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Dan Dierdorf

Daniel Lee Dan Dierdorf (born June 29, 1949) is a former American football player and current television sportscaster.

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Dan fouts dierdorf on and on oh one more guy
Man Dan Fouts is horrible, getting close to my hatred level of Dan Dierdorf on the call 🙄
Sure, she was a bit homely but you get a few beers in Dan Dierdorf and it's game on.
Ross, what NFL broadcaster do you most admire? I see you as Dan Dierdorf with an edge.
...he was with ABC too during the early Tyson, Alex Wallau,…
*** I was triggered by Dan Dierdorf and he never even surrendered at Appomattox.
Careful, they could replace him with Dan Dierdorf
I'm saying right now, I don't doubt that you should fire Dan Dierdorf.
1973 Topps DAN DIERDORF, HOF, Rookie Card, RC, Cardinals, NM, Centered!! . - Bid on this now on eBay >…
Happy Birthday, Dan Dierdorf...We celebrate some of the legend's highlights:
Dan Dierdorf & Steve Hutchinson Talk Michigan football & the school's OL legacy at the Talk of Fame Network:
Baker! You're the best! I'm a far better choice for 72 than Ed "Too Tall" Jones or John Matuszak or Dan Dierdorf.
way to go Buffalo! When should I expect Randy Cross or Dan Dierdorf to start slamming the Bills?
It is Robinson. Jeff is going to try to put Dan Dierdorf's head on GROBS body. thats the experiment.
Congrats to Dan Dierdorf - his Hometown plaque was unveiled yesterday. .
My teammate and friend Dan Dierdorf with hometown Pro Football HOF recognition in Ann Arbor tonight...proud he's a Michig…
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It is our honor to recognize Dan Dierdorf at tonight's Pro Football HOF Ford Hometown Hall of Famer program. Congratula…
Blessed to attend Dan Dierdorf being honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame at Jack Roth Stadium Club.
To take a line from Dan Dierdorf yesterday, Manute Bol could not have caught that ball. PI? Really?
I recall Dan Dierdorf said substitute Blounts 4 TDs in nfl playoffs "making FFB owners happy"-kinda like that
Stink learned everything he knows from the Dan Dierdorf school of charm
I feel like this is payback for all those CBS Sundays with God awful Dan Dierdorf and the putrid Raiders.
Guys, guys... how could we forget Dan Dierdorf... oh.
Dan Dierdorf arrives with the O line, hoping to get some snaps today.
Dan Dierdorf is KILLING it w/ his radio analysis... UCF loading the box to deny run, Speight doing what he has to do. Still poor O-Line push
There was a radio reunion at color man Gary Parris and color man Dan Dierdorf were NFL teammates
U-M Radio's Dan Dierdorf says Jourdan Lewis won't play today. Jeremy Clark would start in his place. It's UCF - shouldn't make/break for U-M
One time teammates with the St. Louis Cardinals, our analyst Gary Parris & Hall of Famer- Dan Dierdorf, Mich analyst
I will not buy a product or service unless it is sold by Dan Dierdorf. I own a 26 year old Miller Lite and a long-expired case of Slim Fast.
Chris collinsworth has taken over as my most hated football play by play man. Dan Dierdorf is still a close 2nd.
wake up Lance. Boomer gives Bengals hater Dan Dierdorf a run for worst place. Smug snide comments, one after another.
Yesterday at the Police Foundation Lunch, Dan Dierdorf gave an excellent response when asked his thoughts on...
Chris Pronger, Ozzie Smith and Dan Dierdorf make proud. Giving their time and support to Police Foundation.
Dan Dierdorf was a great offensive guard for the old St. Louis Football Cardinals.
*** did Todd Rutledge go to Notre Dame??? I thought his *** went to Bama? His love for ND is only paralleled by Dan Dierdorf 4 Terell Suggs
I can't see Pat Summerall as Racist but I could see Dan Dierdorf cursing about the modern black players and tattoes
You go for it.All the stops are out.Caution to the wind,and youre battling with everything you have.That's the fun of the game.~Dan Dierdorf
Happy 🎉〽️ to the man, the myth, the legend Dan Dierdorf... Hope you enjoy it as much as this catch!
