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Dan Marino

Daniel Constantine Dan Marino, Jr. (born September 15, 1961) is a retired American football quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League.

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Dan Marino of the Dolphins is going to have bounce back year in 2017.
All I know is there were rumors many years ago that someone was good friends w/ Dan Marino…
By that flawed logic, Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino?
I am pretty sure that is Ray Finkel. Watch out Dan Marino!
Folks. We all know he will look like Dan Marino when the V…
Why are people able to scramble for yards with Dan Marino...why?
To be fair though, (s)he was only pretending to be a woman so that she could get revenge on Dan Marino :p
Dan Marino is sitting at the bar I work at and I can't even talk to him 😤.
dan Marino all you got do prove you were everva real quarter back is throw a football of some size over landis ave school from the sidewalk
Exactly. just pay the man, boom or bust. Drew Brees is Dan Marino with one ring.
Me: writes name on paper. Kid next to me: "is your name really Dan Marino?". Me: "No I just like to write it on all my assignments for fun"
Dan Marino entered the pros in '83. & Reagan's SDI speech was in '83. What if DM had never seen action like SDI hasn't?
"Dan Marino has a Hall of Fame career that ended in 1999 with a playoff loss to the Jaguars"
so nelson cruz is worth like 110 million so far. BUT IT DOESNT COUNT CAUSE HE'S DAN…
Dan Marino would be remain. Oj Simpson brexit. Thus endeth my knowledge of yank footb…
So Dan Marino shouldn't be ahead of Trent Dilfer then right? SBs are won by TEAMS, not j…
How'd you get Dan Marino and Chad Johnson from long shots
Dan Marino and Mark Duper have a reunion at practice today.
Today's Zubaz nightmare fuel courtesy of Dan Marino.
Brad Johnson is better than Dan Marino becaus rings- Shannon Sharpe
Not making it to the Super Bowl is better than losing in it. That's why Blake Bortles is better than Dan Marino and…
I wanna see him win, might be a Dan Marino and be super great but never win a…
Sorry but the dodgers are just not gonna make it. Kershaw is the next dan Marino/ Tony Romo
There's only one trophy that really matters in hockey, and I don't see it on this list.…
I don't care about Ryan Tannehill. What I like is an aggressive QB with pocket presence. Grew up watching that with Dan Mari…
How about the spirit of Dan Marino, a pack of gum with a flavor to be determined later and Deion Sander…
"The will to prepare, the guts to risk, and the desire to be the best. These are trademarks of champions.". - Dan Marino…
I'm playing Long Shot & Dan Marino flat out did not load into the scene at military base.😂😂😂
Are you just going to ignore Dan Marino gives an all time great acting performance
Matthew Stafford reached 30,000 career passing yards in 109 games, the fastest in (HOFers Dan Marino & Kurt Warner…
This man had every legend player and 5 upgraded goats and I whipped his azz with Dan Marino lol.
Only three QBs have thrown for 30,000 yards before turning 30: Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, and Matthew Stafford
Top five. My top five QB list is Brady, Montana, Elway, Young, and Dan Marino.
Awesome story ! Mine is watching Dan Marino play as a high school senior at Central Cat…
The fraternity of Pittsburgh in Pro FB HOF strengthens as Dan Marino welcomes his friend Jason Taylor to Canton
“Nutrisystem is the diet that has been advertised on tv with Marie Osmond, Janet Jackson, Dan Marino and other…
Tom Brady is merely a good QB with a legendary coach, Dan Marino is better
uhm, I think Adrian is confused. Dan Marino was great but HE couldn't do what Tom Brady has done.
Tom Brady, Dan Marino and John Elway were all drafted in MLB before making the NFL. Did. It know that
Tony Dungy ranked Tom Brady 6th all time in QB's of the modern era. Behind both Peyton Manning and Dan Marino.
Do you think Dan Marino wasn't better than Tom Brady is? One played for dolphins other played for bill
I like Dan Marino and respect him. You do notice that Tom tries to stay out of politics though.
Bradshaw was a glorified Brad Johnson on a superteam. Dan Marino is my 3rd best QB of all time behind Brady and Montana.
