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Dallas Maverick

The Dallas Mavericks are a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban Dirk Nowitzki San Antonio Spurs Rajon Rondo Vince Carter Roy Tarpley Golden State Warriors Houston Rocket Skip Bayless Devin Harris Harrison Barnes Houston Rockets Steve Nash Adam Silver Jason Kidd

Flahsback: Jamal Mashburn on what really happened between Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson and Toni Braxton.
If you could have any former Maverick play their entire career with Dallas, who would it be?
Future Maverick? Mark Cuban spotted in Italy meeting with draft prospect Frank Ntilikina.
Today Dallas PAL had the great opportunity to partner with Harrison Barnes for the "Dallas Maverick's Harrison...
Dirk already said he retiring a Maverick. You can't offer…
As in a Dallas maverick as in he's bad?
CDL Truck Driver Training from Maverick! Earn over $50,000 per year!
I'm a Dallas Maverick fan first, second of all good game Cavs
The 2011 Dallas Maverick's are my premier team vs the Golden State Warriors.
is my hero 5ever. She rips and reps Texas, reps humanity and creativity. A real Dallas maverick on guitar, brilliant lyricist 👽🎸
10 things to know about Mavericks PG Yogi Ferrell, from his rap song shoutout to his funny family - Dallas News…
Houston, the largest city in Texas, is probably joining Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio, El Cenizo, Maverick C…
Nicely done... One could say, if you were Dallas Maverick, you're not the solution to the problem.
Today John McCain proved that he is not A maverick, but the 33-win Dallas Mavericks.
Born OTD 1921 Gordon McLendon "the Maverick of Radio" Introduced the Top 40 format to KLIF radio Dallas in the…
Dirk is so great he beat 2 league MVP's and 3 NBA all stars while he was the only all star on that Dal…
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I don't really care about the team's neither of them. Lol I'm a Dallas Maverick fan all the way.
Far as I can tell the fight against is unprecedented: Dallas, Houston, Austin, El Paso, Cenizo, Maverick County all filing suit.
Jurisdictions now challenging in court:. Austin, . Dallas, . San Antonio, . Bexar, . Travis, . El Cenizo/Maverick, . El…
Join me in welcoming the newest Dallas Maverick, Nerlens Noel. Welcome to Dallas!
don't get it twisted I'm not a warrior fan. I just think the warrior going to win. I'm a dallas maverick fan for life.
This dude is an *** No wonder Dallas Maverick going down the tube.
Making so many plays in dallas iShould be a maverick
I have zero insight other than my intuition, but I feel like Derrick Rose becomes a Maverick. Doesn't he just seem like a Dallas guy?
when the Dallas Maverick beat the super heat Labron team ...he was favorite
This feels so much like that Dallas/Miami finals in 2011.. Wade and Bron was fckn wit Dirk and them Maverick boys turnt up
Durant will be a Dallas maverick next year.
lmao what's with Mark Cuban? Didn't he allow Trump to use the Maverick's stadium in Dallas?
TARGET at Dallas has no 7/27 album on stock on 1st week.They took away my buying experience 
Originally a Dallas Maverick's fan, that turned into Houston Rockets then I realized, Golden State has great players 😊
is a tremendous speaker. She's so smart I can't understand half of the words she says. What a maverick. A Dallas Maverick
Klay needs to become a Dallas Maverick quick fast and in a hurry.
In the Maverick city of Dallas Texas… I return to EP on Monday
Despite being a Dallas Maverick guy, :) Mark Cuban has an interesting take on
Rain or shine, It's Maverick time! Don't miss the best party happening all weekend!
I want him to be a Dallas Maverick.
Future Dallas Maverick Harrison Barnes still not getting the Kirk seal of approval.
Met that man in Dallas so you thought he was a maverick. Say he gon upgrade ya whip soon as he gets his taxes
All a *** wanna do is ball like a Dallas Maverick
I am a crazy Maverick fan. I would go there if Dallas was a great ente...
Harrison Barnes out there point shaving. unfortunately, he will be a Dallas Maverick next year smh
This thunder team has that Dallas Maverick feel to it when they won it all
This magical run that are on remind me of that dallas maverick championship one but true fans saw this coming.
Dwight Howard will be a Dallas Maverick next season
Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, a known Bayern fan, is enjoying seeing a club from his hometown win promotion.
