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Damon Jones

Damon Darron Jones (born August 25, 1976 in Galveston, Texas) is an American professional basketball player.

Larry Hughes Eric Snow Drew Gooden Ira Newble Donyell Marshall Damon Williams Mo Williams Jason Terry Ryan Walker Boobie Gibson Sasha Pavlovic

know this Scott and White and Boudreaux and Figault and Stevens and Damon and Jones and Macdonald and Ames, all of them, and you pack of
33. LeBron flat out embarrasses Damon Jones at home!
I'm glad the 2007 cavaliers with "superstars" Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Damon Jones were not a thing 😑
Imma do a few bday bashes in may let's go! Damon Kingdombuilding Pierson AJ DjSupreme Jones Pos Red
Fire Lue now and let Damon jones take over
If you DON'T KNOW about Delena then your opinion that Damon doesn't "deserve" Elena is absurd!
And idk about Delena except that Damon never in a million years deserves Elena
Jones wins the draw for gets to the front of the net for the tip and the OT winner
Damon Martin. Damon Martin Apr 7, 2017 at 7:14p ET. Weight-gate is not going away. Following a co
LHP Damon Jones works around a double with a pair of strikeouts to end the 4th inning, 4-2 AZ
Throwing my vote for LeBron dunking on Damon Jones
Damon Jones. Boobie Gibson. Larry Hughes. LeBron taking this team to the finals is one of the greatest accomplishments in NBA history.
LeBron took Damon Jones, Ilgaskius, Drew Gooden to the finals. come on man Jordan didn't carry a team like that.
RECRUITING ROUNDTABLE (By make college decisions, Jones gets 3rd…
Ok, Lizz which was worse, this one or when baptized Damon Jones?
domain names
Am I crazy or is Ben Affleck third on the Dow Jones stipple wall, after Clinton and Romney but before Obama and Dam…
I'm still wondering what Damon Jones does for the Cavs organization.
Which one you think was worse that one or Damon Jones? 🤔
Pitching change for the Cougs. RHP Joe Rosenstein takes over for Damon Jones... one runner on here in the 7th
im cheating...not a bucks fan...just watched alot of NBA...thats easy...Michael Redd n Damon Jones
Damon Jones be good pick here brice Johnson at 31 we need some bigs
Damon Jones ain't walkin through that door
Damon Jones is such an incredible talent! Great move, Mr. Mayor!
Players arriving hourly! Cougars Chandler Greenfield and Damon Jones are in the house!
Trailer: You Know His Name. Matt Damon is Back as ‘Jason Bourne’ with Tommy Lee Jones & More
It's so absurd that a guy with Love's all-around game is deployed as a tall modern Damon Jones and it's working swimmingly
Cougs take series opener behind 2-hitter by Damon Jones and Ryan Walker...Ty Johnson had 4 hits and 2 RBI https:…
Cougs got five no-hit innings from starter Damon Jones and used a 3-run 5th take game one Saturday!
Cougs lead Utah 4-0. Damon Jones pulled in the 6th for Ryan Walker. Jones pulling an hits allowed in his last 8 innings.
Big inning by Damon Jones who strands a runner in the 5th, Cougs coming up...1-0
Thanks Damon, it's alright for now.
My sincere condolences on the loss of your dear friend.
Free Live Family Friendly Music with Damon Jones from 6:30-8 pm!
Haslem been taking charges since the Zo and Damon Jones days lol
Squirrels don’t generally like cats, on account of how cats try to chase/eat them. 😬
lmao. nice. I'm sure would like that
Now I know what to get you for your birthday!
Also, are you still wearing pajama bottoms or is that daytime leg wear?
An actual conversation with a family member re: SILICON VALLEY.
"Ooh you've caught the sun" - Translation: The heat coming from your face could toast a sandwich
have been shooting 47% from 3 and broke 3 shooting records since they recalled Damon Jones from Canton Charge to be shooting coach.
It's a lovely day, weather-wise, so the very dapper and I are going into London.
I'm trying to find a difference between Dion Waiters and Damon Jones and I'm struggling
why is a fat Damon Jones still hanging around this team? Do cavs employ him?
Let Damon Jones suit up for game 4 and let him shoot a 3.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
My man figured it out: Damon Jones comes back, go 🔥🔥🔥
.What is Damon Jones role on the Cavs other then trying to be part of the James family???
