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Dame Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren, DBE (born Helen Lydia Mironoff; 26 July 1945) is an English actor.

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If not the Queen, then how about Dame Helen Mirren?
If you could sum up what you love about Dame Helen Mirren in 4 words, what would they be?
This is Merlene, England's oldest & best known wizard, incarnated female for The Princess Thieves. (I picture Dame…
I added a video to a playlist Helen Mirren Interview - "Dame Helen"
"I'm going to be the nastiest of all nasty women." - Dame Helen Mirren at
Entertainment community gathers at Friars for after-party. Dame Helen Mirren are all…
DUET. Dame Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford celebrate premiere of at Friars Club
Dame Helen Mirren should be the next Doctor Who
Dame Helen Mirren to play the next Doctor Who. She'd be perfect and it's time...who's with me?
Helen Mirren, 68, is as hip as they come in chic bandana via
I still want Dame Helen Mirren. For the Doctor. I'm married. Wow that came out wrong...
Dame Helen Mirren for Dr Who anyone? If not maybe Michelle or Barack Obama? 😎 xxx
I demand Doctor equality! it is time to give us what we demand. Name Dame Helen Mirren the 13th Doctor!
Dame Helen Mirren just said she got on the subway and followed the crowd to the march LOL
Dame Helen Mirren declares herself a New Yorker as she addresses Women's March crowd please feel to not…
In an inspired bit of gender-blind casting, Dame Helen Mirren will play the concept of mansplaining in the upcoming "Actually," movie
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Helen Mirren's Instagram is a revelation. Love that dame.
so he lives in the US maybe the training facilities are better. Lampard, Beckham, DAME Helen Mirren all live(d) stateside.
What a tribute to John Hurt from the wondrous Dame Helen Mirren.
I watched 'Woman in Gold' last night starring Dame Helen Mirren. It was profound, beautiful, honest and powerful. I loved every minute.
Twitler and PM May joint presser? OMG. That's like sending a drunk actor out on stage with Dame Helen Mirren.
Dame Helen Mirren is a naturist.Im sure she would be delighted to hear his repressed views.Unwise to cross her I hear.# PLANK.
Dame Helen Mirren taking a photo of 🙌
Dame Helen Mirren says the late Alan Rickman would have been 'proud' of his last movie
Going through recorded stuff. The Best Ever is the Xmas episode! Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith!
Does anyone else think Dame Helen Mirren & Meg Ryan could be related?.
Graham's star-studded sofa tonight is shared by Martin Freeman, Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith. Toni…
The legendary Dame Helen Mirren ladies and gentlemen, arriving at the European Premiere.
Dame Helen Mirren wore a Fall 2016 wool + lace gown & clutch to the European premiere of
We ❤️ Dame Helen Mirren for rocking faux fur fashion & our campaign at the premier 🙌🏻
Dame Helen Mirren: My sexy reputation will follow me to the grave via
I liked a video Dame Helen Mirren on 'Fast & Furious' and Cannes
Dame Helen Mirren on Pirelli shoot: “I thought they’d give me a bikini and make me lie on a - Evening Standard
Dame Helen Mirren, Nicole Kidman and Charlotte Rampling are helping defy tradition. https:/…
5 life lessons from our ultimate crush Dame Helen Mirren
The moment you realize that 'Mrs. Tingle' was Dame Helen Mirren is not one you forget.
Age is just a number. Actually I think Dame Helen Mirren is older than her & was voted best body awhile back.
Dame Helen Mirren urges Americans to learn from UK's Brexit decision
Dame Helen Mirren backs Hillary in 'No Regrets' video via
Dame Helen Mirren recalls what it was like to work with British Artist of the Year Felicity Jones on the Tempest.…
My 12th National Treasure caricature for September is Dame Helen Mirren.
