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Dan Marino

Daniel Constantine Dan Marino, Jr. (born September 15, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League.

Joe Montana Jim Kelly Miami Dolphins Trent Dilfer Super Bowl Terry Bradshaw John Elway Peyton Manning Troy Aikman Candlestick Park Tom Brady Lawrence Taylor Jerry Rice Barry Sanders Brett Favre Russell Wilson Fran Tarkenton

Andy Dalton has thrown 80 TD's his first 3 seasons. Only players in NFL history to throw more their first 3 years?...Pey…
they basically hate sport in Miami, unless it's Dan Marino. Terrible choice for the final venue.
S/o to who ever brought that drink for shordy. U made it that much better for me 😊
Just sayin...Peyton Manning & Dan Marino are ONLY QBs with more touchdown passes through 3 seasons than Andy Dalton.
Now that was a great rant! I love the Dan Marino had a running game & a good defense rant! Mark the tape!
Been Outheaa since the dolphins had Dan Marino..
Dan Marino.there can be only one...!!
My *** Spitta ripped it in the Dan Marino jersey last night though.
Jose got a Dolphins jersey signed by Dan Marino. Lucky duck.
And Andy Dalton's first three year stats compare to that of Dan Marino and Peyton Manning do I'm not trippin on Dalton's new contract
alright Im free tommorow so ill come by sometime
Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Marv Levy..hanging out with Hall of Famers all weekend is exhausting
-The "BROTHERHOOD"---An "awesome group"---of which 3 represent "HBCU" schools. "One of the "hi-lites of the Enshrinement was "being at the "right gate to see the buses bringing in "families and past Enshrinees and friends, just to name a few-Robin Roberts, Kelly Ripa, Congressman Cory Brooks, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, "LT(Lawrence Taylor,) Carl Eller. Art Shell Marv Levy, John Madden, oh yes, and USHER, Chris Berman, and many others. Chatted with a young lady from Tennessee, who works in the office of "Rep/Congressman Cooper " from Tennessee. She has met the "POTUS and the FLOTUS" . "Small world story" chatting with a couple from Augusta, Ga. to find out I know his Mom, Mary Christian. Another "hi-lite was seeing "Buffalo Nation/FANS" and the "thunderous applause" for "Jim Kelly". A great evening!-
The 2012 quarterback draft class is extremely good. How good? Well, it's too early to start comparing them to a 1983 group that contained John Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino and Ken O'Brien, but let's put it this way: Russell Wilson has posted back-to-back 100-plus passer ratings and led the...
70's roger stoubach and Walter Payton and Dan Marino. 80s Barry Sanders and Warren Moon and Jerry Rice and Eric Dickerson.
Big deal. Terry Bradshaw has 4 rings, Trent Dilfer has 1. Dan Marino and Dam Fouts don't. Rings aren't good way to judge 1 guy
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Do you think Dan Marino will come and help Ryan Tannehill at training camp?
will Dan Marino help guide Ryan Tannehill in training camp.? Just like Sam did with the CB
Trent Dilfer got a ring... Don't mean he better than Dan Marino..
.you're right. Now that I think about it, Trent Dilfer is light years better than Dan Marino.
lol when you have a better winning percentage than Dan Marino and John Elway, you don't suck 😉
nope. Neither do Dan Marino, or Fran Tarkenton. Trent Dilfer does, though.
I wouldn't say that. Troy Aikman was cold. As was Joe Montana and Dan Marino.
Why do rings NOT make the man? Bc Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring...and Dan Marino doesn't.
So Robert Horry is better than MJ and Trent Dilfer Is better than Dan Marino?
People are mad about this. Really? Saying only one Super Bowl. It's not about his career it's what he did last year, which was quite impressive. Not to mention if championships is what makes you great I guess Griffey Jr., Oscar Robinson, Dan Marino, Ernie Banks, Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders, Earl Campbell, *** Butkus, Patrick Ewing, Tony Gwynn, Charles Barkley, Warren Moon, TO, Bruce Smith, LT, Fran Tarkenton, & Ted Williams just to name a few were some straight bums because they have never won one.
Bart Scott and Tony Gonzalez have replaced Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe on CBS Football
Easter Island head took all of Dan Marino's records
Showing Peyton Manning highlights and Dan Marino comes out the espys are sneak dissing
Dan Marino was my hero back in the day Miami Dolphins then Steve Young at the 49s after Joe Montana of course
Dan Marino got on a Steve Harvey suit
Dan Marino looks like Alec Baldwin to me. Lol
Me behind Dj kg , justin beiber , heavy D , Dan Marino , white guy in back is Steve , idk the black guys
I got ul Steve Madden 25 vick that's it and Dan Marino
was it a 6 1/2 foot python, or 20 feet? earlier you called Tracy Morgan Morgan Freeman, Dan Marino, not Joe.Time for a vacation
happy birthday lia!!! Dan good to see your doing well sir
The Dutch are the Dan Marino of international slash
Getting ready to watch the last football game here :( but the good thing is I get to finally see Dan Marino play in person :)
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in *** would you like a cookie son?"-Ray Finkles Mother
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With greats Terry Kirby, Walt Harris & Dan Marino. Finally get a chance to be on Dan's Team.…
Can't be mad with Melo for wanting to stay in NYC. Still feel like he'll be the Dan Marino of the NBA now.
Dan Marino arguably the best qb to never get a ring. Debate time. Who is the worst QB to win a superbowl? I'll start with brad Johnson.
that's called the Dan Marino quotient. I fully support it.
but Dan Marino isn't on here talking championships is he?
you've also won the same amount as Dan Marino one of the best ever. So shut up.
you also have as many rings as Dan Marino. Don't see a problem in that.
