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Dan Gilbert

Daniel Dan Gilbert (born January 17, 1962) is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans Inc., the majority owner of the National Basketball Association's Cleveland Cavaliers, the American Hockey League's Lake Erie Monsters, the Arena Football League's Cleveland Gladiators and the NBA Development League's Canton Charge.

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Vintage postcard of the Free Press Building in Detroit, home of Detroit Free Press from 1925-1998. Dan Gilbert has…
Alright I'm a little sad. Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, James Woods as Hades. And the genie? Dan Castellaneta. Bit of a bummer
Any reboot would have to address that pesky Dan dying thing
Time for Dan Gilbert to pay Pop like 15 million a season. Lol
Great TED talk . Dan Gilbert The psychology of your future self
Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness | TED Talk |
All donations get matched today by Dan Gilbert and the Cavs! Every dollar helps! Thanks!
"Money doesn't lead, it follows". -Dan Gilbert. Wish the owner of my company realized this...
Dan Gilbert, his real boss and what he cares about, of course.
Heat LeBron back in Cleveland for the first time. I thought Dan Gilbert would explode
Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert accuses government of shakedown in mort..
One day pretty much captures 2016 for Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam
Still wearing eyeglass or sunglasses from last spring? Update your look and celebrate the season by coming in to...
What a joy is Wonderful to watch these experts who obviously love what they do 😍
Watching the Inspiring me to take something apart
A lawyer next to me on the train is using Comic Sans for his email. Didn't we all learn from Dan Gilbert?
Dan Gilbert is the reason I'm scared of Clowns
Dan Gilbert believes that, in our ardent, lifelong pursuit of happiness, most of us have the wrong map. In the...
A local politician said "We're going to make this town great again" last night while approving $140 mil in bonds for billionaire Dan Gilbert
Donations matched by Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Help my CLE Students!. .
The surprising science of happiness | Dan Gilbert via
Donations are being matched today by Dan Gilbert and the Cavs. .
See people crying about Dan Gilbert 88 million dollars in free money .
"...Most of the time is that we make our goals for the people we are when we set them, not for the people we’re going to be..." -Dan Gilbert
Great talk on by Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness
Human beings are works in progress who mistakenly think they’re finished. - Dan Gilbert
I'm talk Dan Gilbert into buying me a car...just have to get
wow that's terrible. I can't see Dan Gilbert being happy with the way his staff handled the situation!
‘Roseanne’ Reunion: John Goodman and Sara Gilbert Play Dan and Darlene for First Time in 20 Years
I liked a video The surprising science of happiness | Dan Gilbert
I don't see this ever happening unless Dan Gilbert spends his entire net worth
I added a video to a playlist The surprising science of happiness | Dan Gilbert
How is he left wide open Ya i would love it you only have Dan Gilbert to blame except dan gilbert.
Maybe Detroit as well. Tom Gores & Dan Gilbert are teaming up to hopefully get a team.
I get what its supposed to do but how much cash is dan gilbert going to make off this city before we get *anything* in return
GET A JOB people have way too much free time and Dan Gilbert has already paid more than what Haslam has
Michigan OKs $15 million in loans for businessman Dan Gilbert's Brush Park project.
Dan Gilbert is your owner, biggest *** in sports
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is trash, and second to Dan Gilbert is my least favorite thing about Clevo. But Donna Summer rules your ***
Cleveland coalition to bring Quicken Loans Arena, Dan Gilbert fight to Detroit
Charles Oakley is watching the Knicks in Cleveland sitting with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert
Charles Oakley is sitting next to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert for Cleveland's game against the Knicks tonight
Charles Oakley sitting with Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert at the Knicks vs. Cavaliers game 👀
Michelle Roberts seems like a great person. Glad to hear her call out ridiculous Dan Gilbert saying he lost money on the Cavs last year.
Dan Gilbert's Rock Ventures submits offer to Wayne County for preferred MLS stadium site in Detroit.
