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Dan Bongino

Daniel Bongino attended the City University of New York where he completed both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology, and Penn State University, where he earned a Masters in Business Administration.

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not doing their job, get Dan Bongino and Sheriff Clark to lead the way. Protect POTUS!
The president is no longer safe on the White House grounds, according to former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino,
Former NYPD officer and Former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino had harsh words for the Secret Service today:...
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on improvements the agency needs
POTUS should have Dan Bongino come to WH for a security consult with him. We think this is critical!
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Former WH SS Agent: is NOT SAFE in the anymore! Here's what needs to be done NOW
So Dan Bongino, recommend some good former agents to be hired, and yes, make WH look like an armed camp if need be!…
The President isn't safe in the White House
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino: "The President, in my humble opinion, is just not safe in the White House any…
.is a straight shooter. When he's stating this, it's best to listen up
Dan Bongino: "The Secret Service is not prepared to protect the White House." Sobering warning from on
Dan Bongino on Weiner laptop investigation: “It wasn’t done over a government system! Hello, that’s the whole component of the…
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor of Conservative Review fills in for Mark.
The Mark Levin Show 10/11/16 | Mark Levin is off today, Dan Bongino fills in for Mark
With videos. Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino says he's done with Barack "Barry" Obama.
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Hey, Maryland! Remember when Dan Bongino was a thing? Anyway, go vote!
Dan Bongino almost and I mean ALMOST won this district back in the midterms
Dan Bongino: America is no longer moored to the Constitution!
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Government doesn't have the answers.
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SHOULD absolutely be in a position in politics!. Like ,he WOULD fight 4 us!
Friday's archive and summary with :
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Great daily podcast. Always a ton of info in the half hour
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Wait, Dan Bongino is on CNN as a "Former NYPD Officer"?! He's a tea party Republican that ran for Senate!
Dan Bongino a ex Secret Service agent with a keen vantage point of the government leviathan! ITUNES
Want to know about politics? Read: Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson, Daniel Pipes, Dan Bongino, Mark Levin.
Dan Bongino.only thing stopping anyone from hurting the Pope is GOD! n not your security!. .
For all of the Bernie Sanders lovers out there.
Really awesome post from Dan Bongino. Would've never expected a conservative to admit the state has monopoly on force
Political Truth Serum: Taxpayers monthly government receipt from Dan
"It's a big mistake to win the wrong way." -Dan Bongino in his latest podcast
You can preorder this book at Amazon!!! Can not wait! Dan Bongino's book 2!!!
Great quote and applicable to these times.
TY for accepting Loved your interview on Dan Bongino's Show! Would love to have you on our show
The most disturbing story of the week, maybe the year
The most unbelievable, disturbing, story of the week, maybe the year
Dan Bongino broadcasting from 92.5 Fox News fills in
Peter Boyles Show - Jun 9, 2015 - Hr 3: Dan Bongino on Obama and the presidential candidates. Mark...
Dan Bongino, last seen narrowly losing a bid in 2014, is now looking at running for Very Scott Brown!
Dan Bongino sets out to challenge Maryland's GOP establishment with new Battle Ground Resistance PAC
Democrats in Maryland, Dan Bongino is a Democrat. Not really. I am lying to you. I want you to tell yourselves he is though and vote for him. Do what you got to do. Republicans, Mr. Bongino is the real Republican Party.
If any of my friends are interested in a free ticket to this even, please private message me. I have a limited amount so put your request in early! - This Saturday. I will be speaking on refusing PARCC and my court case against FCPS. Dan Bongino and Alvida King are the main speakers!
People of Baltimore, surrounding areas, look into my eyes, you will support Dan Bongino in his political endeavors. You will. You are now hypnotized. :)
Real Ravens fans should consider supporting Dan Bongino should he run for office again. Yes.
Boehner is a disgrace to the party, a turncoat, and the epitome of heresy! Check out what he did to Dan Bongino!
"Dan Bongino...was unable to get significant support from the NRCC or other official party fundraising operations"...
On Friday's Mark Levin Show: . Dan Bongino of WMAL in Washington, DC, guest hosted for Mark. 2014 was a...
Dan Bongino · 22h22 hours ago . The pain in the face and the tears of the widow of slain NYPD Officer Li…
Were you dissapointed that Dan Bongino didn't win?
Another reason I love Dan Bongino as a public speaker/figure.
Crony Faux Capitalism, and Proud of It? - by Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino: A Year In Review for Big Government - Pretty good article: via
Dan Bongino, subbing for Mark Levin, is bashing people for falling for the Scalise fake scandal. Levin has been pushing the scandal. LOLOL
You really need a Dan Bongino show in your lineup. He's fantastic on radio. No dead air, no pauses...just talk.
Dan Bongino is sitting in for Mark Levin? Woo hoo! Miss you, Mark, but...Dan Bongino!
"The real fight is not Republican vs Democrat. It's DC insiders vs. the rest of US." -Dan Bongino
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Citizen of NYC; Dan Bongino and Patrick lynch is dividing the NYPD and making false acquisition? Giuliani made the same acquisition. LIES!!
