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Dallas Green

George Dallas Green (born August 4, 1934) is a former pitcher, manager, and executive in Major League Baseball.

Alecia Moore Justin Vernon Ed Sheeran Larry Bowa Sam Smith Jonny Craig Chris Martin Leah Miller Anthony Green Jason Lancaster

Dallas green in two weeks and oh wonder makin another album 👍🏼
Meet Zabby! This 3 year old girl is so pretty with her big green eyes and pink nose! Come meet her at Dog & Kitty...
I could listen to Dallas green on repeat forever
Green grocer on Dallas' Greenville Avenue calls it quits for real
How about a green jersey for CWL Dallas (St. Patrick's Day)? "Green with nV" ☘
See our latest TX and click to apply: Research Assistant I - OBGYN - Green Center -…
Psalms 23:1-6 | NIV. 1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2 He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads...
Sources in Dallas say Blinky is still bummed out about what happened in Sweden and so soon after Bowling Green.
I don't live in Dallas but I'd drop you like that pass vs. Green Bay.
Go Green in 2017 & Turn on the Wind and switch for just 7.1c per kWh in Dallas! Check out f…
Alexisonfire. I just love how chaotic their music can be, and the balance of screams with Dallas Green's singing works really well
Dallas green is one of the most amazing but underrated musicians of our time
I wish more people knew the talent people like Jonny Craig and Dallas Green possess, so good and much better than the trash on the radios.
I'm telling you it's Dallas Green he's just a jokester
Dallas Green was so upset by "A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request" that he told John McDonough to ban Steve.
Dallas Green has the most unique voice and I think i'm in love with it 🙃
Dallas Green's voice is so heavenly, this show was definitely one of the best nights of my life
I guess it has taken almost 11 years to realize that "City and Colour" is a play on Dallas Green...
Casually sitting in the lobby with Dallas Green from City and Colour and no one else is making a big deal about it but me
Can we get Justin Vernon, Paolo Nutini, Matt Corby and Dallas Green all on the one track?
The moment when Dallas Green from Alexis On Fire proposed to Leah Miller from Much On Demand was surprising. I did not see that coming.🙊
In 1996 the Mets fired Dallas Green and brought in Bobby V from Tripe-A. Gave him a month to evaluate talent. Need to do this with Collins
Dallas Green traded Mike Krukow for Keith Moreland as well. Believe that was Green's first trade after he joined the Cubs...
CTV News City and Colour's Dallas Green on the Hip's influence, working with Pink CTV News Dallas Green has been…
VIDEO: City and Colour's Dallas Green pays tribute to Tragically Hip frontman in Kelowna https:…
Dallas Green (and Alecia Moore (teaming up to form has given us fantastic folk music. .
did you guys know that Dallas Green (City and Colour) and Alecia Moore (Pink) made an album and it's gorgeous
I've been known to fall in love, but sometimes love just is not enough. -Dallas Green
Agreed, though her duet album with Dallas Green is fantastic
If I was there I would scream: I LOVE YOU DALLAS GREEN!!
Dude. A Dallas Stars green tie for tonight? Really? You're better than that.
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I want Dallas to win. Their uniforms are a nicer green.
Dear Dallas Star! You will always suck because Norm Green owns you... And you are still in Texas!
Im fed up with this team. Should have never stopped cheering for the North Stars even after they moved to F U Norm Green...
LaPanting and Gang Green now having to resort to ripping Dallas players and goals as the season slips away.
High key wanna go see Dallas green and lauryn hill in July
NORM GREEN STILL *** Dallas isn't a hockey town...they think a Zamboni is some sort of Pasta!
Alaskans see red over green dye prank
I dyed my hair green for the Dallas show to show I am a real stoner :-)
I thought I was your green eyed cutie🙁
Dallas Green was reprimanded to the dugout NOT ejected from the game!! Go Tigers!!
Double good news for Hoptown baseball: Senior 2B Dallas Green was not ejected, only reprimanded to dugout in T1. Won't miss any games.