In 3 seasons, Tom Brady was a first-team All-Pro. In 3 seasons, Dan Marino was a first-team All-Pro.
Joe Flacco has more Super Bowl rings than Dan Marino, Matt Ryan, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon combined
Zach Randolph getting his number retired is OUTRAGEOUS until you remember the Miami Heat have Dan Marino + Michael Jorda…
Just as an outsider, there's something about Wentz's game I really like. He could be the next Dan Marino or Steve Young type
Casual fans and kids are front runners. I wonder who sold more Jerseys in Boston in 1990 Hugh Millen or Dan Marino?
60% of these people telling Dan Marino isn't top 5 qb of all time? Or Adrian Peterson out of top 10? This…
Not much legacy? You're right throw out the door what Dan Marino did because his legacy isn't that of Tre…
Rings don't define greatness. Was Brad Johnson better than Dan Marino? Kurt Rambis better than Barkley? Impact defines greatness.
Quote of the day from "Dan Marino doesn't have a title, Brad Johnson does"
Other quarterbacks that are, today, better than Kaep: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kellen Moore, Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw...
This day in Pittsburgh Panthers’ star QB Dan Marino is drafted by the Kansas City Royals. (1979)
If ur terms for being a good quarterback were accurate then Dan Marino dont belong in the Hall of Fame
Dan Marino drop that clip and reload
Check it out fans. Dan Marino, Bryan Cox, and Jason Taylor hanging out before the game 👀
"Wolverine" - I would have said: I thought surely you'd have picked George Rogers or Dan Marino. Oh well
I'll give you Johnny Unitas but think about it: Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, John Elway, Tom Brady.
NFL HOFer Dan Marino opening his 62nd Anthony's Cold Fire Pizza---this one in Garden City in Cranston
Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer both have a Super Bowl ring. Are they better than Dan Marino?
Brad Johnson & Trent Dilfer were better QBs than Dan Marino based on your genius logic.
Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, Rich Gannon, and Bernie Kosar never won anything either. Does that mean they werent good??
Off topic, but money aside, which career would you rather have: Bob Griese or Dan Marino?
Wearing gloves like '88 Dan Marino. I swear this guy Robert Shapiro is boosting my ego.
At breakfast, we spoke to Derek Dooley and saw Wes Welker, Reggie McKenzie and Dan Marino. Names dropped.
Dan Marino, the five other Dolphins legends who are signing contracts today actually retired as free agents, per Mike Tannenbaum.
I guess Anthony Davis is still under achieved, breaking scoring record but no title. Dan Marino wasn't good either, no title
"Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and burn in *** " Playing ACE VENTURA: Pet Detective.
for me it's Dan Marino and he was a total *** Dave Wandstache was super nice though. As was Shannon Briggs
Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, and Dan Marino just to name a few rookie starters
is trying to tell me Phillip Rivers>Dan Marino what planet am I on
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Don't let this Sabres game distract you from the fact that Chris Hogan has more rings than Jim Kelly and Dan Marino combined
One better ...Jacoby Brissett has more Super Bowl rings than Philip Rivers & Dan Marino & Jim Kelly
Jacoby Brissett has more Superbowl rings than Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Dan Marino combined.
the only thing that matters is where he sits amongst, Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino and Payton Manning. Número uno
At least one State QB got a ring tonight. Poor Philip Rivers- modern day Dan Marino.
Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Dan Fouts all are HOfers. that's a start. Shall I continue
Ron Cook: QB legend Dan Marino stays in the game
A-Rodg will never do that. However, Aaron Rodgers possess the arm of Dan Marino, pocket awareness of Russell Wilson, Tom Brady's accuracy
John Elway and Dan Marino enjoying practice for the North Team here at the coached by the th…
I think a lot retired QBs are cool Dan Marino is a nice guy Steve Young was cool Bradshaw is funny and nice
Dak Prescott ties a rookie record held by Dan Marino and Russell Wilson
how many SuperBowls Dan Marino, Wade Wilson, Jim Kelly, and Joe Theismann got all together.that's right 1..same as Flacco
what ever happens to the classics? Thurman Thomas, Sammy Baugh, Joe Montana, Dan Marino and Steve yo
out of all the QB's that have a SB ring or none Steve Young & Dan Marino by far are the most deserving.