Happy 67th Birthday to legend Dan Dierdorf. He was a consensus All-America offensive tackle in 1970.
"I try to remove any thought my opponent might have had that was gonna be his day.” - Dan Dierdorf. Happy B-Day Dan! ht…
Happy 67th birthday to lineman Dan Dierdorf, who spent his NFL career (1971-83) with & was inducted into Pro Foot…
Happy Birthday, Dan Dierdorf! A hall of fame player, broadcaster and great guy that loves
Dan Dierdorf was great on Webster. He was even better as Father Murphy.
Amazing that Todd Worrell's and Dan Dierdorf's daughters are involved and this hasn't gotten more pub.
ok put a bagel on the plate suddenly Dan Dierdorf is talking about lunchpail hard hats punching the clock
Really cannot listen to g——n Dan Dierdorf after you get a mug of this….
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Uh oh wha-happend to Dan Dierdorf and the St Louis Cards ?
Is it just me or is Troy Aikman sounding more and more like Dan Dierdorf every game
. "I wish Dan Dierdorf was calling this game.". -No one ever
Annoying, yes, but not in the same class of broadcast irritants as the unlamented Dan Dierdorf.
Listening to Phil Sims almost make me want Dan Dierdorf.
Phil Simms makes me miss Dan Dierdorf. Not really... Actually yes...
AUDIO: Dan Dierdorf tells that based on 2015, proved there's nothing he can't do:
Dan Dierdorf on "He's got head coach written all over him. I wish he went somewhere else, but he's got success all over him."
Dan Dierdorf on "We were so happy when Jim convinced him to stay. Real aggressive play-caller. Kids respond to him."
Dan Dierdorf, the Michigan Wolverines Radio Network, joins now to talk Sirius 83
"BR Kickoff" with airs now! Guests include , Dan Dierdorf, Sirius 83
There are only 2 sportscasters in the entire world I dislike. Dan Dierdorf and Heather Dinich. God, why is she on my TV?
I miss Monday Night Football being on ABC with Al Michaels,Frank Gifford,and Dan Dierdorf
I wish Al Michaels,Dan Dierdorf,and Frank Gifford would do ONE more season of Monday Night Football
Bruce Jenner was romantically involved with Dan Dierdorf.
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Asked Canton's Dan Dierdorf if he'd trade HOF for Super Bowl win: "Not in a million years. There are backup punters with Super Bowl rings."
If its not Chris Berman or Dan Dierdorf I am good.
in the words of Dan Dierdorf a UM man stick a fork in him he is done.
no, no, no. Simms is the worst now that Dan Dierdorf retired
We're loaded again 2mrw as is joined by at 7:30, GM Doug Armstrong at 8:15, Dan Dierdorf at 8:45, Mike Martz at 9:15a
Jaws should retire like good ole Dan Dierdorf
Good to see Dan Dierdorf and the St. Louis Cardinals have made a come back
I am sure his HOF speech will sound just like Dan Dierdorf's.
Dan Dierdorf and many more I'm sure.
Just saying, I've never seen Don Brown and Dan Dierdorf in the same place at the same time.
am I the only one to think her looks an awfully a lot like Dan Dierdorf?
Mine as well have Dan Dierdorf there!! Maybe Bill Walton from the NBA, he cldnt do much!!
Hate the tag dirty player- Dan Dierdorf during a Monday night game he ripped Andre Waters as a dirty player was very unfair
CBS has to meet their quota of Dan Dierdorf or Phil Simms live-fapping to Brady's 4-yard checkdowns.
he might be. He's very difficult to listen to. Dan Dierdorf was awful though too.
I think they'll still release a Dan dierdorf or a ocho
invitation appropriate as Dan Dierdorf was/is an inspiration on and off the field. Great show guys!
Speaking of 'Football' guys doing Hockey. Many people forgot or don't know Dan Dierdorf did games.
I swear Rogan talks just to hear himself talk. He's the Dan Dierdorf of MMA.
