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Dame Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn, DBE (born Vera Margaret Welch on 20 March 1917) is an English singer-songwriter and actress whose musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during World War II.

Happy Birthday Alexander Armstrong London Palladium East Ham Hayley Westenra Poppy Appeal

A lovely Dame Vera Lynn tribute on Friday 5 May at 2pm. Find out more -
PPS Covering security at the Dame Vera Lynn 100th birthday celebration at the London Palladium.
The Best of British was excellent. Gorgeous night fir it too. Well done all, a fitting tribute to Da…
As Dame Vera Lynn turns 100, played "We'll Meet Again" at Guard Change at Buckingham Palace today h…
Is it true you duetted with Dame Vera Lynn on her 100th birthday album?
Quick! It's your last chance to watch our Dame Vera Lynn documentary on iPlayer!
Watching BBc2 documentary on Vera Lynn. Why only a Dame? Very least a member of the Order of merit. We'll meet again...
Dame Vera Lynn marks 100th birthday with new album release.
We are overjoyed to announce that Dame Vera Lynn's special anniversary album celebrating 100 years, is out now 🎂 https…
We'll meet again. Don't know where. Don't know when. But I know we'll meet again
WW3 will be a shame but on the plus side me and are in a good position to be the Dame Vera Lynn of this conflict.
Just watched back the inspiring on presented by - wow!
Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn. Remember how she said we would meet again some sunny day
At the World War II / 1940s event at Easter, a car previously owned by Dame Vera Lynn will be on display near the... http…
Still time to catch 'Dame Vera Lynn: Happy 100th Birthday' on BBC iPlayer
Happy Birthday to one of our strong supporters, Dame Vera Lynn.100 today! Best wishes The British Polio Fellowship. https:…
Ian's Tutorial TUKEsday - "The White Cliffs of Dover" in honour of Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Bday!. Chords...
Two Spitfires fly over White Cliffs of Dover in tribute to Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday. .
📷 The 1939 release of her famous song 'We'll Meet Again' to turning 100. 🎂 Dame Vera Lynn's life in pictures. 🎙
A very Happy Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn. 100 grand years today.
Dame Vera Lynn's face projected onto white cliffs of Dover to celebrate her 100th birthday
Top 10 facts about Dover - Dame Vera Lynn is 100 today, so let’s celebrate with some facts about t...
We'll be celebrating Dame Vera Lynn's upcoming 100th birthday on BFBS Radio this weekend with a special...
Vera Lynn - 100 - Dame Vera Lynn is 100 years young. While she may not be able to sing any longer, that does no...
Fun to be singing at the London Palladium again tomorrow night as part of Dame Vera Lynn's 100th…
Islanders to perform for Dame Vera Lynn at 100th birthday celebrations
Care home residents sing We'll Meet Again for Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday
London Palladium today and tomorrow for Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday celebrations.
Dame Vera Lynn releases a brand new album today - just days before her 100th birthday
Dame Vera Lynn praises ‘the boys in Burma’ who kept her safe in new 100th birthday documentary
Chart Fact: Zara Larsson & Dame Vera Lynn release albums today - there's an 80 year age difference! htt…
All the best to Dame Vera Lynn for her new album! Dame Vera, the is first singer to release a new album…
Dame Vera Lynn, 100 on Monday, releases her new album today. There'll Always Be An England -- and a Vera Lynn.
Can't wait to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday tomorrow night at the London Palladium
Dame Vera Lynn thanks 'the boys' in Burma as she celebrates her 100th birthday - BT TV (blog)
📺 A happy 100th birthday tribute celebrating the life and work of national treasure, Dame Vera Lynn. 🎂 🎙🎶 Saturday 9pm on
On Saturday 9pm, watch Dame Vera Lynn's documentary on
Are there any live tributes to the wonderful and British treasure Dame Vera Lynn on her 100th birthday around Linco…
We are on BBC/Radio 2 with Wossy NOW! Tune in for chat about Dame Vera Lynn, rapping and even...
