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Dan Etete

Dan Etete (born 25 January 1945) is a former Nigerian Minister of Petroleum.

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Pls let the truth be said, Dan Etete u don't know what actually happened in Zaria Shiites attacked of2015! No weapo…
Dan Etete is related to Ken Etete who is the uncle of Paebi Etete. Is your mind blown yet? Lol.
fam $1.7bn dollars is a new level of fraud unlocked..Dan Etete na him get the grand commander 419 squad worldwide. 🙌🏽
NIGERIA : Buhari seeks to shed light on part played by Dan Etete and ENI in OPL 245 deal
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The crowning glory here was OPL 245 and ENI/Shell’s [inadvertent] role in buying indirectly from money launderer Dan Etete for $1bn
It involves a former Petroleum minister, Dan Etete, who was convicted in France for money laundering.
28. However, in 2006, Obasanjo had mercy on Dan Etete and gave him back his oil block worth over $20 billion dollars.
SOMEBODY GIVES AN INSIGHT WHY THE JONATHAN-MUST-GO IS NOW FOR THEM A DO OR DIE.THE OIL BLOCKS DUE FOR REALLOCATION IN 2016. The report reads in part..."The bastardizing of Nigeria by the mindless, who hate the nation. Monumental injustice to a people: 20 Owners Of Richest Oil Blocks In Nigeria Without the people of Niger Delta on whose soil the oil was found. They constitutes the main opposition to President Goodluck Jonathan today. Read on: (1) This oil block business is so lucrative that Danjuma’s Sapetro divested of its investment in Akpo condensate for $1billion dollars. This business is second to none in Nigeria. That is why any attempt to investigate the activities in this sector will always be futile. The money is so much that they give bribes in millions of dollars. A birthday gift or child naming gift from an oil block owner to a government official could be as paltry as $2million dollars, and if the official’s father died, the condolence gift could reach mere $3 million dollars. When they w ...
In 2011 Goodluck Jonathan's government facilitated the transfer of payment of $1.1bn to a fake company set up by Dan Etete .
15) Let’s not forget the transfer of almost $1.1 billion to convicted felon and former petroleum minister, Dan Etete .../
Shell, Eni and Nigerian Corruption Malabu Oil Deal: prosecutors say that a senior official of Shell had a face-to-face meeting with Etete over expensive “lunch and lots of iced champagne”: Italian prosecutors said some of the $533 million slush money was used to buy private jets… By John Donovan The litigation involving former Nigerian oil minister, Dan Etete, who has already been convicted for money laundering in France, continues. Etete tried to hide his link with the now notorious company, Malabu Oil and Gas, which he registered using a fictitious director, Kweku Amafegha, and a fake address. According to a Reuters report, more than half of the $1.1 billion paid to Malabu Oil and Gas for the procurement of one of Nigeria’s richest oil fields, OPL 245 by Shell and Eni, was used to bribe Nigerian politicians and intermediaries who helped to secure the controversial deal. Despite overwhelming evidence showing that Shell and Eni were aware that the money would be paid to a person with a dubious bac ...
Not all stories are true, but you can't stop hearing, its good to always be informed, and try to confirm if a story is true, not castigating the person who brings news all the time.for he does so because he does not want any of his friends to fall victim to ignorance.this is what I just gathered.*Ajienka wants all the students in all the hostels to evacuate within 48 hours.*.this is the memo to that effect.**VACATION OF THE HOSTELS. In view of the currenct situation in the University and the extension of the holidays, ALL STUDENT'S are directed to vacate the hostels within 48 hours from 10am Thursday 12th to Friday 13th June, 2014. N.B: The affected hostels are Nelson Mandela block ABCD, Goodluck Jonathan, Dan Etete, King-Jaja block ABCD, Kwame Nkrumah (Medicals and Extension) Amino Kano block ABCD. The chief security officer's, Hall warden's and the supervisor's of the affected hostels are requested to ensure complaince. All keys should be dropped with the supervisor. Thank you, Prof. Henry Leopold Bed-G ...
the money he shared with dan etete. Pms n Ago subsidy scam
THE 155BILLION NAIRA PRESIDENTIAL SCAM: HOW JONATHAN’S ASSOCIATES, MINISTERS SHARED LARGESSE PREMIUM TIMES can reveal today that the N155billion secretly paid to convicted money launderer, Dan Etete, by the Federal Government, on the orders of President Goodluck Jonathan, was actually a slush fund, with a huge chunk of it ending in bank accounts of cronies and business associates of government officials and at least one individual with links to Mr. Jonathan. Our investigation also indicates that in order to cover up what is clearly one of the most elaborate corruption schemes in Nigeria’s history, the president tapped the junior minister in the finance ministry, Yerima Ngama, and Attorney General Mohammed Adoke to hurriedly transfer the funds to Mr. Etete on August 16, 2011, a day before the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, assumed office. Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala was not available Friday to comment on her knowledge of the transaction. Her spokesperson, Paul Nwabuikwu, said she was away in Zimbabwe ...
