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Dan Savage

Daniel Keenan Dan Savage (born October 7, 1964) is an American author, media pundit, journalist and newspaper editor.

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Attention liberals: is not a saint, stop defending her! says Dan Savage
Jill Stein Is a Right-Wing Tool - Slog - The Stranger / maybe y'all will listen to Dan Savage.
Dan Savage savages Jill Stein in this on-point article.
Dan Savage: Jill Stein is a rightwing tool—she helped elect Trump and she'll help the GOP keep the Congress in 2018. https…
Dan Savage revives ITMFA to raise money for American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, and the Internation…
I'm always getting Dan Savage mixed up with Fred Savage. They just sort of blend together in my mind (?)
I nominate Dan Savage for presidential speechwriter.
They're not progressive enough, they support Dan Savage, and the way they've handled Erin Jones' problematic comments
Still the most savage girl to ever play soccer
didn't they tell u that I was dan savage
I read a piece by Dan Savage about how it's hypocritical for Florida Hospital & Orlando Health to pay Pulse survivors' bills. Sorry, what?
And it's an easy way to determine who reads Dan Savage, too. 😆
If what you want is a life where your homosexuality is not an issue, move, as many have done.
Did you know Dan Savage doesn't drive either?
Everytime I think Savage Dan can't get more wild on I swear Savage Dan is like.
Perhaps time to Dan Savage MAGA Santorum:-style? Make America *** Again! Complete with always open mouth? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Robbie Savage disagrees with Pep's stance with passing goalkeepers cos Bravo had a poor game. Let's call the whole thing of…
When I was in high school I got involved in the fringe theater scene in Chicago, and I met so
I don't think it's the responsibility of *** and *** to reinvent the family.
Dan Savage: Gary Johnson thinks teachers should be "free" to carry guns in schools, including automatic rifles.
Monogamous and polyamorous - Dan Savage better take a look at these swingin' birds. :-D
To be a straight person and discover you're infertile is almost like discovering you're not a
Podcast is fully giving me life and laughs right now. Catching up on eps s/o Dan the savage, Randy Marsh & Babs 🙌🏾😄
Why Dan Savage is dead wrong about Jill Stein and the Green Party via
I think the best thing for you to do is just live your life. Live a life that's worth living,
following Dan Savage's lead, we'll just have to make a Chuck Wagon be when a right-wing pundit poos the floor.
I look my best when I take my helmet off after a book is another thing. -Dan Savage
Pulling up to my cousins wedding listening to Savage Dan's story. Dying!
Savage Dan needs his on segment, this guy is my spiritual animal, you know it's about to be madness he shares a story
Ruth is a perfect confirmation with what the ex gf interviewed by Dan Savage confirm... He was into consensual stuff only
Savage Dan says he thinks if a babe is wearing sliders he believes he can mac it.
"You want them as leveled and straight as Dan Howell tries to be" 😂😂😂😂 savage but tru
You can call me Savage Dan but not Dan Savage
I added a video to a playlist Dan Savage: The Worst Advice Ever Given
"If I find someone who will pay me to suckle my milk, is that prostitution?" This week in
Mother's Day is a torment if your mother is dead. Valentine's Day is a torment if you don't go
Dan weighs in on the legality of selling breast milk and deleting/hiding your browsing history.
So I don't feel particularly wealthy-but, you know, I pay my taxes and I know that I am.
Dans I'd rather hear about: . 1. Dan Majerle . 2. Dan Cortese . 3. Whoever the song "Danny Boy" is about . 4. Dan Savage
Savage dan's story had me listening to it more than once.😂😂😭
Saw Rick Santorum now trending, figuring out why, and waiting on Dan Savage to tear him a new one, again.
Dude, did u read Dan Savage interview with an ex? He got shut down by fem
Why has this just reminded me of what savage Dan said on ???
can we please acknowledge the tekkers in which he has able to remain incognito all this time lmao. Who is Savage Dan?!