Such a pleasure working with on "Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn". Can't wait to see her in acti…
It's our wonderful village resident, Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday on Monday - do pop in & sign her card with you…
The Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn will be 100 next week! To celebrate she's recorded a new album! Happy Birthday
on Arts Show tonight, to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's centenary. Lovely way to spen…
Anita Harris will be appearing at the 100 celebration this Saturday:
We're excited to announce our latest TV production for . Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn!.
would love to hear from people who saw Dame Vera Lynn perform during WW2. DM us if your parents or grandparents have a story!
Dame Vera Lynn releases a new album tomorrow to mark her 100th birthday! 🙌 More chart facts about older stars 🌟…
Tune in this Saturday, 9pm, BBC 2. Happy 100th Birthday Dame Vera Lynn. A Happy Birthday tribute celebrating the...
Dame Vera Lynn will be 100 yrs old on Mar 20🙏🏻& will become the oldest person to release an album. Well, 2nd oldest after Sir Stiff Richard🙄
The 'forces' sweetheart' Dame Vera Lynn celebrates her 100th birthday on Monday. To mark the occasion, we have...
Bought Dame Vera Lynn's new CD100 to celebrate her centenary..a national treasure...all rather splendid
Dame Vera Lynn's new release to celebrate her 100th birthday...
Dame Vera Lynn: born in WW1, the soaring hopeful voice of WW2, national treasure, releases new album at age of 100!…
Was at Hyde Park when Michael sang with Dame Vera Lynn.I'll never forget it😊(X)
Variety extravaganza to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's life as she turns 100 - and there's a long list of celebs and s…
A Personal Use sale from this morning. I'm comforted that Dame Vera herself bought this for her fridge magnet
In case you missed it: Chelsea Pensioners on this morning, honouring the iconic Dame Vera Lynn 🎤❤️
Dame Vera Lynn to release new at the age of 100. . I hope I'm this good after a century!…
Hampshire entertainer in Dame Vera Lynn centenary celebrations
Dame Vera Lynn's daughter, Virginia, on growing up with the Forces' Sweetheart who shared ...
Dame Vera Lynn to release new album to celebrate turning 100.
The wonderful accompanies Dame Vera Lynn for this special recording of As Time Goes By 🕰️ https:/…
We'll Meet Again, Dame Vera Lynn cover performed by 12 year old Breeze !!
A Berkhamsted resident is re-living her dancing days on TV for a Dame Vera Lynn tribute.
Celebrate the incredible life of Dame Vera Lynn in this spectacular stage show at The London Palladium
Alexander Armstrong will 'duet' with Dame Vera Lynn, on album to mark her 100th birthday
Alexander Armstrong to appear in Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday Concert
Dame Vera Lynn is the 1st singer to release a new album at 100! And and Alexander Armstrong duet with her
Dame Vera Lynn visits wounded troops. The guy in the body cast may not know it, but he's *** lucky...
Ah, what a great singalong in the office to Dame Vera Lynn and We'll Meet Again with Not sure how those in waiting room felt, tho
Dame Vera Lynn: the original Forces Sweetheart is still in demand
. Whom would you rather, on a cutting edge political affairs programme... Dame Vera Lynn???
Dame Vera Lynn and We'll Meet Again now playing on this mornings Remembrance Show.
Added a new video: "0015dedicated to Dame Vera Lynn, by Kirsten Orsborn Well Meet Again"
Dame Vera Lynn - Forever the 'Forces Sweetheart'. In July this year Dame Vera Lynn, the Forces sweetheart,...
Its mentioned in one of the song of Dame Vera Lynn, my fav' singer
Looking forward to waking up on June 24th to hear Dame Vera Lynn singing on the radio and to hear further news of the Empire.
BBC News - Dame Vera Lynn 'surprised' by Queen's Birthday Honours accolade So proud of our patron...
Dame Vera Lynn 'surprised' by Queen's Birthday Honour accolade BBC we'll meet again don't know where don't know when
Dame Vera Lynn, The Forces Sweetheart, has turned 99. At age 92 she became the oldest living artist with a UK no. 1
Dame Vera Lynn celebrates 99th birthday on Sunday with an honorary charity presidency
Would you like to own a unique piece of art signed by Dame Vera Lynn. Make your bid now!
With Armed Forces Day around the corner a fitting tribute to Dame Vera Lynn by the W.I. at our festival this weekend
sit us near each other in the care home, and then film us when Dame Vera Lynn "spontaneously" pops in
Dame VL adds: "The Evidence": "Bit too cerebral for the & Hoxton? How about better written and produced?"
