Damien Hirst & Noel Fielding

Damien Steven Hirst (born 7 June 1965) is an English artist, entrepreneur and art collector. Noel Fielding (born 21 May 1973) is a British surrealist, comedian, actor, artist, DJ and musician. 3.3/5

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Just ended a long spiral of YouTube video watching. Started out with Jared Leto -> 30 Seconds to Mars -> Damien Hirst -> Noel Fielding.
Noel Fielding, Damien Hirst, Stephen Fry, Phil Taylor. Esoteric mix of people in crowd at Where's Huw Edwards?
Damien Hirst - The First Look with Noel Fielding. It's too good, guys.
What's that? Dr James Fox has a new series coming on BBC4? I.HATE.THAT.MAN! I'd rather watch Noel Fielding interview Damien Hirst again.
Damien Hirst takes Noel Fielding on a walk through his Tate Modern show. Catch up on 4oD:
This is a great video of Noel Fielding interviewing Damien Hirst. Most of us are familiar with Hirst’s work, but the man, not so much.
Did anyone see Noel Fielding interview Damien Hirst the other day? Did he liken him to Oscar Wilde or is my mind playing tricks with me?
"He's the grim reaper in clown shoes" Noel Fielding on Damien
Noel Fielding reviewing Damien Hirst is pretty much what they each deserve: they're both overhyped, overexposed & underwhelming
Aren't there enough comedy shows on TV already without Channel 4 sending Noel Fielding to review Damien Hirst?
It's been an artistic week for Noel Fielding: A new collection of paintings plus Damien Hirst at the Tate:
watching the tv programme with Damien Hirst showing around Noel Fielding, very savvy is that Hirst.
Good deed done for the day - defended Noel Fielding and Damien Hirst. Confuses me how an Art Critic can be so narrow-minded.
Damien Hirst; First Look. Brilliant and unmissable tv. Couldn't think of any one better than Noel Fielding to do the interview.
Damien Hirst retrospective w. Noel Fielding on C4 & the Tate Modern website crashes. We're all so unoriginal (myself included)
Turned over to watch a bit of the Damien Hirst program and Noel Fielding is presenting it. Oh dear.
Exploration of Damien Hirst exhibiton C4? Pants. Hosted/narrated by Noel Fielding-Get IN! Watching now! I can learn from Vince Noir.
Watching the Damien Hirst programme on Channel 4. Just realised who Noel Fielding has been dressing up as all these years: Freddie Mercury.
8pm C 4 Mon 2/04 Damien Hirst talks to Noel Fielding about his career & new Tate Modern ex.An insight into the complex artist
Damien Hirst being interviewed by Noel Fielding - what a massive twatfest
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