Dali Mpofu & Winnie Mandela

Winnie Mandela (born Nomzamo Winfreda Madikizela; 26 September 1936) is a South African politician who has held several government positions and headed the African National Congress Women's League. 4.7/5

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So Dali Mpofu, is a Nelson Mandela of of EFF.and Maggy is a Winnie Mandela of EFF...
Dali Mpofu or not. I'm still a fan of mama Winnie Mandela. Proudly so.
Winnie Mandela's letter to Dali Mpofu: But there came a point when Mandela could deceive himself, or the public, no longer. Details of the affair with Mpofu were made luridly public in a newspaper report two weeks before the separation announcement.The article was a devastating, irrefutable expose of Winnie’s affair. It was based on a letter she had written to Mpofu that revealed he had recently had a child with a woman whom she referred to as “a white hag.” Winnie accused Mpofu of “running around f* at the slightest emotional excuse … Before I am through with you, you are going to learn a bit of honesty and sincerity and know what betrayal of one’s love means to a woman … Remember always how much you have hurt and humiliated me … I keep telling you the situation is deteriorating at home, you are not bothered because you are satisfying yourself every night with a woman. I won’t be your bloody fool, Dali.” the wife that never left but Graca made peace with it#
The song that was broadcasted immediately after the announcement of Tata's passing,- "Ke o neile lerato". 1st person that came to ma mind was mama Winnie Mandela. They say patience is a virtue and I believe she's the epitome of that. We myt judge her for an affair she had with Dali Mpofu, but tell me, have u ever waited for anyone 4 more than a year, let alone 27 years, and do u know how that feels?
Gluves are officially off between Numsa and Cosatu. Remember Numsa is the Metal workers SA so the ANC is going to the next election without Numsa I can't wait for that Day. On board now is Sadtu for the teachers in SA they also say they withdrawn soon within the Ruling so called ANC and Cosatu. I like the spirit of Joseph Mathunjwa of AMCU I will not forget our Winnie Mandela and Dali Mpofu let me not forget Bra Mike Mathebe and others who risk their life's and joining the struggle of the movement EFF so on behalf of the Party I like to Salute you all Amandlaaa don't give up.
When i see Eff colours not ppl it's reminded me Marikana massacre,i'm sorry u guys including Dali Mpofu who was having affair wth mama Winnie Mandela,Thuli Madonsela nd Vusi Pikoli did not cross the border 2 go 2 Zimbabweans Eff Malema party coz of reasons
Why did Nelson Mandela and Winnie Mandela get a divorce? hmm from my research this is what i got!! have your say. The 38-years marriage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela formally ended in 1996 when Nelson Mandela asked for a divorce. It was reported that Mrs Mandela was having an affair with lawyer Dali Mpofu. After seeing love letters from Mrs. Mandela to Dali Mpofu, Nelson Mandela became convinced of her infidelity. Since being freed from prison in 1990, Mandela said he had felt nothing but "loneliness" living with his wife and in 1992, Mandela announced that their love story was over. They separated after Mrs. Mandela was sentenced in the kidnapping of four youths by her bodyguards. One youth was murdered by members of Mrs Mandela's bodyguard team. Nelson and Winnie Mandela's marriage ended, but the bond was never broken. Their love affair ended more than 20 years ago yet the evidence of the past few weeks is that a fundamental bond was never severed until his death.
Why was Dali Mpofu trusted to represent the miners of the Marikana massacre? Why is he trusted with Anything!? A Greedy attention seeking oriented individual in my eyes. The same man who speaks about honour and revolution, The same man who speaks about an internal paralysis in the Anc is the same man who allegedly Slept with Nelson Mandelas then wife,Winnie Mandela '30 years his senior at the time'. Nelson Mandela who I think was so strong at heart, forgave Winnie, but even once he was out of prison, she kept having an affair for about 2 years with Dali. That's when Madiba divorced her. This man after suffering so much, 27 years to be precise, still came home in 1990 to the news and experience of an unfaithful wife,one he had loved for over 27 years,he still was able to once again suppress his hurt,all in the name of not losing focus on the fight for his people.What a remarkable Man.As for Dali Mpofu, I'd never wanna be seen being represented by a such An unPatriotic grey haired DFrom today onwards I thi ...
Moes trend ya di ben 10 has been going on for ages...bo Winnie Mandela le bo Dali Mpofu...hehehe ne di bowa blind
I need a wife that has the spirit of Winnie Mandela except for the spirit of her cheating on Mandela with her Lawyer lover Dali Mpofu.
So Dali Mpofu was the yoing Lawyer who was banging Winnie Mandela neeh?
What??? Watching SABC1 n now I hear dat Dali Mpofu wrote Winnie Mandela a love letter n dat hurt Mandela very much n worse than dat he found out on da newspaper about da affair!!! Dats when Mandela decided 2 end da da marriage
Is reading Winnie Mandela's love letter to Dali Mpofu!
