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Dallas Cowboy

The Dallas Cowboys are a professional American football franchise that plays in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) of the National Football League (NFL).

Dat Nguyen

You have my support no matter what happens. Do what's best for you and you family. In my heart you will always be a Dallas Cowboy
Dallas Cowboy player turns coach to help San Antonio students get health.. Related Articles:
I got offered Dallas Cowboy sideline tickets as a graduation gift. I don't even like footballπŸ™ƒ
It's Sad but I'm Glad retired a Dallas Cowboy. Hall of Famer​ right there.
is the only Dallas Cowboy I truly wish was on our team. Such a solid all around football player.
sup! Nice shirt. Put the team name in the listing. If your selling a Dallas Cowboy shirt you wouldn't list as NFL jersey.
Got my new dallas cowboy shirt today. Go cowboys from Nashville tn. @ Nashville,…
shall see!! He got me felling like a Dallas Cowboy fan cause I keep saying next year
Former Eagles CB Nolan Carroll is now a Dallas Cowboy and Falcons Eric Weems a Tennessee Titan! Ouch!!!
Would love to welcome you back to Dallas! Cowboy Nation knows you're still hungry and that you have a lot left in the tank!
D-Ware please come back to Dallas. Would love to see you end your career here before you go to the HOF as a Cowboy.
I got to hear former Dallas Cowboy DE Greg Ellis speak on entrepreneurship in journalism.…
As a Cowboy fan, I love it that the reeling Redskins can't seem to live with or without Kirk Cousins, who's 1-4 vs Dal…
My first professional article was on Everyting I wrote those years ago are as true today. h…
Didn't know former Dallas Cowboy great Brad Johnson did a Got Milk ad.
Drew Pearson is still my favorite Dallas Cowboy
Former University of Alabama and Dallas Cowboy champion Sherman Williams will be visiting NWF! Visit…
ICYMI: JPII hires former Dallas Cowboy as football coach -
JPII hires former Dallas Cowboy as head football coach
At a meet and greet Tuesday night at Crockett, the former Dallas Cowboy said he was a sophomore in high school...
I hear the most beautiful sound in the world right now...the symphony of Dallas Cowboy fan tears ricocheting of the cold, hard pavement...
thanks You will always be a Dallas Cowboy to us.
I can't decide if I want to watch the Dallas Cowboy game or the Three Stooges Marathon
you will never be close to what a Dallas Cowboy should be Dez! Jason Witten is the definition of a Dallas Cowboy!
Hudson definitely loved his new cowboys gear and his new Dallas Cowboy's teddy bear "Huggy" .
y'all didn't hear superbowl goes threw Dallas, yea get your tickets, how bout dem cowboy's
The Dallas cowboy section at Academy is LIT
Whats the diffrence between a iphone 6 and a dallas cowboy fan?. Iphone 6 existed before 2016.
What a good throw by Dak to Dez. Such composure for a Dallas Cowboy quarterback:
Dallas Cowboy fans trying to math...
My mom and aunt bought me Dallas cowboy champagne, martini, and wine glasses. πŸ€—πŸ’™πŸŒŸ
cowboy's are the only good team in the east. The rest of the NFC excluding Dallas and Seattle suck.
I'm still watching this and love this Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue "I Wanna Be A Cowboy"
Hey are there any Dallas Cowboy players in here
I challenge all you Dallas Cowboy fans to a duel!!!. Let's go!!
This is how Dallas Cowboy players act
I'm going to hate seeing cowboy fans everywhere when I move to Dallas lol
This is perfect. Especially because 1. This dude was huge cowboy hater beginning of the season. 2. Dallas won...
I'm tryna take Christmas photos in Dallas cowboy sweaters this year πŸ€—
this wasn't my point. Not every Cowboy fan is from Dallas.
weak. Everyone knows those girls are dallas cowboy fans. πŸ˜‚
It's lit fam, happy to be a cowboy πŸ™ŒπŸΎ @ The Star in Frisco Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters
There are many running backs who could do very well behind the Dallas Cowboy O line. Am I wrong? Nope.
2008 A Democrat voted multiple times for Obama. He used the name of Dallas Cowboy football players. Did not try to hide his breaking the law
After watching football life about you Troy you make me proud to be a Dallas Cowboy fan!! Thank you !!
Minnesota did what the redskins, ravens and Pittsburg couldn't do to the Dallas Cowboys
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Thanks to all the Dallas Cowboy fans that follow me! You guys rock 11-1πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸˆ
I love your passion about the Dallas Cowboy fan base. That is exactly how I feel about Bama fans!!! War Eagle!!!
