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Dan Rooney

Daniel Milton Dan Rooney, CBE (Hon.) (born July 20, 1932) is the United States Ambassador to Ireland.

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and the was dealing with projections. He quotes Dan Rooney. That's a direct quote. Not an "inside source"
2 CBs, one more young CM, Speedy direct forward, sell fellaini, mata and Rooney, keep De Gea = greatest summer in 10+ yrs.
Dan Rooney & John Mara similar relationships I think. Weirdest thing in the NFL but then again Goodell is an ***
Mike Shannon and Dan Rooney should read this. :)
How is Dan Rooney gonna endorse ? She hates rich white men and pretty much all men for that matter
I can see Dan Rooney, cigar dangling from his mouth, telling JaMarcus Russell that he has one chance as he hands him the pen.
Wow Rooney with gel in his hair, i must admit i‘m impressed with the treatment he took.
Dan Rooney is a genius. The only owner who voted against giving Roger Goodell all this power. The black eye of the NFL
First Dan Rooney hires the dog murderer Michael Vick the he endorses another killer warmonger Hillary Clinton. Come on man.
Sources tell me, after tea on Friday Chair Dan Rooney & wife Patricia endorsed for prez.
.gets important endorsement from Dan Rooney!
Rooney was made to look good by Evertons shocking pressing game, LFC and THFC would press him out the game
Talking later, is on, rant about Wembley for semis, starting with Rooney - did people write him off…
JUST IN: Steelers chairman Dan Rooney has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president:
There's absolutely no chance Wayne Rooney, wife and 3 kids are moving to China.
Ronaldo, Rooney, Young, van Nistelroy, to name but 4 who fit that category.
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no but thats the laws of the game. This is just conning officials. Rooney is guilty of it too. Hate it in the game.
Throwback to when Rooney took out his anger on the ball ..
NEW Dan Rooney: My 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL by Dan Roon
Hit Dan Rooney’s or Nonno’s for good food, craft beer, cocktails AND have money left for a jackpot!
Framed & ready for mounting Pittsburgh Steelers, July 12, 1988: .."both sides should grow up and get back to the table". Dan Rooney.
Dan Lebatard is the Andy Rooney of the sports world.
Steelers chairman Rooney to be honored with Jackie Robinson Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Award
Dan Rooney & Art Rooney II stay on top in latest... ownership reshuffle.
Rooney to receive prestigious honor: Steelers' Chairman Dan Rooney will receive the Jackie Robinson…
Mr. Dan Rooney's life has exemplified everything the Jackie Robinson Award stands for! 📰:
Dan Rooney will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jackie Robinson Foundation.
Steelers Dan Rooney to receive prestigious award
if Sturridge and Welbeck stay fit, he will take them, Rooney and Kane. Won't take 5 strikers 😩
Ownership of the will remain firmly under control of Chairman Dan Rooney & President Art Rooney II.
Major Dan Rooney, founder of waved the American Ethanol green flag to start Sunday's race h…
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Congratulations to Dan Rooney on being chosen to receive the Jackie Robinson Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.
Throwback to when Wayne Rooney took out his anger on the ball. ⚽
Chairman Dan Rooney to be honored by Jackie Robinson Foundation
Mike Shanahan, Bill Cowher, Dan Rooney & Jimmy Johnson disagree it was big deal. So does:
Can you imagine if Dan Rooney let Bill Cowher pick Shawn Andrews? .
FYI, Dan Rooney states in his autobiography that Cowher wanted Sean Andrews, not Ben.
Jerry Richardson and Dan Rooney visiting with ex-WR Jerricho Cotchery on the sideline. Posing for picture.
Bill Cowher also didn't think they needed another QB after watching Tommy Maddox in 2003. Forced to draft Roethlisberger by Dan Rooney.
Firing family happens in sports.1987 Steelers personnel director Art Rooney Jr was ousted by team president and brother, Dan
Good luck Dan Rooney, Connor Desimone and Gerard Arceri representing LI at UA Underclass games. Go LI!.
Folds of Honor founder Major Dan Rooney talks about two July activities to benefit the nonprofit organization:...