Dame Vera Lynn received her award in 2010 - she brings us to day 23 of our countdown!
Mother just asked me to google what song was no.1 on her birthday. Quickly volunteered.Dame Vera Lynn?
Hello 'boys.' Bet you remember well the encouraging songs of Dame Vera Lynn. Sending hugs from Vancouver, Canada. x
An absolute classic! our very own are proud to be supported by Dame Vera Lynn
Paul love to interview via Skype I met Uri and Dame Vera Lynn and want to interview yourself
We've found some beautiful photos of our patron, Dame Vera Lynn, taken in 1985.
We've found some old photos from our Worthing trips, incl our patron Dame Vera Lynn (in 1985)
Do you think anyone ever did meet up with Dame Vera Lynn again? Or was it just something you say when a colleague leaves a workplace.
I interviewed Dame Vera Lynn recently and she was magic and Uri Geller. Love to do Skype with you
My (Music) Recovery ... Music has been part of my life from an early age, yeah that’s a stock phrase, but my childhood home in the Country Music Capital of Australasia, Tamworth, was filled with all genres of music (not just Classic Country) from the radio on the AM or the family’s trusted record player whirling the vinyl. From Roger Knox to KISS to Dame Vera Lynn to Black Sabbath to Sherbet to Neil Diamond... Fast forward a few decades later to the digital age and ‘music industry’ has, of course, changed. Whilst I’m in hospital recovering (see previous posts) I’ve not watched any television (reading the news via the net) and have listened to my fave records on my portable digital device. A new album that has been on ‘high rotation’ is ‘Monuments To An Elegy’ by The Smashing Pumpkins and produced by Howard Willing (thanks for friending me on fb, mate). I’ve been a fan for more than 20 years, since high school, and I’ve kept the faith in the ethos of this band. That reflects my own ...
Did an interview with Dame Vera Lynn for tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph. What a life. What a woman. Voice of a generation tha…
20 years ago this week I was lucky enough to be able to take my parents to France for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. My parents were working folks who never really took a vacation (that didn't involve seeing family in places like Nebraska), so this was their trip of a life time. My dad was a torpedoeman on a Destroyer Escort ( the DE Fechteler) all during WWII, escorting convoys across the North Atlantric and protecting them from German U-Boats. He lied about his age and joined the Navy at the age of 15 on December 8th, 1941 along with tens of thousands of American boys. We sailed over to Europe from New York on the Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) on a special themed D-Day cruise. On board were 1800 veterans from the US, Canada, and Australia and their families. Cunard lines always does a spectacular job at making the trip interesting. On board were the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Bob Hope, Andy Rooney, Walter Cronkite, Vic Damone, Edwin Newman, Robert Stack, William F. Buckley, Sir John Mills, Dame Vera Lynn ( famou ...
D Day: 70 Years on Live at the Royal Albert Hall Tickets: Full £15, Concession £12.50 Plot: A live cinema broadcast of the sell out D-Day 70th anniversary concert presented by BBC Radio 2's Friday Night is Music Night. The event will retell the story of D-Day with a cast of actors lead by Patrick Stewart as Sir Winston Churchill. The poignant narration will be accompanied by music performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra and a military band drawn from all three armed forces. The concert will also features performances from Katherine Jenkins, who will sing a virtual duet with Dame Vera Lynn, Beverley Knight and a special rendition of 'In My Dreams' by the Military Wives Choir. Friday 6th June 7:30pm Booking Essential.
Come along and have a good old sing song, as a live band and 3 singers perform songs that were hits during WWI and WWII. Featuring music made famous by The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Dame Vera Lynn, George Formby, Max Bygraves, Andrews Sisters and many more.
There’ll Always Be An England: Or so the song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn at the outbreak of World War II de...
Just off the phone from Dame Vera Lynn. An absolute legend at 97. In fact, a legend at any age.
"How come it's fine for Bruce Forsyth to be paired up with Tess Daly but you'd never get Dermot O'Leary hosting with Dame Vera Lynn"
Just realized Dame Vera Lynn has had released a new album now at age 97. Amazing life & woman. .
