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Damien Lillard

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Damien lillard another one of my favorites. That's a good ***
Wow he unfollowed me over Damien Lillard, and I said John Wall was better.
nvm Damien Lillard carrying his team with good records in the west almost by himself. Damien Lillard 5th
Damien Lillard really got y'all mesmerized after a little game winner for 2 seasons now
Damien lillard is way more of superstar than Kevin Love.
Damien lillard got snubbed for the Allstars does that not make him a superstar?
I think Damien Lillard is the Best PG in the NBA
Next jersey I grab gotta be a Damien Lillard
Damien Lillard is a really good rapper
Damien Lillard shot 41.9 percent yet he is in top 10
Damien Lillard is good but he is inconsistent but u talk about pg being inconsistent
Damien Lillard don't get no respect in the league Fr
Still wondering why Damien lillard didn't make team USA
Damien Lillard's game winning 3 with 0.9 seconds left to beat the Rockets ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Damien Lillard is easily the most slept on player in the NBA๐Ÿ˜ดโ€ผ๏ธ
These Damien Lillard 2s are so comfortable, but also the loudest shoe ever. Soft rubber bottoms= squeaky.
Kris Dunn lowkey remind me of Damien Lillard.
J. Cole and damien lillard need to get on a track together.
Ace hood is like Damien Lillard of the rap game
Damien Lillard should just put down the basketball and take over the rap game.
Lets bring it home rip city. Damien lillard
It was and turned out to be a guy by the name Damien Lillard.. smh
I un seen it all this *** damien lillard just traveled on 2k ๐Ÿ˜ like took 5 steps and the ref not gone call it
3 40 point games with Damien Lillard in 2k I'm the champ right now and I have not lost yet ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿพ
The most underrated player is Damien Lillard, with Jae Crowder right behind him.
awesome, awesome piece. This summer gives Damien Lillard doubt about being a Blazer for life. There's no getting around it.
Kriss Dunn looking like the next Damien lillard
Damien Lillard said the same thing...can't look to these *** athletes who got contracts with white supremacists...
Damien Lillard is the only athlete who can actually rap
why not have crabbe get 40 million and give the rest to best player i.e Damien Lillard
Black celebs been hopping on the the past 2 days. Fetty Wap. Damien Lillard . KeKe Palmer. Bobby Valentino. Amโ€ฆ
Emmanuel's mad because I beat him one on one in 2k, he had Damien Lillard and I had Kyrie Irving.
Damien Lillard is the second coming of Brandon Roy
Idk man... Warriors may be in trouble with not curry and Damien Lillard out for blood
thoughts on Paul George tonight? And also Isaiah Thomas or Damien Lillard?
My brother said it best today "these little schools in the tourney now have big time ballers". I believe Damien Lillard started that trend
I love me some Russ Westbrook but outside of Curry, Damien Lillard and CP3 get the job done night in and night out more consistently.
Top PGs in the league. 1. Steph Curry. 2. Russell Westbrook . 3. Chris Paul. 4. Damien Lillard. 5. Kyle Lowery . As of right now
revamp: Damien Lillard as Uncle, Candace Parker as Aunt, Sue Bird & Kevin Love as Cousins
Westbrook curry Durant lebron harden AD kyrie Paul George Marc gasol Damien Lillard all have that ability I'm not sayin that all
Kyrie Irving is better than John Wall and Damien Lillard when he's healthy .
Like and myself keep saying, CJ McCollum is a second Damien Lillard.
Damien Lillard proving y he got rookie MVP over Anthony Davis but Davis still dat ***
*** Damien Lillard already got 600 career 3s
My preseason pick for the scoring champ is Damien Lillard. I can't see how he doesn't score 30 a night on that Blazers team.
I don't like Damien lillard Because he allergic to defense
Looking forward to this Damien Lillard vs Jrue Holiday matchup.
If you somewhere near Damien Lillard tell him to go for 40 plz&thx
I keep thinking "I know Damien Lillard is sick right now"
now id be called crazy and a plethora of other names if I called this the Damien Lillard model?
Damien Lillard new face of Rip City - Sports Out West
I don't think Damien Lillard is as good as people believe; not sold on him having this scoring surge without L.A
Damien Lillard and Anthony Davis might as well team up
I can't wait till Damien Lillard comes to the Heat lol
homeboy wore a sleeve and a Damien Lillard jersey to intramural basketball how are you gonna lose by 21 and walk out like you're the man
Harden died on the cross for Damien Lillard.