Green Door Public House on I'm pretty angry right now because I feel like myself and my family have experien…
it was written as a joke anyway after Dallas Green complained about "A Dying Cubs Fan's last Request."
I love Dallas' green uni's. The Minnesota Wild however look like an air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror.
Dallas!! Don't forget to treat your addictions at this Sunday!!. Green Elephant. $10 at the door.
Dallas, TX ⚠️. Don't miss this epic night!. $10 at the Green Elephant. going all out .
DALLAS,. y'all make the decision to go to this Sunday. @ The Green Elephant. everyones welcome in @ 8pm
Good call on the purple tie. What's with the Dallas green tie???
Let's try not to pave it all. Green is good.
Tomorrow w/ @ the green elephant in Dallas. 4/29 w/ & more @ the North Texas Fairgrounds https:…
Assuming that Dallas Green is also out for next two Hoptown games (per KHSAA ejection rules), he'd miss Christian County…
Baseball: Hopkinsville leadoff man & senior 2B Dallas Green ejected from Hendreson game for running over SS after getting…
Some teams, like the Cincinnati Bengals/Green Bay Packers, can't give large sums up front. Others (Washington/Dallas) can.
Jason, if lynch is still around late first you see Dallas moving up to get? Thinking 27 with Green Bay might work
Eagles fans are afraid to admit they scared of the Dallas Cowboys this upcoming season
Breeland played at Clemson so I seen a lot of him yeah they will be good. But Dallas will be better.
I had high expectation for and he just blew all of those off the charts!!! 🙉 thanks mr Dallas green! 😍
Dallas Green tells us that "Brown Sugar" changed his life in ways he never thought possible"
Dallas Green making us swoon at shot by
I was just bummed seeing the dallas green posts from bluesfest but it just hit me that i'm seeing him next week anyway ah
I'm gonna marry Dallas Green and do the bgv's for City & Colour. it's gonna happen.
Dallas' Clubcorp bets on bringing modern vibe, affordability to its golf venues |
Catch Cindy for YOUR chance to wave the green flag during the SportsDay Qualifying powered by The Dallas Morning News for the Xfinity Series
great job again Dalton!! Have fun on your Hometown visit! I went to Dallas once: grass was yellow, taxis were green! ;)
Every time I hear Dallas Green's voice, my soul leaves my body
Ew first Dallas in the green unitard showing man bits then Tim in a green speedo. 😵
Some days I want really long hair, some days I want really short hair, & some days I want green hair. Never satisfi…
In Dallas, the yellow light means speed up through the intersection trying not to smash into the cars who jump the green light!
Dallas Green the ultimate clout lord bruh
I lost my cat. Pls let me know if you see him Male, black/white, green collar
Dallas Green- was the lead singer of City and Colour has a unique voice never get tired of their (his) music
Dallas in a green unitard and then shaking out his junk is something I never needed to see.
shedding/shunning of the cactus/walrus/yeti suit, as Dallas stripped down to his green catsuit..
Seeing green: Clubcorp bets on bringing modern vibe, more affordability to its golf venues - Dallas Morning News (…
Getting our seafood fix before we go see the green eyed gator in Dallas!
There shoukd be an app that changes the radio station everytime Dallas Green starts whining. 😢
DALLAS! Guess who's coming back?! Keep an eye on the Green Hat Productions page ;)
Get Ready Dallas!! The Green Eyed Alligator is in the house. Tonight at the Granada.
Gotta keep the garbage from round me I'm tryna go green
Alexisonfire is Canadian and no longer together. The melody guy Dallas Green has a new band called City and Color
I'm not new to TX, the cities near the border are high in crime. I'm talking the green part of Texas. Houston, Dallas, Austin.
Dallas Green has insane range as a musician
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Peep Dallas Green's All of the albums are on point. HEAVY rotation in my catalog.
this song reminds me of Dallas Green's music, only darker.
Thank you for one of the best Green Screen events ever! Your school is amazing! We…
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Tbh, this is better *** map. Blue & green = recommended capacity additions. That Dallas CBD inset..
...Schlereth's Green Chile Sauce and Dallas Whole Foods. My chicken enchiladas scream for it. Hoping its there!!
