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Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries is an American fantasy-drama television series picked up by The CW for their fall 2009 schedule.

Elena Gilbert Bonnie Bennett Stefan Salvatore Ian Somerhalder Rosalie Hale Klaus Mikaelson Pacey Witter Jeremy Gilbert Nikki Reed Vampire Diaries Matt Donovan Derek Hale Teen Spirit Patch Cipriano Nathan Scott Elijah Mikaelson

Damon Salvatore is a bad *** and all you Stefan fans can suck it
Omg i just realised that Ian Somerhalder got married to Nikki Reed aka Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale ASDFGHJKL *** CUTE HALLO
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 2.08 Rose. "God, I wish you didn't have to forget this. But you do."
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 2.08 Rose. "...and it's because I love you that I can't be selfish with you."
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 2.22 As I Lay Dying. "You should have met me in 1864. You would have liked me." https:/…
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 3.06 Smells like Teen Spirit. "I'll do whatever it is you need me to do, Elena" https:/…
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 4.16 Bring It On. "So where are we going? - New York. The city that never sleeps." http…
I forget to say... I'm Diana Winchester *Smirk* It's nice to meet you Damon Salvatore *Punch Crowley*
Oh Matt I am so sorry. I will be having words with Damon Salvatore. How did it all happen? *Caroline frowned shaking her +
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore | 4.08 We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street. "I have to do the right thing by you."
Damon Salvatore | 3.04 Disturbing Behavior. "I am not Stefan. How about you stop trying to turn me into him?"
— be able to achieve the buzz I was looking for and put up with Damon Salvatore's dim conversation. Ordering another shot I —
my all time fav fictional characters. Damon Salvatore . Elena Gilbert . Lydia Martin. Stiles Stilinski. Brooke Davis
Lucky husband.Proud founder of the Ian Somerhalder foundation.Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries.Happily contemplating the human existen
Characters who deserve so much better Damon Salvatore, Klaus Mikaelson, James Nightingale, Harry Thompson, Robert Sugden and Alec Lightwood
I can't even explain my love for these people (Vine by Damon Salvatore♡)
Damon Salvatore through the ages...Thanks-whoever did this. This Friday you'll see him 3 years…
I know this is sad .. But In the end of tvd I want Stefan and Damon to walk in t... (Vine by Damon Salvatore♡)
Is there anyone in this planet like Damon Salvatore, hot and cute, protective and loves deeply? He doesn't have to be…
the there's no way in *** we're risking your life Elena, Damon Salvatore look
moment of silence for Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore // The Vampire Diaries . so good looking, loves Elena (I'm in the middle of this show so this is it) https:/…
Thank god vampires canny die from liver failure or Damon salvatore would eh croaked ages ago
8. Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman. -Wanted to kill eachother. -Became bestfriends. -Dalaric
The Lockwood mansion, clock tower, mystic grill, and Damon Salvatore. Nothing else could've been better!😍😭
his nose so his blue eyes could stare more* Damon Salvatore. Aren't you a little too young for this joint?
Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore deserves better than TVD writing team
Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore deserves so much better than TVD writing team
*As Damon limps away the hunter raises his crossbow to his shoulder and frowns at Santos* you're not Damon Salvatore.
A Nathan Scott or Damon Salvatore is the real question
Who is Damon Salvatore with out Elena Gilbert "lost"
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Elena Gilbert is the only one who can can give hope to the fatalist Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore's face as Elena Gilbert walks towards him, this is what complete and utter devotion looks like. http:/…
Yes! Not only is Tom Ellis swoon worthy, but the dialogue is so witty. Lucifer is like a British version of Damon Salvatore.
I swear the lyrics of Lay Me Down by Sam Smith were written for Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert . Elena Is Damon's Anchor
Cant see another world where Damon is not in love with Elena Gilbert&Elena is not in love with Damon Salvatore
then I can love you like Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore
The moment Elena Gilbert fell in love with Damon Salvatore.
