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Dalton Highway

The James W. Dalton Highway, usually referred to as the Dalton Highway (and signed as Alaska Route 11) is a 414-mile (667 km) road in Alaska.

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Prudhoe @ 40: Construction of the 414-mile Dalton Highway from Livengood to Deadhorse began 43 years ago tomorrow.…
Great chat with Phil from this afternoon discussing all things & the Dalton Highway. More to fol…
Do you have one with a heater? I'll be traveling the Dalton Highway too, which is not recommended for motorcycles I believe?
New post to the Roadgeek blog! Today, we go to the Dalton Highway of
I spend way too much time on Highway 5
Joni you're an Alaska legend. The Dalton Highway has never been the same since.
I liked a video Driving on Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
I liked a video Alone to Deadhorse - A Solo Journey on the Dalton Highway
As to highway guard rails, those in Dalton Pass to Carranglan are just flimsy decors. This, and road s…
This Saturday is the Downton Sampler! . Sample the finest Downtown Dalton has to offer at the Downtown Sampler!...
Thank you for the wonderful weekend in -40 and 240 miles up the Dalton Highway. More great adventures i…
I added a video to a playlist Haul Road/Dalton Highway Timelapse - Fairbanks to Deadhorse, Alaska
I added a video to a playlist Driving the Dalton Highway in Alaska
I added a video to a playlist Dalton Highway Alaska Forest Fire Smoke
Hazardous Driving Conditions on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 284 to MILEPOST 355. Use caution when traveling through this area. Comments...
Finally on Day 11, the group made it to the Dalton Highway, thus completing their traverse of Gates of the Arctic...
"In Los Angeles...It's love, not money...that makes the world go around...". Dalton Brothers - Lost Highway
Heard on the radio "Traffic is hindered due to a swan on the highway" and suddenly Timothy Dalton yelling swan pops in my head.
"I got on my bike and kept riding until the road ran out. This is the last, most..."
sounds like a good occasion to train to be an "Ice Road Trucker" practicing to be on Dalton Highway.
I want to explore this James Dalton Highway in alaska which is 660km in snow 😍
Join us on our epic trip on America's northernmost road. The Dalton Highway, Alaska:
Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. @ Coldfoot, Arctic Circle, Dalton Highway
Riding the Dalton highway in Alaska can be a grimy dirty affair! But still loads of fun- with the advantage of...
I profiled a who's been driving the Dalton Highway since it opened in '74
Jack Binder has spent 50 years driving on Alaska's Dalton Highway. Read about his career on this adventurous road:
James Dalton Highway (Alaska) . One of the most dangerous roads in the world .
Fun timelapse video of drive up Dalton Highway by PolarTREC teachers
Truck driver recalls 50-year career on Dalton Highway: FAIRBANKS — Driving trucks on the Dalton Highway is an…
Took a trip above the Arctic Circle via the Dalton Highway in Alaska.
Come get your car washed and support Peer Leadership @ Pep Boys on Sunrise Highway!!! 🚗
The MILEPOST was recently on the Dalton Highway and as always we stopped at Milepost J115.5 to snap some photos...
The start of the Dalton Highway up to Prudhoe Bay, AK.
I liked a video Can the WR250r take on the dalton highway in Alaska
Reconstruction of Dalton Highway to begin in 2017
Reconstruction of Dalton Highway to begin in 2017: FAIRBANKS — The Alaska Department of Transportation plans to…
Leaving tomorrow for the Arctic Circle & points North via the Dalton Highway.
"About a month back, we rented motorcycles from to ride up the Dalton Highway. From the time we...
I liked a video Alaska to Argentina Ep2: The Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay. Alaska Part 1 of 2
In the passenger seat and off the grid on Alaska's remote Dalton Highway
via Drive the Dalton Highway in Alaska to the Arctic Circle and Beyond:
Alaska's Dalton Highway again at risk of severe flooding after 2015 closure - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Don't find yourself unprepared on the Dalton Highway! .
