Dan Gilbert & Quicken Loans

Daniel Dan Gilbert (born January 17, 1962) is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc., the majority owner of the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers, the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters, the Arena Football League's Cleveland Gladiators and the NBA Development League's Canton Charge. [http://www.quickenloans.com/ Quicken Loans] Inc., headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, is the 5th largest retail mortgage lender overall in the United States and the largest online. 5.0/5

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Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert accuses government of shakedown in mort..
Cleveland coalition to bring Quicken Loans Arena, Dan Gilbert fight to Detroit
Quicken Loans, the New Mortgage Machine - and led by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Inc., has unquestionably played an integral...
Is Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert partnering with Warren Buffett to b.. Related Articles:
Warren Buffet (3rd richest man) + Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans are rumored to bid for Yahoo https:/…
This is issue in Detroit. Dan Gilbert's company had "5th-highest number of mortgages that ended in foreclosure."
Someone asked Dan Gilbert what's the key to getting an internship at Quicken loans. His response "We're looking for people who are lit"
Dude just asked Dan Gilbert how to get an internship at quicken loans. Smh
Quicken Loans likes to hire people that are "lit" - Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans put it well: "Numbers and money follow; they do not lead."
Innovation is rewarded. Execution is worshipped. --Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans
People throughout the state of Ohio lost their homes and livelihoods at the altar of Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans...but …
Dan Gilbert unites Quicken Loans tribe in Cleveland via
Don't say anything bad about Quicken Loans or Dan Gilbert might try and get you fired.
Warren Buffett tells how he teamed up with Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans to fund 2014s March Madness bracket contest
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans CEO tells auto dealers to "Just man up and compete!"
Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert discusses big banks, debt, and risk:
Dan Gilbert is the quicken loans owner right?
A look at how words matter through Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans. Especially like: "The inches we need are everywhere …
My belief is that Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) is the real reason why you got suspended.
Don't talk about Dan Gilbert doing good things with his money that he made from Quicken Loans. He got his money from pay day loans
Listen to this dude who works with Dan Gilbert and Quicken loans. Didn't realize how much he does, especially in Detroit. It's crazy
Dan Gilbert owner of Quicken Loans which played big part in sub prime crisis gets to spend that$ gobbling up DET …
I would be interested in a long read on how Dan Gilbert built Quicken Loans up so that he could buy the Cavs. They're basi…
in fact, Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans' sub-prime mortgages HURT many AfAm-s in the Midwest. That's been documented.
Home Depot just confirmed that Dan Gilbert purchased hundreds of palm trees to plant outside of Quicken Loans Arena
Pretty awesome day getting to learn how Dan Gilbert built Quicken Loans up and is now worth $3.8 Billion
Dan Gilbert just started a project to upgrade Quicken Loans Air Conditioning Unit.
We had an amazing 2 days at Quicken Loans, with Dan Gilbert and leadership of the Jewish Federation. Incredible things happening in Detroit
Dan Gilbert talks $1 billion March Madness bracket challenge. Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert has teamed up with Warren Buffett to offer $1 billion to anyone who picks a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket. Gilbert discusses the odds of picking the perfect...
Warren Buffett & Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert will give a $1 billion prize to anyone who can fill out a perfect March Madness bracket.
Warren Buffett, who ranks 4th on Forbes list of top billionaires, announced on January 21 that he, together with his company Berkshire Hathaway, will be partnering with Quicken Loans, owned by fellow billionaire Dan Gilbert (also the owner of the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers), to host the ‘Quicken L...
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway and Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans are partnering to award anyone who fills out a perfect 2014 Men's NCAA Tournament bracket.
Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway has teamed up with Cleveland Cavaliers owner and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert to give you the opportunity to win $1 billion.
Quicken Loans, who is owned and operated by the owner Dan Gilbert is also offering a one billion dollar prize for a perfect Quicken Loans joins billionaire investor Warren Buffett in this offering. We earlier today reported that it was just being offered by Buffett. -- Dorf
Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert, founder of Quicken Loans, are teaming up to offer $1 billion for the perfect NCAA March Madness bracket.