Cavs make and land another big mid season trade. This time sending Kyrie to Portland for Damien Lillard and Tristan via 3 team
Kevin Durant for NBA MVP. Emmanuel Mudiay for ROY. DeAndre Jordan for DPOY. Damien Lillard NBA's leading scorer. Cavs in 6 beating GSW
How many games until Damien Lillard blocks me this year for pointing out his atrocious defense I'm thinking 45
how could they not mention Damien Lillard as a player with the most pressure? Only returning starter left on Blazers.
Don't know 3 of these players l. The one 76er and the two guys behind Damien Lillard๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…
Kyrie broke a couple *** spirit last year.. Tony Parker take that 57 Damien Lillard take that 55
Why we gotta play the trailblazers on my birthday? I wanted to buy some tickets to see a raw *** matchup. Kyrie broke Damien lillard spirit
Y-3 women/men and Damien lillard designer this rate I will whop ur *** all day just give up my ***
Damien Lillard is better than most rappers today! 2:50 and on is gold.
With KD back ain't no way Westbrook having 81 points my guess is Damien lillard
I'm here for Damien Lillard to have a "A.I." type of year, he will definitely be shooting 30 shots a game
I'm praying for Damien lillard to take off ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ
didn't know damien Lillard was a raiders fan. Okay then ๐Ÿ˜Š
Damien Lillard looking at yo squads bench
Damien Lillard has no place above Mike Conley. Conley has consistently embarrassed his ***
Damien Lillard, Brandon Roy, Wesley Mathews, Lamarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden. That team would've won at least 3 Rings
4 those thinking should have been 1st team: Damien Lillard, Russell Westbrook, Brook Lopez, Dorell Wright & Matt Barnes all 3rd team.
Damien Lillard had some time free up this weekend so he's going to go graduate from Weber State and give a speech.
*** Damien Lillard and Deron Williams got going on today.. Smh well at least lillard scored more than 2 points lol
Deron Williams is battling Damien Lillard for "most disappointing playoff point guard"
Hamilton Collection
I bet everyone talks about Damien Lillard
Just want y'all to know. Derrick Rose. John Wall. Chris Paul. Kyrie Irving. Damien Lillard. And maybe Russell Westbrook wok all be in the playoffs
Damien Lillard is the new James Harden when it comes to defense..
I wanna argue dat Damien Lillard is an elite Point guard but he be gettin cooked by other elite point guards. Lol
Once Damien Lillard got his *** lit up by another elite point guard in the west!! *** boy where ya defense
I would rag on damien Lillard on how Westbrook dusted him but he the type of *** to keep it real n respond wit low blow mocking financial
Damien Lillard always getting killed by top PG's.
Finally for my match up RUSSELL vs DAMIEN LILLARD PLAYING NOW 0 vs 0 which one is better??
Damien Lillard gotta be one of the worst PGs on defensive bc every matchup that *** gets SCORCHED
They don't have the Damien Lillard 1s in a size 13๐Ÿ˜
Stephen Adams has sent the past two Damien Lillard lay ups into the stands...what dream am I having right now?
Damien lillard is getting shut down lol
Damien Lillard needs to go off on OKC
Damien lillard looks like Russell's evil twin
Damien Lillard ain't doin crazy numbers on Russ
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I need Damien Lillard to drop 50 tonight
there should be more exciting buzzerbeater moments and commentary like when Damien lillard hit that buzzerbeater to beat Houston.
How much Russ gonna score on damien lillard tonight?
Shoot that bihh like Reggie Miller, shoot that bihh like Damien Lillard.
I hope Damien Lillard sauces up the Thunder tonight.
Yo Josh, that "PROTECTED 1st" ended up being Damien Lillard you ***
About to watch Damien Lillard freestyle for the first time
bruh you lowkey look like Damien Lillard
ohhh *** no Damien Lillard better John Wall ๐Ÿ˜’and kyrie better then John Wall and rose
1001- idk how you can put up with Allie and Damien lillard is trash
The NBA GM who drafted Thomas Robinson ahead of Damien Lillard deserves a permenant ban from all basketball activities.