WATCH: scores TD to tie Michael Irvin's Cowboys mark. He's now T-2nd all-time in Cowboys history. 🐐.
Roger Staubach is the greatest Dallas Cowboy ever, not even close / a debate...
my T.O jersey hasn't lost a Dallas cowboy game this season
Cowboy fans filled up the stadium in Minnesota and made lots of noise cheering for Dallas, and everyone noticed.
gonna get a Dallas cowboy star on my head πŸ˜‚
If you're a Dallas Cowboy fan you desire to walk around like you da bomb .
In the Dallas Cowboy game were the def. player was trying to block the ball and not attack the QB, stop the madness. The QB was not hurt
the Dallas cowboy have the best offensive line in the NFL?? And zek who is comparing to AP! And the Wr's are better then eagles
When you wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy nd they don't draft you
Some Dallas Cowboys fans payed thousands for VIP seats to a home game and instead ended up in a lounge area.…
Selling my Dallas Cowboy footba for $300! Find the deal on The app is easy to use AND it's
I remember having d biggest crush on u in 5th grade, but after watching "A Football Life" u'll 4ever b my main Dallas Cowboy.
When the Dallas Cowboy kicked her & her con mama out before LJ before the pimp I took her & her daughter n she was coked out w/ a laker.
my rooomate just asked me why I didn't go to the dallas cowboy college. I can't πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Eli is making me decorate the tree in Dallas Cowboy colors ugh lol
Is what is teleportating all men through the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders some if which retired and running scenes or computers
"You belong." . This cowboy hat–wearing man was spotted outside of the Islamic Center of Irving, just outside of Dallas. https:…
Even the cat is watching Dallas Cowboy game.
A lot of 49er fans became cowboy fans this year. Just like when the 49ers had their run a few years ago a lot left Dallas. Smh
Looking forward to broadcasting the 6A state football championship game tomorrow with the number one Dallas Cowboy fan
Dallas Cowboy Custom AF1's done by yours truly at Dojo Of Kickz. Be sure to hit us up for all…
If you don't know Dat Nguyen you a fake Dallas Cowboy fan don't @ me either
Thanks for developing the culture for for what a Dallas Cowboy running back should be. Means a lot that you were there…
Dallas Cowboy, is signing footballs at the vs MBA tailgate party! Come join us!
There are many self-proclaimed gurus out there, but Michael is the real deal! -Glenn Sparks, former Dallas Cowboy
name this former Dallas Cowboy player.
Many self-proclaimed gurus out there, but Author of is the "Real Deal!" Glenn Sparks former Dallas Cowboy
Greg Ellis was at church today. All the Dallas Cowboy fans was too live.
Little Giant Ladders
I remember when someone told me Mr. Thomas (Mr. Jack in the Box) played for the Dallas Cowboy
Mark Sanchez, the newest Dallas Cowboy. You know what they say...
the Dallas Cowboy football stadium that won't allow a memorial to police officers?
Dallas Cowboy 9th day in training camp "Morris Claiborne" interview via
Check out this sweet way one Dallas Cowboy is raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County!
Michael Vick wants to be a Dallas Cowboy. --
Liam Smith's middleweight title showdown with Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez is to be held at the Dallas Cowboy's AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
Another day, another Dallas Cowboy in the news for all the wrong reasons...
I worked in Kuwait for 7 years. US forces provided more security to Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders than US AMB in Benghazi. True
8:38pm BBT: Nat talking about Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders + how difficult the process is to become one. (More
*** Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders fine as *** ..I would pick all 2,000 of them lol...
Have fun dancing with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders 🀘🏼
My day = Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders: Making the team
Welcome former Dallas Cowboy to the Storm Warriors special board of advisers! We need a bigger truck!
hope you have a great year with those cowboys Elliott that's my team my wife is a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader
"Now what y'all know bout them TEXAS boys" @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
'Bae'yoncè with the Queen ...both of them lol @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
Me and at the concert, she is killin it. @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
FYI ladies: Deadline to register for Dallas Cowboy cheerleader tryouts is Wed.-Auditions are Saturday (AT&T Stadium)
This was my son, first time at the beach @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
RIGHT NOW on ... NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy great Emmitt Smith IN-STUDIO (
if u ask me he looks like he's wearing a Dallas Cowboy jersey but in a suit form w/ the white pants, blue coat, grey undershirt!
