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Dame Helen Ghosh, DCB, leaves to take over Oxford college. via
Wonderful news that my old college, has appointed its first female Master, Dame Helen Ghosh. Florea…
Just what needs: another dumbing-down leftard in a position of power. Let the good times roll
We were delighted to welcome Dame Helen Ghosh, Director-General of to talk with our (new) Year 10 H…
Curiouser and curiouser: Helen Ghosh to leave the National Trust
'Rejoice at THAT news' "Rather beautiful" 'windturbine' Dame Helen Ghosh to leave National Trust
Dame Helen Ghosh announces she is to leave her post as Director General of https:/…
Balliol is pleased to announce that Dame Helen Ghosh DCB is to be its new Master:
No surprise Dame Helen Ghosh quits she was left with egg on her face after the Easter Egg Hunt catastrophe
Controversial National Trust boss Dame Helen Ghosh quits to take over Oxford college
Sad to hear Dame Helen Ghosh is leaving the NT.
National Trust boss Dame Helen Ghosh steps down after controversial tenure | Read: by Telegraph
The National Trust: A vote of no confidence in Dame Helen Ghosh via
Do you remember Labour's countryside dream team? Dame Margaret Beckett and Dame Helen Ghosh. Two panto dames in my view - what disasters.
Looking forward to hearing Dame Helen Ghosh DG on Leadership and Change tonight restaurant
An apology from Dame Helen Ghosh tonight. Accepted. Enough said. Let's get on with creating a viable future for this historic landscape.
"We must make sure that everyone is able to explore and enjoy our cultural heritage," Dame Helen Ghosh on https…
Dame Helen Ghosh and PR staff should be shamed Charity abusing people just because they object to wasting money. Shameful!!
or Dame Helen Ghosh of who has Lakeland nearer to their hearts do we think?
Dame Helen Ghosh was at DEFRA before joining the National Trust, so should know better !!
Dame Helen Ghosh of the so called is seriously out of order what a disgraceful attitude
Apology accepted. Would be nice if Dame Helen Ghosh did this as well. None of this should be about individuals - it's ab…
We are pleased to welcome Dame Helen Ghosh to our Stonehenge-Avebury conference
Cedar tree from planted by Dame Helen Ghosh with help from Katherine our Garden & Park Manager.
A huge thank you to our fab keynote speakers Dame Helen Ghosh from
Climate change greatest risk to says Dame Helen Ghosh
Dame Helen Ghosh DG now describing charity's energy reduction challenge. Aiming for 20% cut from 2009 to 2020
We need consistent and courageous leadership in the fight against climate change - Dame Helen Ghosh
Full house for Dame Helen Ghosh of - conference at
Dame Helen Ghosh of now on its work as one of the largest property owning orgs in UK
We're in Telegraph for 300th Bday Cedar planting by Dame Helen Ghosh - great pics!
Electronic Device Insurance
And here it is with Dame Helen Ghosh
Dame Helen Ghosh plants Cedar on Church Hill to honour 'Capability' Brown's tercentenary...and it didn't rain!
Your CEO Dame Helen Ghosh shares which wildflower she's voting for:
Some great photos from from our rooftop walkway launch yesterday, including one of Dame Helen Ghosh. >
This weekend, the Trust’s director-general, Dame Helen Ghosh, gave an ill-advised interview. Dame Helen declared that the Trust intends to
I hope Dame Helen Ghosh had an enjoyable visit
Fascinating morn spent showing off to DG Dame Helen Ghosh - a delightful lady indeed!
Excited for the talk by Dame Helen Ghosh tonight in Winchester!
Good to see another stuffed quango doing it's lefty political duty: DG Dame Helen Ghosh comes out against fracking.
Lovely photos, great you met Jana :-) Garden Kitchen launch with Dame Helen Ghosh
Dame Helen Ghosh, your fracking remark was ill-informed and incoherent | George Monbiot
National Trust *** ! ' Dame Helen Ghosh after she said that her organisation has an "open mind" about allowing fracking on its land.' !!
Dame Helen Ghosh is the Director-General of the National Trust UK, and has recently stated their open mindedness towards Fracking procedures on their land - as opposed to wind turbines. Their purpose is to PROTECT the environment...not profit from it.
Dame Helen Ghosh, your remark was ill-informed and incoherent says
National Trust may open up land to fracking, says Dame Helen Ghosh
Is the National Trust right to consider fracking while ruling out windfarms?: Dame Helen Ghosh, the National T...
Now has done a great piece on the foot in mouth DG of the
Ch4 news, ok Dame Helen Ghosh was on the spot but I don't like to think that Snowdon has a "backside"! It's all beautiful to me! :o)
The National Trust is for many a British institution. But our changing society means it speaks on issues such as fracking and wind farms. C4 News talks to trust Director General Dame Helen Ghosh.
Dame Helen Ghosh is a stupid peasant. She isn't fit to know whether she is fit to comment on fracking. Unless she condemns it, she can't be.
Dame Helen Ghosh looked very different on tv tonight than she did when she was trailing me around Hardwick a couple of weeks ago!!!l
Very impressed with Dame Helen Ghosh on channel 4 news
Dame Helen Ghosh (Director of National Trust) to Jon Snow: "I don't know if you've been up the backside of Snowdon lately . . "
Good to see Dame Helen Ghosh backing calls for more women in Parliament & at senior levels in public life on
Dame Helen Ghosh's tenure at the National Trust has not got off to a good start says via
The National Trust: Removal of Dame Helen Ghosh as Director General of The National Trust via
National Trust's, Dame Helen Ghosh, fracking remark ill-informed and incoherent Members resigning they could be !
