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Dan Patrick

Daniel Patrick Pugh (born May 15, 1956), professionally known as Dan The Golden Boy Patrick and The Dulcet Hammer , is an American sportscaster, radio personality, and actor from Mason, Ohio.

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I got a whole different take on this. Felt like Dan was spinning it for Eck. But honestly I don't th…
Just remember, this fiasco has been brought to our legislators by Dan Patrick and Guv Abbott who obviously have...
It's not often that I agree with Gov. Abbott, but Dan Patrick makes him look downright pleasant.
Listen: declares war on suggests he's a closet Democrat
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick weighs in after smuggling tragedy in S.A.
Nice head of hair Rich, better than Dan Patrick 🍀🍀🍀🍀
Well not Cornyn. He's 2020. Dan Patrick and Cruz are on the hit list for sure thoug…
Just because Dan Patrick was elected to Lt. GOV. of Texas does NOT make him Smart Nor does it make his Statements truthful.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was unable to express any compassion for the loss of life. Promoted his bigoted law instead.
Hello mum? This is Patrick, u 4got me again... .
First Abbott follows Dan Patrick with the bathroom silliness, now he's trailing Sid Miller behind Kid Rock. Don't s…
that's not the first time his mouth has been open like that usually hes kneeling in front of dan Patrick
The OK State line provided no defense for Finn against Gregg Abbott and Dan Patrick .
Heard Dan Patrick mention that number on his show this week, didn't know where it came from but it…
Dan Patrick is going to be so upset if he forgot to wear his Monet socks . . .
Not with this current group running the show. Lt gov Dan Patrick is all about big business and protecting them.
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Aint no party like a senate party cuz a senate party don't stop? Lt Gov Dan Patrick brings the pizza to midnight session…
Using an awful tragedy to praise awful legislation. Dan Patrick is awful, cubed.
Dan Patrick is a Mouth Breather. Glad that Gov. Abbott showed respect for life in his re…
Could Dan Patrick possibly be a viler, more disgusting, more self-serving piece of human excrement?*. *he could not.
Iwould like to know how Dan Patrick and comrades are going to fix our rising property t…
Does this mean you and Dan Patrick are going to adequately fund public schools, instead of pushing t…
Figures *** and *** would make this story political...
'Dan Stevens' talks with 'Patrick Stewart' on 'Professor X' appearance on 'Legion' https:/…
Can't believe you want to b pictured with hateful zealot Dan Patrick. He is not conserv or he would kno…
Dear Gov. Abbott and Dan Patrick, this is how you issue a statement about immigrants left to die in a sweltering tr…
Dan Patrick's bathroom bill would cost Texas tens of thousands of tourism jobs. Tell these reps to vote NO. ht…
Just in case Dan Patrick leaves NBC, he'd be there to replace him
Dan Patrick doesn't care about them. He's probably glad they don't have to…
.on San Antonio immigrant smuggling case: This is why I made a priority
Dawg ur takin about a whole different subject. That's just how it is. Patri…
Depending on calculations, Judas's 30 pieces of silver worth $600-$1,000. About what Dan Patrick is offering teachers.
Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott don't care about women!
team with jackson wells, david west, Mario, dan barnes, and patrick
Dan Patrick is completely out of control. He thinks he's the Governor
Come and take it - if you can. Defending the State Capitol with LT Gov Dan Patrick
Why Texas is such a political embarrassment today: Dan 'Nose in Your Underp…
BRAVO! Let Abbott & Dan Patrick & John Cornyn know that their horrid beliefs are not those of the…
"Texas has the highest uninsured rate than any state in the country. Gov Abbott and Dan Patrick just want to talk about bathro…
"Dan Patrick wants you to make bricks w/straw," American Federation of Teachers' Louis Malfaro tells rally
Great read. Anti-bills such as the ones being pushed by Dan Patrick would have very real effects on the lives of Texan…
Tim, Chris Weber told Dan Patrick today that the Warriors would have pursued Durant even if they won last year. Do you agree?