I love Finnick Odair. I love Damon Salvatore . I love Mary Stuart . I love Isaac Lahey. I love Debra Morgan. I love Derek Hale. Good night
looks like I'll be spending this New Years drinking sparkling grape juice with Dr. Grey and Damon Salvatore
Sex satisfies Damon's libido, what truly makes Damon Salvatore happy is his future wife, partner and mother of his kids Elena Gilbert
So many options either Toby cavanaugh, Killian Jones , Damon Salvatore or chuck bass to many good options
Happy birthday Ian Somerhalder! Thank you for bringing us Damon Salvatore. ❤️
if you see your fav character here: . Damon Salvatore. Killian Jones 'Hook'. Klaus Mikaelson. Stefan S. Elijah M. Barr…
Damon Salvatore was planning his 5 year anniversary with Elena Gilbert on their first date.
Are you, Damon Salvatore, giving me, Bonnie Bennett, a compliment? *She smiles teasing* Thank you.
"Who is Damon Salvatore without you, my Elena Gilbert ? A selfish friend ? A horrible son ?" http…
I just want someone to look at me the way Damon Salvatore looks at Elena Gilbert.
Daily reminder Elena Gilbert's last words on the Vampire Diaries were I love you Damon Salvatore
So far there is only Ryan Atwood, Blair Waldorf and Damon Salvatore taken. Any other character is open! Don't be shy! Join us :)
Who was it that blocked me for asking how it was okay to like Cersei Lannister and call Damon Salvatore fans bad ppl? lol
who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert ? {7x04}
who is Damon Salvatore without Elena Gilbert ? {7x04} via
Love me the way Damon Salvatore loves Elena Gilbert or don't love me at all
I'm a Bamon ❤ shipper for life. Bonnie Bennett belongs with Damon Salvatore period. { Enough said }
((The only person i ship Damon Salvatore with is Bonnie Bennett))
take a hint people, the bamon tag is used specially for those who ship Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett,...
Damon Salvatore has always & will always care about Bonnie Bennett
"Bonnie Bennett, you are officially the most terrifying person I know". -Damon Salvatore 7x04.
Jeremy Gilbert was best for Bonnie Bennett. Elena Gilbert is best for Damon Salvatore.
No one has fought for Elena Gilbert harder or loved her harder than Damon Salvatore, don't ruin that😭
Elena Gilbert is Damon Salvatore's angel, send him to the light, his home https…
I remember that day I felt you sad. . I love you Damon Salvatore
1 week until we get to see Damon Salvatore. Let that sick in.
I need a Damon Salvatore in my life
"Travel safe." Elena Gilbert is the most precious thing in the world to Damon Salvatore..
"I would rather spend every moment in agony than erase the memory of you!” – Damon Salvatore
Damon guarding the Salvatore crypt that Elena's in season 7
I always have and I always will hate Damon Salvatore
I have a serious problem with Damon Salvatore oKaY iM nOt OkAYy
"Sometimes really terrible things happen to really amazing people" - Damon Salvatore
you are an amazing actor and Damon Salvatore wouldn't be the same if it wasn't you!!!
crying bc boys that go to my school don't look like Damon and Stefan Salvatore
crying because Damon Salvatore is dead😭😩
Damon Salvatore is 10x hotter in season 6 js
The Leftovers returns tomorrow night which means my rabid jealousy of Damon Lindelof's gift at weaving hope and despair can …
my heart physically aches for Damon Salvatore
This world needs more guys like Damon Salvatore
Why can't Damon Salvatore be my boyfriend
Blair Waldorf Everyone . ; I want to be her😍. Ib: Damon Salvatore . Dt: Ari be... (Vine by Mystic Bass)
*smirks* You know... ridiculous sexy vampire, Damon Salvatore.
Damon Salvatore makes you want to set your standards way to high😂😍
" U want a love that consumes u,u want passion, an adventure and even a little bit of danger " 😎 By Damon Salvatore
Hi Damon Salvatore i am your fan here in philippines. And i want you to know that i really like your movie the VD. What is your FB Acc?
ELENA WHO IS DAMON SALVATORE?. -He was my boyfriend, I loved him and he died.
I wonder if Ian and Nikki roleplays Damon Salvatore and Betsy Ross every Saturday night 😳 bye.
I am completely and totally in love with Damon Salvatore.😻😻😻😻
In desperate need of a Damon Salvatore 🔥
. That's rich. ••My lips automatically etch into a large smirk•• Damon Salvatore? Truthful? I don't think so.