Kate Winslet, Dame Helen Mirren and Nicole Kidman will feature in the 2017 Pirelli Calendar
He is a legend, but surely Derek Thompson's most memorable scene was with Dame Helen Mirren in The Long Good Friday!? 😊 >
Happy birthday to Dame Helen Mirren! Here she is as Rosalind from Shakespeare's As You Like It.
Dame Helen Mirren turns 71 on this day. Rock on, sister!
Dame Helen Mirren will grace 'Fast & Furious' with her presence (and do all her own stunts!)
Dame Helen Mirren is going to drive a Mazarati in
Academy Award winner Dame Helen Mirren has just joined the cast of
Dame Helen Mirren has announced she's joining Fast and Furious 8 'for the fun of it'
Dame Helen Mirren tells us why she loves no longer being a sex symbol:
Dame Helen Mirren: 'I love no longer being a sex symbol'
RED, starring Dame Helen Mirren, age 70 with no work done & she's really attractive, I'm not *** I'm just saying
Don't miss another chance to see Dame Helen Mirren ​ in 's The Audience at
Actress opposes waste water plant plan: Dame Helen Mirren is backing a campaign opposing plans for an upgrade...
Dame Helen Mirren speaks of "horror" at plans for sewage works in Highland village where she married:
Warring Town Timberwolves at Dame Helen's: Helen Mirren will hope coach Cunningman can make her franchise team do some real awesome scores
DAME HELEN'S RUGBY Club: patron dame of the franchise Helen Mirren will be real sad at the performance of Kieran Cunningman as coach in 2016
- three brilliant women. Dame Judi Dench. Dame Helen Mirren. and Annie Leibovitz.
Actress Helen Mirren to narrate 'lost' Beatrix Potter story, The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots: https:/…
10 fantastic short films about girls' and women's rights, health and wellbeing- narrated by Dame Helen Mirren!
Dame Helen Mirren is 'overwhelmed' by tonight's racy new drama Via (scroll down)
Exciting news! Dame Helen Mirren is set to read the of the THE TALE OF KITTY-IN-BOOTS
Dame Helen Mirren, Hollywood star, dyes her own hair at home. At 70, she's about to shave her head for a new film. Now s…
Watched on yesterday. I never knew that I've always wanted to see Dame Helen Mirren using military grade weapons.
Dame Helen Mirren: plan to build sewage plant in Highland village where I married are appalling
Dame Helen Mirren is to narrate century-old "lost" story, The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots
Dame Helen Mirren to narrate rediscovered Beatrix Potter story by
Dame Helen Mirren announced as voice of Beatrix Potter's 'Kitty in Boots' on audiobook
So many things to celebrate with the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter.
As the great Dame Helen Mirren once asked, "Can I lick your face?"
did anyone ever tell you that you look a little like Dame/Colonel Helen Mirren?
Dame Helen Mirren to narrate audiobook! 😍 The perfect match? We think so.
Dame Helen Mirren is supporting Upload your own salute at
Dame Helen Mirren fights sewage plant plan in quiet fishing village where she got married
.recruits Dame Helen Mirren to the campaign
Dame Helen Mirren backs campaign to stop sewage works at Scots village where she married
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And she met the other queen - Dame Helen Mirren - and posted an Instagram pic to prove it. The W...
Dame Helen Mirren stars as Colonel Katherine Powell in now showing!
Mirren: Women should chase male roles: Dame Helen Mirren says actresses should go after…
VIDEO: Dame Helen Mirren on the military and the tough decisions they make:
Dame Helen Mirren resumes her royal role: Margaret Thatcher played by Haydn Gwynne and Queen Elizabeth II play...