Literally walking alongside of the highway to find a piece of Dalton's car. 🖕🏼
Snow on the trees above the Yukon River. Dalton Highway Alaska
Heading to Deadhorse, you'll find just one route: Dalton Highway. Luckily, it's scenic!
that would be awesome! I'd be happy just to run the dalton highway XD modders should make Alaska imo
Transportation officials plan additional flood protection for Dalton Highway.
DALTON 😡 tell him it's ur way or the highway
More flood protection planned for Dalton Highway
.More flood protection planned for Dalton Highway -
DOT plans additional flood protection for Dalton Highway
State moves to protect Dalton Highway from overflow
State moves to protect Dalton Highway from overflow via
ADOT&PF is taking additional steps to protect the Dalton Highway. The latest:
I should like to drive the Dalton Highway from Fairfax, Alaska, north to the Arctic Ocean at Prudhoe Bay
Taking the Dalton Highway to Atigun Pass, Alaska - Motor Mountain USA -
Dalton Highway open again after avalanche
(KTUU Alaska) Dalton Highway open again after avalanche: . Dalton Highway is passable, though reduced to o...
Dalton Highway reopens following avalanche near Atigun Pass: closed by an avalanche ?Saturday has...
Here's a nice cold image for your Christmas Eve. Taken during our Dalton Highway trip this fall. .
Avalanche Hazard Reduction on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 241 to MILEPOST 247. Expect delays, use caution when traveling through this ar...
Not on this one. The panels on the side & back of it separated. The dealer said its the rough Dalton Highway that caused it.
Our hearts and prayers go out to the Dalton family.
Oxford resident Colleen O. Dalton has been identified as the fatality from Sunday's wreck on Highway 7.
British couple ride the entire Dalton highway on 90cc mopeds, in hilarious fashion...
Only in Joaquin will you see a man pulling a buggy full of wood behind a lawn mower down highway 84
Hazardous Driving Conditions on ELLIOTT HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 92 to MILEPOST 108. Use caution when traveling through this area, maintenan...
Speeding on Dalton Highway alaska in a truck he wouldn't of gotten away with it any where else.
No one be on your phone anywhere on Cleveland highway in dalton Cops are EVERYWHERE!!! Repeat
I liked a video from Alaska deel 33 Dalton Highway
Explore the early days of the Dalton Highway, the slope's lifeline, in a special exhibit at UA’s Museum of the North.
Winter storm warning issued for Dalton Highway, Atigun Pass
Traveling the Dalton Highway early this week? You will see some snow in the Brooks Range. Up to 2 inches Mon night above 2000 ft.
Wildfire smoke forces Wasilla pilot to make emergency landing on Dalton Highway
An avenue in Kingston, now a highway in Alaska. My name gets around!
Marine visits Lee Highway Memorial to pay his respects: Joey Jones, a Dalton native now living in Texas, says ...
A video of me driving part of the in
The Dalton highway leads 666km through Alaska and connects three cities. With a population count of under 50. All three of them together.
World's most dangerous road?: For three weeks earlier this year, the James Dalton Highway lay underwater,...
Making my way onto the Dalton Highway towards the Arctic Circle
I love when my trucker son shares photos from the road. Dalton Highway, he's coming south from Prudhoe:
(HORSE_EBOOKS) Dalton could not have discovered the broad highway
Randy Denmon drives Model S to end of Dalton Highway, arriving at Deadhorse, Alaska.
the JCMC in Prudhoe Bay the end of the Dalton Highway.
The most stolen sign in Alaska. On the Dalton Highway
One of the areas that got burn down on the Dalton Highway in Alaska
Prudhoe Bay oilfield is accessed by the Dalton Highway and has Deadhorse Airport.
The James Dalton Highway is one of the world's most dangerous roads:
This traveling modified Tumbleweed recently made it to the Arctic Circle on Alaska's rugged Dalton Highway! This...
Wildfire on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 85 to MILEPOST 100. Air quality poor, expect delays, intermittent delays, road open…
11 striking images of Alaska's Dalton Highway, one of the most isolated roads in the U.S.