No, but I'd lump them together. Put them with guys like Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young, etc. Not Brady, Peyton, or Montana
For someone looking for a Super Bowl before his career ends, thats a major step back. Unless he's cool being another Dan Marino.
it goes Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, Aaron Rodgers. in that order
I so greatly enjoyed working at Dan Marino foundation thanks for an amazing experience
don't pretend that back in the day around Meath Hill you never swapped two Dan Marino head shots for a gl…
I like dolphins as long as they're nowhere near Miami. Even though Dan Marino went to Central Catholic, not bad
To be honest as a Raiders fan I liked Marcus Allen. For my age group i remember Dan Marino & Joe Montana as good too.
I tried searching for Dan Marino and it corrected me to Dana Perino. Guess she played qb for the dolphins in late 80s. Hmmph
Matthew Stafford joined Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan & Dan Marino as only QBs in history to throw for 30,000 yds in their firs…
Tom Brady passed Dan Marino for the 4th-most career passing yards in NFL history.
FYI Alice Drummond (Ray Finkle's mom) died this year too 😩. "Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and rot in *** ".
That missed field goal by the chargers today in the final seconds was worse than Ray Finkle & Dan Marino
my feelings of the NFL directly align with Ray Finkle's mother's thoughts on Dan Marino.
So by this logic you would rather have Eli than Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Steve Young, because Eli…
"He's so deserving to be up there with Zo and Tim Hardaway." - Pat Riley, forgetting to mention Dan Marino and Michael Jordan.
all true. All team stats. But that's why Robert Horry is better than MJ and Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino
Just saw Dolphins owner Stephen Ross on his way to the visiting owner's box with Dan Marino at his side.
I wouldn't say that to Ken Anderson, Dan Marino, Boomer Esiason, & John Elway. I'm not a fan of any of them.
This is a guy that backed up Brett Favre, Dan Marino and Donovan McNabb...that's 2 HOFs and 1 potential HOF and you make bone head moves.
Comparing Fletcher Cox to Ndamukong Suh is like comparing Jay Fiedler to Dan Marino
Is Trent Dilfer better than Dan Marino? Is Brad Johnson better than Jim Kelly? Of course not.
Don Shula was an awful coach because he didn't win a Super Bowl with Dan Marino, right?
Russell Wilson has 12 career games with 3+ TD passes & 0 INTs. Needs 1 to tie Dan Marino (13) for most ever in 1st…
Pitt never really had a QB since Dan Marino
Trent Dilfer has a ring and rex grossman has an appearance, he better than Dan Marino?
Good one! John Elway lost twice as many Super Bowls than he won. Dan Marino and Jim Kelly lost them all. Trent Diff…
Matthew Stafford is the 4th youngest QB in NFL history to reach 10 career games with 4+ TD passes (Dan Marino, Brett Favre, Pe…
His top five QBs are Dan Marino, Brett Farve, Payton, literally anyone else, Brady... Wait no maybe Terry Bradshaw.
you're more like a Dan Marino or Patrick Ewing
Sam already walking around like 1994 Dan Marino. I'll be very surprised if he makes it a full season.
Joe Buck giving a tribute to Vin Scully is like Ryan Leaf giving a tribute to Dan Marino
Jim Caldwell has managed to take Dan Marino and turn him into David Carr in just 3 years
There's good QBs who've never won Superbowls before like Dan Marino, Warren Moon.
I honestly liked Brandon Doughty. Ruff project but he's a Dan Marino guy. I might be the only one but yeah
True. In related news I'd also feel better if Dan Marino was still our QB or Jason Taylor/Zack Thomas were on defense.
My cuz texting me pics this week of her in Miami hanging out with Dan Marino and Ray Allen like it ain't no thing 😲😎😂
Somebody needs to photoshop where Dan Marino was tied up in Pet Detective & put Deshaun Watsons face on it. This ain't Watson wearing
plus he has a noodle arm that makes Brady Quinn look like Dan Marino in terms of arm strength
no single player in any sport other than maybe Brett hull annoys me more than Dan Marino
have no idea why you don't like Paxton. As for Wonderlic, Dan Marino got a 16. Peyton Manning's QB idol. 16.
