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Dan Schneider

Daniel James Dan Schneider (born January 14, 1966) is an American songwriter, actor, writer, and producer of films and television.

Lifetime Achievement Award Ariana Grande Michael Jackson American Conservative Union

Dan Schneider executive director of the American Conservative Union, slams alt-right yet talks on same stage as Bannon, who's promoted them.
The American Conservative Union's Dan Schneider is calling the alt-right a "left-wing fascist group." That...makes no sense
My fav copyrights from Dan Schneider shows:. -"Canadian idol". -"pear" products. -"peppy cola". -"Jonas book of world records". -skybucks
I can't complain. Dan Schneider is a genius. I just wish it wasn't NATHAN KRESS
they got everything mixed up yo from Dan Schneider to Adam Sandler there's a big *** difference lmfao they're just hella dumb
Dan Schneider is the comedic mastermind of our generation
As long as that trigger is outta Dan Schneider's *** hands then we're straight 👌👌
Dan Schneider is now my favorite owner. Jed, please sell the team. All you care about is yourself.
Norman is not worth 5/75. No way no how. And Dan Schneider will continue to watch his team fail.
Once Dan Schneider says he's in the running, no one stands a chance lol
I know you're still out there bud. Missing you
I follow the Nick Animation account and now it's telling me to follow the 20 Dan Schneider shows I hate. NO! I FOLLOW GOOD ANIMATION.
Please Dan Schneider. Couldn't you just let Tori & Beck be together. Can't you see the chemistry? 😭
I have no idea who Schneider is, but Dan Snyder is letting his football people make football decisions.
All 6-7-8 grade boys see Mr Weir at Penn Mid and Mr. Giannikas at Trafford Mid to sign up for 7/8th and 9th grade football…
Dan Schneider's last masterpiece was icarly then he went down fckin hill man
Meet Black Singles 300x250
eh idk i think it was Drake & Josh that set up the template for Nick. any Dan Schneider produced show on Nick basically
Dan Schneider gave Nickelodeon their best shows
READ Any move to limit abuses shouldn't compromise contribution to economy.
Dan Schneider beats out Sandler for worst person ever
Dan Schneider is the devil and you know it
I'm so proud to announce Dan Schneider's new Nickelodeon show "Game Shakers" coming out this September!
I'll bet Dan Schneider made SURE to have that line put in, lmao
Can't wait for Blake sheltons new album.
I feel genuine respect for Dan Schneider as a TV guy... and disgust at my suspicion he's a gross hebephile.
If you seen Dan Schneider's name pop up on your tv you knew whatever you were watching was gon be fire
Dianne Mendez (Mendez SoHo), Dan Schneider, and myself host monthly Soho art salons! Yesterday, we hosted over 40...
Former State Sen. Dan Kapanke to announce he's running for his old seat:
Ok i have a conspiracy theory but hear me out: nickelodeon writer Dan Schneider brainwashed us all Just go ahead google him tell me im wrong
I feel like Dan Schneider has run out of ideas and isn't creative anymore. He should have stopped after victorious.
I hate miami convenient stores. The people are just so.ya know?
Dan Schneider always had the best shows.
The team of Olivia Martinez, Sara Wegmann, and Dan Schneider has been ELIMINATED
I think at this point Dan Schneider just keeps doing the same tricks over and over again.
this is relevant cause him (the one ppl guessed was rdj) is one of the people who outed Dan schneider
ngl I personally think Dan Schneider is a creep. I can't say how accurate this stuff is but I think some of it is very true.
I love you dan schneider for all these amazing shows you made that I love so much- youre awesome
I swear all Dan Schneider's tv shows are awesome
I didnt know Dan "get her in the van" Schneider made good burger. My childhood feels violated.
Michigan's Dan McCarron holds off Ohio's Seth Schneider to win 305 Sprint heat 3 Canadian female teen Alex Hill was 3rd
and I'm still hoping for a reunion: 🙏
Dear Dan Schneider, . Are you seriously going to leave us hanging with that Zoey 101 time capsule skit?!
