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Dan Marino

Daniel Constantine Dan Marino, Jr. (born September 15, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League.

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Ryan Tannehill threw 4 TDs in the first half today. The last Dolphins QB with 4 first half TDs was Dan Marino vs. the …
I played softball at the eventually named Dan Marino Field in S. Oakland when I reported at KDKA.
not my most prized possession. That would be Dan Marino
Touch football in South Oakland after game. Dan Marino's neighborhood.
This is a fun test.Look at this picture and find the guy with the white Dan Marino jersey and you'll see...
The BEST game EVER went to the crowd was crazy chanting Dan,Dan the coach looks around and said is Marino coming back out
IMO greatest QB to have ever played is Dan Marino. Brady will take that spot once he retires.
Dan Marino's locker, also exactly as he left it.
Video of Dan Marino singing with the band last weekend!
Join us for the 6th Annual Dan Marino Foundation​ WalkAbout Autism & Expo Sat Jan 23rd -->
Congratulations on supplanting Dan Marino as my ALL TIME FAVORITE Dolphin.
was Dan marino in the Tannehill uniform?
Tom Brady just broke his tie with John Elway and moved into a tie for 2nd with Dan Marino with 36 career RS 4th quarter c…
Football legend Dan Marino inspires with insights on leadership :: Cayman Compass
Bullets flying, Dan Marino drop that clip and reload.
and Scott Mitchell when he took over 4 Dan Marino
it's been 20-30 years, probably time to buy a counterfeit Dan Marino jersey factory direct from China
How hard is a perfect QB rating in a game? Dan Marino never had one and Griese was the last QB to have one.
Dan Campbell on whether he heard Dan chants as he walked off: "I thought Marino walked out on the field."
If you took Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Warren Moon and Superman's Kryptonic-ness and cooked them in a genetic souffle.. You'd get Brady.
forget Aaron jones..go back n tell them 2 grab Dan Marino n not senior sack gabe Rivera
because his defense played lights out. Bob Sanders, Dwight Freeney & Rex Grossman saved Peyton from being this era's Dan Marino.
for 3 quarters the other night Vick made Mark Malone look like Dan Marino.
Agree with going for it. Vick makes Mark Malone look like Dan Marino
Dan Marino, Darrell Green, Roger Craig, and Richard Dent, so I know how you feel.
Dan Marino and Dolphins blown out 7-62 vs Jaguars in playoffs for 99-00 season. Dan Marino's last game.
Apparently it's not cool to quote Ace Ventura Pet Detective when Dan Marino is on the pitch
watched a lot of Dan Marino as a kid. Team I got to watch most outside of KC, Minn, GB, CHI and Dan meant more than they did.
Hey guys. Remember when Dan Marino won the Super Bowl? You know in Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Oh wait.
Dan Marino, Prince Harry, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective... What more could you want?...
.Harry was hanging with Dan Marino? Maybe he's helping with Invictus Games?
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then your argument would be Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer were better qbs than Dan Marino. Lol not buying it bro.
PENN. PALS: NFL quarterbacks from Pennsylvania include Dan Marino & this man, "Broadway Joe"
so, a NFL player with more rings is automatic better than a player with less. So Brad Johnson & Trent Dilfer are better than Dan Marino
So Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer better than somebody like Dan Marino or Warren Moon???
patriots... Phil Simms, Dan Marino, Joe Namath.. Too bad Brady is the best QB to ever play
rings is not a valid argument. By your logic, Trent Dilfer, Phil Simms, and Brad Johnson are all better than Dan Marino
Tom Brady joins Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Dan Marino as the only QBs to reach 400 career TD passes.
You could clone Joe Montana, John Elway, or Dan Marino, have him QB the Saints, & they'd lose with this defense.
Dan Marino throws a pass behind his back to Mark Clayton, 40 yards away.
GOAT Dan Marino also reached a single Super Bowl, lost, and was inducted into the Hall. Put on the Brown Paper Bag.
B.Walsh- "Joe Montana was the product of a system, Dan Marino was the system" insert Brady 4 Montana
Dan Marino had lots of air yards and won nothing at seasons end. So did Jake Culter and Carson Palmer.