Eco friendly home improvements are the buzz in Dallas. Where to next?
A bit like Dallas Green and City and Colour, I prefer Iron and Wine when it's just Sam Beam and a guitar. So soothing
Dallas Green to make the morning a little better
Amos Lee & Dallas Green both have the voice of angels
Mike Keenan, Dallas Green, Larry Bowa.3 coaches who coached with passion & who hated to lose as much as the fans!
Gonna listen to Dallas Green's beautiful voice sing me to sleep until I feel that love is a burden much too heavy, brb.
if i could marry a voice it would be Dallas Green's
Crying to Dallas Green's soothing voice party guest list: us
Not sure how you could not love City and Colour. Dallas Green's voice is magical.
"Like an old guitar, worn out and left behind, I have stories still to tell. They're of the healing kind." - Dallas Green
I wish I could jam with Dallas Green, Corey Taylor, and Jason Lancaster. XD
Check out Dallas Green's NEW listing in Canyon Lakes! What a beautiful home!
. Loved to hv seen Harvey try and pull that w Billy Martin or Sparky or *** Williams or Buck or Dallas Green or Leyland.
Dallas Green is City and Colour. Dustin Harder is PRAIRIE SOUL. On Tour Nov 5th Sk.Ab.Bc with Diamond Joe
While I listen to acoustic John Mayer and Dallas Green songs, you should listen to me.
Dallas Green's returns with new track "If I Should Go Before You" (exclusive)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I think you should all know, City and Colour is not a band. It is the recording alias of Dallas Green. Ok that's off my chest
he's not faux-alternative enough for her though. Pierre Bouvier? Jacob Hoggard? Dallas Green, if she wants cred?
can Nash wear that green hoodie of his when we meet because I really love it
As if Dallas Green gracing our ears with a new single wasn't good enough, the single is NINE MINUTES LONG!
Defeater is for people who like Alexisonfire but hate Dallas Green.
Okay, hum I'm from Narnia, my crush is a guy called Cameron Dallas, my favorite color is green and I don't have favorite food
Skinny is Green has a show on 07/29/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Club Patron Thursdays in Dallas, TX
Pereira gives final ruling on Dez Bryant catch.
P!nk and Dallas Green from City and Colour formed a duo called you+me and it's way underrated and I'm wayyy behind and upset and in awe.
12 and 4, or 11 and 5. Comes down to Dallas, Green Bay and NFC West champ for the NFC ticket
Whether it's Green Bay, Seattle or Dallas from the NFC (and I can see any of the 3), they will meet Indy in the Super Bowl.
Watching a replay of the Dallas-Green Bay playoff game, and look at that, Dez still didn't catch it
Thanks for last night Dallas. Thanks for playing with us. And thanks to Austin Green…
Man they showin the Green Bay and Dallas game from last year right now.
Watching the Re run of Green Bay and Dallas I can't wait to see Dez drop it 😂
Does MacPhail clean house and get rid of these "advisors" like. Charlie, Dallas Green, Ed Wade etc?
Just 46 days until the start of the season. Watching the Dallas at Green Bay NFC Divisional playoff…
Dallas Green has one of the best voices
Gucci Trainer '84 is an absolute grail but you must wear these with the green/red laces…
With all the injury problems going on in Seattle, I'm going with Green Bay to win the NFC, will be a Dallas vs Green Bay NFC Championship
Getting busy today. stage coming next. Drivers Meeting. gonna make that sandwich. Intros. Green Flag.
I can only see Green Bay losing to Seattle, Dallas & a divison foe.
Even the kiddos love the buffet in Cafe on the Green.
Dallas Green come to the states, then to Maryland, and then sing me to sleep please.
I think our pilot landed at the wrong airport in Dallas and is driving to the correct one. We have gone a long way on the ground.
So bright the flames burned in our hearts that we found each other in the dark.- Dallas Green
Thanks for posting the song kat dallas green and really perfect as soloist in this song acoustic guitar and fantastic
Congrats to Dylan Brinkman, who plays OH for 18 Green, on her commitment to UT Dallas.