Still amazes me how Damon Jones can be cool with Bron after this
Damon Jones been on that Goodburger drivethru
Is that Damon Jones or the Marshmallow man?.
Damon Jones and Dahntay Jones be doin the most man lol
Damon Jones is about to have a job for life just by being LeBrons homie.
I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the Cavs offense started clicking with the Damon Jones hire.
Anybody know what Damon Jones' role on Cavs' staff is? Associate head friend of LeBron?
My guy Coach Cargo Pockets Damon Jones with some quality face time tonight.
Damon Jones and Juan Uribe definitely meet up in downtown Cleveland every night for dinner and drop $75 each
Y'all I just realized Damon jones is like an assistant for the cavs...he's gained so much weight
what exactly does Damon Jones do again lol
Damon Jones a *** he follow LeBron every where he go😂
How dare LeBron leave Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Damon Jones, Drew Gooden and Donyell for a better team in 2007
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Got our boy Damon Jones doing some coaching for the !…
why not compare him to say Damon Jones with his 225 3's made, John Starks 217, George McLoud 257, or Dennis Scott w 267
Best shooter in the world since Damon
(141) has passed Damon Jones (140 in 05'-06') for 10th-most three's on a single season in history.
What is it with commercials which say “92% of 91 surveyed agree”. That’s 83.72 people. ***
Made a joke at Damon jones' expense via text and now everytime I write *** it autocorrects to Damon so I guess the jokes on me.
Congrats to my cousin Damon Jones for achieving! God bless you in changing the lives of all. I'm so proud of u
that team had Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic and Damon Jones. Seriously? 😂😂😂
Lebron won 50 with Damon Jones and Drew Gooden. What's your point
Thanks, Damon Jones of & Eddie Pope of soccer for the diversity sports panel at
Damon Jones will go on the mound vs Houston Baptist! Go Cougs! 🐾🐾
Damon Jones wants to turn around Neumann football team, similar to how he built Community School into a winner:
Damon Jones will be 4th St. John Neumann football coach in 4 years. Also will be 4th new coach in Collier Co next season
Lely grad, former CSN coach Damon Jones is new football coach & AD at St. John Neumann. Current AD Al Green will be asst AD & strength coach
lol impressive Damon jones shoutout. Dude was a Cleveland legend
Damon Jones resigns at Riverdale, headed to St. John Neumann
Bron took a Larry Hughes that was a option and a Damon Jones to the NBA finals son...
hey lee wanna come on my private plane and pour my champagne? I'll let you be my Damon Jones.
Steady trade talk league wide. Cgy Flames with a list of players in play. Russell, Hudler, Colborne, Jooris, Hiller and J…
Sheesh Bron played with some trash 💀💀 Gooden, Hughes, Damon Jones and is that Eric Snow 😂😂
Had the pleasure to meet and speak with Damon Jones after the game with my cuzo
The phrase "vegan brunch" is googled 74,000 times per minute in the Vancouver area
Damon Jones told my cousin I & after the game tonight. He put in work 14yr & has the right to sit @ the table & eat all the chicken lol
Rose Jones' first career three-pointer. Little known fact: He practices about five half-court heaves about every practice.
When he took Damon jones life on a fast break
cheeky bugger. I am only just human 😂
. Must feel weird being the only non human life form lol
Whoa, whoa, whoa—is it possible after all this time that Hedo Turkoglu just went to Damon Jones's high school?
neck ! 😂😭 you too small he prolly a do you how Bron did Damon jones if you hip to that
- we might as well throw Damon jones in this convo when he played with Shaq and lebron then lol
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Exactly. I'd suggest hiring Delonte to fulfill the Damon Jones role with the team but you know...
A Beat made from the sound of Leo Jones chewing his last meal.
After we get Chris Paul, maybe we can get Ben Wallace , Donyell Marshall, & Damon Jones.
You wouldn't have a wife if it wasn't for Ray J, Damon Thomas, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush? Miles Austin et al? 🤔
En route to workshop, there are odd human lifeforms around me. Unsure how to proceed
The proud feeling when someone you’ve helped/mentored does something great and thanks you for the part you played in helping them get there.
Damon Jones is pinned at hwt. Final score Bubblers 44-30
I know I’m a bit early, but happy birthday for tomorrow!
