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Dale Murphy

Dale Bryan Murphy (born March 12, 1956 in Portland, Oregon) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman.

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Dale Murphy will always be"Mr Atlanta Brave"The best player to ever put on Braves unifrom,period!
Just watching that slow mo. I had deja vu of a once coffee cup Phillies player but outs…
Planning out my jerseys for the weekend. Maybe Freddie/Maddux/Dale Murphy. Big decisions here, people!
5 year run. How about Dale Murphy? Back to back MVP, sportsman of the year. should be in the hall of fame.
If Dale Murphy played for the he would have been in Canton long time ago.
If it were baseball, bigger debate. He'd be Dale Murphy or Tim Raines, no-doubt first half of career,…
Braves fan since I was 5 back in '85! Dale Murphy got me hooked! Thanks for the shot at a fre…
Listen to $utle - GTFOM (Prod. Delta) by $utle on go fw this realist in the game
DAVAO City’s Murphy Dale Nanggan and Ivo Nikolai Enot captured the first golds in athletics and swimming events...
can you stop protecting Eli and hall of fame? Plunket isn't in. Dale Murphy 2x MVP. Not in. You need sustained greatness
Republican ads target Murphy on defense and border wall vote(Orlando news)
Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy are both flawed candidate. I'm voting for green party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale in November.
I watched Glavine hit Dale Murphy with a pitch on live telev…
1st Rockies game: Girls day out. Honored to be here with her to explain the game. Charlie Blackman is the…
Thanks! It's a 1989 Dale Murphy. I bought it the day the new-at-the-time unis were introduced.
First Jake Murphy is the son of Dale Murphy . Then Andy Phillips was on the US ski team. . Carrington glove size is next.
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Took this photo of Dale Murphy's 1982 powder blue Braves jersey with in mind. This one's for you, Jer…
Dale Murphy is my favorite of all time.
"One of the hottest things to pass thru Atlanta since Dale Murphy"
"One of the hottest things to pass they Atlanta since Dale Murphy"
Dale Murphy leaving the Braves and going to the Phillies
Thanks to Dale Murphy & Marvin Freeman for guesting on my next-to-last BRAVES BANTER Thursday. John Schuerholz concludes my 7-yr run Sep 21
If there's another auction. I have many autographs I'd be willing to dig up and donate. Dale Murphy, Sha…
Nice profile on UP17 Spokesman ‘How Atlanta Braves great Dale Murphy got his start in East Tennessee’
Wait Dale Murphy has a restaurant at The Battery? *** it I could've eaten there when I went a month ago.
After Trump meeting, Stephanie Murphy thinks Democrats can work with him(Orlando news)
Happy 4 year anniversary to attorney Joseph Murphy and husband Dale Mescoe - dinner at El Gaucho.
Dale Murphy drinks milk and you should, too. .
Old enough to cheer for the Maddux/Shmoltz Braves but too young to appreciate Dale Murphy
Justice finally got regular playing time after the Braves traded Dale Murphy. It seemed like he hit a homer every game for a month.
Murphy: Gorsuch will be interesting to watch in Car…
Murphy: There is certainly a focus to not decide th…
Murphy re Janus: uncertain of quality of vehicle fo…
Murphy: A lot will depend on the position the US is…
Murphy: But, this information was gathered pursuant…
Murphy: 3rd party doctrine has been used in a varie…
Murphy: Suggestions also that 3rd party doctrine wi…
Murphy: The fact that Court is still very intereste…
Murphy: As petition comes to there is no c…
Murphy: Carpenter's data was obtained without a war…
Murphy: Carpenter is 4th amendment case focused on…
Next we are discussing Carpenter v. US w/Erin Murphy
Rhys Hoskins reminds me of Dale Murphy in his prime. Although Murphy struck out more.
since you brought up Dale Murphy do you think he should be a HOF'er. I certainly do
Imo: as much a Hall of Fame as Dale Murphy
I remember both Dale Murphy and Glenn Hubbard playing ball at Richmond's "Parker Field" back in the d…
2 of my faves growing up watching the Braves on TBS. I had a Dale Murphy glove growing up.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1987 SportFlics Dale Murphy motion card
The last was Dale Murphy of the Braves - in Philadelphia! July 18, 1991 (game 1). See .
