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Dan Crawford

Dan Crawford (born November 23, 1953 in Chicago, Illinois) is a professional basketball referee in the National Basketball Association (NBA) since the 1984–85 NBA season.

Scott Foster Marc Davis Jason Phillips Ken Mauer Derrick Stafford Ed Malloy Tony Brothers

Same here Fergus. She does herself no favours, and this behaviour is ridiculous
Club should warn her over these actions, that it is totally unacceptable. Who the *** does she think she is?
Totally disrespectful and a disgrace. should be ashamed of herself, It also doesn't look well on Chris…
I agree 100%. But that’s about her being responsible for her own behaviour - not him contr…
Sue Perkes doesn't have a position at CAFC, she just picks up freebies every week
She hasn't got a position... it's HIS position at the club so she should be conducting herself in the correct manner.
Jamal Crawford is out here teaching lessons 📝
Gleybar Torres better than Crawford btw alright bye
Dan Crawford was the top scorer for the Cleveland Cavaliers today
Oh, Dan Crawford is the lead official. That explains it.
Dan Crawford: Does productivity growth lead to wage growth? “Not really, no.”
Daniel Crawford completing his Level 1 P2 assessment, Well done Dan! Great work!
West Virginia's Justin Crawford discusses his work ethic, leadership style and motivation to return as a senior:
Jamal Crawford is creeping up that list...but I go 3) bonzi wells 2) Dan Dickau 1) Pargo
Follow Crawford Kilian, on new blog dedicated to tracking progress on the outbreak in
Dan's first hockey game and Corey Crawford stinks
Dan Crawford: Variations on the Phillips Curve: unemployment and underemployment
Kevin Crawford is helped into a 1935 Model WACA Classic open cockpit bi-plane by Dan Fordice…
Told dan I was gonna go kiss nicole Crawford and he was ok with it
we will vote alk repubs that voted against. Rick Crawford, Dan Webster, Mo Brooks, Jin Jordan, Raul Labrubor
Crawford is a 2 weight lineal champ & doesn't get a sniff, whilst semi retired Rigo is listed lol
Just to mix it up, Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey went out and added a title at Dodger Stadium.
Janai Crawford made finals and placed 8th in the 400m at Dan Lennon.
Remembering Joan Crawford on her birthday, here with Adrian on the set of THE WOMEN ('39)
We are also excited to announce our commentators for the live stream this year - & 🎉
NBA removed Scott Foster for GM7. Replaced him with Dan Crawford. Lol. OKC is 5-12 with him reffing in their last 17 games Lolol, now 5-13 😂
You guys know the NBA changed the head official of this game from Scott Foster to Dan Crawford cause the Warriors said th…
.Got it. Your officiating crew for Dan Crawford. Mike Callahan. Jason Phillips
Klay Thompson picks up a tech. Moe Harkless started clapping and Dan Crawford quickly warned him to chill.
Mavs fans hate Dan Crawford, we feel the human element has hurt our playoff runs. are 3-16 with D Crawford as a ref.
At 36 years old, Jamal Crawford becomes the oldest player to win Sixth Man of the Year.
he should've smashed the monitor into pieces before Dan Crawford got to it.
THIS JUST IN: Clippers G Jamal Crawford wins the NBA Sixth Man Award, becoming 1st player to win the honor 3 times. https…
by the last episode you'll love Nate, Dan, and Chuck. 😍😍 ps. Chace Crawford and I share a birthday.😈
We'll take it! Way to fight Mavs! When's the last time we got lucky in a playoff game, or any game, with Dan Crawford as a ref
Also did the just win a playoff game with Dan Crawford as a ref? I thought that was not even possible.
Dan Crawford is the worst ref in the NBA...🙄.
For all you Dallas Mavericks fans. Don't worry you will lose. Dan Crawford is the ref.