Andrew Luck: 1 of 4 QBs named to Pro Bowl in each of 1st 3 seasons (Otto Graham, Dan Marino & Russell Wil...
A record Dan Marino still holds. Carson Palmer seems kind of random.
I can see the Dan Marino and Steve Young comparisons to Bradford now. The fact they haven't completed a deep pass in many, many years.
For all the Marcus Mariota haters out there today..He still has 6 TD's in his first 2 games tying Dan Marino
Showed a lot of toughness, and poise. Probably the best quarterback prospect I've seen since Dan Marino.
3 win team with a future hall of famer at quarterback. My bad. Dan Marino almost lost his record today.
Derek Carr out there looking like a young Dan Marino
I remember this game. This is the one where they score 67 points on Dan Marino.
This *** Matt Stanford had 53 attempts who they think this *** is Dan Marino ?
Dan Marino had 420 passes when he retired love it
Wanna see something cool? Google how many TDs Dan Marino has thrown 😎😎😎😎
Dan Marino has 420 career touchdown passes 😎
Dan Marino threw for 420 touchdowns and 69 interceptions.
How many TD passes did dan Marino throw? Hmm
Dan Marino with 420 passing TD's in his career
Hanging with my homies the 🐆 and the 🐬. Oh, and also Dan Marino. Typical Sunday in JVille.
since Dan Marino. They showed it on cbs after num. 5
Eli Manning is the anti-Dan Marino when it comes to the Super Bowl/great QB argument. But both serve the same purpose.
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Trash to y'all is anyone who isn't Dan Marino.
On his way to Breaking Dan Marino's all time TD record this season!
Mariota needs one more TD to pass the 2 game debut record of 6 TD's by Dan Marino. It'd be cool to see him do it.
We can still break Dan Marino's record. C'mon.
Just in case you're wondering, Sam Bradford will look like the second coming of Dan Marino today.
Dan Marino also threw 6 TDs in his first 2 career STARTS, but those were not his first games. He played in 2 games prior.
Mariota tied with Dan Marino for most TD's in first two games.
Marcus Mariota has tied Dan Marino for the most TDs in NFL history in his first two starts with 6. (Since 1950)
Marcus Mariota is trying to pass Dan Marino for most TD by a Rookie in the 1st two games with a game tying TD
Oops! Sorry, Dan Marino. Got carried away there. 6 TDs in first two starts. Dan and Marcus.
did Dan Marino have 6 TD passes in his first two games?
hey aaron, now tied with dan Marino for most td passes in his first 2 games. 6 tds so far !!!
Mariota tied Dan Marino for most TDs in first 2 games 😃
Super Mario ties Dan Marino record for TDs in first two games
oh you mean he TIES the record that already existed by Dan Marino? That's what I bet you meant
Btw MariGOATa just tied Dan Marino's TD passes for the first 2 games
Marcus Mariota has just tied Dan Marino's NFL record of six TD passes in his first two career starts.
Mariota just tied Dan Marino's NFL record with his 6th td pass in his 1st 2 NFL games
Drew Brees passes Dan Marino for third place on career completions l..
Marcus has tied dan Marino for 6tds in his first 2 games
Brady will pass Dan Marino's 420 TD's by the end of the season.
Mariota just tied Dan Marino for most INT in 1st two games.
at the Miami at Jax game, on the hunt for a Marino handshake with Dan's fan, my Dad!
Dan Marino has 420 career touchdown passes.
Apparently Dan Marino just walked by me on EverBank field & I was oblivious. He's a few past his prime. & by prime I mean Ace Ventura cameo
Did you know if Tom Brady is still playing after Week 1 in 2017, will play as many games as Dan Marino (242).
I wonder if in 30 years Bills fans will applaud/appreciate Tom Brady the same way they do towards Dan Marino today.
. Dan Marino one of the best have QB =O Super Bowl. Bret favre only 1- after 1million year . I don't hear U talking S" about EM
Kirk Cousins reminds me of Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Mike Vick all rolled into one QB.
"He's got Joe Montana-like footwork. He's got a Dan Marino-like quick release."
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Along with Dan Marino's ❤️ BDay it's also Tom Hardy's ❤️ and Agatha Christies'!!! I would totally help Tom unwrap his gifts 😉😀
Dan Marino, who turned 54 today, was the definition of 80s Miami cool en route to the Super Bowl 30 years ago.