Former NYPD officer Dan Bongino and Police Union Patrick Lynch is a menace! Please explain the data report from the NYCLU??
Health care information, quietly being changed. Wow imagine that. Thank you Dan Bongino for the information.
Sure do wish that Dan Bongino had won in Maryland like Dave Brat did in Virginia!
Alex welcomes Dan Bongino, an author and a former member of the Secret Service's Presidential Protection Division, to break down Obama's other numerous scand...
Uncalled House race: Freshman Rep. Joe Delaney (D-MD) has declared victory but has small lead over GOP challenger Dan Bongino.
Young, smart, handsome, savvy, and quick with a sharp sound bite, Dan Bongino is everything the Republican Party purports to look for in a candidate, yet the National Republican Congressional Committee has not lifted a finger to support his election effort. As of this writing, they haven’t even call…
Time to help get out the vote folks! Our nation is at a crossroads, and America needs Members of Congress like Dan Bongino. With November 4th a mere two weeks away, it is time for conservatives across the nation to go all-in and use their networks to replace the indifferent Republican Party efforts to turn out the vote. Whether you live in the D.C. area, Utah or Florida, your vote and that of your family, friends and neighbors matter. Find the best candidate who will stand up for America and spend at least one weekend along with election day helping that candidate win. It is now up to you. You can sit at home and complain, or you can take a stand. With our nation adrift, failure is simply not an option. The author is vice president of Americans for Limited Government.
I'll say it just like Dan Bongino said it...Where the *** is the Party?
Letter to National Republican Congressional Committee by Dan Bongino, Republican candidate for Congress->
Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president, is running for congress here in Maryland. Sadly he's not in my district!
Dan Bongino the former Secret Service man,says impeachment is a waste.2slow. Must arrest him! Its faster AND very legal.
I just started reading Mark Levin's book The Liberty Amendments. I support his first proposed amendment to limit members of congress to 12 total years of service. I was reading about this when Diana Umstot was commenting on the career politician Harry Reid. Ben Franklin said "in free Governments the rulers are the servants and the people their superiors & sovereigns."I do not see how anyone who is in congress for almost 30 years could relate to the people or truly be a servant to them. The nation's Founders believed in the concept of a "citizen/servant" - someone who had a life and a career in the private sector, but who offered his experience and talents to public service for a limited time, and then returned to private life. - Mark Levin While I'm at it, this sounds just like Dan Bongino! Dan Bongino for Maryland's 6th congressional district!
FORWARD : White House Falling Down : Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama's Police State : On-Going Progressive Liberal Democrat Political Corruption : SCOTUS Unanimously Strikes Down Obamas Executive Overreach for the 12th Time Since January 2012 : 'We are Watching, in Real Time, the Collapse of the Big Government Model' : In the face of the plethora of Obama scandals and failing policies, both domestically and abroad, former Secret Service agent and now congressional candidate, Dan Bongino, says that the big governm... : On-Going Failure and Incompetence : The Progressive Liberal Democrat Reality of Ideology : Who Knew?
I'm happy for Larry Hogan and Dan Bongino in their wins last night in state of Maryland. Do you going to need our...
ICYMI: announced our endorsement of Dan Bongino for Congress in Maryland!
Sarah Palin, former Vice-Presidential Nominee and Governor of Alaska, endorses Dan Bongino, can…
not that it counts for a hill of beans, but I do, too |Sarah Palin endorses Dan Bongino » The Right Scoop -
A Letter to the MD Mainstream Media: Hello, You may not have heard of me or my organization before, so we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Dan Bongino & I am a former Secret Service agent & a candidate for Congress here in Maryland. I have been reading through your newspapers & watching your local broadcasts & here are some of the "eye-popping" stories you have covered recently about MD Democrats (these are actual stories): -3rd place candidate for Governor in Dem. Primary, Del. Mizeur, supports doctor-assisted suicide -Rep. John Delaney changes his office location in Washington County -Gov. O'Malley takes a break from fundraising. Now, I understand your ideological marriage to the Democratic Party here in MD but may I suggest that you try covering the news as it is & not as you want it to be. I took an oath once in my prior career, & I took it seriously. Do you do the same? I thought journalism was a non-partisan attempt to convey information. What happened to your oath to responsibly dissem ...
Bongino Out-Fundraises Delaney, Again. For Immediate Release April 16, 2014 Contact: Karla Graham (410) 924-4577 or Karla For the second fundraising period in a row, Dan Bongino has out-fundraised his opponent, Congressman John Delaney, who, notably, is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. In the first three months of 2014, Dan Bongino has raised $161,606, which more than doubled his opponent John Delaney's fundraising total for the quarter. Also notable is that Bongino's individual contributions totaled nearly three times that of Delaney's individual contributions, despite Bongino being an outsider to politics and running in deep-blue Maryland. Bongino also managed to out-fundraise all but one of Maryland's Democratic congressional delegation. Bongino states: "It is now clear that both the momentum and the political winds are at our back. We are still fighting an uphill battle due to John Delaney's extraordinary personal wealth and his ability to write himself a personal check. But his personal ch ...
