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Damien Rice

Damien Rice (born 7 December 1973) is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician and record producer who plays guitar, piano, clarinet and percussion.

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One of the songs in Shrek (Damien Rice - 9 Crimes) is so good I learnt to play it on the piano.
Damien rice why u never come to Arizona binch ur grounded
Jeff Buckley & Chris Cornell's final songs are Led Zep's. Damien Rice, pls you're d last of my favorite voices, just dont.
The fact that I lost my live at fingerprints Damien rice cd is enough to make me cry for an eternity
I added a video to a playlist Damien Rice - Cheers darlin'
So it's not hard to fall. When you float like a cannonball. [ Damien Rice ]
I have the biggest crush on Damien Rice. WHO HURT YOU? ♡
You guys chose Purple Rain, so let's see what you want to hear next! . 1. Volcanoes by Damien Rice. 2. Collide by...
Now playing on radio_sydney BLUE: "Don't Explain (featuring Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan)" by Herbie Hancock
Incidentally, Accidental Babies is a v good Damien Rice song about infidelity. . Why do I like songs about infidelity?
Like you know it's bad when it's all Goo Goo Dolls & Sara Bareilles & Damien Rice & Neil Diamond..& various versions o'Crimson & Clover. 😶
craving 🍚? you may be craving Damien Rice too! Give another emoji a try.
"I don't want to beg for what is not mine." Damien Rice - Sand
Forgot how much I love Damien Rice. Currently obsessing over the song "The greatest *** off of "My favorite faded fantasy"
"Still a little bit of your song in my ear" Cannonball de Damien Rice ♫
For anyone wondering, this is the song from the end. 'Delicate' by Damien Rice
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Yes the first thing I did was listen to Delicate - Damien Rice.
I used Shazam to discover The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice.
The man responsible for music of Independence Day, James Bond and Damien Rice is coming to Dublin
Falling asleep to Damien Rice radio on pandora.not even close keeps playing great songs!…
Ed Sheeran acting like he invented the singer/songwriter genre as if Damien Rice and James Vincent McMorrow havent bee…
In high-school I knew this popular kid who thought Damien Rice was a god. I gave him an Elliott Smith record. He committed suicide.
All I want for Christmas is for to cover Damien Rice's Rootless Tree for me
This live performance is much better than the studio version. Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan - Rootless Tree
Rootless Tree by Damien Rice is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Fun Fact: Eimear really wanted to use a Damien Rice song in Groundless & Damien loved the film so much that he gave…
Having a drink an entire bottle of red wine and listen to Damien Rice in the bath sort of day...
Just listened to Damien Rice's Delicate. It holds up.
I live with myself. I wake up with myself, I eat, and I take a dump ...
I don't wanna change you by Damien Rice es amor ❤️
Damien Rice - Blower's Daughter. And so it is,. Just like you said it would be. We`ll both forget the breeze. Most of the time.
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Damien Rice's music is the kind that makes my hair stand up because it's so good
I was on paper earning more money and having more success than I'd ever...
Actually let me just stop listening to Damien Rice this late. Bad bad idea.
Why do you sing Hallelujah, if it means nothing to you Damien Rice - Delicate (Sessions
Damien Rice is just generally so transporting but nevermore so than with Accidental Babies
My sister is listening to damien rice i'm so proud atm
I want to lay in a field and listen to Damien Rice with you.
Dave, check this song out by Damien Rice please, written after he opened for Leonard Cohen in Dublin
This is unbearably beautiful. Damien Rice meets Leonard Cohen. You should listen to it. Put your earphones in.
Woah! Alexander Pushkin vodka from a Damien Rice. It wasn't there?
.Then hate me so good that you can let me out. Rootless Tree de Damien Rice ♫
Rootless Tree || Damien Rice. couldn't like this song more.
Found something! Damien Rice - 'Rootless Tree'. Pretty apt song for the weekend.
📷 csn-why: Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice “I love her,” Rice said. “I love her so much. And I love her...
cool weather, green tea and Damien Rice songs.