Dalton Highway 'an ice sheet' as Alaska Gov. Walker declares disaster
Winds have picked up in Interior Alaska. Travel advisories issued for Dalton Highway; the Steese Highway is closed at Eagle Summit.
Thousands of gallons of diesel spilled in Dalton Highway crash - Alaska Dispatch News
Aurora Borealis dancing over the Haul Road (James Dalton Highway) and the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline on the North...
Lake along the Dalton Highway, Alaska far north of the Arctic Circle, south of the Brooks Range. A very wild and...
Blizzard-like conditions reported on Dalton Highway - (Alaska; October 9, 2014).
Dalton Highway, Alaska. One of the world's top ten most treacherous roads. My baby was an AWESOME driver!
At the top of the world, in the coldest parts of North America, there is a whole trucking industry that most people had never heard of. Some communities and industries can only be reached for a few months each year, when rivers or seas freeze over. Ice Road Truckers features the activities of drivers who operate trucks on seasonal routes crossing frozen lakes and rivers in remote arctic territories in Canada and Alaska. Seasons 1 and 2 are based in Canada's Northwest Territories, first the diamond mines around Yellowknife and then the Mackenzie River ice road from Inuvik. Seasons 3 and 4 move to the USA and focus on Alaska's improved but still remote Dalton Highway, supplying the oilfields in Prudhoe Bay. Seasons 5 and 6 split coverage between Alaska and Manitoba, while Alex heads farther north than ever before on the deadly Dempster. Season 7 covers the battle of Manitoba between Polar Industries with Alex, Lisa and Darrell against VP Express with Hugh, Art and Todd. Can Season 8 be just as good as all t ...
Ridiculous about how much traffic is caused by a cop cruising on the highway
Made it to the Yukon River on the Dalton highway.
my dad's memorial. I wish I could format the text, but here it is anyhow: Memorial to John Thomas Dillon 1947-1987 JOHN C. CROWELL Institute for Crustal Studies and Department of Geological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara, California 93106-1100 John T. Dillon, a member of the Geological Society of America since 1971, died tragically with his father Stephen Patrick Dillon, in an airplane crash in the Brooks Range, Alaska, while returning home from field work in July 1987, thus ending John's productive and promising geological career. He already had contributed significantly to understanding of the complex tectonics and regional geology of southeastern California and to that of the Brooks Range region of Alaska. He left behind significant publications, several incredibly detailed geologic maps in the compilation stage, a large number of geochronological dates from carefully collected samples, and a memory in many of us who knew him as a productive and energetic geologist and as an enjoyabl ...
Explore the beauty of the U.S. on one of these 9 breathtaking roadways, including Dalton Highway and Moki Dugway. Have you taken a road trip across any of these scenic drives?
Along the Dalton Highway. I just ran 3.01 mi with Nike+.
Looking north up the Dalton Highway, about 140 miles south of Deadhorse.
Engineer for a contractor working on the Dalton Highway.
Awesome day we took the dalton highway and stopped in coldfoot for dinner best meal we've had in ak. It is a truck stop that used to be a man camp for the pipeline and thers a hotel which is made from the old sleeping conexes is the only to describe it. It was so rustic and not modern in any way.
no I drove by the house Dalton was at, i thought you were there :( and then you passed me on the highway :p
Up the Dalton highway headed up Atigun pass (continental divide) to cross the Arctic range.
Life is highway and I'm going to ride it all night long.
Aurora Borealis above Alaska. This shot was taken on Dalton Highway, at Atigun Pass, Alaska, USA.
New photos of the recent truck rollover and response on the Dalton Highway. Visit the response page here:
Great read on riding the Dalton Highway in Alaska
check it out!: The Dalton Highway Dos and Don'ts
Diesel spills in Dalton Highway rollover: Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation officials estimated ...
Noticed a surge in deer strike posts. Here's my brother's, on the Dalton highway [gore]
When Dalton passes me on the highway during our drive out and revs his engine at me ever so slightly with that prideful smerk on his face.