My favourite ever picture of Wayne Rooney, a man of the people.
If it was up to me Dan McLaughlin, Mike Shannon, and Rooney would call every Cardinals game. . Sue me.
"England's top earning women earns less than a tenth of Rooney's weekly salary". Can she do this?
“That’s another thing I’m not fond of, position players pitching.” - Harold Reynolds doing his best Andy Rooney
the only books ken told me hes ever read: "Harry potter series, tiger woods autobiography & dan rooney autobiography.
They may have been to the World Cup, or played minor roles in qualifying, but come on Dan. Hart: established. Rooney: established. Y'follow?
We were delighted to welcome back former Ambassador Dan Rooney & Mrs. Rooney today for a special visit!
Hope you enjoy the sun Rooney. Looks like it's going to be a nice one. ~Dan
I thought Rooney's hair was pushing through?
excuses galore Dan on paper Ur side was always better dan mine we literally had no strikers between Rooney & Di Gea alone
our best player in top four is Rooney and people moan about him starting
most united fans think we need a striker but I think if Rooney plays at no9 all season he'll score 20+ goals
Dan Rooney thought Ike Taylor would learn to catch after Super Bowl interception
Steelers chairman Dan Rooney releases statement on the retirement of Troy Polamalu.
I love interviewing at pitt football because first Dan Rooney strolls by then Mike Tomlin, makes me feel important
Disagree Dan. Intention was to win the bal. Evasive action could so easily have been hurdling the challenge. Rooney admits diving.
I will save you from starting and tell you that Gossip Girl is Dan Humphrey
The live show froze so I had to stop watching.. And uncle Dan looked on point today
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that's a bonus Dan..wouldn't mind but the same people piping up are wanking over rooney in an England shirt
This is brilliant , chap does impressions of rooney, gerrard, carragher and rodgers 😂
“Wayne Rooney bring new clothes to training made me 😂😂😂
No matter what you do, i always support to you. ... . RT
how on earth can you say that was a penalty last night he didn't clip Rooney atall...
Saw cute little Dan Rooney scooting along at UPMC today! Wearing his little steelers scarf lol
If Rooney was taking evasive action, why not just hurdle the GK and stay on his feet, why the need to throw himself to the floor? He cheated
".provides his guide to hating Manchester United is Brilliant
So much abuse towards Rooney, he did what everyone would've done when the keeper rushes out. :)
Another look at Wayne Rooney's shocking dive last night. Arsenal fans will want to see this.
HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! who else is gonna Delia it up Dan and Phil style? 🐣
RTMy opinion on the Wayne Rooney incident. . It was a dive. . RT
Anyone know if there's a possibility Rooney may have dived last night? Zz
I agree with Dan the Refs wouldn't have been able to see the Rooney Incident. Retrospective penalties.
"Let's take another look at the Rooney incident from last night...
If Rooney was taking evasive action for the penalty, why did he leave his leg in? Surely evasive action would be hurdling the GK?
"So,its Rooney,so it isn't a dive..if it was a player then he would have been banned..."dats y his bigger dan ya'll
Liverpool fans complaining about the Rooney dive... We would have still won 2-1 without that penalty! Sh ✋
Wayne Rooney: Has now scored his first goal for Manchester United since the 26th of December
Wow! I just won this for free, Pittsburgh Steelers DAN ROONEY Autograph HOF Topps Card NFL
📳 🌻 Rooney ✉ Sex Dates in your Area Click here >>
Old Man Rooney adored Dan Marino. FChuck Noll said no. Wanted to go with defense. Brilliant. We draft Gabe Rivera instead.
Wayne Rooney has already offered more movement upfront in 20 minutes than van Persie has all season.
Wayne Rooney is playing as a striker for Man Utd for the first time since December 8th vs. Southampton (1-2 win).
Wayne Rooney has now scored 7 goals in his last 8 FA Cup matches. He scores his 1st from the spot since the 2005 final …
Dan Rooney is the Best.Its no wonder why you guys love playing for him!
absolutely knockin these replies out the park. but that's football, no worse cause it's Rooney
Rooney dived.I don't care,Fellaini man of the match for me,bet rolls on to tomorrow,bye bye Preston Scum.
