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Dan Quinn

Daniel Peter Quinn (born June 1, 1965) is a Canadian professional golfer and former professional ice hockey player.

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Dan Quinn's sole purpose of being on this earth is to lose to Tom Brady
See that stress that Dan Quinn wears because he has to try so hard to not think about the collapse. . Tom Brady did that to him.
All I know is Tom Brady beat a Dan Quinn inspired defense in 2 Superbowls & Aaron Rodgers is about to go 0-5 against him.…
Leave it up to HC Dan Quinn to help us break the cycle of losing in Soldier field.
Matt Ryan or any Atlanta Falcon outside of Dan Quinn deserves the blame for that SB loss
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said both Marquand Manuel and Steve Sarkisian will be on the field Saturday
Falcons coach Dan Quinn says the team will have its first walkthrough in this week.
Dan Quinn says they had almost three times as many "shots at the ball" on defense in Sunday's game as opposed to last Thursday.
Dan Quinn still looks like a Michael Stipe's big, jock, bully brother.
In 1994, Dan Quinn coached at William & Mary. A WR on that team? Mike Tomlin. . STORY -
Mike Budenholzer brought Spurs culture (best in the NBA) to Atlanta. Dan Quinn brought Seahawks culture (best in NFL) to Atlanta. Love it.
This almost makes me want to forgive Herbie for putting Dan Quinn over Sean Payton lol
How did Jason Garrett win COTY over Jack Del Rio, Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, Dan Quinn and Mike Tomlin?
Sitting a few feet from Herschel Walker, Nick Chubb, Dan Reeves, Dan Quinn, Arthur Blank...many more. Cartersville is in the house!
I wonder if Pete Carrol and Dan Quinn are in a support group somewhere for guys who blew Super Bowl wins to the Pats?
NO. Bring back Dan Quinn and keep Peterson at UW.
New Falcons DC Marquand Manuel talks about coaching influences such as *** LaBeau, Ray Rhodes, and Dan Quinn.
Dan Quinn: Falcons weren't 'dancing around the issues' when mulling decision to hire Steve Sarkisian as OC
SportsCenter Video: Damien Woody wants no part of Dan Quinn's "Embrace the Suck" slogan; "Each year ... you are a …
Why the Panthers could be 3-0 going to New England. And why Dan Quinn owes Ron Rivera an expensive steak.
Dan Quinn says Julio Jones will be limited in practice but 'ready to rock'
Under Mike Smith defense was a liability, Dan Quinn and the FO doing all in their power to give us a TOP TIER defense!!
Gus Bradley is a dollar store Dan Quinn.
Pro Day Notebook: Kirby Smart renews acquaintances with Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, and more.…
Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was lauding UGA's new indoor facility as he checks out Pro Day.
Falcons coach Dan Quinn on Dontari Poe: `I do want him here' via
Falcons coach Dan Quinn at Georgia Pro Day with large group including GM Thomas...
Only NFL head coach I've seen so far is Dan Quinn. Joined by Thomas Dimitroff. Falcons always being presence to UGA Pro Day
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said he had a "good visit" with Dontari Poe and wants him to be on the team. Quinn said... https:…
Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn in the house
Jack Crawford signing made me smile. Michael Bennett prototype (who is a product of Dan Quinn)
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Pete Carroll had the worst 4th qtr decision making in any Super Bowl. . Dan Quinn: "Hold my Beer". .
"I'm past it, but I'm not over it. I don't think I'll ever be and that's a good thing.". Dan Quinn on
Rockets up 24 in the 4th & Mike D'Antoni coaching like it's a close game. This is what Dan Quinn should've done in Super Bowl 51.
Dan Quinn was with Pete Carroll in Seattle. That's likely the connection with Sarkisian.
Dan Quinn starting calling Defensive plays in the middle of the season
The Falcons announced this morning that Dan Quinn is replacing defensive coordinator Richard Smith & firing defensive line…
Dan Quinn pulled a Derek Mason and the defense made similar improvements 🤔
Yet, Dan Quinn's job is secure after biggest SB collapse of all time. Would Shanahan have been fired too? bc offens…
WATCH: DeBoer on loss to 'I felt like Dan Quinn on Sunday'
"I felt like Dan Quinn on Super Bowl Sunday" - Pete DeBoer .