Joe Strauss showed up and made them "accountable," finally! Keep it up Joe. We don't support Dan Patrick's discri…
Our lieutenant governor Dan Patrick speaks out
Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor of Texas ( privacy bill should have passed )!👎🏻
Dan Patrick is a fear monger. Please god can we elect someone LT. Governor who doesn't pander to the extreme right?
I'm such a nerd! I can't wait to see this interview with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and
did you know that the Lt. Gov. of Texas is named Dan Patrick?
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in the studio today.
A bathroom.."experience"? WTH is with Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (aka Goeb)? I don't use a restroom for an EXPERIENCE! He has a problem
Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick just can’t let his sinking "Bathroom Bill" go
House Speaker Straus has stayed strong but Dan Patrick continues crusade against trans people in
Dan Patrick hears the news from the House and is like...
You listen to Howard Stern. Or Rush. Or sports radio. Mad Dog. No... Dan Patrick?. Come on, tell me I'm right.
Have you really stooped to this level? Dan Patrick must laugh at you like Howard Stern laughs at Jackie Martling.
Dan Patrick, Cowherd, and Rich Eisen talked about this today too and all of them said t…
Deshaun Watson explains his success against Alabama to Dan Patrick.
Dan Patrick: What happens if you fall out of the first round?. Deshaun Watson: No big deal. I'll just pull a Derek Carr.…
Sue, this is Nick's sing-off w/ Dan Overlock on the Dan Patrick Show
If you're going for the Dan Patrick Show "feel" you gotta let Papa lead - all the Dannettes feed here/there off him leading - PAPA LEADS
man I'm a big fan just watched your visit to Dan Patrick Show too funny keep grinding
Tune in NOW as and fill in for Dan Patrick, Bob Miller will be joining the show!. LISTEN:…
Dan Patrick you're doing your show from a junkyard.
No doubt. The pitcher, Beelzebub, in an interview on Dan Patrick's Show, also revealed that a timely,…
I've been told they're trying to replicate Dan Patrick, Mike & Mike - radio show that you can watch on TV, stream, etc.
Gena and I helping to celebrate Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's birthday yesterday at the Texas State Capitol.
Dan Patrick: "Doesn't Sindarius seem like a Bill Belichick or Greg Popovich guy? I can see Pop all over this guy.". Impressive words from DP!
Frank Martin was on Dan Patrick today. He and Huggy are tight. Can only imagine going out with those 2.
VIDEO: Full interview of coach Frank Martin on Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick asked Frank Martin about jobs he has held before, and what came out was valuable life advice.
Excellent article. Support House & Senate members who are standing tall against the craziness of Dan Patrick.
Univ of Dayton alumni Dan Patrick and David Bradley (engineer that invented the command CLT-alt-delete)
he's been on the Dan Patrick Show a lot. He's done the Jimmy V classic golf tournament which is gone.
Dan Patrick about to go all in on Baylor's Kim Mulkey on the
I stil love sportscenter but it's not the same without he old casts...Stuart Scott, Dan Patrick, etc.
an then as he jumps up and down like Tom Brady did. Then interviews Gronk as Dan Patrick...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
TX Dan Patrick calls in Texas Rangers to find Brady's Jersey. *** probably called the baseball team either way$ wasted.
The Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has weighed in on Tom Brady's missing jersey, asking for help from the Texas Rangers
him and Dan Patrick just talking sports on Patrick's show a few years ago was always fantastic
just listened to you interview from the Dan Patrick Show and I have to say you are already a Superhero
Great work week at the Dan Patrick Show! Thanks for the great stories!
this show brings me so much joy...I once thought Jim Rome and Dan Patrick were the best alternative to bland radio
You know I used to work with Dan Patrick. SNC should sing on his show next time you're passing thru CT & they're in studio.
Dan Patrick Show this morning. Charger fan is wearing LAME shirt. Classic.
listened to you on many radio shows this week... Dan Patrick Show just now-you're excellent listen too... Well done, Sir!
giving UCF and a shout out on the Dan Patrick Show.