That pic would be like Dan Dierdorf wearing a Rams jersey instead of a Cardinals!
Loved that team. Terry Metcalf, Mel Gray, Jim Hart, Conrad Dobler, Dan Dierdorf. Roger Wherli is the only from D.
Thankfully, I can listen to the Michigan radio broadcast. Jim Brandstatter and Dan Dierdorf are pretty good.
What do Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, Patrick Peterson, Pat Tillman and Dan Dierdorf have in common?
Look forward to seeing U at Coaches Show Wed nite so I can tell the compliment Dan Dierdorf paid him
came into the league the same year Dan Dierdorf did
After a few months of retirement, all of a sudden, Dan Dierdorf decided that he wanted it more again.
Dan Dierdorf looks like he wakes up at 4am in a panic because he forgot to make the donuts
Al Michaels is the business. Loved him calling plays with Dan Dierdorf.
Spent half time with Michigan radio crew Dan Dierdorf and Jim Brandstatter. Fun guys. Best part of…
Can we talk about the noise emitted by Dan Dierdorf during De'Veon Smith's TD run vs BYU? (12-second mark)
When Dan Dierdorf no longer commentates these Bengals-Ravens games
I'm not sure how I feel about CBS rolling out the B commentary team for the Raiders game, but at least I don't have to hear Dan Dierdorf.
He's gotta be better than Dan Dierdorf though.
Rise and Shout has to go to Dan Dierdorf. . He reminds me of
In the list tomorrow, you can't leave out Dan Dierdorf & flipping Jesse Palmer. Worst color guys ever!
"I don't know that the NFL will have the will to fight Stan Kroenke if he's *** bent on leaving." - Dan Dierdorf on
Aaron Taylor clearly is a disciple of Dan Dierdorf.
Who's the guy with Dan Dierdorf on Michigan radio? Man, he's terrible.
If it wasn't for Dan Dierdorf on the show today I'd probably be a mess...I'm going to trust the process and know we'll be ok
Michigan's best offensive lineman is not on the field..he's in the booth. Dan Dierdorf.
Yeah, but Dan Dierdorf is one of the top 20 worst people ever.
Dan Dierdorf effusive with his praise of Travis Wilson on Michigan radio
Dan Dierdorf needs to stop saying "deflate" and "let air out" in light of our Tommy's acquittal today!
Heard Dan Dierdorf on a show today. He came out of retirement to do radio colour last year.
I am so confused do I listen to Paul Vanwagoner and the Bay's or Jim Brandstatter ,Dan Dierdorf and the Wolverines
Love hearing Dan Dierdorf do color commentary on Michigan radio broadcasts
Dan Dierdorf Doug Karsch Will be muting the TV tonight and tuning in to your broadcast!
Show updated lineup: Dan Dierdorf moved from 9:30 to 10:30.
Catch the Show today at 9am! The lineup for today: 9:30-Dan Dierdorf (Pro Football Hall of Fame, Michigan Radio Analyst),...
I hope that Dan Dierdorf and Doug Karsch have a good season calling Michigan football, beginning with tonight's game at Utah.
Just spoke to Hall of Famer and Michigan Color Analyst Dan Dierdorf for tomorrow night's Pregame Show. Great chat!!
well the 9/4 one is probably gonna be a higher ovr player. Probably pat Pete or Dan dierdorf
I just meet Dan Dierdorf and Jim Branstetter in SLC. GO BLUE
I hope it's Pat Pete or Fitzgerald, but I think it might be Dan Dierdorf lol
was there ever a time when Dan Dierdorf wasn't awful
ICYMI Insightful & classy comments from Dan Dierdorf on about game
probably gonna be Dan Dierdorf tho 😓
Doug, did you borrow and wear Dan Dierdorf's Hall of Fame jacket for the Lions pregame show? Man, that thing was huge!
Yes Dan Dierdorf will be at the championship race
Dan Dierdorf is talking and right now with DJ&PK on 97.5/1280TheZone streaming
Michigan Radio Analyst Dan Dierdorf joins & NOW on The Zone to breakdown the &
Scheduled to have Hall of Famer Dan Dierdorf today on
Remember, the HOF committee skipped Mike Webster for Dan Dierdorf AFTER naming Webby greatest C of all time.