Glen Street Theatre presents Vera: The magic of Dame Vera Lynn. Join one of Australia’s leading ladies of...
Dame Vera Lynn - You are always in my heart I love this song it reminds me with my late mother she always loved it
Tiny crochet hooks, enjoying a bit of Dame Vera Lynn while opening my mail :). Also got a snood…
Dame Vera Lynn interview: 'People used me to achieve something. I was just doing my job' | via
AUDIO: Dame Vera Lynn plans new album at 97
NEWS: At 5, new indecent assault charge for DJ Dave Lee Travis, and Dame Vera Lynn invited to D-Day commemorations.
Dame Vera Lynn is releasing a new album, but David Weir won't be listening. "I don't keep up with all the new, trendy singers" he admits.
Dame Vera Lynn to release a new album ... -
Dame Vera Lynn turns 97, celebrates by announcing new album: Forces sweetheart Da...
Dame Vera Lynn releases new album at the age of 97 . come on Siouxsie Sioux!
"-Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album (Unete →
Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album -
Dame Vera Lynn to release new album
Dame Vera Lynn to release a new album as she turns 97
Dame Vera Lynn turned 97 years old today and is releasing a new album. Could we see her represent the at 2015?
Dame Vera Lynn celebrates 97th birthday with new album launch
Dame Vera Lynn celebrates her 97th birthday and 90 years in show business by announcing a new album launch
Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album | via   10% Off
What a fantastic day : 1p off beer, 10% off bingo, a ManUtd win, & 97 y/o Dame Vera Lynn is to release a new album.
“Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album Living proof you should never give up what you love when older
Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album | Telegraph
Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album - BBC News
Vera Lynn to release new album at 97: Singer Dame Vera Lynn announces plans for a new album on the day she turns 97.
Dame Vera Lynn, 97, to release new album
Dame Vera Lynn, DBE (born Vera Margaret Welch on 20 March 1917),[1] widely known as "The Forces' Sweetheart" is an English singer, songwriter and actress whose musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during the Second World War.
Happy 97th Birthday to the incredible Dame Vera Lynn, b. 20 March 1917
The Classic Calendar & Music Quiz Thursday March 20. On this date in 1996 Nelson Mandela, aged 77, was divorced from his then wife Winnie who was 61, in 1991 Ron grant completed a 42-day 3,000 kilometre run at New Farm Park Brisbane, and in 1960 on this date Elvis Presley recorded which of the following songs? A. Little Sister. B. Stuck On You. C. She’s Not You. On this date in 1982 The Man From Snowy River premiered in Mansfield Victoria, in 1989 our then Prime Minister – Bob Hawke wept on national television after confessing to adultery, in 1917 Dame Vera Lynn, British singer was born in London, she is 97 this year, and in 1961 on this date Ricky Nelson, at the age of 21, recorded which song? A. Hello Mary Lou. B. Travelin’ Man. C. Poor Little Fool. On this date in 1937 US Country Singer Jerry Reed was born in Atlanta Georgia, in 1991 Eric Clapton’s 4-year old son Conor died after falling from the 53rd floor of his parents Manhattan apartment building, in 1950 US actor William Hurt was born in W ...
Ben's loves Dame Vera Lynn! Ben's Collector's Records shuts at 6.00 PM today! Loads of great CDs, DVDs,singles and albums at knockdown prices are in stock! Whatever You're Into, Get Into Ben's Collector's Records!
How's this grab you, Clemmie? Dame Vera Lynn performs at 1990 Royal Variety Performance:
Dame Vera Lynn, and Edith Piaf. They will ne regret rien.
We're very excited to be interviewing the wonderful Dame Vera Lynn next week for issue one. Anything you'd like to ask?
Foweys own version of Dame Vera Lynn spotted in
LOL. I doubt it too. Dame Vera Lynn is the natural choice.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Very pleased to announce we have an exclusive interview with Dame Vera Lynn for our Remembrance Sunday show on Nov 10th with
songs that won the war presented by Dame Vera Lynn.
Spice Girls and Dame Vera Lynn at the Poppy Appeal on October 29th, 1997
We're doing a Private Signing with Dame Vera Lynn. If you want to buy one or more, please get in touch!
