Dan Gilbert & Dwight Howard

Daniel Dan Gilbert (born January 17, 1962) is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc., the majority owner of the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers, the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters, the Arena Football League's Cleveland Gladiators and the NBA Development League's Canton Charge. Dwight David Howard (born December 8, 1985) is an American basketball player for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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I know you guys are in love with Dan Gilbert, but after watching the Dwight Howard soap opera go down (he said if Phil Jackson was there he is there, meaning no respects the new Buss in place) I think players are either taking the money or they are taking the respect of ownership/front office into consideration. So the Cavs have offered the money to at least 3 players in which all players went to better teams with more respected front offices or ownership. (Remeber Pat Riley did make a difference in 2010) So with that said I really think that Dan Gilbert needs to look himself in the mirror and ask himself does he have the correct people in place to move forward to win a championship. Do we have a Hakeem in place that can meet with a player and make the difference in a FA coming here? Do we have the coach to do the same, we will see Mike Brown better work. I know we have the player needed to bring in another star with Kyrie. This is on Dan Gilbert, his FA pickups this year needs to be in the front office a ...
Hmm. Not a peep from Dan Gilbert or David Stern. I guess that means the Dwight Howard swap is a done deal.
How the *** did we (The Lakers) get Dwight Howard?! Can't get too excited, cause with owners like Dan Gilbert and a commissioner like David Stern, the trade isn't final...(CP3)
Well, time to throw away my Dwight Howard jersey. Imagine this in Comic Sans. *Dan Gilbert flow*
Lakers add another superstar in Dwight Howard. I wonder if Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is going to start crying and try to stop the trade. Gilbert has a history of doing it ... Remember the Chris Pau near trade
Dan Gilbert better not MESS this Dwight Howard - Andrew Bynum trade :(
Dwight Howard says he wants to go to LA. I hope Dan Gilbert doesn't block it by complaining to David Stern about this being unfair too.
Apparently the Cavaliers are now involved in sending Dwight Howard to the Lakers because Cleveland will be getting Andrew Bynum. So it's okay to send superstars to the Lakers, as long as you get in on the action, Dan Gilbert? Gotcha. Loud and clear.
If the Cavs got Kris Humphries in the Dwight Howard deal it was not going to be a big deal either way to me, but the Cavs backed out because reportedly "they were sensitive about being a small-market team helping Brooklyn." If that is the case, it is as stupid as Dan Gilbert's letter-writing campaign.
The Orlando Magic have re-opened negotiations with teams other than Brooklyn Nets for Dwight Howard, a league source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher.
Bud Shaw ponders Dan Gilbert's motives and involvement in Dwight Howard trade rumors, on 92.3 The Fan
Everyone hate on Dan Gilbert for being the world's biggest hypocrite - according to him, an all-star (Pau Gasol) and the sixth man of the year (Lamar Odom) for Chris Paul to go to the Lakers is too unfair, but Brook Lopez, a 7-footer who rebounds worse than most shooting guards and can't play defense, and Luke Walton, a guy who gets paid $6 million a year to score baskets for the other team (his only memorable play from his career), for Dwight Howard to go to a big-market team is totally cool. No wonder LeBron left this loser's team. I hope you read this somehow, Gilbert. I'll be laughing at your team for years to come.
It seems as if Dan Gilbert and the Cavaliers may facilitate a trade for Dwight Howard, between the Brooklyn Nets and the Orlando Magic. It would be Cleveland's job to take Kris Humphries in lieu of a 1st rounder to be sent to the Magic. If that doesn't reek of revenge, then I don't know what does. I believe Danno is to the point where he just wants someone to knock off LeBron and the Heat. Even if it means losing a potential lottery pick for Kris Humphries.
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