BREAKING: Dan Gilbert bid for Wayne County jail site on Gratiot Ave & offers to develop new criminal justice center on E. Forest -story soon
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Gilbert, Gores to submit jail site proposal - Chad Livengood - Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores plan to submit a propo...
Dan Gilbert, Tom Gores to submit jail site proposal, and will file MLS expansion application by Tuesday deadline
My biggest fear was Dan Gilbert buying the new 2nd biggest fear is Tom Gores buying the Tigers..
Wayne County to issue RFP Feb. 10 for jail project on site Tom Gores-Dan Gilbert want for MLS stadium
Dan Gilbert, j.Nelson, jj barreas, udrih, cj Watson, raul Neto, Sergio Rodriquez, and huetas are some of pg u can trade for
the NBA list of Trump *** is exactly who you'd expect. Dan Gilbert. Mike Fratello. Rick Barry. Spencer Hawes
rondo, wade, butler, Chris brown, Soulja boy, Lebron, Dan Gilbert, tom Brady and Rodger godell should all enter the royal rumble this Sunday
it's management, what has Dan Gilbert done to provide for the team? Signing Chris Anderson👎🏼 James Jones 👎🏼 they're team old as dirt
I don't care about Tom Brady's politics when he's on the field. nor do I care about Dan Gilbert's politics. that ain't my business.
Quicken Loans, the New Mortgage Machine - and led by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert
Several sources close to the Cavaliers say Lebron James stormed into Dan Gilbert's office and demanded he trade for Kyle…
Dan Gilbert-owned company enters joint venture with Penske Media for Robb Report
Italian bistro, Dan Gilbert in fight over rent -- again
Adam Silver gonna sue Dan Gilbert & the Cavs for resting star players on road games
Dan Gilbert hints at new downtown Detroit tenants, including Snapchat possibility
Dear Lord,. Please let the rumor that Dan Gilbert is negotiating with Jimmy Haslam to buy the Browns be true.please!!!
Jimmy Haslam selling the team to Dan Gilbert.
How did LeBron accept Dan Gilbert's apology when he went back to Cleveland? . Maverick Carter ("Progress over Pri…
If you think Dan Gilbert has any control over where Lebron James goes, you’re dreaming.
At today's owners Dan Gilbert and Stephen Ross say they're still pursuing teams. On https:/…
Interesting story on Dan Gilbert's Detroit "micro lofts." $700 month for a "subsidized" unit, market rents still TBD
Dan Gilbert just said Cleveland is the greatest sports city in the world and kept a straight face
I'd argue it was a lumpen font until Dan Gilbert's runaway slave letter about Lebron James was written in Comic Sans
.and aren't the biggest Dan Gilbert fans...🤔
"That's a one-way relationship. LeBron does for Dan Gilbert.". - . WATCH:.
I am kind of in love with (Dan Gilbert) and (Eric Thomas) If only they did a seminar together 😍😍😍
Come on Dan Gilbert and David Griffin. Get this done.
Dan Gilbert spent $1 million to remind Cavaliers employees that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the finals…
Dan Gilbert's Jack Entertainment to renovate old Catholic school for casino headquarters:
Dan Gilbert will turn this vacant 1868-built school in into his casino's new HQ.
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y'all act like Dan Gilbert would trade LBJ!! Maybe for Russell Westbrook, Stephen Adams and a pick. Smh!!
J.R. Smith, "50 over 3.". David Griffin, "15 over 2.". Dan Gilbert. "15 and will petition the NBA for shirts & skins. https:…
Sick reaper done by Dan Gilbert at Aces High Tattoo Jupiter. We're open 12-7 today at 601 W Indiantown Rd...
I'll be blunt. Roger just benched Brady. Lebron tells Dan Gilbert when he's allowed to speak. NFL>NBA ratings, coincidence
What do Ben Franklin, Oprah Winfrey, Arthur Blank, and Dan Gilbert all have in common?