Saw Dallas Green at McDonald's in Mississauga but he wasn't Dallas just a look a like 😡 I would have died if it was actually Dallas though
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Dallas Green's voice could impregnate a woman on the spot.
is coming to California! Oh, how I have been dying to see Dallas Green live. 💕👐🎤
Patrick Sharp's No. 10 sweater doesn't look right in green and white:
I am impressed by Dallas Green's ability to convey emotion so clearly just with the way he plays guitar. 😍
I love the fact that Dallas Green even commented on that 😂😩
Bc green means money. And Dallas is a half hour away. And Triple D is great.
I didn't think it was possible to love Dallas green more than I already do but😂😂
What to do when even Dallas Green is on your case. 😲😲
mac miller and Ed Sheeran my 2 favs next to Dallas green 😎
On This Date: Only grand slam of Pete Rose's career came off ex-scorer Dallas Green of
So was 1997. Dallas Green did a nice job for a bit and then Bobby V took over & took it to the next level.
City and Colour will always be sick. Dallas Green is so talented.
Rashad Lewis & Dallas Green reach on bunt singles, and Luke Brown walks. Hopkinsville has them loaded w/ 0 outs in B1 for Dustin Pendleton.
City and Colour will always be my favorite;; Dallas Green is a genious ♪
"City and Colour - Sam Malone". Some days you need some Dallas Green in your life.
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And this is new territory for Cubs fans, who haven't experienced a true rebuild since the Dallas Green days. Lots of failed quick fixes.
That concert was awesome but Young the Giant was so "YEAAAH" and then Dallas Green was like "No, man. Reality."
Dallas, we're setting up at the Green Elephant- going to be a good night of music!
Dallas TX friends check out this giveaway. Free 5 hour cleaning service.
at the Majestic in Dallas, Love the pink suit with the pink and green socks! Have anything to do with ?
Looking at the hockey game and I see more red than green even though the game is in Dallas
Pat, those green jerseys are Hawks St Pat's jerseys... . Chicago in Dallas = Sellout
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Dallas TX we out here at The Green Elephant! Come check out the show if you out here!
Listos para tirar show. Chillen in the momo almost headed out.. . The green elephant dallas tx.
Dallas Green's voice never disappoints to give me goosebumps 🎧
will dallas green ever come back to Houston :/
I just talked to a customer about Dallas Green as I was ringing him out. He came back a few minutes later and asked if I had a boyfriend. 😑
Heading to The Green Elephant out here in Dallas.
Watching some football on Sunday fun day. 😀 Dallas vs Green Bay🏈
I really love You+Me. Always loved Dallas Green & didn't realize the female singer is Pink. Great harmony!
Dallas Spurs’ Danny Eco-friendly on Meeting Obama in Whitened House, Team’s Chances in National basketball…
This place is pretty bomb (@ Green Door Public House in Dallas, TX)
builders Byron Green, Dennis Sircusa, and Don Gregory hard at work during HABITAT BUILD in DALLAS today.
The guy wearing jorts and the Dallas Stars neon green jersey probably can't keep the coeds from blowing up his phone.
The Blackhawks must sell more green jerseys than any team aside from Dallas and Minnesota.
Spending the day wishing I was Dallas Green.
Keith Buckley is probably one of my favorite vocalists in any genre. Up there with Dallas Green, Ben Liebsch, Ariana Grande and Cher.
Damien Rice and Dallas Green got me in my feels and my thoughts in a ghost town this evening.
In the shower, I am Dallas Green. Outside of the shower, I'm more like a Weird Al version of Dallas Green.
Dallas Green referred to "our media." has conflict. Can't simultaneously want Hawks to win and exacerbate bad situation /1
I don't hate him. I do hate what Hal/Hank/Randy Levine/Brian Cashman have done with the Yankees. Bleakest since Dallas Green.
Yeah I'm a big Dallas Green fan myself. Thought tonight was EPIC! Korn were great. Ace to finally see Slipknot live. Enjoy it?
Thank you, Dallas Green & Alecia Moore, for making such beautiful music together.
