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Dan Dierdorf

Daniel Lee Dan Dierdorf (born June 29, 1949) is a former American football player and current television sportscaster.

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Friends, We look forward to having our brother Mitch Teufel address us this week after his outstanding bulletin. We are also going to take this chance to say goodbye to our brother Dan Dierdorf who is moving to Walla Walla. To commemorate this time we have decided to have a full breakfast this Thursday. As such, we will charge $20 in order to try and balance the books. We look forward to our time together this coming Thursday! Steve Mitchell
Trading Brian Dawkins and UL Dan Dierdorf for some really good. Xbox 360 .
Miller is a proud graduate of the Dan Dierdorf School of Announcing
I think I'd rather hear Dan Dierdorf call a hockey game than the clowns
Is it just me or does Dan Dierdorf sound remarkably like Jesse Ventura?
Do Brian Engblom and Joe Micheletti know the rules of hockey? They just made Dan Dierdorf look like Mike Pereira
Dan Dierdorf is ending his brief broadcasting retirement to be radio analyst for Michigan football with Jim Brandstatter doi…
CBS has lost Dan Dierdorf this offseason.
Dan Dierdorf was alright as an announcer, but he had some annoying phrases
Shocked Brian Billick let go by Fox. Became networks 2nd Analyst. Even did playoff games. Expect CBS get in quickly w/ Dan Dierdorf retiring
Billick would do better on cbs with dan dierdorf and the other boring commentators
At last check, Dan Dierdorf announced his retirement from after the IND/NE AFC Divisional Playoff game. Not sure what they'll do.
Ray and Phil are the Howard Cosell and Dan Dierdorf of international football
your boy Dan Dierdorf at the UNM practice in STL on Thursday
Pretty good illustration of why I'll miss Dan Dierdorf.
Dan Dierdorf spelled it wrong at first...
Michael Irvin sp Chem is the last rookie legend i need for Dan dierdorf collection! I have a good trade offer! Rt!
Or teenage Dan Dierdorf getting pumped before his game with The Beatles' hard rock? (Also this only makes me idolize you more)
Can't get over how much Mike Gminski sounds like Dan Dierdorf
I have a VHS tape of a European boxing match with Dan Dierdorf and Alex Wallau on ABC commentary. You guys want?
Hey I know ur down. But to cheer u up, did u know that Dan Dierdorf used to call Blues games? Sending u a pic if I can
"The plaintiff calls, as a witness, Dan Dierdorf"
Len Elmore is the dan dierdorf of announcing. Just shut up
Wow! I just won this for free, Dan Dierdorf Card
Doug Gottlieb is the Dan Dierdorf of basketball
Lobo fan here in STL and there he is watching practice... DAN DIERDORF!
I almost want to use a Dan Dierdorf line for a game like this ... 'Overtime.'
I see your Phil Simms and raise you Dan Dierdorf
Dan Dierdorf, the Football Player, was born today |
Stuck in storage in the CBS basement, along with Dan Dierdorf.
Ty don't hoop. He like Dan Dierdorf. He just talk a good game.
Dan Dierdorf thinks USA should have just taken a safety instead of letting that goal in.
Wolff is in Communism of the broadcast; Gumbel and analyst Dan Dierdorf are its voices and faces, but their work
Bill Walton is up there with Dan Dierdorf for worst commentators
Anyone want a Dan dierdorf cheapest is 88k
Just deleted my collected Dan Dierdorf because I don't need 4 tackles. :(
. That statement had enough built in double-negatives to make Dan Dierdorf proud.
Doris Burke is to College Basketball what Dan Dierdorf is to NFL Football --- both horrible announcers.
"I'm not so sure Richie Incognito isn't completely incapable of not acting like a psychopath." --Dan Dierdorf definitely said this today.
it would be like Dan Dierdorf asking Eli Manning what went wrong against the Seahawks. Racist or stupid.
3 clowns for sure. Thank God Dan Dierdorf doesn't do the Olys.
"Shaun White's a snowboarder and he's going to do what Shaun White does best and that's snowboarding." - Dan Dierdorf
Not sure if I'm gonna miss ol' one eyed Bob Costas or not! Or is that ol' no eyes Costas? Pretty gross. I want Dan Dierdorf.
I would have loved to have seen Dan Dierdorf (in his prime) match up against Ndamukong Suh at the line of scrimmage..