Why couldn't they broadcast that game Joe Montana vs Dan Marino😪
Dan Marino?? “: I only know of one elite quarterback in the whole state of Florida”
Going to the last game at Candlestick to watch Dan Marino and Joe Montana play😍
Guess doesn't care about winning. Wants to be the Dan Marino of the NBA. Too bad.
So excited to be at the final football game at Candlestick Park today 🌞 hello Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino 🏈
Very upset my dad gets to see Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark, Dan Marino, and Ronny Lott at Candlestick today and he's not taking me.
"Rivers had four games in 2013 with 390-or-more yards passing, tied with Dan Marino (1984) and Joe Montana (1990) for the most in a season in NFLhistory. He had three games in which he completed at least 20 passes and 80 percent of his pass attempts joining Brett Favre (2009) and Drew Brees (2011) as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to do so three times in a season. Also during the season, Rivers became the first quarterback in team history to throw for more than 400 yards in consecutive games. He had a team-record three 400-yard games in 2013, raising his career total to six, tied with Dan Fouts for most in team history. Rivers also had five 300-yard games, raising his career total to 33."
On October 3, 2010, Peyton Manning passed John Elway to become 3rd all-time in NFL career passing yards. Brett Favre & Dan Marino are 1 & 2
Your logic...Doug Williams is superior to Dan Marino because he won a ring. Same with Mark Rypien. Both better.
Jim McMahon won a Super Bowl, Dan Marino didn't. Does that mean McMahon is better?
- I don't see Chris Berman, Mike Ditka, Dan Marino or Terry Bradshaw in that show so I'll just assume it's 2,000 times better.
was better than both Dan Marino and Russel Wilson as a rookie. Why the slight?
Two Super Bowls two mvp yes without a doubt Dan Marino no Super Bowls no mvp in hall.
I see a Miami Dolphins card too. Dan Marino or Ray Finkle?
Dan Marino didn't run his mouth about So he's not my concern. "Dan Marino never won a ring"
I think Dan would have no problem being mentioned among top five players of the 80s
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea..."
Dan Marino sues over concussions - Dan Marino, considered one of the greatest...
My Miami insiders are saying Dan Marino may come back to the quarterback!
Lawrence Taylor, Dan Marino among top 20 players of the 1980s -
1979 Dan Marino and John Elway are selected fourth and seventeenth, respectively, by the during the free-agent…
Not sure what you want guys to do my dude. Dan Marino sat in Miami his whole career waiting on a running back who never came
Best player of the 1980s according to 5. Anthony Nunez.. 4. Dan Marino.. 3. Ronnie Lott.. 2. Lawrence Taylor..
On Friday June 20th the We'On Boyz are scheduled to drop they're first single entitled "Dan Marino"…
yup. If nothing else he still has more rings than my eagles and Dan Marino combined!
Dan Marino should die Gonnoreha and rot in *** .. Want a cookie? . Look! ...Little footballs..
Back to - I know it isn't nice, but replace "Dan Marino" with "Luis Suarez" here:
rings =/= Trent Dilfer and brad Johnson with one, Dan Marino with 0. Rivers was even compared to Dan early on
My new addition to my music room! Thanks to Doug Antonacci at Daddy O's Music Shack (Springfield IL) for hooking me up!!! Yes, that is my Dan Marino football under it... It needs a new location now... LOL...
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He's also tied with Dan Marino for Super Bowl victories.
"Dan Marino was as close to a perfect passer as Ive ever seen" John Madden
QB's that led the in Career Passing yards at the time of their retirement: Brett Favre Dan Marino Fran Tarkenton Johnny U. YA Tittle
Who was the most iconic NFL player of the 1980s? - Joe Montana - Lawrence Taylor - Dan Marino - Walter Payton - Reggie White - Other
was our first time to Shula's about 3 or 4 years ago. Well,...I'm pretty sure these pair of "Pony" cleats were Dan Marino's. Nobody was in the pro shop,.so I thought I might help myself,. Again,...I crack myself up sometimes,
I remember Dolphin fans bailing on the team when Marino retired. Dan was great but how do fans quit like that ?
Happy hour at the bar - Dan Marino and wife walk in from their stretch limo for dinner.
I forgot SBs are all that matter joe flacco and Trent Dilfer are much better qbs than dan Marino and Dan fouts ever were
I've got a Dan Marino rookie card I'm looking to trade for a 77 TransAm if you're down.
Football Hall of Famer Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions via
Dan Marino needs to talk with Terry!
your random Peyton thought of the day: if he leads 3 4th Quarter comebacks this season, he surpasses Dan Marino for the all-time record
love when you're on . I want Wade to stay even if he takes the 40mil. He's the Heat's Dan Marino. He is beloved.
Been an England fan is so bloody frustrating. It's never fun unless we play Andorra or San Marino.
Move over Nate, I'll handle this one. I say go with the motif from Dan Marino's pants in this:
I've just realised Rooney is probably the equivalent of Dan Marino
My dad met Dan Marino on BART not knowing he was Dan Marino 😂
.says is the 4th best player of the 1980s. FOURTH!
Dan Marino deserves to have a ring.
Grab one of these Dolphins Dan Marino Throwbacks now in Large or XXL, these are the last few available in Europe!
Check this out!. 1997 Dan Marino memorable moments die cut card
Barkley wouldn't have been considered best ever WITH a ring. Dan Marino in the convo without one tho for QBs
enough on offense where we don't need a Dan Marino under center. Would be nice but.