Ok cowboy fans I gave up lol now party at your Dallas Cowboy fan club @ funkmeyers Rec room β€” drinking beer at...
My dad had a $5 bet for every Dallas Cowboy game with a drinking buddy, during their heyday in '70s. Didn't win big, but won!
Cowboys interested in Dak Prescott: According to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the Dallas Cowboy...
Happy Sunday my cowboy fans, have a bless of a Sunday . El Paso Dallas Co
He's ready for Dallas with his cowboy hat
Cowboy boots and oil rigs? That's your best representation of Dallas?
$5M might get you a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.might. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
.How the European league has made it harder for Cowboy to find backup QB |
a Dallas cowboy fan who live in philly smh
I went in *** my uncle Willie Hutchins with this 1991 LG Dallas Cowboy flip phone Kevin S. Spain Nina Cook...
He's got a chip on his shoulder. 10 things you didn't know about new Cowboy Benson Mayow |
I can't wait until there are 4 Rush Hours on including Rush Hour Dallas. A white guy in a cowboy hat and a black guy. In a Ram.
practice what you preach Mr.Dallas Cowboy and I'm sure you got OU in your Final Four bro lol
lol, as a cowboy and ranger fan from Dallas it's my duty to troll u!
Dallas, TX: the only airport in the world where you pass 27 people IN A ROW wearing cowboy boots tucked into sweats.
Mr. Walt Garrison, former Dallas Cowboy and OSU grad, is great guest speaker for kick off event!!
Walt Garrison as guest speaker for -- former Dallas Cowboy and OSU graduate!! Thanks Mr. Garrison!
Ya might wanna change it again. These days ya might be mistaken fer a Dallas Cowboy.
RIP Tray Walker from your dallas cowboy Fans
Life is so hard being a Longhorns and Dallas Cowboy fan. I'm close to giving up on sports.
Do you think that we could get some Dallas Cowboy gear sent our Home address LORD!!! Ready to get GEARED up!!! Chad T πŸ˜ƒ
. And he will tell her all that Dallas Cowboy stuff the hat two shirts. I paid for those but he says his brother bought them .
I'm closer to dallas. Lol. Everybody in my family a cowboy fan
Moore: Why I'm not surprised Morris Claiborne is still a Cowboy
some rangers Astros Texans and cowboy games + Dallas Motor speedway Ima be going to this year should def for one !
i never seen Portland trailblazer and Dallas Cowboy only in Sac, CA I guess
Julius Randle is a big Dallas Cowboy's fan, see who his favorite player is.
I had a major crush on him when I was a little girl! Always been a Dallas Cowboy fan! EHT is attracting &...
On target its far worse..CC is a Dallas Cowboy fan...if u can't laugh you'll cry..beam me up
Oscar watching and want to share fun fact about Dallas Cowboy who appeared in Best Picture winner: via
Never trust a Dallas Cowboy fan that isn't from Texas
Not offended. Spent entire as Dallas Cowboy fan & Panthers fan. Labeling me a Football Activist would be more accurate.
I like Jen too. I would like you, but I can't respect a Dallas Cowboy fan...or someone who let's me sex their mom.
I feel like its the same as wearing a Texans Jersey and a Dallas Cowboy hat
yea Cole can a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan get a follow
I love it when Jason Minnix and Dallas Cowboy, Dat Nguyen let me "play radio" on their ESPN 1250AM show. Got to...
Dude just called me a band wagoner... Lol been a Dallas Cowboy and Denver Broncos fan since middle school...go somewhere with that!
As a Dallas Cowboy fan it warms my heart to see get a Super Bowl ring. He earned it! You never let us down! Thank you ❀
from East Texas I congratulate you, You are the highlight of the Dallas Cowboy fan at this moment
A Dallas Cowboy fan in Utah. You're my hero always and now a champion! Love you DeMarcus!
a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan, congratulations, Demarcus. You are a class act and deserve this! enjoy it big fella!
how must Dallas Cowboy fan feel tonight?
From every Dallas Cowboy fan you deserve this ring
I'm not a Panthers fan, but I am a Cam Newton Fan. Plus I'm pulling for Demarcus Ware bc he's my top 3 fav Dallas Cowboy of all-time
Get Sum! fan wishing you the best. You will alway be a Dallas Cowboy player in my thoughts! Beware of the Ware!
"Who is playing today?" . (...said every Dallas Cowboy fan on this day for the last 20 years)
Dallas Cowboy fan at heart, but today pulling for my boy D-Ware all the way!!