"I felt like Dan Quinn in the Super Bowl Sunday." San Jose Sharks coach Peter DeBoer.
DeBoer "I felt like Dan Quinn in Super Bowl Sunday. It was one of those games. Thank God it wasn't the finals…
This Sark quote from a month ago on the Falcons & Dan Quinn is very interesting now via
I think Dan Quinn took some Chuck Pagano pills in that 4th q used up 3 time outs and 1 on a *** challenge.
Dan Quinn gracious in defeat. That is a man that will get this team back on track and have them back in this position. Tr…
*whispers* Dan Quinn was DC of the only team Will Muschamp has won 10+ games with as a head coach.
Dan Quinn gotta steal Michael Bennett from the Seahawks
Also, Keith Mills points something out: Dan Quinn was on Seattle's coaching staff when they didn't run against the back in '14.
Think of the 2 losses Dan Quinn has had.Brady & Belichick will be residing in his nightmares for years to…
Tip our hat? Theory: Dan Quinn is Fredi Gonzalez' long lost relative (they even look somewhat alike).
Dan Quinn always finding ways to choke
😪 at least we still have this and the fantasy of Dan Quinn as a romance book hero
Dan Quinn on passing instead of running down the stretch says it was based off the looks pats were giving.
Dan Quinn got zero votes for coach of the year.
Dan Quinn ruining an 8 pt lead w/ a good kicker, the ball on the opp 20 & 3 mins left is worse than Pete Carroll throwing…
The most simple concept evades these coaches on the biggest stage. Or maybe just Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll. RUN. THE. FOOTBALL.
Falcons head coach Dan Quinn meets with media after losing to Patriots 34-28 in overtime.
Q10. Who is the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons?. A.John Fox B.Dan Quinn C. Jim Caldwell.
Not sure Dan Quinn should have let Bielema give the halftime talk to the Falcons.
It's even funnier when you know Dan Quinn was a coach on the Seahawks that year.
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You think Dan Quinn would have TOLD Kyle Shanahan to run the ball after what happened to against two ye…
Dan Quinn has been on sideline for the 2 biggest blunders in NFL history. He must hate offensive play callers
I am sure that Dan Quinn will take the highest road and accept the blame for the OC play calling in the 4th qtr it's what great HC do
Dan Quinn punting with 11 seconds left in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl instead of taking a shot at a field goal will forever haunt him.
To Dan Quinn. The Falcons. The city of Atlanta. Seattle sends its heartfelt condolences.
Dan Quinn/Kyle Shannahan with the 2nd worst crunch time call in SB history. 2nd down on 20.
You see, it was a good idea the didn't hire Dan Quinn, right?
the loss tonight is worse. Dan Quinn's second loss to Pats and second historical loss.
Dan Quinn choked this game away. Ryan was underwhelming but nowhere near the main reason for the L. Brady = GOAT, Pats WON it
Dan Quinn was DC for the Seahawks when they refused to give Marshawn the ball. And he made the mistake again.
Dan Quinn, passing on 3rd & 1. Fumble Coaching staff cost Falcons. Run the Ball and game is totally different if they make 1st down or punt
Well Dan (Quinn), perhaps you should have talked to Spurrier about sitting on a lead. Enjoy watching that punk (Brady) hold your trophy.
LMAO, NFL network talking about how special Dan Quinn is and his team. Worst choke EVER!
Bad coaching by Kyle Shannahan & Dan Quinn cost Atlanta the superbowl game !
if u r honestly celebrating NE? And not giving full credit to Dan Quinn.well...good ine
Little Giant Ladders
2 things about this SB. 1.Dan Quinn learned nothing from losing to NE in w/Seattle. 2.R the ONLY team 2beat NE in the SB
I bet Dan Quinn in overtime felt a lot like Count Rugen at the end of The Princess Bride.
dan Quinn has been responsible for the two biggest collapses in Super Bowl hhistory.