My favorite point guard Damien Lillard he just cold blooded
The fact that Damien Lillard played at Weber st is more baffling by the minute... Dude is a baller
They act like they ain't see Damien Lillard in some joggers ๐Ÿ˜ด
Who else thinks Damien Lillard should drop a mixtape during off season?! ๐Ÿ˜‚
My girl said the only player she knows from the Toronto Raptors is Damien Lillard ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
If I didn't see Will Smith I would've thought this was Liu Kang. Jada built like Damien Lillard Lowkey
kiefer sykes is going to to be the Damien lillard of this draft!
Not sure if becker or Damien lillard
Houston Lillard is the brother of Portland Trailblazers guard Damien Lillard.
seeing Damien Lillard kill them while Dwight stood there with a clueless look on his face wasmagical to see
My favorite players right now , curry, harden, Anthony Davis, Damien Lillard
Or John Wall or Russell Westbrooke or Steph Curry or Damien Lillard or ...
How did Damien Lillard not make the all star team w/ 3rd place yet Westbrook and Durant made it while being 10th in the league.
Fun Fact NBA fans: The Cleveland Cavaliers picked Dion Waiters over Damien Lillard. Lol lol lol lol
Honestly if I were to build a team around 3 young stars, it would be Damien Lillard, Jimmy Butler and Anthony Davis
Someone please explain to Hubie Brown how to pronounce Damien Lillard..
My Top Players to watch in the NBA this Season:. Damien Lillard. James Harden. Anthony Davis . Andre Drummond and Derrick Rose
Damien Lillard is God's way of making up for taking Brandon Roy away from the game
Damien Lillard, John Wall, Tony Parker, Steph Curry, Jeff Teague top 10 point guards in the league not too 5 tho
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Who do you cut at the PG position? . Russell Westbrook. Derrick Rose. Steph Curry. John Wall. Damien Lillard. Chris Paul . Deron Williams. Nooo ๐Ÿ˜ท
Just saw Damien Lillard at this rental car place!!
I feel like I just watched Brad Lidge, Albert Pujols, Damien Lillard and Justin Tucker horsecollar Johnny Manziel. It's that bad.
"Me & my cousin๐Ÿ˜ I thought that was James Hardin and Damien Lillard
Just off the top of my head Anthony Davis, Andre Drummond, Damien Lillard, Bradley Beal
Michael Jorden selected this over Bradley Beal, Damien Lillard, and Andre Drummond
Damien Lillard is bout to give Tony Parker all he can handle so I hope the rest of spurs are ready..Parker got the worst pg defense in da league behind Steve Nash
So here is a list of things that happened in 2000, the last year the Blazers went to round 2. I was in 6th grade. Geocaching wasn't a thing. There were only 4 Harry Potter books, Damien Lillard was 10. Star Wars episode 1 had yet to disappoint us. Breath by Faith Hill was the top song. Contact was about to win best musical even though it was just a concert. American Beauty was the best movie. NBC was the top network as it had Fraiser , Friends and Seinfeld all at once
Gotta give a shout out to Damien Lillard making that game winning shot for Portland last night! Reppin the East Bay! ;)
I'm not sure who's more cold-blooded - Hannibal Lecter in a kitchen or Damien Lillard on a basketball court...
Lamarcus Aldridge way to bounce back from last game. Damien Lillard, fearless! That's what I'm talking about, hit that shot like it was just another day at the office and didn't show alot of emotion. Way to
Top 3 NBA back courts: . 1. Steph Curry and Khlay Thompson. 2. John Wall and Brad Beal. 3. Damien Lillard and Wesley Matthews
Damien Lillard looks more like a superstar than Dwight Howard and James Harden. He was a steal in the draft. Big ups to whoever their prospect scout is
Damien Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers, please keep winning.
THE NBA Playoffs Updates: The Houston Rockets. WTH.. Really Houston. In Jan I way in Wayne's Barbershop on 2234 in Mo city arguing that the Rockets were not a championship team. I said they should have made the trade for Rondo or Melo. All the Barber's told me that will mess up the chemistry. Pat Beverly (da Gremlin) is a defensive stopper. Really, tell that to Damien Lillard bc he didn't get the memo. Oh, let's not forget Lamarcus "Score when I want to "Aldridge. Do we have anyone in Houston that can check him in 2014. 42 points, 20 rebounds really Houston. Mr. Dwight Howard, Superman-No Sir you looked terrible last night. But he had 27points, garbage, he did not look good at all and if we as Houston fan accept that performance then we also believe that the Texans are a QB away from the Super Bowl also.. NOT. The Rockets and Texans need superstars that want the ball in pressure moments. We have only 1 in Houston James Harden and JJ Watt and that's sad between two teams. Portland wins the series in 5 game ...