CONFIRMED: Dwyane Wade was on a private jet with LeBron and Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert today. [
DWade reportedly was on a plane w/ LeBron & Dan Gilbert last night. Today, he cancelled his meeting w/ the Bucks schedule…
Dwyane Wade is on a Private jet with Lebron and cavs owner Dan Gilbert
Dwyane Wade was reportedly on a private jet with Lebron James & Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. 👀
Wait, did Dwyane Wade jump on a private flight with Lebron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert earlier tonight?
DWade was reportedly on a private jet today with LeBron and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. (
Wow. Why are you writing off the Cavs just because of one trade??? Just wait... Dan Gilbert with have something to say.
That statement a healthy reminder that Dan Gilbert is an odious, disgusting POS and that he won a title nevertheless is gro…
Lebron should get whatever check Dan Gilbert gets
Lakers been cursed since Dan Gilbert cried to David Stern to block CP3 trade...
as I understand it, the Cavs and Dan Gilbert get to decide on whether he gets one. Personally, I'm torn.
It seems as if LeBron still doesn't like Dan Gilbert all that much
Yo Jerry Reinsdorf, contrary to popular belief basketball Players actually know basketball. You can learn a thing or 2 from Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert proves you can exploit people w/predatory loans, make terrible decisions, alienate the world's best player & sti…
Dan Gilbert instantly dodged that question 😂
I wonder if they'll make Dan Gilbert's championship ring in Comic Sans.
Remind me again why Dan Gilbert has any sort of unique track record or skillset extracting value out of complicated targets like a Yahoo.
It was Dan Gilbert along with Lebron James who complained to the NBA. It just show you how ppl can be when they are desperate. Smh
I need Lue fired and for Dan Gilbert to offer Phil Jackson a 10 mil contract to come out of retirement.
Dan Gilbert might have to seriously consider giving Richard Jefferson a max contract this summer
Need a Walsall, Burton and Barnsley fan, plz help me — Dan Gilbert, Josh_BAFC and Beth Wallace for Barnsley
What happens when Dan Gilbert walk into the same arena? has the answer
Maybe if Dan Gilbert treated the Cavs like Rachel Phelps treated the Indians in Major League they could win a championship.
When is Dan Gilbert gonna give Richard Jefferson the help he needs to deliver the Cavs a title?
Interesting column from Dan Gilbert could help bring PGA event to Detroit by 2018
Dan Gilbert is an innovator. Mike Brown. Rookie coach. David Blatt. Rookie Coach. Ty Lue. Rookie Coach. Apologize to me.
Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner, also has stake in the Jack Casino. IT WAS ALL A SET UP!
Say what you want about Dan Gilbert... He and David Griffin are geniuses with these mid season acquisitions.
Dan Gilbert? Snyder owns the Washington football team
Dan Gilbert is going to interview four FinTech entrepreneurs right here @ The Masonic Temple, Thursday @ 2PM.
Shoutout David Griffin and Dan Gilbert for picking up a 7' sniper just before the playoffs. Masterful work
Dan Gilbert, chairman and founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Inc., has unquestionably played an integral...
Is Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert partnering with Warren Buffett to b.. Related Articles:
Dan Gilbert buys more downtown buildings
I expect Dan Gilbert to hire Hacksaw Jim Duggan so he can clothesline a Raptor and chant 'USA!' in Game 2.
I enjoyed Dan Gilbert too. Cool he decided to be interviewed. And the former Browns players. Oh and Mo Williams lol
Warren Buffet (3rd richest man) + Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans are rumored to bid for Yahoo https:/…
Dan Gilbert saw life without Bron... He ain't goin back to that.. Son paying luxury taxes n all now
Dan Gilbert (has me blocked & I honestly have no idea why Maybe my association with the city of Miami? Who knows.
wow, thank you Mike! Adding in some of the production team. They'll be chuffed!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
You know it's Vasu's bday when Gary Apple, Dan Gilbert and others grace the screen...along with…
ICYMI: Detroit unveils plans and ownership group to secure an MLS expansion team -->
Begging Cavs owner Dan Gilbert to get a younger and better bench to win the title this year. 🏀🏆😱
Dan Gilbert buys more downtown Detroit buildings via
I just have to look past Dan Gilbert and I'm ok with it
Dan Gilbert & Cavs fans celebrating a championship.. it sickens me.