I've never seen coaches blow a game quite like Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan did in this one. It was almost impossible to lose
If Dan Quinn doesn't get fired idk what to say
If Dan Quinn even accepts a post-game interview, I will be absolutely amazed.
I still liking Dan Quinn as a coach? Has 21 private lead in 2nd half n can't find a way to win.
Second time Brady has destroyed Dan Quinn in the 4th quarter of the SB
I remind you, the Bears could have hired Dan Quinn instead of John Fox. He was interviewed.
Dan Quinn has to feel sick. 10 point lead evaporates in XLIX and now 19 points in LI.
The only person more disappointed than Dan Quinn and the Falcons has to be Roger Goodell. On a side note, that football trophy looks flat.
If you want to know my opinion, I think Dan Quinn left Chapman in too long
Dan Quinn dumbest coach of the year
Dan Quinn just can't close out Brady in the SB. Love it. Love the fact that Roger Goodelle has to hand the trophy to Brady.
Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll should be in Patriots ring of honor. If not for their idiocy Tom Brady would be 3-4 in Super Bowls.
Surely HC Dan Quinn has to take Blame "Again". Should've Ran with the Seahawks and Should've Ran tonight Again. Play Smart
Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan are going to have nightmares over this 3rd and 1 play shotgun, 5-step drop. NEEDED…
The Patriots have the two largest comebacks in Super Bowl history. Both against Dan Quinn.
Dan Quinn was DC in Seahawks loss to Patriots.
Salisbury still loves you Atlanta and Dan Quinn!
Fire Dan Quinn??? But seriously, that was the worst game management of all time
Think Dan Quinn wishes he had run the ball on 1st and 10 at the New England 22 with 4 minutes left?
Dan Quinn deserves it for still not understanding when to run the ball.
Was Chuck Pagano coaching Atlanta in the 4th Quarter? I think Dan Quinn forgot to eat a snickers.
It's pretty clear that Dan Quinn took Chuck call at halftime.
Dan Quinn with echoes of Alf Ramsey. "You've won it once, now go and win it again"
Dan Quinn --- Brought to you by the Andy Reid School of Clock Management.
Dez we coached by Dan Quinn not Jason Garret dont worey
How tf did Jason Garret get Coach of the year but Dan Quinn didn't? 🤔🤔🤔
just think...if Dan Quinn would've stayed Muschamp may still be the coach at Florida. 😮
If hating the Patriots isn't enough to root for the Falcons, knowing that Atlanta coach Dan Quinn is a Morristown... https:/…
All you need to know about Jeremy Foley's ability it pick a Head FB Coach is he had Dan Quinn in his employ & stuck w/ Muschamp
Dan Quinn and Pete Carroll have a belief. Hold often in the secondary. They won't call all of them. Except on this drive.
So Foley should've really hired Dan Quinn instead of.Nvm
Spurs fans, if u didn't know, ATL coach Dan Quinn has consulted w/RC Buford on how to make culture in ATL like SA:
Just remember, Dan Quinn went from Muschamp Florida D Coordinator to Super Bowl head coach in 4 years. Dare to dream.
Somebody please get Dan Quinn someone whitening strips!
Dan Quinn so gangsta. This week's theme is "Pop The Trunk." Wow. Boyz N Da Hood would be proud.
How did puppet *** Jason Garret win coach of the year lmfao Del Rio, Gase, and Dan Quinn deserved it so much more than him.
exactly Gene Chizik Garrett does not deserve that Dan Quinn should have won that easily
Should be interesting if Dan Quinn uses his last SB in his gameplan. Shane Vereen went off so I would think he'd focus on White and Lewis.
On Roger Staubach announces that HC Dan Quinn is the recipient of the "Salute to Service Award" presented…
What is the culture that Dan Quinn has created for the team?. Matt Ryan explains. . Full Press Conference -
Congratulations to Dan Quinn, head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, and Alejandro Villanueva,...…
Wow. Dan Quinn coached Mike Tomlin, Darren Sharper, and Sean McDermott during his very first coaching stint at W&M.
Hamilton Collection
"Grady (Jarrett) has been a leader and really has emerged," Falcons coach Dan Quinn on...
