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Dan Marino

Daniel Constantine Dan Marino, Jr. (born September 15, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League.

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Most wins by a QB in their 1st 3 seasons? . 33 by Dan Marino, Matt Ryan & our 2014 Man of the Year.
Steve Young and Dan Marino great HOF QB's but as bad as it gets taking Football . So Boring .
Just got garbaged timed out of a ship. Dan Marino, feel you bro. Didn't realize I could hate cutler any more.
Andrew Luck could very well be the next Dan Marino. Great stats but no hardware.
Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum have the ear of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross
Ross met with Dan Marino, Mike Tannenbaum after loss
Looking forward to Dan Marino and Gloria Estefan appearing in the new Ant-Man series
John Elway was drafted by the Yankees and Dan Marino drafted by the Royals. They have autos in
I have been a 49ers fan since OJ played for them, long before he got framed for that duel suicide, but I have been watching Aaron Rodgers and he may be the best QB I have ever seen. He reminds me of Dan Marino with wheels. I just compared his first 100 games with Farve and Aaron has more TD's, a higher completion %, more yards and less int's.
Dan Marino should die of gonheria and burn in *** Would you like a cookie?
I assume Dan Marino's 'special advice' to the Fish is 'throw it more and look at my rings' - One note chancer, the NFL's Mark Ronson.
Oh yea no doubt. So I suppose Wilson is better than Dan Marino to huh? Or Jim Kelly as well?
Thankful for Dan Marino, Frank Thomas, Barry Sanders & Michael Jordan. They are the main reason I like sports today.
"this is the best quarterback play the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino." Agreed. But not a high hill to climb
Boss calls @ 6am that systems are down. Get to work @ their back up..FML😂😴😴 (@ Miami Children's Hospital …) on
The Jets are so bad that ESPN will run a Dan Marino/ Kenny O'brien repeat game next Monday night
Dan Marino can't get Devil deal: via
you don't need to have rings to be one of the greats. Ex. Dan Marino. Know your football.
Anyone on on wanting to complete the Dan Marino set. I have Collectible 4 up on Auction for only 60K The cheapest one.
Should be, outside Montana, Peyton, Dan Marino and maybe Brett Favre, he is in that league.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Bart Starr, Dan Marino or Aaron Rodgers - find out:
96 overall Dan Marino on XB1 available for trade!
This D full of non-athletes could make Dan Marino look shifty. That's *today's* Dan Marino.
maybe Don can call Ace Ventura do what he did to Dan Marino
ha! That's funny. But I do know who he is. But I'm more of a Dan Marino guy. Also I don't watch football any more.
Wish I could have witness some of the greats of the NFL play. Would have loved to have seen Dan Marino and Barry Sanders in action
Two Great NFL Quarterback Legends, Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins) and John Elway (Denver Broncos) Quarterback Legends from the 1980s
! Mine won't start it stills says maintence break! Hurry hup and fix it! Even though I'm still mad cause my dan Marino was
Think about this for a minute... Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl and Dan Marino didn't.
Anyone watching this jets game ? My son geno slinging the ball like dan Marino on the low
Throwback Dan Marino, in Miami on a speedboat
every time I like at the Ace Ventura meme I shared with u I laugh out loud is Dan Marino
Dan Marino's number is "retired" but not really. Heat have had a 13 on their roster almost every year recently
that's close to get dan Marino rookie card. You could get troy or save a lil more for dan rookie and do the set
idk about that.. Can't say becuz a Qb is great he's gonna win all these rings.. Dan Marino is a ...
Kyle Orton looms like Dan Marino and the Bills B looks like Buddy Ryan's Bears how could we win
just tell them he's going to end up the Dan Marino of hockey and drop the mic
Nights for Museum of Discover and Science and Dan Marino's Autism Foundation
Another pro source saysTexans in talks with Dan Marino and TerryBradshaw and F.Tarkinton re:open QB Position for Texans..
Southern Coatings on the list of south Florida roofers Dan Marino's lucky. Number
A nice looking Dan Marino RC card posted here on Collector Revolution. Check it out!
With 305 passing yards today, Tom Brady is now tied w/ Dan Marino for 3rd-most 300+ yard games in history (63).