Dan Crawford will screw us out of the game...don't worry
Dan Crawford has become a worst official than Joe Crawford
Dan Crawford is the worst referee in the NBA
KD -Wasn't that a foul? Donovan-Where's the call on the foul?! Dan Crawford (ref) -Sorry didn't see it, I was looking at Pinterest.
Probably, it's Dan Crawford and we're the Mavs
Did Dan Crawford just bait Rick Carlisle into a technical foul?
You knew Dan Crawford couldn't make a good call for the Mavs without screwing them
Dan Crawford is officiating this game. Mavs will lose because of a bad call.
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Dan Crawford did it vs. Dallas in 2006 as well
Dan Crawford handed him a good 15 PPG with those 97 free throws
I think this man slightly edged Dan Crawford in stats
Montajunas might face a penalty for bumping Dan Crawford like that.
NBA ref Dan Crawford did a great job there between Curry and Beverley
Corey Crawford: "Big play by Q to jump up on the boards. Thank God he didn’t fall over."
do the decent thing and follow Aston Villa and cancel the event. Nobody deserves this.
Dan said they were working on it for Crawford-Postol but we shall see
New song BFT: Jamal Crawford, Eric Reveno, Dan Woike by John Canzano BFT podcast just went up, listen at
no problem! You already have Archer might as well go for 90 ovr FB Carl Crawford. He is a beast!
Only one who killed Dirk was Dan Crawford bro... But that was 10 years ago, let's talk 5 years ago 😂😂😩😂
I'm just saying, if you gave Jamal Crawford 50 shots he could go for 60.
Dan Girardi and Marc Staal are elite. Holtby and Crawford are not. Quite simple. . Oh, and a hot dog isn't a sandwich
What are you waiting for bring this kid up, play for now!
QUIZ: How much like a chavez are you actually??. -Presented By BuzzFeed
dan crawford psoriasis revolution review - It is a scam?
better ss stash for this year and Crawford or O.Aricia?
Between them, these two legends have logged an incredible 234 fights. I'd definitely watch this.
KM a free piece of advice for you, gimmicks and giveaways will never work if the product on the pitch is abysmal. Basic ma…
Dan, do you see any problems with Crawford punching down on a much shorter Lundy? I don't think it goes 7 rounds
as have the rest of them. Why pick on the youth product ... Scapegoat
How anyone can justify stepping back into The Valley at all this season is beyond me. The team AND the regime deserve nothing!
What we learned in that first half is that Kermorgant is still a bloody marvellous Championship footballer.
Sky Sports should really sort their "punditry" out, so so dull!
Terence Crawford's trunks and robe for tomorrow's bout with Hammerin' Hank Lundy.
NBA referee Dan Crawford second visit to the holy land - Israel , pleasure to host him
try unsubscribing, waiting five mins and then resubscribing please! Sorry for teething issues.
can't seem to find it on iTunes and hasn't automatically downloaded?
Crawford's going to make Lundy pay for all that trash talk.
Rafael: If beats unification with Postol makes sense
For fans, I'd love to chant proudly ' They want their Charlton back' at the weekend https:/…
Two weeks ago I penned a piece ranking the world title unifications fights I want to see most. No. 5 on that l...
If wins Sat he'd like unification fight vs Postol. My blog
I just can't be excited by it because I know it's purely to get RD more money in the summer
Lookman signing is fantastic news at face value and good work from the board and all involved but can't help feel it will mean nothing
Can't sleep? Broderick Crawford (Hoover) to Dan Ackroyd (Nixon): "Take a fistful of valium and go to sleep"
Panik and Seabrook didn't do Crawford any favors either. Both were off the side instead of getting the trailing guy
Everyone needs a Dan Crawford in their life
AL hasn't signed new contract so will look for a champ move if we're down Think AK might stay though cos hes not played enough
Got a feeling JBG will have a decent euros and get a championship move,Mak probs would have signed permanently if we stayed up
JBG has been awful, Mak not ours and other 5 should stay.
worst three signings in Bosox history: (1) Carl Crawford (2) Pablo(3) Hanley
Crawford feeling it now! pulled up from Dan Marlej territory...