When you find out bares about your family's wild past. Savage Dan👀🙃
Dan Savage deploys an awesome pun in defense of City Paper.
The latest episode is WILD. Savage Dan's story at the end had me in tears 😂😂😩
Savage. I really like the Love, Dan. Part that's epic.
OI SAVAGE DAN! I beg bring mandem in on the name I ain't tryna see she hulk in my yard
I wanna know who savage Dan was talking about lol
Nah Savage Dan is too much, that story's just ruined my day, madting 😖
And I got Joy Reid, Michael Moore and Dan Savage to help me! live on Wednesday night!
We need something lewd and viral for Donald Trump, like Dan Savage's santorum was for Rick Santorum
SL Letter of the Day: In The Neighborhood: by Dan Savage Originally posted on September 24, 2014. My wife and I are…
As y'all know my birthday is this Wednesday and my twin and I decided to do somet.
School is very conformist, and one of the very first conforming that goes o...
thanks for sharing Dan Savage, have a great Wednesday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
I agreed with Dan Savage about one thing & was told I cld not consider myself a trans ally if I could be positive about him.
Sometimes I talk to religious people about my column or what I do, and I as...
Dan Savage infects enemies by licking doorknobs, staplers, or anything else he can put his mouth on that he thinks Chr…
One man's blasphemy doesn't override other people's free-speech rights, the...
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Yes. I'm worried left is falling apart into schism. Was called transphobe coupla weeks ago for agreeing w Dan Savage on 1 thing!
This is the most Savage thing I've ever seen 😳💀💀💀.
He may be the nastiest little right wing dude of all. I can't find the words to describe my distain for Savage. Pitiful man
Radio’s Savage: God using me to bring Trump to power
Always the pretend-to-be super savage *** turning out to be the biggest imps on the face of the earth. Like dan relax we get it, you angry
Memories of Prince: "He is the only pop star I ever had a wet dream about," Dan Savage says. http…
David and Dan can be a bit savage. ~The Sword ⚔ …
I was curious about checking out Savage Worlds' Superpowers supplements after listening to Deadlands Noir, too.
Don't know what ratings/share saves a show, but the Dan Savage-inspired Real O'Neals is way down.
Has anyone ever really investigated Dan Savage's full name? Could it... c-could it be Dandal Savage?
Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Heart Wants Him, My *** Doesn't: by Dan Savage Love the podcast, Dan. I'm in my…
Here's your periodic reminder that Dan Savage is a ***
I don't write about my life in my column.
go to iTunes Store and search Dan Savage or Savage Love :)
Really, when it comes to *** rights, there's two wars going on. The first w...
Savage Love: Virgin Territory by Dan Savage I'm a 31-year-old straight woman. I have a good job, great friends, and…
Dan, as a listener for years, you need to consider a lineup change at KSEV. Conservatism is being attacked, ingraham/Savage NO
Looking at the way Drudge has emulated Dan Savage in mocking Christianity, it's almost like those two have something in…
"If kids got raped at Denny's as often as they get raped at church, it would be illegal to take your kid to Denny's." -Dan Savage
Next week's with Bill Maher is Dan Savage, Ann Coulter, and Bryan Cranston. That's MUST see TV!
Dan Savage comes unglued: If Trump wins the GOP nomination, black and brown "people will die."
Dan Savage takes down some bad biological anthropology.
Dan Savage is the Fred Phelps of the *** Left
"not coming around on your issues fast enough" vs. ACTIVELY speaking out AGAINST them is different Dan Savage.
if Rick Santorum and Dan Savage ever meet up for a beer to discuss Google and stuff.
Obama should have brought along his anti christian bully czar Dan Savage to help lecture the group of attendees.
"Santorum" in the Dan Savage sense is actually less disgusting and offensive than "Santorum" in the Rick Santorum sense.
Yo did Rick Santorum start sucking off Senator Fidel Rubio faster than we thought Dan Savage would drop for Santorum or what?