QUOTE: Martin Keown on Wayne Rooney: "It's a dive...but it has to be a penalty."
If Rooney did that and won England the World Cup, would anyone be complaining? 😴 Roy's got it spot on.
you probably condoned Rooney diving as well though so i'm not going to listen to you
Watching Rooney & all celebrating has made me change my mind I still wish it was 1-0!
He should still mind the shot lol, he follows Rooney to the other side he gives Herrera an empty net anyway.
think he tries to pull out dan Rooney's cleared him
Incredible watching see the Busts of Dan Rooney & Art Rooney Sr.
Lol, if Rooney is in an offiside position, his touch would be irrelevant so either way the goalkeeper should mind the shot.
My impression of Rooney winning a penalty! DIVER!
Look at Wayne Rooney and Luke Shaw's celebrations very carefully...
Rooney didnt dive to get out of the way of the challenge he did it to win a penalty. Get real people 👍⚽️😉
So Rooney has basically taught me that I can almost crash my car, then claim on my insurance for whiplash, theft & loss of earnings...
Well in all fairness, i guess the keeper was waiting for a touch from Rooney, then rooney pulled away
it's alryt mate.. Rooney would like the FA cup to put in his lovely cabinet at home according to Bellend keown!
Dan Rooney on “He was a leader in the locker room, no question about that. It’s great he made it."
Several NFL owners are here: Arthur Blank (with elbow brace), Dan Rooney, Clark Hunt ...
Scoff at Ike Taylor staying with organization in some way? Team photo this yr, Dan Rooney doesnt stand next to Art or …
Little Giant Ladders
u wanna do it dat way? Den Bojan has had a better career dan Rooney. Cos wat he won doing d Guardiola era was incredible.
"so ur saying Anderson had a better career dan Henry?" Tbvh honest he did.Even Fletcher, Rafael, Evra,rooney,carrick etc
Very cool. Congrats to Dan Rooney and his team! “Get ready! The 500 is 76 days away!
So what if sat with Jerry Jones at last night's game, maybe he's not an Eagles fan. Wish I knew Dan Rooney.
Photos: Wayne Rooney transition from defence to attack for first goal vs Liverpool [via
Man Utd 3-0 Liverpool. Rooney, Mata & Van Persie get the goals but De Gea grabs the headlines: ht…
In 25 secs Rooney went from being our last defender back when Sterling was denied by De Gea to scoring at other end!! ht…
yeah me and dan charley said that, laughing at some Liverpool fan earlier calling Rooney crap
De Gea, Carrick, Valencia, Rooney, RVP, Mata, Young were all brilliant today
The difference today they had a top keeper and finishing power in Vpersie and Rooney! We Didn't.
SUB comes on to replace Rooney. Man Utd 3-0 Liverpool (78 mins)
united are clearly dominating that, wicked football. Felliani, Rooney RVP and Mata all combining together to smash a third.
HT: MU 2-0 Liverpool. Goal by Rooney dan Mata . Come on boys
STATS: W.Rooney has scored (66) or assisted (28) 94 goals in his last 100 PL games at OT. [Opta]
Higher dan wat we rate him nw “ how else do you want to rate him? "See Rooney is underrated"”
What were Dan Rooney's qualifications to be Ireland's ambassador? Running an NFL football team? Where was Karl?
Don't get me wrong, Wayne Rooney is a good player, but England Great? Majority of his goals are probably against Andorra and San Marino!
Rooney has 166 PL goals, he only playd as a CF 4 2 seasons.. He's also second in assists 81, two behind Lampard n y'all…
@ getting ready to listen to Dan Rooney with
13 - Wayne Rooney was the only player to appear in all 13 of England's international matches in 2014. Leader.
Rooney has never scored a hat trick for England.
Rooney has scored 49 international goals, with 22 of those coming in friendlies. Some records speak for themselves. As doe…
I added a video to a playlist dan rooney v cash 1990
With Rooney getting ever closer to Bobby Charlton's England scoring record, let's look at the vital stats:
Rooney's our best player by a's time we gave him some credit. By
Rooney doing a cartwheel with all the grace of a canoe that's been thrown down a mountain.