Okay...even though I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan I'll be pulling for the home team tonight...GO Carolina Panthers!!!
no matter how many people give heck about it, I'm still a Dallas Cowboy fan.
Happy Birthday to the beautiful 'Chase' and a fellow Dallas Cowboy fan πŸ€—
Though always a Dallas Cowboy in this fan's eyes, I'm so happy you finally got there! Now...go get your ring!!!
Congratulations to Fabian Baeza - he is in Dallas Cowboy stadium being recognized for his …
New pod: and former Dallas Cowboy/2x champion, Mark Washington join us to talk
hoping you get that win tomorrow .from a Dallas Cowboy fan for life
Hershel Walker could most significant Dallas Cowboy ever Without him being traded they don't win 3 superbowls
Come to Dallas I am a fan. I think you would be awsome here! Can't wait to see you in a Dallas Cowboy uniform.
You don't have to be a Dallas Cowboy fan to just love this!...
Had a chance to hangout with former Dallas Cowboy and Silver Legacy GM Glenn Carano.
Everson Walls, involved in "The Catch." The former Dallas Cowboy on with us now. Stream!
As a Dallas Cowboy fan I would love to see DeMarco Murray come back to Dallas!
The quintessential gift for any Dallas Cowboy fan
Oirbgirla in front of Dallas Cowboy stadium
your not a RB for the Dallas Cowboys. At least make it say former Dallas Cowboy.
I'm a OU Sooner, and Dallas Cowboy fan but am pulling for Peyton in this one/ Yes, it should be a good one.
can I change you to a Dallas Cowboy fan?. =)
P.K. Subban talks Cam Newton, fun, and the new fan: Considering his status as a die-hard Dallas Cowboy...
I am a Dallas Cowboy fan, but i must give love to my fellow conference team Carolina Panthers. Bring the πŸ† to Carolina. Pounding.
I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan win that super bowl and get that ring.
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Derrick Henry says he wants to be a Dallas Cowboy
*extremely Dallas Cowboy fan voice*. Another first round talent we can get on the cheap
FRISCO are you still keeping that 150,000 lounge at the Dallas Cowboy stadium next year? They are a loosing team give up .
I feel for Dallas Cowboy fans. They don't deserve Jerry Jones, anymore than the heartache of watching another season go …
Had a blast with my best friend yesterday at the Cowboys game. πŸ’™ @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
can't wait to be back at Dallas Cowboy's Stadium for the playoff game! Only 2 weeks away 😁
When you have this to offer, record doesn't matter! @ Dallas Cowboy's At&t Stadium
Dallas Cowboy bar right across from the stadium ...dope spot! @ Tailgate Tavern
True love is when a Washington Redskin fan and a Dallas Cowboy fan marry and live together under the same roof without hating each other.
His father was Dallas Cowboys' Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, and this meant he was able to get free at Dallas Cowboy games
- was a Chevy s10 girl til saw a 00 Dodge Dakota in Dallas Cowboy colors when my s10 got totaled/ better in snow
Video of the Day: John Niland, former Dallas Cowboy, gives his opinion on the movie β€œNorth Dallas Forty.” .
There were snowmen, snow women, Christmas trees, and Dallas Cowboy mugs all around the table last night. Having...
High school football, a Dallas Cowboy, and Whataburger? This might be the most Texas story ever.
To the Dallas Cowboy player who has fangs painted on his mouth guard. well fricken' done.
Breaking - Dallas Cowboy's Jason Garrett to speak soon about Greg Hardy
Teen Witch has lead to discussions of energetic shift, bangn Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, universal bending/control & revenge methods
Probably the greatest thing ever to happen to me was going into the Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders locker room
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are so flawless bro omg
Not to be mean but I think the Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders are going…
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are going to be at Primos tonight!! Come out and see us πŸ˜‰πŸ™ƒπŸ˜
What about Vick, Big Ben, Ray Rice, Ray McDonald, Aldon Smith? Forgetting some, huh? But focus on the Dallas Cowboy. https:…
I watch Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders all the time lol
One of the many highlights of my day: receiving a selfie from my dad decked out in a Dallas Cowboy jersey/hat with the caption "Go Cowboys"
Dallas Cowboy fans and Lakers fans worst fans in the modern day
Oh, but I could speak in half-truths and a bunch of *** Dallas Cowboy fans will favorite it. They're good at it.