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Reading John McPhee while drinking coffee and playing Damien Rice in the background sounds like too much but it feels incredibly peaceful.
That post Mumford/Damien Rice folk vocal drawl is done well by Andrew
Damien Rice and Glen Hansard are a must see live
Is it racist that I just thought a Damien Rice song was a Glen Hansard song?
I'd love to hear Accidents will happen (Costello),. I remember (Damien Rice) or Eleanor Rigby.
Damien Rice, An Atlas To Follow, Allman Brown (superb song!)- this day can't be too bad with those songs
josh Pyke, Damien Rice, Pascal Pinon- just a teaser of what's coming next- We're right here (with a smile)
Do you reckon Damien Rice has taken his eyes offa her yet.
Damien Rice is my best friend and also the best musician in the wooorld.
Listening to Damien Rice for 3 days now. Man Is such a talented musician
Really wanna hear sing Volcano by Damien Rice 🤔
The Box by Damien Rice is in Crescent Townhouse, Belfast. Download it now at
"I can't take my eyes off of you, I can't take my mind off of you"-Damien Rice
Can't sleep so listening to Damien Rice's album "O" is always good to listen to.
My body's given up. Bath + Damien Rice is all I'm capable off.
This guy and Damien Rice playing in the background. Pretty much perfect 💜
Just discovered that Damien Rice shuffling up on my iPod evokes the same visceral reaction as Dashboard does 😭😭😭 yesh
damnit man damien rice came up on my shuffle I swear I'm not crying
I've just uploaded a cover of Damien Rice's 'Volcano' to my channel. Take a look!
Listen to "The Blower's Daughter" from O by Damien Rice on Apple Music.
Superb Damien Rice cover coming up from with right now!
how have i never listened to Damien Rice before?
my Lyft driver went from playing Damien Rice to James Blake to Jack Johnson, this fool's trying to stir up my emotions
I liked a video Damien Rice - Live at Best Kept Secret Festival [Full Set]
I won't stop till my name's in lights. At stadium heights with Damien Rice. On red carpets, now I'm on Arabian nights
Coming soon: Damien Rice, Milo Greene, Oasis (always in the mood for that one), Minor Soul (great song)
Damien Rice stop messin wit my fels bro
great song from Damien Rice: Cannonball Please visit our streaming guide
please listen to this song greatest *** damien rice — listening to YouTube
So I tried to erase it. But the ink bled right through. Almost drove myself crazy. When these words led to you. - damien rice
So I tried to forget it. That was all part of the show. Told myself I'd regret it. But what do I know. - damien rice
.loving the lyrics by this utter genius The Greatest *** by Damien Rice ♫
Damien Rice - Cold Water. Lord, can you hear me now? Or am i lost...
Damien Rice - Cheers Darlin' I got years to wait around for you.
1981, Born on this day, Lisa Hannigan, Irish singer with Damien Rice. Appeared on his 2003 album 'O' featuring the single 'Cannonball.'
Damien Rice first live performance of It Takes a Lot to Know a Man
"But if love's not for fun then it's doomed". - Damien Rice.
Having a Ray Lamontagne / Damien Rice sort of morning. Probably throw a bit of John Mayer in as well.
Awesome interpretation of Damien Rice by Liam Cloud yesterday at BIG BANG BAR Barcelona! . Another great night...
lol I'm chilling and listening to Damien rice and my roommate comes in to my room and says its too loud *** how can Damien rice be too loud
Delighted that Pete Maher has agreed to mix the new album (previous work: Weller, U2, Stones, Damien Rice, Jack White …
They just played Damien Rice on Grey's Anatomy, and I've never seen a more perfect show
"Everything You're Not Supposed to Be (feat. Damien Rice)", by Mélanie Laurent
try Damien Rice, City&Colour, Iron&Wine, Bon Iver and maybe Tom Odell they're some of my fav hope you like them :)
Damien Rice, Bon Iver, Ben Howard playlist + violet orchid candle + warm cup of coffee + blankets = my idea of a laidback and cozy afternoon
The video of Ed singing Damien Rice in the street just... Gives me life
Rasa nak pengsan tengok harga weekend pass tu. But I wanna go see Damien Rice and Nouvelle Vague!!