The first situation report is posted for the recent Dalton Highway rollover. Photos on the response page:
Photoset: zubat: Evening on the Dalton Highway & Brooks Range twilight by Jason Ahrns.
Dalton just rolled Drake's head up in the window while we were driving down the highway 😂😂
Melting permafrost! “My journey up Alaska's Dalton Highway to Arctic Ocean.
My journey up Alaska's Dalton Highway to the Arctic Ocean.
The ice road off of Ice Road Truckers. (Dalton Highway) Get your thermals on!
Remember that "frozen debris lobe" that's slowly creeping toward the Dalton Highway? No? Catch up with our original story -- -- then check out this new rap video courtesy of Frontier Scientists:
Snow encrusted black spruce trees along Dalton Highway north of Fairbanks, Alaska.
A2 Dalton Highway in Alaska on our 60 day Road Trip
AST says DOTPF worker William L. Evans, 64, died today after a fall from equipment at a Dalton Highway camp:
Aurora Borealis at Atigun Pass on the Dalton Highway, Alaska RT"via
Avalanche on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 243 to MILEPOST 245. Road blocked, clearing in progress, be prepared to stop, snowplows on the ...
A wildlife bridge to help animals cross the highway.
A big S/O to Brianna's dad for dragging me to the highway to day!
This is your chance to experience the far north. While you travel the legendary, unpaved Dalton Highway through the wild and vast landscape, you get great views of the Alaska Pipeline and the amazing landscape of the Brooks Range. This land is almost unpopulated what makes it a real Alaskan experien...
Forget YOLO. There's a reason there's a Stairway to Heaven and a Highway to *** Don't be a *** Merica.
Smoking while I'm driving, call that a highway.
Photo: Dalton Highway on the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
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Hazardous Driving Conditions on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 99 to MILEPOST 156. Slow traffic, travel is not advised, warning, watch, use...
Hazardous Driving Conditions on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 28 to MILEPOST 97. Thank you for your patience, snowplows on the road, use c...
DALTON HIGHWAY from ELLIOTT HIGHWAY to MILEPOST 28. Difficult Driving Conditions. Rain and snow mixed, Freezing rain, Icy patches, Snow on...
Atop the gravel were prefabricated modular buildings either flown to the site or trucked across the Dalton Highway.
RAY here snowed in here at Coldfoot AK intil they get the Dalton Highway open
They're here. Dalton Highway travelers enjoyed a beautiful aurora display last night in Coldfoot. And there's more to come!...
Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel difficult via
Alaska: Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel difficult (a blizzard in freaking August??? ugh..)
AK Beat: Winter is coming, at least on the Dalton Highway
Uh oh- It's true. The last kick of summer is here. See you at the Alaska State Fair!
Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous //Don't complain. You could be in Alaska.
Alaska. Blizzard conditions in mid August make Dalton Highway travel hazardous via
Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous via
Powder snow? Is that you? Via Blizzard at Dalton Hwy's highest point in Brooks Range.
"conditions make Dalton hwy travel hazardous miss AK days like this lol
Ummm, what now? Oh no, already? “Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous
“Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous it's August!
Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous
Blizzard conditions make Dalton Highway travel hazardous: FAIRBANKS - A fall storm has brought blizzard...
My 2013 road trips have included: Circle, Alaska--Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle--Taylor Highway to Chicken and Eagle, and next month
Dalton Highway one of the most dangerous 10 roads in US. I'm hoping to ride it next June on a dual-sport motorcycle:
I want to travel on the Dalton Highway and go to the Article Ocean!
Anything is legal on the Dalton Highway
Second time at the Arctic Circle, this time via the Dalton Highway, AK
From the remote isolation of the Dalton Highway to the 45° incline of Waipio Road, These are the Craziest roads in the universe. CREDIT ATTRIBUTIONS For Yout...