Here's Dame Helen Mirren reciting Attack by Siegfried Sassoon in support of
UK works with Dame to bolster products aimed at ‘
L'Oréal Paris UK works with Dame Helen Mirren to bolster products aimed at 'mature' consumers
THE WHY competition: Put the conditions of women on the agenda to the voice-over of Dame Helen Mirren:
do you like our Dame Helen Mirren ..fab
brilliant ..we had studio talk ads on ..Dame Helen Mirren we adore ..brilliant actress ..thanks FJ
Dame Helen Mirren, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
My life's been a litany of mistakes, reveals Dame Helen Mirren - Daily Mail
Dame Helen Mirren: My life's been a litany of mistakes
Here's to the dresses and the hair&makeup people who make us look so good & cheer us as we go out the door-Dame Helen Mirren featured in NBC s Science of Love
Dame Helen Mirren has paid a brilliant tribute to Alan Rickman
Now that she has reached the Biblical lifespan of threescore years and ten, Dame Helen Mirren is reflecting on the passage…
Dame Helen Mirren pays tribute to Alan Rickman: 'He was very twinkly and kind and gossipy'
Dame Helen Mirren has paid tribute to 'twinkly' Alan Rickman
I love Dame Helen Mirren (as well ☺️), Dame Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett and of course Eva!
Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench & Dame Helen Mirren, now that's a holly trinity worth falling for!
Brits lead charge at SAG awards: Dame Helen Mirren and Idris Elba lead the British charge at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, both rec...
The great Dame Helen Mirren on Israel, last week, at the opening of The Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Dame Helen Mirren praises Margaret Thatcher as 'incredible role model' for young girls | via
Festival, Los Angeles with Dame Helen Mirren and screenwriter Alan Sorkin - high praise
Screening of the brilliant film Trumbo with Dame Helen Mirren. It was a reunion of sorts between…
Dame Helen Mirren congratulates young people on achieving their Gold Awards
Giorgio Armani’s Films of City Frames, hosted by Dame Helen Mirren & Roberta Armani, premiered today in London.
Watching the bo the Hakka is like watching Dame Helen Mirren remove her top - at any age.
Dame Helen Mirren: “A *** black female would be the best of all”
Álbum de fotos: micdotcom: Dame Helen Mirren has some choice words for men who treat women like property 
Dame Helen Mirren, 70, is thrilled with her giant bouquet of flowers
Dame Helen Mirren is thrilled with giant bouquet of flowers in Tokyo
Dame Helen Mirren reminisces about her drunken acceptance speech at the Golden Globes -
There's sure a lot of great UK actresses!. There's Dame Judy Dench, Dame Helen Mirren and of course Roddy McDowell. (He was Dame Dirty Ape) RS
In honor of TIFF celebrating their 40th anniversary, Moët & Chandon celebrates as the “Champagne of Cinema”.
Dame Helen Mirren looked more queen-like than *ever* in this gown:
Yes, perhaps if they all huddle together and strap Dame Helen Mirren to their prow people will stop walking straight through them.
Dame Helen Mirren stole our hearts in this number last night...
Srsly, HOW does Dame Helen Mirren look so fabulous at every event?
That's one Hel of a frock, Dame Mirren!
Dame Helen Mirren was royalty at the 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival Opening Ceremony in a sw
How incredibly beautiful does Dame Helen Mirren look!
Fashionista_com: Is Dame Helen Mirren an actual Disney princess? After seeing her in this gown, we need to know:
Not only does Dame Helen Mirren love the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group hotels but she clearly loves our Riechers...
Stars set for London Film Festival. . Benedict Cumberbatch, Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Maggie Smith are among the British star names at this
Carina Fashion: Giorgio Armani names Helen Mirren ambassador of new film project: Dame Helen Mirren has been n...
Dame Helen Mirren: there is 'profound sexism' in the film industry - via
Bow down, mere mortals — Dame Helen Mirren has officially arrived on the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival…
Dame Helen Mirren . Dame Judi Dench . Dame Maggie Smith . .can't seem to make up my mind on the best of trio
She looks awfu! Far better to grow old gracefully - look at Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench or Julie Walters for example!
Insanely talented, accomplished and stunning at any age, Dame Helen Mirren is fierce.