Dale Murphy in the dugout at Fulton County Stadium. Summer 1987.
Why do I feel that in the end, Jamaal Charles will be just like Dale Murphy with the Rockies?
Waiting for the sun to get up and warm us up at the Dale frost nursery
86' Forest spring a counter and Murphy scores to break the deadlock against the run of play . Sunderland 0 Nottingham Fo…
Drove from Evansville, Indiana to eat at my favorite baseball players restaurant!. Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy couldn't throw back to the pitcher and Mike Legg's pitcher Rick Ankiel is still trying to find the strike zone.
In 1985, Dale Murphy led NL. The AL leader was Darrell Evans of Det, who began with Braves in 1969.
Dale Murphy = Braves. Tom Seaver = Mets. I couldn't tell u who played for who now. Boog Powell.…
Saw Dwight Yoakam in person last night and met Dale Murphy today before the Braves game
Braves baseball legend Dale Murphy being interviewed at his new restaurant in Cobb County, Georgia.
I miss Dale Murphy in the checklist but the inclusion of Spahn and Aaron are nice for Braves fans
Bagwell doesn't wow me. What about guys like Harold Baines, Dale Murphy, and Gil Hodges? Why didn't they make it?
“Any discussion about who belongs in the Hall of Fame, and who doesn’t, can’t ignore Dale Murphy.”
I find it very upsetting that Jeff Bagwell is in the when guys like Gil Hodges, Harold Baines, and Dale Murphy aren't.
Are we really smarter than leaving Barry Bonds (and Dale Murphy) out of the hall of fame.
Great read why Dale Murphy should be in the Hall of Fame.
Spiritual solidarity with riff on Dale Murphy, Bonds, Clemens and the baseball
Bob Horner was a huge waste of money. Dale Murphy was my childhood hero.
me and Dale Murphy at Pensacola Blue Wahoo's game
You don't usually get treated unfairly. You usually get what you deserve...
because the writers are pompous A holes.he was nice to me he was mean to me etc. How the *** is Dale Murphy not in ?
I don't agree with everything that any of our political leaders say o...
I respect you as a writer. Don't agree with your logic on HOF candidacy. Until Dale Murphy is in HOF continued
Tommie Aaron taught me how to have a good attitude, to be easy going ...
But I don't think Mussina was elite at his job. Like Konerko, Dale Murphy,…
Well done to Dale Murphy Butler who completed his placement from with our games development team…
When you come right down to it, I guess I really am pretty bland.
And over in OntarionWell done David Murphy! Through to tonight's A final with pb of 59.05 100brst 👏👏👏
Like, if Dale Murphy knocked over a liquor store and someone wrote that maybe he shouldn't have done that, would you question their fandom?
I've said the same if Dale Murphy gets voted in by the Vets Committee. Fingers crossed!
did you vote for Dale Murphy when he was eligible?
David Bowie died. Peter Murphy is aging. That's enough proof that vampires don't exist.
Don't know who is . But he's just turned me back into a braves fan .. I abandoned the braves just after Dale Murphy was traded
It's critical that the manager has the respect of players so he can ...
Your husband was & is my favorite Brave next to Dale Murphy so hopefully your baby will be born on my birthday 12/24 :)
UK Championship 2016: Dominic Dale misses straightforward crimson in opposition to Shaun Murphy -
Dale Murphy needed a minimum of 2 more high-end seasons
.11/4/01. Troy Murphy receives his 1st of 3 career ejections for looking at Dale Davis.
if they really put stock into the character clause Dale Murphy would be in
No love for getting shirt from Dale Murphy at Portland show in '15? Tough to please. :-)
Similar to Don Mattingly, certainly appeared Dale Murphy was on a Hall of Fame trajectory. Length of dominance just…
Don't forget the Murph. Dale Murphy has to be included in greatest
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All we had then. My guys were Mark Grace and Dale Murphy. Loved Harry Carey too.