We just arrived in New Jersey today flying military space-available. Our plans to fly to Hawaii and Germany fell through so we took what we could to get out of Alaska after 3 weeks. We had an absolute blast in Alaska. Here are the highlights: We hit a moose while driving (we believe she's Ok); we traveled on the "Dalton Highway" to the Arctic Circle (a place with a population of 13); we visited a dozen glaciers and climbed on top of one; stayed in Denali for 3 days and saw lots of wild animals to include a grizzly; and traveled to the North Pole. We managed to visit 26 of the top 100 things to do in Alaska during our cruise and RV rental. On our trip today our middle son, Nathan, got to fly in the cockpit of a C-17 on takeoff. We're off again in a couple of days...
2 weeks since returning from Alaska, what a fun and adventurous trip it was... Got to go back and complete the Dalton Highway. Looking back at what all we did: Experienced 24 hour day with no sunset... Rode a car which had only cracks in its windshield on the Dalton highway which had mostly gravel roads, no mobile coverage, mostly narrow only abt 1.5 lane wide, with fast trucks coming in the opposite direction, watch Ice Road Truckers on Netflix for more information on the highway... The only permanent company was the Trans Alaska pipeline running parallel to the road... Used CB radio to announce our presence to the large trucks... Crossed the Arctic Circle, now been to all 2 circles of latitude abv the equator... Stayed at Coldfoot which had a population of about 15 which is the world's northernmost truck stop... Roller coaster roads on Dalton highway. Got our car broken down in a place with no mobile coverage (the nearest place was coldfoot which had landline connection and was 60miles from the spot our ...
Northern Region - Seasonal WR Effective 05.28.2013 PUBLIC NOTICE DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND PUBLIC FACILITIES NORTHERN REGION SEASONAL VEHICLE WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS Issue Date: May 24, 2013 Seasonal weight restrictions apply to all vehicles over 10,000# GVW. Weight restrictions are now in effect within the Northern Region at the locations specified below. These weight restrictions are stated as a percentage of legal allowable weight and shall be applied to the maximum axle loading in accordance with 17 AAC 25.013(e). ADOT&PF Northern Region boundaries extend from Mile 163 Parks Highway north, and from Mile 118 Glenn Highway north-east, and from Valdez on the Richardson Highway north to Fairbanks. Road systems within Cordova and Nome are also within the Northern Region. Until further notice, no seasonal vehicle weight restrictions will apply to the Elliott Highway: MP 0 to 72, or to the Dalton Highway: MP 0 to 414. Effective Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 8:00 AM: The following roads will be restricted t ...
The Dalton Highway Guest Author - Deb Frost The James Dalton Highway, known to Alaskan locals as “the haul road”, connects Fairbanks, Alaska with Deadhorse, AK and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. Although open to the public, this 415 mile mostly gravel road is not considered a tourist destination or scenic byway – although it certainly is spectacularly beautiful. Tourists do regularly brave the first 120 miles of the Dalton Highway in order to boast having crossed the “Arctic Circle”. This is the only highway in the United States that actually does cross the Arctic Circle. It is not generally recommended that tourists travel much beyond this point. The Dalton is a dangerous, twisting, often steep-sided road with very little in the way of amenities. It claims lives nearly every year, most of them during the busy winter heavy-load hauling season. Even during the summer, visitors on the highway are well advised to carefully follow the rules of this road – ALWAYS yield right-of-way to semi-truck drive ...
Ready for adventure? Ride up the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay with MotoQuest this summer!
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Tonight's lite entertainment is the bucket list lets see how many non repeated items we get to. 1 - to drive the Dalton Highway in winter (Ice Road Truckers)
♈ Attention all UK fans. Those of you who are missing Lisa Kelly on IRT, well season 5 is here on Channel 5 at 8pm on Friday 22nd February...!!! Season 5, episode 8 Meltdown, a storm brings turmoil to the Dalton Highway. Lisa Kelly pays the price for ending up in a ditch last time out, Hugh and Rick's bumpy ride continues and Tony Molesky transporta an explosive cargo. Stay tuned...!!!
It’s a job that’s anything but easy: driving up and down Alaska’s infamous Dalton Highway, with truckers facing dangerous road conditions and hours of isolation every time they get behind the wheel.