Ima boss , really , Nino to Al Pacino, hundred racks on my rollie I throw it like Dan Marino
Coach, in the 1983 'Skins draft, if Dan Marino had still been on the board @ would u have taken him over Darrell Green?
Keenum looks like Dan Marino compared to goff. This is going to take some time. Let's hope this doesn't buy fisher 5 years
Bernie Kosar came up with the famous MNF Dan Marino fake spike near the goal line play vs the Jets?? How did I just now discover this??
Back in the day with the and - Dan Marino, Nat Moore and Harvey Clayton.
What did I get to do today? Not much. Just got to hang w/Pitbull, Dan Marino, Bernie Kosar & Ndamukong Suh. Just another day. In the 305
what about Ben Rothlesburger, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Payton Manning, Dan Marino and John Elway didnt they start as rookies?
TIL that the Kansas City Royals drafted both Dan Marino and John Elway in the 1979 MLB June Amateur Draft.
Alex Rodriguez reason he chose No. 13 was b/c Dan Marino .
I did too. Ken Stabler was my favorite non-Giant player as a kid, followed by Earl Campbell and Dan Marino.
he got that Dan Marino cant win the big one pressure goin on.
Dan Marino lost 22 pounds on nutrisystem, I wonder if he wanna give football another shot..could be dope in Dallas
My all time favorite QB will always be Dan Marino. Brett Favre is right behind him. A football player in every way.
So honored to collaborate with Lee Weeks, Dan Jurgens,Eddie Berganza and Andrew Marino on this Superman Project! https:…
Da Marino: the restaurant for drunk Dan Marino
Dan Marino ?! Wow... The funny pArt is, he's right.
Bigger than Nino bigger than Pacino Bigger than Tony Montana *** Um the el *** Um Dan Marino wit a kilo back in the 80s - RIP DOE
I guess by your logic Trent Dilfer is better then Dan Marino
.When it’s ALL said and done… Russ will be the Dan Marino of hoops…
no he doesn't dan Marino is the only exception where it's allowed plus Marino is top 5
I'm selling '1984 Topps Dan Marino IR Miami Dolphins (13542)' on Check it out at
Please let Dan Marino look over Greentree the tomorrow and protect my team from any injury or misfortune. Amen.
Most white women look like Dan Marino without make up.
Jerry Nadeau drove a car owned by Dan Marino and was teammates with Bill Elliott in 1998. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Being great but not getting a ring:Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, Ken Griffey Jr. Randy Moss imagine how much a ring would have meant to them.
Talking w/fmr RB Tony Collins about drafting Tony Eason instead of Dan Marino:
exactly, if that were the case then Brad Johnson is better than Dan Marino. No.
Having more rings does not mean you are any less. Dan Marino was much better than Terry Bradshaw.
Joe Montana, Roger Staubach, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and just as another throw in, Dan Marino.
Drew Brees and Tom Brady will have more career plays than Dan Marino some time next season. Brees is just 129 shy. Brady 231.
.Could Neon Deion eat a ham sandwich faster than Dan Marino right now?
very good comeback but Dan Marino isn't walking through that door to save the Fins.
Do you think Dan Marino or Warren Moon are good QBs? Neither have a ring but both Hall of Famers
Ok *** sho not what they say about Dan Marino,Warren Moon just to name a couple.
1979 Draft: Kansas City Royals select Dan Marino in the 4th round, then select John Elway in the 18th round.
yeah and Trent Dilfer and Mark Rypen also have Superbowl rings and they were terrible. Dan Marino zero rings top 5 QB
Dan Marino, she the greatest that don't get a ring
Tony Romo is better on stats, like Dan Marino. However, championship mean something.
So... Since Leo finally won the oscar, who is the Dan Marino of acting now?
We go to a lot of the resort restaurants. Went to Dan Marino steakhouse last time. My god so good
Exciting opportunity for young adults with disabilities who would like to experience living away from home.
hey guys, I can confirm that have signed little known US National Team deep lying midfielder Dan Marino!
Good stat but Dan Marino is better, Aikman is better QB than Tony Romo.