Shoutout to Dan Marino and Tom Hardy for being members of the September 15 birthday club. Another great year for us
Yaz was Dan Marino of baseball, Papi was Tom Brady in the playoffs 82 games OPS 963
so you're telling me that Dan Marino wasn't good? He never won but he is still a hall of fame QB just like Tom and Payton
Strawman argument. Dan Marino & Dermontti Dawson in. Kings of numbers without a championships. Great gets in.
and where is the freaking defense this kid looking like Tom Brady and Dan Marino had a love child!
No good QB had ever been bald all the greats have hair. Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, When the Texans gettin a QB upgrade
Tom Brady is only the second QB ever to complete 75% of his passes and throw 4 TDs against the Steelers. Dan Marino in 1987 is the other.
Dan Marino has zero. By your logic, he is worse than Trent Dilfer
Bc if that's the case Eli Manning > Dan Marino ,Peyton Manning ,Steve Young, Brett Favre. Like Bro nahhh
Most Wins as starting QB for one team - NFL History. Tom Brady: 160. Brett Favre: 160. John Elway: 148. Dan Marino: 147
Kellen Clemens making Alex Smith look like Dan Marino. Clemens can't complete a pass over 7 yards
I knew sensation John Beck would lead the to victory. He's a cut from Steve Young, Dan Marino and Warren Moon.
Pack 2 had some great players. Keyshawn, Dan Marino and the under appreciated Rod Smith.
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Everything that Ray Finkle's Mom said about Dan Marino...insert "Tom Brady"
ICYMI, my piece on Dan Marino and Damon Huard's winery is now up on I think you just might enjoy reading it.
Come on. Tell me you would rather listen to Dan Marino and Shannon Sharp blather on than watch this piece of magic.
Dan Marino and Damon Huard are now teammates in a new game: winemaking
Dan Marino, Damon Huard now teammates in new game: winemaking
based on stats alone Grham harrel & colt Brennan are better than Dan Marino & Montana
I got this Mike Vick on me Herb got Dan Marino
In other words he'd play Alex Smith over Dan Marino.
I got that Mike Vick, herb got Dan Marino!
and did Dan Marino not want to attend the photo shoot and instead send Bernie Kosar in his place?
Not every family is the media traditional one. Didn't Jessie Jackson and Dan Marino have a kid who wasn't from their wife.
VIDEO great Dan Marino with coach Ron Rivera before training camp practice
Dolphins great Dan Marino arrives at practice with Panthers head coach Ron Rivera.
, Dan Marino, Ricky Williams, Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor to name a few more we need back lol
My top 5 fav that got me into football for life? (IN ORDER). 1. Zach Thomas. 2. Dan Marino. 3. Jason Taylor. 4. Chad Johnson. 5. Ricky Williams
so Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Barry Sanders, etc, don't deserve a spot?
Dolphins had a great practice yesterday with thousands of Fins fans cheering on. Dan Marino and Lauren Tannehill both attended.
Ron wolf said he'd take Otto Graham over Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steve Young, everybody else in hall of fame. Jesus
It's not Dan Marino. With wins against every team but Miami, Kerry Collins is today's PotD
10 years ago today Steve Young, Dan Marino, and the NFL's 1st ever black QB Benny Friedman were enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
are you related to Dan Marino the hall of fame Dolphins quarterback? Yea why not
Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino takes in day 4 of Dolphins training camp.
And if you have to disrespect Dan Marino's legendary coaches (Shula & Jimmy Johnson) & his teammates to make your case you have a weak one.
Ezequiel Lavezzi & Gonzalo Higuain or Dan Marino and Ray Finkle? You decide.
Ray Finkle pulled a Bruce Jenner and kidnapped Dan Marino after he botched that kick
Dan Marino syndrome, which was understandable.
Drew Brees John Elway Joe Montana or Dan Marino for my Madden MUT team
Bout to go on a dolphin cruise. Really hoping to see Dan Marino and Ray Finkle
lol what if I told you I had no money and would give u a 96 Dan Marino need a 99 QB never had one lol
So far, the only record breaker not active during the reign of the former king is Dan Marino.