Dale Murphy, Pascual Perez, Steve Bedrosian, Bob Horner, Glen Hubbard... I can keep going. Those were the days.
Ray Patrick Didder has has been hit by 31 pitches for Rome this season. In his entire career Dale Murphy was hit by 28 pitches
Lance Parrish and Lou Whitaker don't even catch a thought, but then there is Dale Murphy (398 hr; 2 MVP in Schmidt's prime)
I assume Dale Murphy made the All Time top catchers list
I’ve been wrong about Beltran but a 121 OPS+ is tough for a HOFer. Dale Murphy, Al Oliver, Dave Parker, Chili Davis, CarGo.
On the podcast today, Tom Glavine tells his side of the story of when Bobby Cox ordered him to throw at Dale Murphy https:…
Bob Horner blast from the past. He and Dale Murphy at the launching pad= old Fulton County Stadium for us ole timers
oh I remember that name. I wanna hot that Pelicans game that dale Murphy is at
Went to Turner Field when I was 11. Fav player Dale Murphy hit a HR that landed 10ft away from me. I was sure he meant it 4 me
I'm giving away something for you on 1977 Topps Dale Murphy Rc # 476. Get it here -
shows our age. Nephew asked who Dale Murphy was. He was using his fathers DM model glove.
By FB-RSS Bike thief who stole from Widnes railway station as part of spree jailed for seven months Dale Murphy,...
.legend Dale Murphy tells what Bobby Cox meant to his career. LISTEN:
I think it was Dale Murphy. Like early in the season. NY talk radio was not happy. I agree tho, who cares?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
also, awesome to hear Dale Murphy interview! Loved watching him play growing up. No batting gloves.
Dale Murphy now looks like Joe Piscipo playing Dan Quayle's like the good old - very long - days. Paging Dale Murphy, Pasqual Perez. Horner on the corner?
"legend Dale Murphy tells about what Bobby Cox meant to his career.".
Braves Podcast: Former OF Dale Murphy tells Baseball Tonight Bobby Cox \"loved his teams and gave his guys chances…
In today's podcast, Braves great Dale Murphy tells stories from his career. When Glavine threw at him, SD-ATL fight
Ok older fans, wasn't Roger McDowell the pitcher for the Phillies in the game where the Braves had to throw behind Dale Murphy 3 times?
Get Tom Glavine to talk about the time he had to bean Dale Murphy.
Didn't Dale Murphy stay in the dugout when Otis Nixon charged the mound against the Phillies? Tommy?
I've always wanted to hear Glavine talk about when he had to throw at Dale Murphy
Hanging with Dale Murphy, the man, the myth, the legend in the Suntrust Club!!
The second counselor in my Church Bishopric is Dale Murphy of the Atlanta Braves baseball team and I talk to him every Sunday
Let me tell you all how it is. There's 3 faces all time for Braves. Hank Aaron,Dale Murphy,Chipper Jones. The end.
Pedro, Dale Murphy, Fernando Valenzuela, and Dale Hawerchuk are up there for me
put Dale Murphy, Don Mattingly, Lee Smith, and Alan Trammell in, then talk to me about roid boy.
Great seeing former Brave great Dale Murphy speaking to the High baseball team today!
Dale Murphy isn't coming out of that dugout. Neither are Bob Horner, Chipper Jones or any of those great pitchers they had.
Can they go find Bob Horner and Dale Murphy to save them?
Dwight and Daryl doing lines of coke > Dale Murphy
I haven't seen so much struggle since Dale Murphy and Fulton County Stadium. Prayer is needed.
Before Root, before ESPN's power, there was WGN and WTBS. You could be either a Braves fan (DALE MURPHY) or a Cubs fan (SHAWON DUNSTON)
I like Dale Murphy a lot, but the HOF is no place for guys with a career BA of .265.