Today, I proudly wore one of my Miami Heat jerseys. Four NBA FINALS in a row and WINNING two of them is amazing. THANKS LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Toney Douglas, Justin Hamilton, Udonis Haslem, James Jones, Rashard Lewis and Greg Oden for giving us a GREAT year of Basketball and taking us to FOUR NBA FINALS in a row. You did something that Dan Marino never could do and that is WIN the biggest and final game of the sesson.
By the standards people are judging Lebron by Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, John Stockton, and Karl Malone are all terrible
Check out my interview with Hall of Fame qb Dan Marino for NJ101.5
Dan Marino poses in front of the J&L Steel Mill plant at South Side Works. The Monongahela River in background.
Are you kidding me!? Lol.what a waste of money. Craper *** hasnt done anything to earn this. He chokes when it counts, dresses like a 15 year old skater punk, never looks professional ever, and talks like he's from the hood lol. If this is what he gets I cant wait to see what they give Russell Wilson. What a joke :) he is the next Dan Marino.will never win anything.
Good Morning & Happy Wednesday everyone. Dan Marino has withdrawn his suing of the NFL for concussions. Today's 1st numbers of 8 states held voting primaries. Steve Ballmer issued a deal to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for today's 2nd number of $2 Billion. The FBI arrested the SF resident with explosives near Crissy Fields San Francisco. The San Francisco Giants & Oakland Athletics have first pitches at 405 & 410pm. Sunshine & slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast with highs in the upper 80s Inland & South, low to upper 60s & 70s around the Bay & Coast. On Wall St. the Dow lost today's 2nd to final number of 21 points while the Nasdaq lost 3 points. US job growth according to the economy have slowed with predictions of today's final number of 218K jobs. Have a great day everyone.
Dan Marino is joining the concussion lawsuit against the NFL because he can't remember winning the Super Bowl.
Andrew Brandt is set to join to discuss Dan Marino withdrawing his lawsuit. Listen:
NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt was told Dan Marino had been client of plaintiffs' firm "7-8 months". Firm just filed for clients who signed contracts but had not filed.
Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against NFL: Dan Marino, the legendary Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame...
Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against NFL:
I guess this shows it was a lawsuit. Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against NFL
“Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against NFL Well that was quick!
Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against reports
Dan Marino to withdraw concussion lawsuit against NFL
Former Miami Dolphins player and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino has filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming players were misled and that information about football-related brain injuries was not revealed.
Miami Dolphins legendary quarterback Dan Marino on Sunday paid a heart-warming visit to his former AFC East rival Jim Kelly, who is battling oral cancer in an upstate New York hospital. Kelly's wife, Jill, shared the touching moment via social ...
Dan Marino suing NFL over concussions Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino is joining the ranks of former football players suing the NFL over concussions. Read more
( BREAKING NEWS ) Peter King on the Dan Patrick Radio show today is reporting that Dan Marino is close to joining the Miami Dolphins Front Office.
Jun032014Peter King says Marino is close to joining the Dolphins front officeBy Daniel EliesenJune 03, 2014 11:29 am EDT 0 views no comments Has the day finally come, will Dan Marino finally rejoin the Miami Dolphins front office.Marino served as the Dolphins’ senior vice president of football opera…
Dan Marino full-sized autographed football for sale. In plastic cube case with signature certification. $300 firm on this one. I have a lot of Dan Marino and Miami Dolphins collectibles I want to sell, if interested message me, I'll try to gather it all up and take some photos soon.
Dan Marino , the Hall of Fame member and former Miami Dolphins quarterback, last week sued the NFL over concussions, according to federal court records.
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Dan Marino suing the NFL over concussions, says it has gotten so bad he can't even remember winning a Super Bowl.
Dan Marino, the former Miami Dolphins quarterback and Hall of Famer is suing the NFL over Concussions along with other players. Should they be able to sue the NFL??
Marino files lawsuit against NFL over concussions Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino hit the NFL with a federal lawsuit last week citing symptoms related to brain injuries sustained during Marino's distinguished career with the Miami Dolphins.
So, Dan Marino is suing the NFL because of concussions he received while playing football! I think this totally opens the door for me to sue Viking ranges for making me fat when I was a chef. Give me a break! What did you think was going to happen when you played professional football against 300 pound men?? A pillow fight followed by a challenging game of Candy Land?
Hall of Famer Dan files lawsuit against via
How dare you Mallard! You know that was sarcasm! *but* even the great Dan Marino is not bigger than the game
ICYMI: Dan Marino now suing the NFL over concussions
Sadly, this has become an epidemic for veteran NFL players, and is far too commonplace. //
So it's all of the concussions that makes Dan Marino such an *** to his fans.
give me a break Dan Marino ... It was all good while you were playing... Now you must be broke!!
BREAKING: Dan Marino has sued the NFL over concussions he received. The move so suprised NFL Commissioner Goodell that he got a concussion.
Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino latest to sue NFL over concussions -
Dan Marino says Jim Kelly is staying tough as he fights cancer via
So Dan Marino is suing the NFL and it just happens it is after he got let go by CBS.Seems like his brain works fine to me.
Dan Marino suing NFL for concussions? Seems ungracious to me. You chose to play, you reap the benefits and the unpleasantries of the sport.
Dan Marino and Jim Kelly both grew up in Pittsburgh, became college football stars, first-round picks in the 1983 NFL draft and Pro Football Hall of Famers. Now as Kelly battles cancer, Marino is in his corner. Marino told Tim Graham of the Buffalo News that he visited Kelly in the hospital and foun…
Dan Marino is going to regret suing the Very dumb move, he really looks bad. Football has always been violent.