I’m sorry to hear that, Austin. I know she meant a great deal to you.
Damon girl since day one. TVD RETURNS THIS FRIDAY
Damon Jones that my guy ya dig... But I swear he keep it around him... I talk about the craaazies LMAO... BRUH
Pretending to look at something you're not interested in at the supermarket until the person in front of what you actuall…
Team needs a better shooting coach. Damon Jones is not cutting it lol.
And that's y been my favorite player since when he had Damon jones running point for him lol
Damon Jones and Ira Newble get the deal done
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Guys-Lets just get it out there. Damon Jones/Donyell Marshall/Ira Newble & Delly for Steph Curry.
Inside look at Matt Damon's, Bourne 5 EXOCON' held at the Aria hotel as first images of Tommy Lee Jones appears on…
Still can't believe I randomly met Damon Jones today.. For people that know me, it's a big deal lol
it's amazing he even got there. Larry Hughes? Eric Snow? Damon Jones?
Ugh, loved that - especially how Matt Damon's narration just nailed James Earl Jones doing David Attenborough -
I'm pretty *** excited Matt Damon is doing the 5th Bourne film. Tommy Lee Jones too
If you throw Winston into a group of seniors Artis,Young, Nix, Milligan, and Jones plus Damon Wilson - Pitt could be real good in 2016-17.
BOURNE, AGAIN. ... And with Tommy Lee Jones joining the cast. We're there!...
I thought Damon Jones already had that gig locked up? 😁
Damon Jones rubs feet good ain't be tickling or nothing
Damon Jones converts a PK in the 16th minute. Stow 1-0.
I'm sorry for your loss, Chris. Bon voyage, Rusty.
The return of Matt Damon & addition of Vincent Cassel & Tommy Lee Jones in the next Bourne movie..this should be epic
College is basically paying money to teach yourself everything
How to check if a number is negative
Breast Cancer Awareness
The OSU QB's/ former QB now WR all could win the heisman!
Seen in My car nearby that Mercedes 6x6 and the day that me, and
please tell me you mean Damon Jones.
Mom, why do you watch movies with lyrics on the screen?. Those are captions. . You mean those things that prove you're human i…
Damon when and in how many fights do you predict for Anderson Silva an Jon Jones in 2016?
Dunk History: LeBron James rises up and Damon Jones gets 'banged on' | 36
cast is great, Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel & Stiles, but it is the 1st Bourne film w/no Tony Gilroy.
Damon Wayans: "Hey everybody, I just wanted to make sure that my career was dead beyond repair.". Everybody: "Yes, Damon, co…
And grow to love auditioning. This is why you got into acting in the first place. Do the work. Damon Jones
Find out if is the thing you really love. If you love it doing the work should be fun. -Damon Jones
I like to visualize, like when I golf. Visualize the casting process from start to finish w/a❗️ at the end. Damon Jones
If ur just starting out. An actor of mine did work 4 free & eventually started getting hired for more work. Damon Jones
No matter if u have lines or if ur a background u have 2do the work becuz every role is vital to a project. Damon Jones
I love it when actors update me on what they're up to: booked roles, etc. Damon Jones
It's okay to ask your agent to submit you for roles. Damon Jones . If you see something say something. 😜
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I would strongly recommend that u practice self taping 2get comfortable w/ the camera & to show ur ability. Damon Jones
Practice auditioning by self taping & submitting to roles anywhere in the country. - Damon Jones
Know what's special about you. What's individual about you. It's all inside you. - Damon Jones
You should be able to go into an knowing that you can bring something to the project. Damon Jones
The best way to be get great at is by doing it more. It's about comfort and relaxation. Damon Jones
"What do we fear?" We fear the unknown. Rejection. Not being adequate. It's all relative. Damon Jones
😮 is introducing Kristina Haddad Damon Jones & at They have profound resumes!
Also, if anyone knows anyone who has a rental property available in Bromley (or the surrounding area), please let me know.
I start my new job tomorrow. I guess I should have an early night!
he got on those Damon Jones joints lmao Li Ming 1s
I ain't lying lol Jones has never really been a big on base guy though
Ryan Goins has a higher OBP this season than Adam Jones
Their names are Charles Watson and Damon Jones. This going to be my mission for awhile making this happen.
How did Damon Hill get greyer quicker than Tom Jones?