Megan’s listening to Damien Rice in a candle lit room. I’m in the living room next door.
Company I Keep by White Rabbits, All I Want by Kodaline, Cold Desert and Revelry by Kings of Leon, Delicate by Damien Rice,
Still reeling from Damien Rice at Tampa Theatre last night and very excited for this tomorrow!
My Bubba was beautiful opening for Damien Rice. The Tampa Theatre is gorgeous, but this is the rudest audience I have ever witnessed…
Tears will be shed at Damien Rice in a few hours. @ Tampa Theatre
This week in Tampa: Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, Nas, Damien Rice and more
Only a few days left to get your tickets for Damien Rice! . 11/8 - Olympia Theatre Miami. 11/9 - Tampa Theatre...
Damien Rice, I don't want to change you, Royal Hospital Chelsea, 13-6-15
Learn all those melodramatic Damien Rice lyrics, and for what ?
"The Blower's Daughter" de Damien Rice de O. And so it is just like you said it would be... ♫
The Greatest *** by Damien Rice is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester. Download it now at
I might go to at Olypmia Theatre at the Gusman Center in Miami, FL - Nov 8
Chance ' s voice reminds me of Damien Rice
Tonight is a Damien Rice kind of night.
Damien Rice - It takes a lot to know a man lyrics
There's no use deceiving, and neither of us wanna be alone... Damien Rice - Lonelily (lyrics)
Why do i listen to Damien Rice? his tunes just make me wanna off myself but i keep listening anyway 😂
Damien rice's voice is so calm and perfect for any mood💭💚
not nearly like I should be. I'm savin up for an acoustic so I can learn some damien rice.
I've spent the past hour laying in bed listening to Damien Rice and munching on ginger snaps while I should be doing French hw.
Words can't describe my love for Damien Rice
Listening to Damien Rice. One track is never enough.
Song of a week (part 2). My Immortal by Evanscence. Confident by Demi Lovato. 9 crimes by Damien Rice
Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan make me sad
Damien Rice was/is a class act but he kinda went a bit "Ted Hughes" with Lisa Hannigan! . "O" is still a brilliant album :-)
encouraged my love of music& singing from growing up to me sharing stages with Joan Armatrading&Damien Rice
Awesome roll with Glen Hansard and Josh Ritter!! How about David Gray or Damien Rice? You'd love them!
My song of the week is from the legendary someone who combines the tendy beauty of Damien Rice with t…
Seriously -SYTYCD, DWTS, Switched at Birth, Walt Disney special, & Damien Rice at the Artists Den all on tonight?!! Thank goodness for DVRs!
Please play The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice and Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
Niles Rodgers, Ride, Mercury Rev, Damien Rice and more are set to play at music festival Neon Lights at Fort Canning on Nov 28 and 29
really been starting to appreciate Irish musicians lately, Cathy Davey, Wallis Bird, Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice in particular
Jason Walker: Dream, Down, Echo. Damien Rice: Delicate, 9 crimes, Volcano. Laffe- Tell me Why. Sia- my love
Listening to Jack Johnson instead of Damien Rice because sometimes its fun to think about dying alone in Hawaii instead of in Ireland.
Damien Rice has the most beautiful guitar melodies in his songs.
Have recently discovered Paloma Faith and Caro Emerald, and rediscovered Damien Rice and Anthony and the Johnsons. Thorou…
Do you know any other foreign artists like Damien Rice, Tom Odell, Bloc Party?
Acoustic arrangements by the likes of Coldplay ,Damien Rice, Turin Brakes, David Gray and Keane, amongst others 🙈
Glen Hansard, Damien Rice, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter, and Frank Turner all in one year? 2015, you've out done yourself.