Dan Crawford and Colin Troesken scored in the top 10 of players!
But sure, Carl Crawford came from Tampa so is bound to fail. Lazy hack line, but better than Animal House.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Wow what a week for Dan Crawford donor and birthday today.
looks like I spy much younger versions of D-Harp, Steve Kerr and referee Dan Crawford
Ramsey & Rutherford Podcast: Cardinal of the Year, Dan McDonnell and Eric Crawford
Winners of the Robotics "Swept Away" competition: Max McAnany, Dan Meyer, Sam Crawford and Caleb Cole. AMDG
Should be a cracking attendance at the Valley tonight 👍 I reckon 8,000 and 300 = 8,300 👍. Target 5,000 well o…
3 points tonight is a must. We're playing against players who have not been paid for two months who must feel rock bottom!
So everybody thinks Chace Crawford is attractive but really Dan from gossip girl is more attractive 😍 I'll take him
Dan Crawford with the NC League of Conservation Voters discusses their 2015 Legislative Scorecard
Harden needs to go and Jamal Crawford is in there somewhere 🙏🏼
Corey Crawford named the NHL's No. 1 star of the week. Went 3-0-0 with a 0.33 GAA, .989 save percentage and two shutouts. …
think that's the plan, Dan's up for new year
Dan Crawford is a miserable official and whatever crew he captains is going to call a game in which the better team likely will not win.
Who needs Love and Irving when you have Dan Crawford, Derrick Stafford and Marc Davis...
Dan Crawford (pro fighter) getting the 70kg ball up today, needs work on his ring holds though, his coach...
Just learned about your visit, should be aces. If you have time to meet just let me know.
hey any geeky concerns about Eaton, Crawford, and/or Trumbo? OBP & SLG-Not B.Avg - Pennington Dan
I swear Joey Crawford is officiating every playoff game I turn on. How is he getting this many games? He's not good.
Honestly would much rather see Joey Crawford calling a game than Tony Brothers.
Great call by the Bennett Dan Marc on AB bailout foul on Irving
We're thrilled to have Dan on board!
best UNDER ref in this year working game tonight: Dan Crawford (21-41 O/U) including 6-14 when total set at 205+.
I wonder if Gasol ever gets 2gether w/ Joe Crawford, Dan Crawford, and Scott Foster to reminisce about
my guess for tomorrow is Dan Crawford, Ken Mauer, and Scott Foster. We need that cover!!!
The dynamic duo of Dan Crawford and Scott Foster are a combined 37-15 in LeBron wins-losses for the playoffs since 2006.
Points off TOs was a killer, but ESPN pointed out Dan Crawford, the Heat, and the 1% liklihood years ago.
Capers ultimate home ref, Dan Crawford the ultimate fixer, Marc Davis crawford's right hand man
“My prediction comes true. Dan Crawford will be lead official in Miami. So any Crawford for Miami
Dated, but make sure to read about Dan Crawford, the Heat and the 1.9 percent.
I'm glad our big three of Derrick Stafford, Dan Crawford, and Marc Davis will help us beat the Spurs!
Doc Rivers spent 1st part of timeout talking to refs Dan Crawford & Eric Lewis. Talked to 3rd, Jason Philips, at the end.
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Scott Foster, *** Bavetta, Joey Crawford and Dan Crawford should present kevin Durant his MVP trophy. He couldn't have done it without 'em.
Lamela, Soldado, Paulinho, Capoue and Chadli are all top signings! Arsenal, Take note on how to spend cash well and not …
Quite possible the best Birthday Card ever vpalmer1 and Dan Crawford xx
Wonder if the Sordell boo boys cheered his goal then as his such a terrible loan?? GET IN!! Hopefully his 1st of many …
Don't some feel stupid now. Sordell is a goal scorer! Well played son
he just scored ...glad he's not off I take it?