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino – “It’s to the point where these (Obama) scandals in and of themselves would be huge, backbreaking scandals are just lost in the ‘scandal fog’ of this...
Met Allen West and Dan Bongino. Waiting for Rick Santorum at C-PAC in the main ballroom.
Obama's corruption exposed from the inside Jim Fletcher reviews revelations from Secret Service whistleblower Just when you think the sewage that is Washington, D.C., has choked out every single person of principle in that town … up pops a person of principle who is still very much with us and very much interested in making the world a better place. Sometimes we call these people whistleblowers. Dan Bongino is one such person, and one with the highest access to our nation's leaders. A former member of the New York Police Department, Bongino found himself between administrations with the Secret Service just as Obama took office. He then left the Service in 2011 to run for the U.S. Senate. This astounding tale is recounted in his new book, "Life Inside the Bubble." Specifically, Bongino worked for the elite Presidential Protective Division, which gave him a catbird seat for observing the world's most powerful men. Discover what Bongino saw with "Life Inside the Bubble" – autographed! –from WND Books! ...
BookTV ON C-SPAN2 IN PRIMETIME TONIGHT 8pm ET James Carville and Mary Matalin discuss, “Love and War”, a look at politics and family 9pm ET After Words with Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim Congressman 10pm ET Dan Bongino talks about why he left the Secret Service in “Life Inside the Bubble”
You're invited to an evening with Dan Bongino and Senator Rand Paul | Tuesday, February 25 |
Dan Bongino an ex Secret Service agent speaking on the Olympics says; WASHINGTON – A former US. Secret Service agent who guarded President Barack Obama believes the president isn't pushing Russian President Vladimir Putin hard enough for a full security audit of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, given recent terrorist threats from North Caucasus Islamist militants. In an exclusive interview with WND, Dan Bongino said Obama is afraid of "stepping into [a] bowl of Putin's Cheerios" in not pressing him for such a security audit which he, as a Secret Service agent, said was undertaken when the president would travel, including to Russia. "If the Russians object," Bongino said, "that would be unacceptable. If it's denied and something happens, it then is the responsibility of the Russians. If they accept, then it's a win-win for the U.S. and the Russians. "Obama should be requesting a full security audit, but isn't," Bongino said, adding that he would not attend the Olympics himself because of the s ...
This election is so much more than just one person. I recognize I cannot make any changes without other men and women willing to work together to help restore our wonderful republic. Men like Col. Rob Maness and Dan Bongino. Please help not only my campaign, but help share the news of other great candidates around the nation and donate to them if you're able. We're all in this together. God bless America.
Review "Dan Bongino walked away because he is an American Patriot and the embodiment of the highest standards of honor, integrity, and character . . . exactly what we need inside the bubble." -- Allen B. West, Lieutenant Colonel (US Army, Ret.), Member of 112th Congress "A rare peek inside the DC 'Bubble' which should be a wake-up call to every American." -- Sean Hannity, New York Times No. 1 Bestselling author and Fox News Channel Host "For Dan Bongino to leave the Secret Service to fight the permanent political class could not have been easy, but his bravery is easily one of the reasons why Americans are learning more about how the D.C. 'Bubble' grows but never pops." -- Matthew Boyle, Investigative Journalist, Breitbart News About the Author Dan began his career in law enforcement with the NYPD in 1995. He joined the ranks of the Secret Service in 1999 as a special agent where he was assigned to investigate financial crimes. In 2006, Dan entered into duty with the elite Presidential Protective Division ...
Dan Bongino • My on-air debate, while hosting the Sean Hannity...
I really like Dan Bongino. We need LEADERS like this.
Wow. Watching Dan Bongino on cspan2. What a cool, passionate guy. We need more folks like this.
Dan Bongino & Allen West speaking about Clints case on the Sean Hannity show.
Will Russia be safe in time for the Olympics?: Former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joins to ...
Tune into the Sean & Frank Show tomorrow WCBM, 6- 8 am. Dan Bongino will be the guest host. Delegate Kathy Szeliga will be on at 8 am
"Beware of the soft tyranny of bureaucracies"-Dan Bongino
.Dan Bongino is running for Congress in Maryland. He has a great message on Obamacare...
Go, Dan Bongino! Right now it's not right vs. left(& the right & left are not the true conservatives & liberals,...
For a glimpse of what is happening to this Country, people need to read Dan Bongino's book, "Life Inside the Bubble"
Dan Bongino on Liberty & Individual Rights: "Our country is the exception to the historical rule of government...
I liked a video from Dan Bongino Slams Lying Gun Control Advocate
boot out the Democrat Delaney in 2014. Vote Dan Bongino!
Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino: Obama Presidency is worse than you think.
Kudos, Dan Bongino! “Liberty’s a zero sum game, It can’t belong to you and the government at the same tim…
Government does not give you rights, you give it legitimacy.