Looking to start a folkrock/indie band in the style of Damien Rice, Fleet Foxes, early Coldplay and Ben Howard. Anyone fancy a jam?
The John Butler Trio, Pink Floyd and Damien Rice (although I just started listening to him)
Royal Hospital had Damien Rice, Rufus and Alison Moyet in June. Only Rice was sold out 😡
Love the result of this pairing... Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice ~ To Love Somebody.
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"It’s the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you" - 9 crimes (Damien Rice feat. Lisa Hannigan (via...
Soo Damien Rice is probably one of my new favorite artists😍
it's a Damien Rice kind of night apparently
I LOVE it when Damien Rice's Blower's Daughter is used as a wedding song. Just hilariously wrong.
This is my jam: The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice on Damien Rice Radio ♫
"Cigarette shorts, red lipstick, a country road, and Damien Rice. That's how I loved you and that's where I'll always keep you"
Someone take me to a Damien Rice concert as my birthday present actually
Maybe I should go see Damien Rice again in Austin. Maybe.
From this era, Damien Rice, Skylar Grey, Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, ooo Nora Jones lol so many... You?
Damien rice and Arctic monkeys me no yet listen. Rest all are my top favourite. We share the type yo.
Damien Rice hitting me straight in the feels today.
You know who was a better James Blunt? Damien Rice.
Do listen to Alexi Murdoch if you like Damien Rice.
Damien Rice aka my emotional demise
"We do what we need to be free" . 'Rootless Tree'. by Damien Rice con Lisa Hannigan
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"The Blower's Daughter - Live from Union Chapel" by Damien Rice from Live From The Union Chapel
You've seen Damien Rice and going to see David Gray?!
.Damien Rice 4FSOG - Darker Soundtrack???. (Thx for introducing me to his music).
Has gone from Quaddy Park to David Cassidy to Damien Rice and it's still early o'clock wa
We're live at 9pm with new music tonight from Damien Rice (yes, new!), Beck, James Taylor and Kodaline. Plenty of...
This one is very special. A Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy, digital download code to the first person who responds. Amazing album.
Nic Bennett easing us into the night with Ryan Adams / Damien Rice stylings
Josh Ritter & Damien Rice! It's no Hollywood Bowl, but at least there's no crazy Bowl traffic at…
“I met Damien Rice on my first trip to Ireland. Sweet sweet man. And a monster on stage.” -Josh Ritter, at Prospect Park
Josh Ritter, soon to be followed by Damien Rice. Today is a good day.
Damien Rice sounding awesome in soundcheck at live in chelsea
hi I bought two lots of tickets for Damien Rice but only seem to have received one confirmation email from Damien Rice store
July 9th, going to my second Damien Rice concert where I first did setlock (Colston Hall) At his first concert I met Andrew Scott.
Got 2 Damien Rice tickets at the Albert Hall on Thursday 11th June, dm me if your interested
God, Pandora, you know me so well: Damien Rice, Adele, Sam S, John L, Ed Sheeran, Rob Pattinson, David Gray, John Mayer
Is there anything worse than listening to Damien Rice?
Northern Exposure closed with Iris Dement's Our Town. Got into Damien Rice when Hurley on Lost played Delicate on a walkman.
What. Still tickets left for Damien Rice and Iron & Wine at Pritzker Pavilion?! So. tempted.
House music at Damien Rice is currently Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat”, reminding me of ‘s fascinating cover
I contributed to The Get Down this week in Damien Rice, The Disco Biscuits and More - 303 Magazine
Damien Rice or Keaton Henson would be great additions to the already awesome lineup...still time?
Great song if you are having a bad day with your boss..Damien Rice - Rootless Tree: via
I hope Damien Rice makes me cry. Also I really wish he'd play Rootless Tree because I love bitter songs.
Before one of us has accidental babies ~ ♫ Accidental Babies by Damien Rice —
jacob got me into Damien rice this isn't okay
'I'm seeing Damien Rice after I'm seeing Rufus Wainwright' When you hear that you know your gym is a bit posh.