Wow, they did Karl Malone so wrong in that Foot Locker commercial with Damien Lillard and Chris Webber. LMAO!
I like that Foot Locker commercial when Damien Lillard was taking about all the legends who haven't won the a ring football and basketball.
I feel like that Damien Lillard commercial is a slight on Chris webber lol
So glad to see superstar players, such as Terrance Ross, Damien Lillard, John Wall, and Harrison Barnes in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest last night. They've come such a long way from when no-name players like Michael Jordan, Dr. J, and Dominique Wilkins used to compete.
In my fantasy basketball league I just traded.. Damien Lillard and Zach Randolph for Tony Parker and Blake Griffin. About a combo of 88 points each. Y'all thinking I came out a winner (however slightly) , or just broke even ?
The fan voting is kind of annoying. It' just a popularity contest. How does Kobe Bryant even get into the all-star game this year, much less be a starter? Fans--if they actually thought about their choices--should have given that nod to Damien Lillard, Russel Westbrook, James Harden, Tony Parker, Chris Paul... there were so many more deserving players this year. And how does Roy Hibbert not get to start for the all-star game in the East? You have Carmelo Anthony starting? Good player but the Knicks are not playing well at all and that should be a part of the decision making process.
Damien Lillard and Ty Lawson... Should be a good game! I look at Lawson like this is how I would look on the court in the NBA compared to all them giants! ๐Ÿ˜’
Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin are your West All-Star starters. Melo, King James, D-Wade, Paul George & Kyrie Irving are the East Starters. This KILLS me. NBA knows fans will vote for the home players or, causal fans vote in the most popular. Melo should be a reserve, replace him with Indy's Roy Hibbert. On the West, Kobe hasn't played barely all season. Replace him with James Harden, Dwight Howard, or Portland's Damien Lillard. Team play along with individual stats should be criteria for ASG, not fan bias. The voting system should be changed, 60 % coaches, 20 % fans and 20 % players. Let the guys who coach/play against the best in the world DECIDE who the best in the world are. I understand All-Star Weekend is about the fans, but it also should be a reward for the players as well.
Wade, Lebron, and Harden are not clutch at all what are you smoking. How about Damien Lillard, Jeff Green, Joe Johnson?
Skip Bayless said Tim Duncan, James Harden, Damien Lillard all better than Kevin Durant LMFAO this *** smoking crack
You got LeBron James and the Dwayne Wade, you got Damien Lillard and Lamarcus Aldridge, you got Kyrieโ€ฆ
So many top point guards in the nba because of Allen Iverson's influence I thing.Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, rajon rondo, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Ricky Rubio, Jeff Teague, Kimba Walker, Jose Calderรณn, Brandon Jennings, Ty lawson, Damien Lillard, Mike Conley, John Wall, Jrue Holiday, Deron Williams and even Phoenix got 2 Gronan Dragic and Eris Bristow how much is that?I personally would hate to be a point guard in the nba and having to guard these guys every night! What's your top 10 or 20 there's few starting jobs available for any of these collage kids comming out the draft this year and lets hear from ya'll. I got plenty of time considering I got my inlaws staying with us and none of them speak English so am reaching out for help lol
James Posey, Mike Bibby, Jamal Mashburn, and joining them as the only players to hit game winners back to back under 4 seconds... Damien Lillard... Impressive!
And my Cleveland Cavaliers get robbed a game by Damien Lillard, ohhh that guy
Today's NBA Tips/Analysis Portland Trailblazers - 7.5 - TAB - $1.90 The Portland Trailblazers are currently first in the Northwest division with a record of (12-2). The New York Knicks (3-9) are struggling in every aspect of the game from optimising production of forward Amar'e Stoudemire to injuries that are keeping out key players. PG Raymond Felton will be out again in this game and it is evident that NY is struggling without it's floor general. This was seen in the 98-89 loss at Washington on Saturday. Lead man Carmelo Anthony is currently shooting a career low 42% with struggling guard JR smith shooting 32.7% roughly 10% less then last year production. Look for one of the league's best scoring guards Damien Lillard to take over and cover the line of -7.5. Charlotte Bobcats - 3.5 - TAB - $1.90 The Boston Celtics travel to Charlotte to face off with the Charlotte Bobcats after starting the season with a (5-10) record. Charlotte are finally looking towards putting all injuries behind them with off-seaso ...