Xcode: You need to unwrap that optional. Want me to do it for you?. Me: Sure. Xcode: Vie!w, there, fixed.
Speedy Noil needs to start over Damon Ratley. Noil, Seals-Jones, Kirk, Reynolds should all be starting above Ratley.
A terrific shot from capturing the moment that Damon Searle scored for in League Cup!
Woo! and I submitted our client's app for review tonight. 😎👌🏼🎉
Damon & Elena just kissed in TVD and I am crying real tears 😭😭😭😍
Acrobatic catch from Damon Jones on a deep ball has Muskies in business at W 11. Just 1:26 left in half.
• Kids who see C:\> on a screen today are going to automatically turn their heads sideways to figure out what emoticon it'…
landing Mo Williams for Damon Jones and Joe Smith was kinda crazy
You should get to do interviews for the Nick Blackwell vs. Damon Jones card in a couple of weeks.
Tuff position for Dan, he just went thru the same thing 4 years ago with the 4 horsemen. Damon Jones must go. Wrong message.
lWhat is Damon Jones role in Cleveland right now. I saw him in street clothes on road and home games thoughtout the playoffs
It's on you LeBron! . Eric Snow is not walking through that door. Larry Hughes is not walking through that door. Damon Jones is there tho...
Damon Jones is apparently still relevant.
Damon Jones in the background ain't next to the spread by accident
Boobie Gibson, Damon Jones, Ira Newble, Shannon Brown and Larry Hughes somewhere together saying "we're better than these…
Damon Jones on the side looking like a pastor
Would the Cavs have the funds to pay Love AND TT if Shawn Marion, Damon Jones and Brendan Haywood retire?
Damon Jones. Always in the right spot. (h/t
I love how you didn't name the good players Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Damon Jones, Eric Snow, Anderson Varejoa 😂😂😂
Cavs could play LeBron, Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson, Big Z and Damon Jones at this point and win.
Peep Larry Holmes all flabby and sick. Wait that's Damon Jones.
20 threes in 1st Rd by broke Ray Allen and Damon Jones' record of 17 in a 4-game series. Curry shot 20/48 (…
Worst Cavs roster I know of since I've watched basketball featured players like Ira Newble, Damon Jones and Eric Snow
him or Mo Williams was better than Damon Jones, dude had the clip😂😂😂
Jason Williams, aka White Chocolate, sitting courtside with family taking in He had a word with Mike Miller and Damon Jones.
I think Eddie and Damon Jones they had antione walker and posey too team was so old
The Cavs have traded their entire collection of Damon Jones trading cards to re-acquire Drew Gooden's soul patch.
An Amber Alert has gone out for two sisters in southern Illinois. Corbyn and Celsie Erwin were last seen Sunday night in Marion. It's believed their stepfather, Damon Jones, took them without permission. Police say Jones is a known drug addict. He has a temporary license plate
I will deal with it and never speak of such a thing again
yeah.. Btw there's a space after periods.. I'll let you see for yourself.
wow that is warm. Currently for me:
In that case, my next question would be… WHY?
Dare I even ask what one is? I’m envisioning a sort of romper suit for adults? Surely not…?!
Bron didn't dunk on anybody only Damon Jones and Jason Terry. . no heart
I think the definition in the dictionary is "Refer to Damon Jones."
Damon Jones speaks of the Responsibilty of PBA President Pat Lynch on Police and Community Re… via
Meh. I dunno. It's too late to be looking at this under a microscope.
thank you. Sometimes I wonder if I should really be learning another language...
Mostly you can rewrite the sentence to be unambiguous. If you’re making lists of things, use semi-colons.
but then only an American/Oxford Comma user would misinterpret it as they are looking for a comma that isn't there.
I don't really see it as redundant. Not having it confused my interpretation of his sentence.
Objective C course that I just finished. This was the last slide.
As I knew Brad was learning Objective-C, I assumed my comment would be valid for that language.
Obj-C is much lower level than Ruby. Languages that don't use JIT compilers don't need to create objects for classes.
In some languages, classes (the blueprints to make other objects) are objects themselves.
Just like that night we learned about CI composition. XD
More correctly, a class is a blueprint to make an instance of the class (object).
I still think Damon jones got dunked on the funniest because why would he jump? 😂
I'll say this about Mamba's suit. It's way better than that thing Damon Jones wore a few years back...
think Indy will take 2 picks, Johnny, Ira Newble, Damon Jones, and Eric Snow for Andrew Luck?
did Tim legler play any defense?? Why don't they have Damon Jones break it down too?