I liked a video Book TV: Dan Bongino, "Life Inside the Bubble"
Dan Bongino has agreed to attend today's event At Pleasant Valley Fire Hall. It is a wonderful tribute to Roscoe Bartlett. Fresh from Hannity, Dan bring refreshing insight today at 1:30 pm about restoring the American Dream on the 222 nd Anniversary of the Ratification of the Bill of Rights.
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who is running for Congress as a Republican in Maryland's Sixth Congressional District, wants a divorce from the Republican establishment.
I don't know which is worse. What OBAMA has done or what he plans to do. I don't even want to tell you what I've found out but I have to. Obama is more *** bent than ever on taking America down. His second term plans are more dangerous and destructive than the first. Only by you getting into the game and stepping up can we stop him from his destructive power grab. If you do nothing everything we've accomplished so far will be for nothing. Our efforts will collapse and we'll have no choice but to watch him take his seat as a dictator. Frankly, we're running out of time. We have deadlines to meet to put a stop to his plans and if you support us now, we can do that. Sure wish I could tell you it could wait...but it can't. If I explain his second term plans to subvert America you'll know why I'm pleading with you to step up to the plate now. Here's what's in motion... Obama's plan has always been to redistribute wealth and weaken America on the world stage. Dinesh D'Souza, producer of "2016 Obama's America" . ...
Text BONGINO to 33733. Dan Bongino's book "Life Inside the Bubble", a has hit the NYT's bestseller...
How much ground is Dan Bongino gaining in Maryland? Do you think he might actually have a chance?
LIFE INSIDE THE BUBBLE by Dan Bongino is on the NYT Best Sellers List for E-Book Nonfiction
Dan Bongino is far superior to Delaney.He will win.He is ethical and competent. We need him in DC.
ALEX JONES - Iran Deal was made to Distract AMERICANS from Obamacare: Dan Bongino, an author and a former memb...
Dan Bongino captures national attention as he campaigns in Md. -
Dan Bongino did a great job on Hannity the other day. Former Secret Service agent nailed it when he said "social media is a force multiplier" I so agree! Use it folks.
Read a sample or download Life Inside the Bubble by Dan Bongino with iBooks.
If you really want to read something interesting, get the book "Life inside the Bubble" by Dan Bongino, an agent with the Secret Service for quite a few years. Good to hear that so many of the things we suspect are true. I am sure he couldn't say all he knew but enough to know that Obama likes the size and confusion of a big government, more excuses so no one person or department can be blamed. We are going to have to work hard to clean this mess. Next I heard him on Wednesday of one of the radio stations (Hannity). Thank you Mr. Bongino you love this country like we do. We are not given up.
finished Life Inside the Bubble by Dan Bongino and gave it 5 stars
Dan Bongino launched his first campaign for office on a laptop computer in his dining room. His wife, alone at his side, was the only other person he was sure would vote for him.
“CUT THE CRAP!” Liberal accuses Dan Bongino of not wanting poor to have insurance, Bongino hits back hard
Why Dan Bongino seems like a great guy. Being with the TEA party makes him and ever better guy.
Thanks to Dan Bongino for the shoutout on the Sean Hannity radio show today! Nice to see our campaign gaining steam in Kentucky and across the nation each passing day!
Dan Bongino is filling in for Sean Hannity and I've been unsuccessfully trying to get through on (800) 941-7326. Any suggestions?
Dan Bongino was the 2012 Republican Nominee for the United States Senate in Maryland. He served for over a decade as a special agent in the United States Secret Service, and currently owns a small business.  Dan has earned a Master of Business Administration degree at Penn State University, as well…
Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino joined the Program to discuss the incestuous nature of Washington DC. In his new Book Bongino reveals the insular nature of the Whtie House, and the corrupt mentality of DC insiders.
Tea Party Activist, Below is an important message from one of our sponsors, Citizen Freedom Project. The time now is now Send Every Member of Congress a Pink Slip! You're the Boss! Citizen Freedom Project is fighting for you. Tea Party Dear Patriot, Nothing but scandals, lies and cover ups have come from this administration...and we've had enough. Since taking office, Obama has consistently and willfully violated the law. His end-runs around Congress and flagrant disregard for our Constitution are beyond appalling. What he's done from Obamacare to amnesty Benghazi to the NSA spying and IRS targeting is criminal. It's time for him to be impeached! This isn't a game. America is at stake and we can't wait. We must tell Congress is no uncertain terms to "IF YOU DON'T MOVE TO IMPEACH OBAMA YOU'RE FIRED!" You can do this right now by sending a PINK SLIP to Congress. For just $29.95 you can send a PINK SLIP to Congress putting them on notice: "IMPEACH OBAMA NOW OR WE'RE KICKING YOU OUT!" We guarantee that your m ...
Dan Bongino cancels MSNBC appearance because of Martin Bashir's comments about Palin...
Via Breitbart Former Agent Dan Bongino was an agent under Bush and Obama. Bongino was scheduled to speak at Bashir's program about his new book. Life inside the Bubble. He recently cancelled due to the Bashis's comments made in regards to former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin. Bashir apologized on Monda...