Dan Marino sues NFL over concussions via
Uh oh! Will the franchiser flex its muscle like the NBA did with Donald Sterling?
In other news, Dan Marino is suing the NFL for not getting cancer before Jim Kelly.
Marino latest to file concussion lawsuit against NFL
Former Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino is among 15 former players to have filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL claiming the league concealed the risk of concussions, among other allegations. The suit, filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and first reported on by the Los Angeles Times, al…
Dan Marino suing the NFL ...lmao wow
So I just read where Dan Marino is suing the NFL for concussions suffered while playing football. Really? Would you not have enough intelligence going in to a "sport career" such as football knowing that you may get knocked on your *** and even bong your dam head. You got paid large for that and now you want more? Get a job!!!
i think Dan Marino would have better odds of winning a Super Bowl
Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino says the blows to the head he suffered during a 17-year career have had a long-term effect on his life.
You can't sue the NFL because you sustained a concussion during your career, Dan Marino. It's part of the game that you signed up to play.
By: Eric Edholm One of the NFL's most accomplished quarterbacks is among the players suing the NFL for damages related to concussions players say they suffered during their careers. Dan Marino, a H...
Really now, Dan Marino? Playing football can cause concussions? You don't say? And he's not the only one suing the NFL over this. Smh. Dumb a-holes. Men played football without helmets once upon a time... But what do you think is going to happen when some 250 lb. man sacks you, causing a literal BLOW to your entire body. And guess what that body includes? A head. Your head. Gahhh. If more information comes out that supports legitimate reasons for all these football players to be suing the NFL for concussions then I might ease up. But once again I say, REALLY? If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
How does an NFL quarterback sue the NFL after making million's on top of million's? And how does a Veteran have to have the head of the Veteran's Commission resign before he can get an appointment within 150 days or have their benits taken from them after a tax cliffhanger? And teachers continue to get paid peanuts compaired to what any Pro Sportsman receives? The two profession's this great country can't exist without, Teacher's and Veteran's. Just made me think after I'd seen that Dan Marino was joining the over $700 million lawsuit against the NFL. Maybe I should've been sleeping.
Am I the only one who thinks that the only reason Dan Marino is suing the NFL is because he never got a ring
part 2 on the stupid concussion sueing. Dan Marino.youre sueing the NFL? Why aren't you sueing the Dolphins for not drafting or coaching a better offensive line to protect you? So technically, shouldn't you be sueing your team mates who failed you? They apparently didn't do the job they were being paid to do.
Dan Marino is suing the NFL for all the concussions he has sustained through his career?? Uh, you signed a contract to do a job, you knew the risks of said job and now you want to sue? What a load of barnacles. Did he blow through all his millions already?
Dan Marino suing the league over concussions, Troy Aikman should be next in line. As many as he got. lol
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Sure wish I could speak with the legend Dan Marino. I'd say, Dan the Man, you're a loser. Isn't it bad enough that you never won a Super Bowl? Now you have to add this to your lackluster legacy? Suing the NFL for giving you one of the greatest lifestyles afforded to any human walking earth? It's called accountability Dan. You didn't think repeated blows to the head might cause damage? I wish I had another hand so I could give Dan Marino three thumbs down.
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Now the NFL has yet another "face" on the concussion lawsuit vs the NFL.Dan Marino joined 14 other players of his era as plaintiffs in a concussion lawsuit against the league.Marino and others contend that the league underrepresented the dangers and long term effects of concussions, and in fact, deliberately misled the players. The league believed it had a settlement a year ago with a 765 million dollar one time buyout, but a Federal judge threw out that settlement number saying it probably wasn't enough.Other players who have filed concussion suits against the NFL include members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame such as Eric Dickerson, Tony Dorsett, Bob Little, Randy White and the estate of the late Lee Roy Selmon.
Dan Marino one of 15 suing NFL over concussions. Troy Aikman would've joined, but he got concussed reading the lawsuit agreement.
If you get offended easily, don't read this. If you feel the need to respond, that's your prerogative. Just know, that I am right. I am always right. Loosen up, I'm teasing about that part, but the following statement I am about to make really infuriates me. We as a nation have become very ignorant. We can almost all agree on this. From the tv shows we watch, to the way we take to social media to voice our opinions. (Exactly the way I am now. Yes, it makes me hypocritical to an extent.) However, society as a whole is so saturated with ignorance and egos that the American people are in many cases an embarrassment to themselves and our country as a whole. That is an entire different argument for an entire different day. I want to touch on some advice that I received from someone in the "music biz" one day. He told me, "Don't ever meet anybody you look up to, because chances are, you're going to be let down". Sadly, this statement is very true. I have had the "pleasure" to meet some very famous people. I can ...
Dan Marino gets emotional talking about the gravity of Jim Kelly's condition.
Dan Marino and several other former NFL stars traveled to Batavia, New York to show support for Jim Kelly.
At their peaks, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were heated rivals, two of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game battling for supremacy in the AFC East. Their playing days are long in the past, howe...
I have ZERO respect for former NFL players that have sued the NFL because of their concussions. Nobody forced them to play the game, nobody forced you to step on the field. The only logical reason why players are doing this, is because they are now broke. It shocks me that Dan Marino has joined these group of guys wanting handouts because of their current financial situation.
Dan Marino emotional when talking about the gravity of Jim Kelly's condition
All purpose parts banner
Dan Marino visits Jim Kelly in hospital, shares powerful moment with former rival via
Dan Marino is part of a concussion lawsuit against the NFL. He hit his head so hard- he had seven children, one without his wife.