Dan Marino has 0 Super Bowl wins and Eli Manning has 2. Manning better than Marino?
bullets flying Dan Marino drop that clip and reload
Dan Marino is 1,599 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
I'll never consider Rob Scuderi a great player. His 2 cups>Crosby's 1 means nothing to me. Dan Marino never winning? Nothing to me
Amongst your peers what is the general consensus of Dan Marino the person not the football player?
lmao bruh nobody is Dan Marino when it comes to throwing a football. Fastest release ever
Dan Marino was Tom Brady wit no rings man and Johnny revolutionized da game...
Dan Marino she the greatest still don't get a ring 🙅🏾💍
Who'd you guys get for the Green Bay presentation? Dan Marino and his Isotoner gloves?
Hall of Famer Dan Marino headlines new All-Star Preps Best of Rock River Valley Banquet. (Sent f…
a young thug fan boy since 2013 . When's the last time the Dolphins were relevant ? Dan Marino get out
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Wouldn't Clayton Kershaw be more like Dan Marino instead of Peyton Manning? Manning still won two Super Bowls
Miami DAN MARINO wilson size 44 as is
Except for winning a championship. More like on a Dan Marino and Charles Barkley level!
Amazing on-stage conversation with Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino at
"Just wear something nice like some white jeans and a Dan Marino jersey or something"
how did Warren Saap turn out? How did Dan Marino turn out? Or better yet how did Lawrence Taylor turn out? Nuff said!
This is the same league that dropped Randy Moss, Dan Marino, and Warren Sapp and elevated Ryan Leaf, Mike Mamula, and Rick Mirer.
and if the rings argument was valid, you *** would say Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson are better than Dan Marino.
Miami Dolphin Trivia: How many times did Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino pass for 400 or more...
Totally. Dan Marino, Patrick Ewing, Ted Williams. All not great players IMO. Good point.
Beathard: We never would've let Dan Marino get by us in '83 draft Dam Marino would have won at least 3 SBs here.
Ken Griffey, Jr. is the easy choice here, but it should be Tony Gwynn, Dan Marino, and Charles Barkley with him on this list.
Bobby Beatherd recalls the 1983 NFL draft and the slide of Dan Marino on the Talk of Fame Network:
Matt Ryan, Dan Marino, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Cam Newton all improved their offenses in big ways.
So, to be clear, Trent Dilfer had a better NFL career than Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, and Fran Tarkenton?
How the heck do the Steelers take Gabe Rivera over Dan Marino at pick of the '83 draft?!?!
Maybe in a world where Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Steve Young and Randall Cunningham never existed
Dan Marino, and Lawrence Taylor! McCrays Backyard BBQ is in Miami catering for the Nat Moore Florida Golf Classic.
Why can't Dan Marino get a legend card but Zach Thomas can 😭
The Lions did the same thing with Scott Mitchell ,he came in when Dan Marino got injured and played good , see how that worked !
Marino over Young *** !?! Who actually won a SuperBowl Steve Young or Dan Marino?
Ok it's about winning. I guess we can all agree that Jim Plunkett is better than Dan Marino and Brett Favre.
Smarter than an NFL quarterback? The Wonderlic test Johnny Manziel aced, Dan Marino bombed.
Alec Baldwin is Dan Marino - great talent, no Superbowls. Harrison Ford is Terry Bradshaw - average talent with the Superbowls.
do you if Dan Marino will be in MUT this yes? Or maybe Larry csonka, troy Aikman
one day I will tell my kids the day we sat in the p diddy table next to Jeter, Michael Jordan and Dan Marino.
he can still sell isotoner gloves, right Dan Marino?
Dwyane Wade and Dan Marino stuck in traffic on Collins due to construction. Try me.
No, but Russell Wilson was a gene splice between Dan Marino and Barry Sanders.
SB 50! chilled with Dan Marino, former dolphin Nat Moore, met Amari Cooper and watched the GOAT Peyton get the W
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no, you don't understand, that's how you win. Look at the Steve bartkowski, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly s , Payton Manning lose.
Tell that to Dan Marino, Karl Malone etc. It's important but no, Dilfer not better than Warren Moon. Division Two?
Dan Marino and his one Super Bowl appearance (where he was trampled under foot) is. Why not?
Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly are do happy Manning finally got his second SB
Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly shoulda finished up their careers in Denver.