Ian Somerhalder. Aka Damon Salvatore is the most perfect man in the world 😭 look @ him!!!
Damon Salvatore is the reason I'm still single.
If Damon Salvatore was a real person I would date him.
"Ride in the tram tracks, don't look both ways." When the real Damon Salvatore finally resurfaces in scenes with Plot Device Bennett.
Damon Salvatore is going to call Bonnie Bennett his best friend :)
This is the power that only Bonnie Bennett has on Damon Salvatore... htt…
Damon Salvatore: keeper of the crypt
I need a Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Barry Allen or a Oliver Queen in my life😇
would like a Stefan or Damon Salvatore in my life asap pls
At this point I can't decide between Damon Salvatore and Tyler Lockwood 😻
Elena Gilbert is Damon Salvatore's supportive wife, always.
Elena Gilbert accepting Damon Salvatore for exactly who he is since season 2.
Pacey Witter, Damon Salvatore and Neal Caffrey. I can't choose one.
The acceptance. The understanding. This is Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore.
Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. The most beautiful and most epic love story of all time. ❤ ❤
You have to be on some serious crack to believe Damon Salvatore sees a future with anyone other than Elena Gilbert.
William Herondale from the infernal devices book series reminds Me a lot of Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. I love both of them!
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I just need me a Stefan or Damon Salvatore, and I'd be content w life
Photoset: make me choose: anonymous asked me ≡ Derek Hale or damon salvatore
I believe in Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Forever, for always, and no matter what.
Álbum de fotos: get to know me meme: [5/5] favorite male characters » Damon Salvatore “When people see...
damon + elena . dt the birthday girl Kristen 💕 (Vine by Damon Giuseppe Salvatore)
Damon strolled across the perfectly manicured green grass that stretched across the yard of the Salvatore boarding house, >
Every girl need a damon salvatore in their lives.
Remember when Bonnie left Damon to be tortured by Klaus and Rebekah? OTP feels 💕
let me change the mood here and put some sexy Damon Salvatore on your timeline
Damon Salvatore will never look at another woman the way he looks at Elena Gilbert. End of story
Season 6 wrap on this guy. See you soon Damon Salvatore... Thank you all-what a journey
Damon Salvatore alone on the Mystic Falls Clock Tower... This dude is coming back to little…
Exodus is bad Dead is worth . salvatore
Klaus Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Elijah Mikaelson. My life summarized in those characters. Pain, Loneliness, and Sadness😊
should get ideas from on the same-sex pairing. We ship Damon Salvatore and Elijah Mikaelson so hard!!!
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Just heard this ridiculous rumor that Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett has been nominated for Ship of the year 😕
REBEL FASHION NEWS The Vampire Diaries - There is a chance that Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore could fall in l...
"Who do you like?" . Me- Let's see.. Stefan Salvatore, Tyler lockwood, Damon Salvatore, Jeremy Gilbert. All the hot vampires/werewolves.
Aaron Warner Anderson. Sebastian Morgenstern. Damon Salvatore. I just love them all.
No one could ever play Damon Salvatore better then Ian Somerhalder
"Going after Elena? BAD move!" If you touch the love of Damon Salvatore's existence, this will happen to ya!
Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale Cullen ♡. Awwee, didn't saw this coming.
Damon Salvatore just married Rosalie Hale and the world is collapsing in on itself.
Congratulations to the newlywed couple, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed - a.k.a. Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale,The Vampire Couple
Pacey Witter was my number one male character til Damon Salvatore came along
For those who could possibly be wondering I've narrowed my choices to three characters. Carl Grimes. Young Peter Hale. And Damon Salvatore.
I'm never going to be able to say goodbye to Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, or Delena. It's impossible.
Cancel TVD season 7. Even Julie Plec said that Damon Salvatore won't be able to anyone else but Elena while Kevin said she is his home.
A list of my friends: . David Clarke . Niklaus Michaelson. Victoria Grayson. Damon Salvatore. You feeling me?. Oh and Reed Hastings
But we actually thought someone might appear in the middle of the road in a Damon Salvatore-esque fashion
Fiona Gallagher, Marissa Cooper, Damon Salvatore.. I have a special love for the self-destructive ones
Since the Captain was in diapers? Even Ole Damon Salvatore is cheaper. Seriously shaking my head.