Nothing like seeing two legends in their primes. *** Bavetta and Dan Crawford were truly special then.
not a hater, just don't rate him at the moment. He can't hide from the mistakes he's consistently making at the moment
From what I hear yet another Hamer mistake which is disappointing knowing we've played well to this point
If evangelism ignores its integral connection to discipleship, it weakens both the effectiveness & long-term benefits of both Dan Crawford
Could the players stop thanking a random gaming comp. for their freebies and actually start being any good at football?
I am beyond pumped for stag to Dublin! 3 more days!!
Oh dear Joe Hart ...flapping at set pieces isn't working for you
Did Morrison and Wiggins forget how to do their job over the summer? Also quite embarrassed with Hamer's whining. Just get on…
Doncaster fans get their wish. Singing ‘I wanna go home’ at 1-0, they now get to go home ten minutes early.
You're a very very lucky man Mr Powell
“Cheers Mother Naich. Get home safe Donny fans, see you under the lights in a few Tuesdays time.
Hamer winging is going to get us nothing but waste time.
Respect the Call! I am the Law!! this is my court! ok Im Just Kidding i´m way much better ref than Dan Crawford
My sister has Dan Crawford for oceanography 😂😂😂😂
This is the second game Crawford has officiated in the Heat-Spurs series and the 13 game he has officiated this playoff season. Crawford called Game 2 — a 103-84 Heat victory — along with Ed Malloy and Ken Mauer. Mike Callahan and Mauer join Crawford for Game 6. The playoffs began with a 33-person referee pool, and those refs were determined by a season-long grading system. Each official is graded after each game based on their performance: play calling, court presence, fitness, personal qualities (works well with others) and off-court duties (application of rules, off-court tests). The referees pool is whittled to 25 for the conference semifinals, 18 for the conference finals and 12 for the Finals based on playoff grades in conjunction with season-long grades. These are, according to the NBA, the best of the best refereeing in the Finals. Crawford, Malloy, Mauer, Callahan, Monty McCutchen, Jason Phillips, Tony Brothers, James Capers, Dan Crawford, Marc Davis, Scott Foster and Bill Kennedy are this se ...
Dan Crawford, Scott Foster, Monty Mckutchen, Ed Malloy and Bennett Salvatore - in that order.
Heat are 18-3 in playoff games with Dan Crawford officiating. He will referee tonight's game. Another reason Heat will dominate.
So basically just said that Dan Crawford is helping the Heat win it all. Smh.
Oh no Pacers lol "Heat 18-3 playoff W-L w/ Dan Crawford reffing since 04: highest win pct for any team-ref combo in span"
This is the type of OPERTUNITIES they see for Detroit PLEASE READ! Opportunities in Detroit? Dan Crawford | December 17, 2010 7:15 pm by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Opportunities in Detroit? Detroit has lost about 60% of its population since the 1950s peak of about 2 million. About 50 square miles of Detroit is so thinly populated that the Mayor wants to pay for people to move to more densely populated neighborhoods so the area can be abandoned for municipal services. No trash pick up, no police patrols. The first and second ring of suburbs are facing much of the same plight, and some may be headed for bankruptcy.. One idea for reclamation is urban farming, but that assumes people will not move into Detroit any time soon. So does the 50 square miles provide us with an opportunity? New neighborhoods? New types of communities? A special immigration zone? Homesteading by young people? Entrepreneurial zones? If so, where do we get the money (Detroit and Michigan both being in various stages of broke)? Who leads th ...