Dan Dierdorf, Pro Football HOF/Former MNF Analyst joins Mike and Mike to talk about Frank Gifford now. Stream it.
[ESPN Video] Remembering Frank Gifford: . Dan Dierdorf, who worked with Frank Gifford for 11 years, shares...
Dan Dierdorf has been sharing the radio booth for University of Michigan football. Should UofM have a great season, great guest
NOW: Dan Dierdorf joins the show. What was it like to work with Frank Gifford?
Dan Dierdorf spent 11 seasons in booth w/ Frank Gifford. He's coming up on ESPN Radio's
Listen to how Dan Dierdorf remembers the great Frank Gifford:
Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf & Frank Gifford were my MNF trio growing up. Gifford was a great player long before that too. Gone at 84.
"It was an honor & a privilege that I never took for granted working with Frank Gifford" Dan Dierdorf on The Opening Drive
Remembering Frank Gifford with his long time MNF PBP partner Dan Dierdorf right now
We look back on weekend and remember the life of Frank Gifford 7-10am ET & Guests include Dan Dierdorf 7:30a
I'm not so sure. I believe it was both Al Michaels & Dan Dierdorf.
This is Al Michaels, with Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf. Growing up in the 80's. Monday Night Football
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Sorry to hear of Frank Giffords passing...he Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf was best MNF booth
Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf.. Monday Night Football at its best
Frank Gifford, Dan Dierdorf and Al Michaels formed one the greatest Monday Night Football (broadcasting teams.
RIP Frank Gifford. He, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf were the voices of MNF through my childhood. They helped teach me this game I love.
Do you think Al Michaels or Dan Dierdorf was banging Kathie Lee on the side?
Dan Dierdorf 'still trying to deal' with death of longtime broadcast partner Frank Gifford
RIP Frank Gifford I remember many MNF of him Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf, those were good times.
Do U remember when it was Frank Gifford, Al Michaels and Dan dierdorf on Monday Night Football? Classic
That decade between '87 & '97 with Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf was some of the most magical for a boy growing up in TN.
Just talked to Dan Dierdorf about the death of Frank Gifford, his former Monday Night Football broadcast partner: "I wasn't expecting it."
Hall of fame player and a staple of a very good MNF crew with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf RIP
I remember seeing Frank on TV with Dan Dierdorf really getting into it with Kathie Lee's sidekick on ABC Network.
Always enjoyed it when Frank Gifford was on Monday Night Football, especially when he was teamed with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf.
his Monday Night Football broadcasting was amazing! Frank Gifford, al micheals, Dan dierdorf, the best
Frank Gifford's work on Monday Night Football w/Howard Cosell, Don Meredith, Al Michaels & Dan Dierdorf really helped make me an NFL fan.
Very sad to hear that Frank Gifford has passed. Great memories of Monday night games called by Frank, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf.
I grew up watching him Al Michaels and Dan dierdorf
I started watching when it was still on ABC with Frank, Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf. RIP.
Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf will always be Monday Night Football. RIP Frank Gifford.
RIP Frank Gifford. He was part of the best Monday Night Football crew, with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf.
Sad. I enjoyed listening to Frank when he did Monday Night Football with Dan Dierdorf and Al Michaels on ABC back...
As a kid. Monday Night Football with Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford was what comforted me. R.I.P Frank!
Mnf for me will always be al micheals dan dierdorf and Frank Gifford
sad. I wish Dean. Dan Dierdorf had died. That would've been a public service
Rest in Peace former MNF announcer Frank Gifford. He did many games with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf. He also...
All these Frank Gifford tributes make me think about how terrible Dan Dierdorf was
My 1st MNF memories were watching Al Michaels, Dan Dierdorf and Frank Gifford before learning he was a player. RIP.
Growing up, Monday Night Football was always Frank Gifford, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf. RIP Frank Gifford.
He, Al Michaels & Dan Dierdorf had the best Monday Night Football broadcast since I started watching. 🏉
Sad. I always liked him. . Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf too.