I'm sure Dan Schneider will be in touch any minute now.
The best one was 2 years ago. Dan Schneider got a Lifetime Achievement Award and Tom and Bill (SB & Pat) accepted Fave Toon
Indeed. And it was cohosted by Brian Robbins and Dan Schneider (and others), years before becoming Nick mainstays
Any other shows you are producing, Brian? What about Dan Schneider is producing still?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
why?!? She's just gonna pimp me out to Dan Schneider until he gives her the seddie sex tape
Maybe pay Dan Schneider to make the final episode of Moody's point. Can't go on with my life with that cliffhanger
Watching old Dan Schneider shows is weird because the jokes aren't funny and it just makes me think, "is this what I thought comedy was?"
Will now be exclusively performing Dan Schneider theme songs
Don't think even Dan Schneider would fly me out from the UK! Gr8 loyalty this season..much loved by Redskins fans.👍☺🏈
// It's not like it's totally over though ! I mean, look at what Dan Schneider did for Zoey 101 ! And that ten years after !
Dan "the hymen divider" Schneider. got bored of the white girls now going for asians. when will he be stopped!?
Pat Harrington, handyman Schneider on 'One Day at a Time,' has died
one thing you should always remember and don't ever forget...great show growing up RIP
Dan Schneider has the opportunity to make another season for one of his shows what do you want to see?
Isnt Dan Schneider the guy who raped all those kids?
Intellectual property and the national security issue via
When Dan Schneider walks into the room
I'm gonna draw a foot on my balls and send it to Dan Schneider
Dan Carr back in action to play, yep... EX-Union star Keith Kinkaid, who will back up Cory Schneider
Can't I just live in a Dan Schneider Tv show
Me on Google at 12 am: Dan schneider foot fetish
Dan Schneider is the king of Nickelodeon
Say hi to Dan Schneider he is a Journeyman Collision Technician Expert. Great guy!!.
warning: . too much feels when watching the final song of iParty with Victorious 😭💕 . i miss u dan schneider :---(
Dan Haren is having a moment right now:
Exec of the Year candidates thusfar:. Gettleman, Keim, Maccagnan, McCloughan, Elway, Belichick Speilman Dorsey Schneider. Who is your Top 5?
Also hearing Dorsey and Schneider . with a write in vote for Roseman
What I want to know is where Dan Schneider went?
// I have so many headcannons for basically every character from Dan Schneider's shows
You know Dan Schneider still creates shows for Nick, right? ...Unfortunately, the all that days were his prime 😒
lol... its funny how Dan Schneider can create the most amazing shows on TV like Victorious and suddenly replaces with Rabbits Invasion
Slowly getting back into a creative space. Excited for what the future holds. No idea what we're gonna do / sound like …
Seattle had Carroll involved in the search that netted John Schneider.
I am an inspiring actor who has always loved the wonderful shows you have created. What do i do to join the Dan Schneider family?😄
Glad to hear my dad relinquished his Washington fandom because of Dan Schneider's refusal to change the team name
Dan "puttin the *** in TeenNick" Schneider, what does this post even mean? ht…
I'm just waiting for Dan Rapist Schneider to be exposed -- All those TEEN girls on Nickelodeon & he hasn't been exposed yet?
Bicycle Thieves, a classic film since 1949 is often kill me regarded as one of the best films ever. Dan Schneider agrees in his essay sta
so you don't know what Pete Carroll done in the last six years? Actually he was the one who hired John Schneider.
// It's crazy how Dan Schneider can produce and create the greatest shows ever, and then create things like Game Shakers.
|| Makes me sad that Dan Schneider produces the Thundermans.
Dan schneider and kstate are class acts with reaction with reed
Can we start a petition for Dan Schneider to start making Drake & Josh again?