"Today, for us, it's all about the ball." - Dan Quinn. WATCH LIVE -
Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and a first round pick for Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn, trained da Falcons da same way as da Hawks! was like watching da Hawks! Da shuffle in da In-zone..that's Russell Wilson play!
When's the last time Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, Chris Petersen, Dan Quinn. And idk anyone else you want to name was out there back pedaling
Jason Garrett is a lame duck *** *** lol , Jack Del rio or Dan Quinn should get it
Kyle Shanahan led Kirk Cousins to 463 yards against the Patriots. Dan Quinn was a bad throw by Russell Wilson away from winning in 2014.
Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan & Julio Jones just some of the Falcons who'll talk Sunday's NFC Championship victory. At 9 on…
I'm so happy for Dan Quinn, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan because they stayed true to the game when the Atlanta...
I remember Joe Banner didn't want to wait a week to interview Dan Quinn because his team was in the Super Bowl. So he hired Mike Pettine.
Arthur Blank texted Dan Quinn after Atlanta landed 2019 SB & told him he'd like to see Falcons in it. Q texted back.. it…
The mentality of this team is totally different now, and that's Dan Quinn. The culture he has instilled here is something…
"Man, you look fast today," Dan Quinn said of his message to Matt Ryan after Ryan's...
Atlanta's Dan Quinn now will be coaching in his third Super Bowl in past four seasons (Seahawks DC in 2013 and 2014, Falc…
Asked D. Freeney about Dan Quinn- didn't let me finish "Oh my God... coach Quinn is the most unique coach I've ever been…
In his first year as a HC, Dan Quinn's Falcons started 5-0 and missed the playoffs. In year 2 his Falcons are Super Bowl bound.
At least NFC is clearly sending its best team to the Super Bowl. Hats off to Arthur Blank, Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn f…
Dan Quinn will be coaching in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. Mike Pettine will not... 😑
Remember when didnt want to wait for Sea DC Dan Quinn to coach in Super Bowl? So they hired Mike Pettine.
Report: Dan Quinn has three offensive coordinator c..
Best of luck to former Keanu Neal, Brian Poole and Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons in today's
Report: Dan Quinn has three offensive coordinator candidates, and one is Chip Kelly
Jay Glazer just said Dan Quinn has three candidates to replace Kyle Shanahan. One is Chip Kelly and I'm not even joking.
"It's not our story to tell." Dan Quinn on the Forty Niners interest in Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan.
Bill Belichick has more wins in the Playoffs (24), than Mike Tomlin, Mike McCarthy, and Dan Quinn combined (19).
Dan Quinn said Brooks Reed will get a friendly reminder to get off the fields so Aaron Rodgers doesn't catch them with too…
coach Dan Quinn tells reporters that WR Julio Jones (foot) will be limited this week but will be “ready to rock” on…
nfl​.com >> Russell Wilson on Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn
``We will absolutely not go down that road,'' Dan Quinn told about requesting Future songs to annoy Russell Wil…
my hope is he takes over as head coach. Still not convinced Dan Quinn isn't a product of Pete success.
Dan Quinn said Austin Hooper (knee) and Taylor Gabriel (foot) are expected to practice this week.
and what or Dan Quinn's success in Atlanta?
Love what Dan Quinn has done for the Falcons
From 8-8 to 11-5. Dan Quinn off to a good start in Atlanta. First round bye baby!!
I totally agree. Dan Quinn has done a great job all season. Caldwell should get consideration though. Lions are average.
Dan Quinn better use all the picks on defense. Cuz the lions defense depth is garbage
And for the McAdoo and Dan Quinn's. I raise you Mike Mularkey, Gus Bradley, Chip Kelly, Jim Fassoulo and Mark Trestman
hope dan Quinn sits team down and forces them to watch that divisional game a few years back
I love being a falcon fan. You never know what you're getting at the beginning of the season. . Also Dan Quinn is the man.
Falcons, Ryan believes team feels "very comfortable" heading to playoffs and credits Dan Quinn's preparation
What Dan Quinn had to say after the win over the Saints
Let's go Falcons! Forgot my fellow Sea Gull alum Dan Quinn is the head coach.