Quicken Loans offering up a $1 billion prize in their NCAA bracket pool for anyone who picks all 63 games correctly. Consolation prize of $100,000 each to the top 20 in the standings if nobody hits the billion. I'm going for the gusto, I could use a billion bucks. Thanks you Dan Gilbert.
Wow, Dan Gilbert's "Quicken Loans" lays off over 200 employees due to slow loan processing... Right after Detroit Mayoral election. Where is the news media on this? The game has Double Standards.
Billionaire's Real Estate Buying Spree Catches On in Detroit DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS | WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2013 Dan Gilbert, the billionaire founder of Quicken Loans, is on a buying spree of commercial buildings in Downtown Detroit. His move has been dubbed the “Dan Gilbert effect,” and it’s spreading, according to The Wall Street Journal. Five months ago, Detroit declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy. But despite that, the real estate market downtown has been seeing a resurgence. Many in the industry are crediting Gilbert with leading the rebound. He’s purchased dozens of properties downtown and plans to move 3,800 of his employees into the city from suburban offices. He’s created 6,500 jobs downtown since 2010. Now other investors are taking note of the downtown expansion and are betting on rising property values and rents. They are increasingly purchasing buildings and apartments to meet the rising demand of new workers heading downtown, which also is from the area’s rebounding automotive indus ...
Snyder on the hot seat? The first 5 minutes of what he claims he has done for the citizens of Detroit is LOCK them up,, arrest them, ensure the jails are full. Add more police, open up detention centers add more corrections officers. Put more case workers in schools, added bills to test those on welfare for drugs, enforce working people for more community service in order to receive Snap benefits. Tear down housing. NO mental health programs in place as of yet. No mention of the thousands of homeless in Detroit. No mention of the 60 million paid out to Attorneys involved in Bankruptcy. No mention of Tax payers being on the hook for a New Red Wings stadium, NO mention of Dan Gilbert aka Quicken loans and China buying up Detroit property left and right. No real established jobs programs for the unemployed. Mentions wages of 11.00 a hour with no real facts to support that. His capitalism theory is well in force in Detroit. The GOP's outreach to African American's deal with a completely white audience. He str ...
Dec. 18 CINCINNATI ENQUIRER VOICES of the STREETCAR DEBATE Even Detroit knows how to get a streetcar built Eric Douglas lives in Clifton. It seems inevitable now that Detroit will have a modern streetcar before Cincinnati does. How could this have happened in a city that is going through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history? The federal government has contributed only $25 million to the project, roughly half of what Cincinnati has been awarded. Somehow, it’s getting done with politics aside (Detroit also recently elected a new mayor and council this November). The reason for the success and speediness of the project is no doubt due to its corporate leadership. The project is not being run by the emergency manager or City Council, but by a board of directors very similar to the Port (of Greater Cincinnati Development) Authority’s board. The Detroit streetcar (“M-1”) board includes Roger Penske, Penske Corp.; Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans; Matthew Cullen (also CEO of the streetcar), Rock V ...
Mostly due to folks like Mike Illitch (LittleCaesars/RedwingsEtc) and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans.
Founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert, the Detroit-based Quicken Loans employs 5,000 people and closed $30 billion in home loan transactions last year. It is the No. 1 midsize employer in The Plain Dealer's ranking of Top Workplaces for 2012.
Detroit based Quicken Loans Inc., previously Rock Financial Corp., was founded by Dan Gilbert in 1985. Initially a branch-based lender, the company launched Rockloans.com in January 1999, which quickly positioned the company as one of the fastest growing online direct mortgage lenders on the Interne...