Dan Marino and Dan Fouts have no rings bruh.
Geno makes Bryce Petty look like Dan Marino every bad day he has
Wayne Gretzky, Snoop Dogg, Dan Marino hanging out at the game in
To find an Athlete South Floridians so closely bound themselves to it would be Dan Marino. That's the kind of love DWade gets in Miami.
even Payton Manning was expandable, who is Wade? He ain't Dan Marino, what did he get us last year?
I was just hanging out with Dan Marino and Joe Namath tonight, come job doesn't suck!
Listening to Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino talk football at What a cool night!
That's the old Joe Flacco/Trent Dilfer/Brad Johnson/Mark Rypien are better QBS than Dan Marino argument. Absurd.
Going to a banquet to listen to Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Joe Montana, and Joe Namath!
Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, John Elway, Joe Montana, Steve Young and Peyton Manning never had to deflate the ball.
so Barkley, John Stockton, Dan Marino not Hall of Famers? Dwight a 3x DPY
Dan Marino doesn't have a ring and he's in the Hall of Fame.
how many Super Bowls does Dan Marino have? Or Phillip Rivers?
Jason Licht compares Jameis Winston to Tom Brady and Dan Marino -
Dan Marino is the white version of Denzel Washington.
Dan Marino to Jerry Rice .. TD Eagles?! explains in his 25 random points, NFL draft edition:
32 years ago today the Chiefs drafted Todd Blackledge in the 1st round instead of Bruce Matthews, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, or Darrell Green.
TBT: Dolphins QB Dan Marino getting away from the Jets' Mark Gastineau.
He's got that right. Tom Brady at 199 overall. Joe Montana in the third round. Dan Marino as 6th QB taken in '83.
Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Dan Marino. None of those guys won a Heisman. Look how they turned out.
I got this Micheal Vick up on me bro Jt got his Dan Marino
Bullets flyin, Dan Marino, drop that clip and reload
well his passer rating is higher than Dan Marino who also never won a ring and the rest of his stats are comparable to Jim Kelly
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Bart Starr, Dan Marino or Joe Theismann - find out:
Its a championship,I'm no Dan Marino. More like Steve Montana, speaking on my MO. Consistent Tom Brady, rookie Russel Wil…
I too agree. Nick Foles is better than Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre, John Elway, Joe Montana
"Last good draft pick the Dolphins had? Dan Marino bazillion years ago. I'm realistic." No Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas?
U woulda thought Fins fans signed Dan Marino, Jason Taylor n Zach Thomas yesterday 😂😭 but nah they just spent all their cap space on SUH.
Aaron Rodgers, Dan Marino or Roger Staubach - find out the stats:
I always rooted for Reggie Bush...he made Matt Leinart look like Dan Marino
this kid is built like Cam Newton even in HS. Throws like Dan Marino quick release. Just watch hudl video.
We are known for our Draft mistakes and arguably our worst coming in 1983 when we chose Ken O'Brian despite Dan Marino still being available
sorry Dan Marino, Ken Griffey Jr., Elgin Baylor, yall are not elite to this guy.
Dan Marino is my quarterback right now on Madden. Jim Nantz called him “a young quarterback with a little experience."
Neither won a ring, but both are legends. RT- Jim Kelly. FAV- Dan Marino .
Old Man Rooney adored Dan Marino. FChuck Noll said no. Wanted to go with defense. Brilliant. We draft Gabe Rivera instead.
I have a jersey curse too! Mine dates back to my E.Smith jersey he left dallas, Dan Marino retired, doug flutie left buffalo,
“I'll always love big arm QBs who drop back and gun Favre & Elway” Don't forget Dan Marino & Joe Namath! 😉
Is that why Terry Bradshaw is considered one of the best QBs of all time and Dan Marino is a chump?
why does everyone think Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever??? When you have Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Jon Elway, and Terry Bradshaw!!!
.how exactly does one argue that Dan Marino > John Elway, but Tom Brady > Peyton Manning? Just curious.
NFL has had so many great QBs and imo Dan Marino 1of greatest wo SB. Also I don't in any way believe that Eli is a better QB
was that a central catholic dan marino reference on show? well done. Yinz know he used to come in Panther Hollow Inn?