This dude is trying to tell me that romo is just as good as dan Marino. I mean I knew cowboy fans were crazy but that's just stupid.
or Favorite for chance to win a Dan Marino framed Miami Dolphins 11x14 photo.
Peyton Manning passes Dan Marino for the most game-winning drives in against the Dolphins with his 52nd. htt…
Yep, by that standard Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino or Warren Moon. Which is completely absurd.
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A little blurry, but two of the greats Dan Marino and John Elway!
That HOF jacket is signed by 40+ guys in the NFL Hall of Fame. Including Jim Brown, Bart Starr, Barry Sanders, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino
I've been watching football since the early 70s. In my estimation the best quarterbacks to never win A Super Bowl are Dan Marino ,Jim Kelly , Fran Tarkington , Dan Fouts... And the worst quarterback to ever win TWO Super Bowl's is Eli Manning! Horrific! I believe the Giants won in spite of him not because of him.
yes been this way since Bo Jackson and Magic Johnson and Dan Marino came into my life
Dan Marino statue at Sun Life Stadium. but here to see play tomorrow
Aric Almirola and a pair of living legends, Richard Petty and Dan Marino prior to the Thursday Night Football...
He still a great player so that means dan marino was bad championships don't make you great
"Throwbacc dan marino in miami on a speed boat"
On this day in 1995... . Dan Marino went "Dan Marino" on the all-time passing re... -
that *** man! If you zoom in enough you can tell its Dan Marino.
always take the team trophy over personal awards. Ask Dan Marino or Jim Kelly;;;
hank is like Dan Marino. He has stats and achievements but never won the big one. He's good but not good enough to be champ
Who cares? Dan Marino also used to play well in the NFL. Not gonna start for a team now
This photographer is fired ! My picture with Roberto Duran and Dan Marino got ruined !
Got my first ever jersey, ready for frat party on Sat! Gone old school with Dan Marino! htt…
On this day in NFL history... went Dan Marino on the all-time passing mark:
Matthew Stafford has 19,953 passing yards in his first 70 career games, the most in NFL history. More than Dan Marino and Peyton Manning. More than even Russell Wilson.
I had a dream that Arnold Palmer was my cashier at Giant Eagle and Dan Marino was the bagger. This is what NyQuill does to you.
The Jets drafted Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp. Blair Thomas over Emmitt Smith. Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino. Al Toon over Rice.
LISTEN: The got their 1st home shutout since 2006. Ryan Tannehill is learning from Dan Marino.
What do Zucc, Hags, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Dan Marino, a dolphin, Zoolander & Rick Nash have in common? Find out here:
I had a crazy dream that I had a oil rig that looked like Dan Marino..?
I'm going to wear a Dan Marino jersey for Halloween... I'm not gonna be Dan Marino though. I'm gonna be a guy in a Dan Marino jersey.
S/o to Dan Marino's all time touchdown record, it's 420. 🔥💨💨💨
Thank you very much. I called it months ago. Dan Marino would come in and tutor quarterbacks. Maybe soon he'll be Quarterbacks Coach!
INSANE how quick Dan Marino's release was man. Absolutely sick. . Quickest release in history, for sure. That man was a baller
since when does being the best at your position mean you win the chip? Dan Marino ain't one of the best QBs ever? Charles Barkey?
I met Dan Marino & it took all of my will power to talk football with him instead of Ace Ventura Pet Detective
to when my terrorist parents kidnapped Dan Marino and Lenny Dykstra.
Great news: Dan Marino privately tutoring quarterbacks
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talk to your friend about how he thinks Trent Dilfer > Dan Marino. It's sad.
your friend thinks Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino bc Trent had more rings.
I hope that doesn't mean Trent Dilfer ranks ahead of Dan Marino?
Hall of Famer Dan Marino working with Dolphins quarterbacks
Happened to Dan Marino RTif he falls in the draft, then that's just pathetic."
Why are people ripping LeBron for one game? Dude has 2 rings dan marino would die for just ONE!! LeBrons a champion.
Winston has made 153698 mistakes in this game and the commentators keep treating him like he's the second coming of Dan Marino.
Cam reminds me of Dan Marino. Superior Talent on a subpar team. Imagine Cam with an above average offensive unit.