Shark Tank star and Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban says he would consider the VP role for ...
SIGHHH Former-Knick Raymond Felton is Thriving as a Dallas Maverick: The New York Knicks may not be in the Pla...
Pistons' Stanley Johnson: OKC games 'circled on my schedule' from now on: The Pistons host the Dallas Maverick...
James Donaldson, prior to Tyson Chandler was the best center in Dallas Maverick's history.
Don't see Steph Curry, James Harden or any Dallas Maverick on the list.
The one thing I love about winter. Beanies and scarves.
LIVE on At the Dallas Maverick player Devin Harris signinh
Met that boy in Dallas now you thinking he a maverick say ya breaking up soon as he get his taxes
Met that man in Dallas so yu thought he was a maverick ! 😂 Gucci a fool
I got your chance to meet Dallas Mavericks player Devin Harris AND get FREE Dallas Maverick…
she's a maverick. I like the Dallas Mavericks hence
I hope that Justin told all Maverick players that 38% of Dallas kids are living below poverty.
The 242nd Quaz stars former Dallas Maverick hoops at 32 for rap
Come and support our GBB and BBB teams with Dallas Maverick’s May Man, Utah Jazz Bear, and the Acrodunk Team
Maverick's forward Chandler Parsons close to break out
When I'm up in Dallas I'm balling like a maverick.. When I'm in Orlando i be balling like I'm magic
Anyone looking for a dallas maverick with dirk or bulls with rose or lakers with bryant on the back im selling official jerseys
Devin Harris is a Dallas Maverick Superstar. love him
END 2: The trail 2-0 after 40 minutes of play. Dallas goals scored by Janmark and Hemsky.
Give a pair of those cool tennis shoes to each of the Maverick Dallas cheerleaders and the Dallas Team Advertise
LITERALLY EVERY MAVERICK will sit out preseason opener - Mavs Moneyball
I asked if Dallas would put the Arlington entertainment skyline on a Dallas Maverick champion shirt to reciprocate.
Things that lasted longer than the playoff appearance: . 1. DeAndre Jordan's time as a Dallas Maverick. 2. 2015 Dolphins optimism.
All peace has been restored. Dallas Maverick Basketball is back. 😌
I recognized him as an original, expansion Dallas Maverick. Starting at center ... Scott Lloyd!
Cowlishaw: Why big fish free agents don't want to come to the ...
I added a video to a playlist Dallas maverick vs Golden states warriors (2)
I just wanna buy everything on the Dallas maverick page on the NBA store 😐
Still a Dallas Maverick fan till the day I die 👌🏽
Dallas Cowboys to use virtual reality technology ...
That awkward moment when you spend 30 minutes with a nice stranger buying outfits and don't even know he's a Dallas Maverick. Lol
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Tony Romo of Dallas Cowboys giving up golf to focus ...
and he dropped 63 in 3 quarters out scoring a Dallas Maverick team that went to the finals that year you losing me Brodie lol
Dallas Mavericks NBA 2015 news, rumors: Dirk Nowitzki returns at EuroBasket ... - ChristianToday
Dallas Mavericks best options for this offseason - Dallas Sun Times
Mavs' Cuban donates $5 million to Indiana, his alma mater, for new technology ... - Dallas Morning News
Mark Cuban's gift to provide Hoosiers with new video center (Yahoo Sports): As Mark Cuban looked for ways to help the Dallas Maverick...
DeAndre Jordan profile: Will the Clippers' polarizing center be a Maverick?
"Know a couple shooters out in Dallas, like a Maverick.."
Everybody (esp you ladies) come get wet with the Dallas Maverick's own at this Saturday
Mark Cuban is cool with Dirk Nowitzki playing for Germany in Eurobasket 2015 (Ball Don't Lie): Dallas Maverick...
Patrick Beverley profile: could Dallas draw from the Houston RFA ...
he's a Dallas Maverick, washed up city
Leo's ex Toni Garrn moves on with a Maverick: The German model was spotted with Dallas Mavericks star Chandle...