Can always count on the hours of long phone calls from Dan Marino
does that make Ben Roethlisberger a better qb than Dan Marino or Peyton Manning? He has more Super Bowls
The teams that passed on Dan Marino in the '83 draft is ridiculous.
Saying Tom Brady is better than Manning because of his rings is like saying Joe Flacco is a better quarterback than Dan Marino
yeah , at the end of the day all teams play for the same thing! 😏 , 1. Brady 2. Montana 3. Dan Marino 4. Manning
The beat the Dolphins 62-7 in the playoffs on January 15, 1999, sending Dan Marino into retirement.
your argument is solely based on the fact that Dan Dan never won! Marino great but not goat!
That time the selected Dan Marino and John Elway in the same draft,
he said Dan Marino was a qb for the niners.
Aaron Rodgers better than Dan Marino and John Elway breh
Would Dan Marino have 💍's as QB with Bill Walsh and 49ers or Peyton Manning more w Bill Belichick and his defenses? Yes!
Fully convinced Miami is waiting for Dan Marino's GRAND KID
Now that Sapp is history can you Please hire some high character people to anchor your show like Dan Marino.
This new dan Marino track Kyle made is nice.
I won't even throw Dan Marino into the argument for the best QB ever. He ain't even top 5. 0 rings = 0 chance of making my list.
Jimmy Garoppolo just surpassed Dan Marino and tied Peyton Manning for SuperBowl wins
The great joined us today to discuss his role with the team, Ryan Tannehill & more: htt…
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Justin's has as many jobs as Dan Marino has superbowls
but.. Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl
Peyton Manning is Dan Marino with a ring. ... And with multiple endorsements instead of just IsoToners.
Good luck Fritzy! Met Dan Marino in bar in nyc and was a great guy! is jealous of you guys!
Maybe you could do a commercial with Dan Marino. Toss the old pigskin around. The ladies would SWON!
Joe Montana was able to defeat Dan Marino, Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, and John Elway in Super Bowls. Tom Brady is not the greatest QB.
Now, we hear from Jason Taylor, Dan Marino & Ryan Tannehill as we review our top interviews from in Arizona!
Mike Wilbon just said that Theisman, Tarkenton, R Wilson were all better QB's than Dan Marino
.(2/2): I don't think likes rapid fire. Dan Marino is the best quarterback. Super Bowl XX wasn't close.
Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer have Super Bowl rings Dan Marino does not...does that make them better? Eli has 2, overrated!
bruh no he's not. Your telling me he's better than Joe Montana, Dan Marino, and Roger Staubach..? No he's not. Top 5.
Dan Marino is the best QB I've ever seen play. 100% agree, he would a statistical monster in today's NFL!
Katy Perry is the first person to get the Dolphins into the Super Bowl since Dan Marino.
Dan Marino never considered football until a HS coach saw him hit a bird in mid-air with a roll of toilet paper
No kidding now I'm stuck with HR and suiter and Dan Marino Jr. 😩
domain names
Dan Marino invented the play-action pass. It came to him in a dream.
Warren Sapp: 40 Football Hall-of-Fame and Superstar Cards Collection Including players such as Dan Marino, Troy Aikma
Dan Marino was burning league before changes
yeah same. I grew up with the God that is Dan Marino so that's my ideal type of QB.
Or Adrian Peterson, Dan Marino, or a lot of other highly paid pro athletes who dont win one
My top 5 QBs of all time: . 1. Peyton Manning. 2. Dan Marino. 3. Joe Montana. 4. Tom Brady. 5. Brett Favre
No and neither is Montana. Super Bowls dont alleviate your talent. Dan Marino is the GOAT, followed by Warren Moon
hard to say the best but examples of better QB's are Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino
“Only football players I know of are Reggie Bush and Dan Marino 💁” talk about opposite ends of the spectrum😄
If I hear Dan Marino or Bob Costas one more time I'm gonna throw myself out a window
Lots of guests today from radio row: JustinTuck, Le'Veon Bell, Archie Manning, Drew Brees, Blake Bortles, Dan Marino, and Ryan Tannehill
Bring in Dan Marino, Don Shula, Cam Newton, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning for the April Chantilly show.