Dame Helen Mirren shocks Good Morning Britain presenters after swearing on live TV
Dame Helen Mirren shocks viewers by swearing on Good Morning Britain - Daily Mail
to Dame Helen Mirren joining Julie Taymor at the US premier of her highly lauded "A…
ICYMI: Look Of The Week - Dame Helen Mirren In Badgley Mischka Helen Mirren has captured our hearts with
Well done & Dame Mirren! Helen Mirren narrates a recap of the 2015 Women's World Cup
Helen Mirren, 69, is the star of L'Oreal Paris' new TV advert  Dame Helen rocks!
Caz just called dame Helen mirren a slice.
Dame Helen Mirren returns for two more shows!
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Wow. Dame Helen Mirren made this totally awesome, you know ->
Keynote speaker Doesn't she look like Dame Helen Mirren?
.looks like Dame Helen Mirren, but with more Nobel Peace Prize nominations.
Classy - “Dame Helen Mirren named best actress in a play at Tony theatre awards
Bit of Dame Helen Mirren for a Tuesday night.watching Woman in Gold
Dame Helen Mirren doesn’t hold back in giving her opinion on how women of a certain age are treated in Hollywood:
I shall be crossing that off the list then. I remember once seeing a film with Dame Helen Mirren got her tackle out.
From last night - the C.I.A Torture Report and Dame Helen Mirren - together at last...
Dame Helen Mirren was asked about 37-year-old Maggie Gyllenhaal being turned down for a role as a love interest...
Dame Helen Mirren reads excerpts from the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture Well Done!
Want to steal Dame Helen Mirren's style? Tune in at 8:45 where stylist Roxanne Parker will show us how!
British actors including Dame Helen Mirren and Carey Mulligan carry British hopes at the Tony theatre awards in New York later.
.Dame Helen Mirren is now a Tony Award winner!
Dame Helen reigns again: CONGRATS to Dame Helen Mirren who has won her first Tony Award for her performance as...
Brilliant night for at last night! Congrats to Dame Helen Mirren, Marianne Elliott, &
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69-year old actress, Dame Helen Mirren received the Best Leading Actress accolade for her role as the monarch in T…
Dame Helen Mirren wins Best Leading Actress at 69th annual Tony Awards! Plus all the winners
Mirren reigns at Tony theatre awards: Dame Helen Mirren is named best actress, while The Curious I...
I think that's Dame Helen Mirren , is it not?
Dame Helen Mirren (1969). At the time she was playing Cressida in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Tr…
I'll Be Watching: Theater Talk: 'Dame Helen Mirren on The…' on THIRTEEN at 1:00am on 5/9 via
What's better, seeing the queen or Dame Helen Mirren play the queen of England?
Dame Helen Mirren is amazing!!! Totally made our first Broadway experience in The Audience.
I wonder if Dame Helen Mirren knows her photo is being used on a Milf website
Welcome to Broadway, Dame Helen Mirren, these are the two most powerful voices in American Theatre.
Dame Helen Mirren responds to being photographed on the NYC subway: "I'm a commoner":
Dame Helen Mirren is using our chairs again.
British stars bolster Tony nominees. . British stars Carey Mulligan, Ruth Wilson and Dame Helen Mirren are all in the running for best actre
In which Dame Helen Mirren is a class act to Dame Kristin Scott Thomas:
Dame Helen Mirren steals the show as she attends Drama Desk reception in white lace blazer
Veterans do it better! Madonna looking half her age and Dame Helen Mirren looking stunning in red at…
Dame Helen Mirren has said she believes that too many victims in crime shows are women,
and Dame Helen Mirren said there's not. enough women on tv
Dame Helen Mirren and Alan Cumming were in the house to night to see :)
if there's a Dame Helen Mirren sighting, we need pix!! :)
Dame Helen Mirren is at place on list..
So if I use L'oreal products I can look as young as Dame Helen Mirren? I'm in!!
Dame Helen Mirren reveals the time that she “fell a little bit in love with” Vin Diesel:
Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judi Dench. What is it about the name Dame that makes women so good at acting?