Legit about to be on TV on the Dan Patrick Show
Yeah, also in some past life he had a sad Saturday sports talk show. Decker used to be Dan Patrick's go to model.
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith talk "The Six", Drake, race, debate, more with Dan Patrick. Read more: $ANZ
Strauss is going to kill Dan Patrick's bathroom bill.
Is there any chance Raiders remain in Oakland? Ray Ratto joins Dan Patrick. Read more:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"I am not an educrat":. An open letter to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, from Ft. Bend ISD board president
"With the backing of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the top state senator on higher education issues unveiled a pair of...
David Vitter, Larry Craig, Dan Patrick, Donald Trump. Some troubadour needs to write a song about pols and potties.
are you insane? Craig Kilborn and Dan Patrick, then Stuart Scott are top 3. I no longer want you to run for President now
for me too. It was the Clark Kent episode. Then serial and bill Simmons and Dan Patrick .
Dan Patrick thinks Grayson Allen is getting attacked because he is white. SMH
Me: Could transgender bathroom laws be more discriminatory?. Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick: Hold my beer. (
Abbott predicts Trump's 'wall' will be scaled back Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who runs the Senate, is also pushing for …
John Calipari interview with Dan Patrick right now. Really good.
The John Calipari and Dan Patrick interview on the was absolutely fantastic
Dan Patrick very concerned about what other ppl do with their genitalia. He obviously thinks about it a lot.
If you know ANYTHING about Texas politics, the fact that Dan Patrick is involved in all this should be the biggest of red f…
Sportscenter use to be great -- but the show with smart and funny anchors like Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick being funny, is dead. And wh…
Dan Patrick called on Texas’ faith leaders to tackle CPS crisis; only Christian representatives were present
'Just a Matter of Time' Before Cam Newton is Injured - Howie Long and Dan Patrick discussed the way Panthers QB...
It happened in then red California after Pete Wilson and it's at least starting to happen here with Donald Trump/Dan Patrick
Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons is guest on Dan Patrick. Dan says Ben Affleck is the BIG star in his new movie. Just awful!
Will Bill Simmons ever have the truce that Dan Patrick eventually had with ESPN?
A Snow Hill grad and former Daily Times journalist will appear on Sports Jeopardy! with Dan Patrick this week
Did I just hear on the Dan Patrick Show? Kelly in Iowa!
whose career would you rather have Dan Patrick or Chris Berman?
It's why Dan Patrick is our Lt. Gov, Konni Burton is a Senator, Rinaldi, Stickland & like are Reps
Here's whats going on in our own Backyard... On border, Dan Patrick isn’t about right or wrong — just politics
Thanks to the Le Batard show, I have never appreciated Dan Patrick more.
hey Kyle listening to Dan Patrick, he's talking about a "weird" exchange between stafford and luck after game. Know anything??
yep. Dan Patrick and Stuart Scott. En fuego! Was as cool as the other side of the pillow! : )
Charleston's all-new sports talk station feat. "Bailey & Bradford," Dan Patrick, Jim Rome, and Finebaum. More deets to come. Excited.
watching crypt keeper Dan Patrick and just for men Al Michaels, green water Rio and Ryan don't shoot Lotcke ? Has been horrible
There has been concern from groups about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's determination to bring a similar bathroom bill to Texas.
An advisory group of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick criticized the effort as an attempt to get more children into the...
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Dan Patrick is a major embarrassment to Tx. He was former radio talk show host.
He was just terrible,but Abbott is just as bad.Our Lt Gov, Dan Patrick is even worse. Texas used to be blue. Trying!
Huh! Ur the Ex Gov of a State that gave us u, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert & Dan Patrick! Nuff Said! Ur all f- Nuts!
