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Dan Rather

Daniel Irvin Dan Rather, Jr. (born October 31, 1931) is an American journalist and the former news anchor for the CBS Evening News.

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This month, I'm going to see Dan Rather, Joe Biden & Stephen Colbert, 2 Dope Queens & going to the Whitney Art Party. Bring it on, November.
Brian Williams, Dan Rather and Donna Brazille give you that witty response?
In 1956... Dan Rather hitchhiked Houston to Washington for All-Star Game at Griffith. Game was sold out but someone…
That feel when rather than praising a happy and fun game for being happy and fun journalists use Cuphead to talk about i…
See that's a good deal. But I'd rather be at this show. Tell dan I say thanks for the album shoutout
I applaud Dan Rather for being an important part of our against Donald J. Trump.
Following now. Thanks for the advice. I also follow Dan Rather daily
Agree with both points. I just think we take the easy way out too often and argue for why we don't need…
Images of Dan Rather reporting from the swamps of Vietnam. The days of correspondents hip-deep in the field of battle is over
It’s what i do & i manage 2 get away with it so it can’t be that hard😂 I’m complete opposite of you th I…
Even Dan Rather who said,"If a frog had side pockets, he'd carry a handgun.", knows the value of owning a gun for protection.
Behave dan 😂😂 rather the england team didnt exist 😂
I’d rather block the word from appearing
Would rather have Fabian Delph on the right wing that I would Oxlade Chamberlain at the moment.
“Courage is being afraid but going on anyhow.” - Dan Rather
Dan Rather and Brian Williams were unavailable for comment.
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This team is more prone to being upset rather than pulling out a tough win vs the teams listed too. Injury bug is rampant in SEA it seems 😫
Again you have another England manager picking names rather than form players how does Ox and hart start? Such a shame Big Sam didn’t last
The president, 2012 after After when he could actually do something rather than talk?…
Dan Rather, puts so eloquently what most of the WORLD thinks of you.
Did u observe ju's interviews, she was trashing ovi directly r indirectly. is gra…
Either way, in my Fords I'd rather be driving!!
Ie had no option but to suspend pre game rather than wAit until afte…
Dan Rather sent a powerful warning to Trump for Insulting Dead Americans in Puerto Rico
Bob Schieffer's suggesting "In the good old days, you could trust the news brought to you by Dan Rather and Brian Williams."
Depends what he did - no one knows. People are speculating on nothing. I'd rather concentra…
Thank you, Mr. Dan Rather! Yes, I hope the news media will continue to dig deeper. Without their vigilance, evil...
“The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you..."—Dan Rather Och Tamale…
And being a mental health promoter who wants to use dis opportunity to raise awareness rather dan anger to ignorance of such peeps
He is not dat free like j n Rangoli.. He has his other responsibilities too.. He has his 2 cute kids to spend time…
I would much rather have a female commentator call a game than the likes of Dan Dakich or Bill Walton.
That's okay Dan, lots of us love you & are eternally loyal to you. Who better 2 get info from, rather th…
Wenger would rather kill himself than sell to us.
Dan Rather on is killing it. Thank God for investigative reporters.
Hi Amanda! Having dinner w Jim 2night! Last night Dan Rather talked about covering hurricanesin the 60s. Thought of you guys!
Way better than this dan brazilian guy that first films a video rather then help ! This is true bravery !
Just heard Dan Rather say that Trumps tax plan will be huge win for the very rich and only mild or moderate wins for the Middle class
... 2 end up in d cramped homes of most SB winners. But rather dan complain, she immerses herself in d inconveniences.
Dan & Ty, Would you rather: Call a Patriot League Game or be a Spring Game Coach for the Ducks and Irish Respectively???
Dan, or rather Yahoo, is as good at picking goalies as the Giants and Jets are at drafting first round picks :')
Just another left wing nut and old coot just like Dan Rather...
“A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well.” ~Dan Rather
True, but look at the vetting done by your colleague Mr. Dan Rather.
Powell's Books presents Dan Rather on December 9. Tickets will go on sale Monday 10/9 at 10 AM. https:…
Those "journalists" rely solely on information that Dan Rather made up and told them to say
A free and fiercely independent press is the red, beating heart of democracy and our republic. Dan Rather at the Liz Carpenter…
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Slightly regretting having it delivered to a store rather than my house 😑😑
I'd rather wake up to a "class is canceled" email rather than a "good morning" text, but unfortunately I'm not waking up to e…
New Season of The Big Interview with Dan Rather -Geddy Lee on Oct 24 via
Geddy Lee will appear on AXS TV's The Big Interview with Dan Rather on October 24th
Rather Dave from the local boozer than any of them in truth
Dan Rather used to be a big voice, now he's only a whisper in up to his waist in swamp water.