Great article I found about football that I wanted to share. Also I so so so miss football! Before we begin, let me just say that the following all falls straight down into the mop bucket. I'm aware of this, so let's just pretend that we live in a world with no war or famine or disease or angry warlords and we all hold hands and dance around in circles every day because everything is awesome and we all have PERSPECTIVE, because people who don't have proper perspective should be thrown into jail and tortured. Good? Good. I have three kids and one television. I have one television because we're trying to limit the amount of screen time the kiddies take in, a noble parenting endeavor that is, like pretty much every parenting endeavor, doomed to fail. As such, I can't always watch football whenever I would like. I know: The horror. I have a DVR, and that means I sometimes tape games and watch them after the kids have gone to bed. And if you've ever watched a sporting event on tape delay, you know that it has ...
I would pay to hear Dan Dierdorf commentate the Olympic cross-country "skiathlon". -SG
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Your silly baseball helmet can not contain Dan Dierdorf
Dakich reminds me of Dan Dierdorf or *** is he talking about?! Too many hits upside the head eh Danny D?
I swear I just listened to Dan Dierdorf call a basketball game
If I've got correct goals, and if I keep pursuing them the best way I know how, everything falls into line. If I do the right thing right, I'm going to succeed. - Dan Dierdorf
The Dan Dierdorf of the EL over here
could be worse, you could get stuck with the epic *** duo of Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf of CBS
Is it just me or would I have preferred Bob Costas's voice box to go red and close? Or am I already having Dan Dierdorf/Tim McCarver flashbacks watching the overall coverage so far
Chiefs Videos- Fireworks light up Sochi - - Fireworks light up SochiCBSSports.comAndrew Luck threw for 241 yards and a touchdown and the Indianapolis Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs 23-7 on Sunday in a potential preview of an AFC wild-card playoff game. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf recap all the action. Izzo and Payne on victory ...and more »
Great Superbowl, I won $300 dollars on squares and an autographed UofM Mini Helmet by Dan Dierdorf and an autographed Green Bay Helmet by Desmond Howard!
The seahawks. Vs the Denver mannings ?all your eggs in one basket, stupid is as stupid does, going to the well one to many times. good bye to Dan dierdorf thank god! mr. Knowitall good bye!
Could we bring back Dan Dierdorf so he could drop one more, "This is a mega-rout!" on us for old times sake?
This Joe Buck guy sounds a little like Dan Dierdorf. Not sure I like him.
Dan Dierdorf may be getting ready to sing...
Now that Dan Dierdorf has retired Joe Buck is my least favorite announcer.
This player won the MVP, despite his team losing the game. A. Dan Ross B. Dan Dierdorf C. Chuck Howley D. Jim Plunkett
Can we give Marshawn Lynch the Dan Dierdorf award for most negatives in a sentence? He told Deion Sanders, “I ain’t never seen no talking winning nothing!” That quadruple negative has Dierdorf wanting to broadcast another season or two.
Great interview one on one Dan Dierdorf with Brian Gumbel on CBS Sports at 530
Just saw Dan Dierdorf being interviewed by Greg Gumbel about his retirement. What a great pair of men. Gumbel sent Dierdorf a giant rocking chair as a retirement gift. Perfect.
Dan Dierdorf reflects on his remarkable football career, which spanned 43 years, at 6:30 PM ET on One2One
TONIGHT at 6:30 PM ET on CBS Sports Network, ONE2ONE is back! Greg Gumbel will be interviewing his NFL on CBS broadcast partner, the now-retired Dan Dierdorf.
Tonight on the CBS Sports Network, retiring NFL analyst Dan Dierdorf talks with his broadcast partner of the last six seasons, Greg Gumbel on his long career both as a player and a broadcaster. One2One airs tonight at 6:30 ET on CBS Sports Network. Dierdorf reflects on his broadcast career that has
Dan Dierdorf working his final regular season game for Gift from Steve Ross, Jeff Ireland & htt…
Trindon Holliday is one of the fastest football players I've seen, great at returning punts and kicks and he could be the X factor or difference maker in the Special Teams Play on Superbowl Sunday. This could prove to be a pivotal key, especially if the game is a stalemate at the beginning. HOF Broadcaster Dan Dierdorf has also said great things about him as a returner as well.
I just found out Russell Johnson, The professor passed. If I could send 7 annoying celebrities to a deserted Island, and they were never to be heard from again, this would be my list. Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, her mother(her name slips me at the moment), Miley Cyrus, Dan Dierdorf, Kate Gosselin, and Rosie O'Donell.not a professor in the lot of them. .Who are your 7?