Very true, but I think he would be a top 10 player to never win a ring... Dan Marino xD!
Your father got a pic with Dan Marino tonight!
Dolphins News: Dan Marino tutoring Ryan Tannehill: What quarterback wouldn't want to sit down and take advice,...
I'm giving away: 5 Card Dan Marino Lot. Check it out -
try's to get people to pay 250 bucks for his lousy signature. He aint No Dan Marino ,no Tom Brady ya know. Reminds me of coyne
Trent Dilfer got a ring too lol. Dan Marino doesn't. That comes with having a team
Doug Williams Super Bowl champion Dan Marino not so much so STFU zomp
Dan Marino proving to be valuable resource for Ryan Tannehill
Who's won when it counts? Kershaw right now is the NFL's Dan Marino.
I'm a lebron fan, i couldn't see MJ, or hank aaron or Dan Marino play, but I can see lebron. And he's gonna be the greatest to ever play.
Ryan Tannehill getting help from Dolphins great Dan Marino via
Dan Marino - " I would have to go with Manning because of his great play from the start of his career "
Hall of Famer Dan Marino working with quarterbacks
Nas was flowing fluidly on that track, like a Dan Marino Dolphins offense in the 90s
Dan Marino is advising Ryan Tannehill this season. What exactly is he saying to the young QB?
“Who's had the better career: Brady or Manning? don't mean anything, Dan Marino didn't have any
Here's my take: if championships define relevancy, then Dan Marino, YA Tittle, and Donovan McNabb were irrelevant to their teams? No. Wrong.
Dan Marino: "Ryan, my boy, Mike Wallace is no Mark Clayton."
Bill Belichick offered apologies to John Elway, Joe Montana and Dan Marino and then called Peyton Manning the best QB he'…
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Peyton Manning, Dan Marino or Troy Aikman - find out:
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Joe Montana, Dan Marino or Danny White - find out:
didn't the front office help put together a team that just won the SB?. Ask Tony Gonzales or Dan Marino
You don't want Jameis because off the field behavior? Yeah then you wouldn't have drafted Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, or even Dan Marino either 😑
Went to an event last night with Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, Chris Carter, Greg Anthony, Mike Piazza & Sugar Hill Gang... Very odd combo.
142.5 yards per game, are you kidding me? Without Terrell Davis, John Elway goes out like Dan Marino and that's the truth.
Better all-time quarterback? Aaron Rodgers, Dan Marino or Peyton Manning - find out the stats:
***FINAL MINUTE'S 'ON THIS DAY' IN SPORTS HISTORY*** Per 1930 - J.K. Scott won the first miniature golf tournament. The event was held in Chattanooga, TN. 1945 - The Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson. 1978 - Bryan Trottier (New York Islanders) broke an NHL record when he scored six points in one period. 1988 - Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins) passed for 521 yards, three touchdowns and completed 35 of 60 against the New York Jets. It was considered the single-best passing day in NFL history. 1993 - Joe Carter (Toronto Blue Jays) became only the second player to end the World Series with a homerun. 1993 - The Toronto Maple Leafs set an NHL record when they won their ninth straight game at the start of the season. 1996 - The civil trial of O.J. Simpson opened in Santa Monica, CA. Simpson was later found liable in the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. 1998 - Mark Messier (Vancouver Canucks) became only the 10th player in NHL history to reach 600 career goals. 2002 - ...
The great Bill Walsh "Joe Montana was a product of a system. Dan Marino was a system" Almost all QB's need help, period
Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Tom Brady were among the many past and present NFL players who acknowledged Peyton Manning's touchdown passing record.
ur point bein Dan Marino don't got a ring Steve Young only got 1 Joe Namath only got 1 Brett farve only got 1
Peyton Manning, Joe Montana and Dan Marino are the three kings of quarterbacks in the History of the NFL. You can argue the order that they are in, but those are the three guys. And no, Tom Brady doesn't even come close to those guys, real talk.
Peyton Manning has 4 TD passes tonight. Dan Marino had 4 TD passes when he passed Frank Tarkenton for the record on November 26, 1995.
Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Russell Wilson. These are all better qbs than Dan Marino
The NFL Today show just aint the same without Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe
Still missing Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on the
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Steve Young, Dan Marino or Kurt Warner - find out:
can you guys please post the picture of Dan Marino, Frank Mir, Joe and myself. Our picture didn't come out.
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Boys wanna say Ryan better than Romo cause of playoff success like Trent Dilfer don't have a Super Bowl and Dan Marino doesn't.
FBB hanging with Dan Marino and Frank Mir: via
by that logic, Trent Dilfer had a better career than Dan Marino. Career success can not be measured by rings alone. Team sport.
NFL ROUNDUP: The DALLAS COWBOYS solidified their grip on the NFC EAST lead by marching into the deafening arena of the notorious "Sixth Man" and lowering the boom on the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS' legendary "Legion Of Doom"! The PHILADELPHIA EAGLES kept pace with the COWBOYS by shutting out the NEW YORK GIANTS, a feat they hadn't pulled off since 1996.the bigger loss for the GIANTS was losing Victor Cruz for the rest of the season after a crushing knee injury.The WASHINGTON DEADSKINS continued their quest to make mediocrity a football fad.they were handed their fourth straight defeat by the NFC WEST leading ARIZONA CARDINALS.The SAN FRAN 'NINERS are in second place in the NFC WEST after toying with those last place RAMBUNCTIOUS RAMS on Monday Night Football.The GREEN BAY CHEESEHEADS pulled a Dan Marino "fake spike" to consummate their comeback against the DOLL FINS, tightening their grip on the NFC NORTH lead, in the process.The DETROIT LIONS took a bite off the hapless MINNESOTA VIKINGS, while DA BEARS clipped th ...
It wasn't quite a Dan Marino redux in Miami, as Aaron Rodgers's fake spike, which fooled as many Packers as it did Dolphins, didn't come on the winning touchdown. (It merely put Green Bay in prime position for that on the next play.) But we'll never not stop to appreciate an elegant bit of football trickery, especially one that fooled Rodgers's own intended target.
Elias Sports Bureau: Aaron Rodgers celebrates game with 3 TDs Aaron Rodgers threw three touchdown passes, including a 4-yarder to Andrew Quarless with 3 seconds to play, in the Packers' 27-24 win at Miami. Rodgers has thrown 203 TDs in 100 games with the Packers, the second-most TD passes in NFL history in a player's first 100 games. The record is 217 by Dan Marino.
Just watched (again) Aaron Rodgers playing Dan Marino at Lambeau South yesterday. Great play.
pulled a Dan Marino on the D today. looks like Larry Coker the season he got fired... and in real life.
Was just told the Dolphins haven't had a good qb since Bob griese. When I brought up Dan Marino, they told me their statement was still true
no Neil it doesn't, ask Dan Marino.
Peyton Manning has tied Dan Marino's record for 400-yd passing games (13). Here's the leaders since 1960:
History Day in Denver : Peyton Manning went of with a career high 479 yards and 4 Tds . It was his 13th 400 yard game tying Dan Marino for most 400 yard passing games . Also Manning is only the second player to throw 500 touchdowns , after yesterday's game he now sits second all time in touchdown passes with 503 . He's 5 behind Brett Farve who has 508. Demaryius Thomas set the Broncos single game receiving yard record with 226 yards with 8 catches and 2 tds .Also Wes Welker now has the most catches by an u drafted player with 854.
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning ties Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino for the most 400-yard passing games in league history.
CBS was better with Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe tbh. i like the addition of Gonzo but i dont like Bart Scott or phil sims.
DePalma is a champion. He's going to make Seth Doege look like Dan Marino.
Winning has spoiled these fans. Where there many calls for Damon Huard when Dan Marino was stumbling?
Peyton Manning has never thrown an intervention at 2:52pm eastern standard time...he's in good company with only Dan Marino doing the same
Dan Marino would have beat Jim Kelly more often if he didn't need so many points. Seattle's defense steps up in these games.
- Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young. Just a few more great quarterbacks.
"Joe Montana was a product of the system. Dan Marino was the system"- Bill Walsh
Peyton Manning, Brady, Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino. ...Even Though my man's Terry Bradshaw the goat in superbowls
The last time Peyton Manning won an overtime game, he broke Dan Marino's record for TD passes in a season in a win over San Diego (2004).