Why are there so many Red Sox and Braves fans in Utah? Is it because of Bruce Hurst and Dale Murphy?
Nats rally to beat Braves on opening day (📷: Dale Zanine
yeah, went first time. I'm a big Dale Murphy fan
Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon the Eddie Murphy trailer will get jammed under the Montague St. bridge h…
It's sickening Javy Lopez is in the hall of fame and Dale Murphy isn't .
Of course my Dale Murphy throwback jersey would be at home on Opening Day
Dale Murphy, the classiest act the game has known
Dale Murphy out in your neck of the woods
random thing about it: it's former baseball MVP Dale Murphy's son who did that. No idea if you're a baseball fan, but fun fact!
start of a tradition me thinks. Been a fan myself since the Dale Murphy Days
In a perfect 80's world officer Alex Murphy would be related to Dale Murphy
looks like it's back to the days of my youth. The Braves used to field Dale Murphy & 7 warm bodies.
I remember watching him and Dale Murphy on TBS back in the day.
Let the spirit of Dale guide your RV.
He was America’s Center Fielder Nobody loved or respected the game more, played harder, and represented their time better than Dale Murphy
Dale Murphy is the perfect player, son, father, husband. - Joe Torre
yea diamonds are tough pulls. Got Dale Murphy, Shark and Martinez from the cards in 2 Spring training packs. No diamonds yet
As a born Texan I must say.. I'm probably Bill, you're Hank, Murphy is Dale and idk who skip is bc he ain't boomhower
I love me some Dale Murphy! He couldn't be more correct in this article.
Dale Murphy gets it - Dale Murphy says it’s time to let baseball players express themselves | NBC SportsWorld
Our Time was Our Time and now it's their time via
One of the best articles you'll read regarding new school baseball. Well done
This is why was, and is, my favorite player ever. And why is a great writer. Amen, boys.
Dale Murphy on the kids: "Let them mold the game into what they believe it should be. It’s their game."
My fave player is Neil Allen ... favorites to watch ... Dale Murphy in his prime was pretty awesome
with a perfect take on baseball players today. Murph is still the best
The old-school vs new-school MLB player argument is annoying. gets it. Let the kids of today have fun.
Dale Murphy is the coolest old player. He actually said modern athletes are better.
Joe Posnanski w/ Dale Murphy on Bryce Harper and the rest of the whippersnappers playing today.
True, but I watched a lot of those blowouts I mentioned because Dale Murphy was my favorite baseball player of all-time.
It just doesn't get better than talkin' baseball with He says some amazing things here.
Would you rather have a team of all Dale Murphy's or all Derek Jeter's?
Dale Murphy is as old school as it gets, but he says it's time to listen to https…
Dale Murphy one of the best to play the game, Smoltz, & Chipper my favs, Crime Dog should be in the HOF, the tommy hawk chop
I'm afraid they need Dale Murphy and Hank Aaron in their prime Heidi! 😃⚾️😍
As a lifelong Braves fan, he is one of my 4 favorite Braves: (1) Hank Aaron, (2) Dale Murphy, (3) Chipper Jones, (4) Tom Glavine.
I share a birthday with Aaron Eckhart, Johnny Knoxville, Anne Frank and the legendary Dale Murphy.
Super B-Day to Dale Murphy, who spent his off days in the 80s menacing people in dark alleys with a radioactive bat. ht…
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the 5 I would like to meet are Michael Jordan, Herschel Walker, Dale Murphy, Cal Ripken Jr and Tony Gwynn
Dale Murphy autographed 8x10 action photo of a great catch
ICYMI: Dale Murphy put his jersey back on to serve as Guest Instructor at Braves
What Mickey Mantle was to me. Dale Murphy is to Grey.
Phil Niekro with Dale Murphy and his family.
gone are days of a player staying w/ a franchise for life. Even my hero, Dale Murphy, wasn't able to.