Met him in Dallas so u thought u was Maverick
5 borderline free agents Mavericks could pursue: Reliable big men and a tough ... - Dallas Morning News
Dallas Mavericks Rumours: Are they trying to get Patrick Beverley? - Ecumenical News
Who the Dallas Mavericks should target in this year's NBA Draft - Dallas Sun Times
Which Dallas Maverick Are You?! Take our quiz for a chance to win a signed jersey!. 👉http:/…
Tyus Jones as a Dallas Maverick sounds nice. but watch, Donnie and Cubes wont see eye-to-eye and draft somebody totally different lol
Dallas Maverick, Charlie Villanueva is wearing these great Air Jordan 13 "Mavericks Logo" PEs
What's the deal with the Dallas Maverick's Fanbase? The game's not even sold out. And their silent.
I don't think that cats are fully aware of how deeply talented the dallas maverick's bench "iz".
Dallas Mavericks rule out guard Rajon Rondo indefinitely
DALLAS (– After a performance that left much to be ...
Former Maverick Derek Harper joins GameTime via arena link to talk about where Dallas goes from here, being down 2-0 to Houston and…
My sister won 4 suite tickets for the maverick vs rockets game in dallas sunday.catered and all :,)
Dallas writer destroys Rajon Rondo and it's beautiful
Rajon Rondo's move to Dallas hasn't been what either party hoped ...
NBA news: Rajon Rondo not expected to play for Dallas Mavericks ...
Rondo done in Dallas...Hardy will appeal NFL suspension
Dallas coach Rick Carlisle says he does not expect Rajon Rondo to ...
Carlisle also definitively &publicly stated that Rondo will never wear a Dallas Maverick jersey again It was public 2 days ago
which Dallas maverick is better than curry ?
Rondo's final moments as a Dallas Maverick
Dallas Maverick fans swear they winning a ship every year. Yall about to get swept
Why Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban is casting his investor eye on tech.
hi my name is Walter Bond former Dallas Maverick.
Maverick Trading Inc is Entry Level Online Trader - Work from Home in Dallas, TX
You know, I didn't even know he was a Maverick!
Rajon Rondo officially played his last game as a Dallas Maverick in game 2
I'm just glad rajon rando will not be a Dallas Maverick next year
NEW BLOG: "Rajon Rondo has played his last game as a Dallas Maverick" by
BREAKING: According to numerous reports, Rajon Rondo has played his LAST game as a Dallas Maverick.
Roy Tarpley, the talented Dallas Maverick power forward who flamed out of the NBA due to substance abuse issues died Friday, at the age of 50. According to The Dallas Morning News there was no official cause of death, but multiple Mavericks officials were informed he had liver failure.
Just learned today that we the basketball world lost a former great you would have had to have seen him play to know how good he really was or could have been for who do know then you know what I mean!R.I.P .Roy Tarpley...A former Michigan wolverine and Dallas Maverick
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RIP Roy Tarpley. Dude had problems but I loved him as a Dallas Maverick!!
Chandler is a Dallas Maverick again Lets celebrate by looking at his legs Skips leg day😂
Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki says he'll try to hit a home run at his celebrity baseball game on Sat in Frisco.
Watching the harsh reaction to Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban's comments about how he would walk to the other side of the street if confronted at night by a black kid in a hoodie brought back my own painful memories from the Trayvon Martin murder case. I said then that the 17-year olds' hoodie was as responsible as George Zimmerman for Trayvon's tragic death. I also said that there was little doubt that the nearly all white female jury would put themselves in Zimmerman's shoes and understand why he reacted the way he did that dark, rainy night when confronting a hoodie-wearing kid he did not recognize from the neighborhood. What I meant with my hoodie comment, and what Cuban meant with his, is that we are the sum of our own stereotypes. It is a fact that black kids in hoodies at night remind people of all those surveillance videos from countless 7/11 stickups. Like Cuban, I apologized to Trayvon Martin's wonderful and caring parents for any pain I caused by comments widely viewed as insensitive. But sta ...
So NBA Dallas Maverick's Owner Mark Cuban says he would go on the other side of the road if he saw a blck man in a hoodie at night. He further stated he would do the same if he saw a white bald headed man covered in tats. His statement went viral and persons are now calling him racist. Would u label Mark racist based on these statement? Please give reasons for answers.