The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice, found with Listen now:
I liked a video Damien Rice - I Remember (Live on Late Show with David Letterman)
I added a video to a playlist i remember damien rice + Lisa Hannigan
Damien Rice and Dallas Green got me in my feels and my thoughts in a ghost town this evening.
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Gonna try to learn a Damien rice song on the guitar
Ryan Kelly - Cover of "The Greatest *** by Damien Rice: Beautiful song sung by Ryan Kelly from Ce…
How could one listen to Damien Rice without flinching? Every word has its pointy end.
Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy (H.Q) You could be my favourite taste to touch my tongue.🎸🎶
jacob covering Damien rice colour me in is so beautiful
tried out Damien Rice. Don't love him like RK, but learned a lot. So I'd be interested in the real answer. :)
Well I know I make you cry and I know sometimes you wanna die. But do you… ♫ Accidental Babies by Damien Rice —
yeah people hype things up too much. Kendrick is coming out with a new album. The new damien rice!
As if it hadn't made me emotional enough they had to play Damien Rice too 😔
Remember the girl you knew in high school who was really into Damien Rice until he came out with "9" and swore a bunch on it?
Everything seems so much worse when u can't sleep it's half one ur listening to damien rice and to top it all off ur toe won't stop bleeding
Bedtime Damien Rice never fails to make me relax. That guy can write a song.
Song of the day: Favorite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice
I have the best boyfriend ever! He got me front row tix to Damien Rice!! 💗
Damien Rice sings with the most soul destroying passion I've ever heard
The Greatest *** by Damien Rice is heart eye emojis
And this song will always be one of my fav. Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter - Official Vi…:
Hozier, Oasis, Damien Rice, Blake Stratton, John Mayer, Sam Smith, if you like them then I'll give you more people ahha
2015 concerts keep getting better. Father John Misty, Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett, Sufjan Stevens and now Damien Rice! Yus
Damien Rice and William Elliott Whitmore coming to Indy in the same week? Um, yes please!
Did any one of you wise people ever hear Mélanie Laurent's album? I heard a couple of Damien Rice collaborations ages ago, and that's it.
No, YOU got drunk on French white wine and bought 18 Damien Rice songs off of iTunes!
Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice's voices together are something else 😍😍
Damien Rice, Nick Drake and we're 15 minutes in. C'mon you are killing me.
Damien Rice, Nick Drake, Ray Lamontagne, Michael Kiwanuka & Bob Dylan. It's like the folks at want me to cry on their finale.
[ Other - Music ] Open Question : Songwriters like Keaton Henson, Brian Fallon (Gaslight Anthem), Damien Rice, Hozier?: I just love the way…
Yes, Damien. We all know that this song is for Lisa Hannigan. We miss… ♫ The Greatest *** by Damien Rice —
I won't stop til my names in lights at stadium with Damien Rice
I want something like Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan.
Damien Rice without Lisa Hannigan is like a pizza without cheese. Heartbreaking,
My music taste is so broad from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson to Muse to Damien Rice.. the list goes on.. I just love it all.
So what do you think of this? Please Be Frank! (Music like: Coldplay, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz, Damien Rice, Ed Sheer…
Rock Werchter's line up is my dream like seeing the Foo Fighters and Florence and Damien Rice and Muse etc in one weekend might kill me
ZZ Ward, Nirvana, the Avett Brothers, the Oh Hellos, Paramore, AC/DC, Caroline Glaser, and Damien Rice make my day better. I just love music
what I would give to have had The L Word a few yrs ago. the soundtrack is all Joseph Arthur n Damien Rice, makes me yearn for when I was 16
Does anyone want to see Damien Rice with me? He's playing at the Greek Theatre
Damien Rice, I dont want to change you
I'm not able for Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan right now
I forgot how much I love listening to Damien Rice and David Gray while writing. What's on your playlist?
Currently crying because I'd given up on damien rice coming to seattle on tour and now it's sold out. 😭😭
In a live session recorded exclusively for the Guardian, Damien Rice performs an acoustic version of his song Colour Me In. It's taken from Rice's latest alb...