Black Friday Deal Polaris Dragon Trike 2014 Best Offer Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale $$ Polaris Dragon Trike 2014 Ratings BEST BLACK FRIDAY PRICE Polaris Dragon Trike Jones Joins Cleveland Cavaliers with Four-year Contract The Cavaliers and Damon Jones has agreed to a deal spanning around 4 yrs really worth around $16 million, in accordance to a variety of league resources. He was the very last best absolutely free agent issue guards still left. Polaris Dragon Trike Ski Jackets - Retaining Heat and Fashionable All through the Winter season Now that wintertime is rapidly approaching, individuals are previously scrambling to come across apparel that is special and appropriate for the season. For those people who are staying in the city zones for the winter, it could be no additional than a heat jacket and thermal underpants, or a pair of ear *** and cozy mittens. Snow boots are also the rage in the course of this period, incredibly classy for all those who are pursuing the present-day vogue development ...
We need Donyell Marshall or Damon Jones for such an occasion.
Watching this 07 Spurs documentary...LeBron really had guys like Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, and Eric Snow out there with him
How very domesticated of you, Harrison.
Couldn't be more happy to announce I got an internship at Shand's Hospital in the ER. I couldn't have done it without hardwork, persistence & one of the most amazing coaches in my life Damon Jones! You have been there for me thru thick & thin in the past year & I wholeheartedly appreciate you! Xoxo Coach!!
“Boss: Damon do you change your strap to match your suit everyday? Me: Yes. Bye” I think you do mr suit tomorrow ?
"No thanks I don't drink Tea". Translation: "I am never to be trusted in any situation again"
Haven't heard of Damon Jones since lebron reincarnated him into a ***
hoopmixtape's photo RIP Damon Jones to this day he's still a *** for trying
They have a picture of when Damon Jones hit that game winner against the wizards. My job is awesome.
look who he took to this ship in 07. The team is just a little different now... Got my boi Damon Jones as a coach too
British slang, a woman who’s not too bright and of somewhat loose morals.
one time Eytan accidentally called me on the regular phone from his local
I think he has to pay like a million Canadian dollars to receive SMSes from civilised countries.
Blatt has james posey, jim boylan, vitaly potapenko, tyron lue, damon jones, and raja bell all on staff. Loads of nba experience. 👍
Yay! Newest Xcode doesn’t give me SourceKitService crashes all the time (touch wood).
It’s worth all that to put a new theme on it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No, I don’t think I’ve ever needed to… what’s the appeal, you can install random 3rd-party software/malware? Like on Android?
I just wanted Winterboard for Ayeris and then I realized it requires Substrate which isn’t supported yet so now I’m restoring
watching Damon Jones' game winning 3 vs. the Wizards(Gm6) w/my dad. Cavs advance 4-2 for the first time in what felt like forever
Little Brother and Homeland were great… Pirate Cinema is up next!
It reinforces the concept of social class. Right wing.
See that big dip? That was when you guys started talking about economics/politics.
.Capitalism is a great thing, what are you talking about?
I’ve had to start going to bed a couple of hours earlier. 4 hours a night was killing me.
I gotta go Game 6 Damon Jones on it
Worse than that… there are bloody people everywhere you go! Ugh!
Don’t forget to condition your battery occasionally.
off camera with Sam jones is on Audience network. Damon is a Month old
Truth of the Day: You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great! - Pastor Damon Jones
Maybe that was just a little bit of over-excitement, rather than the downright malice wrought by the fickle feline!
Peed all over my white carpet and then licked my face in joy.
So… in light of today’s events, tell me the most despicable thing your dog ever did to you?
Nuh-uh. Cats are still forever better than dogs.
Cats. Making people realise why dogs are better for millennia.
Asked Damon Jones abt his role w/ lately. "You like a high-level consultant now?" DJ:"You said it, I didn't. But I do like that title"
Have you found some more Christian Rock or Christmas Music?
eh, I fixed it but they've just been acting weird… I guess :3
Damon and Bonnie dying was quite possibly the most difficult thing I have ever had to watch. Crying myself to sleep...
I swear we can be rid of the last one by forcing people to express Arabic numerals with the S and K combinators
i hope so, but i can’t really say. most people i’ve talked to say that Swift will take over rapidly.