"I want to recognize the fans and the city. Man, did we feel their presence today!" - Dan Quinn. 🎥 -
NFL Coach of the Year rankings: Adam Gase, Dan Quinn in mix about Belichick? Gase & Quinn over Bill? Really???
Dan Quinn sticking with the hot hand Tevin Coleman at RB. Keeping Devonta Freeman on the bench up 14.
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I think Dan Quinn really wants Tevin Coleman to be better than Freeman but I don't think that's happening
Dan Quinn has an unhealthy relationship wit taking Freeman out inside the redzone. Stop trying to make Tevin Coleman happen
If 49ers get Joe Montana back, Dan Quinn will be at…well, he’s still be just fine regardless of who’s playing QB for SF
Dan Quinn had some good things to stay about Ronald Powell. Quinn coached Powell in 2011/2012. From Powell's CBS dr…
Dan Quinn gave an injury update today following the win in LA. . 📝 -
Falcons coach Dan Quinn didn't have an update on DL Adrian Clayborn's knee injury except... https:…
Pretty sad the Falcons haven't sacked Carson Palmer once. Arizona OL a mash unit. Dan Quinn is a defensive guy and can't figure this out?
Great catch by Mohamed Sanu. Can't believe Dan Quinn made that decision.
Dan Quinn knew Brian Poole would make the team in training camp when he counted lines to make sure he got to cover Julio Jo…
Hooker and Adams will be gone by our first pick. But need to find players that fit the Dan Quinn scheme like Neal, Campbell
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said WR Mohamed Sanu was willing to punt after Matt Bosher...
Falcons coach Dan Quinn to Fox's Pam Oliver: "Carson Wentz lit us up in the first half."
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Desmond Trufant, Jacob Tamme, and Tevin Coleman all out for... https:…
Dan Quinn, Sean Payton call for replay reviews of pass interference after disputed calls -
Dan Quinn was looking like Stone Cold Steve Austin about to turn the ref into Vince McMahon after that blown no-call!
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Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan would have been nice
Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff & HC Dan Quinn sent flowers to all the wives of the players be…
Has anyone corrected Dan Quinn about sayin Ryan Clark has sickle cell anemia? Clark has the sickle cell trait, same as Coleman
coach Dan Quinn said Philip Wheeler will takeover at weakside.
Dan Quinn said Philip Wheeler would work at weakside linebacker with LaRoy Reynolds in middle. A.J. Hawk can play both spots.
Maybe Falcons HC Dan Quinn should speak to Ryan Clark before Sunday.
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said it's too early to be designating MVP with Chris Collingsworth saying Matt Ryan is the MVP.
What a play call by Dan Quinn! Tru just laid the wood on Drew Brees.
Dan Quinn having a pregame chat with ESPN's Lisa Salters. Quinn hopes his team plays...
Falcons coach Dan Quinn said things are looking up for first round pick Keanu Neal in his return from knee scope. Neal wil…
Dan Quinn got O'Brien Schofield on speed dial after watching Courtney Upshaw get pancaked by a tight end.
Mike smith was player friendly, Dan Quinn is a caricature
coaches I think will be fired this year: Bill O'Brien, Jack del Rio, John Fox, Dan Quinn, Jeff Fisher
After one day with pads, one group of players is leaving Dan Quinn impressed
coach Dan Quinn said CB Jalen Collins had a strong practice today.
Both Falcons coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Domitroff thanked released Devin Hester for...
Offense was lead by and Dan Quinn with 2 hits a piece. Quinn scored 3 runs for the Stangs.
The Sports Inquirer attended the post-practice presser of Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn on May 31. Topics...
Coleman off to a "good start": Falcons HC Dan Quinn said RB Tevin Coleman is off to a "good start" this offse...
That's the only reason Gus Bradley and Dan Quinn are HCs right now.
People have been lauding the attempts of Gus Bradley and Dan Quinn for trying to replicate SEA success
SOLD! Congrats to our Buyers John and Dan Quinn on your new investments!
