candidates, but will also be candidates for all the open HC jobs. Lesser names like Todd Bowles, Ray Horton and Darrell Bevell will certainly be mentioned to be interviewed. From the college ranks, Bill O'Brien and Kevin Sumlin, and if RGII has his way, Art Briles, could be considered. You can go ahead and cross the other Gruden off the list, along with Bill Cowher. Both of these guys are too smart to tarnish their legacies (think Gibbs 2.0 and Shanahan) to come to DC. No matter who we get, we're starting over (AGAIN) for the 8th time under Dan Snyder.
Would that we could relieve Dan Snyder from his duties as quickly as he relieved Shanahan from his.
Mike Shanahan and his staff have been fired. Dan Snyder said Redskins fans deserve better results. Shanahan is handling his press conference gracefully and professionally. I credit him for going out with class.
Good bye Shanny!!! Now Dan Snyder please hire a REAL GM, before hiring a coach. Promote Bruce Allen to President and then hire a coach. Hail to the Redskins!!!
Dear Devious Dan Snyder, Please do us all a favor and don't hire some doofus to coach our team. Stop looking to sell jerseys and build us a line that can protect the investments made by the team. CREATE THE HOGS VERSION 2.0 and you will have the basis to win a Super Bowl. Stop putting value in profit and put value into your team and the profits will come as natural result of a well developed and produced product. We Skins fans may be emotionally fickle, but we are loyal. Get that through your head please. In addition, if the GM position opens up, I am more than willing to tell you that your draft ideas are terrible. Sincerly, Frustrated Redskins Fans everywhere
It's about time Dan Snyder realizes Mike Shanahan's success was because of guys like Dan Reeves, George Seifert, and John Elway. A 24-40 record gets you the boot!
Adios Shanahan. Can you please take Dan Snyder with you?
I guess the rumors true Robert Griffin wants his college coach from Baylor to be his coach Washington. Dan Snyder needs learn that you can't bring college coach to the pros. I said they've lost a fan
Ron Jaworski just said "Dan Snyder is an excellent owner." ESPN is truly a network of comedy.
I think the best thing that Dan Snyder could have done would be fire himself... It starts from the top!!
Well Jerry Jones jr (Dan Snyder) has ruined another good coach. Its hard to win with a team full of 3rd string players
Come on Jerry, u can do it. Just ask Zigi Wilfe, Bob Mcnair, Dan Snyder and Jimmy Hazlem. Its not hard to fire ur coach they say. We are ready to move forward and hire our next losing coach they say. lol
Well it's official Leslie Frazier has been fired. Who would you like to see as our next coach? Keep in mind that Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher are not realistic answers. Personally, I'm hoping for Mike Shannahan. I know his team underachieved worse than the purple this year, but history has shown us that it is nearly impossible to succeed with Dan Snyder as your owner.
The Redskins will fire Mike Shanahan today, I'm told. It's always a fun surprise to find out who Dan Snyder will hire next. It's like opening a present from an odd relative. You peel back the wrapping paper and, in awkward silence around the Christmas tree, wonder if you really got a Jim Zorn, or if there's someone else that's just packed in a Jim Zorn box. But I've been a fan for a long, long time, and I think I know Dan Snyder. With that in mind, here are some of my guesses as to who will be the next Head Coach of the Washington Redskins. 10. Condoleeza Rice 9. London Fletcher 8. Paul Walker 7. Joe Gibbs 6. Any Native American 5. Myley Cirus 4. Dan Snyder 3. A soccer coach (result of Dan's confusion over the term 'football') 2. The current special teams coach 1. Norv Turner
Now that Vikings have fired Leslie Frazier, next HC expected to go is Washington's Mike Shanahan. Meeting with Dan Snyder this am.
Dan Snyder is OBVIOUSLY going to give Mike Shanahan a contract extension. Why on gods green earth would they even think about firing him?
The Redskins will fire Head Coach Mike Shanahan tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. when he meets with team owner Dan Snyder, high-level sources within the Redskins organization have told News4's Dianna Russini.
I think Dan Snyder, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Palin should all buy an island and go live on that island. It should be large enough for an airfield so that others may join should it be deemed necessary. They may call it Dooshnesia. Kanye may be the president and Sarah will finally get her wish and be Veep.
I just signed a petition to Dan Snyder, owner, Washington "red- - - -" and National Football League, Commissioners: We Jews call for companies to refuse to make humiliating “redskin” products and if team owner Dan Snyder refuses to change the team name, for the NFL to seize and sell the team.
So it looks like Dan Snyder is going to be looking for his 8th Head Coach for the Redskins. Being a good owner, the Pittsburgh Steelers have only had 3 Head Coaches in 42 years...Mr. Snyder learn a lesson form the Rooney family and don't be an ***
Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will meet with owner Dan Snyder early Monday morning to discuss Shanahan's future with the team. The coaching staff does not expect to be retained.
Redskins owner Dan Snyder just went under the bridge on M St NE and hired a bum to coach them. His philosophy is that he'll hire anybody just to give away money cuz he doesn't see winning in the next 10 years
Dan Snyder when I wake up tomorrow morning I want to learn that you have fired da Head Coach, DC, spec teams coach, and Bruce Allen. We need to have a fair competition for O'Brien, Shurmur, Lovie, and the other talented recently proven HCs/assistant's services.
Breaking news!!! Dan Snyder has just suspended the team waterboy pending an investigation into the Redskins 3-13 season. Witnesses say they seen the waterboy putting Micheal Jordan's top secret water from space jam into the team gatorade. When questioned by authorities the waterboy stated ``I just wanted them play better, you know like on the movie ".
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Hope Dan Snyder doesn't get rid of Mike Shanahan!!
Shannahan ain't the problem! Dan Snyder and all the players that haven't played throughout the season, missed blocks, missed coverage and tackles are the problems,
Owner of the redskins Dan Snyder will fire another Head Coach - that *** decides to hire them - it's he's fault he didn't make a good decision to start with - he should have to pay a fine for his mistakes !
I feel like Dan Snyder is purposely leaking something every five minutes about the fact that he's going to fire Mike Shanahan before he actually fires Mike Shanahan
Hey Dan Snyder...oops I mean Jimmy Haslem, we were told by your stooge Banner that Chud was the guy he has wanted for years. What happened? I can totally understand why he should be fired. 3 quarterbacks, 5 running backs, and 1 wide receiver. *** him we should be 13-3. But then again this is the same franchise (I know once moved) that fired Bill Belichick. You suck and we are tired of your plan and crappy team!
Mike Shanahan said he will meet Monday with team owner Dan Snyder -- but the embattled Washington Redskins coach gave no details about what that meeting will be about or what he expects to happen.
Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder are set to meet around 8 A.M. tomorrow so we should know by 8:30 or 9:00 that he has been fired -The Franchise
Thanks to the Dan Snyder and the entire Washington Redskin organization. First you trade a bundle of picks to the Rams for their draft pick 2 years ago so you can draft RG III, then you let him play hurt in the playoff loss that worsens the injury and causes the debacle that was this year's 3 win season that clinches the overall pick in the draft for the Rams. It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Jimmy Haslam: Are you Dan Snyder or Dan Rooney? Robert Kraft or Jerry Jones? You are on the clock.
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