Went down to Brighton to meet Dame Vera Lynn, what a wonderful lady and made more friends.
We are launching our Dame Vera Lynn appeal this weekend at the Railway in Wartime Event at Goathland Station.
Baking cakes in the kitchen, accompanied by Dame Vera Lynn singing "The White Cliffs of Dover" on Radio 2. Strangely peaceful ...
Excellent to have the support of Dame Vera Lynn to help promote the Stroke Association and awareness.
Imelda May at Hampton Court Palace 19th June 2013 Set in one of the courtyards of the Palace it has to be the best venue for a concert I’ve ever attended and I also enjoyed delightful company in my niece, Steph, and her mother-in-law, Sue. Hampton Court Palace holds a series of annual summer events and in her job as a P.A. Steph once worked at the Palace, helping to organise these events for several years. She had met the likes of Jules Holland, Van Morrison, Dame Vera Lynn and Dame Shirley Bassey – amongst others that Steph did mention but I cared not to remember. Only kidding, had I known she was working at these events I would have loved to seen all the above and more – Steph! However, unlike the Muse concert of a month before, she did warn that this gig, “Was to posh to Mosh” and often the dress code for these events was hats for the ladies and black tie for the gentlemen. So she was a little concerned when I turned out in scruffy shorts and an Imelda May concert T-shirt. Indeed, the Pal ...
apart from JK, escorted Dame Vera Lynn and not to mention the best ones - Derren Litten & Jake Canuso - you might know them?
Wonderful afternoon with Dame Vera Lynn. Sang White cliffs of Dover together and enjoyed looking through her photo album. She's so lovely.
"The Forces' Sweetheart" celebrates her 95th birthday today! Happy Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn! -kh
Happy 96th Birthday to the wonderful, inimitable Dame Vera Lynn, b. 20 March 1917
I'm talking bout Dame Vera Lynn turned 96 today. Ever hear of Google?
Happy Birthday to THE one and only forces sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn, 96 today xxx
Just add on to that, it's Dame Vera Lynn's 96th birthday today.
The White Cliffs of Dover - Vera Lynn (1942): via Happy 96th Birthday, Dame Vera Lynn! w/love from America.
Happy Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn, 96 today. White Cliffs Of Dover and You'll Never Know, expertly remastered here
When Dame Vera Lynn's biggest hit was released in Australia it was retitled "Boomerang"
1917 Dame Vera Lynn (Vera Margaret Welch) was born in Thackeray Rd, East Ham & later moved to her Grandmother's at Ladysmith Ave.
Many Happy Returns, Dame Vera Lynn, a true music legend who is 96 today.
So Happy Birthday Fernando Torres 29 today Dame Vera Lynn is 92 She is a better singer But you're probably a better centre forward.
Born on this day: In 1917 - Dame Vera Lynn, English actress and singer
Happy Birthday to forces' sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, an incredible 96 years young!
On this day,1917, Dame Vera Lynn, known during World War II as the "Forces Sweetheart", was born.
Dame Vera Lynn, the voice of WWII will be 96 today. Happy Birthday Dame Vera!
Dame vera lynn 96 today Happy Birthday and thank you
Many happy returns of the day to someone who has been supporting disabled people since the 50s: Dame Vera Lynn - 96 today!
Happy Birthday Dame Vera Lynn...thanks to all the years of wonderful memories, evocative songs and here's a cheer...
Born today in 1917 Dame Vera Lynn. Still with us - fantastic songs from the war years. We'll Meet Again and White Cliffs of Dover.
The English icon Dame Vera Lynn DBE is 96 today !!! She was born in East Ham, London on 20th March 1917...
1/2 Happy Birthday Dame Vera Lynn. We’ll Meet Again (though I would if I could).
Happy 96th birthday to dame Vera Lynn, Forces Sweetheart. Have a lovely day x
Happy B'day Dame Vera Lynn (96) born in London,the singer and actress is best known for her work entertaining the troops during World War II
So Happy Birthday then Dame Vera Lynn. "96 today" yes that is your catchphrase. Your last hit was 1957. Have BBC rung about Eurovision 2014?
March 20: Dame Vera Lynn turns 95. Her last hit single was in 1957. A shoo-in for UK Eurovision 2014, surely?