Is Shawn Marion about to play his last game as a Dallas Maverick? Show your appreciation tonight, just in case
Listen to Dallas Maverick words closely. He said Donald Sterling racist words were deplorable, but as Owner he didn't feel THEY should get involved. When Mark Cuban said that's a SLIPPARY SLOPE. Could mean the slippery slope of institution racism? The only governing body that has the Power to remove any NBA owner is by a vote from all the owners. If the vote is 75% That owner will be forced to sell his franchise. That's the reason the private club of NBA owners will NEVER take that vote. The slippery slope can lead to institutional racism and other important issues...
Today IS declared national "Dallas Cowboys Suck" day. Oh waittt I heard thats everyday!!! F U DALLAS COWBOYS. This is Redskin Nation! calling out all cowgirl fans BTW cowyboy fans why you guys all of a sudden Washington Wizards Fans??? Shouldnt you guys be Dallas Maverick fans SINCE you guys rep Dallas so hard?? PLEASE EXPLAIN!
FOR U GUYS WHO THING NASH AINT IN TOP 10... SMH HERES A LITTLE INFO While he was a fine player in his day, Jackson was never the point guard Nash was in his prime. The Canadian national is a surefire Hall of Famer. Nash has appeared in the All-Star Game eight times during his career—twice as a Dallas Maverick and six times as a Phoenix Sun. In Phoenix, he teamed with coach Mike D'Antoni to orchestrate some of the most potent offenses in NBA history. His career reached its zenith from 2004 to 2006, when he won back-to-back MVP awards. How rare is it for a 6'3" point guard to win MVP? Consider this: Only four players 6'3" or shorter have won the award since its inception in 1956—Nash, Allen Iverson (2000-01), Derrick Rose (2010-11) and Bob Cousy (1956-57). Nash is the only such player to win the award more than once.
Not all those who wander are lost That you are not successful yet doesn't mean you won't be Just don't stop trying Keep pushing... There are many like you who still made it Peep this... Mark Cuban, Dallas Maverick owner ...He was a bartender until 25 Harrison Ford, Actor and Producer ...was a carpenter until his early 30s Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's ...He sold paper cups and milk shake mixers until he was 52 Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay ...She sold books and house wares from door to door until 45 Andrea Bocelli, singer ...played pianos at bars until 33 J.K Rowling, author of Harry Potter ...single mom on welfare until 31 Ang Lee, Movie Director ...Jobless house husband until 31 Sheldon Adelson, founder of Las Vegas Sands ...sold shampoo until his mid 30s You snooze you loose Don't stop pushing
Please note: The Quinton Ross found dead in NY is NOT the former SMU Mustang and Dallas Maverick.
Tonight at the Toyota Center the Houston Rockets gonna whoop some Dallas Maverick's *** with Laura Gobeli and Amelia Viteri.
How important is your name? Sports columnist Skip Bayless respected this interesting story. Mark Cuban owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks offered sports-talk host David Kaplan $50,000 to have his name legally changed to "Dallas Maverick." When Kaplan declined, Cuban responded by offering to pay Kaplan $100,000 and donate $100,000 to Kaplan's favorite charity if he took the name for one year. Kaplan did some soul searching, but held firm "I'd be saying I'd do anything for money, he explained," and that bothers me, my name is by birthright. I'd like to preserve my integrity and credibility." Building a reputation of integrity and reliability happens by establishing a consistent track record of sound decisions and hard work, and no amount of money of fleeting temptation is worth its undoing. Stephen Arterburn "There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity." -Tom Peters
LeBron James,drives vs Vince Carter in the fourth qt during game against Dallas Maverick at AAA.
riff raff went way harder tho lmao "coulda played for the Dallas maverick, but they found crack in my jacket"
Photos: Check out basketball player Jose Calderone's new University Park mansion
I LOVE that commercial. Have you seen the Dallas Maverick's commercial with Dirk Novitzki playing the camel. It's great.
Have u met a celebrity — Actually i met Dirk Nowitzki for Dallas Maverick he signed a ball for me
Dallas Maverick Cheerleaders are at my school.
Love having a dog at school. Look at this beauty
Can't wait for tonite...they doin it big now...from Dale jr to Dallas Maverick's owner Marc Cuban...
Dont forget to get your raffle tickets for the chance at that Dallas Maverick championship ring!!! for de…
Isiah vs. Detroit, 2/13/1985: Isiah Thomas goes to work against good buddy Mark Aguire and the Dallas Maverick...