Would you rather start a franchise with Kyrie, Deron Williams, Damien Lillard, or Jrue Holliday who would it be?
Mo Williams is signing with the Trail Blazers? Didnt he want a starting position? What about Damien Lillard?
Pump ya brakes fam...too much of a reach "Damien Lillard > Kyrie Irving"
that dude is a big time locker room cancer... Dude is gonna ruin Damien Lillard.
Mo williams signed with blazers they have damien lillard and him
So mo williams is a blazer now...damien lillard has a new running mate in the backcourt
Damien Lillard an mo Williams not a bad startin an backup PG combo
Damien lillard now has an excellent back up 3 point shootin pg month williams to back him up
forces the rating system in myplayer! Since when is Damien lillard that good. Or They suck!
yeah I heard that one too. Wallace is all grown up. Did you know Damien Lillard knew the guy portrayed in the movie? Wild
They put John Wall over damien lillard kill yourself
ยซBesides Kyrie Irving who will be the next player from the 2011 12 or 13 draft to be an All StarยปAnthony Davis and Damien Lillard
Not taking nothing from Kyrie but in this USA game I seen on NBATV Damien Lillard was busting his *** and he had no answer.
Him or Damien Lillard. it'll be a toss up!
Austin Rivers, Damien Lillard, Jeff Teague, John Wall, and Derick Rose all over here at LBCC watching these high school players play
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I don't think Lamarcus will leave Damien Lillard. He the future.
Don't y'all sleep on that boy Damien Lillard either
Kyrie VIOLATED Damien Lillard in that USA game omg
Who is your favorite basketball player and why โ€” This is a hard question. BUT Damien Lillard because he is not o...
Prepared for hate... Damien Lillard will have a better season than Derrick Rose next year and is already a better player than Derrick Rose.
I support people my age more than anyone else usually just because they're my age. Mario Balotelli, The Weeknd, Emma Watson, Damien Lillard
no Damien lillard not even close and Westbrook is the best PG in the league
Damien Lillard is better than him and so i westbrook
Kalil got a response from Damien Lillard lmao!
Damien Lillard overrated. He getting too cocky.
terrance Ross and rudy *** are unstoppable and damien lillard will not be stopped.
Damien Lillard is in Chicago omg I need to go
Stephen Curry is my boy!! But he doesn't make his teammates better as Kyrie does. And John Wall is better than Damien Lillard
Why is Damien lillard in y'all's top ten ?
I know Damien lillard cold but tht *** defense so bad tht I hate to watch him ...and jrue disappears in games
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don't forget Jrue Holiday and possibly Damien Lillard
Damien lillard is my favorite point guard
Props to Damien lillard... That shows character !
Kyrie Irving or Damien Lillard โ€” Kyrie cause I like the name better lol
More like Damien Lillard, Wesley Matthews, Nicholas Batum, Lamarcus Aldridge & JJ Hickson with a 18-2 record going all the way.
Damien Lillard humble on and off the court!
Damien Lillard is that guy. this is amazing
is the Big Sky Conference! Represented by Cody McDavis. Fun Fact: NBA rookie, Damien Lillard, came from the Big Sky!
Of course Kyrie had a great USAB scrimmage, Damien Lillard was guarding him.
I was gonna see "Fruitvale Station" anyway, but then LeBron and Damien Lillard made me want to see it even more lol
You can tell Damien lillard from the town
John Wall way better then Damien lillard
hes pretty good! Blake Griffen and Damien Lillard are pretty good!
๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€ Meyers Leonard get buckets! & you are not related to Damien Lillard
If we eliminate Damien Lillard, who do you guys think has the most promising career ahead of them from the 2012 draft? –  10% Off
Paul George, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Damien Lillard are going to be the future of the NBA soon.
Damien Lillard reminds me so much of Brandon Roy. I'm gonna follow him closely from now on.
Chris Copeland and Damien Lillard, also named rookies of the month.
Chris Paul just put Damien Lillard in the spin cycle with his foot work and quickness are rolling right now
Rookies Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III are with 66ers, but have only two fewer points than ROY Damien Lillard in Portland tonight,
That's the song from the commercial w/ Von Miller/Iman Shumpert/Damien Lillard - finally got around to search for it lol.
Damian Lillard - Ballin' via I'm gona play just like Damien Lillard!