Me too! You'll like it. Also, Dan Rather just released one. Mines on its way. 😊 lotsa reading!
Instead of using flags, I'd often rather write the function twice.
Drew and Mike listening to Dan Rather and Jon Stewart crying after 9.11.
And if he finds evidence, Dan? Would you rather be blissfully ignorant of Trump's compromising ties to Russia while President?
In 1987, CBS went black for six minutes after anchorman Dan Rather walked off the set of ”The CBS Evening News” - *tennis ran overtime.
I see it as a complete rubbish. If u can't help u say No nd f**k off rather Dan opening a trend on i…
"turn off the new and rather expensive heater, that Dan bought last weekend, at the wall"
Remember Dan Rather's lie about President Bush National Guard record while at CBS? You still cannot trus…
Was not entertained at all. Would rather spend the $12 on beer and food
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Rather carry gun dan make dem con drag me for TL
Dan Rather on Journalism and Finding the Truth in the News
That's how these BS peddlers get away w/ it-present something that is plausible/directionally…
Bill Nye is talking science with Dan Rather? That's a pair - both are snake-oil salesmen
Hey Dan, I imagine your mentions have been rather 💩 so to break it up here's an elephant
Top story: Dan Rather - Do you feel a deep anxiety in the pit of your... | Face… see more
I bet Dan Rather already feels that way about you.
On page 80 of 320 of Rather Outspoken, by Dan Rather
Probably some DL depth due to Tuitt's injury. But I'd rather see Big Dan let go.
This person literally said they would rather help a stranger than their loyal best friend who depends o…
Well, technically it ish possible dat Satan answered my prayerz rather dan Jesus dish time... Not sure who's respon…
The article that brought this all on was rather inaquous,imo. A couple lines from Dan about nuclear…
The problem is too many people are obsessed with perfection and how someone looks rather than who they…
Dan, I would Rather you stick to reporting the facts of all the lefts underhanded politic…
Exactly. If they're going to actually create a chance you'd rather he was there than Ayew.
I'd rather live in his world, than live without him in mine.
Can Dan Rather just go quietly into the night?
If you are using Dan Rather to push your issue you are automatically discredited.
I remember that. I think it was Dan Rather.
Just seen an advert for I'd rather watch the real thing with the great Dan Maskell on commentary.
I'd rather be hard to love . than easy to leave.
What we were discussing yesterday. And seems we have Texas' own, Dan Rather, to thank for this trend.
Dan Rather sits down with to discuss the Trump presidency, our fractured media landscape, and more:
Dan likes to spread darkness with the rest of the leftist. Just shut up Rather😈
First thing I noticed when I saw his eyes and his lips. Typical dishonesty from - home of…
SJW devs would rather their games fails than have the "wrong" people buy and make it successful. . Anti capitalist type…
Dan Rather? I thought he rotted away years ago.
Daily reminder . Dan Rather: "No one who played a role in normalizing this President should be al…
I love Dan Bailey but I'd rather watch him score extra points than field goals 🙃🙂
I've lost all respect for Dan Rather I grew up watching him on a black and white TV never again
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Rodded Chevy C10 just drove past me. Rather have that every day of the week.
I know Dan Rather pioneered this televised hurricane insanity but tv reporters shouldn't linger outside simply to show…
"September 11th, 2001 You'll remember this day as long as you live". -Dan Rather on 9-11-01.
Oh? Then why are we "literally" hearing news reports by Sam Donaldson, Bill Plante, Dan Rather, Chris Wallace,Tom B…
Dan Rather: Trump is "seized with fear" over what special counsel Mueller will find
thebradfordfile: Dan Rather is "afraid" of what I will find looking back at his "reporting." Forged documents = zero c…
I Iove the picture of Kenny Rogers and Dan Rather it is a nice picture of them From a Kenny Rogers fan Joy.
Cleaning out my computer this evening...came across these. I got to meet Eva Longoria in 2013 and Dan Rather in 2012
David Letterman returns to TV trying to get Democrats back in power for 2018. Sidekick, probably Dan Rather.
Dan Rather with, I mean Dan Abrams & Dad
Shepherd Smith seems bent on becoming Fox's Dan Rather. He wants to be the news instead of reporting the news. Ego?