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve and the team chat to Dame Helen Mirren, Sophie Kinsella and Dr Anthony Se…
Dame Helen Mirren & David Hare have criticised British TV for its focus on murder. Why?
Dame Helen Mirren: 'My great ambition is to be in a Fast & Furious movie': With three Golden Globes, four Emm...
My parents believed in education and economic security, and I thank them for it. - Dame Helen Mirren
Nah not when Monica Belluci still out here stunting. Not when Dame Helen Mirren and Anjelica Huston holdin it down
Dame Helen Mirren is lauded by critics for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the Broadway transfer of The Audience.
Stuck for idea's for Mothers Day? Treat your Mum to a CACI Non-Surgical Facelift,. Dame Helen Mirren & Camilla Parker Bowls facial of choice
'The jewel in the crown!' Dame Helen Mirren rules over Broadway as The Audience opens to rave reviews: Mirren ...
Gallery: The Duke of Cambridge presents Dame Helen Mirren with the British Museum (His Royal Highness), will attend a Dinner at the Royal...
the On the Twentieth Century cast gave Dame Helen Mirren a super spirited salute at spring gala.
Dame Helen Mirren, Dame Judy Dench and Dame Maggie Smith are my faves
The royals are 'aliens', says Dame Helen Mirren because the world they live in is beyond our understanding
Yes, I love Helen Mirren, but my favorite Dame is Edma!
Is it just me or is REAL becoming popular again? Next thing you know the TRUTH will be back in vogue.
I am horrified that Dame Helen Mirren should describe the royal family as 'aliens'.
H Mirren and Ryan Reynolds pair up in 'Woman in Gold': Dame Helen Mirren was literally mobbed by the crowd as she…
Helen Mirren: the Royal family are aliens Dame Helen Mirren says the Royal family live such odd lives that 'they a…
Dame Helen Mirren: ageless. Insisting her image not be retouched
The Ethical Adman: Dame Helen Mirren puts a more mature face on L'Oreal
Dame Helen Mirren: don't retouch my image, L'Oreal | via
Dame Helen Mirren wants you to know that you're worth it:
My beauty secrets by Dame Helen: At 69, she still looks stunning via Nourish your skin. 69 year-old blonde?!
Those Dame stairs! One more reason to love Helen Mirren, who falls down and laughs it off
Love this lady and all she stands for!
Dame Helen Mirren: don't retouch my image, L'Oreal - Telegraph
$OR:FP Dame Helen Mirren: don't retouch my image, L'Oreal SA
don’t retouch my L’Oreal: Dame Helen Mirren has struck a blow…
hope I can inspire other women towards greater confidence by making the most of their natural good looks,"
Now for something to make you smile: . Photo: Dame Helen Mirren Demonstrates Perfect Subway Etiquette
Thought I saw Dame Helen Mirren on the Q train, but then I realized I just really need new glasses.
Dame Helen Mirren, Maria Altmann in 'Woman in Gold', fights for painting's return to rightful owner
'Dame Helen Mirren laughs off falling on red carpet @ film prem lovely!
Dame Helen Mirren laughs off falling on the red carpet at film premiere
I literally just transcended my youth (I described Dame Helen Mirren as 'classy' during the ad break in Coronation Street).
From Felicity Jones to Dame Helen Mirren... find a new celeb crush on board:
Dame Helen Mirren rides the subway just like us
Dame Helen Mirren on the New York subway and other brilliant Instagram snaps from this weekend …
Oh, it's just Academy Award-winner Dame Helen Mirren casually riding the R train in NYC.
Dame Helen Mirren classin' up the subway.
22 days to go: Alan Rickman wins the Supporting Actor award in 1992, presented by Dame Helen Mirren!
Here's my Best Dressed of the Week for Dame Helen Mirren in chips shocker and horses wearing posh people
Dame Helen Mirren's career in pictures, including in a number of roles:
Dame Helen Mirren's career in pictures via
Dame Helen Mirren's career in pictures A look back at the 40-year acting career of Dame Helen Mirren.