Who was better in there rookie year Kyrie Irving or Damien Lillard right now
Damien Lillard looking alot like the west's version of Derik Rose
I like Kyrie just like the next man, but Damien Lillard is another kind of beast.
I would hate to be Nolan Smith. First he was just backing up Damien Lillard, now he's the 3rd string PG because of Eric Maynor.
Is Bradley Beal a threat to Damien Lillard for Rookie of the Year? -whitey
Eric Maynor & Damien Lillard is a good backcourt
My Award Predictions: MVP: Kevin Durant Rookie of the Year: Damien Lillard 6th Man of the Year: Wilson Chandler Finals: OKC Thunder Finals MVP: Kevin Durant Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers Defensive Player of the Year: Joakim Noah Offensive Player of the Year: Lebron James -AI.3
Pretty sure Damien Lillard and are the same person.cept the former can actually hoop.
So what are your guys' predictions on the awards? Mine are Finals: Thunder Runner-up: Pacers Finals MVP: Kevin Durant MVP: Kevin Durant ROY: Damien Lillard 6 MAN: J.R. Smith Coach of Year: Scott Brooks -TM7
Best point guard in 4 years. Kyrie Irving or Damien Lillard?
*rubs crystal ball* I see Damien Lillard in my future ..
Who are you guys rooting for, Jrue Holiday because hes on the East (Go East!) or Damien Lillard because we all want to see all 76ers fail? I think I have to go Holiday. Don't want the East to fall down too far so that Novak and White's anticipated wins don't make a difference.-CantCopeWithCope
Jrue Holiday got this...Damien Lillard is hecka quick though.
Im goin with Damien Lillard for the skills challenge
Mario Chalmers gets Exposed when he not playing older PGs. Damien Lillard
I'm trying to figure out how they had a DRAFT and Shaq still ended up with Damien Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson and Chandler Parsons๐Ÿ˜‘
One thing I do hate about Damien Lillard is he's sometimes to calm.. like dude... Stop walking the ball up the court when there's 2 minutes left... Chris Paul or Russel Westbrook would of been settim up a play already.
I like Damien Lillard game hes like Brandon Knight but better
A young man who went to school here at BYU was drafted by the NBA last & plays for the Portland Trailblazers. His name is Damien Lillard. The Blazers play the Miami Heat at home tonite on ESPN at 8:30 & according to TV he may get to play tonite. Hope I'm correct. I don't know his background except that he went to school here but I wish him well in the NBA.
Hmm Michael has me watching a live Portland Trailblazers game as a last ditch attempt to know all the payers before we get to the games.hmm I think it may be too late but lets see how I'm doing.Batum (forward), Aldridge (forward), JJ Hickson (centre), Price (guard) , Claver (forward from Spain), Damien Lillard (point guard), Wesley Matthews (guard) Joel Freeland (who started at 17y/o for UK in internationals playing centre). Portland coached by Terry Stotts. Missing Meyers Leonard today with injury.
I would rather have Jim Harbarugh, Patrick Peterson and CP3 or even Damien Lillard
Time for Damien Lillard to show Ray Felton what a real Portland point guard can do!
My Western Conference All Star Team: Guards: Toughest draw in the NBA Chris Paul Russell Westbrook Tony Parker Stephen Curry Kobe Bryant James Harden Forwards/C Blake Griffin Kevin Durant Tim Duncan Lamarcus Aldridge Zach Randolph David Lee Dwight Howard Guys that are gonna be close: Jamal Crawford, Al Jefferson, Rudy *** Serge Ibaka Who did I leave off that will probably make it: Kevin Love, Andre Iguodala, Marc Gasol, Rudy *** Jeremy Lin is high on the voting list. Maybe Serge Ibaka, but who do I take off? Guys who I think are gonna be dissed: Tim Duncan, David Lee, Zach Randolph. Maybe Steph Curry. Guys I think should really make it: Damien Lillard, David Lee. Lillard is in a tough spot as a rookie PG at the strongest position in any conference. David Lee, most under-rated PF in the league. Period. And Golden St. has a great record this year. Question: Should Dwight Howard be on the team this year? Why is Love not on my list? Only one reason-Not enough games played.
โ€œHaven't heard nothing about Trail Blazers this season! College teams get more love than them.โ€ Damien Lillard. ROY.
Harrison Barnes is my second favorite rookie, Damien Lillard is my first. he so *** live!