Dan Savage is nothing but a bully that picks on little kids for being Christian.
Rick Santorum drops out — and Dan Savage is ready with a hilarious X-rated joke
All purpose parts banner
Rick Santorum to go back to dayjob of being full-time Dan Savage punchline.
Too bad about Rick leaving the Presidential race. I was really hoping to see the headline "Santorum Comes From Behind." Dan Savage
It's like President Santorum said: "I am mainly remembered because of Dan Savage, not for winning the Iowa caucus."
I respect Savage, but I think that his self-importance directs his opinions. Cruz probably refused a spot on his radio show..
I liked a video The Bible & Homosexuality: How to Respond to Dan Savage's Attack
Great review, and congrats for being the first person to ever use the phrase "Dan Savage's underrated sagacity."
I can't find a conclusive definition but I found this article by that made me laugh
Certainly true about Dan Savage and Masha Gessen. Listen to them. Hard to conclude otherwise.
More pics from - Some new fans of Savage Worlds playing the demo on
plough the chickens what a savage Dan !!
Dan ur destroying these gamers with ur savage narration when will it end
Mark noble for England.if you say so Savage 😂
I love Dan Savage, he tells it as it is
Tmrw, Goodship Academy w/ Long sold out--keep it on the radar for next time:
if I never had to acknowledge Dan savage and the damage he has done to the *** and trans community my skin would clear up
Cruz leads Iowa.. wonder what Savage has to say about it
All this pain & suffering turned ya boy into a savage
I think Dan Savage did that once and got in a whole heap of trouble
Don't stress over Cruz winning Iowa. Remember when Santorum won Iowa? Of course not, you only remember him at all because of Dan Savage.
according to micheal savage, Cruz is unelectable. Yet he won the caucus.
I think even Dan Savage would be appalled at that one.
ah, the only thing of value Dan Savage ever did...
There's a dan savage Santorum joke in here, I think...
I just read that thinking of Dan Savage's definition of "santorum," and I laughed so hard
Huckabee's mentions right now are savage
Mostly cuz they still run Dan Savage but also because it tries so so hard.
Classic!. Thank you Dan Savage for the most epic trolling. Ever.
As much as I don't care for Dan Savage, that there was triumphant, I have to hand it to him.
Perhaps some royalties to Dan Savage on the use of his own name.
be totally awesome if if Dan Savage would've done it
Dan Giles named Savage's Firefighter of the Year for 2015
Ask Dan Savage, he'll tell you ever since began all the nice Xtian teens have been doing buttsex.
Documentarian: "The grand marshal of the parade is Dan Savage, one of my heroes."
my education at Saint Petersburg State University summarized: thanks NY Times articles, "Throwing Shade" and Dan Savage's "Lovecast"
All Muslims are terrorists. All *** are Dan Savage. All Christians are Yoweri Museveni. All women are Margaret Thatcher.
It’s hard to believe it was just five years ago that Dan Savage and Terry Miller had the idea to encourage LGBT youth with a video explaini…
I spoke with Fred Karger two weeks ago, and with Dan Savage over a year ago.
I've said it before, I'll say it again and again: Dan Savage is basically the photo negative of Fred Phelps.
From our very own Humanitarian, Mark Lawrence. Remember when Dan Savage hijacked Santorum on the interwebs and...
What is Dan Savage doing in that doc?!?!
Stop supporting Dan Savage. Me and my family do not have to purchase your fine products. Please return to being a high valued company.
Dan Savage seems to not get anything outside of the mainstream that is not his own experience.
Friends with Violations: When to end a “friends with benefits” relationship. by Dan Savage I'm a… |
Next wedding you're a lock 😉! Will we see you for the preseason opener?