I just want to live in a world that has a party with Dan Marino, Alex Baldwin, Jason Shwartzman AND Missy Elliott
Shame on Dan Marino. Mostly for his role in Ace Venture Pet Detective.
Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin buddy comedy in the works, you heard it hear first.
Dan Marino, I'll always remember you for your Oscar-worthy turn in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
I've been telling people Dan Marino is my uncle for years now.
My team, uncle got me into it in 85/86, got Dolphins hat from Woolworth's in Blackpool, have a Dan Marino signed shirt now!
"No one knew who Dan Marino was until Drake said "the contract like '91 Dan Marino" ...knew him from Ace Ventura Pet Detective
They thought Dan Marino had years when he lost to San Francisco in 84-85.
Also saw Dan Marino and Jarvis Landry. Dan was being mobbed obviously. I said hey just Jarvis and he acknowledged me, so that was cool.
Dan Marino on Jarvis Landry: "That kid is unbelievable. Those are the type of guys you want to build your football team around."
Cam's got more than Dan Marino in his 1st 5 years, for example. But Cam still ***
Dan Marino had 19,428 total yards from scrimmage his first five years. Newton? 21,470. Scott Kacsmar says Newton is average at BEST.
With the 24pick the Jets select Ken O'Brien. With the 27pick Raiders select Don Nosebar. With the 28th pick the Dolphins select Dan Marino.
I'm a big Dan Marino fan actually and think Peyton has plenty of rings already lol
so if cam wins a ring he's better than Dan Marino?
- Amazon is making its Super Bowl ad debut with Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino
Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino to star alongside Alexa in Amazon's first Super Bowl ad imore
But Goat? Peyton? Brady? Rodgers? Joe Montana? Bret Farve? Dan Marino? Lol let this man get the ring first my guy! He nice doe fasho
yeah Dan Marino is the best QB of all time and he never won a championship
But neither of them stack up to Dan Marino ain't that right Mike!!!
Mike Shula is the "PERFECT" coordinator for Cam Newton. Same way his father (Don Shula) was for Dan Marino.
its not bad period. he'll have more than Brett, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, Mike Vick, Donovan McNabb, Dan Marino.
don't forget Dan Marino and the Dolphins
Last week the Mike Vick vs Florida State highlights and then this week the Bommer diss to Dan Marino lol appreciate the gems
I don't know if you know this first guy or not, so Sean Salisbury and Dan Marino worked with Sandler to make him look good @ QB.
31 years ago today, Joe Montana outshined Dan Marino in Super Bowl XIX.
I didn't realize the Steelers passed on Dan Marino to take Gabriel Rivera of Texas Tech.
Kyle Cooper and Brian Paone from SJCSD at the Lenovo booth awaiting Dan Marino. Come say hi if you can!
Wow over a BILLION dollars on Wednesday for powerball. I guess I should change my strategery of using Dan Marino...
- Everyone talks about Dan Marino no ring, did not really deserve, Jim Kelly did
It's also stupid as *** . FACT: NOONE Considers Terry Bradshaw better than Dan Marino.
I mean Zachary Thomas, Jason Taylor, Dan Marino, half the players on the Super Bowl winning team, Don Shula
guys, it's Dan Marino, not Scott Zolak. And not a Fins fan obv. Cut me some slack.
If Tim Murray doesn't work out the Sabres should hire Dan Marino's brother as the next GM
Dan Marino way ahead on that if I recall.
Making Ryan Tannehill look like Dan Marino when they should be making him look like Cleo Lemon, or even Ryan Tannehill.
Tom Brady talking to Dan Marino and Bob Griese before the game.
with repostapp. ・・・. Tom Brady, Bob Griese and Dan Marino pre game in Miami.…
If not for joy/gray hair is giving me this fall my room would look like Ray Finkle's but w/Chip Kelly instead of Dan Marino
Thats basically 240 & 2 not exactly Dan Marino. More like Trent Dilfer, albeit the year he won a Super Bowl..