Purdue's Key to winning 2nd half? BTN's Seth Davis says find a way to get Ronnie and Terone Johnson to the free throw line. Do they even look at career FT percentages? That statement makes Dan Dierdorf look like commentator of the year.
Somebody tell me what Fox Sports Network big-wig do Aikman and Buck have photos of? Their sucktitude is unprecedented, and the,only thing missing is Dan Dierdorf.
Now that Dan Dierdorf has moved on Troy Aikman takes over the crown of Worst Football Announcer.
Ugh. I think I would rather listen to Dan Dierdorf and Dennis Miller than have to suffer through Joe Buck.
Good bye Patriots, now you can spend more time visiting Hernandez in prison, Gronkowski can dance shirtless with other dudes, and Bob Kraft can try to get his Super Bowl ring back from Putin, but don't feel too bad I am sure Dan Dierdorf and John Gruden will meet you guys at the airport with hot chocolate, one last request , Brady move out of N.Y. Go to L.A. Where you belong you California pretty boy.
The Most Annoying thing in the nfl? (Aside from Dan Dierdorf) Coming back from a commercial, kickoff, going to another set of commercials. DUMB
Hey Dan Dierdorf! These aren't your daddy's Denver Broncos. Dur dur. I only wish Indy would of had a decent defense all those years with manning. Oh well here's to the next gen.
When is Phil Simms going to profess his love to Tom Brady and the Patriots in general? He is so biased. It's like listening to Sonny Jergenson do play by play of a Redskins game. Are you watching the same game that everyone else is watching? Brady overthrows a receiver, Simms says "what a great throw-away". I don't know who loves Brady more, Simms or Dan Dierdorf.
Belichick's halftime adjustment is to place Dan Dierdorf in the announce booth. Unless he's referred to as "Tom," Brady has confidence issues.
Phil Simms is quickly becoming the second most annoying announcer in football. Where is Dan Dierdorf when ya need him?
I just lost what little respect i had for Phil Simms. He's moving into dan dierdorf territory.
The first Pats game without Dan Dierdorf in 100 years and I feel great about it.
I might be overly critical of NFL announcers but on his worst day Dan Dierdorf is simply marvelous when compared to anyone who is a commentator for figure skating. These people are a complete joke.
Ok, I've been out of it a couple if days with work and all.I saw the stories on Winslow and Geno.but what the *** did The Farrish do? Declare his undying love for Dan Dierdorf.or worse, Tom Brady? Seriously, what did he do? I missed it.
Typically by this day I would be getting excited for football, but this year it's different. I could really care less, the NFL has let things go too far. Where to start, the announcers. Dan Dierdorf, Troy Aikman and Phil Simms are the worst football guys on the planet. They share zero insight and just parrot what just happened. The ref's, they have been awful this year too, I realize there human and not infallible. The actual play of the game. I am so tired of receivers begging for pass interference when they don't make a catch. Or getting into people faces when they do. Or the *** who get up after getting a first down feel the need to get up and point there arm. It seems every play there’s always something else going on to make the game longer. They are like a dog looking for attention, "Hey look at me I can catch". I imagine this is what prison yard football looks like. I may catch some of the games or even all who knows, but if I miss them I would not be upset. Ok end of rant.
I would take Tim McCarver and Dan Dierdorf with Gruden on the side over Mike Milbury any day.
Dan Dierdorf retires from the booth...2 Hall of Fame careers. Best offensive line ever...Dierdorf, Conrad Dobler, Tom Banks, Bob Young, Rogger Finnie...add Jackie Smith to that line and no wonder Jim Hart was rarely sacked, along with the 1000 yard rushers behind them.
Can Jim Nance and Phil Simms retire with Dan Dierdorf too
to me CBS has THE WORST talent evaluators. Phil Simms, Dan Dierdorf, Verne Lundquist, and Clark Kellogg al…
I would give anything to have Dan Dierdorf drag Phil Simms into retirement with him. How can ex-players know so little…
Ok, Who is the worst NFL announcer: Phil Simms, Chris Collingsworth, or Dan Dierdorf? Careful it's a bit of a trick question.
Well, lets praise the name of God that we don't have to hear these voices: Dan Dierdorf, Larry Merchant, and Billy "Fudge" Packer. Next ones I want gone: Troy Aikman, Rodney Harrison, Jim Nantz, and any ex-boxer.