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RIP Frank.I'll always remember you with Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf on Monday Night Football
I don't remember much of the Meredith/Cosell era of MNF, So Frank Grifford, Dan Dierdorf & Al Michaels made me love MNF!
RIP Frank Gifford. I remember growing up listening to you, Al Michaels, and Dan Dierdorf on
RIP Frank.prayers to you and your family!!! The MNF crew I grew up with him, Al Michaels and Dan Dierdorf
Crew has changed frequently but the Monday Night Football I grew up on was Al Michaels, Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf. They were the best.
Frank Gifford/Al Michaels/Dan Dierdorf on 80s and 90s MNF was up there too
We can probably count John Madden, Dan Dierdorf and Matt Millen out too. Although Matt is probably interested.
I know that. This is what I was talking about. Also props to Dan Dierdorf
Somewhere Dan Dierdorf is at full mast
and, cant forget the ever so infamous Dan Dierdorf
David Diehl is a younger version of Dan Dierdorf and that's not a good thing.
haven't been this good since mid 70's - With Jim Hart, Dan Dierdorf, Jim Otis...and that was in St. Louis!
he has been awful all year. Biggest shock of the season is that Greg Gumbel AND I miss Dan Dierdorf!
Great to have Dan Dierdorf back in the box with me, it's the Brandy and Dandy show again!
I think I still have my Dan Dierdorf mask from that night, it's about the most 1988-ish thing imaginable.
Halloween stinks. 8 AM and no sign of any "Sexy Dan Dierdorf" costumes.
It's such a relief to know no game I put on will subject me to 3 hours of Dan Dierdorf. I take great comfort knowing that.
.says Dan Dierdorf will be back on the broadcast this week after missing last week recovering from a medical procedure.
Pretty Excited for Dan Dierdorf coming back into MUT!
I can't decide if the Redskins are ruining this game for me or if Jon Gruden is. It almost makes me miss Dan Dierdorf.
Take that, Philly! 6-1 Cardinals! Somewhere right now, Jim Hart, Terry Metcalf, Conrad Dobler, Dan Dierdorf and Jim Otis are smiling.
I dare say Dan Dierdorf is much worse.
LOVE how Dan Dierdorf says we're feeding off the crowd BEFORE Bart Scott delivers the pain. One of my fav games ever
Dan Dierdorf says he's like coach Gary Pinkel so much, he recommended Pinkel as head coaching candidate to Mich. AD 4 years ago.
ICYMI: Dan Dierdorf was great today on Candid. Dude is a pro.
Dan Dierdorf says Notre Dame Defense "good, but not great." They looked great to me last Saturday Dan!
Is it just me or does Jack Morris and Dan Dierdorf's voices amazingly similar?
*** Even Dan Dierdorf took them to task on the broadcast. He won't last. Can't be critical in the Brandon empire.
Is their your first year following this Fins? I mean media always downplay us. See: Dan Dierdorf
missed your interview with Dan Dierdorf, anywhere I can go to listen to it?
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All doubt about Dan Dierdorf being frank about Michigan Football is being erased now in an interview with
Sounds like a Michigan heavy show for on -- Dan Dierdorf going to be on with him at 12:30 - Curi…
Re-watching Pats-Dolphins. Trent Green talks a TON, but is about a million times better than Dan Dierdorf.
According to Cris Collinsworth, the Denver Broncos & the Seattle Seahawks are playing like Super Bowl repeat participants, unstoppable after one game. All other 30 squads should just call it a season & give it our best shot in '15. Yo Cris, shut your stinking pie hole this instant buddy ol pal! The most annoying broadcaster that I can remember, aside Chargers H8er Dan Dierdorf smdh lol
If there were an NFL announcer fantasy league, I'd still take Dan Dierdorf or Matt Millen over Cris Collinsworth.
And Dan Dierdorf's call of it was even more mind BOTTLING.
That moment you remember that Dan Dierdorf retired and you think that had something to do with the Win today. He was a jinx.
James Brown says "Grinkowski" just like Dan Dierdorf and yes everything is pissing me off right now
Maybe the Dan Dierdorf curse was always a Greg Gumbel curse.