I am, too. Because I'm a Texan and support my own. Unless you are a Dallas Maverick and then you can suck it.
gal melek went to services with me😍 if you don't know who that is he's the new Dallas maverick😌
Shout out to the homie newest Dallas Maverick
I'd RT, but I fear you'll 'Dallas Maverick' on us.
"Former Dallas Maverick Eduardo Najera to scarf Lamar for Columbus game" Swam the Rio Grande up to Norman. Najera, Najera.
Former Dallas Maverick Eduardo Najera to scarf Lamar Hunt statue for Columbus game
Andre Iguodala was apparently an hour away from becoming a Dallas Maverick | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
ESPN.COM is reporting the Dallas Mavericks are in "careful pursuit" of Andrew Bynum. If Kiki Vandeweghe can shun the city of Dallas the way he did in the 1980's and become a Dallas Maverick assistant coach sitting with Rolando Blackman...I say WHY NOT!! Let's GO Mavs!!
With the final announcement from Adam Silver, it's official: is a Dallas Maverick.
With that announcement from Adam Silver, it's now official: is a Dallas Maverick.
Former Hurricane Shane Larkin with his Atlanta Hawk cap on. Will it change to a Dallas Maverick cap?
That's just wrong!!! I had a box meal from Taco Bell of which it is an NBA Western Conference box. Had photos of a Dallas Maverick, OKC Thunder, Denver Nugget, LA Laker, LA Clipper, Minnesota Timberwolves & Memphis Grizzly player. Not a single San Antonio Spur who by the way is the Western Conference Champion! WTH
Wow , Never before heard _ I Like _ worlds on the respect : Lebron Jame _ Because I can't believe _ Wonderful of enjoy in was have a fun ..! But My favor: Brooklyn & Laker - L.A. Clippers & Dallas Maverick's , San Antonio Spurs & Houston Rocket & Oklahoma Thunder - that all ..!
NBA Finals: Let me start this off by saying im a Dallas Maverick fan.But since I got no dog in the race and I don't like the spurs and I think the big three of the Heat can't be beat. So I want LeBron to win last year and this year I know we are watching one the best player in our lifetime. I think the first three quarters and even some of the last quarter.The spurs got all the call this game could have been a blow out if it wasn't for the ref. They were trying the give the spurs the title but KING JAME wasn't have it! He took tht championship right up out the spurs mouth.
I don't know how Dallas Maverick's fans can cheer for the San Antonio Spurs. I don't care if it is a Texas team
DALLAS -- In an instant Rodrigue Beaubois&time as a Dallas Maverick may have come to an end. Showing si ...
Son I said that earlier ! Brandon Jennings will be a Dallas Maverick next season if Mark Cuban makes a smart decision ONCE in his life
Mark Cuban: Vince Carter has been a bright spot, could retire a Dallas Maverick
It's official... Akognon is a Dallas Maverick according to Former Titan signs 10-day deal
Lets face it, Dallas Maverick cheerleaders are Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader rejects.
Okc Thunder and my man (KD) Kevin Durant. Looking forward to seeing the match up March 11vs the San Antonio Spurs. Taking my boys my too grandsons to there first professional game. There 3yrs And 1yrs old. And very perceptive. And if they're good we will go on Thursday March 14 Spurs vs Dallas Maverick's.
Shump for Shawn Marion. Somehow. 3rd team I dunno. Let's Dallas Maverick the Heat.
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Marion on the trade deadline: "It'll take care of itself. Right now, I'm a Dallas Maverick and that's what it's about."
I want to be a Dallas maverick dancer ✨💃😳💙
Once again another great performance by the Dallas Maverick Dancers 👏
When they show the Dallas Maverick Dancers >>>> 😍
Dallas Maverick, Bernard James is hosting Synn Lounge tonight, so I gotta show love.
met ur man in Dallas so u thought he was maverick
Really wanted to go to the maverick's game in Dallas .
Meet dat man n Dallas so u thaught he wuz ah Maverick say he gne upgrade yo whip soon as he get he taxes *** baby gurl he got u lukin nasty
Dallas bound to catch my in IMAX 3D Let the romantic getaway begin!
Wuts up with the dallas maverick ks they suck this year look like we want tonight the playoffs this year
A thoughtful response to the Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban's take on higher ed.
Met that man in Dallas , So you thought he was a Maverick?