I feel like you could get it for like $100 maybe, I recently bought a SNES not signed by Dan Rooney for $45.
gonna repost this, someone is selling a SNES signed by steelers owner dan rooney
expert who is actually just Dan Rooney: "Yep it's legit"
oh my god someone is selling their SNES autographed by steelers owner dan rooney
“Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney celebrate. dan and clazza 😂
One of Wayne Rooney's best performances for the national side tonight, lead by example, professional and passionate performance from England
“Hodgson lets Rooney know how to celebrate that brace.
Masterful performance by Rooney up here, operated at another level. Milner, unsurprisingly, had the most touches in Englan…
The last ever football player i thought id see do a cartwheel was Wayne Rooney. 😂😂😂
"Wayne Rooney now three behind Bobby Charlton in the race to be England's top scorer" WHAT RACE?!
BREAKING NEWS: Wayne Rooney retires from international football.
Wayne Rooney will sooner rather than later be England's top goal scorer & probably top Man Utd's too.Good or Great play…
Rooney has scored 46 goals for England now. Not bad for an "past it, fat, overrated Wayne Rooney"
Wayne Rooney scores his 46th international goal. He needs 4 more to be England's all-time top goalscorer.
“Wayne Rooney celebrates his second goal of the evening
Yeah seen a few say that. People spoke as if the likes of Rooney etc... haven't played in big, noisy stadiums before.
Robertson was selling programmes outside Hampden Park three years ago. Filled Celtic Park with brief hope until Rooney mak…
Rooney celebrates his 46th England goal.
“Rooney celebrates his 46th England goal.
7 - Wayne Rooney has now scored seven goals in his last seven starts for England. Cushion.
Feel Rooney's breath on the back of my neck.
Best thing about Rooney inevitably becoming England's all time top scorer is the amount of people it'll *** off.
It's like watching the Rooney of 10 years ago. Bags of energy, desire, hunger.
Did both to score and England to win 2-1 Rooney you sir is a *** 😩
Wayne Rooney closing in on your goal scoring record
“Wayne Rooney now 3 behind Bobby Charlton and it's not hairs I'm talking about.” 😂😂😂😂
Wayne Rooney celebrates his 46th England goal.
Goal, Rooney celebrates his 46th England goal.
I was half expecting a backflip from Rooney then I'm not gonna lie 😂😂😂
Lol Rooney's celo. Remember doing that in Primary School
I think it's safe to say Wayne Rooney is only a few games away from becoming England's all time top scorer.
Rooney bottled the back flip though but disappointed
Rooney took me back to 2004 with that.
What a brilliant team goal that was!!!
Definitely a bit of zip to Rooney's play in recent matches. Would love to see LVG stick him up front with Mata behind
at what point did I say rooney was better than them? They are in league of their own! But rooney has scored in big games!
Messi scored the winning goal in how many occasions at the wc Messi has carried Barca to how many cups, same as Ronaldo. Rooney?!
“Great celebration from Hodgson and Rooney for the goal (via
ok so if its all about goals you need to rethink your thoughts on rooney coz his record is very good! Lol
ok I don't think your great till you do it in a major competition, no question Rooney is good but always stumbles on the big stage
im not puting rooney in same league as them but at all by the way! But rooney is an England great!
4 goals?! Goals is how you win games & I think Messi scored 3 more than Rooney?
do what? His scored in both! Has Messi or Ronaldo "done it" at a major tournament! Trust me rooney is an England great!
Rooney only got 4 goals from penals for England yet all he does is score penals for England lool
6 - Wayne Rooney has now scored in six of his last seven starts for England. Poacher.
Reminder that reckons Rooney's not had a good game since Euro 2004.
Dan Rooney just put the calls our for Carnell Lake and Kevin Greene.. Joey Porter is in the locker room putting on his uni
. chairman Dan Rooney welcomes Jon Gruden and to team headquarters today.
the art and Dan Rooney rule to interview black coaches is the only reason he got hired... If he was
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is a failure everyone is laughing at Art and Dan Rooney liberal policy is a deer lost in the headlights
Dan Rooney give the team back to Art you bum!