I wish there was an official damon salvatore account that I can @ when I'm cryin I don't like to @ ian that's weird he's a mushroom
I love you more than Damon Salvatore :)
ya'll know him soon anyway. The ending would put ya off men ha. He's no Damon Salvatore anyway ha
Damon Salvatore is a precious puppy that needs to be loved and protected
"FOUND-- cave of wannabe witches. For more information call Damon Salvatore."
Álbum de fotos: iansomerhottest: Damon killing-you-with-his-face Salvatore
Valentines day is reserved for Damon Salvatore. 💘
My valentines today are Chuck Bass and Damon Salvatore 💍💋
I lost all my desire for Damon Salvatore. — watching The Rules of Attraction
I need a damon salvatore in my life 😫😫
Do not forget Damon Salvatore. He is so yummy. um-hum
i can't explain in words how much i love Damon Salvatore
When people see good, they expect good. And I don't want to have to live up to anyone's expectations. -Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore's character development is the greatest thing that's ever happened to television, bless your souls
In order to ship Bamon I have to hold my nose. - we give Damon Salvatore all the props and this fool...
Half of me is in love with Stephan Salvatore and the other half with Damon Salvatore.
"Valentine's day is coming ... But i am still waiting for Damon Salvatore
-- was really enjoying this new she was experiencing. And this was the very first time we were [c]
Look what they're cookin' up in the Salvatore kitchen! Wonder if Damon & Stefan are going to binge…
Now, everytime I hear the name John Varvatos I immediately think of Damon Salvatore. Thanks,
Sorry, are we talking about Damon Salvatore? Harry potter? Patch Cipriano? Christian Ozera? Minho? Oh,my..
I wouldn't wanna kiss Matt Damon either. Make it Matt Tuck or Damon Salvatore and you got a deal!
Has anyone else noticed that Damon Salvatore looks like prince Eric from the little mermaid? 😳
You are so greedy for kisses Damon Salvatore. Yea I gotta say you have amazing eyes Damon. *Grins kissing your cheek again +
I'd rather find my own Cappie or my own Richard Castle than my own Damon Salvatore or Grant Ward anyday
Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett are the real heroes of TVD I swear. Don't @ me
Actor Ian Somerhalder won't only be suiting up as his iconic character Damon Salvatore but will also be sitting behind the camera for the 16th episode of the hit supernatural drama "The Vampire Diaries."
A list of clever lines, startling revelations, and hilarious comebacks said by Kai, Damon Salvatore, Liv Parker, Elena Gilbert, Enzo and Stefan Salvatore.
Damon Salvatore is like a mixture of Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing.
I need a Damon Salvatore in my life💔
My Sister doesn't think Damon Salvatore is hot ?? Tf ?
the things I would to spend 1 day with Damon Salvatore 💭
newyorkgirlxoxo: Damon Salvatore is the most overrated character in tv show history…
I typed in Damon on my phone and the next word fill was Salvatore. MmK
I love you Elena, and I have to let you go. - Damon Salvatore
If Damon Salvatore was at my door practically begging me to love him back I wouldn't even think twice.
I liked a video from Caroline Forbes & Damon Salvatore ( Far away - Nickelback )
Elena who is Damon Salvatore ?. He's Stephen's brother, he was a monster then he died. . This part broke my heart 💔😭
me and Damon Salvatore are meant to be
well might as well end my life since Damon Salvatore will never be in it
LIan Somerhalder= Hottie Vampire Damon Salvatore. Was also in one of my favorite shows Lost.
I wish u had the patience of Damon Salvatore. 😒😞
Damon Salvatore positively the hottest sweetest evil dude ever
How hot does Damon Salvatore look in a suit?! Smoulderhalder!
I need one Damon Salvatore in my life.
"No matter how much I missed you or how much pain I was in I never would have erased everything we ever had." -Damon Sal…
I swear, this was the longest walk of Damon Salvatore's entire life
Look at Elena's face here. She knows she's about to see him. Damon Salvatore, her soulmate that she has no memory of. htt…
if where another Mcdreamy, his name is Damon Salvatore
No no Damon Salvatore you can't give up on Elena!
I'll take Stephen Salvatore for dinner and Damon Salvatore for dessert thank you
Think before you speak, Damon Salvatore. Maybe you’ll become as smart as I am.