Dame Helen Ghosh, new head of the National Trust, says her 'mind is open to fracking'. until statement retraction
PR disaster caused by deeply equivocal comments failing to rule out on NT managed land by Dame Helen Ghosh, the DG
What is going on What an appalling thing for their new director to say:
National Trust: We're still opposed to fracking... for now - Conservation charity denies U-turn on shale gas following controversial comments from Director General Dame Helen Ghosh
Fabulous evening at press launch for Make the Most thanks to guest speakers & Dame Helen Ghosh
ABC journal from a fantastic read. Latest edition includes the first interview with Dame Helen Ghosh.
Our new Director General, Dame Helen Ghosh visited Flatford Mill today to meet with its General Manager Ade Clarke.
Dame Helen Ghosh took charge of the National Trust today as our new Director General and chose Chirk and Powis...
New days for the as we warmly welcome our new Director General, Dame Helen Ghosh!
Dame Helen Ghosh. Haven't been introduced to her yet!
Helen Ghosh and the semi-permanent state of government equality: Dame Helen Ghosh did not voice her concerns abo...
. on Dame Helen Ghosh and the state of equality, via
. explains why Dame Helen Ghosh not voicing her Whitehall gender balance concerns earlier is "puzzling"
What in God's name is someone by the name of Dame Helen Ghosh playing at in slamming David Cameron for being posh?
Oh Ghosh! Don't hit Cameron for his background. That's prejudice. Hit him for his policies, by :
Q: Was Dame Helen Ghosh right to say Mr Cameron freezes women out of senior government positions in favour of “Old Etonian clique”?
Dame Helen Ghosh: women struggle to break into 'Old Etonian cliques' | Telegraph
David Cameron was today accused of running the country with a male-dominated ‘Old Etonian clique’ which blocks women from top jobs. Dame Helen Ghosh, one of the most senior civil servants in Whitehall, launched a devastating attack on the Prime Minister and his coterie of old pals from school and university. Until last month Dame Helen was the top civil servant running the Home Office, after a 33-year career in Whitehall. In a no-holes-barred assault on Mr Cameron’s leadership-style, she appeared to accuse the PM of an over-reliance on Old Boy’s networks when appointing people to the heart of government. She said women were routinely over-looked for senior jobs – both in the civil service and in politics – because they were too busy ‘bringing up their children’ to engage in Mr Cameron’s ‘clique network’, the Evening Standard reported. The extraordinary criticism by one of Whitehall’s most senior figures comes as a group of Tory ministers and MPs launch Blue Collar Conservatives – ...
Dame Helen Ghosh, who retired as Permanent Secretary of the Home Office last month, launched a blistering attack on the Prime Minister for relying on a 'network of friends' from his school days to the exclusion of women.
Dame Helen Ghosh has not denied a word of the extensive, accurate and detailed quotes in Evening Standard, including "Old Etonian clique"
Dame Helen Ghosh clarification: “It is entirely false to say that I suggested that I think David Cameron surrounds himself by Old Etonians"
Somewhat ironic that Dame Helen Ghosh left the govt after falling out with Theresa May, who is a) a woman and b) very senior indeed
Feminist pioneer Dame Helen Ghosh used to bake cupcakes and give them out in the Home Office:
Dame Helen Ghosh “It is actually quite difficult for a woman to get in as part of an Old Etonian clique"
Dame Helen Ghosh: women struggle to get into David Cameron's Old Etonian clique via
Dame Helen Ghosh, former Home Office Permanent Secretary, says PM has network of friends from school and university
Oh My Ghosh: After various rows at the Home Office and UK Border Agency Dame Helen Ghosh departed the Civil Serv...
Git. Only word that springs to mind at this point > Women being frozen out by Cameron's “Old Etonian clique"
Do you think Cameron's government is too much of an 'Old Boys clique' as Dame Helen Ghosh suggests? Vote in our poll
Former top mandarin attacks the PM's 'Old Etonian clique". Dame Helen Ghosh on the offensive:
Cameron rules with an 'Etonian clique' who exclude women, says Dame Helen Ghosh - my story in the Standard today...
Are the Brits getting tired of Wind Turbines? Or is there more to this story than is said about?
Dame Helen Ghosh, perm sec at Home Office, told head of civil service she was going for National Trust job but not Theresa May
Theresa May says she thought Home Affairs select committee and Dame Helen Ghosh had boxing gloves on during her final appearance as perm sec
Dame Helen Ghosh, told head of civil service she was leaving Home Office on eve of Olympics says G4S were to blame for security debacle
Dame Helen Ghosh, top Home Office civil servant going after only 7 months says running the National Trust was opportunity she couldn't miss
Dame Helen Ghosh next Director-General of NT (her current role is Permanent Secretary to the Home Office). R4 Profile
19:00 Profile: Chris Bowlby profiles Dame Helen Ghosh, who is to take over as head of the National Trust.
Dame Helen Ghosh steps down as Permanent Secretary of Home Office to join National Trust as Director General
As Dame Helen Ghosh departs as Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, is it not time for her boss Theresa May to depart?
Home Office perm secretary Dame Helen Ghosh quits to become a PCC candidate (only kidding, she's going to head the National Trust)
Whitehall women’s exodus grows: Dame Helen Ghosh, Home Office Permanent Secretary, is leaving to head the Nation...
Congratulations to Dame Helen Ghosh, current Permanent Secretary at Home Office, just appointed new Director General of the National Trust
Dame Helen Ghosh resigns from Home Office: Third female Permanent Secretary to leave the Home Office in recen... FT
Dame Helen Ghosh, one of the UK's most senior female mandarins, is leaving the civil service after 33 years to take up a role with the National Trust.
We are excited to update Dame Helen Ghosh, Permanent Secretary to the Home Office on our community budget progress today.
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