Mistakes abound consistently under Mike Tomlin. Someday Art & Dan Rooney will realize it. Until then it will a mediocre football team
Dan Rooney said he'd right the ship when he came back from Ireland. He needs to take the keys back from Art II and take over.
FIFA vice-president Jeffrey Webb called for the introduction of the 'Rooney Rule', with racism in football clear to see.Professional Footballers' Association CEO Gordon Taylor has claimed there is "hidden racism" in football when it comes to appointing black managers. The rule is named after Dan Rooney, the ex-Pittsburgh Steelers president, who abided by giving leadership opportunities to African Americans. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho also insisted there is no racism in football, while the Portuguese dismissed the need for the Rooney Rule - which is adopted by the NFL and requires teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching and senior football operation jobs. But Webb - the anti-discrimination chief - had a different view when he responded to those comments at the Leaders in Sports conference in London. The 50-year-old, who is also president of CONCACAF, said racism was overt in the game and said it is time for English football to follow in the footsteps of the NFL when it comes to the Roon ...
Can you imagine anyone in Dallas writing a piece entitled "Jerry's a better owner than Dan Rooney"?
"Neymar Overrated? He's actually better than all EPL attackers.."U re mad! So he is beta dan Rooney?Pls dnt get me started
Wayne Rooney. Lost all his hair then got a £50,000 hair transplant, still looks terrible!
but then again, Rooney should be number 3. Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney
Dan Rooney for being 82 looks really really old. Who'd have thunk being the Ambassador to Ireland could age you that much.
Sterling comforts Rooney after telling him he's not the best player in the team:
Coach Tomlin, Dan Rooney, Art Rooney II and Kevin Colbert pose after Harrison retires as a Steeler.
Sturridge out of Mondays game. That's sterling behind rooney 👌
Last night was a great night with coach franklin as he showcased the Dan Rooney trophy. Join us every Thursday...
Ibrahimovic is gud but rooney is beta dan him...After messi and Ronaldo coms rooney den Ibrahimovic follows
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is this really a serious debate? Rooney who is close to becoming England & Uniteds all time scorer vs welbeck?
I very much doubt Rooney, RVP n falcao will all start in the same 11
Rooney goes straight over to talk to U20s Harrison Reed and Paul Digby at SGP
murder house isn't as good as asylum! Freak show is going to be amazing though!
aint no better English striker dan sturridge at the moment, rooney is pathetic ryt now, gve the captaincy to hart
aye I think we should go 4 at the back like. It looks that way aye, I'd personally have RVP & mats over Rooney like, think Rooney
Rooney looks more of a midfielder dan a striker to me
The Dan Rooney Trophy has also arrived at Damon's.
Coach Franklin's head is now the Dan Rooney Trophy
James Franklin says Dan Rooney Trophy will be available for photos on game day.
Remember when owner Dan Rooney said James Harrison slapping his girlfriend was okay because his intent was "something good"?
season 2 looks so awesome I can't wait 🙈
Will Dan Rooney be at the James Harrison press conference to praise him for beating his son's mother bc she wouldn't let son be baptized?
the people slating Rooney are the same people that think Gerrard is untouchable. Gerrard hasnt come close to WRs achievements
Wayne rooney being called to step down after one game?
Broken jaw misery for Workington Town forward Rooney. Workington Towns Dan Rooney will have to...
Sticking with England goals, and here is a look at the ranking of teams that Rooney has scored his against. htt…
Workington Town pack star Rooney ruled out for rest of season. Workington Towns Dan Rooney will...
Here are Wayne Rooney's and Daniel Sturridge's heat maps from the game against Norway:
Man Utd are committed to paying Wayne Rooney £300,000-per week until he is almost 34. Wonder what his game will look like…
I just hope rooney's problem atm is about form..cos I really feel its more dan form...
Rooney doesn't look comfortable playing with Sturridge & Sterling at all whereas Welbeck does. Walco...