Dan Bongino is taking a stand and thus has canceled appearing on Martin Bashir's MSNBC show because of Bashir's remarks about Gov. Palin: BREITBART - Dan Bongino, who was a Secret Service agent und...
Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, author of the newly-released book
People Control erm, I mean GUN CONTROL! Dan Bongino says that the gun control debate has nothing to do with keeping American's safe... but keeping control ov...
Hey everyone please do me a favor and check out JDUHLER and Dan Bongino please like there page and let's work together and FIGHT. To get them where they need to be. We ALL need a change THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS
Dan Bongino is a 12-year Secret Service veteran who recently announced that after protecting President Barack Obama for four years he would be leaving his job to run for Congress in Maryland as a Republican. Bongino appeared on Steve Malzberg's NewsMax show Friday to both discuss his campaign and pr...
President Barack Obama's religion is the government, and he uses it as a "personal weapon," says former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino.
Dan Bongino: "I took an oath to take a bullet for the president; I'd rather take a bullet for the American people... htt…
Also check out what Dan bongino has to say former CIA guy running for office in Maryland seems like a stand up gut
Please support this man of integrity: Dan Bongino for Congress - Citizen Contract and follow
Dan Bongino, who resigned from the elite Presidential Protective Division in 2011 and now is running for Congress, told WND in an interview that Obama doesn’t seem to understand the level of outrage among the populace toward his health care law.
" Information is the only real valuable currency on Capitol Hill." - former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent who says Obama is taking things way too far and America is in serious trouble.   He appeared on a show talking with Glenn Beck and started off by saying We’re in a lot of trouble. The president sees government — and I think it’s because of…
Former Secret Service Agent and conservative candidate for U.S. Congress Dan Bongino of Maryland fended off a fierce personal attack from liberal commentator Julie Roginsky on Sean Hannity’s radio show Friday. “Cut the crap,” Bongino interjected at one point, explaining that he doesn’t want poor people to go without insurance. He himself was poor and is now middle class, Bongino replies, and actually just had his insurance cancelled because of ObamaCare; despite his wife having a pre-existing condition, and will have to pay $200/mo. more. Dan Bongino goes on a tear, thoroughly eviscerating the gist of Roginsky’s factually challenged arguments, setting up one of the finer interviews you’ll ever hear. He nails why intentions-oriented liberals will never understand reality-based, results-oriented conservatives on why the facts matter.
Stacey, I do live in Maryland and can say with all sincerity that Dan Bongino is a true Patriot!
our latest post on as well.Seen by 41k.We have real fights to fight,no time 4 infighting.
"Fight back, a better tomorrow awaits." -
My take on the administration's propaganda war.
Golden Calf of Increased Tax Rates by Dan Bongino Diary source Red State Let me open
Had an awesome time walking in the parade tonight! The girls had a blast!! I was proud to carry Dan Bongino's banner along with Ms.Judy!! Thanks Team Bongin it was great as usual! !
Question to MD 6th Dist Voters; if the crap hit the fan;would U rather be in a fox hole with Dan Bongino or Delaney Who would U trust wUR lf
I can't wait until the parade! ! We are in it with the awesome Dan Bongino!!
Schuh Endorsed by Former County Councilman Ron Dillon "Schuh has the experience we need" Annapolis, MD (October 29, 2013) - Delegate Steve Schuh today announced that he has been endorsed for Anne Arundel County Executive by former County Councilman Ron Dillon. "Steve Schuh was a colleague and partner with deep roots in the community who I could count on when it came to getting things done in our district. I'm confident he can be effective as our County Executive," Dillon said. "Steve is a lifetime resident, local businessman and member of several nonprofits. He has the experience we need." Dillon served two terms on the County Council from 2002 to 2010, representing Pasadena, and served as chairman several times. He was considered an expert on the council on budget matters and management of the fire department with his accounting and business management experience at his family-owned Dillon's Bus Service. "I am honored to receive the endorsement of a community leader like Ron Dillon, who could be a future ...
IM no Geo W;but I have looked Dan Bongino in the eye and I know he is a man Western MD 6th dist can do business with.
I have never seen my rep; forgot his name; I have seen Dan Bongino personally in West MD 3times in last Month!
"If you only knew, folks, what went on behind closed doors, I mean you would be disgusted. If you think this government revolves around a citizen-centric model, and that public service is a priority...I've got bad news for you: You're living in a fantasy land." - Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent to the current administration.
To the survivors, from someone who walked away from it all.
It's a sad day when 164 House Dems disgracefully vote against funding our Vets benefits.There are no words for this
2014 is Pivotal year for MD 6th. Dan Bongino can win. You must help him. You must vote and get ten friends to join you. No joke; U can do.
Citizens in MD 6th were only waiting for a true leader like Dan Bongino to get behind. Delaney nightmare for MD 6th will end 2014
Dan Bongino and Ray Givens go together like peas and carrots for Western MD in 2014!