I added a video to a playlist What Did Zoey Say? (from Dan Schneider)
Someone tell Dan Schneider to bring back Victorious and iCarly on Nickelodeon
This was also the first year, probably since 2003, where a Dan Schneider show didn't rank in Nick's top premieres.
OH GOD. It seems that Florian Schneider has MORE solo material up his sleeves?
Campaign US talks to kids/tweens creator and producer extraordinaire Dan Schneider.
Dan Schneider is at the head of the class.
Q&A at Campaign US with Dan Schneider, the "Norman Lear" of kids programming. Check it out!
Q&A: Dan Schneider, 'the Norman Lear of Kids TV' via
Dan tried to play daddy. Telling me Schneider only gonna get 3 points for a win lmao
I also believe I'm talking to Dan Schneider because of your picture 👌
Drake & Josh is the best show Dan Schneider has ever made.
Dan Schneider is named after Dan obvi
hello Dan Schneider please can you follow me
Notice how the cast for Dan Schneider's shows are getting younger and younger
Dan Schneider need to retire, these shows on Nickelodeon are trash now. Drake & Josh and iCarly were classics lmao
in honor of dan schneider blessing us with "what did zoey say?". chase matthe... (Vine by aesthetic jauregui)
The great says that Salvador Perez said Dan Iassogna did not apologize to him.
picked up your book today, can't wait to finish it. Much love man.
Snapchat best friend emojis are weird. I don't want a smirky face or heart eyes next to my homies names.
Hilarious musical act by Dan Schneider and Eric Mannering on the Stage!
I watched a couple episodes and never really liked it but I hardly watch any shows besides the dan schneider ones from nick
Dan Schneider-- the guy who created all those teen shows is none other than Dennis Blunden from Head of the Class. Where's Arvid?
has anyone written on the topic of whether Dan Schneider is the shrewdest/smartest man alive?
At Schneider Software User Conference where Ravi Gopinath outlined 4 strategic imperatives and potential of AVEVA deal if approved
Ariana should pull off a Taylor and sue Dan Schneider for messing up her hair I mean she's almost bald😫😫
the fact that Dan Schneider is responsible for ruining the queen of pops hair I gtg
like? Ariana literally bleached her hair TWICE A MONTH why didn't she sue Dan Schneider
It's been 10 years and Dan Schneider reveals the first episode of chase finding out what Zoe says about him in the video she made!! Finally!
Happy Birthday my brother. Till I see you again
Nbc want Miranda so badly because her help nickelodeon after Miranda left Nickelodeon it went to *** as well Dan Schneider too
10 years later, we FINALLY know what Zoey said in the Time Capsule ep of
I want to do Dan Schneider. Hes like a drug to me. So addicting.
Lying in bed with Dan Schneider. His arms wrapped protectively around me and my head in the crook of his neck
Changing this into a fan account for my pookie bear Dan Schneider.
Again the fact that Im not Dan Schneider's wife :'-(
I fell in love with Dan Schneider the moment I saw him so yes.
Living in a world without Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider suffers from uncanny valley.
Well its a shock to learn this. But its true. Jews like Dan Schneider rape Amanda bynes and walk free.
it wasn't the friendship with Ariana Grande; it was a dispute she had with Dan Schneider who paid Ariana more
The cast of GameShakers is gonna randomly go through puberty if they get a second season... It always happens with Dan Schneider shows 😂😂😂
I believe the writers of GMW called up Dan Schneider and asked can they use the ending of iOmg and just switched it up a bit.
But my eyes have never been more open
It's funny how reality sinks in moments after you get home from your escape
Day 203. to the from I'm sure I'll see you again.
I cant help but feel awkward and uncomfortable when I see the way black people are portrayed on some of Dan Schneider TV shows
Dan Schneider why don't you get rid of Kurt cousins and the coach because you going to lose a lot of money boy thank you
do you think Dan Schneider regrets that trade for rg3 now seeing what St. Louis got for him?