Dan Dierdorf was a Hall of Fame lineman with the St. Louis Cardinals and has been a longtime color analyst on various networks, including a 12-year stint on Monday Night Football. Saturday night's ...
No, Dan Dierdorf, the Patriots punter shouldn't have fallen on the ball
If Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf make out right now, I'm turning the channel.
Congrats to Dan Dierdorf and his amazing career. Greg Gumbel couldn't have done it better, first class finish. Made me cry a bit.
I agree with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf - the play where he got obliterated by a couple Colts is PROBABLY when the Pats…
Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf drinking game. Everytime they compliment Colts Andrew Luck, take a drink. You'll get alcohol po…
Tim McCarver is out of baseball, Dan Dierdorf is out of football, and Bill Brown still rules.
Dan Dierdorf got to work with Al Michaels, *** Enberg and Greg Gumbel. Pretty lucky guy, if you ask me.
Please get rid of Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf as soon as possible! They're literally the worst analysts in sports!
One of the things I remember from being young is watching football and the voices of the commentators. I am very sad to see Dan Dierdorf go. Now all that is left is Al Michael's and Greg Gumbel!
Dan Dierdorf & Greg Gumbel don't bore us with your sappy sentimentality & love for each other during a freaking football game. Do your job
Great moment there between Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel. Wish the game was closer. Congrats on the win. And great season
Thank you Dan Dierdorf...from Michigan great O-Lineman St Louis Cardinal great...Hall of Famer and analyst. I remember the funny times you and Frank Gifford use to have in the both with Al Michaels. Although Keith Jackson will always be my all time favorite announcer and when he stepped out of the booth I cried. But I'm gonna give you a "Whoooaaa Nelly" Keith Jackson style.
Here's Dan Dierdorf calling Greg Gumbel, his broadcast partner of six years, "Bill"
I was really into Greg Gumbel talking about Dan Dierdorf riding off into the sunset on a horse, specifically a clydesdale
My favorite Broadcasting duo is coming to an end. Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel were my favorite.
How about Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf get a room
Grew up watching Dan Dierdorf do Monday Night Football w/ Al Michaels and Frank Gifford. Happy Retirement.
According to Dan Dierdorf, Tom Brady reopened that bridge in New Jersey.
Wait! Tim McCarver AND Dan Dierdorf retire in the year? Winning!
Tim McCarver AND Dan Dierdorf both retire in the same sports year! The number of ridiculous and absurd commentary during games will hopefully decrease greatly next year!
All I want in life is to share a bond with someone as special as the one b/w Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel
Greg Gumbel: If there was a horse in a sunset, you'd be on it. Dan Dierdorf: Well it'd have to be a Clydesdale to carry me.
I think Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf are about to sing One Magic Moment
It would've been so awesome if Dan Dierdorf said "Sounds good" after Greg Gumbel's tribute to his life's work.
Dan Dierdorf was at his best with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford on MNF. I liked him with *** Enberg on CBS as well. Happy retirement.
I want Dan Dierdorf to pull a drunk Joe Namath and ask Greg Gumbel if he can kiss him
I gotta say I'm gonna miss Dan Dierdorf! I grew up watching him on Monday Night Football with Al Michaels & Frank Gifford!
Dan Dierdorf (aka "The Dorkster") and Tim McCarver retiring within 4 months of each other? It don't get any better than this.
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That was a pretty good Monday Night Football booth .. Dan Dierdorf,Al Michaels and Frank Gifford.
I would like to say thanks you very much to former NFL offensive lineman Dan Dierdorf for all your hard work as a color commentator for ABC when you did Monday Night Football and CBS working with *** Enberg and Greg Gumbel. Dan you were a great player and a broadcaster. Good luck to yourself and thanks again.
Gotta say some of my fondest MNF memories from my youth were with Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf, and Frank Gifford..happy retirement Dan!
I wish the game was closer so Greg Gumbel would have something else to talk about other than Dan Dierdorf. All this praise as a player and commentator and no one wants to mention his underrated mustache.
Used to love hearing Dan Dierdorf, Al Michaels and Frank Gifford on He's a big part of NFL broadcast history.
Dan Dierdorf, you had a *** of a run. A MNF voice of my generation with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford.
Thank you Dan Dierdorf for many excellent years of broadcasting. He was one of the voices on Monday Night Football along with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford when I first started watching football some 26 years ago.
Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf was the best MNF booth team.
Greg Gumbel is being nauseatingly effusive towards Dan Dierdorf
Much like Tim McCarver, Dan Dierdorf was a really good TV analyst in the 1980s and 1990s. . Makes me appreciate a guy like Hubie Brown.
Dan Dierdorf has diarrhea of the mouth!
Tim McCarver...Gone; Chris Wheeler...Gone; Dan Dierdorf...Gone. My future sports viewing has gotten so much more enjoyable in the past few months.
Dan Dierdorf is a hall of fame jerkoff...just ask Ryan Somers
Why do Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel have to be sooo terrible
Dan Dierdorf has reached Tim McCarver-esque status. And I don't think that Big Vince is still 325. He's my favorite, but I think he may have eaten Danny Woodhead.
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thought no Phil Simms would've a good thing, but holy crap - I'm very glad Dan Dierdorf is retiring. He's like Jimmy *** - finds one thing to say and them says it over and over using slightly different words.
Clearly, Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel don't play fantasy football. The season's over.
Dan Dierdorf was commentator for 1992 Sugar Bowl, working with Al Michaels and Frank Gifford. Rick Mirer and Jerome Bettis rallied Notre Dame and Lou Holtz to upset of Florida and Steve Spurrier.
If you are ever with me and we cross paths with Greg Gumbel and/or Dan Dierdorf remind me to punch them in the throat 󾌪
Look for Dan Dierdorf to go into business with Tim McCarver after retirement. They are two of a kind.
This Tom Brady guy is pretty good. I like Chuck Pagano. I detest the arrogance of Bill Belichek I like Robert Kraft. I cannot stand the arrogance of Jim Irsay (or his late father, Robert). I like both Brady and Luck. I'm pretty conflicted about this game. I will say Boston has been awfully spoiled in sports over the last dozen years or so. Luck v Manning would be epic next week. But there would be plenty of story with a Welker/Patriots - Brady/Manning matchup too. I'm just hoping for another exciting finish like Hawks/Saints earlier. I guess I really don't have a dog in this hunt. I never thought I'd say this... I think I'm going to actually miss Dan Dierdorf after he retires after this year. Its sad, to me, that this is his last game. I remember in college, freshman year, when he was the voice of Monday Nite Football, we had a game where we would have to drink a shot of beer everytime he said something dumb. Tuesday morning classes were no fun. I'm not saying he's gotten much better, or go ...
Greg Gumbel will handle play-by-play duties with Dan Dierdorf providing color. Dan is adding plenty f color tonight with his goofy sayings.
Dan Dierdorf needs to retire immediately.
Watching football. Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf are a great announcing duo! Wish they would do more games together.
I just had a nightmarish thought. What if Dan Dierdorf and Brent Musburger called a game together?
NFL video game announcers say less cliches than Dan Dierdorf has so far in the 2nd half
I'm watching the playoffs and laughing every time I see Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf, remembering my flight out of Baltimore to St. Louis with them, and Dierdorf tried to score some painkillers off a soldier who had had knee surgery. Very surreal experience!
I've got five bucks that say Dan Dierdorf wants to kiss Suzy Kolber.
Seriously CBS, the best you have is Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel ? I'm sure Erin Andrews is wondering the same thing. Stuck with a bunch of has-beens.
Dan Dierdorf is ready for retirement.
Congratulations to Greg Gumbel on announcing his final game of the NFL regular season and happy retirement to Dan Dierdorf!
Man, this is the first time all season I have watched a game with Dan Dierdorf as the commentator. So glad it's his last game. What a pain, talking over Greg Gumbel, shoot, talking all the time. Shut up, Dan!
It's time to put Dan Dierdorf out to pasture. Maybe he can swing by & pick up Brent Musburger on the way.
Want to witness someone putting too much sugar in a bowl of cereal or a cup of coffee? Listen to Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf gush all over Belichick and Brady. Guys, we know they're good. But someone needs to let you in on a little secret. The two haven't won a Super Bowl in 9 years!
Dan Dierdorf is making me miss Tim McCarver
Dan Dierdorf must have studied at the Phil Simms School of Commentary
I know some people don't like Dan Dierdorf, but some of my fondest memories are of me and Dad watching MNF with Dan, Al Michaels and Frank Gifford. I'm sorry to see him go.
I like Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf as announcers but I would take a safety over a touchdown any day of the week.