... it was visited by Jo Brand last week. Julie Walters, Jeremy Paxman, Dame Vera Lynn and Heather Mills have visited before.
Dame Judi Dench has been named Britain's greatest actor, ahead of figures such as Lord Olivier and Sir John Mills. The 78-year-old Oscar winner, who played M for the last time in the James Bond series last year, triumphed in the poll which put women on top, with Dame Maggie Smith finishing second. Nostalgia magazine Best Of British, which polled its readers, found broadcaster Sir David Attenborough to be the greatest living British man, with scientist Stephen Hawking in second spot. The top living British woman was the Queen while Baroness Thatcher took the runner-up position. BBC Breakfast host Susanna Reid voted by readers into fifth place, ahead of the likes of Dame Vera Lynn (sixth) and Joanna Lumley (10th). The top male in the great British actor list was Sir Michael Caine, who celebrates his 80th birthday this month and finished third. Daniel Day-Lewis - who won a record-breaking third best actor Oscar on Sunday for his role in Lincoln - was number five in the list. Lord Olivier was sixth and Sir Jo ...
Fundraise or donate to The Dame Vera Lynn Trust For Children With Cerebral Palsy with JustGiving, the world's leading online fundraising platform, helping charities to make more with GiftAid
Queen Elizabeth, Maggie Thatcher, Lady Astor, Dame Vera Lynn, Kay Burley - can you hear me? Your girls took one *** of a beating!
Photo: People get confused when I say I’m embarrassed to sing when I’m a singer; I’m glad Dame Vera Lynn...
Always on the cultural button is discussing the joys of Dame Vera Lynn with the Advertiser's historian Malcolm Neesam.
Playing Dame Vera Lynn at Dubai at 6am swimming in gin see you laters Pam!
Just been reading a book about 'dating,' and it's packed with tips on how to successfully negotiate that all-important first date. Reminds me of the time I took this girl to the Futurist on Lime Street to see Scum, with Ray Winstone in. To be honest, it wasn't the wisest choice of films. Fist fights, a gang rape, and the victim committing suicide at the end wasn't exactly Gone with the Wind, and I never saw her again. Or the time I got invited back to this girl's house on our first date. 'There'll be nobody there,' she said. I thought...happy days...maybe a bit of supper and a wasn't happening. We were sitting on the couch watching Parkinson interviewing Dame Vera Lynn, when all of a sudden the door burst open, and her dad, brother, and two uncles turned up bevvied. After a prolonged interrogation consisting of questions like...where d'you live, d'you know Joey Mac, where did you meet our Stella? ...her 'arl fella pulled me in the back kitchen and said...'if you ever mess with my daughter I'll b ...
Ooo good, I like a quiz. Was it Dame Vera Lynn?
Yes I am going to write to Dame Vera Lynn :)
Forces’ sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn, now 95, is backing the Surviving Winter 2012 Appeal. You can help too
Just delivered 8 bags of clothes collected from our clients to the new Dame Vera Lynn Trust shop in...
The opening of a new shop in Southwater marked a major milestone in the fundraising campaign for children with cerebral palsy.
As always, we are proud to support the - a big day for the charity - the first ever DVLT charity shop!!
Im not gon even bother phasing my screenshot app for that, even if it is to memo for Dame Vera Lynn!?
Standard voicemail from DTel reader. "Hello dear, I'd like to take tea with Dame Vera Lynn at the Grosvenor tomorrow. Could you arrange it?"
Had a quick chat with Dame Vera Lynn's daughter, Virginia, at the opening of the trust's first charity shop in Southwater. Very sweet lady!
I prefer Greengrass driving Dame Vera Lynn to 'Hi *** Silver Lining'.. Back in the day
Has had a very emotional day! Lewis had his last ever session at Dame Vera Lynn Trust School for Parents today. For 2+ years ee have driven the 100+ mile round trip to take him for a 3 hr session once a week. They have worked us all hard but Lewis has progressed so much!! They reduced us all to tears with a leaving present, Christmas present, memories book and a trip to see Santa on the Ingfield Manor Train. They have taken us on such a journey and we cannot thank them enough!! We owe them so much!!