"Im so sick of the Dallas Cowboy fans. Yall make ppl wana throw up. Yall walk around here like you won something & havent won in 20 years."
WOW! just made my day with his rant about the Dallas Cowboy fans. Pure gold. πŸ˜‚
Yankees fans are wondering if they have to root for the Mets. Dallas Cowboy fans already started doing that.
I think I delivered the best response a Dallas Cowboy fans ever given lmao the homie TJ tried.
Attention. Dallas Cowboy fans that live in Philadelphia your days are numbered we are going to pick you off one...
Eagle fans cheer as Dallas Cowboy players make all their big plays πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too funny
Can't believe my 2 of my best friends told me they're now Dallas Cowboy fans πŸ˜‘ what is the world coming to!!!
Now I know what leafs fans face every year. Oh, and the Dallas Cowboy fans too.
no but I've never cheered for Michigan. They're annoying and they remind me of Dallas Cowboy fans.
At least we are huge Texas Ranger and Dallas Cowboy fans… Oh wait.
Texas trooper stops Dallas Cowboy back, takes photo -
Bought a $5 Dallas Cowboy lotto scratcher thinking "no way the Cowboys can fail me 2 times in a day" Won 5$ back.
Loved Troy the Dallas Cowboy, but Troy the announcer.😨 πŸ˜•
my best friend is actually alive, who knew @ Dallas Cowboy's Stadium
Here is Jeff Magnia's interview with Dallas Cowboy legend Bob Lilly.
I would let my daughter date an Dallas cowboy or a 49er cause I know they can't score. If that ever happened...
Texas Cowboy Truck and Trailer Repairs in Dallas, TX was just found at on 22nd Sep 1am
Why do tv shows depict Dallas like everyone has a country accent and wears cowboy hats? Guess they haven't really been to Dallas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I wanna be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader..and no not bc of the uniform..πŸ˜‚
Dallas Cowboy supporters: If you would like to see photographs of some of the rocks I've collected in Texas:
im wearing some ugly Dallas cowboy shorts but whateva πŸ’žπŸ’˜
Should Dallas Cowboy Fans Quit On This Season?: With Tony Romo and Dez Bryant both out for at least two months...
I am a Dallas Cowboy fan but I have never liked Romo.. He was not a proven QB to be paid big money like St's Drew Brees..
Well all you Dallas Cowboy fans can relax. They are working out Christian Ponder tomorrow.
Sometimes I have to scream silently. Now for the DALLAS COWBOY NATION TOLEDO watch parties, I get it in.
How about just for once you have a Dallas Cowboy join the show
I don't envy Dallas Cowboy QBs. Always under the microscope! Weeden came in and kept the momentum going for a W
I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan and I thought it was fantastic.
New tradition for Cowboy fans. Wear something with Dallas after Sunday wins on Monday
I'm so excited to play at the Dallas Cowboy's halftime show this Sunday!
16 years ago today became the first Dallas Cowboy to score two touchdowns from returns…
why don't the cowboy bring in Tebow look what he did in the preseason with the Eagles line he would be a great fit in Dallas.
he probably doesn't want a new contract. 2 years from now, he'll be a Dallas Cowboy or a Houston Texan.
Just another day on the job with a Dallas Cowboy! Zack Martin! Got my Dad…
Kiko Alonso's season could be 'in jeopardy' following knee injury, per report: Kiko Alonso injured his knee against the Dallas Cowboy...
So how was the league's rushing champion yesterday...yeah not as good as he was in Dallas... Cowboy's O Line made you Murray... Suck on that
Don't believe me just watch!!! Buddy's the professional hairdresser to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. He knows...
not a cowboy fan at all! But if you went to Dallas I would buy a jersey! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!!!
Can we just ditch this life and run away tp Texas and become dallas cowboy cheerleaders?! πŸ’―πŸŽ€πŸ‘‘
But really, what is Dallas Cowboy grey without those fabulous sparkles???
In 3 home losses to Dallas, Chip Kelly has averaged 13 pts a game. At home vs all other opponents, Chip Kelly has aver…
NFL Fantasy Football: Week 2 best and worst picks: The Eagles are scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboy...
like that time I joined an underground Prince website 2 see the RnR Hall of Fame vid!? asked me a lot of Dallas Cowboy?'s 😜
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders caught going to the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
29 years ago yesterday my mom and dad met for the first time at a Houston Oiler / Dallas Cowboy football party
Vote: They all suited up, but who was the best dressed Dallas Cowboy at the ...
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