Could watch play Damon salvatore everyday for the rest of my life and never get bored 😍😍
Delena Is Forever because the definition of Elena Gilbert is Damon Salvatore.
Daily reminder the rain kiss is Damon's favorite memory of him and Elena. Delena Is Forever
Delena Is Forever Damon promised and we all know Damon Salvatore NEVER breaks his promises to Elena Gilbert.
This guy has been here for about 5 seconds and he thinks he can compete with Damon Salvatore. OH PLEASE ✋
Why can't Damon Salvatore be a real person??
A flashback video about getting ready to play Damon Salvatore on TVD.
On a side note, if I were Elena Gilbert I could never have forgotten Damon Salvatore, the guy is unforgettable for GOD's sake!
" Do I look like I know anything about tattos ? Look at my skin, it´s flawless." - Damon Salvatore
▸ Damon Salvatore. *** Season 1 & side. "I don't care about anyone and never will, the beauty of no hu…
Damon and Elena are going back to save Bonnie in 6x09 that's why they are in the Salvatore boarding house
Exam stress kind of got worse after I watched The Vampire Diaries and now I'm bloody sad with everything happening to Damon Salvatore 😢
Goodnight all. I hope u wake up w a Jeremy Gilbert or Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore
"you just described homeless people, aging hipsters, and Matt Donovan"- Damon Salvatore 😂😂😂
I should start getting my dose of NiKlaus Mikaelson, Matt Donovan, & Damon Salvatore. ☺️🙊
McM Damon Salvatore scene he did season 5 on the Vampire Diaries and I love him! :)
No no no no and no Elena Gilbert you can not forget that you love Damon Salvatore it's impossible!
It was Elena Gilbert's birthday and on that moment, she loved Damon Salvatore
Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore, a love that consumed.
I want a love like Damon Salvatore loved Elena Gilbert
I've never been so deeply affected by a love story in my entire life. Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert are TIMELESS.
can someone kill Damon Salvatore like he's so annoying why do great characters like Tris or Will Herondale have to die but he's alive
Just waiting for the day a Nate Archibald, Damon Salvatore, Tim Riggins, Lucas Scott or a Mcsteamy comes into my life
Delena: The pairing between Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert on...
I don't need an ending b/c knowing that Elena Gilbert loved Damon Salvatore, undeniably&without exception, is life-fulfilling.
Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert are LEGENDARY. I mean they are the kind of story, love or
The painfully clear fact that this show has been about the love story of Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert since before day ONE.
Daily Reminder:Damon Salvatore gave Elena Gilbert everything that she ever wanted.
Tvd will end with Elena Gilbert becoming Damon Salvatore's wife. We have had foreshadowing all along 🙌
Damon Salvatore's singular goal is to get back to Elena Gilbert because he is missing her so profoundly
One of the saddest moments :( the music 💔 3x12 - Elena Tells Stefan She Kissed Damon: via
I absolutely agree on that Andy. Stefan imo always loved Damon more so his personal journey is having his brother in his life
Elena loves Damon now and I respect and accept that because I still don't believe endgames are that important to the +
That's it it's official I'm Team Damon!! Sorry Stefan but Damon is the Salvatore brother for me!
but the nice thing is that Damon wants to go back for his brother too.
maybe yes.after all Stefan loves Damon more than anyone else
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the Defan endgame is 100% true...I wonder how Stefan will cope with Damon's death since we know about Damon
same god bless Damon and Stefan Salvatore
bish the only perfect thing in there is Damon Salvatore. And Tyler
so basically there the damon Salvatore and rose marie of beacon hills
“damon salvatore>>> THATS MY BABYYY ❤❤” Tbh I had that phase too, he's so handsome 😌
All I want out of life is my very own Damon Salvatore.
"I get to die knowing that I was loved, not by anyone, by you. Elena Gilbert. The epitome of a fulfilled life. I peaked.…
so where can I find myself a vampire boyfriend? specifically one named Damon Salvatore
There's an Asian Damon Salvatore in my class
The point it,I'm in love with her.Its driving me crazy.Im out of control. -Damon Salvatore.