Olaniran Nasir wrote.Winnie Mandela: The downfall of Winnie began not as a result of her criminal activities but because of her affair with the young lawyer - Dali Mpofu. When they met, Winnie was 55 and Mpofu was 25. An articled clerk for the law firm representing members of Mandela United, he was intelligent, charming and had a liking for older women. While a law student at the university of the Witwatersrand, he had struck up a relationship with a white lecturer ten years his senior - Terry Oakley Smith - the daughter of a retired British diplomat. She became pregnant, but soon after the birth of their son in 1989, Winnie lured Mpofu away. When Mandela in prison learnt that Mpofu had moved in with Winnie, he sent her a letter telling her to get 'that boy' out of the house. Mpofu left, but the affair continued. From the moment that Mandela returned home to Johannesburg in february 1990, Winnie showed no interest in sharing his bed. The pain and humiliation for Mandela were some of the worst experiences ...
Winnie Mandela dated dali Mpofu? heeebanna.. the is alot i dont know
Iz it really possible dt Winnie Mandela as beautiful as she waz ddnt hv any secret affair or even a few in all de yrs Mandela waz in prison besides de Dali Mpofu scandal
Was it Dali Mpofu who slept with Winnie Mandela
Mfenekazi Fontanelle KaNdzukuma wrote this Dali Mpofu used to be Winnie Mandela's lover. Dang, how did i miss this?
Advocate Dali Mpofu couldn’t sleep with his “mother”, Winnie Mandela, Julius Malema told his supporters outside the Polokwane High Court today.
this is what happens when leaders ignore their people. now the Anc is running scared from little Juju. Excerpts from Winnie Mandela 's interview. the disarray in which the country finds itself. “I’m frightened,” she said.“It is no secret the country is seeking revenge.“The poorest of the poor are seething with rage and whether our government is aware of the anger of the people, I have no idea,” she said rhetorically.“Our weakness is to try and undermine what is happening and be dismissive, but it is our reality now. I have told the ANC: wide-scale unemployment in any country is a ticking time bomb, and now wej are watching Julius (Malema) rally those youths behind him.” The interview took place about a week after Advocate Dali Mpofu defected from the ANC to Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) .Despite rumours to the contrary, Madikizela- Mandela insists that she has not been approached by Malema to follow in the footsteps of Mpofu. "No he hasn’t. Not at all,” she laughed.Nor, .. ...
Did she mention Dali Mpofu on the book?RTWinnie Mandela is launching her new book. I cringe!
Advocate Dali Mpofu could possibly be the most good looking man in South Africa, I understand to a certain degree, Winnie Mandela's actions.
So Mme Winnie Mandela had a thing with Dali Mpofu back in the day?
Dali Mpofu cross examining Riah Phiyega, it could have been awkward if Winnie Mandela was the Police Commissioner
Today23yrs ago Mandela was released. Wat most SAcns dont knw is tht Winnie wayeOutele Dali Mpofu &he dropped her off
This uncle of mine hates Dali Mpofu with passion. He's busy telling us he's the reason why Mandela dumped Winnie.
its regrettable that the former Winnie Mandela's Boy friend (Dali Mpofu) have turned people's suffering into a Political battle field, Cyril Ramaphosa as both the NEC member and a lonmin Mine shareholder had every right to believe in a strike where 11 people have been murdered, 2 of them Burned beyond recognition, 2 sliced with pangas, there was nothing but an act of babarism of its worse kind, if you believe the striking miners had a logical salary hike problem why kill people who wanted to go to work? Cyril did what every responsible leader, Business man with access to politician could have done ask the responsible minister to intervine, remember Mr Ramaphosa could have hired his own mob to destroy that criminal element that had gathered in marikana but he opted to follow the right channels. i was not surprise Dali Mpofu had to be the one to raise the issue after his dismal failure to represent Julius Malema on his diciplinary hearing. maybe his hoping discrediting Mr. Ramaphosa boast Matlhante chances ...
The Deputy Minister of Communication, Stella Ndabeni, says Winnie Mandela's criticism of JZ is a matter of a kettle calling a pot dirty. She points to a fact that Dali Mpofu (whom we all know is the reason behind the break up of the marriage between Winnie & Nelson) represented Juju in his disciplinary case. Fair point. But may we remind her also that when she was expelled as the member of the ANCYL national executive committee in July 2010 (after she sided with the league's former limpopo chairman Lehlogonolo Masoga, during his disciplinary case) her political career had a meteoric rise. It would seem it pays to be a JZ supporter. Could this be the reason why, earlier on this year, she called all those who do not support JZ & Mantashe's second term 'muncu' (bitter, sour & stupid).
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