. Like Big O said... Don Shula & Dan Marino are not walking through that door anytime soon
1st match we ever watched vs Featuring the greats Joe Theismann, John Riggins & Dan Marino.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time quarterback? Tony Romo, Dan Marino or Joe Theismann - find out:
Hanging out with Jim Kelly at Dan Marino's Charity Golf Tournament back in 1992
Andrew Luck loses back-to-back games for 1st time in career. 33-game streak tied Dan Marino for longest since 1970. http:…
Better all-time quarterback? Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino or Steve Young - find out the stats:
Need to bring back Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino
I don't think I like NFL Today without Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe
Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe no longer on cbs?
Good lord CBS is horrible without Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino.
Tony Gonzalez and Bart Scott are not better than Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino on CBS
JB , HOF Dan Marino has connections to interview Goodell. . scott pelley is not Walter Cronkite
I nominate Jeff Ireland for the new commissioner of the NFL. Joking aside,it would be fun to see Jason Taylor or Dan Marino in office.
Dan Marino is at the bottom an he's arguably the best to ever step on the field .
Watching Moreno and Miller run like this, Dan Marino be like...
Bart Scott and Tony Gonzales are nice guys but I must admit I miss Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Mostly Marino - Sharpe not so much
Bart Scott is cool, but I miss man Shannon Sharpen. I could care less about Dan Marino lol
Still can’t believe CBS replaced Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino with Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez
Good riddance to Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez are doing a great job on CBS.
I'm glad Dan Marino is gone!! Tony Gonzalez is an awesome addition! Best Tight End of All-Time! Shannon Sharpe is gone? Bart Scott is cool!
Dan Marino fathering a child out of wedlock is still less embarrassing than Joe Montana in a Skechers commercial.
And if Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, and Dan Marino are HOF QBs and they haven't won a SB, then the whole "Romo has no SBs." Argument is not valid
Your Packers jerseys look weird next to my Bo Jackson, Dan Marino, Barry Sanders, and Randall Cunningham jerseys.
On this date in 1994, Dan Marino became the second QB with 300 TD passes by throwing for five scores in a 39-35 victory over New England.
"Dan Marino should die of gonnerhea and burn in *** "
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and burn in *** 😂
With that logic Brad Johnson Trent Dilfer and Mark Rypien wee better then Dan Marino lol
On Peyton Manning: Manning is only a Tier 3 quarterback. The Official All-time NFL QB Rankings, per NFL Stats - - Tier 1, in order - - Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Otto Graham, Sammy Baugh. Tier 2, tied for 5-8 - - Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Drew Brees, Dan Marino. Tier 3, tied for 9-13 - - Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Bret Favre, Terry Bradshaw, and Peyton Manning. Manning allegedly would have made it almost to the bottom of Tier 2 except his overall winning percentage is terrible, he doesn’t win in the clutch, he has a very poor post-season record, and he just can’t play in the cold. He was even dumped once by his team for poor play. Brady’s lifetime record is 166 wins, 51 losses, 76.49%. Manning’s lifetime record is 178 wins, 85 losses, 67.68%. Manning has so many losses that for him to equal Brady’s lifetime winning percentage, he would have to go 99-0 in the next 99 games, bringing his percentage to 76.51%. Brady lifetime in playoffs – 18-8. Manning lifetime in playoffs – 11-12. Those are ...
MIAMI (AP) -- Dan Marino is returning to the Miami Dolphins.
Dan Marino reportedly is back with the Miami Dolphins. Following months of discussions regarding a role in Miami’s front office, Marino has accepted a position with the Dolphins, according to multiple media reports. Marino will serve as a special adviser to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and CEO Tom...
THIS STORY explains Dan Marino's new role with the Miami
Report: Miami Dolphins to bring legendary QB Dan Marino back as adviser
Legendary Dolphin quarterback Dan Marino will rejoin his team, this time as a special adviser.