I'm not doing a top ten list thread this year but if I had to shoot one out for 2014 these are pretty close to my top ten for 2014. I'm not fully committed but these are ten strong *** albums. Alt-J-This Is All Yours You+Me-Rose Ave Sun Kil Moon-Benji The Pains of Being Pure At Heart-Days of Abandon Sam Smith-In The Lonely Hour James Vincent McMorrow-Post Tropical Meg Myers-Make A Shadow EP Lykke Li-I Never Learn Damien Rice-My Favorite Faded Fantasy Beck-Morning Phase. What are your picks for top ten level albums in 2014? :)
Gonna listen to Damien Rice as I fall asleep 😴😴
. it's been one of my favourite songs since i was like 14 or so :D also damien rice covers it a lot so yea :p
Damien Rice: I needed to take a shower via
Looking for a song to invite folks to the Table with...The song Trust and True off Damien Rice's new album is...
Damien Rice's album is the most amazing thing to fall asleep to
I'm probably just gonna play Damien Rice and Copeland and schlep
I'm listening to the new Damien Rice and sobbing uncontrollably. And now everyone at White Castle is staring.
Had fun doing a quick recording of a new Damien Rice song this afternoon.
Did you get emotional during the Damien Rice show?
9 crimes by Damien Rice is powerful
Damien Rice: I needed to take a shower
Sitting here listening to Damien Rice makes me realize I've strayed so far away from myself these past months.
Just want to listen to Damien Rice in bed and have bae right beside me.
Chris and Kaley singing damien rice- 9 crimes ...
Nothing comes close to pure emotion than Damien Rice
My Favourite Faded Fantasy. My Favourite Faded Fantasy~ Damien Rice. 36 days in the top 1...
my idea of being fearless is listening to new music, and here I am, listening to Damien Rice's first album.
Damien Rice ieri al David Letterman Show ha cantato "I don't want to change you"   10% Off
2/2 Damien Rice, James Vincent McMorrow, Hozier, Daithi, Ginnels, Tim Wheeler (and Jennifer Evans might get in too once I hear it properly)
Iview met Damien Rice: "His answers come punctuated by pauses so vast you could drive a truck through them"
think a paddy shagging David Gray with Damien Rice smoking crack cuckolding in the corner while listening to Nina Simone
Don't think Damien Rice can make an interesting record without Lisa Hannigan. The new songs sound weary and uninspired
Another great song. Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and Christy Moore. Sure who else would ya want?!
We went and saw Damien Rice at The Pageant right after he stopped touring with Lisa Hannigan. In my top 10 concerts. ❤️
I love Damien Rice something fierce. Happy to see he's got a new album coming out next month. It's been 8 years!!!
Queen, the Beatles, Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran, Kate Nash, Tracey Chapman, classical, Celtic, Disney. Can't think if more
Damien Rice in Chicago tonight. So excited. Crazy to drive 6 hours solo to see him. It'll be worth it. Look forward seeing my Chicago peeps!
.have you heard the new Damien Rice material? Wadja think?
Friends! I have two extra tickets to the Damien Rice show tonight in Chicago at Athenaeum Theatre. If your a fan, you know me barely tours, and has 7 dates in the US, all sold out. Pass this onto your Chicagoland friends!
and then i read the interview Damien Rice gave about Lisa Hannigan (again), and the track makes perfect sense of his unrequited love.
Looking forward to the new Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Mary J Blige and Foo Fighters albums coming out in the next few months :)
See more at Damien Rice performs I Don't Want To Change You on Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two (30 September 2014)
I have 2 extra tickets to see Damien Rice at Warsaw in Brooklyn this Friday Night. Message me if interested. I am seeing him the night before now.
Why does Costa insist coffee drinkers only want to hear either Damien sodding Rice or David sodding Grey whining over the speaker system.
No hero in my sky ... . Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter - Official Vi…:
just another brilliant track by Damien Rice. rational emotive lyrics.