Dan Quinn is a coach for maybe 1-2 more years before 8-8 isn't good enough. Matt Ryan NOT a star. Julio best in biz
Dan Quinn is literally going to turn Deion Jones into our Bobby Wagner. Will see if Jones has that upside...
thefalcoholic​.com >> Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff on Keanu Neal, Deion Jones and Austin Hooper
Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff's thoughts on the first three rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft:
ICYMI: Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff and coach Dan Quinn discuss Keanu Neal in first round.
Falcons front 7 is going to be nasty, Dan Quinn is really finding good fast linebackers 😳
Dan Quinn wants a fast and physical defense, and he's for *** sure putting one together.
Thomas Dimitroff & Dan Quinn introduced the newest safety, Keanu Neal on Friday at the team's facility.
Getting messages saying Dan Quinn will coach D-Line and handle DC duties at Hamilton. Kenny King did not, in fact, clone himself.
Courtney Upshaw ready to 'knock people around' for Atlanta Falcons in Dan Quinn's defense
Back in action at Williams-Brice. Enjoyed having Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn at practice today!
How about Dan Quinn vs. Mike Smith with Arthur Blank as special referee?
Dan Quinn said Vic Beasley has to work on his inside counter moves; said Jalen Collins needs to work on footwork.
- DAN SCOTTS GLO UP AS A HUMAN BEING. - when quinn and clay become a fam: had me crying . - quentin, brilliant character ty
I just want to live in a house full of puppies. It's my only true dream.
Well when you got supporters for trump it's gonna continue to happen. Small minded ***
Robert Alford looked good in his first year under Coach Dan Quinn
Malcolm and Tony are shooting the visual for homh/pyg today 👍
I'm just not really a fan dude. sorry...
I know 5sos need this break, but I can't wait for tour to start again cause there's only 130 days till my SLFL show https…
I am involved in a c list soap love triangle over Quinn with Neon, now you, and she and dan were gross yesterday
Next on the Tee with Chris Mascaro: Ben Wright, Dan Quinn & Shaun Micheel: via
If Dan Quinn is on the hot seat, the Falcons are in..
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It's come up a few times, so let's just set it to rest: Dan Quinn is not on the hot seat:
What must I do to meet dan reynolds
Join me at 10AM to hear my conversations with Ben Wright &
According to Adam Gotsis had a very "nice" chat with Dan Quinn. .
Atlanta Dan Quinn, Dimitroff were on hand to watch Leonard ...
Bart Bordelon via Instagram: "Had fun with the at Instagram today"
Adam Gotsis has nice 'chat' with Dan Quinn
"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life."- Arthur Ashe
Morning everyone! Be sure to grab our new tune if you haven't already! Thank you all for the support! 🙌🏻🎶🎶
2012, because they won us every game that year. Dan Quinn was, and still is a defensive genius.
Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff were on hand to watch Leonard Floyd at Pro Day:
coach Dan Quinn is talking to DT Adam Gotsis.
Pro Day brings out Dan Quinn, Scott Pioli. Champ Bailey also here, he's been training Chris Milton https…
Not making prediction but Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, Keith Armstrong spent a lot of time watching UGA ki…
HC of the Dan Quinn, out at Pro Day today. . Via
Dan Quinn era got off to a very rocky start when Flowery Branch made massively gross miscalculations on the interior OL
Dan Quinn and Marquand Manuel have issued statements regarding incident at Combine.
Mr. Apple. Who wore it better.Lenny Kravitz or Chris Jones...? ~Dan Quinn.
Makes you wonder how Dan Quinn broke up with his ex's.
IN A BETTER WORLD. And the winner of best picture...TRAVELING CAGE! Directed by Dan Quinn! original soundtrack by Shaderack!
has Dan Quinn even left San Fran yet???
Just an FYI this is my Dan Quinn joke for award shows. I will beat you down with it until it's hilarious again, may take a few years
If he goes UDFA, Dan Quinn link could bring him to ATL..
Great fit for Atlanta at 17 very fast and versatile. A Dan Quinn player all the way...
5 things we learned from Falcons coach Dan Quinn today
Also John, do you think Atlanta goes after Bruce Irvin from Seattle? Dan Quinn brings in some of his guys?