“Mr. Trump will be seen as a loser, and so will his new cheerleader Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.” -Dan Rather
Dan Rather fell into a deliberate "trap" planted by the Bush folks about his national gaurd service. Watch out for "traps" Joe
Dan Rather, you can’t possibly think Donald J. Trump is the leader of the free world. You know better, just as Howa…
Really? I'm just sitting here watching Silver Spoons and drinking my Sanka, waiting for the evening news with Dan Rather.
"This is not about policy or even politics. This is about common decency." ~ Dan Rather
GUILTY of panoply of Pejorative muck slinging for political partisan gain and ratings see Brian Williams,Connie Chung, Dan Rather. Fake
Dan Rather rightly compares Trump to Joseph McCarthy. i always hope for a climactic moment like McCarthy/Welch in 1954.
Check out the Big Interview with Dan Rather and Meat Loaf on AXSTV. That was a really good watch.
Brian Williams has no credibility. Going way of Dan Rather.
Dan Rather's new book get patriotic cover from
MSNBC's indulges disgraced Dan Rather: the 2016 election was a "Cyber Pearl Harbor"
Dan Rather on the GOP and Trump: "Up to now we have no profiles of courage among the Republicans"
Dan Rather "We haven't had a president this pychologically troubled since Richard Nixon" and Dan should know,he was ther…
Fake News Scott Pelley was fired, he should have remembered Dan Rather! God bless Donald Trump!
Dan Rather to Trump on murder of 2 Americans who stood up to anti-Muslim abuse: "I hope you can find it worthy of your t…
Dan Rather to Trump: Speak out about the Portland stabbings
Dan Rather's open letter to POTUS urging him to take notice of the two heroes that were killed by a racist/Islamaphobic man in…
The era of Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite is sadly gone. In their vaca…
Dan Rather, Brian Williams, so much talent wasted in liberal political affiliations.
bringing back all the failures proven 2 be liars, Brian Williams, Dan Rather...apparently…
Brian Williams and Dan Rather are the founding fathers of Fake News. Who gives a rat's *** what they have to say?
Dan Rather was fired. Brian Williams was demoted. How about we hold POTUS to the standards we…
Dan Rather and Brian Williams have found a home on No surprise, media liars unite! = Joke!
Rachel Madcow with Dan Rather on a network with Brian Williams. You can't make this stuff up! Enemies of and the
WaPo sources have just been confirmed . the story came from Brian Williams and Dan Rather
Brian Williams reports that Dan Rather is furiously typing Comey memo on recycled toilet paper!
Yeah, not non-partisan like Brian Williams, Dan Rather and all journalism professors.
Paul Ryan.just another sleazy Republican. Excerpt from Dan Rather.
This is worth a watch. Dan Rather to Today's events gives us a resounding answer that "we're still a nation of…
Ted Koppel with concern for the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine & Dan Rather have hit the nail on the head. America…
Dan Rather evidently you're not a Christian man Romans 13 says obey the government Donald Trump is our president appointed by God
Dan Rather: "I have lived through nearly 4,500 weeks in my life, and I have never seen a week like the one we just had."…
Dan Rather is 85 years old if he made a mistake on one or two occasions, maybe…
Dan Rather: Future generations may mark today as one of the truly dark days in American history...
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I like Dan Rather, one of the best former news anchors ever. I remember he cried when JFK Jr. passed away.
Dan Rather: Trump's knowledge of history "below that of some gradeschoolers"
Tom Brokaw never falsely yelled "Fake News" at Dan Rather for competitive reasons. Some of today's online journalists nee…
Also known as Dan Rather's strange but true experience.
Dan Rather is a self-serving alarmist looking 4 redemption. He & Brian Williams have lots in common via
You're a little bit younger than me Aron but I remember watching Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite on T…
Is Maury Povich still married to the Chinawoman who Dan Rather hated?
Whose brilliant idea was it to follow Susan Rice's failed attempt to set the record straight with Dan Rather?
Where was Dan Rather when Chris Matthews said the same EXACT thing an never apologized? Double standard Dan Rathe…
Dan Rather is a liar. ... a . Chris Matthews said the same thing, and never apologized RATHER is an imbecile
Dan Rather is now Dan "Blather" of CNN AKA Credible NEVER News. CNN reports "Unmasking" & Similar it may lo…
CNNtertainer reports Dan Rather to Trump: Dropping bombs does not make you presidential
Find a better expert! Dan Rather -- Synonymous with Fake News -- Is Asked About Journalism in Crisis?