Dan Marino returns to Dolphins as 'special adviser'
Dan Marino returns 2 Dolphins as special advisr
Dan Marino hired by Miami Dolphins as 'special adviser' via
Dan Marino back with Dolphins as special adviser
New post: It's official: Dan Marino returning to Dolphins as special adviser
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Dan Marino back with Miami Dolphins, this time as a special adviser
Dan Marino returns to Dolphins as 'special adviser':
MIAMI -- Dan Marino is returning to the Miami Dolphins. Marino was announced Sunday as a newly hired special adviser…
Dolphins hire Dan Marino to serve as special adviser
Its official Dan Marino returning to Miami Dolphins as adviser -
Dan Marino is back with the Dolphins as a special adviser. »
Dan Marino back with the as special adviser -->
In the last 20 years, 34 QB have played in at least 5 playoff games...worst win pct?. 32. Dan Marino. 33. Jeff Garcia. 34. Matt Ryan
Better all-time quarterback? Daryle Lamonica, Dan Marino or Bart Starr - find out the stats:
A look back at a dinner that had as its guests Don Shula, Bob Griese, Dan Marino, Ryan Tannehill and Joe Philbin -- ht…
By your idiotic logic, Trent Dilfer was a better QB than Dan Marino.
so you're squad is Trent Dilfer mine is Dan Marino (for now) soon to be russ wilson
Jim Kelly: 40 Football Hall-of-Fame and Superstar Cards Collection Including players such as Dan Marino, Troy Aikman,
Trent Dilfer has won more Super Bowls than Dan Marino. Just saying.
yeah you're right. Trent Dilfer is much more remembered than Jim Kelly or Dan Marino.
By your logic, Trent Dilfer should be in, and Dan Marino shouldn't. Lol
NFL network just said Dan Marino and Payton Manning to throw more TDs the first 3 years of a career. Then there's Andy Dalton. That's funny because NO QB HAS THROWN MORE TOUCHDOWNS THAN NICK FOLES TO START A CAREER
Fun stat. Andy Dalton only 3rd QB to throw for 50 TDs in his first 3 years. Dan Marino and Peyton Manning other 2.
Andy Dalton has thrown 80 TD's his first 3 seasons. Only players in NFL history to throw more their first 3 years?...Pey…
they basically hate sport in Miami, unless it's Dan Marino. Terrible choice for the final venue.
S/o to who ever brought that drink for shordy. U made it that much better for me 😊
Just sayin...Peyton Manning & Dan Marino are ONLY QBs with more touchdown passes through 3 seasons than Andy Dalton.
Now that was a great rant! I love the Dan Marino had a running game & a good defense rant! Mark the tape!
Been Outheaa since the dolphins had Dan Marino..
Dan Marino.there can be only one...!!
My *** Spitta ripped it in the Dan Marino jersey last night though.
Jose got a Dolphins jersey signed by Dan Marino. Lucky duck.
And Andy Dalton's first three year stats compare to that of Dan Marino and Peyton Manning do I'm not trippin on Dalton's new contract
alright Im free tommorow so ill come by sometime
So Trent Dilfer is SB ready QB but Dan Marino isn't? Stop. SB take a team to win
My Bro thinks Foles is the next Dan Marino.. We'll see. I just want Geno to be the next Trent Dilfer.
.you are comparing Joe Flacco to Trent Dilfer and Andy Dalton to Dan Marino.what?
so what you're telling me is that you'd rather have Trent Dilfer than Dan Marino?
Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Marv Levy..hanging out with Hall of Famers all weekend is exhausting
using your logic you also think Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino
I love me some Bradshaw. But disagree. ;) IE..Trent Dilfer won. HOFers Dan Marino, Jim Kelley didn't.
-The "BROTHERHOOD"---An "awesome group"---of which 3 represent "HBCU" schools. "One of the "hi-lites of the Enshrinement was "being at the "right gate to see the buses bringing in "families and past Enshrinees and friends, just to name a few-Robin Roberts, Kelly Ripa, Congressman Cory Brooks, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, "LT(Lawrence Taylor,) Carl Eller. Art Shell Marv Levy, John Madden, oh yes, and USHER, Chris Berman, and many others. Chatted with a young lady from Tennessee, who works in the office of "Rep/Congressman Cooper " from Tennessee. She has met the "POTUS and the FLOTUS" . "Small world story" chatting with a couple from Augusta, Ga. to find out I know his Mom, Mary Christian. Another "hi-lite was seeing "Buffalo Nation/FANS" and the "thunderous applause" for "Jim Kelly". A great evening!-
Vikings Fan Page: Wonderlic test is very important. Me: Dan Marino had a terrible score, great career. Viking Fan Page: You're blocked
The 2012 quarterback draft class is extremely good. How good? Well, it's too early to start comparing them to a 1983 group that contained John Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Ken O'Brien, but let's put it this way: Russell Wilson has posted back-to-back 100-plus passer ratings and led the...