Dame Helen Mirren's career in pictures -
Dame Helen Mirren's career in pictures | via
Dame Helen Mirren is a foxy old bird. Especially in her favourite black lace. Sexy and stunning last night.
Stars including Dame Helen Mirren, Benedict Cumberbatch, Carey Mulligan and Eddie Redmayne will hand out the honours at the 60th London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.
79 days to go: Dame Helen Mirren wins Leading Actress for The Queen in 2007
Even classy Dame Helen Mirren has a tattoo!: Sitting down in an exclusive interview with Nine Network presente...
Here, take my money! -- L'Oreal Paris announce Dame Helen Mirren as the new face
"Dame Helen Mirren has been unveiled as the new face of L’Oreal Paris
Dame Helen Mirren stars in the new movie The Hundred Foot Journey.
RP Dame Helen Mirren - age 66, does it with her Nintendo Wii. “You can hula, jog, yoga, step – all i
Last night guest speaker Dame Helen Mirren delivered the Roll of Honour at the Tower of London
I can't believe Dame Helen Mirren is nearly 70...
How amazing does the Tower Poppies installation look at night? Every evening a Roll of Honour is being read at the Tower of London by Yeoman Warders and guest speakers. Past guest speakers have included Brian Cox and Dame Helen Mirren. More guest speakers are planned for the remaining weeks. You can view the Roll of Honour and Last Post for free from Tower Hill Terrace at 19.25 in September, 18.25 from 1-25 October and 16.55 from 26 October–10 November. Find out more from Historic Royal Palaces here:
Dame Helen Mirren: The next Doctor Who should be a *** black woman
DAME JUDI DOES HER BIT FOR OBAN LIFEBOAT. We already had one dame; Dame Helen Mirren, backing our. celebrity...
Dame Helen Mirren is known for her effortlessly elegant sartorial displays.
Dame Helen Mirren 'offended' not to be target of ...
Thank you Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Tyler Perry and Nancy O'Dell for challenging me. I challenge Steven Spielberg, Dame Helen Mirren and Manish Dayal. In the name of ALS.
I'll see your 70s Tom Selleck and raise you my 70s Dame Helen Mirren
I love older women like Dame Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep! They age gracefully and have an air about them that just rubs you right. Beauty in and out.
Move over, Miley. Just days after she turned 69, Dame Helen Mirren stopped by "Live! with Kelly and Michael" to discuss what's clearly her hidden talent: twerkin...
Dame Helen Mirren showed her twerking skills once again just right after she promoted her new drama-comedy flick "The Hundred-Foot Journey", a story about food and cooking on national television.
Though I missed the latest Dame Helen Mirren movie, I have seen most of the recent Broad Emma Thompson and Toots Meryl St…
Michael Strahan gets Dame Helen Mirren to twerk again on 'Live! with Kelly and Michael' (Video) | (cont)
Germany could bring on Dame Helen Mirren, Stephen Hawking, Oscar Pistorious,John Fashanu,Amy Winehouse and Hellen Keller's dog and still win
No one can out do Dame Helen Mirren. I love that show.
Our wonderful patron, Dame Helen Mirren, talks about our recent work. Read more here:
Article by on Dame Helen Mirren wearing our Biography pearl necklace
Ladies in lace! Anna Friel and Dame Helen Mirren rub shoulders as they watch ...
Katie Holmes is joining Dame Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds in drama Woman In Gold.