Savage Dan coming back tho, it's all good😋
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Dan savage partnering with Doritos to limited edition LGBT Doritos? I mean... I don't have a single problem with same sex marriage but c'mon
Dan Savage - It gets better, It gets better - Dan Savage Quit the BS that you aren't associated with him, looks better to me
Shame on you for being associated with social terrorist Dan Savage. Disgusting.
For a moment I thought that quote was Dan Savage dissing bisexuals again. :P
Huckabee asks Frito Lay to drop pro-LGBT Rainbow Doritos partnership | FILTHY, VILE, VULGER DAN SAVAGE! Pray for him
Let's never forget the time I misheard 'Dan Savage' for 'Fred Savage' and things got weird
Dan Savage is the most fascinating mix of Great ideas, bad opinions, and "problematic" moments
I didn't had the time in the morning, but now I can watch 3 hours of in Greetings from Chile
Huckabee to Doritos: Meet your sick new partner Frito-Lay working w/radical LGBT activist Dan Sa…
My family and I will boycott Doritos for supporting anyone associated with Dan Savage.
Frito Lay joins with bigot and blasphemous Dan Savage for *** Doritos Its time to take our stand against organizations like these
Dan Savage lied. It doesn't get better.
When you feeling savage but still gotta caddie
Another reason couples therapists should love Dan Savage
Tell what you think of them sponsoring an anti-Christian hate monger like Dan Savage
Meet Black Singles 300x250
There are better voices to ally with than Dan Savage. cc:
.is waging war on corn chips, rainbow Doritos specifically, and Dan Savage
"We have not partnered with Dan Savage" Sorry, guilt by association - Huckabee asks FritoLay to drop Rainbow Doritos
You are a straight savage messing with Dan in VA Beach lol
What to do when the friend with benefits sleeps with the BFF: Roommate + longtime drunken lay = trouble. Plus: What…
To paraphrase Dan Savage, she gets better.
My day one, we've been through it all. We have some super savage memories but I won't get into all that. Happy birthday bro 💡🔌
Funny you should call Dan Savage vile and full of hate but fail to realize that majority sees YOU as same. Matthew 7:3
Yeah but it was in a syndicated Dan Savage column they run in the back near the escort ads.
ICYMI: Mike Huckabee has rainbow-colored Doritos in his sights. Frito-Lay and a rep for Dan Savage respond:
Hope someone gives Huckabee some Doritos shaped like Dan Savage's head
I did and Dan Savage keeps popping up
when Dan Savage, the head of a white house bullying campaign, wishes that Sarah Palin gets cancer.
The best thing Rick Santorum ever did was inspire Dan Savage. He's only running for president to make money off stupid donors.
I think you missed the obvious choice of Dan Savage playing Rick Santorum
Update your maps at Navteq
Michelangelo Signorile and Dan Savage on issues- including
Dan Savage: Kentucky clerk defying Supreme Court on *** marriage is 'waiting to cash in'
I generally like Dan Savage, but occasionally becomes off like an utterly myopic turd.
Dan Savage spilling the boiling tea on Kim Davis
Dan Savage: Someone tell Kim Davis that God is not her employer
Dan Savage on the "puritanical" reaction to the Ashley Madison hack:
"Dan Savage: People deserve privacy online — but Josh Duggar is a ‘legitimate target for an outing’" ( )
that's because despite what Dan Savage would have you believe, Rick Santorum is a fundamentally decent human being.
"I have seven spawns derived from anal mucous" - Rick Santorum . (the only time you'll ever see me give a nod to Dan Savage)
Ben Shapiro on anti-Christian bully extreme Dan Savage - via
makes sense. when Dan Savage lives like a *** he should want to have sex with them too! :D :*
Word on the podcast is that has some copies of the Savage Worlds Deluxe core book. Is that the big one? or the explorer's?
I'm in the UAE. Not that much of a shock, really. Sex Nerd Sandra, Dan Savage and Dr. Nerdlove's sites are blocked as well.
Dan Savage: I'm afraid to lose my virginity. What should I do? via
"Don't go out to dinner and then go home to have sex. Have sex, then go out to dinner."