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supports SMU & Houston for Big 12. “The impact to Texas would be big” is an actual reason h…
QB Eli Manning joins us Tuesday on w/Dan Patrick from RIO
QB Eli Manning joins us Tuesday along w/Dan Patrick from RIO
Football is serious y'all. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is all for a Big 12 Conference with UH and SMU.
Dan Patrick sporting David Donahue while chatting with and today.
I like Dan Patrick, Al Michaels and Jimmy Roberts as much as the next guy but also is it 1995? Young sportscasters get to work too, right?
On man that Dan Patrick ad lib throw to Jimmy Roberts teleprompter read was brutal television.
Piazza just told Dan Patrick he owned Pedro Martinez and Tom Glavine
Texas, HISD refused to provide transportation for Foster children with Autism. Thanks to Greg Abbott & Dan Patrick!
All the sell-outs like Huckabee, Palin, Walker, Perry, Robertson, Dan Patrick, Christie, Sessions, and so many...
20 Years of Republican Rule in TX. No mercy for Foster Children from Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick!
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick "All Obama needs to do is to put blue lights on the Whitehouse."
Senfronia Thompson has a few things to say about Hillary Clinton, Dan Patrick, and the foster care system.
It took Dan Patrick literally eight seconds to make a town hall about race about him. Record time.
President Obama after Dan Patrick aka King *** told him to think before he speaks. .
Why on God's green earth is Dan Patrick at this town hall?
May God have mercy on Rudy Giuliani and Joe Walsh and Dan Patrick's hateful, racist souls.
It's people like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick,of Texas, & Fmr. New York City Mgr, Rudy Giuliani, is why blacks have taken to protesting racist.
I am deeply disappointed and embarrassed by the comments made abt the tragedy in last night.
Can 2018 get here so I can vote Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, & Ken Paxton (if he isn't in jail by then) out of office?
It's the police's job to protect people, they are *paid* to do that through our taxes. Dan Patrick is an imbecile https:…
More guns = more dead police. We are one year into TX open carry. So shut up, Dan Patrick.
The egregious TX LtGov Dan Patrick, lecturing the Negroes. Politics as usual
Even Old Testament Yahweh would think Dan Patrick is a raging ***
Texas official walks back remark calling Dallas protesters 'hypocrites'
Patrick is a smarmy weasel of a man. Texas is better than Dan Patrick. He is no leader of civility.
So - partisans Brian Williams (D) and Dan Patrick (R) are both in the mud, focusing on politics and the horse race. Gross.
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Dan Patrick does it again. Mr. Patrick, are people wrong to request that they not be killed? Asking for a friend.
Dan Patrick is what would happen if Deadpool had sex with The Crypt Keeper.
Dan Patrick of sports is so much cooler than Dan Patrick of politics. What a tool that guy is.
Texas official walks back 'hypocrites' remark -
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan example that evolution didn't necessarily include everyone.
Texas senior politican Dan Patrick calls protesters 'hypocrites' for running away from sniper fire
"Shame on him" - Austin Police chief on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick criticizing Black Lives Matter protesters
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls Dallas protesters 'hypocrites' for running from sniper's...
From When Dallas needed to grieve, Dan Patrick only wanted to judge
This *** again - Dan Patrick, TX LT GOV, calls BLM protesters who ran from gunfire ‘hypocrites’ -
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has issued the order to lower Texas flags to half-staff immediately. Flags should remain at... http…
Did U see what our Texas Lt GOV Dan Patrick said? They are both sick.
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls protesters "hypocritical" for expecting police to protect them at protest-> h…
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Black Lives Matter protestors 'hypocrites' for running from gun….
I'm relieved to find out that most of my social media friends realize Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is a soulless monster.
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As for you, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick - if you're coming off as more of an *** and a-hole than Gov. Abbott, it's past time…
Seriously, if I were a TX voter, I'd be calling for Dan Patrick to be impeached or recalled or whatever they have.
lmao did Samuel L Jackson really just added that quick "but im not dead tho" in the Dan Patrick Show for Star Wars?! BRING HIM BACK
Dan Patrick declares victory over making Fort Worth ISD do a thing Fort Worth ISD was already doing:
Did you know you were mentioned as a success by Michael Veley on the 'The Dan Patrick' show today?