Maybe, like Chicago, we should dub downtown as Gilbertville?
he's right though. is the superstar, coach, and gm of the In time he'll be the Dan Gilbert. Ha
Would Dan Gilbert really allow that kind of press and money pass the Q by?
reminding Dan Gilbert about the letter he wrote to & how he still doesn't have a ring...😳
Dan Gilbert buys more downtown Detroit buildings
In other news Dan Gilbert purchased two more buildings downtown this week (His total is now: 75.
Dan Gilbert gets me. I have this in shirsey form.
Dan Gilbert buys up more of downtown
why the hate for Thompson? Its Dan Gilbert whos the *** for giving them what he demanded, cant blame for trying, i know i would
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
if Dan Gilbert (who has already done more than anyone else for Detroit) wants to bring a team here to create revenue let him
Man, some legit NBA coaching drama this summer. And it doesn't even appear the Cavs and Dan Gilbert are involved (yet?).
Put Dan Gilbert in charge of Tribe and we would immediately draw 20K per night and entire attitude of city towards team would change.
But it is the fans fault that we do not support this carnival act. Meanwhile, Dan Gilbert can draw 10K across the street to see Monsters.
Had to change because Dan Gilbert broke away from Ceasars and Horseshoe is their brand. Still owned by Gilbert though.
Haunting Queen of Wilis makeup by Dan Gilbert at the
JUST IN: Gilbert buys more downtown Detroit buildings
Harrison Barnes’ looming restricted free agency, Raps-Heat series again, Dan Gilbert happiness, still being 6 days away from lottery
Warriors already crowned Champs, Kawahi Leonard is more valuable than LeBron, Pat Riley is the new Dan Gilbert.
LMAO you the Dan Gilbert of the Valley! 😂
Dan Gilbert buys more downtown Detroit buildings.
remember Julia Keiren bet Dan Thaman does the sanctimonious ***
hate the Cavs bc Cleveland is a miserable city and Dan Gilbert is the biggest scumbag ever
Detroit taps billionaire Dan Gilbert, others for federal tax dollars to build new…
dan gilbert spent like 200 Ms on the cavaliers and he’s wearing a bathmat to the game
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
2 more buildings on Woodward for Bedrock via
Dan Tehan responds to Penny Wong re Panama Papers : "muckraking" "story 20 years old" "the story itself says the PM has done nothing wrong"
A common sense take from Jack Lessenberry on Detroit's Major League Soccer proposal:
Mike's Take was a joke today. Dan Gilbert's $$ Has nothing to do with Maybe a soccer arena would bring funds to pay for Dps
What did Dan Gilbert entities pay for all that downtown real estate? tells us:
Dan Gilbert Talks About The Cleveland Casino. We are just days away from ...
I already see it happening. Started when Dan gilbert bought half of downtown and they shut the water off to move people out.
Dan Gilbert part of group tapped for $267M development at historic Detroit site
I don't think one man will cause him to not come back, look at Dan Gilbert and LeBron lol
This is issue in Detroit. Dan Gilbert's company had "5th-highest number of mortgages that ended in foreclosure."
He doesn't run Ohio. Dan Gilbert owns Cavs and Casinos, therefore owns Kasich and the State. No Joke
Can you DM me any details on what to watch out for? (Also, Snyder and Dan Gilbert on our pitch list)
Putting a price tag on the downtown properties linked to Dan Gilbert.
You should also catch take on Dan Gilbert's "churlish public relations move" -
The new MLS stadium proposed by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and Pistons owner Tom Gores is expected to cost...