NYT honors disgraced anchorman Dan Rather with softball interview with
Absolutely. Sadly real news died with Dan Rather and the fairness doctrine. Reagan decreed facts didn't ma…
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Dan Rather: War must never be considered a public relations operation.
Dan Rather: The number of press praising Trump's Syria air strikes “as 'presidential' is concerning” http…
Brian Williams I never heard Dan Rather glorify war as you did on last night. The network ought to drug test you. Lay off the acid.
Dan Rather hits journalists who called Trump "presidential" after Syria missile strike
Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, Dan Rather and more: When TV anchors get bad press - Dave Lewis
Nixon had Dan Rather, Reagan had Sam Donaldson & now, Trump & Sean Spicer have irrepressible & tenacious -
He denied 9/11 on his "terrorism insurance," I had to subpoena Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Ted Koppel to prove 9/11 was a terrorist act
Chuck Todd is the epitome of a real news person. Akin to Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings. He will never be a Tucker or Hannity
Completely agree with you as I wondered last night where are today's Dan Rather or Sam Donaldson.
Noteworthy at twisting the truth, back when, were Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather.
I know exactly where you stand on every thing you cover. Did Ted Kopple ever let us know? Dan Rather? Please.
Ted -- After a long career, you should now help Dan Rather aka "Kenne…
Dan Rather: Trump's presidency off to a terrible start
Dan Rather is as credible as pepper spray. Yeah think about it.
Yeah, I'd say this was obvious the day after the election.
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We never got the TRUTH from Cronkite, Ted Koppel, Dan Rather etc. It was agenda driven by elites
. Koppel is just like Dan Rather, never to be trusted.
I wonder what Ted Kopple thoughts on Dan Rather and Brian Williams who reported
LOL, just showed it. Release the entire interview, otherwise Remember Dan Rather?
oh now tell me why Dan Rather got fired again because of real news are Fake News
. Remember Dan Rather? Was he bad for America like Dead Koppel called Sean Hannity over the weekend?
Koppel and CBS and Dan Rather and Martha, the one in chronic pain, are not interested in facts!
Koppel is just another version of Dan Rather.
what about Dan rather?! Ah the hypocrisy and smug ignorance of the left
They were outed with Dan Rather but we still didn't know how much they were controlling the narrative.
Like other pseudo-intellectuals like Dan Rather old Teddy scammed the American citizenry with his moral indignation for years
Ted Koppel and Dan Rather have lied by omission!
Yeah, Dan Rather's hit job on Bush was so not Fake News.
Why can't guys like Ted Koppel and Dan Rather just retire like normal people?
well what is Ted and ole Dan rather
Sean you said it yourself, Dan Rather was fired for lying, but you are not accountable for your lies and pathetic bias
Neda understands that so her gameplay is tailored towards building a narrative that makes sense rather than simpl…
Ok. That opening sealed the deal for me. I can't hold back any longer. I'm in ❤ with you. U had me at Dan Rather.
Koppel you as such a hypocrite.people won't believe in you. Retire with lying Dan Rather. You dese…
knows all about their Anchor, Dan Rather, pioneered it
LMAO this Hannity segment is beautiful. Dan Rather. Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Emails and Benghazi. He's so insecure.
Ted Koppel has the same credibility as Dan Rather and Brian Willams! None
did Ted say LIARS like Brian Williams, Katy Couric, Dan Rather were bad for America? We can't get truthful "NEWS" anymore!
'Worst start of any Presidency in history': Dan Rather says Trump is a disaster without precedent
Ted Koppel forgot to mention the father of - Dan Rather !.
Believe in our country’s capacity to right itself and do right. .
lmao Ted Who? He is long forgotten as a newsman just like Dan Rather another Who?there never be a Walter Cronkite😳
Hannity now tying Ted Koppel to Dan Rather because: CBS
Ted go back to the retirement home with Dan Rather
CBS' 60 Minutes' segment on Fake News forgot to mention CBS' Dan Rather's resignation after he and CBS ran a Fake News
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"A free and truly independent press - fiercely independent when necessary - is the red beating heart of freedom and demo…
What's inherently wrong with corporate news: good reporters like Ted Koppel & Dan Rather are more free to speak the truth…
Dan Rather: GOP healthcare failure "most staggering loss" so early in a presidency
Dan Rather a the safe harbor in the storm for me.