Dan Patrick for years was a "very juvenile" Sport person for 1 of the three TV stations and he was very ignorant and out of control
it's "B-C team" week. Golic on vacay, too. Stick w/Dan Patrick; no F.I. pandering
Also on the Podcast, we go through Bear Necessities 20-15 and talk 'Independence Day'
just heard the Dan Patrick interview. So you're saying mace windu lived?
The buzz I hear from my hometown of FW is that they wld like Dan Patrick to mind his own *** business, please.
Dan Patrick's career peaked as the cop in the Longest Yard
Podcast! of the talks Buddy Ryan, Bears, Cubs, Chicago food, more: iTunes
listening to Dykstra on Dan Patrick and wow he's hard to listen to.
sorry Dan but your going to have to give back your RAM TRUCK .if you were any of thos pants
Dan Patrick interviewing Samuel L. Jackson. SiriusXM College is going thru Top 16 mascots. Yes, it is slow season for sports. Nothing wrong.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Dan Patrick Show will replace first take on my morning watch list
[VIDEO] Eliza at vlog by her brother Patrick. More at
Best part of Vacation Day 1 - WATCHING the Dan Patrick Show enjoy this pic from the gym this AM
About declaration of victory on Fort Worth's trans bathroom policy yesterday: It really wasn't.
Dan Patrick Show discussing college class that meant the most years later. Mine was easy. Sports Law with Dr. James Backus at IndState.
You know NOTHING, Dan Patrick stop crowing like you did something.
did you have Michael Veley as a professor at SU?He was just on Dan Patrick Show, getting into broadcasting & analytics.
Dan Patrick has shown a lot of love to between Boeheim, the basketball team, and the Falk School
"I just think the curriculum seems old and tired at a lot of these universities." - Dan Patrick
SU professor Michael Veley is currently speaking on The Dan Patrick Show about the new sport analytics major for
yeah I know that is a problem, keep the TV on in the background while I work, been mainly on Dan Patrick.
So, anyone see this? Danica say she can take on should have at Fontana, and that he was scared:
In his ‘victory’ over FWISD trans guidelines, failed to mention the rules were already in flux:
Texas AG Dan Patrick is all for local control except when he's NOT.
Coming up this morning at 10 on the Dan Patrick Show. Listen Live: 11:20am – Samuel L.
Back stage at The Dan Patrick Show with PATRICK Peterson and Danica Patrick!
he was slurring a ton on Dan Patrick Show yesterday also, I think the years of substances effect his speech
I don't understand why he's given these forums to spew his garbage. Dan Patrick, M&M, Stern. He's the biggest scumbag there is.
After he showed up the same way on Dan Patrick Show yesterday...SMH
vile corp owned scum Mike McCaul,Abbott&Dan Patrick like to focus on immigrants so we won't notice they're scum who blamed Orlando victims
Dan Patrick never speaks for this Texan. He's humiliated us yet again.
Dan Patrick - Lt. Governor of Texas-Texas voted for this shameless religious. fanatic, into office.He says he found JESUS - Was JESUS lost?
Danica Patrick sits down with Dan Patrick, things get interesting
I hear he invited Dan Patrick - the sportscaster not the Lt. Gov of TX...
Only 31 percent of Texas voters have favorable impressions of Ted Cruz and Dan Patrick:
Dan Patrick needs to quit public office and leave our state!
ICYMI Patrick was awesome today on Dan Patrick Show . Watch:
Confluence of Patricks as Danica Patrick meets Patrick Peterson at Dan Patrick Show in NYC
Ken Paxton and Dan Patrick continue to get obliterated for ridiculous policy and laws.
I'm just waiting for Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick to wake up, hear about and launch by lunch.