I will make it back to you. I promise. -Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore makes me weak in the knees
great I watched endless amounts of Vampire Diaries again and just died at the sight of Damon Salvatore omg😭👏🔪
i see tvd on my TL hello yes i am the damon salvatore stan
i am so in love with Damon Salvatore he makes me feel some type of way
i cant move on it's Damon Salvatore are you freakin kidding me?
Wow there is a lot of Damon Salvatore pictures on my TL help
Damon Salvatore should just be my boyfriend already
Photoset: make me choose  ↳ hybridanafrost asked Damon Salvatore or Scott McCall
Damon Salvatore. Our fallen hero 😭😭😭 the wound will stay fresh until he comes back to his Elena
“Star Wars 7 is filming in Atlanta? Shut. Up.” Damon Salvatore should have a cameo-he could hang.He's a …
Some of My fav male characters of all time :))) Killian Jones, Stiles Stilinski, Logan Echolls, Pacey Witter, Spike, Damon Salvatore :)
Okayy so Damon Salvatore and Rosalie Hale a.k.a. Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed gone public with their relationship. :D
i dont like calling them Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. I like calling them Damon and Elena Salvatore. ✌😊
many worlds may be between them, one thing will ALWAYS be true: Damon Salvatore will FOREVER be in love with Elena Gilbert, COMPLETELY.
Michael Scofield, Damon Salvatore, Matthew Crawley.. All died. And now Anshuman might be next? I've the worst luck with shows.
On urban dictionary. And saw "Edward Cullen or Damon Salvatore?" That shouldn't even be aloud to be a question.😡
Ladies&Gentlemen,that is an official season 4 wrap for Damon Salvatore.Thank you all so very much for this experience.Truly,I'm so grateful
//hey everyone. Does anyone know a Damon Salvatore rp that is single? My friend wants to know
Wise words from Damon Salvatore. Even though he was being sarcastic lmfao.
"I don't wanna be good cause when I'll do good, people expect good from me. I don't wanna live with that expectation." - Damon Salvatore
Like if I could take all the Dean Winchester's, Damon Salvatore's, Daryl Dixon's and Derek Hale's and keep them my life would be complete.
And I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and with Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
I want a Pacey Witter, a Nathan Scott, a Damon Salvatore, and a stiles in my life. I'm crying because those guys don't exist😭😭
Random thought. You look a lot like the 1970's version of Harrison Ford. Han Solo is very Damon Salvatore-ish. Look into it😊
The role of Damon Salvatore is reserved.
i wanna damon salvatore right now , I adore him .. Or stefan :D :D :D
I want a Damon Salvatore in my life😫😍
Every girl needs a Damon Salvatore in her life
I miss . I miss Damon and my favoriye vampires.
I can't pick what Salvatore brother I love the most. Damon has the looks but Stefan has the winning sweet soul..
Words cannot describe how much I'm in love with Damon Salvatore, his death has just scarred me😭💔
"Is that where you've been all morning? Out buying bossy pants?" Damon Salvatore
yeah...its always him Damon Salvatore:)
I am so in love with Damon Salvatore
"friendly reminder that Damon Salvatore is also part italian which makes him incredibly even hotter". ESO PIENSO YO SIEMPRE.
Where can I buy myself a Damon Salvatore?
you're listening Taylor Swift I just remember this, you're Damon Salvatore's fan, aren't you?
imagine Damon and Stefan Salvatore being ur big brothers no one would ever mess with you ever
Damon Salvatore explained for a kid.
Promo for Promo? [any pages any size] ——promo me first & comment "done" below. I share a second page ONLY if you share Damon Salvatore. [BOTH] Thanks. | owner.
You know what they say about teenage suicide. Don't do it. ~ Damon Salvatore
I'm a big fan of " THE VAMPIRE DAIRIES " And the damon salvatore.. he is so sexy , hot nd have a cutest smile in the whole universe :) Is there anyone ? Who is also crazy for this man :) Khushi♡
Vampire Quote: Elena Gilbert: We're supposed to be in this together. Why didn't you tell me you've been tracking Klaus' victims? Damon Salvatore: Because they're not Klaus' victims, Elena, they're Stefan's! Elena Gilbert: What? Damon Salvatore: He's left a trail of body parts up and down on the eastern seaboard. - The Vampire Diaries
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