Of course, Stella Oduah is not alone. If we look at some of the more recent national heists that have taken place in the name of governance in the country, it is evident that the Nigerian state is a full-fledged criminal enterprise: The $180m Halliburton bribery scandal involving former heads of state; the N155bn ($1bn) Malabu Oil grand larceny allegedly masterminded by former oil minister, Dan Etete; Diezani Allison-Madueke’s Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) non-remittance of N450bn ($3bn) to the federation account because “the NNPC is not subjected to the consolidated fund of the Federal Government since it runs very capital intensive operations beyond what government can finance”; the Farouk Lawan/Femi Otedola $600,000 oil subsidy bribe-for-vote scandal; the planned arraignment by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of the sons of the Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, for allegedly laundering over N10bn ($67m); Sule Lamido’s own admission that he informed the ...
1) Malabu is owned by Dan Etete and Sani Abacha's son. It was registered around the 1990s
President Olusegun Obasanjo sought a bribe in a $1.1B Malabu Oil bloc, OPL 245, deal in 2001, the ongoing trial of Dan Etete has revealed.
New post: Obasanjo wanted his own share in Malabu $1.1bn scam - Dan Etete tells British court
Obasanjo was involved in an underground attempt to cut a slice of oil bloc OPL 245 in the Malabu Oil deal- Dan Etete told British Court
Just got real education on the controversial Malabu OPL 245 Oil Block on the back page of today's ThisDay. Abacha & Dan Etete, una no try.
Do you think private Nigerians can contribute N87bn? Possibly we start with Dan Etete and friends who got N176bn from Malabu deal.
but u rather have them give people like Dan Etete and Lulu Briggs right?Oil blocks are disposable commodities unlike peoples lives
President Jonathan, Dan Etete, Mrs. Allison-Madueke and the dark deal on OPL 245 After the world has discovered the true size of the 9 billion Oil block and the dealings in regard to the owners and Shell Agip bid for the oil block, Malabu Oil and Gas Ltd (a Dan Etete company) in 2005 enlisted the services of Dele Adesina & Co to help represent Malabu Oil and Gas in its case against the Government when the Government revoked the Malabu Oil license OPL 245. “Malabu again has, through back room deals, agreed to pay President Goodluck Jonathan $50 million USD for support.” This decision was taken because Dele Adesina & Co, had worked and represented the Federal Government in the past and Mr. Adesina was very close to the then Attorney General of the Federation Bayo Ojo, Obasanjo and Edmund Daukoru. Although legally, Malabu was in the right but just to make sure it secured the out of court settlement between it and the Nigerian Government; Malabu signed an agreement with Dele Adesina & Co. for services of ...
How Ex-Nigerian Petroleum Minister, Dan Etete, Laundered Millions Of Dollars Former Minister of Petroleum Dan Etete laundered hundreds of millions of dollars he extorted from oil companies in a complex web that took investigators years to untangle. Saharareporters has obtained documents that reveal in painstaking detail how Mr. Etete and his main accomplice, Richard Granier-Deferre, executed a series of financial maneuvers that netted them hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Etete began his extensive criminal enterprise shortly after the now deceased military dictator, General Sani Abacha, appointed him Minister of Petroleum on March 20, 1995. His activities as minister came into focus when President Olusegun Obasanjo assumed office and filed a complaint with international financial review agencies asking for help in tracing over $386 million that disappeared from the Central Bank of Nigeria from 1994 to 1998. The complaint also noted that another $800 million dollars was missing, with members of the Aba ...
Fact no 1:OPL245 has a proven reserve of more than 9 billion barrels of oil enough to keep all of Africa supplied for 7 donkey years. OPL 245 was awarded to Malabu Oil and Gas in 1998 a company that was not more than 3 days old before the licence was awarded without employers, under the government of Late Gen Sani Abachi with Dan Etete as minister of petroleum resources for the paltry sum 20 million dollars where as Malabu was able to pay 2 milliion dollars, only. OPL245 was revoked from Malabu when Gen Abdusalami assumed the reins of powers in 1998 and reawarded to shell and its partners for the sum of 210 million dollars. Malabu then sued the Federal Government demanding that the block be returned to them ,a deja vu of TY Danjuma's South Petroleum tussle with the government of Gen Olusegun Obasanjo when the duo fell out with each other. Malabu's suit was granted and all; claims and privileges to OPL245 was returned to malabu. After many years of legal wrangling the block was returned to Shell on the co ...
In a desperate attempt to muddle-up facts, convicted felon, Dan Etete, has told a British High Court that he is not the owner of Malabu Oil and Gas and thus not the recipient of the whole $1.1 billion (N173 billion) fraudulently transferred to Malabu by the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The money was paid by oil giants, Shell and Eni, through the Federal Government, to Malabu. Mr. Etete, a former minister of petroleum, told the court, in a testimony he gave on a breach of contract suit brought against him over the sale of the controversial oil block OPL 245, that he only made N37.5 billion ($250 million) working as a consultant for Malabu, the Economist is reporting. PREMIUM TIMES had reported how Mr. Etete is the sole signatory into the bank accounts that the Federal Government paid about $800 million (N126 billion) of the oil bloc sale into. However, Mr. Etete, who was convicted for money laundering in France in 2007, immediately contradicted himself in the same testimony when he admitted to being t ...