The most amazing Thing Just happened to me! I wrote an email to Mr. Dan Gilbert, the owner of Quicken Loans who is spending millions of dollars on tearing down abandoned buildings in Detroit and investing millions to build new ones and make Detroit become great again. I just saw that he wrote me back today. I wrote to Mr. Gilbert that I did not want donations, but I wanted to know if he could turn one of the buildings into a homeless shelter, a good one, for the homeless and poor. This is the email he wrote back to me and to 8 people from his team. From: Gilbert, Dan To Me, Dansby, DebJackson, Garrett and 4 More... Today at 3:37 PM Robby, Thank you for your email. I am including several folks from my team on this note. Jim and/or Leslie, please follow up with Robby regarding his request below. You and your sister are doing great things, Robby. Keep it up. Thank you, again. Dan G. Email to Mr. Gilbert From Me... Hello Mr. Gilbert. My name is Robby Eimers. I am 11 yrs old. My sister, Emma, age 8, and I ...
Dan Gilbert closer to Caesars Interactive license citing Quicken Loans. Get a home equity loan, then lose it
Hey there The founder of Quicken Loans is Dan Gilbert. Here's his bio for more information.
Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans sponsored car wins the Brickyard. Company on pace to do $100 billion in home loans this year.
I wonder of Dan Gilbert is just going to out right buy the city county building. Quicken Loans presents the Coleman A Young municipal building
Miami Heat, How many Rings Lebron James want to Win before returning to Ohio to Win One for the Home Team? Whats the line in Vegas? Dan Gilbert, the Billionaire Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Owner of His Detroit Hometown Greektown Casino/Hotel and Founder and CEO of Detroit based Quicken Loans the Country's most stable Real Estate Lender has along with these Assets deep enough pockets to bring Lebron back Home! Whats the Odds?
Also, we've suggested inviting the Chairman/Founder of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert, to speak.
What does Dan Gilbert's Detroit plan mean for its people?: Dan Gilbert.The founder of Quicken Loans.A man with...
Any thoughts on Dan Gilbert (owner of the Cavs & Quicken Loans majority owner) purchasing 3M sq. ft of downtown real estate in Detroit?
Nice to see how Spartan alum and Quicken Loans CEO Dan Gilbert is turning around Detroit.
Dan Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans in Detroit, MI, is a multi-billionare businessman. To say he is successful is...
Dan Gilbert’s Quest to Remake Downtown Detroit: Against tall odds, Dan Gilbert, the Quicken Loans chairman, is...
Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans aims to remake Downtown Detroit (has already spent about $1 billion)
Can Detroit look like Paris? City blueprint based on French city. Now Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert re-doing downtown that way.
Quicken Loans CEO Dan Gilbert is the man. Bringing in more businesses to Downtown Detroit :-)
Got Plans Detroit Business reports on Quicken Loans's Dan Gilbert's announcements today...
Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert is the main player in the high-energy event which has attracted a throng of media and business leaders.
Quicken Loans as a sponsor in Indycar is a possible good sign for the Cleveland race. Founded by Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cavs, Monsters, &
Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert is that state's third wealthiest man with a net worth of $3.5 billion, according to Forbes latest annual tally of billionaires around the world.
Dan Gilbert firm to seek ideas for project on Hudson's site: Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert has turned to the...
Dan Gilbert's Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures plans to add 2,000 jobs to Downtown Detroit in next 12-18 months
Dan Gilbert and co. are in talks with more than 80 retailers and restaurants to open space in
you're welcome + yes he did. Bought team in 1983 for $20mil + sold them in 2005 to Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert.
The Rising stars game, brought to you by Quicken Loans and Dan Gilbert.
Quicken Loans has claimed top spot on the National Top 150 Workplaces list, moving up from second place last year. The company was founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert, and now employs 8,000 people. It has grown to become the third largest retail mortgage lender in the US. Despite its size and growth rate, the company has created an enviable work environment for its employees. It took first place on both the Detroit Free Press large Top Workplaces list (read more) and the Cleveland Plain Dealer midsized Top Workplaces list (read more). “Quicken Loans is a very strong company. They make the right decisions across the board and it makes me feel comfortable working for them.” The message from employees in our survey is that this is a company where they participate. Employees are encouraged to put forward ideas, and there is a culture of getting things done: JOSHUA GUNTER/THE PLAIN DEALER “I have the opportunity to share my ideas, opinions and thoughts in an open forum.” “As long as you are willing to put ...