70's roger stoubach and Walter Payton and Dan Marino. 80s Barry Sanders and Warren Moon and jerry rice and Eric Dickerson.
Big deal. Terry Bradshaw has 4 rings, Trent Dilfer has 1. Dan Marino and Dam Fouts don't. Rings aren't good way to judge 1 guy
Do you think Dan Marino will come and help Ryan Tannehill at training camp?
will Dan Marino help guide Ryan Tannehill in training camp.? Just like Sam did with the CB
Trent Dilfer got a ring... Don't mean he better than Dan Marino..
.you're right. Now that I think about it, Trent Dilfer is light years better than Dan Marino.
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lol when you have a better winning percentage than Dan Marino and John Elway, you don't suck 😉
nope. Neither do Dan Marino, or Fran Tarkenton. Trent Dilfer does, though.
I wouldn't say that. Troy Aikman was cold. As was Joe Montana and Dan Marino.
Why do rings NOT make the man? Bc Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring...and Dan Marino doesn't.
So Robert Horry is better than MJ and Trent Dilfer Is better than Dan Marino?
People are mad about this. Really? Saying only one Super Bowl. It's not about his career it's what he did last year, which was quite impressive. Not to mention if championships is what makes you great I guess Griffey Jr., Oscar Robinson, Dan Marino, Ernie Banks, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, *** Butkus, Patrick Ewing, Tony Gwynn, Charles Barkley, Warren Moon, TO, Bruce Smith, LT, Fran Tarkenton, & Ted Williams just to name a few were some straight bums because they have never won one.
Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez have replaced Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on CBS Football
Easter Island head took all of Dan Marino's records
Showing Peyton Manning highlights and Dan Marino comes out the espys are sneak dissing
Dan Marino was my hero back in the day Miami Dolphins then Steve Young at the 49s after Joe Montana of course
Dan Marino got on a Steve Harvey suit
Dan Marino looks like Alec Baldwin to me. Lol
Me behind Dj kg , justin beiber , heavy D , Dan Marino , white guy in back is Steve , idk the black guys
I got ul Steve Madden 25 vick that's it and Dan Marino
was it a 6 1/2 foot python, or 20 feet? earlier you called Tracy Morgan Morgan Freeman, Dan Marino, not Joe.Time for a vacation
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happy birthday lia!!! Dan good to see your doing well sir
The Dutch are the Dan Marino of international slash
Getting ready to watch the last football game here :( but the good thing is I get to finally see Dan Marino play in person :)
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in *** would you like a cookie son?"-Ray Finkles Mother
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With greats Terry Kirby, Walt Harris & Dan Marino. Finally get a chance to be on Dan's Team.…
Can't be mad with Melo for wanting to stay in NYC. Still feel like he'll be the Dan Marino of the NBA now.
Dan Marino arguably the best qb to never get a ring. Debate time. Who is the worst QB to win a superbowl? I'll start with brad Johnson.
that's called the Dan Marino quotient. I fully support it.
but Dan Marino isn't on here talking championships is he?
you've also won the same amount as Dan Marino one of the best ever. So shut up.
you also have as many rings as Dan Marino. Don't see a problem in that.
Why couldn't they broadcast that game Joe Montana vs Dan Marino😪
Dan Marino?? “: I only know of one elite quarterback in the whole state of Florida”
Going to the last game at Candlestick to watch Dan Marino and Joe Montana play😍
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Guess doesn't care about winning. Wants to be the Dan Marino of the NBA. Too bad.
So excited to be at the final football game at Candlestick Park today 🌞 hello Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino 🏈
Very upset my dad gets to see Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino, and Ronny Lott at Candlestick today and he's not taking me.