I assume this was either on the radio sandwiched between Dallas Green and Raine Maida.
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My voice was compared to Jesse Rutherford, Dan Reynolds, Ed Sheeran, and Dallas Green all in one night.
Things you see hanging in the lobby. Charlie Manuel, Tommy Lasorda and Dallas Green. A lot of baseball knowledge.
"Break the cycle. Break the chains. 'Cause love is louder than all your pain." - ('Break the Cycle' by Dallas Green and …
Here's a photo I got of Dallas Green of City and Colour performing at Riot Fest in Toronto back in…
Mid Atlantic Scouts Association Banquet Recap November 11, 2014 by Clint Longenecker/ Baseball America ABERDEEN, Md.—Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Md., played host to more than 100 people on Saturday night for the Mid Atlantic Scouts Association banquet to honor this year’s Hall of Fame inductees and award recipients. The Mid Atlantic Scouts Association (MASA) is a professional baseball group comprised of former and current major league scouts and front office personnel. MASA, founded in 1970 with 20 members, has more than 165 current members with scouting roots in the Mid-Atlantic region. Most of the members are area scouts but the group also includes two current scouting directors (John Barr and Mike Elias) and one general manager (Dayton Moore) in addition to many other former scouting directors (Jack Bowen, Roy Clark, Tony DeMacio, J.J. Picollo, Paul Snyder) and general managers (Murray Cook, Roland Hemond and David Littlefield). Dallas Green, former general manager of the Phillies and Cubs and mana ...
Dallas Green is looking for a buyer on 3518 Hanstead
You+Me (Pink and Dallas Green from City and Colour) might be my favorite duo apart from Joy Williams and John Paul White.
How did a Pink and Dallas Green record happen before a Pink and Butch Walker record???
The folk-rock journey of and Dallas Green is documented on Rose Ave. .
Alecia Moore (pink) and Dallas Green have teamed up to create awesome folk-pop music. They call their new duo...
Taylor Rice from the Local Natives has got to be one of my favorite folk singers. He's right up there with Dallas Green 😻
P!nk & Dallas Green of City and Colour Form Folk Duo You+Me ...:
You guys can go swoon over Jonny Craig (I love him too though lol) But I love me some Dallas Green ❤❤
I need more music from female Canadian artists. My Canada playlist has a lot of Joel Plaskett, Dallas Green, Daniel Romano, Dan Mangan.
Shawn Mendes sounds like a young Dallas Green
Update your maps at Navteq
Gabby Giffords shooting victims tribute in 2011 (along w Dallas Green's granddaughter, who died), but nothing on Killebrew
Why does Sam Smith remind me so much of Dallas Green?
It would go one of three ways: like the time I met Tom Morello, the time I met Dallas Green or the time I met Adam Lazzara.
last Time the Braves Swept a 4 game series in Philly, Dallas Green , Pat Corrales ,Ruben Amaro Sr and Rick Wise were Teammates
We got Allen Stone, Sam Smith, & Dallas Green all in the Fall. Yo I'm too happy.
Ever wanted to see City and Colour (Dallas Green)? you can!!
"Little Jack" Lawrence has been touring w/ Dallas Green / City and Colour since last year...
Yankees will retire Joe Torre jersey Did you know prior to 84 season Dallas Green selected Jim Fry over Torre as manage…
It's been a decent year so far 👍 saw and met Hedley (again), Phillip Phillips and Dallas Green :)
and I have a beauty plan. We are going to kidnap Dallas Green from the show next fri and he only gets fed when he serenades us.
Dallas Green pulling on those heart strings
When working this early after working late into last night I require soothing Dallas Green and earl grey tea ♥
Avenged, ball season, BSB, Dallas Green. Things to look forward to, in that order. Life is pretty sweet.
Don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but every man with the last name Green is simply amazing. John Green, Anthony Green, Dallas Green..
Gwenyth Paltrow & Leah Miller don't know how lucky they are to have their husbands. Like can you imagine Dallas Green singing you to sleep?😳
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hey man, loved your performance, check out City and Colour. Dallas Green is a great performer, you are in his wheelhouse!