Colin Barrett has won the 2014 Rooney Prize for Irish Literature - here he is with Dan Rooney at Trinity this evening http…
I bet many had their negative Captain Rooney comments ready last night! Loving it that he scored!
Dan Rooney & Art Rooney II of the Steelers will host news conference at 2 p.m. today. Follow &
I'm guessing that Dan Rooney is going to announce he'll take on John Cena for the WWE belt.
"Legendary" is an understatement. Happy Birthday to the Pittsburgh own Dan Rooney!
Pamela Carter is now friends with Robert Kevin Reid and Dan Rooney
"No other coach won four Super Bowls, and the way he did it was with dignity." ~ Dan Rooney on Chuck Noll
Chuck Noll, who led the once pitiful Pittsburgh Steelers into an era of triumph in the 1970s, became the first and still only NFL coach to win four Super Bowls and did it all with a fundamental, no frills style, died at 9:55 p.m. ET Friday night of natural causes at his home in the Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley, according to Leonard Longo, a forensic investigator for the Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner. He was 82. "Hiring Chuck Noll was the best decision we ever made for the Steelers," team owner Dan Rooney wrote in his autobiography. "... To become world champions, we needed a coach with the right combination of vision, intelligence and leadership: someone who could teach us how to win." Noll, who had been defensive backfield coach of the Baltimore Colts, took over the Steelers in 1969 with no fanfare. In 37 seasons before his arrival, the Steelers had gone through 16 coaches and never won a thing. Not a conference title. Not a division title. Their postseason record in that span: losses ...
All this hate for Rooney, Dan had 2 chances tonight he would have buried
Rooney top man with Barkley just behind Sterling and Lallana either side and Hendo and Gerrard together
Rooney 39 goals for England. Poor tonight but on track record has to start, sturridge was awful tonight, I reckon drop him
poor that dan. Ronaldo really?? I'm talking about jones, smalling, welbeck & Rooney! There all not fit to lace his boots
welbeck playing out of position n doing an okay job. Must admit, we've looked better since Rooney went off tho
Rooney as a 9 would of put sturridges chances away without a doubt.
Imagine if welbeck or Rooney had missed that 😂
That's the critical element to possession play we've always lacked. Rooney, Lampard, Beckham never provided it.
Surely with Welbz the best option to do a job on Pirlo it would be Lallana in danger of missing out? Or even Rooney.
agreed Rooney is just not fit and brings nothing to the team at present
As much as I love Rooney for how patriotic he is and his work ethic, we look a lot more dangerous with him not in the team at the minute.
Barkley and wilshere have improved this team so much! Gerrard and Rooney were playing too slow
Barkley is so much better than Rooney
This is why Barkley should play over rooney we look so much better!
A viewpoint that many share Dan, Wayne Rooney better start looking over his shoulder
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Barkley ahead of Rooney all day. Positive, quick, creative & hungry. He's going to make mistakes but that's how he'll learn for the future
Barkley has been on five minutes and they can't stop giving the ball to him, if the manager had any sense he'd play hi…
In two minutes barkley has done more than rooney did in 45
And thats why Barkley starts over Rooney.. Done more in a minute than Rooney did the first half
If I was Rooney I would be worried right now about starting against vs Italy
Rooney is in the changing room, tethered to a radiator, barking in fear. He doesn't understand where the noises are coming…
Rooney is so average, i'd play Sterling off Sturridge and go for it.
Get Barkley on at half time for Rooney.
Rooney has done nowhere near enough to deserve to start
100 % Dan. Rooney far better when he's the main striker. Always struggles when he plays off someone.
Rooney looking like he needs some Regaine
Rooney will never be a world class player until he actually performs in an international tournament
Dan Rooney to deliver commencement speech |
so either way it want great play by rooney. yes I am biased!