Dan Rather eloquently describes the latest loss! No one bought the big lie this time:
Please let this Trump tax report not be the precursor to a Brian Williams/Dan Rather debacle. We need you.
Repeat after me: Dan Rather is a disgrace.
Dan Rather in a rather peculiar location. Here confronted about the Bilderberg Group.
"The sheer level of paranoia that is radiating out of the White House is untenable to the workings of a republic." -Dan Rather
Seriously? Dan Rather? Nah I think Brian Williams is the best
Brian Williams must look at Dan Rather and think "If he can do it".
ppl supporting your show is also supporting Fake News network which has lying Brian Williams and disgraced anchor, Dan Rather
The networks wheeling out Dan Rather and Brian Williams to criticise Fake News is laughable.
How about honoring long time First Amendment defenders Tom Brokaw, and Dan Rather at WHCD since President d…
Dan Rather: This is an emergency—and a moment of judgement for everyone who remains silent
Dan Rather: I have a memo from the Texas National Guard that proves these Russia ties conclusively!
Dan Rather has emerged on the Teen Vogue National Parks American horizon as a fine leader indeed
Hmm... I get a weird "Dan Rather / Texas Air National Guard fake memo" vibe from this
Donna Brazille, Dan Rather, Brian Williams = liars. Clean up your house and stop killing the messenger.
Watch the movie "TRUTH". Starring Robert Redford, True story about Dan Rather and true Journalism.
thank GOD for people like Dan Rather !!
the MSM only has themselves to blame: Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Trayvon Martin 911 tapes, Donna Brazil, etc...
Brian Williams, Dan Rather and Donna Brazile give you that witty response?
Day 28 - Dan Rather was right to use the phrase "Spigot of lies", although it feels more like a firehose.
The press does an excellent job of delegitimizing itself. Brian Williams & Dan Rather come to mind.
Dan Rather, Brian Williams, John Harwood, Donna Brazile - nah, the media's not dishonest!
Well it is Dan Rather. We should really trust his assessment. pffft ok.
Well, it's Dan Rather. He obviously still does not know what is the frequency..
Well, it looks like Dan Rather has turned into a baiter.
RN: DT is passionately signing Taylor Swift's "mean" into his comb. Looking for the perfect picture of Dan Rather to put in his burn book.
Dan Rather: Watergate biggest political scandal in my life 'til now—White House has no credibility
I see now Dan Rather enjoys flipping arguments. Just make sure you don't burn the pancake on both sides.
Dan Rather on Flynn: "Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now" http…
I've seen Dan Rather report on fake documents in reference to George Bush, I don't believe any of this.
hmm, that's not what Dan Rather felt. He called Anderson's interview a masterclass in journalism.
Dan Rather's Big Interview. reveals the hardships. Estefan. Allman. Hagar. Haggard. Simmons. had to endure
Dan Rather and Brian Williams and all the other liars out there, just please go away already!
Brian Williams, Dan Rather, Katie Couic, Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair to lead march on Washington for "truth."
Dan Rather: We must stand up to Trump and call out his lies
Reminder: When Nixon ignored Dan Rather's Q at a press conference, Tom Brokaw followed up: "Will you answer Dan Rather'…
Dan Rather: Trump press conference was "smart performance politically".
Acosta might as well go join the likes of Dan Rather...he's done on the Hill 😂
I grew up with her, Gordon Peterson, Glenn Brenner, Walter Cronkite, and Dan Rather. When news meant something.
Dan Rather teaching ‘Truth in the News’ course. In other news, Michael Moore will be teaching 'Eating in Moderation'
"But a broken heart of a mother's grief is perhaps the greatest sadness known to nature." . -Dan Rather on the... http…
Dan Rather speaks about Trump's nuclear stupidity...& the dangers of his ignorance
Dan Rather: Nuclear weapons are not for the petulant, ill-informed 'king' to boast—they can end us
In "Truth" Redford plays Dan Rather, he could've dyed his hair at least. He looks like Alexander Pierce ffs
Dan Rather has a new name for climate deniers — and they probably won’t like it
I'd like to see some of the real old dudes. Sam Donaldson. Tom Brokaw. Leave out Dan Rather. Ted Koppel, Bob Sheifer.
how come Dan Rather can get your names right, but Bruce Allen can't?
Would you rather lather Dan Rather or fondle Ted Koppel?
Dan Rather serverely injured journalism in VietNam and it died at Columbia Univ. J School. Are you are predicting a resurrection?