Dallas Green returns to Studio Q to perform "The Golden State" from City and Colour's latest record 'The Hurry and the Harm'.
Former mgr Dallas Green will sign copies of his book before spring game at Bright House Field on March 8:
In high school someone said I looked like Michael Moore. Two people today have called me Dallas Green
Dallas Green, Phil Anselmo, Brian Molko and Anthony Green are my all time favourite singers..oh and Celine Dion.
3 weeks until I see City And Colour live, Dallas Green *** at meh!!!
I could listen to Dallas Green and Ben Howard for the rest of my life.
Dallas Green and Jesse Lacey know my every thought and feeling.
City and Colour – The Hurry and The Harm 2013 ended in style with City and Colour’s December release, The Hurry and The Harm.  Coming in at the top of my list, this is the most heartfelt and emotional album to come out in quite some time.  Dallas Green wears his heart on his sleeve in beautiful tracks such as Of Space and Time and Thirst.  His voice resonates and his guitar playing skill is second to none.  It’s a no brainer for me that The Hurry and The Harm is my favorite 2013 release.   2. Bronze Radio Return – Up, On & Over   If you haven’t heard of this band, you need to.  I discovered this group from Connecticut this year and immediately fell in love with their unique, upbeat sound.  Their third release, Up, On & Over dominated my summer playlist with catchy tracks like Mister, Mister and Melting in My Icebox.  I would also suggest checking out their 2011 release Shake! Shake! Shake! which will make you do just that.  Be ready, because I can guarantee these guys have a bright fut ...
I'm quite sure that if you put Dallas Green, Chris Carrabba, and Alex Turner in a room full of women...all *** would explode
I just wanna channel Ryan Adams, Scott Avett, Dallas Green, and Chris Martin. Is that too much to ask for?
Happy to have two such wonderful guys in my life (Dallas Green and Justin Vernon)
Marcus Mumford, Dallas Green, and Jason Lancaster have the best voices.
All those baseball people, including Pat Gillick and Dallas Green, came up with this approach?
Guitar Center session with City and Colour is on, Dallas Green you're a God 😍
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Why's Dallas Lee playing center??? Either way he needs to bring the snap down.
Dallas Green wrote Sometimes when he was 16. I still have time
My opinion is if you don't understand why Dallas green choose the name city and colour you aren't a true fan
Dallas, Dallas, Dallas, Green Bay is about to score. Green Bay, Green Bay, pro line commercial.
THIS IS A REAL QUESTION. DON'T READ UNLESS YOUR GOING TO REPLY. who wants to go see Anthony Green with me at the Trees in Dallas? ON 11/25
Dallas Green's voice just makes me so happy
The name City and Colour comes from his own name: Dallas, a city, and Green, a colour.
City and Colour are great. I saw them with Biffy Clyro and Dallas Green's voice is just as phenomenal live.
I find it kinda funny that Hits FM advertises Dallas Green, only because he used to be alexisonfire and you'd never hear them on the radio
Dallas Green has the voice of a god
I don't even care that Dallas Green is man I want his voice I want it
cold in green bay.. missing Dallas right now..back to work ...still need more followers lol
Dallas green make out with my eardrums
Dallas Green has such a perfect voice
Mind blowing fact for the week. City and Colour. Where'd their name come from? Lead singer's name is Dallas Green...get it?!
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all in a days work at Dallas Green's.
I swear I relate to everyone that comes into my work over the love we for dallas green
This is sad in SOOO many different ways!! Pray for this dude! RT
I will forever regret not going to see Dallas Green at The Social.
Omfg guys I'm going to see Dallas Green in May Im dying
Dallas Green is also an amazing singer songwriter youtube him very neil young esq
I'm at a random fish restaurant in Dallas and they're playing "green garden". Loveliest surprise.
Thanks for the follow! Noticed you were a Dallas Green fan and figured you might like my tunes too.
mean green fans are dreaming of a Christmas & New Years in Dallas *wink wink*
Alright boys and girls, do I pick up Dallas defense or stick with Green Bay while Cincy is on a bye?