Kathleen Wynne’s plan for road tolls is an abomination.
Feels good to be home. That was an interesting trip worth doing, and the farthest I've driven one of my personal vehicles. Protege5 handled those nearly 1200 miles flawlessly! Needs a detail and an oil change before I run it up the haul road to Chicago next weekend...
Well...My child just informed me he got his first ticket. 83 in a 70. Opinions on punishment.
New Jerusalem Outreach is having Special Prayer for Phillip Lamar Dalton Grandmother Shirly Dalton... A year ago this week his grandmother fount out that she had cancer of the mouth... She has had a long hard year... Her blood count has been high and the Doc are wanting to do a test to see if the Cancer has come back or not, But they cant do it with her blood count being as high as it is... She goes to the Doc Tuesday Feb-5. We are going to have a Special Prayer for her tomorrow in our praise and worship service @ 3:00pm... We hold our church services at Epiphany Lutheran Church 2375 Georgia Highway 20, Conyers, Ga 30013.We are asking all her friends and family to come and be apart and lets come together looking for a miracle. Her blood count is going to go down to where it needs to be and she is going to be cancer free in Jesus name... So please come and be apart !
I have heard Several reports of a large explosion in several places in and around the Cartersville area. I personally have not heard any scanner traffic pertaining to this.
“I can't ever do anything right. If it's not his way it's the highway.”
ROAD ADVISORY: Bradley County officials are advising people not to get on Interstate 75. Between mile markers 18 and 35, at least a dozen accidents are being reported. Also, accidents are reported at exit 20.
Forecast: Auroral activity will be quiet. Weather permitting, quiet displays will be visible directly overhead from Barrow to Fort Yukon and visible low on the horizon from Fairbanks to as far south as Nome, Talkeetna and Whitehorse, Canada.
The picture is of our transportation going down the Dalton Highway trying to get Beanie headed for home!! Juan is driving and our new friend, Mary, is with us. What fun. love, annie (remember it is pretend!!)
Freezing rain/sleet causing numerous accidents reported across the Mid-South/WREG viewing area on bridges & overpasses. Extreme caution is recommended if travel is necessary until conditions improve. Assume ALL bridges to be slick before travel.
I'm driving 55 down the highway. Gatta put my phone down. ✌
Tof program over de Dalton Highway in Alaska!
A travel advisory has been issued for MP 28-110 of the Elliott Highway and MP 0-28 of the Dalton Highway.. Please use caution!
Emergency maintenance on Southbound DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 31 to MILEPOST 8
Accident involving a truck on Southbound DALTON HIGHWAY at MILEPOST 17 Road passable with care.
A4 we drove the Dalton Highway last October, slept next to a herd of buffalo in Grand Prairie, BC.
and Dalton have one thing in common: "I don't fly...too dangerous"
I hope my step dad has a safe trip to work going down that highway to dalton !
Cyclist takes a break along the Dalton Highway in Alaska in -40 F temp. @ Dalton Highway
I'm a lonely dreamer on the highway in the sky.
Hazardous Driving Conditions on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 239 to MILEPOST 245 Comments: Reports of high winds (30-40 mph), heavy drif...
It's the same place on the show, yep. Lance & I are plotting to drive all the way up there on the Dalton Highway.
Thousands of Ontario Liberals gathered in Maple Leaf Gardens Friday night to say farewell to the most successful Liberal leader in more than a century.
Don't worry, it's never that cold in September and October when we pass by Prospect Creek on the Dalton Highway on our annual Alaska Polar Bear & Northern Lights Tours.