Dan Marino + Bill Polian visited legend Jim Kelly today at hospital. . . (via
Jim Kelly gets a visit from Dan Marino
I sure hope Dan Marino is just lending his name and fame to this lawsuit to help those who actually need continued medical aid from the NFL. I trust that the "unspecified financial recovery" is a nominal figure. He certainly has no other reason to sue a league that provided him the opportunity to make tons of money in a 17 year career and also set him up to make tons of money in his now struggling broadcast career. Please don't let this be a desperate grab at some money that will actually decrease the funds available to non-named class action plaintiffs. Please don't let him have stooped this low.
I wish I could personally thank Dan Marino for suing the NFL. Now we can all enjoy some amazingly competitive games of flag football in the near future. On a real note when you play football, you may get some concussions.
Of the 15 new NFL players who joined the 5,000 others in concussion lawsuit, Dan Marino is the only big name player. Marino doesn't have a publicly documented history of concussions but the regulations, monitoring was much different when he played.
With Dan Marino suing NFL over concussions it brings up the question is it just for money? -Nate
THIS JUSTT IN: HOF QB Dan Marino is suing league over concussions. -Reese
I have never heard great things about Dan " The Fish " Marino but I think that him wearing that KELLY TOUGH t shirt make him the BOMB! 2 thumbs up for Dan Marino !!!
Dan Marino picked up Jim Kelly's medication on the way to visiting him in the hospital and together they shared a Super Bowl. Normally Super Bowls make people feel good, but somehow they both ended up feeling like losers.
Buffalo Bills legend Jim Kelly was visited by a long-time rival in hospital Sunday as he continues his battle with oral cancer.Fellow Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino dropped in to check on Kelly, and the two contemporaries shared an emotional embrace.Feature photo courtesy of Reuter…
Two Hall of Famers hug it out. Dan Marino visits former AFC East Rival Jim Kelly in the hospital. Kelly is notably battling cancer that spread into his maxillary sinus cavity and adjacent tissues.
VIDEO: Dan Marino went to visit Jim Kelly in the hospital as Kelly is being treated for cancer.
Dan Marino, Bill Polian & Coach Schnellenberger visit QB Jim Kelly in hospital today.
How would you order these great quarterbacks? Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, and Troy Aikman?
I just found a bunch of football, baseball, and basketball cards from the early 90's. I have found several Michael Jordan, a rookie Kobe Bryant, two John Elway, Dan Marino, Keyshawn Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'neal, Mark McGwire, Grant Hill, Jim Harbaugh, Dell Curry, and Eddie George. Does anyone have an idea of the possible value of these cards? Help!
No because he's still Dan Marino. Charles Haley has the most, and the common fan doesn't know him.
Dan Marino and John Elway wouldn't have amounted to anything had they not gone to Kurt Warner's quarterback camp.
Dan Marino, Shannon Sharpe out of CBS NFL coverage - San Jose Mercury News
Tom Savage is the highest drafted Pitt QB since Dan Marino.. Also love he went before the SEC QBs that even the Espn hype machine can't get them drafted!
Congrats to PITT QB Tom Savage! With pick 135 he goes to the Houston Texans. First Pitt QB drafted this high since Dan Marino. PITT family proud!
Houston, we have a quarterback. Welcome Tom Savage of University of Pittsburgh. Maybe he can channel his inner Dan Marino?
Thoughts after day 2 of NFL Draft: - Let's be frank: we don't know how long Tom Brady stays. It could be one year, it could be more. It could even be less. QBs don't always regress slowly. Some happen suddenly (see Dan Marino). The Patriots saw an opportunity to get Jimmy Garoppolo, a guy with first round smarts and form with a late second round pick. His arm isn't the strongest, but that can be improved (see Brady). Ryan Mallett isn't the long term answer. It was a huge value pick. - A reminder: you do not draft for need. If it works out and you have an opportunity to fill a need, you take advantage (see Chandler Jones and Donta Hightower), but once you get past the 1st round not every player will be an immediate starter. At the 2nd round spot yesterday, the strongest positions were WR, RB, and CB. Pats don't need a RB or CB and WR would essentially be a redshirt as well. And to say the Pats haven't fixed their problems is wrong. They remade the secondary and drafted a defensive lineman in the first roun ...
Bill Russell,Dan Marino, Magic Johnson and a couple of other celebrities are here at my job today and whoopi Goldberg will be here tomorrow. Today should be a good day. oh yeah and I met with Dan Marino yesterday on his way to check into his hotel remind you I thought he was a regular guy didn't even know till he started talking to me lol.
You guys made Colin Kap look like Bo Jackson merged with Dan Marino last couple years.
Unless there's a Barry Sanders or Dan Marino out there, then I always like trading. Too many Tim Couches out there too risk it.
 Because why not:   Houston Texans- Jadaveon Clowney, DE SouthCarolina – A pick you have to make and hope J.J. Watt rubs off on him.   2. St. Louis Rams- Greg Robinson, OT Auburn – Probably not the pick I would make, but you have to keep Bradford upright if he’s ever goingto be anything.   3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Khalil Mack, OLB Buffalo – Not as much talk about a QB here as they probably should be, but there are those thatbelieve Mack might be better than Clowney.   4. Cleveland Browns- Johnny Manziel, QB Texas A&M – With the exception of Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino, QB’s almost always go higher than they should.  Browns can’t resistthe ticket/jersey sales that Johnny brings.   5. Oakland Raiders- Sammy Watkins, WR Clemson – Raiders thrilled to have the best WR in the draft fall to He is easily an option for 3 of the top 4teams, but instead Raiders sprint to the podium.   6. Atlanta Falcons- Jake Matthews, OT Texas A&M – That sound you hear is Matt Ryan’s sigh of relief.  ...