Going from for 1st game to Dan Dierdorf for IND/NE is like dating Heather Thomas...then Helen Thomas...
Dan Dierdorf is legit the Tim McCarver of football
One of the best football X players Tv game callers retiring , Dan Dierdorf .
Dierdorf apparently doesn't know what a near miss looks like on a punt. One more step? That's a lot Dan.
I'm gonna miss Dan Dierdorf's commentary - still remember the best trio in MNF history with him, Michaels, and Gifford.
Really Dan Dierdorf? That's what a sack is? Wow, I never would have known. Thank you so much for informing.
Dan Dierdorf, a great player, a great guy and a great analyst. Just a class act all around. Good luck in retirement.
Some don't like Dan Dierdorf but I'll miss him when he hangs it up after tonight. Gives you a good, solid broadcast. I like him.
Dan Dierdorf looks kinda like a muppet.
Is this really Dan Dierdorf's last game as a broadcaster? As in, did someone make him pinky swear?
For Dan Dierdorf's last game, I have decided to mute the TV and listen to the radio play by play.
I'd rather jam ice picks in my ears than listen to Dan Dierdorf announce another football game again.
Dan Dierdorf is the Joe Buck of football. So painful
Does Dan Dierdorf know he's a *** ? I know Paul Haley prolly has an answer for me...please enlighten!!
Best part about Indy-New England game is the last time I have to listen to Dan Dierdorf
Dan Dierdorf sounds like Cris Collinsworth..the Colts are great they suck, their great they suck, I love Tom Brady, Colts suck...geez.stop talking!
Appreciate Dan Dierdorf's contribution to NFL, but listening to him literally makes my ears bleed.
I think dan dierdorf has a crush on andrew luck
“Gosh, Dan Dierdorf is annoying.”. Guess you won't be at his retirement party.
Dan Dierdorf has to be the worst broadcaster in the history broadcasting.
Why do you always troll me, Dan Dierdorf?
Boy, Dan Dierdorf really is pretty bad. Can't stand listening to this blowhard
Dan Dierdorf is the one who's super annoying. No wonder I hate watching the on Fox & NBC are 1000 times better.
Dan Dierdorf...not the best analyst/commentator.
Someone please tell Dan Dierdorf that Tom Brady is married so he can quite with his man crush and call the game. Geez you'd think the guy was the messiah. "And on the 8th day Tom Brady invented football"
Will somebody please shut up Dan Dierdorf!!
So sad this is Dan Dierdorf's last game. Master of empty blather. If he wanted to go at halftime I'd be OK with that too.
Dan Dierdorf you are will not be missed...CBS should have fired you years ago
I feel like Dan Dierdorf influences big-play Touchdowns with his raised voice while the ball's in the air
For some strange reason, I'm going to miss Dan Dierdorf.
Hate Dan Dierdorf. Listening to blues instead of stupid announcers
Oh Dan Dierdorf I hear this is your last game 2 announce as u r retiring. Hope u enjoy it. 1 thing is certain. I will enjoy your retirement!
Standing ovation for Dan Dierdorf, who is retiring following the game.
On this night, I bring tidings of great joy! For verily I say unto you, "This is the last time ye shall be forced to endure Dan Dierdorf!"
Dan Dierdorf: "This is a potentially serious problem if this is serious."
What did ALL of us do wrong in life to deserve Dan Dierdorf analysing an NFL game of this magnitude??? Dan is my NFL Red Zone guy only
Standing ovation at Gillette for Dan Dierdorf when he is shown on the jumbotron. Calling his final game tonight
Dan Dierdorf is just dumb. Dude didn't get burned, he had perfect coverage. Luck throw A perfect ball and it was an awesome catch.
Dan Dierdorf can't retire fast enough. I heard CBS had to lay off the 4 guys who's job it is to dry off his microphone between plays!
Dan Dierdorf used the word "doggone" in his color commentary. I forgot that word existed. This is the best CBS could do for the playoffs?
I use to like Dan Dierdorf but he is beginning to sound like Chris Collinsworth and thats just not good!!
Hate to go all Dan Dierdorf on you, but that was the best riposte possible.
Listening to Dan Dierdorf, I realize I don't use the word "doggone" nearly enough.
I think this is Dan Dierdorf's last game as a football commentator
On scoreboard at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots put up a tribute to CBS TV analyst Dan Dierdorf during this commericial brea…
Is it pissing anyone else off how that *** Dan Dierdorf keeps saying Alfonzo Dennard's name!? UGH! He ***
This is Dan Dierdorf's final game. No matter the outcome, we're all winners tonight.