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This Texan would prefer us to show conservatives like Greg Abbott & Dan Patrick the and future Governor
Dan Patrick literally talked about his fear of when Muhammad Ali dies on his show this morning.
Seeing this ridiculous Scott Van Pelt show makes me really miss Stuart Scott and Linda Cohn or Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann.
Chrissy was just a little hatchling when she appeared on Dan Patrick's soars at great sports hts.
Was listening to Dan Patrick's show, he couldn't name a current day NBA rivalry either
also Dan Patrick Show on TV is a great resource for highlights and such.
While we stretch, check out Kershaw on the Dan Patrick Show:
I listen to Reggie every week on the Dan Patrick Show, and he always brings some valuable information.
Heard him on the Dan Patrick Show, he seems like a genuine cool dude with a great wife to boot
Dan Patrick Show conversation as I get ready for the next show: Mobile's "racist test" story.
laughing is the best part of the Dan Patrick Show
guy that called out Watt is from Wisconsin & U can tell he just wanted attention. He was on the Dan Patrick Show
Why is YOUR show not simulcast? When people talk about today's great hosts, they say Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, and
Clayton and Ellen Kershaw got on to the Dan Patrick Show this morning.
Wichita Falls High School valedictorian Colleen Pert thanks her teachers, including Dan Patrick (now in China)
My team today:. 1- Vin Scully. 4- John Madden. 7- Dan Patrick. My team destroys and teams!
hey Dan Patrick what do you think of this car?
The arc of history bends toward Dan Patrick whipping out his d during the 2017 session.
Dan Patrick, Greg Abbot, and Jared Woodfill are the biggest pieces of human filth in the state of Texas.
Kevin Millar was on Dan Patrick yesterday saying how, unless you're on his team, Bautista isn't a popular g…
Dan Patrick was an embarrassment to broadcasting as a sports anchor. At least then, only Houston had to stomach him.
Salute to the courage of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Defending Texans at all costs. If it feels wrong; it is wrong.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says gender neutral bathrooms will be the end of public education in Texas- The END of EDUCATION In TEXAS [laugh track]
Obama's transgender bathroom use! Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: "We will not be blackmailed by the president’s 30 pieces o…
I wouldn't be Shocked if Big Brother was doing someone a favor just how Dan Patrick did a favor for Rich Eisen.
Dan Patrick bragging that he has a *** is just a clever ploy to distract us from his attorney general being a criminal.
Wendy Davis was a terrific follow up to Dan Patrick. Sanity is restored. Blood pressure has returned to safe levels.
Glad you had Wendy Davis on to rebut Dan Patrick who has no idea what he's talking about!
Hey, maybe they can re-air Dan Patrick or Rich Eisen. I love generic radio and interviews with the guys from "Entourage."
Here is Dan Patrick on Channel 11 in Houston covering the pine tar incident.
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I hate Dan Patrick Show and Rich Eisen. 9-2 I turn off for real
Dan Patrick is wrong to get involved in who uses Fort Worth school bathrooms | Dallas Morning News
Dan Patrick had Nyquist's trainer on yesterday and he said A.P. vs this field would be like Golden State vs a junior college
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick baptized on trip to Israel.. Related Articles:
Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick always mentioned *** Trickle on Sportscenter back in the day.
Rich Eisen is asking Connor Cook the EXACT SAME QUESTIONS that Dan Patrick did 2 hours ago, guys.
Geez what an uncomfortable interview. "If you replaced Dan LeBatard with Dan Patrick what happens?"