ONES WHO GOT AWAY Star players for other teams with draft ties to the STEELERS: Johnny Unitas: The former St. Justin High star was a ninth-round pick in 1955, but stubborn coach Walt Kiesling wouldn't use him even during training camp drills. Despite a passionate 11-page letter from 18-year-old Tim Rooney to dad Art Rooney Sr. explaining Unitas had the best arm in camp, the Steelers cut him. Became a 10-time Pro Bowl quarterback with the Colts and one of the greatest to play the position. Len Dawson: A first-round pick in 1957, he never got off the Steelers' bench; Hall of Fame career didn't take off until he joined the AFL's Dallas Texans in 1962. *** Butkus: The Bears chose the Hall of Fame linebacker with the first-round pick — No. 3 overall — they acquired in a trade with Pittsburgh. Emmitt Smith: Hall of Fame running back drafted by the Cowboys with the first-round pick acquired from Pittsburgh, which drafted tight end Eric Green three picks later. Dan Marino: The Steelers needed a quarterback, . ...
Dan Marino on Johnny Manziel's chances in the NFL: 'He's a gamer'
Giants tickets or watch Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Dwight Clark play Dan Marino and whoever at Candlestick?
Coming up at 8:00 PM ET, Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino joins & guest analyst Brady Quinn on NFL Total Access
If you have a dollar in your pocket you're wealthier than Pam Anderson, Arron Carter, Randy Quaid, and Dan Marino. Fun facts you guys.
My cousin : You may remember it well from a scene in the movie Bronx Tale. Yes, the scenes in the restaurant; you know them – well, they were shot at Gino’s Café, authentically located in the Bronx. You’ve heard of Al Pacino, Chazz Palminteri, Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino, Tony Randall, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, The Sopranos’ own Dominic Chianese, John Cusack and even funnyman Jackie Mason, right? Well, one thing they all have in common is their love for the great food at my hometown restaurant; Gino’s Café. You never knew when any one of those stars would step in and out of the famed eatery and when they weren’t there, each and every one of them would be immortalized with their names on the much heralded wall of fame that had become as much a fixture at the location as its tranquil fish tank.
"In the end, being first and achieving all your goals doesn't happen all the time. Still, I think you should dream big dreams, as long as you're willing to work toward those dreams. Never look back and say, 'If only I had done this or that, I could have reached my dreams.' When you have a dream, your first and only goal should be to prepare yourself as best you can and try your best. That's all anyone can ask. When you do that, as my dad says, no matter what the scoreboard reads, you'll always walk away a winner." ~ Dan Marino
ICYMI: Joe Montana and Dan Marino set to face off one more time
Joe Montana and Dan Marino will face off against each other once more -- in a game of flag football -- for Candlestick Park's last game.
Hall of Famers Joe Montana, 57, and Dan Marino, 52, will face off against each other one last time at Candlestick Park. One month before the 49ers kick off the preseason in Levi's Stadium, Marino a...
This Joe Montana and Dan Marino game gonna be live🙌🏈
Joe Montana, Dan Marino to play in Candlestick Park finale
God bless Dan Marino, but does he not forget that the Dolphins lost to the 49ers in the '85 Super Bowl?
Joe Montana and Dan Marino are gonna square off one more time at Candlestick Park in a flag football game. I need to watch this!
Dan Marino comes out of retirement for one more game.
Ah, the good ol' days when Dan Marino was with the Miami Dolphins.
Joe Montana and Dan Marino will play one last game at Candlestick Park:
57ers (Joe Montana) is battling a 52ers (Dan Marino) in flag football game in final event at 49ers old stadium.
NFL Wesseling: Joe Montana, Dan Marino to play in Candlestick finale
July 12th, Joe Montana vrs Dan Marino at Candletick Park, Jerry Rice, etc I am a bit excited about this. It better be on TV !
Dan Marino and Joe Montana will play in a flag-football game to say goodbye to Candlestick Park this July. When asked is they knew who will sponsor the game, the 49ers reportedly replied "Depends?"
Dan Marino the Miami Dolphins family lost a legend. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Earl Morrall
From June through August 2014, The Dan Marino Foundation, a name you trust, is offering nine specialized summer learning experiences designed to provide inclusive and FUN learning for children with disabilities. Details are on both the image and the downloadable .pdf file below!TO ENROLL YOUR CHILD:…
R.I.P. Earl Morrall "So I've always said Unitas, Griese and Dan Marino are in the Hall of Fame, and Earl is in my own personal Hall of Fame" -Don Shula
July 12 Joe Montana will be saying good bye to candle stick by having a flag football game... Joe Montana and the 1985 49ers vs Dan Marino and the 1985 dolphins... tickets go on sale in May
Joe Montana to take the field at Candlestick one final time in a flag football game against Dan Marino...AWESOME.