Dan Marino, Bruce Matthews and Darrell Green were all available to draft and John Elway by trade. Took ten years to recover
Dan Marino joe Namath Carson Palmer Michael Vick Jim Kelly that's why
Only other possibility I can think of: Marcus Allen/Herschel Walker/Jim McMahon/Dan Marino were top-four in 1981
"I hate you more than Ray Finkle hates Dan Marino"
Russell Wilson joins Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Aaron Rodgers and Steve Young as only QBs with 3+ TD passes in 5 …
He is closer to Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer and Alex Smith, than Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Dan Marino.
Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas 🐬🐬🐬 swing them all together makes me so happy
Cool halftime show. Zach Thomas - Jayson Taylor - Dan Marino. In reverse order of Dolphins "legends" who got the biggest ovation.
Blake Bortles is the youngest QB to have 3,500 passing yards & 30 passing TDs in a season since Dan Marino in 1984.
Sorry JB, Dan Marino and Mark Duper aren't suiting up tonight...
Another Winslow Alumni. Its Courtland Bragg, one of our former players interviewing Dan Marino at NFL film.
..that the franchise hasn’t enjoyed since … since … a long time. (Dan Marino connected with Mark Clayton).
That was Brees’ 420th career TD pass, tying Dan Marino for 4th in history
Dan Marino, Jim Kelly... Or You can get a Trent Dilfer vs Jeff Hostetler? Stats matter right?
40 Football Hall-of-Fame and Superstar Cards Collection Including players such as Dan Marino,...
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Congratulations to Tom Brady (423), who passed Dan Marino (420) for the 3rd most TD passes in NFL history on Sunday! ht…
Tom Brady is now ahead of Dan Marino on the all-time passing touchdowns list.
Tom Brady reaches another milestone as he passes Dan Marino to become 3rd on NFL's all-time passing TDs list (421).
Career TD pass No. 421 for Tom Brady, breaking a tie with Dan Marino for third on the NFL's all-time list.
421st career TD pass for Tom Brady. Was tied with Dan Marino. Now sole possession of 3rd place all-time.
Congrats to Tom Brady on passing Dan Marino for third all-time in TD passes!
Brady to James White as Mychal Kendricks blocked off. Brady's 421st TD pass, moving into 3rd ahead of Dan Marino. down 7-0
I got this mike Vick on me got Dan Marino 😈🙏🏼
This is not a joke: . Matt Schaub's career passer rating of 89.5 is higher than Dan Marino (86.4) & John Elway (79.9). So, t…
With that touchdown pass, Tom Brady ties Dan Marino for the third-most TD passes all-time (420).
Tom Brady to Brandon Bolden for the 63-yd TD!. Brady is tied w/ Dan Marino for 3rd-most TD in NFL history (420).
Tom Brady now has 419 career TD passes. Needs just one more to tie Dan Marino for 3rd most all time.
Tom Brady now 419 TDs. Only one behind Dan Marino for tying for third all-time
On the Patriots first drive of the game. Tom Brady throws career touchdown number 418 and sits 2 behind Dan Marino for…
Aaron Rodgers: Fastest QB to reach 250 Pass TD in NFL history, doing it in 121 games. (Dan Marino is 2nd, 128)
My dad just said Dan Marino, Allen Iverson, Patrick Ewing, and Karl Malone aren't great cause they don't have rings. who's mans?
Please enjoy photos of Prince Harry and Dan Marino tossing a football
He's tied with Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Ken Anderson, Boomer and all Eagles QBs
If social media could have seen the Bernie Kosar/Dan Marino parties.
Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Marino are a few who are in HOF without Super Bowl titles.
On this day in 1998, John Elway went past the 50,000 yard passing mark for his career, joining only Dan Marino.
Amazing Hall of Fame ceremony to Coach Shula, beside Dan Marino and Bob Griese!!! So many goosebumps! 🐬🐬
Osweiler is 5/5 80yds & a TD. Put his bust in the hall of fam right between Dan Marino & Fran Tarkenton
Andy's neighborhood South Oakland had Andy, baby Dan Marino, and new ballplayer Willie Stargell, all around the same time
if Dan Marino had our Defense. the phins would have five Super Bowl rings.
Peyton Manning Is Going the Way of Dan Marino - via
Said it early this season and still rings true, most greats play one season too many, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Brett Favre and now Manning.
It's a championship I'm no Dan Marino more like Steve Montana
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