JOIN THE STATEWIDE DAY OF ACTION AGAINST THE PLDC Saturday, January 26th Dear Friend, Please join us in a statewide Day of Action this Saturday! We're raising awareness about concerns with the Public Lands Development Corporation ("PLDC") by spending a few hours knocking on doors and talking to our neighbors and friends. DAY OF ACTION: Saturday, January 26th. Meet up at 9 AM at locations below. Events on O'ahu will include a celebration afterwards in town. STATE WIDE ACTION: This action is focused on building support to repeal the Public Lands Development Corporation ("PLDC") in a fun, friendly, and community-building manner. Please click here if you would like to sign up. Enter your zip code near the map to have events near you listed. Don't see an event near you? Let us know if you would like to form your own action team! We believe it's critical that we get out into the community and establish a movement that can ensure the people's voice can be heard. If you can’t make it this time, no worries, we ...
It's really snowing tonight! On the highway and they're dalton and plowing! It was raining when we left this afternoon.
so...I might be staying in Anchorage for the winter job working in cable repair.or I might b e going North and working along the river again where I was working on the last project along the Dalton Highway south of Deadhorse. Either one is fine with me.working along the river on the Big Bear project was hairy, hard, and more fun than I should be entitled to have.
Sure I've just seen Lisa Kelly, Queen of the Dalton Highway, on Park Street.
We were standing outside at the Hot Spot Cafe, north of the Yukon River, the only place for miles along the Dalton Highway in Alaska. It was late at night, but it was light out. I was hugging myself against the late summer chill.
Ben Huff Photographing the serene on Alaska's Dalton Highway via
Get stop-by-stop directions for a driving tour of Alaska's Dalton Highway from National Geographic's Ultimate Road Trips. A mostly gravel road does not do justice to the vastly dramatic scenery that lies along its winding path.
Photographing the serene on Alaska's Dalton Highway via
A mysterious blob of frozen soil, rocks and trees is creeping toward the Dalton Highway, threatening to block the haul road that serves as a lifeline for Alaska's oil and gas industry. It could happen as soon as end of the decade.
The Last Road North: Ben Huff's Alaska - In a place where Walmart and McDonald's are now as ubiquitous as sourdoughs and homesteaders, photographer Ben Huff's project on the Dalton Highway embodies the confounding nature of America's 49th state.
Alaska Ride: Vision-Rider Rollin posted:There are some great videos of the Dalton Highway on YouTube.This one sh...
Section Four was 143 miles (230 km) from south of the Yukon to Coldfoot. It was contracted to Associated-Green, a group formed by Associated Pipeline Contractors, Inc. and Green Construction Company. The group also was one of the main contractors for construction of the Dalton Highway.[22] Section Five covered the distance from Coldfoot to Toolik pipeline camp, and Section Six went from Toolik to Prudhoe Bay. Together, the two sections covered 210 miles (340 km), and they both were under the supervision of Arctic Constructors, a venture of Brown & Root Inc., Ingram Corporation, Peter Kiewit Sons Inc., Williams Brothers Alaska, Inc., and H.B. Zachry Company.[22] In Valdez, where Fluor had supervision, the work also was divided among several contractors. Site preparation work was done by Morrison-Knudsen. Chicago Bridge & Iron Company built the tank farms, the tanker berths were built by Kiewest (a venture of Peter Kiewit Sons and Willamette-Western Corporation), and General Electric insulated the pipes.[23 ...
Would love to see recreate the Dalton Highway.
“Smoking people out on the highway. reminds me of dalton and Blake...
Here's a summertime view of the Dalton Highway, the road to Prudhoe Bay. Pipeline on the left.
Comedian Sue Perkins and adventurer Charley Boorman travel across Alaska to the notorious Dalton Highway - a dirt track built in the 1970s as a supply road t...
Carlile Transportation driver Jon Norton gives the go-ahead for another truck to overtake his 2005 Kenworth W900L on the stunning Atigun Pass, on the Dalton ...
What a wonderfull display of the Northern Lights here in Alaska!
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.Controlling tolls possible got bad advice from & lawyers Read
Don't u just love when people ride your *** on the highway. Yeah that's super safe bro lol
Updated 3:30 p.m. FAIRBANKS - An overturned truck near the northern end of the Dalton Highway is blocking the northbound lane of the highway, the main supply route for Alaska's North Slope oilfields. The truck is blocking the road at 325 Mile, at a spot called Ice Cut on the flats north of the B...