Eww I hate Henry danger Worst show on nick by Dan Schneider btw all the new show on nick are ways worst. I miss the old nickelodeon
goers: be sure to check out Dan Schneider (in artist alley. You won't be disappointed
Maybe if Dan Schneider and R L Stine did a collaboration it would be the gnarliest TV SERIES EVER
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
TBT! Thanks jakefarrow Dan Schneider for taking a chance on me!
Great article authored by Harbor Mentor Dan Schneider, Founder of
•NEW VIDEO• Dan Schneider's video of Ariana performing at the LA Forum!
When I watch any Nick show created by Dan Schneider my dad gets confused and thinks they are all the same TV show just different seasons.
but the show ariana did in LA was kinda like a victorious reunion...dan schneider & matt & liz were there :]
Congrats to our buds and for having the album in the U.S. and UK with htt…
Congrats & for the album this week!! First indie release to hit since 2013. :)
Dan Schneider, Victorious' creator, went to see Ari at the concerct with him were some Victorius' members!!
Dan Schneider is the creator of All That!
You're basically confirmed at LEAST to be on two shows if you work with Dan Schneider.
brings you the original Drake and Josh promo! via
BSB: Stonehill 3, Assumption 0 (End 1st) Seniors Dan Fratus and Eric Schneider each with RBI hits for the Skyhawks in the 1st.
"it's Dan Schneider's universe we're just living in it"
Of all the terrible moves Dan Snyder has made in Washington, firing John Schneider after one season is the most underrated.
like that episode where coffee was banned and Quinn calls Logan baby I cringed and paused the show to take a moment &ask Dan Schneider why
I liked a video Nathan Kress Auditions for Dan Schneider for iCarly
Drake and Josh was the best Dan Schneider show
I wanna go back to the Cadillac championship this weekend :( work is lame
Fun Dan Ellis Fact: Since 2012, he has a .902 ES Sv%. Schneider, MAF and Varlamov have a higher PK Sv% during that time.
All this Dan Schneider has me wondering, Is Sam & Cat as good as iCarly and Victorious.
why do tv execs keep letting Dan Schneider near little girls
Heading to trump national Cadillac golf championship. Feeling like such a dad today. ⛳️
keep putting out this type of quality tracks and you gonna make it homie. Sounds great
. Ah, Nickelodeon back when they weren't fawning over Dan Schneider's newest abortion of a show. Good times.
I grew up watching Dan Schneider TV shows and movies. I wish I was on one of his shows cuz I like his shows so much! I was 4!
being Jasper and working with Dan Schneider
The biggest tragedy ever is that Nickelodeon rejected Dan Schneider's proposal of an actual Moody's Point show
yeah but it's not even gonna be EWW cuz it's always a Dan Schneider show and even tho it *** it's still gonna win
Dan Schneider should have a Victorious big comeback episode
>Game Makers (working title), just picked up for 26 episodes, is the newest creation from hit-maker Dan Schneider…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Only Dan Schneider shows ever win so I'm not worried about that.
please me. Henderson I'm begging u and I've begged with Dan Schneider to come back and produce this
Nathan I don't know if you could pull some strings and get Dan Schneider to have this produced but do.
please turn this into a Reality Dan Schneider! We all miss old nickelodeon
J.M. Mea leads Gill with 8 points, Dan McCreesh 8 as well for Ridge
Lately Iration has been creeping into my top 5 bands
Will Schneider hit a 2 run bomb in game 2 to get things rollin!!!
BAA: Dylan Schneider had the GWG for Rochester in their 3-2 win over SC. He was our POTG.
I liked a video Dan Schneider is a pedophile! Dan Schneider is also a Brony!!! GET HIM!
Perham's Colin Neitzke with control against Foley's Dan Schneider at 145. Neitzker earned a pin in the match.
So Brianna -- Dan Schneider is making a new show for Nick about a pair of girls who create their own gaming empire
you should tell Dan Schneider to make drake and Josh again! I miss that show with a passion!