Please share this post! Page likes means money raised for The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral...
Gladys Knight, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sinatra, Dinah Washington... It's hard isn't it? Would you just have Dame Vera Lynn?
Dame Vera Lynn and Hayley Westenra at the School for Parents in W Sussex last Wed.
An extract from 'A Re-enactors War' which pays tribute to Dame Vera Lynn who wrote the Epilogue for this unique title!
Dame Vera Lynn singing Half as much/isle of innisfree/you belong to me. ♥Have been a fan of Vera Lynn and her music since i was 14!!- i have most of her cd's...
Electronic Device Insurance
Recording vocals on a dance track today. Worried I'm about 15 years too old - don't want to sound like Dame Vera Lynn in comparison
Dame Vera was the special guest at the Liberation Day concert held in Rotterdam in 1985 in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix
Dame Vera Lynn performs War Songs and her hits at the 1990 Royal Variety in honour of the Queen Mother's 90th Birthday
The Dame Vera Lynn Trust will be in the Hub at lunchtime to promote a Firewalk & Halloween Party on 27 Oct in Stowmarket
I love Dame Vera Lynn. Only a true national treasure can sing Land of Hope and Glory and We'll Meet Again.
has one ever heard of Dame Vera Lynn?
A Tribute to the divine Welsh Mezzo Soprano Katherine Jenkins, who since 2005, when she was passed the mantle by Dame Vera Lynn herself, has undertaken the r...
Well big day today! 100 years old and Dame Vera Lynn is coming! Lots of excitement :)
Just received a gorgeous vintage pair of Russell and Bromley shoes from Dame Vera Lynn - Get ready to bid from 8 July on eBay!
Dame Vera Lynn holds the Baton: Wolrd War Two sweetheart, who kept troops’ spirits up, finds out about Honiton-b...
Dear Sue, I know this is random, but do you think Dame Vera Lynn was kinky? Of those I follow you seemed the best to ask. Xxx
A correct use of 'eponymous' in the final para? - Song isn't called 'Dame Vera Lynn'
Dame Vera Lynn backing £1.2 million appeal to buy famous White Cliffs of Dover that gave her a hit: D...
Big thank u to for doing 2 events in 3 days. At this one he shared the billing with Dame Vera Lynn!
Dame Vera Lynn and will be opening the summer fete at our school in West Sussex on Sunday.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Watching London Songs on BBC2 who is fab. Thinking how much Dame Vera Lynn looks like Emma Thompson she should be cast in a biopic
Rex-At the other end of the scale, Dame Vera Lynn holds the record for the oldest living person to top the UK album charts! Fondly known as the forces' sweetheart during World War II, she released We'll Meet Again: The Very Best of Vera Lynn when she was a sprightly 92 years-old! We salute you, Dame...
Suggestions for music this evening included Dame Vera Lynn sings The Sex Pistols. We have settled for The Jazz Cafe though.
Dame Vera Lynn's 1940s song We'll meet again with WW2 photos Please feel free to rate and subscribe In Memory of the 70th Anniversary of World War 2
Face of the Royal British Legion's Poppy Party, Emily Takman, came into see us prior to her visit at Number 10 for her hair to be styled - pics are taken from 10 Downing Street with Dame Vera Lynn and the Primeminister David Cameron
Cristopher Biggins new Dame Vera Lynn Trust Patron: RENOWNED actor and performer Christopher...
Dame Vera Lynn appeals over missing brooch
Devastation of Dame Vera Lynn after she loses brooch given by Field Marshal Montgomery
Dame Vera Lynn has offered tea for two for anyone who can help her find a diamond brooch lost in the Royal Albert Hall
Vera Lynn appeals for lost brooch: Forces' sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn has appealed for help finding a diamond bro...
Check out re-worked version of Dame Vera Lynn classic 'We'll Meet Again' for the Poppy Appeal:
We are Delighted that Dame Vera Lynn will be Guest of Honour at our Pinewood Gala on 16th July Pls RT
Vera Lynn set to rescue council in ‘white cliffs' photo crisis: Dame Vera Lynn has been approa... Photography news:
Forgotten songs by Dame Vera Lynn unearthed after more than 60 years: album outsold the Beatles. T...
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