I wish the media had journalists not just TelePrompTer readers. investigations? Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Clete Roberts we need you
Dan Rather on the responsibly of the press in 'the Trump era'. Read Blog: $SIRI
Why the news media lost all credibility.. 1) CBS News anchor Dan Rather reports Pres. Bush lied about TX Nat Guard service. Report debunked.
The way u explained the character of Django to Dan Rather, I want people 2 see the true artist and genius that was Redd Foxx. He is the King
famous admirers of Castro include Vanessa Redgrave, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Oliver Stone. Why would those people admire Actors!
Complacency is not the answer. . Dan Rather sounds the alarm: 'Now is a time when none of us can afford to remain...
Dan Rather reports: Trump cancels planned meeting with New York Times. Facts in dispute.
NBC - rehired Brian Williams . CNN - Thinks black holes swallow airplanes . CBS - Dan Rather . But please go on about fake new…
are still at it. Dan Rather and Michael Moore back to back interviews. Hey guys, there really is another side to this story.
Dan Rather, Michael Moore??? This is your message to unite the country? What a bunch of crap!
it’s Dan Rather or Katie Couric." - Sobran. ^^ Look around, plenty of liberals among the "RW" who have fallen hook line an…
I think Dan Rather just recited the lyrics from "Grease Lightning" on Don Lemon.
Great day yesterday working with Kix Brooks & Dan Rather.
Airs: November 01 at 8:00 PT/8:00 ETCarly Simon sits down with Dan Rather and discusses her career, ... -
Sirius Radio channel 102 Tuesday at 10 am eastern with Dan Rather. Bring back the old *** and girl…
Your question to Dean was good however his response of NYT vs Sullivan didn't stop Bush from getting rid of Dan Rather!
"Never insult an alligator until after you've crossed the river.". - Dan Rather
Brian Williams & Dan Rather didn't work for Fox, did they? Lol. Nice try though, dear 😉
.on CNN (9:37 AM ET): "Journalists do NOT make up stories." Dan Rather? Stephen Glass? (ntl, I don't believe Trump)
Dan Rather: Trump's threats towards Hillary were of a despot, tyrant, or monarch - not a president
Can't we get back to the days of Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass? So much dishonesty tod…
Shame on Why can't we go back to honest journalism w/ Dan Rather, Brian Williams, Jayson Blair & Stephen Glass?
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Dan Rather backs Brian Williams History will be the judge here.
How the *** can Katie C. Even be a reporter/commentator for any network. What she did is worse than Dan Rather.
The excellent sounding rather excellent playing live on Quiet Revolution right now - tune in Music Lovers :)
We shud all be more keen abt how our future wud turn out, rather dan thinking abt how a political party wud change our lives.
Dan Rather just shouted out and the as current journalism models.
The same man Dan Rather tossed off live TV ( a sitting POTUS.) And his son had stories made up about him by Rather.…
I'm so woke that I'd rather be sleeping.
"Journalism needs a spine transplant - when something is unquestionably false it should be called out as such" - Dan Rather
I'm at work and I would much rather be editing photos and whatnot
When Dan Rather attacks, he destroys.. completely and utterly.
It's painfully obvious that most muslims condone terrorism, and wish to live under Islamic rule, rather than secular govt.
charity 2charity donation. But why would Dan Rather bother to find truth??
would rather Riley played at lb than Rojo
they'd rather report on that over ours tbf. Wouldn't you?
From the Mr. Dan Rather...that's, read, read!!!
more interesting games to prioritise on, rather than a 0-0 at Scunny lol
yeah but I'd rather have someone as creative that can out and out defend aswell like stones can or Hummels does
Adulations on your rather witty reply. I couldn't have done any better.
is 1 of Few TRUE Investigative Journalists left on TV. Dan tells it like it is about Covrage
Also think of how sad it must be to have interviewed. "We'd rather close shop than hire you!"
Be sure to stop by the NBS hawaiian theme social tonight! Can't wait to see yall there! Room 319 in the Dan Rather at 5.
Parents seem to be having a go at me more since I got a job rather than when I was unemployed for 3 months. Sick🙂
Dan Rather was fired for false reporting. I guess ethics aren't in your requirements.
Put Dan Rather back on Air please...He will show them how its done!!!
Always marry a woman from Texas. No matter how tough things get, she's seen tougher.
Berkeley may remove free online content rather than complying with disability law
Its always a pleasure to watch you Bret. You are professional & always giving us the facts. I put you along with Dan Rather.
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