Kaman lol "which maverick will look like first?
Women's Classic / Masters Doubles & George Lee Invitational Underway at the Maverick Athletic Club in Dallas!...
bro I got a brother that's a Dallas Maverick historian I hear this everyday I'm not making an irrelevant point dude.
With dwight struggling it masks the fact that Steve Nash hasn't averaged this few points and assists since he was a dallas maverick!
Flight cancelled and I'm stuck in Dallas tonight! No Maverick's game brutal
"it's not better than Dallas with maverick though!" Heard that!
it's not better than Dallas with maverick though!
Hustling is a habit, craving I got to have it, see me with the Cuban in the front Dallas Maverick
The Dallas Maverick are going to grow their beards until they reach .500
I can say the same for your dallas maverick's lmfao
The guy who should still be a Dallas Maverick, our fave, Steve Nash is 39. Happy BDay! What's with haircut?
I like. The Dallas maverick's Im glad the maverick's won go maverick's
Tonight's spread for the Portland Trail Blazer - Dallas Maverick game was 5 1/2. Final score was 105-99. How do you do this Vegas?
Dallas Maverick fans are so cute lol
Moral of the story, I really dislike the entire Dallas maverick organization
There is a Dallas Maverick cheerleader named "Kamwin"
I really would like to win those Beyonce tickets plus the Dallas Maverick tickets.
Former Maverick D.J. Mbenga is jailed after telling 2 Dallas cops, ‘Move out of my way’ via
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i love sports but my teams are Dallas maverick's Dallas cowboy's Texas ranger's and uswnt soccer team!
Dallas Maverick's have really upset me this year.
The only *** time I'm doing an shoot. maverick's hat, fan shirt and
Jae Crowder, a rare Maverick draft find, wants to be in Dallas for life (mavsblog.dallasnews)
Flying out to Dallas tomorrow for the maverick a trail blazer game with my right hand Bambi
Dominique Jones better step up soon if he wants to be a Dallas Maverick after this season.
I just commented: Maverick basketball. Got the ... in the Dallas Mavs App
Spam DM from Dallas Maverick player? I can't even think of a joke for this one.
do you introduce yourself to lower level Dallas maverick employees
We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees. ~ Jason Kidd upon being drafted to the Dallas Maverick, yeah wish LA do the same , main problem the coach!
My dad met the entire Dallas Maverick team. -_- what if I wanted to? -_-
"We have to give up the good stuffs in order to get the great ones." Mark Zuckerberg proved that by turning down a job offer(+ a million dollars) from Microsoft in his late teens when they were impressed with his app, Synapse Media Player in order to further develop the app. He uploaded it for free, however. Mark Cuban(owner of Dallas Maverick), risked his job at Your Business Software in order to close a new business deal. He lost the job, obviously. He started MicroSolutions then. Sometimes, the choice is yours while sometimes it is not. Do not be down when you are denied what you feel is good. Great things come from honest effort, when you practice every *** day even when you are not given a chance to play for the team. Michael Jordan was left out of his high-school basketball team because his coach had thought he wasn't "good enough". And you know what, that made him even more determined and he practiced every day as if he was still in the team. Thats what makes a champion of his stature.
After admitting to being open to the possibility of returning in some form to the team that acquired him on draft day in 1998, current Dallas Maverick and former Toronto Raptor Vince Carter again attempted to reconcile with the city and team he was traded from nearly eight years ago. But how about R...
Dirk Nowitzki's mic'd up in the 2011 playoffs... Funny voiceover of Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki during the 2011 NBA playoffs. Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Nowitzki...
So was listening to talk radio and heard mixed reviews about the Dallas Maverick's Cheerleader uniforms. They said too skimpy!? So I googled them and didnt think so. Then saw the Brooklyn Bobcats Cheerleaders Uniforms and thought unique. What do ya'll think?
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I just seen a picture of the Dallas Maverick's cheerleaders.WOW. THAT is a little sleezy if you ask me. You are cheerleaders not strippers! What a way to show these young girls, huh? geesh, I guess being sexy and barely wearing ANYthing will help them win? Disgusting.
I miss my Dallas Maverick games! All I can find is Spurs and Rockets. Blah Anyone know what channel Time Warner shows Dallas Mavericks?