Damien Rice is playing at the cafe I'm at and it perfectly describes the way I feel about Gyuri. "This has got to stop."
New Damien Rice album just arrived, sadly without whimsy. I was hoping for delivery via balloon-powered wicker basket with a mouse inside.
Damien Rice is just the perfect Fall music.
Damien Rice has the voice of an actual God🎶❤️
For those of you who don't know or care Damien Rice is one of my all time favorite musicians
you going to Damien Rice thursday night?
Love Damien Rice are you going to see him when he tours?
Damien Rice has the voice of a god *** angel!
Do you by chance have these thoughts? I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You ~ Damien Rice
- Damien Rice streams title track from new album 'My Favourite
Ermahgerd. Damien Rice's I Don't Want To Change You is megahit at my life is complete.
my bad tunes... Right let me get back on track... I love the xx, death cab, damien rice, nina simone, coldplay
Wherever you are, you know that i adore you. ♫ I Don't Want To Change You by Damien Rice —
Damien Rice makes me so much better
Baby Sister [Live From Union Chapel] by Damien Rice from the album Live from the Union Chapel
Glen Hansard is playing Vicar Street in December. After missing out on Damien Rice tickets, I can't miss this.
Damien Rice announces new album after an eight-year absence -
Damien Rice reminds me of Tim Buckley these days
Jesus, this Damien Rice album is heartbreaking. Just feels like eight songs directed at Lisa Hannigan.
As much as I'm excited about Damien Rice new album. I'm still sad I won't hear a record for Lisa Hannigan with him again
Why did Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice stop making music together.
Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice voices are a match made in heaven
Another brand new song from Damien Rice! Listen to "I Don't Want To Change You" here:
Now that I've seen John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Howie Day live, the dream is to see Damien Rice, Pete Yorn and Gavin DeGraw.
What an exciting Monday! Another royal baby, James Corden on late night tv, NPH gets married, and Damien Rice announces a new cd. If only all Mondays were this exciting.
Tomorrow we’ll release “Miracle”, the first original EP by Madyon. The EP is made by 6 tracks: 4 songs, 2 instrumental interlude and it’s 18 minute 25 seconds long. We’ve started the concept in the first half of march in Cuneo and we’ve finished the work on 8 of August in London. We spent 5 months to produce 18 minutes of music. I don’t know if 5 month are a big or a little time, it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing that matters is that the result is exactly the way we thought about it. This EP is made for us and it represent the music we love. We spent nights studying machines, softwares and recording techniques. We spent nights playing and analyzing style and songwriting method of the bands who represent our idea of music like Travis, The Verve, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice, Oasis, etc… We spent nights writing songs. Inside “Miracle” you will find all this things and you will find us: Cristian, Andrea, Paolo, Fabrizio, Pol, Silvano… the people under the name of Madyon. An ...
José González and Damien Rice could not follow each other more perfectly. Well done pandora. Well done.
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Slight change to our acts for tomorrow evening which now are Nicole Cropera + Alan Boyle! Live from 10pm, no cover charge. Alan Boyle is an Irish singer-songwriter who now calls Australia home. Raised on the north Atlantic coast of Ireland, there is something of that wild country in the ragged passion of his music. Part of the same burgeoning singer-songwriter scene in Dublin that produced Glen Hansard and Damien Rice, he spent an entire winter busking on Dublin's Grafton Street earning cigarettes from students, abuse from junkies and a tenner from Bono (once). But a love-affair with sunshine and a year-long trek around Australia in an ancient canary-yellow Renault 12 led to a permanent move to Brisbane. Since then he’s been building a reputation as a dynamic and powerful songwriter, opening shows for artists as diverse as Mark Seymour, and Fionn Regan and appearing at festivals and venues across the country. His songs have picked up a number of award nominations including the International Songwriting ...
I absolutely HATE the fact that "little mix" covered Damien Rice. Like I want to puke. it should be well known because of him, NOT THEM.
Seeing perform Damien Rice's 'Volcano' for was stunning, a highlight as a prelude to her set!
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