Nah, I think it’s going to stick around for a while (even with the uptake of Swift).
That’s like a couple of fingers, I guess?
Speak for yourself. Anyway, New Jersey is like a dialect in and of itself!
Is Damon Jones too? I've seen him pop up in practice videos?
.the sad thing is, it would be depressingly effective, especially with Swift.
now I know what to ask Santa for this year!
Not all before cycling, god no. Stops along the way.
I’m not sure I’d want to cycle 16 km on that, but whatever floats your boat, kiddo!
I was fuelled by iced tea, Japanese food and Nutella frozen yogurt. 😁
I think in this case it is Continuity, but I'm not entirely sure.
Watching the Kyrie take shots before the game and it appears that Damon Jones is on the Cavs staff. ***
Her parents. . Isobel & John. Jenna. Alaric. Jeremy. Bonnie. Damon was the one death who scarred her because his heart is he…
Damon Green, Darrell Jones, Justin Ignatius Mitchell- in need of a vogue session.
Damon Jones, Boobie Gibson, Donyell Marshall, Eric Snow, Larry Hughes lmfao this Cleveland team was so *** & they always won 50+ games
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Damon Jones, Jason Terry, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett all come to mind
I really want to smell a Christmas tree right now
For songs, The Christmas Song & Sleigh Ride and for carols, The Coventry Carol and maybe something French like Noël Nouvelet.
But there are a ton in the running for favorite.
Pretend it was a chocolate chip and eat it anyway!
Your microwave is very clean. I have the same one, but it’s dirty. Please send your cleaner to help me.
Titan-ic victory?: Gadsden City extends its lead over Bob Jones, as Damon Williams scores on a 4-yard run to build a 30-13 lead.
Damon Williams powers it in as Titan lead over No 1 Bob Jones grows. Gadsden City leads 30-13. 4:31 3rd.
Unlimited refills on brewed coffee only
You probably wanna see a doctor about that.
You get a free reward for your birthday and every so many (12?) stars.
I just wanna be able to tick it off my bucket list :P
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I tried to get one and then I realized that it wasn’t as good of a deal as I thought it was.
That’s easily attainable. If I can get one, anyone can.
Former Cardiff City boss Dave Jones up for sensational Bluebirds return
lol that's true. what about Larry Hughes? Eric Snow? Damon Jones? Lol
this if you're getting the iPhone 6 or 6+ today.
On air now with Dan Damon in Scotland + Owen Bennett Jones here outside Parliament at Westminster
Did Frank say what I thought he said?
I’m beginning to get that impression, yes.
Your language has gotten out of hand, young Braeden Mayer.
They’re pretty useful… you know, for tabular data, lists and all…
Just watched game 6 of the 2006 NBA Playoffs first round on NBATV; vs Wizards. Damon Jones with the winner for the game and series!
Charles Barkley does not care about Andre Iguodala's dunk; he merely wants to see Damon Jones' coat | NBA
Please send in your debug log via the Help menu. We'll look into it.
yeah SEO is what I forget about and need to improve on, with all my sites. I'll get the .info
I think most people just use their search engine of choice and click on what comes up. You should be ok, if you do some SEO.
that is what I'm leaning towards, just concerned if people don't understand there is more than just .com, .co, .net and .org
.info sounds like a good choice for an informational site. What do you think?
Why does on the mac sometimes stop responding to trackpad scrolling?
I'm at a skate park, coming home soon and I will be editing it
You’ve checked the box in the Date/Time preferences and enabled location services in Privacy?
Yeah.. Now I think about it i'm wondering why I missed that
Yeah, 1st part with Forest of the Dead 2nd. Introduction to River Song, so obviously a Moffat episode.
It was!? I always messed that one up. Midnight as well though I love.
The Satan Pit (Not technically davies, but under his command) and so on)
Silence in the Library was a Moffat episode!
If anything I want to see some more RTV again, some of his episodes are my all time faves (Silence in the Library, Turn Left..
Yeah, it felt like they could have made much more of the connection to the clockwork droids from "Girl in The Fireplace"
It always used to be the case that Moffat’s episodes were the best, but less so since he became the show-runner.
Yes, I thought Peter was top-notch (as expected) and an interesting new direction. I was a bit disappointed by the writing.
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