It sounds like Dan Dierdorf has never seen a strong QB before. HE GETS HIT AND MUSCLES THE BALL OUT. Settle down, Danny.
Dan Dierdorf has a MAJOR man crush on Tom Brady.
Just saw the “dirtiest player in the NFL” and alum, Conrad Dobler, wishing Dan Dierdorf happy retirement. Doble…
Wouldn't you like to hear Dan Dierdorf explain why the nails have to go in at a certain angle?
Dan Dierdorf: guffawing at his own jokes, right to the end.
Greg Gumball needs to share his stock of "Just For Men" with Dan Dierdorf...
Thanks for the memories Dan Dierdorf! You were awesome in Little House on the Prairie!
I'm getting sick of Dan Dierdorf already.
Dan Dierdorf can't retire soon enough
Dan Dierdorf needs to retire from sportscasting, maybe as early as at halftime during this v game.
exactly. If Dan Dierdorf has said it's been said too much.
Dan dierdorf has a HUGE crush on Andrew luck
Dan Dierdorf is terrible. 2 minutes ago he was saying Luck doesn't have a chance and the patriots defense is too good.
Dan Dierdorf is a moron. Colts down 14 with 52 minutes left and he was acting like this game was over. Thank the Lord this is his last game.
if you see or hear Dan Dierdorf and immediately think "Dan BEER-dorf"
this Dan Dierdorf's final broadcast. Gonna be a wild send off
It's a good thing Dan Dierdorf is retiring. He's awful at his job. Get Jim Nantz out there
Dan dierdorf is trying to jinx this game away for the pats
Dierdorf talking about pats D like it's the 85 bears. Dan, it's been awful for 8 years
Dan Dierdorf is calling this game like it's his last for CBS and doesn't care if people change the station.
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Definitely not going to miss Dan Dierdorf...
Kudos, as he would say, to Man Dan Dierdorf on his final broadcast. Go Blue!
Dan Dierdorf, you're as bad as Collinsworth, please somebody give him the tennis ball & duct tape treatment? Just to put a smile on my face tonight.
The biggest thing I'll miss about Dan Dierdorf games is his use of the word "doggone"
I think Dan Dierdorf is the only announcer that says "doggone".
Oh good, Dan Dierdorf, master of the understatement :-/
I'm convinced that dan dierdorf is legally insane
People like to make fun, but Dan Dierdorf used to have a fastball and for several years was very good on Monday Night Football
I can't be the only person that's happy this is Dan Dierdorf's last game
I love when Dan Dierdorf says "you don't want to overstate this, but..." and then immediately starts overstating something. I will not miss him.
am I the only guy glad that Dan dierdorf is retiring? This guy sux and has for a long time.
Is it me or is Dan Dierdorf the worst.
NEXT on CBS: AFC Divisional Play begins as the Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots with Dan Dierdorf, Greg Gumbel and Allie LaForce to guide you through. Will Andrew Luck out-duel playoff-tested Tom Brady?
I'm enjoying listening to Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf announce this game, in what is probably Dierdorf's last game. He was a great player, & has been a very good announcer.
"Dan Dierdorf is calling the final game of his career tonight after 43 straight years in the NFL THANK GOD HE'S DONE!
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Last broadcast for Dan Dierdorf tonight. A Hall of Famer in the booth & on the field. Congrats on a great run!
I am so glad Dan Dierdorf is retiring from color commentating after this season.he blows.
Dan Dierdorf looks like one of those old guys in the balcony from the Muppets.
Kudos to Dan Dierdorf, retiring from broadcasting and a great career at Michigan, St. Louis Cardinals, H of F, MNF, CBS; always a class act.
Dan Dierdorf has a man crush on pretty boy Brady...just sayin
So glad that Dan Dierdorf is retiring. He is a Colts hater!!!
Hey Dan Dierdorf would you like for us to all turn the tv off so you can make love to New England my god get off there nuts.
I wish fox would hire Dan dierdorf so I wouldn't have to hear his mouth! ***
Wow Dan dierdorf an injured player could be a potential problem.
I don't think that Dan Dierdorf likes the Pats very much
Dan Dierdorf needs to shut his cake-hole.
I love to watch football. I hate to listen to Dan Dierdorf.