If the news is true, NBC Sports will have Doc Emrick, Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Dan Patrick, Dan Hick, Tom Hammond, and NOW Mike Tirico.
team with patrick, Russell westbrook, Mr.crabs, kevin durant, and dan barnes
They paid that boy Patrick Peterson bank? Dan Snyder has his first G.M. this century.
had a good time with colleagues at the Dan Patrick Show remote in March.
hi I'm maddy nd I love connor, tro, alessia, melanie, dan & patrick okay bye have a good day
Why? Why? Why? Must we suffer thru listening to Dan Patrick opening iHeart The things we dedicated listeners…
it was on the Dan Patrick Show last year as Ron Burgundy it was hysterical
You mentioned you didn't care much for "Lotus" on Dan Patrick a while back. Is it difficult to play? Or some other reason?   10% Off
well I take that back. The Dan Patrick Show is a must watch/listen every day from 8-11
Can't stand Eisen. it's like Dan Patrick lite.only worse
Dude on The Dan Patrick Show just had a million dollar idea when he asked buddy if he had dead celebrity shirt rack.
Trump and Clinton are going to get the nominations and then its gonna be like watching Spongebob and Patrick argue over…
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are here and awake (barely).
Pretty sure my level for Dan and Patrick’s PAX Mario Maker challenge is up next:.
is with Dan and Patrick on the beefing-up-for-SXSW thing (yes I know I'm really late to the convo, at least I'm here now ;)
The Dan vs Patrick Mario Maker world championships has me in tears
Danica Patrick gets ready for Sprint Cup practice at RIR in Richmond, Va. ©Dan Currier…
Amy really wanted a photo with Patrick and Dan and Pat.
Queue line is moving for the Mario Maker World Championships! Patrick Klepek vs. Dan Ryckert.
Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespeare will send shivers down your spine
what happened with Dan Patrick Show?
in line to watch Patrick and Dan wreck themselves, I guess
"Some dump" ...sounds like the Dan Patrick set?
All purpose parts banner
Patrick Feaster, charged with manslaughter in deadly police shooting, has waived his right to prelim hearing. Will be rearra…
where are u Shaq, Dan Patrick is lookin for ya, Big Fella?
The Dan Patrick Show has got to be the best job possible
Dan Patrick Show on now. Yay no more using my battery to listen on my phone.
Saying to you wouldn't leave to take the job Because of all the big games you left that job
Not bad, Heather. Darius on Dan Patrick's show is always fun to listen to.
Darius Rucker just called the Gamecocks to win the national championship on the Dan Patrick Show. 🏈🏈🏈 Heard it there first
But only if it's pronounced in Dan Patrick voice.
Dan Patrick announces to air on Debut on August 6. Video:
Dan Patrick reading Prince's draft bio for bball is the perfect way to start a Friday.
Glad to have Dan Patrick and the DP show back on the radio dial in Waco and Central Texas.
look at the guys who defied them. Jack Edwards, Dan Patrick, Olbermann, Simmons. Management hated them cause they didn't conform
Former Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg is going to be on the Dan Patrick Show tomorrow. 10am to 1pm on WKOK and
Dan Patrick is on 17th hole,ready for 19th. Has just about given entire show to 4 staff dullards never hired to be on-air "talent"
Dan Patrick Show is the most inspirational show ever. Social media discussion today is life changing.
"was actually very articulate on the Dan Patrick Show this morning" is micro-aggression city
Did a triple take when I just heard Dan Patrick say was joining the show next.
It's clear The Dan Patrick Show is just a daily vehicle for Dan Patrick to talk about Dan Patrick . . .
that was this morning on the Dan Patrick Show. Rubio is no where near a top tier PG not even close!
someone on Dan Patrick Show last week said he was putrid! LMAO
Does anyone regularly watch Dan Patrick's show? If so, what the *** is wrong with you? The answers to these questions and m…
Great interview withLes. So glad to have you back. No substitute for the Dan Patrick Show
hey... Was listening to Dan Patrick Show he loves The Americans..I think America just catching up!
He flat-out said that JJ Hickson "wasn't enough" to get Amare on the Dan Patrick Show.
Yep. SportsCenter in the 90s was the best. Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Rich Eison, Keith Olbermann, Stuart Scott. It was great.
Great week for Great hosting Dan Patrick Show, and a fabulous podcast.
I love Dan Patrick Show. First time in 6 mos I was able to watch last week. He guesthosted while DP was gone. I couldn't do it
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