In the Spring of 2011, Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert said plans for an internships in Downtown Detroit were quickly thrown together for that summer. The company ended up with 240 interns, in a loosely organized effort. Then, in 2012, the company gave it another shot. “We received over 8,700 unsolicited applications for internships in Detroit, which is just shocking to us,” Gilbert said. These were not just students from Wayne State or Michigan State, Gilbert said, they came from 157 universities throughout the country. The company tried to put in place a process that could squeeze as many of the interested students in as possible. It ended up taking in 600 interns. It later hired about a quarter of those students to full time jobs.
Folks, one of hate radio's biggest sponsors is quicken loans. What does CEO Dan Gilbert think about calling women ***
2013 Michiganders to Watch: Dan Gilbert, chairman of Quicken Loans and high-tech Detroit booster: Gilbert,...
Dan Gilbert sells team, Jimmy Haslam is owner of new Cleveland basketball team. Quicken Loans is renamed to Pilot Arena..
Detroit billionaire and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert added another valuable piece of Detroit's downtown skyline to his real estate portfolio on Monday. According to a release sent by Rock Ventures, which manages GIlbert's varied investments and business holdings, Gilbert has completed the purch...
After mastering the mortgage pitch, Dan Gilbert is now attempting to sell an even bigger product: Detroit. There's something in the air in Downtown Detroit. Depending on who you ask, it's a resurgence, a revival, or perhaps a white-washing. Ancient skyscrapers have new life. People ar..
Daniel "Dan" Gilbert (born January 17 1=7=8 is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans and owner of Cleveland Cavaliers
a lifelong NFL Fan's observations of his 1st NBA game experience: 1) sadly, the Cavs are not very good...not even close :( 2) the Cleveland Police have ZERO clue on how to direct traffic...we were within sight of the arena for over 1/2 hr before getting thru traffic to park...ughh 3) Quicken Loans Arena is well laid out, concession prices are avg for a sporting event but i'm so glad i'm a slim 5'11 170lb guy because the room in each seat area is crazy small 4) Cavs owner Dan Gilbert tho had some nice seats just down a ways in front of us...he owns em tho so of course he should..lol 5) NBA games are like watching a long infomercial...every time there is a break in the action some company is pimping/giving away something 6) also, if you like to dance & you are a female please continue to attend NBA games.music plays ALL throughout the game & us guys sure do enjoy watching things like this on the Jumbotron 7) Cavalier Girls squad A+ .Spirit Squad D- (where do they dig up these people?...they just ran & jumpe ...
Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert announcing that he’s going to construct a new building downtown with 33,000 square feet of retail space was as big a deal for me as when Detroit got its first and only movie theater in years (the Phoenix Bel Air Theaters that opened in 2001).
This lawsuit has been going on like forever. Since 2004, CEO of Quicken Loans, Dan Gilbert has maintained his we will not settle stance in defending this
Why I Believe in Detroit panel @ live now: Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans next
Dan Gilbert discusses the teams he owns, Quicken Loans and a guy named LeBron |
Jay Leno’s cracks about Detroit in his Monday monologue got Dan Gilbert, Matt Cullen and other Quicken Loans and Rock Ventures honchos riled up Tuesday.
Mother of two, M.P.H. (Master of Public Health in Human Nutrition), Stacy Goldberg launched Savorfull in 2012 with the assistance of Detroit-based nonprofit Bizdom, which has provided entrepreneurial mentorship and resources to help get Savorfull off the ground. Founded by Dan Gilbert, founder and c...
Michigan-based founders of Quicken Loans and 5 Hour Energy sign the
Two Michigan billionaires are among 11 who have joined Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in pledging to give away half of their wealth. Five Hour Energy creator Manoj Bhargava of Farmington Hills and Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert and his wife, Jennifer, were among the 11 whose names were released ...
In 2010, Quicken Loans moved its headquarters to Downtown Detroit from the suburbs, and since then founder Dan Gilbert has invested more than $300 million purchasing and renovating nine office buildings to encourage other companies to follow him downtown. In all, Gilbert owns 2 million square feet o...
