Dan Gilbert & Comic Sans

Daniel Dan Gilbert (born January 17, 1962) is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc., the majority owner of the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers, the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters, the Arena Football League's Cleveland Gladiators and the NBA Development League's Canton Charge. Comic Sans MS (or Comic Sans) is a casual script typeface modeled on fonts used in American comic books for several decades. 4.0/5

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A lawyer next to me on the train is using Comic Sans for his email. Didn't we all learn from Dan Gilbert?
I'd argue it was a lumpen font until Dan Gilbert's runaway slave letter about Lebron James was written in Comic Sans
I wonder if they'll make Dan Gilbert's championship ring in Comic Sans.
"Varejao gotta be the lead in Magic Mike 3.” Lebron James’ free agency ransom note for Dan Gilbert (in Comic Sans) http…
Comic Sans, Dan Gilbert! Stratta just apologized and got my drunk txts :P Can't believe they found the mother load
It was written in Comic Sans to denote it was a hilarious joke. Dan Gilbert Apologizes to L
Dan Gilbert serving as a fine example of why you don't burn bridges ... especially not in Comic Sans.
"Comic Sans?" - Dan Gilbert “If you really love me, you'll choose a better font to get me back.”
That font choice is about as bad as when Dan Gilbert used Comic Sans in that letter to LeBron a few yrs back. (re: Robin Thicke)
everyone should only use Comic Sans, it worked for Dan Gilbert!
Comic Sans for the name tag ... really? Did Dan Gilbert design that?
Defense of Comic Sans for the font hipsters: (via Reminds me of the Dan Gilbert rant:
So the rumor is that Dan Gilbert is gonna open up a comedy club in one of the buildings he's bought downtown. . . . called Comic Sans.
Dan Gilbert should redesign the Cavaliers. 'CAVS' in Comic Sans, contoured like a fisheye in Microsoft Word, 75% drop shadow.
Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, the Comic Sans-styled defender of everything holy and Midwestern, runs a business that habitually craps on its employees and customers alike.
Well, time to throw away my Dwight Howard jersey. Imagine this in Comic Sans. *Dan Gilbert flow*
Or when Dan Gilbert wants to use Comic Sans
I know everyone that loves Cleveland loves Dan Gilbert, but I stil think he is a chump. All talk and writes insulting emails in Comic Sans.
Wish I had know this so I could have made fun of Dan Gilbert: From Wikipedia -- "In 2010, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was criticized for using Comic Sans in a public letter regarding Lebron James's decision to leave the team.[11] The usage caused a resurgence of interest in, as well as criticism of, Comic Sans.[12][13]"
while Dan Gilbert is still writing in comic sans
Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert congratulates Miami, but doesn't mention LeBron Dan Gilbert owner of the Cleveland Cavalier nasty words; In part of his infamous letter -- in comic sans type -- to Cavaliers fans after The Decision aired on ESPN on July 8, 2010, Gilbert used capital letters to emphasize, "I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THAT THE Cleveland Cavaliers WILL WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER ‘KING’ WINS ONE. You can take it to the bank.'' Dan Gilbert words are not worthy to take it to any bank!
"I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the self-titled former 'king' wins one." Oops. Those were the words of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert just two summers ago. Like a jilted lover, Gilbert fired off a now infamous letter to Cavs fans after ...
Lebron James: "I didn't shortcut anything." Dan Gilbert is now in a drunken stupor, trying to step away from the Comic Sans
Can somebody go check on the city of Cleveland? Dan Gilbert is firing up the Comic Sans for his concession email
I heard Dan Gilbert has "FLBJ" tattooed across his stomach, Tupac-style, but in Comic Sans
Randy is Mo Williams, Seacrest is Antwan Jamison, J-Lo is JJ Hickson and Steven Tyler is Dan Gilbert's Comic Sans letter.
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