"Rivers had four games in 2013 with 390-or-more yards passing, tied with Dan Marino (1984) and Joe Montana (1990) for the most in a season in NFLhistory. He had three games in which he completed at least 20 passes and 80 percent of his pass attempts joining Brett Favre (2009) and Drew Brees (2011) as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to do so three times in a season. Also during the season, Rivers became the first quarterback in team history to throw for more than 400 yards in consecutive games. He had a team-record three 400-yard games in 2013, raising his career total to six, tied with Dan Fouts for most in team history. Rivers also had five 300-yard games, raising his career total to 33."
On October 3, 2010, Peyton Manning passed John Elway to become 3rd all-time in NFL career passing yards. Brett Favre & Dan Marino are 1 & 2
Your logic...Doug Williams is superior to Dan Marino because he won a ring. Same with Mark Rypien. Both better.
Jim McMahon won a Super Bowl, Dan Marino didn't. Does that mean McMahon is better?
- I don't see Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Dan Marino or Terry Bradshaw in that show so I'll just assume it's 2,000 times better.
was better than both Dan Marino and Russel Wilson as a rookie. Why the slight?
Two Super Bowls two mvp yes without a doubt Dan Marino no Super Bowls no mvp in hall.
I see a Miami Dolphins card too. Dan Marino or Ray Finkle?
Dan Marino didn't run his mouth about So he's not my concern. "Dan Marino never won a ring"
I think Dan would have no problem being mentioned among top five players of the 80s
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea..."
Dan Marino sues over concussions - Dan Marino, considered one of the greatest...
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My Miami insiders are saying Dan Marino may come back to the quarterback!
Lawrence Taylor, Dan Marino among top 20 players of the 1980s -
1979 Dan Marino and John Elway are selected fourth and seventeenth, respectively, by the during the free-agent…
Not sure what you want guys to do my dude. Dan Marino sat in Miami his whole career waiting on a running back who never came
Best player of the 1980s according to 5. Anthony Nunez.. 4. Dan Marino.. 3. Ronnie Lott.. 2. Lawrence Taylor..
On Friday June 20th the We'On Boyz are scheduled to drop they're first single entitled "Dan Marino"…
yup. If nothing else he still has more rings than my eagles and Dan Marino combined!
Dan Marino should die Gonnoreha and rot in *** .. Want a cookie? . Look! ...Little footballs..
Back to - I know it isn't nice, but replace "Dan Marino" with "Luis Suarez" here:
rings =/= Trent Dilfer and brad Johnson with one, Dan Marino with 0. Rivers was even compared to Dan early on
My new addition to my music room! Thanks to Doug Antonacci at Daddy O's Music Shack (Springfield IL) for hooking me up!!! Yes, that is my Dan Marino football under it... It needs a new location now... LOL...
He's also tied with Dan Marino for Super Bowl victories.
"Dan Marino was as close to a perfect passer as Ive ever seen" John Madden
QB's that led the in Career Passing yards at the time of their retirement: Brett Favre Dan Marino Fran Tarkenton Johnny U. YA Tittle
Who was the most iconic NFL player of the 1980s? - Joe Montana - Lawrence Taylor - Dan Marino - Walter Payton - Reggie White - Other
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was our first time to Shula's about 3 or 4 years ago. Well,...I'm pretty sure these pair of "Pony" cleats were Dan Marino's. Nobody was in the pro shop,.so I thought I might help myself,. Again,...I crack myself up sometimes,
I remember Dolphin fans bailing on the team when Marino retired. Dan was great but how do fans quit like that ?
Happy hour at the bar - Dan Marino and wife walk in from their stretch limo for dinner.
I forgot SBs are all that matter joe flacco and Trent Dilfer are much better qbs than dan Marino and Dan Fouts ever were
I've got a Dan Marino rookie card I'm looking to trade for a 77 TransAm if you're down.
Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions via
Dan Marino needs to talk with Terry!
your random Peyton thought of the day: if he leads 3 4th Quarter comebacks this season, he surpasses Dan Marino for the all-time record
love when you're on . I want Wade to stay even if he takes the 40mil. He's the Heat's Dan Marino. He is beloved.
Been an England fan is so bloody frustrating. It's never fun unless we play Andorra or San Marino.
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