Only one thing I have to say about the Dallas Maverick's cheerleaders, outstanding!! Might start watching round ball again or the cheerleaders at least. Hey I'm just old not dead.
My creeping skills have really paid off this time. Just found and added a good 4-6 Dallas Maverick's Cheerleaders
Chris Kaman out for Dallas Maverick, i guess Eddy Curry will be defending Dwight Howard LOL
My son's sitting on the court at the OKC Thunder / Dallas Maverick's game tonight in Wichita... Not a bad gig!
Day 3 of the Lone Star Circle of Life Bike Tour is in the books. Following a beatiful rural ride starting from Tyler and heading toward the Dallas area, we finished the day with an event at the Carter Blood Care Center in Bedford, Texas. Today I rode to honor Ray Johnston. Ray is a former Dallas Maverick player whose playing career was cut short by leukimia. After several relapses, Ray was made better via a stem cell transplant. Ray pursued a new career in music and now has his own nationally know band. Maverick owner (you can take that literally and figuratively!) funded a documentary film of Ray's life story. One of Ray's songs is also being used in a national promotion campaign for the Be The Match marrow registery.
In my younger days, I was a sports FANATIC. Now, I'm a sports fan. This is a good thing. If after seeing the Longhorns lose badly, the Cowboys lose...again, the Rangers lose in the ONE playoff game, the Dallas Maverick's Nowitzki may have surgery on his knee, I might be tempted to something drastic. Now, I just shrug and say "oh well, it's just a game". :)
Love this here from our Dallas Maverick hero Mr. Mark Cuban!
Perks of working at a private school, got too meet Cole aldrige and reggie jackson today ... Pretty cool dudes . Cole was rreal awkward lol . And I never took off my Dallas Maverick wrist band! # Represent lol
Just saw the Dallas Maverick's head coach Rick Carlise at UT Southwestern
James Harden will be a Dallas Maverick next summer. Watch.
I'm gonna tattoo a the Dallas maverick logo on my chest...
I'm going to Dallas. You know I don't "do" maverick sports, lol!!! Unless juju is playing against them lol.
Dallas Maverick's Owner Mark Cuban Critical of the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets -
I coulda been a Dallas Maverick, But they found crack in my Jacket .
Meet the man in Dallas so you though he was a Maverick
I just met 2 nfl hall of famers,Charlie Brown and Michael Jennings and I met an ex dallas maverick.My night been good and my birthday in 3hr
I'm going to a Dallas cowboy and Dallas maverick game for my birthday! Woohoo!
hope you're getting used 2 Dallas my man. Keep working hard, it's gonna be a great year. You're gonna love being a Maverick.
spur of the moment i miGht b a dallas maverick no ?'sRT I can hit the leaGue if I wantd to. I'd rather chill with my ***
Here are two things I want to do before I turn 30... Become a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and a Dallas Maverick Dancer. 30 is baby time.
High fives to my boss JP and the folks I work with every day :)
Dey call her Dallas maverick bcuz I won a bet wit her in da finals last year when I bet on da mavericks
My boyz used 2 call her Dallas Mavericks. Nobody better not ask me bout no *** Dallas maverick
hat, Dallas maverick Michael finley on with my college blue 17s Balmain Visuals - Jae Tips
My dad named one of our dogs Maverick and one of our dogs Dallas -__-
My church is HILARIOUS 90% of us are REDSKINS fans and the pastor is a DALLAS COWBOYS fan.. As church was over *** GOT LOOSE!
tf u mean Dallas is my team all day everyday
"I see myself as a maverick myself ima Dallas maverick ima purple people eater" lmao
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It's this guy on campus with a Dallas Maverick tattoo on both forearms. How'd you get in college making decisions like that?
All dream are crazy.. Until they come true " Dirk Nowitzky - Dallas Maverick "
A Madison graduate is on Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Iv never been more proud to be a Maverick 💙🐴😍
The Mavericks are not close to signing Rafa Hettsheimer. Bummer.
I mean, my uncle hangs out with John McCain. I have cousins named Dallas and Maverick.
congratulations! I hear Dallas is wonderful! I'm sure you will prosper as a Maverick. Blessings to you and
Im the best I dont have to brag double team I dont have to pass ball hard like da dallas maverick hall a fame like shaq nd magic.