Dan Quinn knows defense. I think we can come up with something amazing
Excited to dress up Dan Quinn from HonoursTutoring and his for his this June.
.I wrote Christine Quinn Dan GARODNICK Liz KRUEGER & BLASIO for YEARS. GOTBAUM too. How why LEGALLY medically
13 questions with Falcons coach Dan Quinn at the scouting combine...
Florida DL Jonathan Bullard praised HC Dan Quinn & his coaching style at the https:/…
INDIANAPOLIS -- Speed. The word seems to dominate the vocabulary of Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn these days...
Josh McDaniels started 6-0 with Broncos in 2009, then went 5-17. Dan Quinn started 5-0 with Falcons and has now gone 1-6.
can we get another Oregon Trail simulation featuring my boy Dan Quinn?
this is how Dan Quinn got you guys doin work, huh?
I wanted the exact same thing I really do fill like Dan Quinn will get us the defense us ATL fans been looking for
Hey Dan Quinn is the coach of the Atlanta Falcons. David Quinn is the coach for BU men's hockey.
have seen a Grant Jennings and a Dan Quinn today.
Register today for our coaches clinic with Dan Quinn, Lou Holtz, and the entire South Carolina coaching staff!
Yeah we can't never get to Qbs our pass rush is a big joke I hope Dan Quinn fix it
Dan Quinn's gonna make our pass rush right huh
Listen I hope Dan Quinn is lookin at speed in this combine. That's what my defense needs
Dan Quinn remains coy on Roddy White's future...
n she just nasty n stalking me for information for Byron,Quinn tin n Dan n pa cocaine training
Dan quinn. I guess they are actually kinda rare
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Dan Quinn speaks about Falcons' need for wide receivers...
Kidding me.RT Who plays Dan Quinn in a movie: or We ...
Dan Quinn ready to learn from his first year as a head coach...
Florida defensive lineman gushes about time spent with Dan Quinn. READ:
Dan Quinn was Mic'd Up as he met with the media Wednesday. WATCH:
Florida DL gushes about working under Dan Quinn. READ:
Florida DE Jonathan Bullard played for Dan Quinn for 1 year & he had great things to say about Atlanta’s head coach http…
Falcons coach Dan Quinn says former WR coach, new OC Terry Robiskie was always able to get the most out of his position group.
Not gonna lie, Todd Bowles defense in ARZ was fire. 🔥🔥🔥 I wanted him over Dan Quinn from day 1.
had him going there in my post Super Bowl Mock. He be Dan Quinn's KJ Wright.
If Wade Phillips can learn anything from Dan Quinn on how to stop Cam, it's probably send 5 & be aggressive as usual.
And starts now with RIchard Sherman, Jarvis Landry, Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff.
Ppl say carolina can't be beat, maybe they should call up Dan Quinn, cuz them dirty birds took the Panthers down.
Dan Quinn and clay it added good people after getting rid of 2..
bout to hit up Dan Scott like Quinn did on how to kill someone
Falcons coach Dan Quinn was right: can play safety. We saw it happen at the
I think Dan Quinn would be impressed with his technique :)
Dan Orlovsky's career should continue as UConn grad GM Bob Quinn and their college mentor, UConn ex-HC Randy Edsall now on payroll.
Day 3 and the jet-lag has set in! 1:15pm in Japan and it feels like it could be midnight. Uh-oh.
Dan Quinn sounds off on Roddy White's future...
Dan Quinn likes the versatility of Alabama ILB Reggie Ragland. READ:
Listen to this week's Taylor Made Sports featuring comments from Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn at
Yeah. The scheme calls for that. Dan Quinn is doing the same here in Atlanta.
Reading a feature on Derrick Henry. Interesting tidbit that Will Muschamp and Dan Quinn wanted Henry to play defense at Florida. Oops.
Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn on balance of power and more...
>> Dan Quinn: Matt Ryan is comfortable with Kyle Shanahan's scheme, believes he can
Dan Quinn is way too trusting in Shanahan...
Quinn: Matt Ryan is comfortable with Shanahan's scheme, believes he can "dominate" in it
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