How is it possible that CBS found someone worse than Dan Dierdorf? By hiring Trent Green
The only thing that could have made this game worse would be Dan Dierdorf
Too bad we don't have dan dierdorf with his analysis of the beard. I don't think Greg Gumbel has ever seen a beard before.
I miss dan dierdorf... Trent Green's voice makes my *** shrivel up inside of me
Whether your team wins or loses today, take comfort in knowing that Dan Dierdorf is no long calling NFL games.
The best part of this Patriots/Dolphins game is it's being called by Greg Gumbel WITHOUT Dan Dierdorf.
Dan Dierdorf, the worst ever period. I'll mute the game before I listen to him slobber.
Rough start for Trent Green. He's getting confused on players. So he's replacing Dan Dierdorf perfectly!
So glad I don't have to hear Dan Dierdorf anymore on Sundays 🙌
Trent Green is doing well but I miss Dan Dierdorf.
I think it was Dan Dierdorf on MNF who once said ”if that play had worked, it would have been good "
without Dan Dierdorf, the NFL is infinitely more listenable.
Find it interesting on the ring of honor thing they have here, it includes old Rams and old Cardinals -Jackie Slater and Dan Dierdorf, etc.
It's really incredible not having Dan Dierdorf muck up my Sunday afternoon
Don't forget one of the best things about this NFL season: No. More. Dan. Dierdorf!!!
at least Dan Dierdorf isnt doing the
I miss Dan Dierdorf ... said no one ever
Edelman the white mans Randy Moss there. Dan Dierdorf would have loved that
It is so refreshing to watch a Patriots-Dolphins game without Dan Dierdorf.
Dan Dierdorf is now doing play by play at a local Denny's.
Trent Green makes me actually miss Dan Dierdorf. And Matthew Mcconaughey just out-acted 98% of Hollywood in an f'ing Lincoln ad.
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Odd not hearing Dan Dierdorf's voice alongside Greg Gumbel. Trent Green is doing a good job tho.
Never thought I be wishing for Dan Dierdorf to be calling this game .
It feels kinda weird not hearing Dan Dierdorf calling a Patriots game on CBS
I'm so happy that Dan Dierdorf is no longer doing games.
Best thing about NFL Sundays this year? No Dan Dierdorf.
Thank the lord Dan Dierdorf retired. I don't have to listen to his *** comments anymore.
This sounds ridiculous, but I miss Dan Dierdorf. Like who is this new guy?
Dan Dierdorf is finally out of my life. He & Gumbel called way too many Pats games the last couple of years.
Season just started and I already don't miss Dan Dierdorf.
There's football but no Dan Dierdorf. Oh man, is life ever sweet.
So strange not hearing the incomprehensible verbiage of Dan Dierdorf when being subjected to watching a Pats game.
Its also a holiday for no more dan dierdorf!!
And Patriots fans everywhere slowly come to the realization that Dan Dierdorf is gone.
Just remembered that Dan Dierdorf is gone!
I forgot Dan Dierdorf retired I just got very excited about this featured in NBC s Science of Love
I just remembered that Dan Dierdorf retired. Just made my day.
Ughhh why did Dan Dierdorf have to leave.. 😣😣
The games haven't even started yet and I already miss Dan Dierdorf.
I just remembered that Dan Dierdorf is retired. Today just got even better.
Best part of this season: NO MORE DAN DIERDORF
So happy Dan Dierdorf retired from commentating last year.
Jenny Dell watch: she'll be doing the Steelers/Browns game today. Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf replacement, Trent Green on Patriots - Dolphins
Despite the outcome, it was great listening to Jim Brandstatter and pal Dan Dierdorf at the game!
Ditka is F-ing clueless. Time to go the way of Dan Dierdorf my man...
Turns out it was Dan Dierdorf. Such a disappointing game not the loss itself but being shutout 31-0
Interesting that Dan Dierdorf had a good feeling bout this game and that Michigan would pound the battered ND defense. *** ???