Dan Marino gets his own wax figure in Madame Tussauds' Museum
Patriots drafted Tony Eason ahead of Dan Marino. Broncos traded firsts for Elway and Tebow. Sound logic.
Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Flacco could show Dan Marino theirs. Who stands the test of time?
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Top 5 QBs of all time in my opinion:. 1. Joe Montana. 2. Johnny Unitas. 3. Tom Brady. 4. Dan Marino. 5. John Elway. A-Rod will be there soon.
Dan Marino never got a ring..Sheila and Johnson bad coaches?
Looks like from the press conference Peyton Manning played his last game. I was a huge Dan Marino fan and watched as this guy passed all of his major records. We were fortunate to see an era with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady play in the league together going back and forth with ridiculous passing records (and Drew Brees for that matter, though he doesn't seem to be the same level of HOF candidacy that these two are). Manning became my favorite QB to watch. I loved watching him destroy the NFL in his earlier Colts career. The Seahawks were very mediocre then (still very fun to watch and root for, but not consistently in the playoffs like the Holmgren/Hasselbeck/Alexander era) and I would root for this guy every year. Sad to see it end this way, but it won't be remembered like this very long. Marino went out on a playoff loss and people tend to think of him destroying the Seahawks in the playoff game before more than the last game he played. Manning was simply the man. Made every team he played for very goo ...
Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton never won Super Bowls but they are still some of the greatest to play the game
Tom Brady the greatest QB of all times. Better than Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Peyton Manning...
Peyton Manning is Dan Marino with a SuperBowl ring ... Tom Brady is Joe Montana
"my name is Dan Marino, and I lost 50 pounds on Nutrisystem!". mom: "my name is Susan Smith, and I love chocolate!"
Dan Marino was better than Bob Griese but Griese had a better run game, he won the SB's.
.Fifteen years ago, Dan Marino and Jimmy Johnson won their last NFL games
Sports fans writing sports fanfic. John Elway/Dan Marino slash. Jackie Robinson becomes the first black quidditch player. Is this a thing?
"I'm Dan Marino and I was in that Ace Ventura movie."
and I'll take Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon over all of them
Better all-time quarterback? Kurt Warner, Dan Marino or Tom Brady - find out the stats:
Jan. 1, 1983: Future Hall of Famers Eric Dickerson and Dan Marino fail to score, as SMU beats Pittsburgh, 7-3, in the Cotton Bowl Classic.
My Dad's had more concussions than Dan Marino @ Mayo Clinic Health System
Better all-time quarterback? Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino or Ben Roethlisberger - find out the stats:
Dan Marino and Mike Evans walking around the mall
Tip of the Day-. Try the Dan Marino at Taco Tico. If you order it, you will be amongst
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Joe Montana, Dan Marino or Phil Simms - find out:
By the way, the players ahead of Foles on that list are Kurt Warner, Otto Graham, Russell Wilson and Dan Marino.
Carr's 20 is tied with Andy Dalton,Robert Griffin III and Dan Marino.
Wednesday night was a special night for Larry as he welcomed Manny Fernandez as the 27th member of the team’s Honor Roll. Larry, and fellow teammates will join Manny for the coin toss at Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. The induction ceremony will take place at half time. Check back for photos from the game. Wednesday night was the kick-off to Alumni week and the honor roll induction. Many Dolphins greats were in attendance as can be seen in the photos below. Jimmy Cefalo intros Norm Evans. Left to Right Larry little, AJ Duhie, Larry Csonka, Dan Marino, Kim Bokamper and Maanny Fernandez Great food, open bar and many lies told….good time had by all! Jake Scott, *** Anderson, Norm Evans, and Larry
Joe Montana one of the best quarterbacks to play the game next to John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Dan Marino.
Then there are some that think Dan Marino will be the key to getting Bill Cowher off TV and on the side lines. He's not coming back!
Drew Brees is the modern day Dan Marino
do you think Dan Marino, would ever be interested in coaching the Dolphins?
Is the Joe Philbin era over? Backup linebackers step up, and more. News You May Have Missed 12/16/14
Most wins by a QB in their 1st 3 seasons? . 33 by Dan Marino, Matt Ryan & our 2014 Man of the Year.