NFL network is the only place to find Dan Marino and Troy Aikman used in the same sentence to describe "Elite" Qb's
I have 144 football cards from 1988-1995 of nothing but top names such as: Joe Montana, Steve Young, Dan Marino, John Elway, Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice among many others. They are kept in sleaves in a binder and 90% are in mint condition. I'm only asking for $100 which is less than $1 a card and is only a portion of what they are worth all together I'm sure. These cards are over 20 yrs old, rare and pretty hard to find and a great addition or a great start to collection.
just cause u win big games doesn't mean you're more talented. That logic would mean Trent Dilfer> Dan Marino
As a sports fan I will no longer get into discussions about equating the successes of players and teams with the amount of championship rings. Although the goal of any true champion is to win a ring I feel like some people are blinded by the glow. For example if we looked at rings you would place Trent Dilfer over Dan Marino, Rob Horry over Michael Jordan, Crosby over Olvechkin, and many others. Of course rings are important but many of the games and seasons tell the stories for these athletes.
I guess we would draft Trent Dilfer over Dan Marino too. Ridiculous
Theoretically, the Jets could have had Dan Marino, Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin. I wonder how that changes the 80s/90s NFL.
domain names
by your logic Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino. Got it.
Trent Dilfer has more rings then Dan Marino
Johnny Manziel scored higher on the Wonderlic (32) than Dan Marino (15) & Terry Bradshaw (16) COMBINED
The cup is a team effort lol you're probably the same *** who thinks Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino cuz he has a ring
Mark my words, Jimmy Garoppolo, is a future Super Bowl MVP, and a 7 time Pro Bowler, and very likely a Hall of Famer. If you watch this kid, he literally has the quickest snap of his release on the ball, the texans can get this kid with the first pick of the third round, and blow away any talk of Kaepernick or Wilson, as the best value pick at quarterback since 1983. Again, this kid is the Dan Marino of our era... If the texans are smart enough to draft this kid, maybe even in the second round, the texans will have a dynasty of their own that would make even Troy Aikman envious. This kid is the difference between the texans becoming the new Cleveland browns of the NFL or the new Patriots of the NFL.
So Johnny Manziel scored a 32 on his Wonderlic test ... who gives a flyin funk? It shouldn't up his draft stock even a little bit. You either like him or don't like him. DO NOT let this stupid 50 question test sway you either way ... I dislike him ... but when it comes down to it ... this test MEANS NOTHING! Check this out: "History tells us that the Wonderlic doesn’t predict future NFL success considering the varying scores. For example Ryan Fitzpatrick, a Harvard graduate, and Greg McElroy have the highest recorded scores at 48 and 43 respectively. On the other side of the spectrum, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw and Steve McNair all scored a 15. PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE N SMOKE IT!"
I don't know why people go crazy with these Wonderlic scores , just as long as you're not Terrelle Pryor or Vince Young, with their single digit scores, draft who will help your team out the best. Tom Brady, Dan Marino, and Terry Bradshaw all had low double digits scores, but had great careers. *** they used to make fun of Bradshaw saying that he was so dumb that he couldn't spell cat if you gave him the c and the t, yet he is the 1 with 4 Super Bowl rings.
Johnny Manziel scored a 32 on the NFL wonderlic test but that doesn't mean he will be great in the NFL. Matt Leinart got a 35 when he took the test and turned out to be a horrible QB. Dan Marino got a 15 and is one of the best QB's that has ever played.
Watching the NFL Network and am curious who makes up these all time great list. How is Dan Marino a more mobile QB Than Donovan Mcnabb. Vince young. Warren Moon?
I have as many Super Bowl wins as Dan Marino, as many World Series wins as Ted Williams, as many Oscars as Leonardo Dicaprio, and as many Tour du France wins as Lance Armstrong... Im pretty awesome.
Dad and Dan Marino at Anthony's coal fired pizza in Fair Lawn! Yeah, that happened! Lol
don't forget Tarvaris Jackson has more Super Bowls than Dan Marino and Marv Levy.
Some of the stupid things that pop into my head: If you could put a football team together, who would you choose. Every position on offense and defense plus a punter and kicker. The catch: it must be players you have seen play. My team: Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Lynne Swan, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Kellen Winslow Sr., Mike Webster, Gene Upshaw, John Hannah, Art Shell, and Anthony Munoz on offense. Defense: Howie Long, Jack Youngblood, Randy White, Derrick Brooks, Matt Millen, Jack Lambert, Lawerence Taylor, Deon Sanders, Mike Haynes, Ronnie Lott, Kenny Easley. Ray Guy and Morton Anderson are my kickers. (with that team I better not ever need to punt) Who would you pick?
Dan Marino visited former Bills QB Jim Kelly on Sunday as Kelly continues his cancer battle. . (via
right & Ben rothlesburger and Russell Wilson > Dan Marino ?!? Rings don't make u great
CBS NFL fired both Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino??? Seriously, this is just unacceptable! I liked those two guys. Guess it is just one more reason to watch Curt, Terry, Howie Michael Strahan and Jimmy.
Obie Roberts he better than Terry Bradshaw, Theo Knowles he better than Dan Marino. Ian Symonette he better than Jim Kelly, Michael Peter Pateman he's better than Aaron Rogers and Brett Farve and Jorge Culmer he's better than Fran Tarkenton.
RE: Mark Sanchez: Chip knows exactly what he's doing. If you don't really know Sanchez, don't fall for the "butt fumble" catch phrase hype. That's for headline readers, not real football fans. Here's what Chip sees: A QB who had some proven playoff experience. A guy with something like a 94.3 QB rating, and who had thrown 3 times as many playoff TD passes as INTs. A guy who beat both Peyton AND Brady in their own stadiums, and a guy who holds the all-time record for road playoff wins. A QB with a better playoff winning pct than Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Phil Simms, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Roger Staubach, and yes, Michael Vick. The above stats belong to MARK SANCHEZ. If needed to step in, he won't shrink in a big game. That's what Chip Kelly sees.