Appreciate all that Dan Gilbert has done for Detroit & SE MI, but this soccer proposal is heavy handed
ALERT: Dan Gilbert finalizes deal for Hudson's store site in & will buy garage for $15M htt…
JUST IN - Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert partnering to bring Major League Soccer team to Detroit
Sources tell ESPN that the Tom Gores/Dan Gilbert bid for an MLS team in Detroit includes plans for a new downtown soccer…
ESPN sources say Tom Gores/Dan Gilbert indeed teaming up on bid to bring MLS franchise to Detroit with the support of ML…
Dan Gilbert could totally be the rich white man Chris Tucker is suspicious of in a Rush Hour movie
Dan Gilbert, NBA legend David Robinson are among investors in sports analysis firm
I wanted Brad Stevens back in 2013, but no... Dan Gilbert's erratic *** went back to Mike Brown and then fired him after a year anyways.
Dan Gilbert says is home for 3,100 of his employees - up from 77 in 201 when moved downtown https…
Tom Izzo will get a call from LeBron and/or Dan Gilbert this summer. Does he answer?
I don't mind seeing Dan Gilbert suffer tho. I want all the bad karma to come to him and Mark Cuban after the cp3 veto
2 owners I'll always wanna see suffer is Dan Gilbert and Mark Cuban. After them 2 suckaducks vetoed the cp3 trade. Years ago for us
Report: Stephen A. Smith implies that Dan Gilbert is recreating the same environment for that he did in 09.
I'd love to know what Dan Gilbert's empire will look like in 10 years. Bedrock buys Tower City mall for $56.5M https:/…
Dan Gilbert's buys Avenue mall at Tower City Center in downtown from Forest City:
Dan Gilbert (company Bedrock Real Estate Services acquires the Avenue shopping center at Tower City from Forest City En…
Dan Gilbert bought Tower City, reports. I'm encouraged that he views it as an asset worth buying.
Irving, Love, and Smith are the problem Skip. Lebron is just, justifiably reacting. Dan Gilbert. SAS wins that set
Detroit’s strives to stay Greek yet diverse
I liked a video The Surprising Science of Happiness | Dan Gilbert | TED Talks
I liked a video Dan Gilbert: Why we make bad decisions
If I ever see dan gilbert I'm spitting in his face
my two best friends do! Owned by Dan Gilbert who employs like all of Detroit. It pays really well and is a lot of fun.
"the one constant in our life is change" from psychologist Dan Gilbert.
FM live to about terrorist attack and Fiji support
As downtown Detroit changes fast, how can its Greektown area remain … you know, Greek?
Dan Gilbert would scream and shout. With Lebron in Miami he'd pout. Worse than Dan Snyder. And also much wider. his championship run is in doubt
keep dreaming, if the sell them team. Dan Gilbert will buy them. And keep them in Detroit.
As big as the "Dan Gilbert's plane" story? How bout some details, Lull? Or is it going 2 b like the Kokinis mystery?
peak Dan Gilbert was when he blocked me for hitting him with the Isaiah pic
I'm just trying to be the female Dan Gilbert, ya feel me 😅
Businessman and WSU Alumni Dan Gilbert to speak March 30 at Wayne State University
it's funny because my little nephew was taking a picture with a stormtrooper. And you guys were in the pic
You believe Dan Gilbert foreclosed on 230,000 homes in Detroit? You believe this is because of trade with China?
Dan Gilbert firm to demolish fire-damaged building tomorrow to clear way for residential development
Now you look like Dan Gilbert's son
From saganaki to Starbucks: A look at how Detroit's is striving to stay Greek
Dan Gilbert exploring the connection between choice and happiness...
This past week I got to see the offices in Detroit and also how Dan Gilbert is…
Dan Gilbert: Why we make bad decisions .
"People want to become part of the story." - Dan Gilbert via
Papalis, and Astoria Bakery, WOW! Detroit’s Greektown is one of my favorite places via
Looking forward to the restoration of the iconic Book Tower!
I added a video to a playlist Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy?
Here he is!! The lucky Dan Gilbert, winner of our 'Refer a Friend' price draw with his brand new bike!