Contact Music - Dame Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul for Eye in the Sky
Opp for media peeps: Media Trust has joined forces with the Cineworld Foundation and, with support from the Jack Petchey Foundation, are offering budding 16-25 year olds the chance to be mentored by industry experts and see their film showcased in every Cineworld Cinema in the UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands. Please see press release attached. Ashley Walters is fronting the campaign, watch him in the promo film we produced here and Dame Helen Mirren, Damian Jones (producer The Iron Lady / Kidulthoood), Amanda Berry OBE (Chief Executive of BAFTA) and Andy Turner (UK Director of Sales of 20th Century Fox) are on board to judge the entries and select the finalists. The promo is going out in the pre-roll in every Cineworld cinema across the country. Endorsed by Dame Judi Dench, this is an opportunity for all young people, no matter what their background, level of experience or location, to showcase their talent. No previous experience necessary, applicants just need to upload a 90-second pitch and ...
Dame Helen Mirren will portray Maria Altmann in the newly-commissioned BBC film Woman in Gold
Dame Helen Mirren will play real-life Jewish WWII survivor Maria Altmann, who fought the Austrian government over... ht…
Dame Helen Mirren's aunt, Irene Danischewsky, was the lover of American embassy spy Tyler Kent who was tried at the Old Bailey and jailed for seven years for passing secrets to the Nazis.
Hi all, We have a lovely quote from Dame Helen Mirren (in part thanks to Robin!!) which I would like to share: "I was concerned to learn the a large majority of children in care in the UK today are separated from their brothers and sisters simply because of the fact they are in care. I’m delighted to hear that Siblings Together is doing so much to address this issue, both by campaigning to get this rectified and through the marvellous projects and camps they organise to reunite siblings in care. I wish them every success with the anthology of work the young people have produced from their Arvon writing experience " Dame Helen Mirren
Many many thanks to all dear friends who have inboxed, phoned and kept in touch; Dr Kiran Bedi event for tomorrow Sunday the 23 March by your Manchester Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is now oversubscribed, and we are thrilled to feel geuine positivity around this event, whether you can make it or not, we thank you for the support, especially in view of the current dynamics in India which invariably reverberate with the Indian diaspora world over, with noise from shallow, selfish, jealousy-based and short term agendas clouding the real need of the moment. Kiranji has first-hand insight into the highest contemporary echelons of Indian public life with a genuine Indian and global perspective, and will share those honest and passionate insights with us along with her work with India Vision Foundation. We will be showing a short clip of Santa Barbara Film Festival Award winning movie on Kiran Bedi starring Dame Helen Mirren, and Bhavan are humbled to host Dame Asha Khemka too, who was felicitated by HRH Prince Charle ...
50yrs on Stage National Theatre. Some of my favorite actors and actress all on one special...Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Gambon, Ralph Fiennes, Dame Helen Mirren and more! *** I miss London!
Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge have been treated to performances by Dame Helen Mirren, students from...
Get to know celebrity Dame Helen Mirren in this exclusive interview:
Previous winner, Dame Helen Mirren at the GREAT Film Reception: http:/…
Slightly Famous People's Foxes: Dame Helen Mirren. Dame Helen Mirren gets right to the point, without sentiment.
Yesterday some Australians, including most notably Cate Blanchett were successful on the world stage in winning Academy Awards. Recently accepting the award for outstanding contribution to film at the BAFTA awards ceremony, Dame Helen Mirren delivered a heartfelt tribute to her onetime English teacher, Alice Welding. “My journey to this place, right here, right now, began with a great teacher, Alice Welding, who died two weeks ago, at the age of 102. She revealed to me the power of literature, and she recognised my need to live in that world of imagination and world of poetry. She alone was the person who encouraged me to become an actor. How many of you remember a great teacher who inspired you and opened the gate to the path that led you here?” Dame Helen asked the BAFTA ballroom. As hands went up, she remarked, “That’s a lot of teachers,” before saying, “So let’s, right now, thank those teachers.” Teachers rarely get this sort of public praise for all of the hard work they do to help ea ...