No question Dan Marino. Super Bowls are won by teams. Dan had skills that I haven't seen in any other qb.
This has to be a joke... holds a "Greatest QB of All Time" and Peyton Manning doesn't make it past the first round!? How many hater are out there, apparently a lot! Russell Wilson makes it? LMAO... Dan Marino, who never won a SB makes it, and only ever led his team to one!? Truly, this needs to be just taken down, haters will be haters and apparently, with all the NFL records under his belt, and 3 SBs (Elway is still in and was 2-3 in the big game), he's not better than Russell Wilson or any of the others who made it through? Get rid of this sham of a poll, it's ludicrous.
"You can do more. You can always do more. -Dan Marino" -Coach D
Bruce, Thurman, & Andre supporting Jim Kelly! In my head they're ordering 200 pizzas to Dan Marino's house.
Rich Gannon winning anything doesn't make sense, let alone beating Brett Favre in a Greatest Quarterback of all time contest. Also, how is Russell Wilson ranked higher than Eli Manning? Not being a homer, just doesn't make sense. Nor does Wilson being in this list at all make sense. One more thing, Terry Bradshaw threw only one 300+ yard game in his career and it was in a Super Bowl, why is he ranked in his group? If the Final four aren't Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Dan Marino (or Johnny U), then this contest is a fallacy.
Dan Marino throws out first pitch at Yankees spring game. He's wearing a NYY jersey with no number. Nobody wants to see
so Dan Marino isn't good, but Trent Dilfer is? Barry isn't good, but Antowain Smith is?
Plantation Florida memorial service for my sister's home going service was so moving. So many friends and people who love her (and OJ) here. As the sweet sounds of John Sax played softly in the background, so many from Dan Marino and other Dolphins to our extended family, thank you so much for loving GloGlo. She will make her final trip to Marion, Ohio on Saturday. Traveling grace sister.😢😢😢miss you. We about to do the "wobble"by OJ's pool.
Just for the record only one of them won a ring, while Rogers and Brady shine Dan Marino was also fair
Price check on dan Marino rookie please! Ik one of my 600 followers are on!?
° Sun-Sentinel: Shula, Riley, LeBron share stage at awards benefit:    If Dan Marino was present, it could have...
Greg Poplak GROCK DAILY SHOW I really can't wait to hear this "EXCLUSIVE" interview with Dan Marino. Keep up the good work. Keep doing what you love to do and strive for it and you will then succeed it.
How you gone have an *** like Scarlett Johansson but a face like Dan Marino. Smh. bad
Being in the friendzone is like being Dan Marino, you got all the records and had all the talent but didn't win the Super …
lol, he's on that Dan Marino status, were the pats get all this money. Acting like they got raiders cap. Tom last year maybe
Someone can really show me they love me by getting these Dan Marino's for me.
Ryan Burkhalter is the tony romo of caps. Scott Jelen is the dan Marino. And I am the Joe Montana !
Marino Franchitti has now won more big events than Dan Marino.
dan is a fabulous name! A courageous man who fought off a lion! And Ofcourse dan Marino
Drew Brees' second 5-000 yard season in 2011, shattering Dan Marino's 27-year-old record. In this season, led perhaps the most dynamic offense of all time. Not only was this team a passing phenom - they also boasted the league's 6th ranked running game. Proving his mark was no fluke, Brees followed it up with two straight playoff games of over 460 yards (the first and currently only such playoff run in NFL history). The latter of which was a heartbreaking loss to San Francisco in the final 40 seconds of the game, just after he and Jimmy Graham connected for what would have been the game-winning touchdown.
Dan Marino Net Worth: Daniel Constantine Marino Jr., better-known as Dan Marino, is a retired American soccer ...
i goes deep in the booty Dan Marino
U kno Drank High I'm still buyin it like in Early 90's. Codeine Fiend$$ Drop a Trae in a liter and called it a Dan Marino.
Veteran played w/ Dan Marino on is here supporting his home team Dan River Wildcats Ferrell Edmunds
I mean, the same Jimmy Johnson who 'solely built' the 3x champ Cowboys, also lost 62-7 in the playoffs vs Jaguars, with Dan Marino as his QB
the more apt HOF comp for Warner is Dan Marino, not Matt Hasselbeck
tell that to the Dan Marino led Dolphins
Dan Marino might have a different perspective.
Had fun talking with Dan Marino at the AAOS meeting in New Orleans this week.
Check out this great item: 2012 Topps QB Immortals Dan Marino - NM-MT
I may be the Dan Marino of alcoholism, I was really good at it but never won the big game.
The contract like '91 Dan Marino . . Lol had to sign a waver for this catch and release thing lol
patriots also had a 16-0 record. Only team to do that since the dolphins with Dan Marino
All donations made at participating Panera Bread cafés in Broward & Palm Beach Counties now through June 30th will benefit The Dan Marino Foundation.
Hello Sitka how I love seeing you!!! How I wish I could have visited my dear old friend Dan Marino!
It started in 83 84 when Dan Marino lost against the best in da west!,Ninerssszz NinersNFC WEST 4 EVER
just don't want him to be Dan Marino I want him to be Tom Brady big it home zack!!!
Was Dan Marino the Ralph Sampson of football or is it the other way around?
Swimming on the women like a dolphin Dan Marino
I know John Elway does that's it lol maybe dan Marino
When you a Dad you gotta be a lot of things they got me and my dan Marino bag
Pat Riley, who's at signed my napkin once at Dan Marino's restaurant. I also was wearing an M.J. jersey so there's that.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The contract like '91 Dan Marino. I swear this guy Michael Rapino's boosting my ego
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