Steve Young and Dan Marino great HOF QB's but as bad as it gets taking Football . So Boring .
Just got garbaged timed out of a ship. Dan Marino, feel you bro. Didn't realize I could hate cutler any more.
Andrew Luck could very well be the next Dan Marino. Great stats but no hardware.
Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum have the ear of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross
Ross met with Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum after loss
Looking forward to Dan Marino and Gloria Estefan appearing in the new Ant-Man series
John Elway was drafted by the Yankees and Dan Marino drafted by the Royals. They have autos in
I have been a 49ers fan since OJ played for them, long before he got framed for that duel suicide, but I have been watching Aaron Rodgers and he may be the best QB I have ever seen. He reminds me of Dan Marino with wheels. I just compared his first 100 games with Farve and Aaron has more TD's, a higher completion %, more yards and less int's.
Dan Marino should die of gonheria and burn in *** Would you like a cookie?
I assume Dan Marino's 'special advice' to the Fish is 'throw it more and look at my rings' - One note chancer, the NFL's Mark Ronson.
Oh yea no doubt. So I suppose Wilson is better than Dan Marino to huh? Or Jim Kelly as well?
Thankful for Dan Marino, Frank Thomas, Barry Sanders & Michael Jordan. They are the main reason I like sports today.
"this is the best quarterback play the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino." Agreed. But not a high hill to climb
Boss calls @ 6am that systems are down. Get to work @ their back up..FML😂😴😴 (@ Miami Children's Hospital …) on
The Jets are so bad that ESPN will run a Dan Marino/ Kenny O'brien repeat game next Monday night
Dan Marino can't get Devil deal: via
you don't need to have rings to be one of the greats. Ex. Dan Marino. Know your football.
Anyone on on wanting to complete the Dan Marino set. I have Collectible 4 up on Auction for only 60K The cheapest one.
Should be, outside Montana, Peyton, Dan Marino and maybe Brett Favre, he is in that league.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Bart Starr, Dan Marino or Aaron Rodgers - find out:
96 overall Dan Marino on XB1 available for trade!
This D full of non-athletes could make Dan Marino look shifty. That's *today's* Dan Marino.
maybe Don can call Ace Ventura do what he did to Dan Marino
ha! That's funny. But I do know who he is. But I'm more of a Dan Marino guy. Also I don't watch football any more.
Wish I could have witness some of the greats of the NFL play. Would have loved to have seen Dan Marino and Barry Sanders in action
Two Great NFL Quarterback Legends, Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins) and John Elway (Denver Broncos) Quarterback Legends from the 1980s
! Mine won't start it stills says maintence break! Hurry hup and fix it! Even though I'm still mad cause my dan Marino was
Think about this for a minute... Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and Dan Marino didn't.
Anyone watching this jets game ? My son geno slinging the ball like dan Marino on the low
Throwback Dan Marino, in Miami on a speedboat
every time I like at the Ace Ventura meme I shared with u I laugh out loud is Dan Marino
Dan Marino's number is "retired" but not really. Heat have had a 13 on their roster almost every year recently
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that's close to get dan Marino rookie card. You could get troy or save a lil more for dan rookie and do the set
idk about that.. Can't say becuz a Qb is great he's gonna win all these rings.. Dan Marino is a ...
Kyle Orton looms like Dan Marino and the Bills B looks like Buddy Ryan's Bears how could we win
just tell them he's going to end up the Dan Marino of hockey and drop the mic
Nights for Museum of Discover and Science and Dan Marino's Autism Foundation
Another pro source saysTexans in talks with Dan Marino and TerryBradshaw and F.Tarkinton re:open QB Position for Texans..
Southern Coatings on the list of south Florida roofers Dan Marino's lucky. Number
A nice looking Dan Marino RC card posted here on Collector Revolution. Check it out!
With 305 passing yards today, Tom Brady is now tied w/ Dan Marino for 3rd-most 300+ yard games in history (63).
This dude is trying to tell me that romo is just as good as dan Marino. I mean I knew cowboy fans were crazy but that's just stupid.
or Favorite for chance to win a Dan Marino framed Miami Dolphins 11x14 photo.
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