Dan Gilbert from Quicken Loans is being interviewed @ TechonomyDetroit.
Here now at the very neat Conference in catching Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert. Grea
Quicken Loans and Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert now speaking at 2012!
Dan Gilbert: "There was a bit of a skyscraper sale going on" when Quicken Loans moved to Detroit
Believe it: Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans only moved down here 25 months ago.
Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans: Can't get top young talent "if we're in a nice building in the suburbs." Gotta be downtown
Sachse Construction will move its headquarters into the Arts League Building at 1528 Woodward in Detroit. The building is owned by Rock Ventures, the umbrella entity owned by Quicken Loans founder and chair Dan Gilbert and his partners.
Gov. Rick Snyder, *** DeVos, and Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans are all speaking at the W. MI Policy Forum. Like them on FB!
Detroit - Troy-based Title Source will move 1,500 workers to the First National Building at Campus Martius, the latest suburban company to relocate downtown with the help of Quicken Loans Inc.'s founder Dan Gilbert.
I wonder how that will work with the owners' companies (i.e. can Dan Gilbert advertise Quicken Loans for free now?)
Quicken loans accepted $0.00 from the government when we had the bailout. That won me over on Dan Gilbert.
Wonderful Race today! Too bad our man didn't win, but he is a winner in our hearts! Thank you Ryan Newman, thank you a milliion times over Dan Gilbert and Quicken Loans and Stewart-Haas racing! Our first Nascar debut was exciting!
Eve before the big race! I want to thank Dan Gilbert from Quicken Loans for wrapping the car with The Childrens Tumor Foundation for this race in Sonoma. His son has NF1 and he has been a very gracious supporter of CTF.. And Stewart Haas Racing and Ryan Newman for driving the car. And Jill Jill Parsons Beck for working 24/7 to ensure Racing for Research...please keep those donations coming in and feel free to share McKinnon's donation page...
On my way to Quicken Loans River Day. Erthang free. We love you Dan Gilbert !
Cavs owner Dan Gilbert admits he's superstitious so he's sending his teenage son to the NBA draft lottery for the second year in a row.
yea Dan Gilbert owns Quicken Loans and the Cavs. So u know i got my eyes on the big (cont)
So I just found out I'll be spending my second day of work in Detroit at the Quicken loans office there..in an all day conference..one of the speaker being Dan Gilbert. Like I wasn't nervous enough.
opens, owned by Quicken Loans/Rock Financial founder Dan Gilbert, who also owns the...
Dan Gilbert's family of Detroit companies continues to grow with no signs of slowing down: Quicken Loans Inc. ch...
The following letter and video provide you a vision of Charity Hicks, a Detroit activist, who fights against *** poor person removal plan" and for food security. understood why the DEGC (Detroit Economic Growth Corporation) and Midtown Inc. wanted Whole Foods in Midtown. They understood the "Whole Foods" effect. They wanted an "upgrade" and conduct their re gentrification scheme in Detroit. These plans have been operating for some time now. D.C. is a perfect example of a *** poor person removal plan, and now Detroit. That's why they renamed the Cass Corridor to Midtown and certain real estate operatives have been buying up property on the cheap, including Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans) with almost half of downtown. That's why MSHDA is building the "Auburn" high density residential up the street at Cass @ Canfield, and at other locations. The grassroots community is not even at the table, nor in the room when these decisions are made, therefore WE are the meal. The destruction of public education, t ...
Hundreds of retailers and other small firms have inquired about setting up shop in Downtown Detroit buildings owned by Quicken Loans Inc. founder Dan Gilbert and his partners, a Quicken Loans-affiliated executive said Tuesday.
Cavs owner Dan Gilbert's company Quicken Loans was named the 10th best company to work for by Fortune Magazine.
The company that can do something about that slippery Quicken Loans decal? Fathead, also owned by Dan Gilbert!
Magic Johnson, Dan Gilbert film Quicken Loans commercial: The legacy for Magic Johnson will go beyond h...
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