Nigeria economy is in danger says our Finance Minister,Iweala Okonjo. That is why you are the Finance Minister, fix it! But you must fix Mr Corruption first as exemplified by all the gaping holes the billions of dollars we earn are repatriated abroad by both local and expatriate rogues. Do we really have an economy that can be monitored? Demand(lootings) is higher than Supply(Crude oil earnings). Now that confusion has engulfed the peedeepee,more money will be needed to pour oil on troubled waters! Your qualifications and experience at the World Bank can sadly NOT be of assistance where gluttons and treacherous politicians are.Great Ogboru referred to them as 'dangerous specie'. They can start by copying the politicians in Kenya who have decided to cut their take home pay.Sadly again,we only learn the bad things! Consider that Dan Etete, a former Oil Minister made ONLY N39 Billion from a deal as a consultant re Malabugate and you begin to wonder our perchant for dishonesty.Since the resource owners are no ...
New Post: I only got N39 billion from Malabu Oil deal – Ex-minister, Dan Etete tells court (Report) 39 W-H-A-T? Only you?!
Check out "MALABU SCAM: I Only Got N39 Billion - Dan Etete" on 9jacommunity:
Convicted Felon, Dan Etete confesses:How I created fictional character to corner one of Nigeria's richest oil blocks
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I only got N39 billion from fraudulent Malabu deal- dan Etete tells British court
Dan Etete has told a British Court that he only received N39 billion from the Malabu deal.
Dan Etete, Shell, ENI in Malabu palava. June 15 Shame! We must insist on good leaders. Its d only way things'll change
? Malibu Oil owned by Chief Dan Etete is now US$1.1bn richer. Simply unprecedented success!
Corruption and "Rule of thieves" Over the past few weeks I have written articles on Campaign Finance, Press Scrutiny of various bills before the legislative branch and various needed to reduce corruption. This week I want to address the various measures the West are employing to reduce corruption. As many of you are aware there were a number of events which took place this over the past 2 weeks, 1. Over $500 million dollars of Nigeria's STOLEN OIL went missing in the hands of government officials 2. former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Thursday, lost the sum of N60million ($401,931) to the United States Government following a court ruling. 3. Malibu Oil and Gas owned by Dan Etete (or his fronts) controls the majority share of OPL 245, considered one of the juiciest oil blocks in Nigeria which as we found out was acquired by fraudulent means at best. The West is finally coming around to the following life lesson, opportunity and prosperity cannot be realized without security. In a sp ...
Having said this Mr. President, one of my Director’s, Comrade. Timi Frank a true son of Bayelsa, Niger Deltan and indeed a Nigerian said “that Mrs. Deziani Madueke has brought shame, failure, total disappointment and disgrace to Bayelsans home and abroad, Niger Deltan’s and indeed Nigerians. Bayelsa, where she hails from and Nigerians at home and in diaspora are particularly shocked given to the numerous scandals to her name. After all we have also had several petroleum ministers from this region, e.g. Prof. Tam David West, Chief Don Etiebet, Chief Dan Etete and Chief Dr. Edmond Daukoru who made us proud whilst in office as against Mrs. Madueke who has brought this much disgrace while adding nothing of value to her homeland”.
Why has President Goodluck Jonathan kept silent on the Malabu Oil block scale scam in which the Federal Government transferred, with the President's approval, nearly N1.1b in proceeds from Shell and ENI to Malabu Oil & Gas Ltd, which is said to be owned by Dan Etete, the former oil minister convicted of money laundering in France in 2007?...
GEJ‘s ATROCITY ’ investigation of the deal, Mr. Jonathan allegedly authorized the illegal transfer of N155 billion to a former petroleum minister, Dan Etete, convicted of money laundering. The elaborate corruption scheme, also involving two government ministers, those for Justice and Finance (minister of state) – Mohammed Adoke and Yerima Ngama, triggered multiple disbursement of the money into several account held by figures linked to government officials©US State Dept;Premium Times
JONATHAN INVOLVE AND CAUGHT IN 155BILLION NAIR MONEY LAUNDRY!!! The People's Servants are enjoying. The People are suffering! “I am not surprise. I would have been surprised if the reverse was the case. You know I have always maintained that all Nigerian leaders are thieves. I doubt if it is possible for somebody who is not a thief to be president or governor in Nigeria under the present circumstances. So I am not surprised.” Alhaji Balarabe Musa, leader of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, said while reacting to the news that President Goodluck Jonathan was deeply involved in the latest case of corruption shaking the nation. Funny enough, the Presidency that is usually fast to respond to Muhammadu Buhari, has refused to explain the role played by Mr President and other to government officials in this GARGANTUAN fraud involving the government, Shell, ENI subsidiaries in Nigeria, a Nigerian oil firm and a former petroleum minister, Dan Etete. However, the civil society and opposition partie ...
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