Dan Gilbert & Lebron James

Daniel Dan Gilbert (born January 17, 1962) is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc., the majority owner of the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers, the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters, the Arena Football League's Cleveland Gladiators and the NBA Development League's Canton Charge. LeBron Raymone James (born December 30, 1984) is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Also, frankly, by Lebron James coming to Cleveland, Dan Gilbert's voice as a dissenting hard line owner may/will be less vocal?
Dan Gilbert tells how he and LeBron James buried the hatchet via
Dan Gilbert sold Lebron James fat heads for $17.41 because that's the year Benedict Arnold was born 😂😂😂
I'm sincerely surprised Lebron James is going back to Cleveland. Cuz Dan Gilbert wrote him one *** of a break up letter.
I love Lebron but the city of Cleveland does not deserve Lebron James. Dan Gilbert does not deserve Lebron James. They treated him like garbage, and now they get him back. I really wish Lebron decided to stick it to them for a second time. I almost hope that Cleveland never gets a sniff at a championship while he is there. Go burn some more jerseys you ***
From a purely sports legacy perspective (the social/political implications of returning to a Dan Gilbert owned team notwithstanding) Lebron James has earned a heightened measure of my fandom for his latest move. Now, I finally get to see if he deserves to be mentioned amongst the greats by serving as the centerpiece for BUILDING (not buying) a young team of talent. Now, we'll see if he has the "IT" to LEAD and intrinsically take a team to championship greatness. The guy knew he earned little to no respect amongst the greats for his exploits in Miami. This move shows what many of you denied. HE cares what THEY/WE/I think. I'm excited for the future. Maybe this will be the beginning of the return of the kind of real competition that once made the National Basketball Association my all-time favorite league. This is a momentously great first step.
Lebron James to Cleveland. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert just put out this message to Miami Heat fans all across the country. "Please form a single-file line to board the Cavalier bandwagon on the corner of "These *** ain't loyal" and "I've Always Been A Heat Fan"
Lebron James has decided to be a Cavalier once again! Dan Gilbert has welcomed the King back home and Fans are already riled up on the news.
Dan Gilbert needs to write a "thank you" letter to Lebron James and make it very public just like he did when James left. He should probably kiss his sneakers before every game too.
Dan Gilbert calls Lebron James a coward when he left Cleveland now he's going back. You got to be more careful who you put your mouth on never know when you will need them again. Who's the coward now Dan Gilbert? He should make a public apology.
Yes, I'm rolling with my former Boss, Dan Gilbert and my favorite player, Lebron James!
Cleveland Cavs fans...did you keep the ashes from all the burned Lebron James jerseys? Hmmm! Buying more jerseys as I type, huh? Hmmm...ha. That hate laced letter from the Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, was removed from the site recently, so I've heard, after four years! Welp! I'm ready for some football!!!
I never liked Lebron James, but I love a good story about redemption and forgiveness. It takes a solid person to move past the awful response Cleveland and Dan Gilbert had 4 years ago. nobody has ever set fire to an effigy or your jersey, you should probably be able to forgive someone that has burned you in the past.
Lebron James proving my previous post about forgiveness... Lebron leaves Cleveland. Ohioans/Cleveland fans burn his jersey and act crazy. Dan Gilbert writes an open letter to Lebron that's embarrassing. But, Lebron forgives, moves on and focuses on winning championships. Because he forgave the ridiculous actions, he's willing and able to go back home. Now, Ohioans/Cleveland fans and Dan Gilbert are left with their tail between their legs and learning an important lesson from James...humility and don't act crazy! Can't control how people act, only can control how you respond.
I've been extremely quiet about Lebron James and the offseason. I will obviously be upset if he leaves Miami but won't blame him or hate him based on his decision. If he goes back to Cleveland I will lose a little respect for him tho. After how Dan Gilbert handled him leaving and the fans turning on him I can't believe he would want to go back.
Dan Gilbert will never get over Lebron James leaving Cleveland, but somehow forgets Big Z's defection to South Beach...
A good majority of "Miami Heat fans" aren't Miami Heat fans. They are bandwagon Lebron James or Dwayne Wade fans. You realize how CORNY it is to just pick one of the best players in the world and ride their jock? So whenever LBJ or D-Wade retires, youre just gonna pick another superstar to keep your NBA man crush alive??? Basketball is a TEAM sport. So pick a TEAM to cheer for!
Dion waiters, k. Irving and Lebron James. It's going to happen. I wonder how happy Dan Gilbert is going to be when Lebron comes back.
Fact is your owner Jim Buss did the EXACT same thing Dan Gilbert did AND it cost him Lebron James. Went against this star
Lebron James' inner circle has been making it known to people within the Cavs organization that he wants to rejoin the Cavaliers after next season when his four year deal with the Heat has a player option for two more years in Miami, or he can elect for free agency. He's made it clear to everyone around him that he's already made the decision basically, it's just a matter of whether it works for the Cavs, Dan Gilbert, and the fans of the team. It's a no brainer for me .. All the emotions aside from what happened with "The Decision" .. I think it's clear he handled all of that poorly. Probably as bad as humanly possible. But, the decision itself to leave the Cavaliers at that time was probably the logical choice for him given the team had tapped out it's resourses to put together a team surrounding him that could win a championship. The Cavs at that point had a poor head coach, no resouses to improve upon the team without dismantling and starting over with a rebuild .. He had the chance to go and g ...
In 2010, LeBron James announced that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Immediately following the announcement, Dan Gilbert, the owne...
I guess LeBron James was whining to Oprah because Dan Gilbert got mad at him for screwing the Cavs and Cleveland.
In an upcoming interview with Oprah, LeBron opens up about 'hurtful' Dan Gilbert letter.
Great quote from a letter written by Dan Gilbert after LeBron James moved to the Miami Heat: "In the letter, Gilbert wrote, 'I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former 'King' wins one. You can take it to the bank." That, obviously, did not happen." I guess he picked the wrong bank to take that promise to.
I am tired of Cavs fans whining about Lebron James. How come nobody is mentioning the other side of the argument? Why is noone upset that Dan Gilbert did not open up his checkbook and make an offer for Wade to take his talents FROM South Beach, never made offer for Bosh, but wrote inflated checks for Jamison and Varrejau.
For those who may have forgotten Cleveland Cavalier Owner Dan Glibert’s vicious letter after Lebron James decision, here is a copy in all it’s Comic glory: Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight; As you now know, our former hero...
It should have been a story on how much Lebron James influenced the wealth of Dan Gilbert and Mickey Arinson
Dear Dan Gilbert, You said the Cleveland Cavs would get a championship before Lebron James ever would. Well looks like you let the city of Cleveland down so I guess where going to have to burn you down as well for making promises you couldn't keep. Go Heat!
A direct quote from the Jilted and spiteful Dan Gilbert(Clevend Cavs owner) "we will win a championship here in Cleveland before Lebron James ever wins one in Miami"...That was just dumb,I mean come on,we've got the big three and you've got...???
LeBron James talks about the people that are happy to see him fail (i.e. the people of Cleveland, Dan Gilbert, etc.)
BREAKING NEWS: Lebron James, one game away from a ring. Dan Gilbert, City of Cleveland on Suicide Watch.
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