The conservative future is bright. Congrats 2 new ED Dan Schneider for an incredible
Hi mr nick show creator and lover: heard of the general public song called tenderness from the 1984? I bet it conjures up memories of your past, both good and bad alike!
Congrats to all the Schneider family! Andrew Schneider, Dan Schneider, Susan Belnap Schneider and Kristen Schneider. They are the biggest Ohio State fans in New Mexico!
you guys are the most anti Ohio sports Ohioans of all time and I love it 👏👏👏
Was really hoping Oregon was gonna pull through
Schneider with the field goal. Ohio State 21, Oregon 10.
Also, one HC candidate the Broncos want to interview is Seahawks DC Dan Quinn (who doesn't?).
is dan schneider getting a bit upset that victoria's face is EVERYWHERE and she's actually being treated right now hmm
Are there any Nick shows that Dan Schneider DIDN’T create? That guy must have notch money!
dan schneider Use to make good show, now he don't make good show no more
umm Dan. I think I se you working today at OTB. 🙈
Crazy Steve is the best character Dan Schneider ever created
Dan Schneider is just a big *** bank account who wastes money on anything w/o any kind of logic behind it
was it Dan Schneider wanting you to come back to Nickelodeon?
IF that happens .. I will lol if not.. You gotta take a seat next to Dan Schneider lol
When did I defend Dan Schneider? I don't think he's racist, just incompetent.
you're the racist. you defended that cop, defend the Dan Schneider and are anti-immigrant.
Thank You Dan Schneider for doing this series, that changed lives!
Thank u Dan Schneider for finally signing a new GM.
Dan Schneider was the first real MVP
CONTEST whoever downloads all of dan schneider shows wins
Can't believe 10 years ago my favourite TV show & obsession with Dan Schneider began💜 here's to 10 more 🎉
S/O to the "business guy" in every band. Your band would still be in the garage without you.
A small bit of trivia about the Schneider Clinic family. This is Dr. Dan Schneider during a mud bath. This is a...
understand that within the past YEAR i met Colin Mochrie, Adam Young said he liked my tat, and Dan Schneider thanked me for my patronage.
watched Dan Schneider shows as a kid, still watching Dan Schneider shows at 21, will be watching Dan Schneider shows until dead.
Dan Schneider knows how to make my day. So thankful for him ❤️
Schneider I think I could still blow by you a on a broken ankle
He's doing ScumBob reviews of Dan Schneider shows. ;)
Schneider is still scared to play me 1 on 1 even with my broken ankle
We can to do "Thank You Dan Schneider" a good Trending Topics in Brazil. It was more than one hour in…
This dude really said ok then let's go to jail 😂
Last year's awards had Dan Schneider getting a Lifetime Achievement Award. Best thing they've ever done at the show
Ultra phase 1 looks nice, needs more bloody beetroots than I will consider
Drake & Josh is the best creation of Dan Schneider
Dan Schneider please please please put on new shows, daughter getting fed up with the repeats.
"Thank You Dan Schneider" was trending in Brazil a few minutes ago. It was trends for ONE hour. We just love you! 😘 http:/…
A huge congrats to Dan Schneider on his new deal with Nickelodeon! Read more here:
Thank You Dan Schneider except for those episodes when i had to call you gordo maldito
i love you, happy new year to the best producer and genius Dan Schneider!
~DBFA~ Next two weekends there some fun parties going on 11-22-2014 @ Beach Club Mr.Momaha will be in the Mile High city if you would like to meet him & his mother Starts ,if you would like more info please message Alanna MArie Friend,Dan Schneider, 11-30-2014 @ Shi's Roadhouse Starts @ Noon, if you would like more info message Miztah Bgoe,Ralph Williams, Orange Vader ,performances & apperances by super fans, If your looking for something to do these next two weekends & want party w/Diehard Denver Broncos fans etc etc,Please message these people for all the details!
Dan schneider am Brazilian and I would love you to do a movie about iCarly did the same with Drake and Josh, Please? !!