If Damien Lillard gets injured like Brandon Roy, and Greg Oden, that tells you something about blazers medics.
was Damien lillard a McDonald all American? Marshon Brooks? Doug McDermott? McCollum? Isaiah Cannon?
Just scored 51 with Damien Lillard against the lake show
You know Damien Lillard is real if Kobe checkin him...
Look it's Damien Lillard's two mothers oh and scoreboard...
Damien Lillard is finna get off on the Lakers
Laker fans need to stop talking about Will Bynum and focus on Damien Lillard
Steve Nash got injured guarding Damien Lillard and thats who hes guarding again
I know Steve Nash not gone guard Damien Lillard tonight, that should be illegal
this is the point guard golden age.. Russ, CP3, k. Irving, Nash, D. Rose & Deron Williams. Damien lillard is up next
Stay in front of Damien Lillard"What do the Lakers need to do to beat the Blazers tonight?"
Damien Lillard watch out you got competition 4 Rookie of Year; if Al Horford of ATL Hawks has noticed has tooo!
Tonight the Lakers (14-15) take on the Trail Blazers (14-13) in Staples Center. Pau Gasol (sore foot) is ready to go tonight. There isn't too many questions about the Lakers offense, but our defense is an entirely different story. Allowing 126 points to Denver on Thursday night. With Metta, Dwight, and Kobe in our lineup, i don't see why our defense is struggling so much. Hopefully Nash can stay with Damien Lillard tonight. And Howard needs to stay out of foul trouble. If that happens, we should have no problem cruising to a W tonight. Prediction: Lakers- 108 Trail Blazers- 96 GO LAKERS -LAL4LIFE
Watching Kendall Marshall play for the makes me appreciate the selection of Damien Lillard so much more. Not close.
If you're bored, you should definitely watch Damien Lillard highlights.
I really want you all to know... "I called this Damien Lillard is going to be that guy" in like may... Dudes kept saying who did he play vs.
Damien Lillard so beastly on this game
Damien Lillard-Jrue Holiday PG match up should be interesting. Lillard for Rookie of the Year?
I wonder how long Utah will hold onto the fact that Damien Lillard went to weber.
Ill take Kyrie and Damien lillard over Westbrook too
Just touched down in LA. What up SoCal?
have you guys watched that kid Damien Lillard in Portland? Hes fun to watch! Reminds me of Isaiah Thomas
not at all. He's been hurt half the year and hasn't been good when it matters. Damien lillard a better rookie so far
Reminder: Nets traded the Damien Lillard pick for 10 weeks of Gerald Wallace.
Players with MORE points and LESS turnovers than D-Will: Andrea Bargnani, Arron Afflalo, Jamal Crawford, and my personal fav: Damien Lillard
If Damien Lillard don't win rookie of the year, it's cause he play for Portland. That's the only reliable excuse.
Know who would have no problem making this Nets team good? Chris Paul. Steve Nash. Rajon Rondo. Kylie Irving. Damien Lillard. Jose Calderon.
can we give the Rookie If Tge Year Award to Damien Lillard just now?!
Damien lillard betta win Rookie of the year
Scott Lynn interviews Damien Lillard on the Blazers Postgame Show on the Blazers Radio Network.
Damien Lillard for Rookie of the Year. I hope he can do what Brandon Roy did for the franchise.
There is no way that Michael Jordan is better then Damien Lillard
Damien Lillard close out the Rookie of the Year Chase tonight with Another Double-Double!
Damien Lillard is a beast, definately deserves ROTY at this point. A buzzer beater as a rookie? Are you kidding me?
The Hornets come back from 12 Down at start of the fourth but it wasn't enough as the Blazers win 95-92 after a big three from Damien Lillard in the Dying Seconds! -Freo
You can just go head & give Damien Lillard the rookie of the yr award right now,while your at it hand Jrue Holiday his most improved player
My predictions: Damien Lillard best rookie, Jamal Crawford best 6th man, and either Joakim Noah or Anderson Varejao for most improved player
Damien Lillard became the second player to make a 3-pointer in each of his first 20 games. He tied Rudy Fernandez, who did it in 2008
Talked to fast when I said Austin Rivers is going to be better than Damien Lillard
Hot or Not? This week's hot or not players are: Danilo Gallinari, Austin Rivers, and Zach Randolph 1. Danilo Gallinari: Hot Gallinari has been in the starting position for a while now on the Denver Nuggets, and is doing a great job. At 6'10, his length is great for defense. He has scored double digits in his last few games, and grabbed a decent amount of boards. He's a great shooter who can drive the lane as well, making him a very versatile player. Gallinari averages 15 points and 6 boards, and he can come in handy for the Nuggets in the long run. 2. Austin Rivers: Not In his defense, adjusting to the NBA, especial after only 2 years in college, is not easy task. He's not having a great rookie year, and a lot of people think he should've stayed the full 4 years in college. He's averaging 6 points a game, which is nothing compared to the caliber of a Damien Lillard who's having 20 point nights for Portland. River's poor shooting isn't gunna win him a rookie of the year award, but being the son of Doc Rive ...