The What's On Stage awards were held last night and Tanya was pipped by Dame Helen Mirren who took the best actress award, Dame *** couldn't be bothered to turn up though. Thank you to all of you who voted for Tanya .if you voted for Barry Humphries, Harry Potter or Ron Weasley then you'll be pleased to hear they got a gong :-)
The Queen and The Duchess of Cambridge attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art reception at Buckingham Palace. An array of Hollywood stars stepped through the gates of Buckingham Palace on Monday for a reception hosted by the Queen in her capacity as patron of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. The Buckingham Palace event featured leading film-makers and entertainers, including Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Roger Moore, Dame Angela Lansbury, Sir Michael Gambon, Michael Sheen, Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman, Joan Collins and directors Steve McQueen and Mike Leigh. The Duchess of Cambridge joined Her Majesty for the evening wearing a striking red Alexander McQueen dress.
Best Magazine loves Dame Helen Mirren in her Dennis Basso dress. We totally agree!
Guests including Dame Helen Mirren, Richard E Grant and Joan Collins have arrived at Buckingham Palace for tonight's reception:
Dame Helen Mirren, recipient of the Bafta Fellowship, said acting has become the preserve of kids with rich parents
Beautiful speech by Dame Helen Mirren - my teacher was Mr Bennett! Who was the teacher you'll never forget? ht…
The following headline from is pretty incendiary and out of context given what's actually being said:
Helen Mirren criticises female body count in TV dramas: Dame Helen Mirren has criticised the number of dead fe... http:…
Telegraph - Ed - RSS Remember 'great teachers who inspire': Dame Helen Mirren isn't the only person to have pa...
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“My Journey began with a great teacher” - Inspiring speech from Dame Helen Mirren at the Awards last night. http…
Dame Helen Mirren won a BAFTA Fellowship,well here she is at Stratford upon avon's Shakespeare Theatre 1968
Dame Helen Mirren has arrived at the Palace. Last night Prince William presented the actress with a BAFTA Fellowship Award.
'The Queen' arrives at the palace. Dame Helen Mirren here to meet the real Queen at eve for actors
Dame Helen Mirren has arrived at Buckingham Palace for star-studded event hosted by the Queen & Kate... awaiting pics ;)
"It’s very difficult for working class kids to get into the theatre, so the NYT is incredibly important" Helen Mirren
Dame Helen Mirren is such a G...Did you see how caj she quoted and remixed Shakespeare?
Same for all artists and musicians right now unless you don't mind becoming a criminal for your art.
Dame Helen Mirren pays tribute to great teachers; maybe it's something we should do more often, says
Congrats to Dame Helen Mirren on her award, and fantastic speech! Watch:
Dame Helen Mirren says only rich kids can go into acting - do you agree?
HRH The Duke of Cambridge presented the Fellowship to Dame Helen Mirren at last night's ceremony.
Catching up with Dame Helen Mirren's speech of all speeches which celebrates her teachers
Dame Helen Mirren: only rich kids can go into acting
WIN tiddly masks as modelled here by Dame Helen Mirren. We've got 20 to give away. Just RT!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"My journey began with a great teacher." Watch from 0:55 for Dame Helen Mirren's Bafta speech tribute to Alys Welding
Dame Helen Mirren lauds 'great teachers who inspire' in Bafta speech
May or may not have watched Dame Helen Mirren's Fellowship acceptance speech three times in a row just now
Well, luvvie.. you wouldn’t want to share the red carpet with some pleb from a poor council estate, would you?
BAFTAs 2014 - Film Fellowship This was awarded to Dame Helen Mirren.
Great speech from Dame Helen Mirren at the BAFTAs. Still so hot at age 68.
Dame Helen Mirren is 1 classy, talented & humble lady. Great speech @ the Congrats on your Award. Wld 2 hv you in 1 of my feature in the future.
Thank you, Dame Helen Mirren, for the reminder that artists of all disciplines can and should come from all over the SES spectrum. I hope your acknowledgment of your wonderful teacher and the help she gave you in finding a way to get training and a professional toehold will serve as a lesson for those who know the arts are where they belong and know there has to be a way over the financial hurdles to the education they need to get there.
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