I know many Western MD Democrats that are planning to Vote for Dan Bongino in 2014.Dan's the rational choice for all
- Dan Bongino and Allen West, my personal Dream Team!
whoa! that guy's dan bongino costume is AWESOME!
please! Get your support behind Dan Bongino. We need Patriots like him in the position of Governor!
Dan Bongino, please don't represent a small portion of our state! Please represent our ENTIRE state and run for governor!
Md running low on Patriots; Dan Bongino is rallying those remaining to take back MD 6th Cong Dist.. in 2014! Vote Bongino June 24, 2014
Please everyone in Frederick County vote for Dan Bongino. Maryland needs him badly.
The following is a message from Dan Bongino who was a former Secret Service to President Obama: Friends, Do you remember when President Obama promised us that if we liked our current healthcare plan we could keep it? I do, and I was quite upset when I got a letter from my healthcare provider saying that because of Obamacare, my plan was going to change - dramatically! We said it all along and no one listened. Obamacare will drive up premiums and force families all across our country to lose their current plan. Now it's happening and those who passed this bill must be held responsible. As your Congressman, I will passionately fight against Obamacare, for you, and for me. Will you join me? Together we can win in 2014. Help me be your voice in Washington so that I can stand against the Washington "Let them eat cake" elite and against Obamacare with a donation of $25, $50, or $100. Sincerely, Dan Bongino
Please listen to Dan Bongino, Maryland. He knows of what he speaks.
Dan Bongino tells his ObamaCare story on WMAL 10-21-13
Dan Bongino is Americas new hope support Bongino.
One candidate has it right: Dan Bongino “The Constitution Was Not A Suggestion”
I had good fortune to have a brief meeting with Dan Bongino today; Dan is inspirational and correct on the issues; Vote Bongino 2014
Next on the Dan Bongino train. Tuesday October 29th, Dan will be in town for the Frostburg Halloween Parade. Parade starts at 6:30, not sure where we're setting up yet. We need MANY volunteers. Sunday Nov. 3rd...Dan will be participating in the Veterans Parade in Brunswick. Granted, this is out of our area, Dans requesting a HUGE showing. There WILL be a contingent from Mtn MD... details to come. Saturday Nov 9. Dan will be in Cumberland greeting fans entering Greenway Avenue stadium before the Homecoming game, then we'll be canvassing in Frostburg. After that, Dan is requesting a closed meeting with Garrett & Allegany volunteers.that'll probably take place in Frostburg late in the afternoon... details to come. And this just in. Saturday Nov 16... Dan will be participating in the Coney Christmas parade in Lonaconing...parade starts at 1:00...then, we'll be canvassing...location TBD
Incredible day today supporting Dan Bongino. It started out with Dan meeting with management and union leaders at the New Page Paper Mill in Luke. A special Thank You to Judy Parker for puting this together. Then Casimir Wagner and the Republican Club at FSU put together an opportunity for folks, both on and campus, to listen to Dan and ask questions. Dan was extremely pleased. To close the day out, even though Dan wasn't able to join us, we had a GREAT time spreading the Bongino cheer to folks at the Cumberland Halloween Parade. A special shout-out to Charlie Owens, Donnie & Derek Umstot and Alicen Greenwald-Steele for stepping up to the plate and joining Mark, Diana & Linda in the parade.
Dan Bongino at 2:30 in the lane center
Dan Bongino didn't get to keep his health insurance plan under Obamacare.
Going to be one of those incredibly busy weeks: Monday- meeting with representatives of ACM to continue setting up the Commissioners Scholarship fund Tues - Board of Health Meeting Weds - Marcellus Shale meeting,Meeting with Dan Bongino, South Cumb. Halloween Parade Thurs - Meeting with ACM reps, Public meeting Sat_ Wheels for Happiness ( postponed from earlier date )
I had a great time speaking with Dan Bongino on WMAL tonight. We discussed the eternal Maryland budget "structural deficit", and Maryland's implementation (or lack there of) of Obamacare. If Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is leading the Obamacare effort, he should be ashamed of his miserable performance.
I will be joining Dan Bongino tomorrow at 6:40 PM on WMAL to discuss politics. Do you have any topics that you would like covered?
From Dan Bongino: DC; it's a joke. Sorry, but it's the truth. Our political Neros continue to fiddle while the pillars which have made us exceptional are set ablaze. While corporate Republicans continue to worship the K Street financed Golden Calf, tax and spend liberals continue to spend away any chance your children will have at a better quality of life. Good luck explaining to your children how this is the best it is ever going to be, if you decide to do nothing. Although this posting may sound morose, that is not my intention. It is time to start seeking out statesmen who stand on principles and not politicians standing on the backs of K Street lobbyists. Time to start issuing political walking papers in 2014 and to take our country back. Thank you for listening. -Dan
The FSU College Republicans are having Dan Bongino speak on campus Wednesday October 23rd at 2:30 in the Lane Center. Come out to hear our future governor speak on the future of Liberty in our state and country.
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Dan Bongino is a FORMER Secret Service agent under obama. He is on our side now...
John Delaney is a " Politician"; Dan Bongino is a "Patriot". Who do YOU prefer to lead in Md 6th district. It's a no brainer! Vote Dan 2014!