Markets Need Regulators - Food Edition Posted by Dan Crawford (Rdan) | 2/23/2013 07:55:00 AM market, Mike Kimel, regulators 13 comments by Mike Kimel Markets Need Regulators - Food Edition Back in college, I had a chat with one of my more libertarian economics professors about the need for regulation. He thought regulation was completely un-necessary. "But what about mislabeled food?" I asked, "How do we even know that what is labeled on the side of the box or the can is what is inside?" His reply was one I've heard, in one variation or another, many times since, "A company that sells customers something than they ordered will quickly go out of business." I've known it was BS every time I heard that, but it is interesting and unfortunate to see validation lately. In the US, we have mislabeledfish: Chicago diners who think they are eating red snapper may actually be munching on goldbanded jobfish. Those who order Alaskan cod may really be tucking into a threadfin slickhead. And fans of yellowtail could jus ...
Is there any team or fan that likes Dan Crawford? It can't just be fans right.
Dan Crawford is calling this game. It's all but a win for the Heat if history proves accurate.
I hope Dan Crawford took the Thunder to dinner first...
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Rather spend new years with my family, dan, stac+con then spend it at some dogs house.
dunno Steve. We came out firing in the second half and Dan Crawford messed up some game-swinging calls
Thank you. I actually feel a little better about the match today. Dan Crawford puts it all into perspective for me.
Just seen our highlights on goal rush and it was never a penalty!!? Poor ref has cost us big time today
playin NBA 2k13 and lighting it up inside the paint with Clippers one and only Jamal Crawford !
I still can't quite believe or understand what Pritchard did or should I say didn't do? Thought we were v unlucky today
but ex southender Harry Crawford he is on fire banged another in
Embarrassing when away fans run on the pitch celebrating an equaliser mid season. Must be because we are a big team
Awesome goal Hope the injury's not to bad.
Very interesting starting line up ..can't wait!
OK, it has officially started raining at The Valley. I would categorise it thus far as 'light drizzle' (MW)
Constantly refreshing feed for rain updates!!
“the Crawford/Essling/Fattore residence?” Couldn't have put it better myself
I bet I can guess what you wished for Jamal Crawford separation
Dan Joyce talks about archeological explorations at Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, using a ground...
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The clippers have two of the best six man to play in the past decade . Crawford and odom
Jamal Crawford Boutta break some ankles and get
Im convinced Dan Crawford is a rogue official...he went to the Danahue school of hard knocks
Someone dig Dan Crawford's eyes out kthx
Kobe mad at Dan Crawford's call of Kobe foul on Gallinari 3 attempt, but that's a point of emphasis in NBA this season.
Bryant furious about not getting a call at rim as time expired. Ref Dan Crawford wasn't giving it. LAL played well for about 3 of 12 min.
danielpcrawford (Dan Crawford)RT Apropos of nothing, I really hate the term "Generation Y." Can...
finally I get a good play, jordan crawford.
Jamal crawford loves to embarrass players lol man just cruel on the handle. ***
I liked a video Layout 67 by Dan Crawford
so does Dan Crawford know what yo mouf do?
“My dad got me solo cups and ping pong balls for Christmas BOBBBY K
Dan just should have met me sooner so he could have also wooed James Pilkenton and Bonnie Crawford, may they rest in peace. Suckas!
Surprise trip to see for a Christmas treat from my hubby!! So blessed. Great to see you, Dan! Thanks.
Blowing the whistles tonight for Grizz-Rockets game -- Dan Crawford, Bennie Adams and Josh Tiven
“for for winning Dan Crawford award for innovation at awards.Well done *proud*
Officials for tonight's game between the and Rockets are Dan Crawford, Mark Ayotte, and Derrick Collins.
This video was shot at WERA cycle jam @ Road Atlanta from June 7th - 12th with the guys from CWR. Watch as Dan Crawford gets around the course on his KW...
I went to Peace Basketball Tournament they had NBA official Dan Crawford and a couple of others they Had NBA player Jokim Noah Taj Gibson, Bobby Simmons Quentin Richardson, Isiah Thomas Jabari Parker the # 1 HS player in the country from Simeon So I was watching the First Game Wondering why Isn't Derrick Rose here It won't look to Good if his Teammates are here and he from Chicago These are His FOLKS getting Killed on the street so all of sudden at Half time of the First Game I here The Crowd Erupt I see a Guy in a Hoodie walk in he takes the hood of it was Derrick Rose I was Happy to see Show up So Yesterday I was talking to one of my Boys he Tells me I don't know why you going to the Game it Not going change Nothing my response was if it change 1 person then it was well worth it By the Way it was Different Gang sets coming together for one cause PEACE!