I would still make fun of your Dale Murphy modern jersey
In honor of us wrapping up NL East week - '81 Donruss Dale Murphy card. Read our team previews -...
I find it hilarious that Idina is following Dale Murphy
Selective Chairman and CEO, Gregory E. Murphy and CFO, Dale A. Thatcher, to Present at the 2016 Bernstein $SIGI
1 week to go until SubMerged returns to South Nightclub Manchester with Dale Howard, Brian Murphy, Just Jorge, DJ...
Third in the tournament, but first in your heart. Varsity finishes behind only C'dale and Murphy in SIAC play.
Name one jersey that the team no longer wears, that you wish you had bought back then. I'll start: Dale Murphy pre-tomahawk.
Dinni ken who's worse dale pryde or mikey Murphy
The Hawk! . I feel the same way about my Dale Murphy cards.
I grew up a big Braves fan.. Dale Murphy was my boy!
The Card Chop Swap: I recently sent some Dale Murphy and Atlanta Braves cards to Steve of The Card Chop, and h...
Dale Murphy Nameplate for autographed jersey photo bat
Did you know great Dale Murphy began his career as a catcher? That's among the tidbits of info in this post:
Got to admit that this hurts. It might hurt just as much as when Dale Murphy was traded to the Phillies (Braves...
To go to hospitals and see people fight and overcome cystic fibrosis or can...
I've been complimented enough and asked to run for various offices out here...
Highlight of Day 1 in Grapefruit League season: talking w/ Dale Murphy about how nervous he was going on Wilco tour bus to …
| Keep living in the past HB...don't think Bobby Cox & Dale Murphy are coming back brother.
what was backstory with ejection for throwing at Dale Murphy
Kurt Warner is the Dale Murphy of football
Can knock out fav Canadian and embarrassing music you like in 2 words:Bryan Adams.Star struck: met Dale Murphy as a wee lad.Awesome
Dale Murphy & Glenn Hubbard aren't trotting out of that dugout (well I guess Hubbard actually is:)
God isn't really interested in our batting averages.
Has he quoted Dale Murphy during this?
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You either remember Troy Murphy dunking in Dale Davis' face or you have no idea what I'm talking about.
Im a Braves fan too. Gotta signed Dale Murphy baseball to prove it. (My fav player of all time)
One of my youth coaches, Mr should be in -- Dale Murphy would like to see bigger
(2) 1985 team issue black white 3 x 5 Dale Murphy Braves
My latest: Interviewed two-time MVP and Atlanta Braves great He'd like a bigger Hall of Fame.
UP17 is proudly endorsed by 2X NL MVP We're pumped to have him on board!
I'm not saying we need a Helton/Walker type. I'm saying our Dale Murphy/Saberhagens haven't even done it
yes. That there's no Boggs/Tampa like connection anywhere seems insane. Closest came on the inaugural 1993 squad w Dale Murphy
Great read. My first glove was a Dale Murphy. He should be in the HOF.
Very cool to see this: Brian Kenny wrote a piece motivated in part by my Dale Murphy interview.
Hey Dale, thinking your fans here might like the recent interview you gave Sporting News.
.breaks down why the great players of Dale Murphy's generation belong in the
Dammit! Why did I ever tell you about my crush on Dale Murphy?
What was discussion of Dale Murphy in the early/mid 90s? Seemed on a HOF trajectory when he played.
Players I've interviewed for my Sporting News column so far: Steve Garvey, Dale Murphy, Jim Kaat, Billy Wagner. Who else should I talk to?
Dale Murphy was considered a future Hall of Famer during his career but still isn't in. I talked to him about it.
One glaring omission in my Dale Murphy piece: Forgot to mention Andruw Jones, who's finally made his retirement official.
Ok, I did. Jim very nice career, but not HOF for me. Gimme Don Mattingly B4 Jim. Dale Murphy too! We all have our faves
how many times a day do you get asked if Heyward or Andruw or Dale Murphy or Aaron are going to sign?
in my lifetime, we have had 3 iconic position players - Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, & Chipper Jones - and Freddie Freeman is next on that list
Um NO! Unless you can bring back both Chipper Jones & Dale Murphy at 24 years old & add them in the deal.!.