Closure on DALTON HIGHWAY from MILEPOST 324 to MILEPOST 326 Expect delays, travel is not advised, use caution when traveling through thi...
I love the Northern Lights. Alaska has so much beauty.
The Heavens declare the glory of God!
Fall colors have passed from our trees into our skies.
Winter storm making travel difficult on Dalton Highway
Take a look at these trees along the Dalton Highway where cold arctic air had condensed, in a fantastic photo by...
Does the highway on your daily commute make the cut for the most treacherous of pavements in the U.S.? Check out the top 10 — and hang on tight to that steering wheel. 1. Dalton Highway, Alaska: This isolated 414-mile highway was built as a supply road to support the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in 1974. There are just three towns on the way, with a total population of 60 people. Besides the arctic weather to contend with, the giant trucks that ply the route kick up huge clouds of dust, reducing visibility to zero, and the road is littered with enormous pot holes. 2. Colorado 550 from Ouray to Silverton: This two-lane highway, sometimes called the “Million Dollar Highway,” is mountainous and full of sharp s-curves. And if you’re traveling during the winter, beware of avalanches. 3. U.S. 19, Florida According to MSNBC this may be the most deadly road in the U.S. 100 pedestrians were killed crossing the road during one five-year stretch. 4. U.S. Highway 2, Montana is the biggest contributor to Monta ...
back home. our trip was better than we ever imagined. we seen the wonders of. Alaska. 57 days of. wow. we went to the end. right to. the Arctic Ocean I drove the Dalton Highway. and went over the Atigun Pass. the. days seemed to fly. We were the only CAR. at Prudhoe Bay. animals. we have. pictures of. black bear grizzly. bears moose. elk wild horses buffalo caribo. deer sheep musk ox. all on the roads or side of the road. or surrounding our car. we drove the Alacan highway the Stewart. the glen the Dalton Highway the klondike loop every one but the dempster which was closed due. to. bad condition after a rain. did Denali park. took 8hrs. bus. can go on forever. We can watch Ice Road Truckers and know we were there we slept there we were there. we ate there. we found it hard to believe. every day was a new adventure. glaciers. 4. Rode on one ferry went thru Whitter tunnel. whale Prince William Sound. went in Laird hot springs. loved it one pool was 150 degrees. I tried t ...
♈ Check out this website about the Dalton Highway, Alaska. Informative with some amazing pictures...
Get Lisa Kelly, Maya Sieber and Gdub Boles on IRT season 7. shared the following link:Kelly, is the first lady to take up the challenge of the Dalton Highway ice road...! Lisa's self sufficient can do attitude and love of the outdoors has helped her to achieve her dream as a successful ice road trucker.Lisa Kelly hasn't always been an ice r...
Now Bella Dog and I are off to Fairbanks, Alaska, USA to plan our assault on the Dalton Highway (the Haul Road) to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean for a swim and to wrestle Polar Bears. (Think Ice Road Truckers) Yippee! And the adventure continues...
I have a wish for my bucket list. For those of you who know me best I am sure your eyebrows will shoot up ... I wish to drive down the Dalton Highway (ice road) with one of the Ice Road Truckers. lol, truly, I do. For those of you who unfamiliar with the Dalton. It is an ice road in Alaska and is nasty and dangerous.
Here's a video I made on the Dalton Highway while going up to the Arctic Circle. I rented a BMW for the trip to the Arctic Circle but Patrick took his Ultra Classic.Swing arm is BROKEN (not cracked). Patrick is shipping the bike back to Houston and will fly out on Monday. I'm in Tok AK heading back to Houston!
Great day touring Barrow, Alaska, northernmost city in the United States. Saw the Arctic Ocean, climbed on the ice, and Ariel did the Polar Bear Plunge, going completely under in 37 degree water... Tomorrow, a ride up the Dalton Highway...
Dalton Highway takes travelers to Arctic Circle and beyond this in the summer just older & a lot wiser ;-)
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