"I think there are times and circumstances under which adultery is okay. And cheating may be the more loving to do."
Dan Hodges at his savage best > The Labour party is a joke. We should stop taking it seriously
Dan Savage continues to be a genre thing.
Chicago Reader - A friendly guide to hosting an all-girl sex party . . .
Savage Love: "I have always wanted to have a girls-only sex party." by Dan Savage I have always wanted to have a…
Watching the (A)sexuality documentary and wow, Dan Savage is an ***
At first I confused Michael Savage with Dan Savage and this made no sense at all. .
Dan Savage: If Bristol Palin were Obama’s daughter, Fox would shame her for being pregnant
This is the best Macho Man Randy Savage impersonation that you will ever hear:
This Macho Man Randy Savage impersonation will blow your mind (Video)
The host outage appears to have been resolved, Party People. Please enjoy the latest podcast:
GoDaddy outage appears to be resolved. Please enjoy the latest podcast (cc:
Dan Savage talked about it on his radio show today.
everyone was so savage in season two and three of one tree hill with wanting Dan dead. everybody wants him dead and he knows it. 😂😂😂😂
You can take a Brit out of Britain, but you can never erase the British savagery from a Brit. The most savage society in history
Website Builder 728x90
I crack every iPhone u get, but I'm still not getting a case 😓
And yes, quite disgusting. Nothing less is expected from Dan Savage.
Here's a searching "C***servative" . two thing come often enough they stand out. Dan Savage. Gawker
800 Years of European Homicide. Lesson: Almost anything looks good compared to our savage ancestors (ht
And 100%, Dan Savage is a bully. Make no mistake.
I love the no reaction I get for being a savage on molt to the "other" youtubers😂
Dan Savage pointing out that the viciousness of Anita Bryant helped make Harvey Milk a national figure is illuminating.
Dan Savage (sort of) defends 'homophobic bigot' Alec Baldwin
"Dan Savage reminds Ben Carson: Christianity is a ‘choice,’ but being *** is not"
Ah so Ben Shapiro would probably win the debate but Dan Savage is too high and mighty to take the time. I understand
it means that A-lister Dan Savage is not going on Z-lister Ben Shapiro's irrelevant little boy show
.Dan Savage said this of Rick Santorum on HBO:
it must be from Andy Sullivan and Dan Savage's condo in Palm Beach smfh
At least maybe I won't have to hear so much from Dan Savage or Andrew Sullivan any more.
Can anyone find a link to the great CNN panel discussion: Toobin, Andrew Sullivan, Dan Savage. Aired to day. Re: ***
"Dan Savage and Jon Stewart do the same stone-throwing and overt provocation. Same is true on the…" — Ohio Historian
"Is Marcus Bachmann *** Dan Savage and Jon Stewart think gaydar answers the question. They're wrong." ...
We heart Dan Savage for talking up All-Star Softball Classic for Youth! . 1 in 5 homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. http:…
Thanks to Dan Savage for pointing out that Rick Santorum is wearing eyeliner in his bid speech. Explains why he looked extra creepy.
and, well, Dan Savage, I've read Herb Caen, and you, sir, are no Herb Caen.
**12 years!** after Dan Savage's stroke of brilliance, Rick Santorum's last name on Google is still snakebit:
Dan Savage is a so-called "anti-bullying advocate" who, in reality, is a bully himself.
Living in basement, glued to computer and eating nothing but Cheetos will do that. Shortcut: watch John Oliver; follow Dan Savage
Here's Dan Savage with a child rapist and top Dem donor, Terry Bean.
. The new cool kids for the left. No talent, no class, AHole, Brats. Dan Savage . Trevor Noah. Lena Dunh…
Why politicians need to include Dan Savage in discussions about what topics we cover in sex ed.