Incumbent, former city attorney vie to be Berkley judge via
Dan Schneider and the whole pedo casting couch thing that goes on in Hollywood
fun fact: Ricky Smith from Better Off Dead is played by Dan Schneider, creator of Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, iCarly, etc
I told Justin Bieber, Dan Schneider and James Mcvey to vote for yous!
God bless Dan schneider for victorious and sam and cat and big time rush and icarly and all those cross overs
It tickles me way more than it should. Liz fighting the laughter and Dan Schneider writing something…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dan Schneider needs to keep his hands off the studio audience sound effects button.
Lazy Moon beer and pizza in otown with the baes
I guess Dan Schneider's wish to make children and grown ups laugh together is fulfilled. I like and understand his humor it seems.
Yes just bought my horror nights ticket for tomorrow night AVP Michael Myers Walkers Purge here I come
Devils: Cory Schneider, Jordin Tootoo, Martin Havlat miss practice. Tootoo was hit in the left foot by a Dan...
((Nickelodeon/Dan Schneider [Drake and Josh, iCarly, Victorious, Zoey 101] fans! Go follow my Beck and Jade ask account! ))
It's a Dan Schneider show and Nick quite simply cannot continue canceling shows.
Our judges Dean Kilpatrick, Rachel Manchester, & Dr. Madresehee just took the stage with our hosts Dan Schneider & Bryan McGinnis
My mom doesn't think that I could be in a Dan Schneider show and I find this to be very hurtful
GOAL!!! buries a rebound past Schneider at 7:34 and the have taken a 1-0 lead!!
PLZZZ can u follow me and give me a shoutout plz as I'm a big dan Schneider fan and so are u!!
Also appearing on The Sam Acho Show tomorrow night besides yours truly is colleague Dan Bickley and, of course, Jeff Schneider. Good times.
Dan Schneider needs to get a life or uncover the imaginary blindful he has on he's eyes. Because its not fun seeing Victorious…
Nathan Kress Auditions for Dan Schneider for iCarly so cuute :3
I liked a video iCarly & Victorious - Dan Schneider filming behind the Scenes & scaring the Cast
Dan Schneider is literally the best tv producer that has ever lived
I accepted the challenge from my aunt, Amy Walters...I challenge Jill Stephenson, Dan Schneider, and Jan Walters! Your 24 hours starts now!
Dan Schneider has named his shows pretty much always after the main character.
I want to love myself as much as Dan Schneider loves himself
Nickelodeon should just change their name to Dan Schneider
You would think, but then it's Nick and they only care about Dan Schneider shows.
Nick and Josh new series by Dan Schneider.
Is it true that Dan Schneider puts all of his promising actresses in the bone zone?
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. Its not created by Dan Schneider at least.
Us LBs couldn't even get to the ball cause the D-line destroyed
Bummed I missed the offspring concert they never come around
Big ups to representing our beloved during is ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and he didn't RUN AWAY like Dan Schneider
Tbh dan Schneider probably used to read the old Livejournal pages.
is the best show you all have had in awhile. Learn to recognize TV instead of Dan Schneider BS.
Speaking of Dan Schneider's tv children, tf happened to Miranda Cosgrove/Michael Jackson.
Breast Cancer Awareness
yes thats what I hear :/. But Dan Schneider is a GENUIS something bigger and better will be out soon
Alright it can stop raining everyday now
For some reason, "Dan Schneider murdered my puppies. The puppies of my heart" is still one of my favorite comedy lines I've written
Don't get me wrong I love every Dan Schneider show, but that continuity just makes me really upset.
The Dan Schneider canon bugs me to no extent.
I liked a video Dan Schneider Presents: Matt Bennett - The Missing Link? Behind the Scene of
Dan Schneider makes the best shows.