Rooney/Welbeck/Sturridge movement good, but none of their link play as effective as Lambert interestingly. O…
Wayne Rooney said he was really frustrated & he wanted to get back on the pitch. I said Calm down, Wayne. We're in here f…
Rooney just text-a-message Kagawa. "Get to Miami Shinji, it's about to rain cats and dogs, be like buffet for Kagawa!". Ra…
And the players are sent from the field as the referee is worried about what the rain might do to Rooney's wig. …
Wayne Rooney's been hit by lightning
the only player that tries to make things happen coarse he's gonna give the ball away just like Rooney does
14 - Wayne Rooney has scored (11) or assisted (3) 14 goals in his last 17 appearances for England. Fulcrum.
Roy should drop Rooney against Italy, play Lallana central instead. Sterling out wide.
we always get mugged off. Sol Campbell against Argentina. Rooney against Portugal.
Surely you start Barkley over Welbeck and play Rooney wide
sterling suspended, ox injured. Playing Barkley would mean putting Rooney out left. All fit n well I thing sterling or ox
hope see mate I want Rooney to get some confidence under his belt with a couple n al n aye mate cheers am owa the moon oioi 🐎🐎🐎
id get rid of Henderson and rooney and welbeck and play sterling Barkley and the ox if he's fit
naa I'm a fan of Rooney playing cam he ain't a striker but I still say hed be vital
Wayne Rooney has got to be the most over-rated footballer in the history of the game.
Rooney, Sturridge and Welbz all starting. Happy with that
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
well looks like Rooney is in the middle tonight but when it comes to the wings neither should be starting there
...need to step up.I reckon rooney will stink the place out & welbeck will be ok but no sterling.
A better option than the hapless Rooney IMHO.
I hope come the italy game rooney will be dropped for a game,welbeck on the bench and milner and sterling put in the midfield
Steelers' chairman Dan Rooney Sr. to address those at his alma mater.
Dan Rooney to deliver commencement speech
This is my 2nd photo with Mr. Dan Rooney and there are more to come. We're talkin bizness. Details at a later date. The ACS is making great moves to preserve and restore Allegheny City! Join today and help make a difference.
Art Rooney, Noll, Cowher, Tomlin, Dan Rooney. Framed legends from my wife and son!
I got the best pack ever today. Rooney, Welbz, Hernandez, Kroos and shiny Chile badge.
The winner of the Mickey Rooney Award for the Best Little Man is...Tyler Johnson of the the rookie had 24 goa…
Naming your child after one of Man Utd's biggest stars is fine until something like this happens.This is ridiculous!
Dan Rooney references this in his book. Great franchises think out side the box in any given time, and of course the results speak for them selves. The greatest Pro Football Franchise in History!!! They were so good they caused the NFL to change the rules of the game when it came to defense. This was because the Steelers were so much better than all other franchises, the organization was the key, and still is the answer to success.
Bit rich coming from someone with the grammatical skills of Kai Rooney. cells not are
Boy called Rooney Scholes can't have name on Easter egg due to 'copyright rules' claim staff http:/…
And I played like 4 minutes max per game, but tbh most my goals where from like 2 yards out
Rights, I started upfront, don't think I touched the ball till about 25 minutes in
We actually played wicked in that match considering they'd won all their matches before it
I don't think so, him getting snapped by that 13ft bloke at Blyth was a highlight though
Playing in a sweet 10 man 4-3-2 against Ryton while Graeme was getting nonced on by a dog on the sideline was class
You had actually. You see Graeme's 30 yard volley against Cramlington? His reaction was a thing of beauty
My volley from outside the box away at Blyth was the hashtag 1
It was beautiful, straight out of a Sky Sports Montage
Here is a dandy photo from back in the 30s and/or 40s. It was located nearly next-door to Cowan's Service Center, between Getchell and Burr Streets. In the photo is Dan Rooney or his son Jim...I'm thinking it is Dan himself. Corn Flakes 3 boxes for 20 cents..imagine. We lived just around the corner at 7 Burr Street, next to the Rooney home. It was in the 50's, when Jim Rooney, and Charles (Tarr) Pooler ran the store. Jim was the son of Dan, and was close to being totally blind. Tarr was the son-in-law of Dan.
I find Rooney's lack of discipline so frustrating and when he's playing badly it rubs off on the whole team
I'd be starting Rooney ahead of Sterling or Barkley but would have no issues changing it up if he were crap
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