Doesn't seem like a phony scandal to me, Mr. President. Dan Bongino: Still no answers - Wash Times:
Dan pens gem in Washington Times via
"… Americans lives lost, and the deafening silence as to why."
There a lot of people calling for answers I'm one pens Benghazi gem in Wash Times
My take,as a former Secret Service agent,on the College Students being removed for "security reasons".,
Dan Bongino pens Benghazi gem in Washington Times LOVE this guy
Dan Bongino has ties to this story. There needs to be a BIG investigation:
Dan Bongino has ties to this story. This is HUGE:
U.S. Senate candidate Dan Bongino is my on the Willie Lawson Show
"We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep." - Dan Bongino
I fully back Dan Bongino on this very IMPORTANT ISSUE. thank goodness we have people willing to speak out - we...
Credibility has spoken “Dan Bongino's Stinging Op-Ed on Benghazi in Today's Washington Times
Dan Bongino: Still no Benghazi answers, a promise for action betrayed: via
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Telling it like it is. Thank you, Dan Bongino.
Dan Bongino: You cannot have justice without liberty!
Yes, there is a DC "Bubble" & your interests are not in it.This post struck a nerve, reaching 215,000 people.
U should scrutinize people before U endorse them. Dan Bongino is a fraud. Left SS under bad terms! Like Clinton w/Lewinsky.
Let's get FB page over 20,000! He's also coming up on the show on tune in!
Dan Bongino, ex-Secret Service speaks about liberty.: via
Don't let them divide us. What we share in common is far more important than how we differ.
Dan Bongino! WE SUPPORT YOU! YOU are a GREAT AMERICAN! I think we held the same Security Clearance. Top Secret SCI (was in USAF)
I love this guy! We need about a dozen like in the Senate. He has my vote (even if I l…
My post condemning the politics of division
Dan Bongino's 4th of July speech on why we must fight back!
Dan Bongino gave a great speech today at a July 4 Conservative Soiree in Maryland where he talks about freedom and why we must fight back against the tyranny of the left. He said our government is ...
I am challenging Dan Bongino and John Delaney to a spending cap. You shouldn't buy an election
Just talked with Dan Bongino who just announced he will be running for the 6th Congressional District in Maryland, what do you think the major issues are facing Western Maryland
"We're running out of time, and we need people who believe in something right now." - Dan Bongino
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The Maryland Gun Control law will stand. The petition failed to garner enough signatures to put on the November 2014 ballot, and will become effective in the fall. Also, the petition to submit the death penalty repeal to referendum also failed, which means the death penalty in Maryland will cease to exist October 1. Other news: Dan Bongino will run against Democrat John Delaney in the Congressional District 6 race in 2014. Elijah Cummings will endorse the Brown-Ulman gubernatorial ticket today during a 3-county tour (including Cambridge) by Brown to announce Ulman as his running mate. And, in a further indication that Doug Gansler will also announce for Governor (probably in the fall), Gansler has announced he will not seek a third term as MD Attornet General. - RC
During my coverage of the Second Amendment rally in Philadelphia PA last Saturday, I spoke with speaker Dan Bongino on the reality of gun control and how it ...
I'd like to thank our hostess Jodie Monger Gray and her husband for a delightful evening with Dan Bongino last night at their house on Kent Island. It was also great to finally meet my friend Mike Arntz and a lot of other great conservative folks.
No one has the right to take MY rights away Dan Bongino Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD: via
LOL! Dan Bongino's method of winning campaigns: Sign waving on the side of I-270. Funny enough, 27 was his total % in his race.
Consultants for certain MD GOP candidates need to put up or shut up.
ATI Gunstocks stands behind the 2nd Amendment and Dan Bongino's speech at a January Guns Across America rally is...
There are conflicting stories about blowup with Don Murphy at the Maryland GOP Convention. Did Dan Bongino start the argument?
Dan Bongino is really scaring some people
Seth Grossman has a plan to take on Chris Christie in NJ, Listen to replay of Wayne/Stacy Show >
" There is no such thing as gun control, only people control - Dan Bongino"
Have you be threatened or intimidated by Dan Bongino? Have you been victim to his anger problems? The Washington Post will soon have a story
Apparently Dan Bongino's temper at the Republican's convention this weekend was on full display. Video coming soon.
Dan Bongino calls for Diana Waterman's resignation; she wins chair. He backs candidate who comes in 3rd (last). Brilliant Bongino.
Unfortunately its part of the ride to become an elected official RTDan Bongino’s Letter on Personal Attacks
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
“Dan Bongino’s Letter on Personal Attacks via one of the best agents to serve in the USSS
Gauntlet tossed by towards the haters:
To the "consultants" who mistook perceived anonymity for bravery. My gift to you.
Bongino lets his edge show, great article. Thanks Dan for coming to the shore.