Dallas Green has the voice of an angel. 😍
I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Dallas Green and the poor man doesn't even know it. He has a beard and tattoos, like what?😍
Dallas Green you always know the right things to say oh you x
Dallas Green was my boyfriend and life was almost perfect. The end.
Added an events calendar for the upcoming Dallas Green book signings: He'll be at Christiana Ma…
Dallas Green 'city and colour' is The Dude. city and colour-sometimes album [pic] —
Relaxing to the voice of Dallas Green, tea, candles and a hor bath 👌
Dallas green right now us sex to my eats
do you know any Dallas green or circa survive. THATS THE ONLY WAY TO WIN MY HEART.
well it's nice :) like his music is honestly my favorite genre in music,relates to Dallas Green :)
Listening tountil I fall asleep.Dallas Green is a goddess and I thank you for creating the most beautiful heartwarming music
. 5. City And Colour - Little *** . No, Dallas Green, you're awesome. Screw alexisonfire
I don't understand what's weird, he can't marry Dallas green AND hang out with you, no no no no no
Very true. Oxblood with Green GoreTex Moc Toe 7-Eyes - I need those in my life. The Beef & Broc highs are always perfection.
Dallas Green singing Coming Home was the best video I've ever recorded in the history of my life.
Can't get enough of Dallas Green's covers...
It's a Friday night and I'm sitting here working on homework and listening to Dallas Green.
Charles Green spent last year talking about Man Utd, the Dallas Cowboys and Celtic's balance sheet - where w…
I chuckle to myself every time I see a 'Murican spell Dallas Green's stage name "City and Color"
I really have to watch Dallas buyers club, American hustle, & the wolf of Wall Street ASAP!
Dallas green and sweatpants kinda night
I love the way Dallas Green's voice makes me feel. 💗💗💗
Dallas Green of City and Colour used to be in a metal band too. Of course, he don't scream, but he sang parts of
Everybody needs to stfu about Dallas Green. I know he's an amazing singer and he's coming to Winnipeg but seriously you all need to stfu
Whom would you like to meet? — Chris Martin, Dallas Green, Beyoncé
Complaining about spending $80 to meet Kellin Quinn, then there's me; spending $300 to meet Dallas Green + some free stuff.
Danny cultivated and nurtured the likes of Michael Jack, Larry Bowa and the Bull Greg Luzinski.Dallas Green harvested it...
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. As I get older I seem to meet more famous people on my birthday. Two years ago Dallas Green and this year I meet Henrik Lundqvist, Dan Boyle, and Brad Richards!
Most influential singers in my life:. Frank Sinatra . Freddy Mercury. Billy Currington . Dallas Green . Robert Johnson
Sam Roberts is no Dallas Green but he's still unreal
Christoph Waltz, Quentin Tarantino, and Dallas Green get all my love.
Once again city and colour solidifies why they are the best, Dallas Green kills it yet again. On another note, hanging out with Sam gagner
but we all need to get tickets to City and Color the 2nd so Dallas Green can melt our heartsCudi the 12th to turn up! 🎤🎶🎉
In my mind, listeing to Dallas Green all day and trying to work out how to become him, is research. So technically, I'm working.
Dallas green is such a big influence on me as a musician and a person!
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£27.50 is a bit expensive for City and Colour tickets. I LOVE Dallas Green but even that is too rich for my blood.
"Dallas Green is the most famous person who never wanted to be famous" love it
When I was 16 I met Dallas Green. It was awesome!
Dallas Green-ing the rest of the day away till 6pm.
sorry man bad habit. You don't like Dallas green you must suck ***
Dallas Green is my man crush so hard.
God *** Anytime is a good time for Dallas Green
Someone talk to me about how much they love Dallas Green.
Debating City & Colour this weekend or save money...duh Dallas Green definitely!
Not ashamed to admit that Dallas Green is my most persistent man crush.
I wanna hear a collab with Dallas green, frank ocean, and John Mayer
I think my entire neighborhood can hear Dallas Green serenading me.
Playing Madden and listening to Dallas Green… finally feels like summer.
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