Damien Lillard and Eric Bledsoe are going to be the two of the best points guard in the league.
Joakim Noah & Taj Gibson cryin cus Damien Lillard dunked at the end of the game...that *** always cryin bout somethin
Damien Lillard makes me want to punch myself for not drafting him in my fantasy league. Had him queued too!!!
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Damien Lillard is probably my favorite, most anticipate up rising star and I'm do excited to see him play more! โค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’š
Just thinking out loud...wonder what Blazer life would have been like to have a healthy Brandon Roy, a healthy Greg Oden, LA, Batum, and Damien Lillard? Yikes...K now wake up! =)
I hope Damien Lillard first fall to that injury curse that haunts Portland. DDR can play ball
last nights Trailblazers game against the Lakers had the potential to be a "Trick" on the fans as our hopes for a decent season would get off to a rocky start against the new look Lakers with Dwight "Superman" Howard and Steve Nash joining the ranks of Koby and company. Instead what we got was a "Treat" as our new point guard Damien Lillard joined Isiah Thomas and the big "O" Oscar Robertson as the only players in NBA history to get over 20 points and 10 assists in their rookie debut game.I know it's just one game but I'm pretty excited!
โ€œDamien Lillard is the best rookie in the league ! Been said it & I won't stop saying itโ€ right behind tony wroten jr I agree
Will Barton, Damien Lillard If they have a full healthy season Damien Lillard will get rookie of the year, an will Barton plays like a young Lebron James
My Rookie of the year candidates this season Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers, Michael Kidd-Gilcrest, Damien Lillard, Bradley Beal
But back to Damien Lillard. My goodness, very impressed in this game vs. the Lakers. Also Myers Leonard.
I think my resentments regarding the Greg Oden/Kevin Durant fiasco, last season's money grubbing strike, and Brandon Roy's injury/retirement have subsided enough to let me watch some Trail Blazers basketball this season. I didn't watch any basketball last season for the first time in over 30 years, since the Blazers won it all in 76-77. Looks like they have some good young talent. Especially looking forward to checking out their new point guard, Damien Lillard (sure would be nice to have a PG capable of consistently hitting a mid-range jump shot). Of course, a coach who pays a bit of attention to detail would sure be a plus also. Preseason starts tonight against the Lakers, and it is televised.
Damien Lillard is my really early favorite for ROY. Mainly because Austin Rivers & Eric Gordon going to try to keep it from Anthony Davis
Head Coach Terry Stotts says that Damien Lillard will be the starting point guard for the Trail Blazers.
cant wait for NBA to start, Damien Lillard rookie of the year
Damien Lillard who used to play for Weber State, now on the Trailblazers, posted this pic of Dax that i took
Hey Chris, in your opinion, should the Trail Blazers trade Aldridge, or is the addition of Damien Lillard enough to help
Damien Lillard will be the Rookie of the year so far I've never been wrong
Damien Lillard gonna be like Russell Westbrook without a Kevin Durant
The more I see of Damien Lillard, the more I like him.
This *** Damien lillard trying to go in on me lol
smh this dude called himself Damien Lilard and could not miss. lol you are greatness magic powers and shii .
Met up with My Boy Damien Lillard during second period
This guy thinks Myers Leonard will be better than Kobe in a couple years...and thinks Damien Lillard will be better than D. rose as a rookie
interested to watch Damien Lillard, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeremy Lamb and Royce White
my pick is Damien lillard for rookie!
1 - 0 Nice start to the season. Lookin' good on both sides of the ball. Next up... the powerhouse that is Weber State. Maybe they can get Damien Lillard to suit up at RB.
Everybody talk about Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and Austin Rivers but yall need to look out for MKG, Damien Lillard, and Jeremy Lamb tho
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