Dan Bongino coming up on the Mark Levin show next
2 great guys! “Dan Bongino & Brandon Cooper at 100 Black Men of PG County MLK Prayer Breakfast
this is one reason i love having Dan Bongino on my radio show. This guy should have been elected to the U.S. Senate when he ran last time out
Dan Bongino has worked as a New York City Police Officer and member of the Secret Service where he was assigned to guard Presidents George W. Bush and Bara
LISTEN!!! Why this man was running for Senate when he should have been running for President!!! Find him on...
.Must see 6 minute video thanks to Bill Jacobson of Legal Insurrection
Have you seen Dan Bingino's video? If this doesn't inspire, then you are already gone
.Dan Bongino of Maryland/Guns Across America Rally, must see for all Americans via Legal Insurrection
Absolutely correct! Wish Dan Bongino was in US Senate with Cruz, Scott, Sessions!
If only we had Dan Bongino in the Senate: Legal Insurrection supported Dan Bongino in the 2012 Maryland Senate...
Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent for both Pres. Barack Obama and Pres. George W. Bush, will be a featured...
ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino at 2A rally: abt ppl control not gun ctrl & don't let libs ctrl the lang or cntrl the argmnt. GRT PT!
ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino gave a grt speech at 2A rally said about people control not gun control & don't give them the grnd! YES!
Dan Bongino Discusses Protectin the 2nd Amendment in 2013 on ‘Wilkow!’
Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally This man knows what he's talking about.
Please listen to speech by Dan Bongino on what he says is people control not gun control. What he has to say is important!
Why did you give a radical muslim air time? Why don't you interview Dan Bongino on instead.
Debate fmr US Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. Tired of your guests being talked over.
Bongino -- When with Wolves, don't become Sheep! via
Dan Bongino -- When with Wolves, don't become Sheep! via
AWESOME - Dan Bongino: "In a society of wolves, you DO NOT fight back by creating more sheep!"
If you're not already following , I demand you do now! I wish his common sense were more common.
Dan Bongino took on Vincent DeMarco of Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence this morning in a debate moderated by Bruce Depuyt with News Talk. You can watch the full debate below: [jwplayer file=htt...
"It's people control, not gun control. When they own the language they own the arguement" Dan Bongino.
Dan Bongino lost his race for the U.S. Senate last Fall and the former Secret Service agent was finally closing up shop on his campaign offices when his phone started ringing like crazy. Television and radio shows were calling to ask Dan if he was free... free to talk about...
This is a fantastic speech by Dan Bongino, a former…
Let the Ravens get two more wins, then let's get Dan Bongino in the Maryland Statehouse!
Dan Bongino GOP doesn't have MSG problem. Obama ran on our agenda: don't raise middle class taxes, cut deficits, pro-Israel. Really?
Dan is actually but is his lovely and very supportive wife Paula!
Dan Bongino interviewing with the Red MD crew andrew_langer @ MDCAN Conference
BREAKING: Guy who predicted early & often that Dan Bongino would be next MD Senator accuses someone *else* of stupidity.
MD Property Rights Under Attack: Dan Bongino Reponds » cc: Join us on the 15th!!
The only one who reminds me of Cruz is Dan Bongino in MD. We NEED him in office. He lost Senate race to Cardin
Thank you very much Sir. More on my FB page if interested.
For those unfamiliar, Dan Bongino is the losing Republican challenger to Sen. Ben Cardin. He's a right wing nut job, like most these days.
Looks like the gun nuts of Maryland are trolling me now that I spoke out against Dan Bongino. Craziness will be RTed in a few...
No one is suggesting local yahoo. Can't find it now but Dan Bongino - ex Secret Svc - wrote excellent article
INTERVIEW -- Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent and former candidate for U.S.Senate in Maryland
Click the link to hear my perspective on improving school security with the on
Dan Bongino, former Md. U.S. Senate candidate, joins me now to discuss how we might make our schools safer. Join us.
The people of Maryland need to vote for Nancy Jacobs and Dan Bongino. It's time to take our state back from these power hungry Democrats.
As you go to the polls this Tuesday PLEASE VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY AND Dan Bongino, Nancy Jacobs, & PLEASE VOTE NO ON QUESTIONS 4, 5,6,and 7
Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dan Bongino. He is running for US Senate in Maryland. Check him out here:
I wonder if Dan Bongino got made fun of in school for having "bong" in his name.. Lol
Very positive responses again this evening for Dan Bongino!!!
Dan Bongino will be on WFMD with Blaine Young today at 3:00pm. You can listen live at
Just endorsed Dan Bongino for US Senate & Ken Timmerman for Congress! (@ Urbana, Maryland)
Very positive reactions from folks voting for Dan Bongino in Cumberland, Allegany Co while sign waving thrre during lunch
See that sky? is coming! Dan Bongino receives Tea Party Express endorsement in Frederick, MD!
Dan Bongino, youthful energy and National Security experience are what we need in D.C. in these times. He has the courage to take on the establishment and get things done. He is smart, articulate, educated. These attributes are badly needed in our government NOW. We cannot afford, as a state or a nation, to have 6 more years of the "unseen except at election times" Ben Cardin. Vote Bongino! Mary MaryLou Armstrong
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