I am so happy that this is the last time I will have to hear Dan Dierdorf announce a game! Now if only Joe Buck could retire...
Dan Dierdorf, don't make me hate your last broadcast
Dan Dierdorf needs to shut his mouth.
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Dan Dierdorf... is broadcasting his last game at this moment. Although I have been a critic of him , you have to and I do respect him. Thank you sir.
How long will it take for Dan Dierdorf to mention Conrad Dobler?
Wow it only took dan dierdorf 7 minutes before he took a shot at the chiefs.
I'm really going to miss you dan dierdorf
Is Dan Dierdorf more senial than Sid Hartman? If not, it's close.
Dan Dierdorf's final game. Should have happened 10 years. Better late than never. Need Jim Nantz to go next. Awful at football and worse at college basketball. Stick to golf if you have to do something
So glad Dan Dierdorf is retiring, it can't come soon enough!
Here comes the Dan Dierdorf slobber lovefest on the Patriots! MUTE BUTTON !!
If Dan Dierdorf says, "Tom Brady", one more time I'm going to put my tv on mute...
Will Dan Dierdorf stop with the Tom Brady man love, please?
Someday, Dan Dierdorf will retire, and I will celebrate.
Dan Dierdorf can make a good game terrible
Is it just me or is Dan Dierdorf really sucking up to Brady...
Dan Dierdorf ball washer can't stand this dude may just turn the sound down.
Dan Dierdorf is going out like he worked his whole career. Biased and brown nosed
Dan Dierdorf is still my all time favorite announcer . Have missed him and those mitts for hands he has
Dear Dan Dierdorf, please do not ever say he's the quickest on his releases ever...ever again.
Congrats to Dan Dierdorf.He will be broadcasting his final NFL game. Started his football career in 1971. Played 13 seasons as a St. Louis Cardinal and retired in 1983. Started his pro football broadcasting career in 1985. Temron
Welp, if we won and were playing tonight in Bradyville, we'd all be listening and complaining incessantly about Dan Dierdorf. So, there's that positive.
Hey Gary and Vern!!! If you haven't been fired which you should have been... How about doing some off season training and listen to the Colts and Patriot's game. That's right Dan Dierdorf and Bryant Gumbel will be calling the game tonight. By the way Gary and Vern you Suck!!!...
Am I the only guy in the United States of America that's glad Dan Dierdorf is finally hanging it up?
Dan Dierdorf looks horrible I thought he retired last year my god I don't think I can watch and listen to him for the entire game
Dan Dierdorf is the color guy for the game? He's the Tim MacCarver of football, everyone is a little stupider each time he speaks.
There's nothing more excruciating then listening to a game called by Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf. (Kanye voice)
Dan Dierdorf, you suck. That is all.
Dan Dierdorf says maybe the Colts like playing from behind ( and he was serious) makes me wonder what would happen if i told my boys in practice to let our opponents score the first few goals and then we'll play catch up - great game plan. he says the craziest things.
This is Dan Dierdorf's last game. Angels are singing. He is football's Tim McCarver. No one will miss your idiotic commentary.
God I hope this is the last game i ever have to hear Dan Dierdorf on TV. He can't retire fast enough for me!
Dan Dierdorf is an exceptionally annoying commentator. Anyone else agree?
Dan Dierdorf announced retirement. To do what? Sit around, watch football, sound like an old geezer?
3 hours of a lisping, slobbering Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel. Mute please!
LaGarrette Blount is a big guy. Thank you, Dan Dierdorf. We'll miss your analytical skills.
The best part if this game is, it's the last one Dan Dierdorf will ever commentate. About *** time.
Dan Dierdorf starting to look like Don Corleone.
Congrats to Dan Dierdorf for 29 years of broadcasting. I CANNOT WAIT until this game is over so I NEVER have to hear you again.
Dan Dierdorf is retiring He was good I remember when he was with the St Louis Cardinals and Jim Hart,Eric Metcalf,Conrad Dobler they were really good And I enjoyed the broadcast he did when he left the game
I hate when dan dierdorf is the commentator.he be suckin brady off
Gonna miss Dan Dierdorf broadcasting games. One of the best of all time!!!
You know, with all the crap that I have to deal with and even MORE today, I need to have a most ANGRY diversion tonight to take out my frustrations, good timing Dan Dierdorf, I am going to have some fun,Fun, FUN w/you tonight during this Colts/Patriots game.
Would somebody tell Dan Dierdorf to shut up?
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