When the linesman is a savage with the vanishing spray 😭😭
just had a flashback to Dan Savage's Google bomb
“who do u know by dat name sef”tiwa_bode, tiwa savage. I've been doing my homework
One time Kaila and I found a water bottle on the side of the road and now we use it
Some people also use "were" to mean more savage/feral than a normal anthro. Not correct, but eh.
Dan Savage Podcast Episode 439: Bossy slaves and three-ways with celebrities
Listen to me on Dan Savage's latest podcast where I discuss getting the boot from an Elaine Stritch fueled threeway
Dan Savage said women are supposedly to blatantly ask people for sex, so everyone in my address book is getting a nice surprise today.
Why does no one listen to Dan Savage when it really matters.
not as bad as Santorum becoming a nsfw word bus Dan Savage (?)
And sometimes like today he leaves class to go home and changes because
"I don't bring actual pens to class, I bring the ink cartridge that comes inside them." -actual quote from
Old story,but worth knowing. College trannys turn on *** sex column icon Dan Savage for using the word tranny.
“Every relationship ends until you find one that doesn’t, and you only know which one that is once you’re dead.” - Dan Savage (heehee)
my dog Magic repping the team here in West Virginia!!
Now I’m imagining the Adventures of Doc Savage and his little brother, Dan…
I like Nunez-Savage/Guerra- Espinal in mid. Would like to see what Saragosa and Hristov can do in MF.
time to let go of the savage life Dan😕
My wife got on Dan Savage's podcast asking what to do about my long hair. 3 guesses on his advice
well in the words that Dan Savage uses "it doesn't get better " lol
Dan Savage quoted in the Sun-Times for our season announcement. Whee!...
When you train your cat to be a deadly assassin 😼😼 SAVAGE! 😭😭
I would probably pencil Savage in to the starting 11. But the rest is just too deep. Good problem to have
Claridge, Savage and Motson on The Monday Night Club. Imagine the cancellations they had to end up with those three.
Bullets flyin, Dan Marino, drop that clip and reload
Savage Love Episode 439: Trapped in LA, Dan chitty-chats with comedian Jeffery Self about self lubricating, bo...
Dan Savage challenges Ben Carson to prove being *** is a choice: “Suck my d***”
Dan Savage talks about the first gift he ever gave his husband, *** http…
Family Research Council blames ‘nemesis’ Dan Savage for racist Oklahoma frat video
. blames ‘nemesis’ Dan Savage for racist frat video.U desperate Jesus junkies better just PRAY
Are we sure "Tom Cotton" isn't just an elaborate performance art hoax by Dan Savage?
"Being Christian is a choice, being *** is not". Love it Dan Savage!
Omg this--> Dan Savage's public response to Ben Carson's comment on homosexuality being a choice:
Showed friend my book's jacket, blurbs from EO Wilson, Jared Diamond, Dan Savage, Steve Pinker, Beth Loftus. He thought I made it up as joke
When was the last time Mike Tyson, Dan Savage, Rebecca Mead, Van Cliburn & Andrew Sullivan were in the same room?
Yep, it's true. Dan Savage is joining us LIVE from 10-11 am PST. Questions welcome.
Potential 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Former US Senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum Richard John Santorum Born: May 10th, 1958 (age 56) In the 2012 Republican presidential nomination race, Santorum finished a surprising second behind the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney, capturing six states and 234 delegates – even ahead of libertarian icon Ron Paul and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. This was achieved in spite of his record defeat (by an 18-point margin) for an incumbent in a Senate election in 30 years and his “Google-problem” - instigated by *** activist Dan Savage’s web campaign in 2003, which sought to popularize an alternate definition of “Santorum”, in retaliation to Santorum’s equating the issue of *** marriage to bestiality and pedophilia. Santorum however, has never been one to shy away from a controversy. A passionate and opinionated man, even his critics readily admit that this articulate socio-fiscal conservative believes in his own convictions, and neve ...
Happy birthday goes out to the savage
"The bullied straight kid goes home to a shoulder to cry o..".