Watching PP videos from 2-3 years ago, crazy to see how far we've come & how much better we sound today. The next years will be extrordinary
David Schneider, I'm very sorry that you feel the way you do. But this is America and one of the best parts of it...
nickelodeon my bad, but yeah supposedly Dan Schneider and friends have upcoming stars preform "favours"
Don't forget to watch the premiere of Dan Schneider's new show - VICTORIOUS - tomorrow, right after the KCA's! You're …
She still wasn't focused on music tho. She never planned on singing. Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider told her she should sing on
The more I think about it how is Dan Schneider even gonna start a new show
that time dan Schneider was on crack
Drake and Josh - bandoms-and-fandoms-unite: sometimes i wonder if Dan Schneider stays up late at night...
As we prep for Much 30th, here's a look at Justin and Dan through the years:
"." exactly mama... I knew the marijuana wasn't making me trip with him
lol the better question is, how the *** is Dan Schneider still creating shows on Nickelodeon 😂
I liked a video HENRY DANGER: New TV Movie from Dan Schneider & Nickelodeon
My favorite pic of the whole Victorious Cast and Dan Schneider
“No offense to anyone, but after Drake & Josh, Dan Schneider lost it.” this.
Dan Schneider has lost his touch for good shows.
yeah he needs to be. He's the most visible elected official in all this.
he's already an alderman. But he clearly needs to be more than that.
Funny how All That made Dan Schneider a legend
LOL "i challenge dan Schneider!" Love it!! Hope he accepts challenge, woodnt do him much justice as of now tho
each one on the list has it's own webpage that takes 10 minutes to load with all those ads. Im trying to learn here internet!
I always find those links like 'TOP 10 Movies of whatever' or 'Top 12 medieval weapons' interesting but those websites are torture slow
more like more Dan Schneider references over there lol
Zoey 101, Victorious, and iCarly are all so awesome. Probably because Dan Schneider directed them all.
domain names
In spite of recent events I hear by unnominate Dan Burke and Nominate Jordan Schneider
How's Dan Schneider doing? Do you still get a little hotheaded when you're around him?
Someone told me you are the legendary Man, named Dan "Choke the Goose, Don't Let It Loose" "She's a Fighter" Schneider. that true?
Just think somewhere out there Dan Schneider is making a 14 year old girls Nickelodeon star dreams come true one hot tub facial at a time
It's official: Nickelodeon has canceled Sam & Cat. Months after the Viacom-owned cable network put the Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande iive-action comedy on a lengthy production hiatus following behind-the-scenes conflicts, it will not be moving forward with another season. "Nickelodeon will not be producing more episodes of Sam & Cat," a network spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. "We are very proud of the show and its very talented cast and we wish them all the best." STORY Nickelodeon's 'Sam & Cat' Goes on Hiatus Amid Drama A recent promo hinted at a wrap-up of some sort, promising that the show would be "going out with a bang." Sam & Cat reruns will remain on Nickelodeon's schedule and creator Dan Schneider is already in production on his next series Henry Danger, slated for a fall launch.
Goodbye Cat Valentine,Robbie Shapiro,Jade West,Beck Oliver,Tori Vega,Andre Harris & thank you Dan Schneider for the great memories 😔💜
And Bryan Singer, and Martin Weiss, and Dan Schneider, and Michael Jackson, and Woody Allen, and R. Kelly, and John Travolta
was a little bit boring this year, but that life time achievement award that went to Dan Schneider ♥
Watching the Dan Schneider tribute on the Kids Choice Awards and it's is beyond epic. I think he looked older when he played Dennis on Head of the Class.
Set de fotos: Dan Schneider wins Nickelodeon’s Lifetime Achievement Award on a stage full of stars from his...
I forgot to put this up the other day but here we go, last night Dan Schneider got the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award in Nickelodeon history, 20 years and counting to this day making people laugh, to those who don't know who he is he made All That, Kennan and Kel, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh, Icarly, Zoey 101, Victorious and recently Sam and Cat, those are just a few that this great man has done it's amazing at all that work, some of that is my childhood right there and i hope he continues making people laugh, he earned this award for sure
Dan Schneider winning this Nickelodeon Life Time Achievement Award is emotional.
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