You're a Dallas Maverick? I'm a Houston Rocket. I'm Shane Bunting, drugs in my pocket.
Coulda been a Dallas Maverick but they found crack in my jacket!
I'm not a Cowboys nor Maverick fan, I'm just appalled when Dallas succeeds.
S/o to my cousin MARCUS SPEARS for the Dallas Cowgirls!! It's hard rooting for him lol
I may be from Texas but I'm not a Dallas Cowboy or Dallas Maverick
I'm a Dallas maverick ha. It a good solid start for it imo. Bet you NFL lads loved the dodgy meeting in Cowboys stadium.
Go follow shes a Dallas Maverick dancer !!! lol
I finally added the Dallas Maverick Championship banner to the collection. Best birthday gift ever from
Wat5hing game 2 on The Golden State Warriors and Dallas Maverick's series one the greatest nba playoff series of all time
Alabama Arkansas I love Dallas Maverick's basketball seeing friends and playing tunes! Holy moly me oh my I love Big Red and Frito Pie!
Number 2 Top 5 PF in NBA is Dirk Nowitzki from Dallas Maverick! No doubt ;)
I want to put a photo up from theChive today because it's amazing but I can't do it due to it having offensive content. There's a whole bunch of San Antonio Spurs fans celebrating which to me is awful. I may have to photoshop it to a more appropriate Dallas Maverick theme.
Sizing up the competition: S.A. Spurs: Second in a series looking at the five teams ahead of the Dallas Maverick...
Remembering that OJ Mayo will be a Dallas Maverick this next year made my day five times better
Double team I don't have to pass it balling hard got more swag than a Dallas maverick
did I get you in trouble with your dallas maverick? LOL!
ballin hard like a Dallas Maverick! Lemme find out u want to get that *** beat in some 2k! Shidd
yea and lost a veteran shooter but hiply green step up or rondo should just come to Dallas
Well Oldest son is starting on Monday his last 6 months of classes for Nuke program. Then he reports to his ship. Youngest is home for now but at the end of the month he will be reporting to the Dallas Maverick for his internship.
The OG Dallas Maverick colorways, from JKIDD's first go around with the Mavs, is set to retro early this Summer. Though the Zoom Flight 5 B has been on for a while and has retroed in a number of colorways, it has been a while since we have seen the OG Mavs JKIDD colorway.
Lamborghini in the tripleD I'm the first ... Skur skur skur if ain't yung I'm ballin hard like aye Dallas maverick
the 12 man roster of the 2011 Champions Dallas Maverick's (Including Coach Carlisle)
About time they made Dallas Maverick reusable grocery bags! 😄grocery
This is beautiful. Dallas Maverick's Dirk Nowitzki & his wife Jessica Olsson
never been excited to go to work! tomorrow we're chauffeuring the new Dallas Maverick, Mayo to an event! how interesting... :)
If I'm a single dude in Dallas, I'm posting up at whole foods a few times a week. Maverick would call that a "target rich environment."
I'm on it crossing it like a Hornet or ballin like a maverick bring that championship to dallas
Dirk Nowitzki and his new wife Jessica demonstrate how to make an intercultural wedding arrangement work. Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that the Dallas Maverick forward wed his girlfriend Jessica Olsson in a traditional Kenya ceremony with plans to have a second wedding in Germany for his
Ballin hard in our Chevrolets more bench than the Dallas Maverick's
Dude got on a Dallas maverick jersey that ha no name or number.. Huh
He had the heat I still spanked him imma Dallas maverick
This years' Dallas Maverick team is going to be so different...-__-
No one told me Paul George is a Dallas maverick?
That Kidd on point that maverick word to D.Mays out in Dallas he know about that grinding like Malice
On a plane with the dallas maverick dancers. Oh my
Oo I actually seen a license plate with the Dallas maverick on it today.
Happy birthday...Dallas Maverick's owner-billionaire Mark Cuban,actor Dean Cain,Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling,actor and convicted felon Wesley Snipes,and drummer for one of the greatest bands on the planet-Bill Berry of REM.
The Dallas maverick championship ring that their own personal message therapist had worth about $9,000
Brandon Roy and Dirk Nowitzki. Actually, the whole Portland Trail Blazer and Dallas Maverick team of '04
The Italian Women's Volleyball team have the Dallas Maverick's jersey color and font.
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