Dan Gilbert bought n paid for.. Only course in the D
isn't it too late to lower expectations, Dan Gilbert has already bought the parade float
Makes sense Wahlberg is doing golf event at DGC; working with Dan Gilbert on restaurant in Detroit. Wonder if there's Timberlake connection.
look up his username with the terms Cleveland, Dan Gilbert or Cavs. He's a troll.
Great TED by Dan Gilbert about how we synthesise happiness
Dan Gilbert did it with one Earl Smith.
Dan Cheatham has your chance to win tix to see Brantley Gilbert! To purchase the Country Megaticket click here ->
For $15M total for 30 games + playoffs of Channing Frye, no one better complain about Dan Gilbert ever.
but it's Dan Gilbert's money and we need him NOW!
Would be a pretty big hit in Dan Gilbert's pocketbook taking on Frye without sending anything out.
Dan Gilbert is my dad and he never listens to me but I'd try to get melo for love or cp3 for kyrie. Not both together tho
Tidal will be a complete flop and all things sneakers will be dominated by Dan Gilbert. I love business. It's like fighting with your brain.
Hey Daniel, you should contact our Technical Support team here: for help resolving this issue ^CD
Hi HTC! I have an update on my M8 saying downloading ( but it appears to be stuck at 0%, and ideas how to fix it please?
I would almost guarantee he opts out of his contract again so he can make more money from Dan Gilbert.
Dan Gilbert lol. That means lebron said no
Kleptomnesia: generating an idea that you believe is novel, but in fact was created by someone else. Dan Gilbert
I'm afraid the best we can say at this stage is early spring. We'll know more specifics closer to the time. Soz!
Check out this amazing TEDTalk:. Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self. Sent from the official TED a…
hello! I don't know exact dates but producer can help you out x
Dan Gilbert fought against it, but now has lebron love and Kyrie
Dan Gilbert writes dope letters to let you know how he really feels tho
Eric's basement would be filled with rage
Dan Gilbert, has a substantial amount of my Realestate in Detroit! He and Mike Itlitch, and Bill Ford Jr. are
I've learned to trust in whatever Dan Gilbert is doing. Any choice he makes with trading whoever and acquiring whoever I'm in.
nothing as bad as Dan Gilbert's letter. But Dwight has also gotten worse since his Orlando days
Hypothetically, obviously, if you were Dan Gilbert would you trade Bron for Steph and vice versa?
Dan & Gilbert thanks for your bad customer service on 2/13/16 thx to representative with integrity to assist me with my account 👋🏾
Dan Gilbert might be the worst human in the history of humaning
Dan Gilbert is a *** and he proved that when Bron left Clev in 2010
Dan Gilbert hit the nail on the head when he said thinks he should go to heaven but not have to die to get there
Ten years later: “The surprising science of happiness” with Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert gonna trade the state of Ohio, 21 first round draft picks and a casino for the Warriors starting 5.
Lol yall know both Dan Gilbert and Jimmy Haslam have like unlimited money..that's why Dan run his team like 2k My Team and..
One of the great TED talk of all time on "The surprising science of happiness" by Dan Gilbert
Since Dan Gilbert tryna get Melo on the Cavs, ima just drop this throwback quote on the TL real quick:
.did a great job reporting on mission.Read here:
God a Lakers' fan and David Stern the devil and Dan Gilbert, and Mark Cuban are his minions
Lue trying to sabotage the Heat under direction of Dan Gilbert.
Tyronn Lue & Hugh Jackson are walking dead black men in Cleveland. With nutball owners like Jimmy Haslam and Dan Gilbert.
Dan Gilbert has 100s of surveillance cameras in downtown Detroit, but his Franklin house is blocked on Google maps.
Dan Gilbert drinks himself to sleep every night knowing he gave Tristan Thompson $80mil
owner Dan Gilbert statement on making coaching change
I like the Cavaliers, I just cannot figure out what goes through Dan Gilbert's mind. He's like the Jerry Jones of the NBA
Boy, Dan Gilbert is batting 1000 when it comes to finding a head coach.. Mike Brown, Byron Scott, Mike Brown and a guy that lasts 18 months
*Dan Gilbert approaches the back of a large chair in a dark room. Chair spins to reveal Lebron James*. Gilbert: "It is don…
LeBron did to Dan Gilbert what used to do to Lorne Michaels.