Dan Savage - "With God all things a possible, so I just keep on inseminating my husband and crossing my fingers"
Has anyone actually seen Dan Savage have sex?
*** in a Handbag Productions seeks a Director for the first show of our 2015 season, MIRACLE! By Dan Savage, a...
"Dan Werderitch is cute and can shoot 3's 😍"
On Thursday, Cleveland's *** Straight Alliance will be hosting *** rights activist Dan Savage. Meeting starts at 2:30 in Shinn's room.
I liked a video from Festival of Dangerous Ideas 2013: Dan Savage - Savage Advice
This is an amazing interview. Playboy and
If I could have anyone's life it would easily Dan Bilzerian. Savage.
I don't think so. It was in the middle of all the drama and Dan Savage @ ing that I think everyone missed it.
Fantastic Syriza win: austerity does not work for Greece, for Tory/Lib Dem UK, nor for EU; we all need investment in growth …
Working for didn’t save him from a savage beating. His “crime”? Speaking Arabic http:…
Btw, was Dan Savage involved in any of this? Or did Scotty keep @ ing him in hopes of sparking outrage?
Have to love who attributes today's success to desire to get his NBA2K ratings up. Love it.
Savage should not be allowed to commentate, he is terrible at it
dan meet ed. You can talk about whatever a Savage is
The "Christian" Left, such as false teacher John Shore, actually partners with people like Dan Savage. . Dan...
I woke up this morning to an unsolicited op-ed from Dan Savage, calling for the prosecution of Leelah Alcorn's parents, a notice for a vigil for Andi Woodhouse, a Pittsburgh based trans man who killed himself in December, and an announcement that ABC Family plans to launch a KoOkY new reality show "My Transparent Life," which is exactly about what is sounds like it's about and I'm just SO ANGRY AT THE WORLD RIGHT NOW AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT!!
Dan Savage has called for the parents of Leelah Alcorn, the 17-year-old transgender girl who committed suicide Sunday morning by allegedly walking into traffic, to [...]
Dan Savage: Leelah Alcorn parents should be prosecuted for her suicide
I generally I like Dan Savage. Or I did at some point. But stoking fires under Leelah Alcorn's parents takes away from the actual tragedy.
Attitude Magazine » Dan Savage: ‘Leelah Alcorn’s parents should be prosecuted over suicide’
*** rights activist Dan Savage has hit out at the parents of 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn, the trans teenager who tragically took her own life last Sunday (December 28).
Dan Savage has extremely strong words for the parents and therapists of Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen who died by suicide after leaving a note on Tumblr.
Home bound day 5, the only people in my life are Walter White and Jon Stewart, Dan Savage and NPR hosts.
Heterosexuality is substituting Dan Savage and Fred Savage interchangeably in conversation.
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I've been in Seattle for 7 weeks now and I've yet to run into Dan Savage, Ken Jennings or Phoenix Jones. What am I doing wrong??
recall that Dan Savage built his career by popularizing *** anal sex imagery as a slur against Rick Santorum
YESSS! Santorum. We all forgot about Santorum. Please google Dan Savage & Rick Santorum for proper definition.
Well, there's one good thing I can say about Ben Carson - he has better SEO than Santorum. Where's Dan Savage when we need him? :)
According to Instagram, Jake Shears is looking after Dan Savage and Terry Miller's dog right now. This makes me so happy.
Helen Fisher: People happily in love sustain “positive illusions” about their partner. Dan Savage nailed it:
One of the greatest ad-libbed jokes I've ever heard, from the latest Savage Love podcast: Sex researcher: at my first job I used to spend 5 hours a day in the lab observing rats having sex Dan Savage: that's funny, I did the same thing except I worked at a Pizza Hut
It Gets Bourgie Project - returnthegayze: Dear Dan Savage: We appreciate all of the hard work that you and...
Good luck. Hoping for a quick recovery.
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