Thank you Dan Crawford for the referring Alpha & Omega Plumbing to Eric Stan at Idaho Premier Property Management. Always thankful for new customers!
Come out this afternoon at 5pm for some live music with Shatterdog (Dan Crawford, George Stevens, Brent Caldwell,...
Here is a great article by Dan Crawford on about Danny Murphy. Mr. Murphy will never be forgotten.
Dan Crawford's article was so good, I linked it at the end of my similar, yet inferior article. MUST READ:
im nt tryin to start anything bt does anybody kno Tim Donaghy??? Nt sayin its a conspiracy or anything bt da heat won 90% of their playoff games this yr wen Dan Crawford was a referee... looks funny n my eyes if u ask me bt enjoy da show...
Dan Crawford the lil black dude mini fro reffed game 2 screw the thunder lol
Dan Crawford is the head referee for tonight. Heat 8-0 in playoffs with Danny Crawford as ref. Heat 7-7 when he isnt.
Officials for tonight's Game 5 of the NBA Finals are Dan Crawford, Monty McCutchen and Derrick Stafford. The alternate is Tony Brothers.
why Dan Crawford is 13-2 when ref of playoffs games for the heat! Why they didn't call that foul for KD spect
Dan Crawford just gave Scott Brooks an official warning for complaining about calls. Whatever that is worth.
Dan Crawford is reffing tonight. In D-Wade era, Heat are 14-3 (.824) in playoffs when he refs, 48-40 (.545) all others.
Good news for Dwyane Wade. His buddy Dan Crawford is 1 of the refs tonight. He was a ref in 2 games in the '06 Finals. D.Wade shot 39 FTs
In the Wade era, the Heat are 13-3 in games that (tonight's) referee Dan Crawford works the game. 48-40 in all others.
The are 6-2 in games with Dan Crawford as a ref this season. The are 1-5.
The ref's tonight are Dan Crawford, Tony Brothers, and Tom Washington, All part of the David Stern Lackie Crew, No telling how this game will go now. We are going to have to bring and keep the Intensity the whole 48 tonight to overcome these guys. - In Montelepre, Sicily with The Great Salvatore "Il Bandito" Giuliano, 2012 - Killing People is Easy, Being Politically Correct is a Pain in the AZZ - Achmed The Terrorist - Silence !!! I Will Raise Your Gas Price !!! Then, I KILL YOU !!! Infidel !!! --- Achmed The Terrorist
*** good fight but Celtics just couldn't handle Heat's starting 5.Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Dan Crawford, Ed Malloy and Jason Phillips
*** is Dan Crawford's eyes even open?! Lookin like a black Gilbert Gottfried out there on the court...
Dan Crawford calling delay of game tech in conference finals? Seriously?
This is exciting news: Referee assignment for Game 1 MIAMI -- Tonight's officials for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals: Dan Crawford, Ed Malloy, Jason Phillips (alternate: Bill Spooner) It's almost an identical crew to the one that worked Game 1 of Celtics-Heat last year in the conference semifinals when Paul Pierce got ejected by Malloy for two technicals in the span of 59 seconds.
Top-notch crew of refs for Thunder-Lakers Game 4 tonight: Dan Crawford, Ron Garretson and Ken Mauer.
Bad news: Marc Davis is reffing tonight. Good news: He's in Indiana. Refs for Game 5 C's-Hawks: Dan Crawford, David Jones & Tom Washington.
Shame on refs Dan Crawford, and Marc Davis for calling a horribly uneven game in Philadelphia for game 4
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