Dan Gilbert traded its future to be good for a few years with Lebron. Now a year later looking to trade Tim Mozgoz
Don't even get me started on Dan Gilbert and the Cavs budget!! $82 Mil to a bum named Tristan Thompson and they resign Dellevadova?? WHY?!!!
Someone asked Dan Gilbert what's the key to getting an internship at Quicken Loans. His response "We're looking for people who are lit"
Dude just asked Dan Gilbert how to get an internship at Quicken Loans. Smh
Quicken Loans likes to hire people that are "lit" - Dan Gilbert
Dan Gilbert wants to own the Lions, Jeff Lesson says
Dan Gilbert, Brene Brown, and Ed Diener are right up with Oprah and Ellen on my list
dude also said LeBron wasn't coming back because there was still a beef with Dan Gilbert, dude is always wrong
File away 4 later. The Cavaliers should give the sun & moon & Dan Gilbert's money for Ben Simmons. Hear me LeBron? Important
When the Cavs played horribly, Dan Gilbert fired Chris Grant and sent a message to the team. They won 6 in a row after that.
Steelers Big Ben is still walking around with 2 hush RAPES - Dan Gilbert called Bron a coward and sellout.
Dan Gilbert on Cavs' luxury tax bill: “We're all-in”
Dan Gilbert of Quicken Loans put it well: "Numbers and money follow; they do not lead."
This year's team has owner Dan Gilbert feelin' some type of way.
Frank Vogel looks like Navy seaman who daydreams about lasagna night and his capt, Dan Gilbert, tells him to get back to work
LeBron: "I want you to sign Wilt Chamberlain.". Dan Gilbert: "But he's dead.". LeBron: "I'll leave Cleveland again.". Gi…
Brian Cleveland is lucky to have Dan Gilbert as an owner he wants a championship as bad as we do
How long and diamond bedazzled is the leash that King James keeps Dan Gilbert on? Ball gag included?
Now might be a good time for Rich Paul to remind Dan Gilbert that Tristan Thompson has never been injured.
. I'm more worried about Dan Gilbert being bad for the Cavs. His org is flipping a collective bird at LBJ
No single person controls as much of a major city than Dan Gilbert does of Detroit. He owns or manages 80 buildings in th…
Dan Gilbert kicks up heels for Detroit sneaker company - Detroit Free Press
explain to me Dan Gilbert's cheap self. He's a billionare but, can't give Thompson what seems like a fine to him
Dan Gilbert buys three more Detroit buildings, and more news:
The Book Tower in which Dan Gilbert and just bought. Story:
This beautiful building will be the jewel in the crown for Dan Gilbert and Detroit.
Gilbert: 65 rehabbed homes will boost Detroit values: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and businessman Dan Gilbert at...
How Detroit, Dan Gilbert $5M home rehab project will work: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said Wednesday that the D...
Website Builder 728x90
Dan Gilbert, Home Depot to rehab 65 Detroit homes: Mayor Mike Duggan says the home repairs will boost p...
and they brought back JR. Now they gotta make Tristan happy to stay in the Cavs organization. David Griffin and Dan Gilbert know what to do.
Is Tristan Thompson ever gon get a deal with Dan Gilbert? Didn't take me this long to get my 1st Academy Award.
Flying to Accra for just 48 hours in Africa, the lesser known Eddie Murphy mashup movie which combines Coming to America with the eponymous
Check out Professor Dan Gilbert's message on happiness.
In two weeks I'll have APA. That may taste awful.
People like Dan Gilbert, the Ford family, etc. they don't want their city to die. So they're taking on themselves to perform CPR.
Dan Gilbert came in the shop, and I talked to his team a bit. But nothing has moved on it.
if you like to watch people fall down, watch me falling in dan and Phil's app http:/…
Me and Dan gilbert has this handled. Go take your *** back to the gym lol
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