Friends, We look forward to having our brother Mitch Teufel address us this week after his outstanding bulletin. We are also going to take this chance to say goodbye to our brother Dan Dierdorf who is moving to Walla Walla. To commemorate this time we have decided to have a full breakfast this Thursday. As such, we will charge $20 in order to try and balance the books. We look forward to our time together this coming Thursday! Steve Mitchell
Trading Brian Dawkins and UL Dan Dierdorf for some really good. Xbox 360 .
Miller is a proud graduate of the Dan Dierdorf School of Announcing
I think I'd rather hear Dan Dierdorf call a hockey game than the clowns
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Is it just me or does Dan Dierdorf sound remarkably like Jesse Ventura?
Do Brian Engblom and Joe Micheletti know the rules of hockey? They just made Dan Dierdorf look like Mike Pereira
Dan Dierdorf is ending his brief broadcasting retirement to be radio analyst for Michigan football with Jim Brandstatter doi…
CBS has lost Dan Dierdorf this offseason.
Dan Dierdorf was alright as an announcer, but he had some annoying phrases
Shocked Brian Billick let go by Fox. Became networks 2nd Analyst. Even did playoff games. Expect CBS get in quickly w/ Dan Dierdorf retiring
Billick would do better on cbs with dan dierdorf and the other boring commentators
At last check, Dan Dierdorf announced his retirement from after the IND/NE AFC Divisional Playoff game. Not sure what they'll do.
Ray and Phil are the Howard Cosell and Dan Dierdorf of international football
your boy Dan Dierdorf at the UNM practice in STL on Thursday
Pretty good illustration of why I'll miss Dan Dierdorf.
Dan Dierdorf spelled it wrong at first...
Michael Irvin sp Chem is the last rookie legend i need for Dan dierdorf collection! I have a good trade offer! Rt!
Or teenage Dan Dierdorf getting pumped before his game with The Beatles' hard rock? (Also this only makes me idolize you more)
Can't get over how much Mike Gminski sounds like Dan Dierdorf
I have a VHS tape of a European boxing match with Dan Dierdorf and Alex Wallau on ABC commentary. You guys want?
Hey I know ur down. But to cheer u up, did u know that Dan Dierdorf used to call Blues games? Sending u a pic if I can
"The plaintiff calls, as a witness, Dan Dierdorf"
Len Elmore is the dan dierdorf of announcing. Just shut up
Wow! I just won this for free, Dan Dierdorf Card
Doug Gottlieb is the Dan Dierdorf of basketball
Lobo fan here in STL and there he is watching practice... DAN DIERDORF!
I almost want to use a Dan Dierdorf line for a game like this ... 'Overtime.'
I see your Phil Simms and raise you Dan Dierdorf
Dan Dierdorf, the Football Player, was born today |
Stuck in storage in the CBS basement, along with Dan Dierdorf.
Ty don't hoop. He like Dan Dierdorf. He just talk a good game.
Dan Dierdorf thinks USA should have just taken a safety instead of letting that goal in.
Wolff is in Communism of the broadcast; Gumbel and analyst Dan Dierdorf are its voices and faces, but their work
Bill Walton is up there with Dan Dierdorf for worst commentators
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Anyone want a Dan dierdorf cheapest is 88k
Just deleted my collected Dan Dierdorf because I don't need 4 tackles. :(
. That statement had enough built in double-negatives to make Dan Dierdorf proud.
Doris Burke is to College Basketball what Dan Dierdorf is to NFL Football --- both horrible announcers.
"I'm not so sure Richie Incognito isn't completely incapable of not acting like a psychopath." --Dan Dierdorf definitely said this today.
it would be like Dan Dierdorf asking Eli Manning what went wrong against the Seahawks. Racist or stupid.
3 clowns for sure. Thank God Dan Dierdorf doesn't do the Olys.
"Shaun White's a snowboarder and he's going to do what Shaun White does best and that's snowboarding." - Dan Dierdorf
Not sure if I'm gonna miss ol' one eyed Bob Costas or not! Or is that ol' no eyes Costas? Pretty gross. I want Dan Dierdorf.
I would have loved to have seen Dan Dierdorf (in his prime) match up against Ndamukong Suh at the line of scrimmage..
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