? Even Freeman or Simmons .. They are our Bob Horner and Dale Murphy
This day in history in 1983: Dale Murphy wins his second consecutive NL MVP award.
You still believe in Murphy Brown? Oh yeah, you're probably too young to remember that. Dale Murphy? Louis Murphy?
love Dale Murphy in those old Atl uniforms
in his prime Dale Murphy was pretty good
When did Daniel Murphy turn into Dale Murphy? He looks too much like Howard Johnson, which makes me hate the '84 all over again.
Song recorded about former Atlanta Braves great, Dale Murphy. Full version: Murph for HOF in '17! . Enjoy.
New song about former Atlanta Braves great, Dale Murphy.
There is a new country song about Dale Murphy that you should play (former Atlanta Braves great) by you should play
Former Atlanta Braves player, Dale Murphy, reminding us character based decisions are challenging.
nice. Also Bob Horner, Dale Murphy,Bartkowski, Andrews etc. Hard to find people from ATL.
If character means Wes Ferrell isn't a Hall of Famer, it must mean Dale Murphy is. Right?
He will always be the disappointing return on the Dale Murphy trade.
Shelby Miller also made fun of a woman who tried to use her Dale Murphy jersey to get a ball from him...
It's like sabermetrics in MLB, too much thinking goes on. Dale Murphy should be in the HOF & Tim should be in NFL.
Bert Blyleven? Roberto Alomar? Goose Gossage? Come on..which reminds me, *** Posey? Dale Murphy is a legend compared to them.
After they traded Dale Murphy and messed up Hostess Twinkie Ball Day I've not liked the Boo them!
Woman trying to get Shelby Miller to throw her a ball during BP: I have a Dale Murphy jersey!!. Shelby: Dale Murphy don't play no more
I think it's the Simmons shirsey tonight (though I'm holding out hope for the Dale Murphy one)
It feels like 88 with Dale Murphy and Fulton County Stadium now.
Looks like a Dale Murphy hit chart from back in the day!
Attention C'dale and Murphy Seniors: really have fun tonight. Enjoy hating each other and go crazy cause you'll miss it …
Bob Horner, Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro, Glenn Hubbard, Bruce Benedict...I could probably name some more from those years...
Dale Murphy talking about Eugene, Oregon right now!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
he's my Gorman Thomas, in other words, favorite non Dodger growing up. *** I had a Dale Murphy glove as a kid.
. Cause I would have gone with Dale Murphy, Bob Horner, Rafael Ramirez, & Bruce Benedict. 😜
I want Eddie Perez as manager and Chipper as Hitting coach. Or maybe call Dale Murphy see if he is interested in manager
former auto autograph card LOT X9 Dale Murphy +more!
Draft chat reminds me that I saw a kid with his wallet autographed by Dale Murphy the other day. He didn't appreciate the autograph.
then just tell them Dale Murphy is the guy who raced nascar before his untimely death
next they will ask about Dale Murphy lol
Eric Davis and Dale Murphy with Bo Diaz and Jeffrey Leonard lurking in the background
My mom was hit by a ball @ a Braves game when I was a kid. Got a ball signed by Dale Murphy. What a great day! You know, for me.
Was given a Dale Murphy bobblehead as a bonus at today's game. Already have one. Anybody want to trade?
They were the entire souths team in the 80's...and sucked so bad aside from Dale Murphy.
I like to look at it as Dale Murphy and Pete Rose are 2 of the greats who never made it to Cooperstown. Throw in Maris too.
I can't get over Dale Murphy getting snubbed from the HOF
was Dale Murphy the comp they threw out on that guy? I don't even recall just remember the phrase always mentioned with him
Did he not turn out to be the next Dale Murphy? I heard he was going to...
.eyes his third straight W at tomorrow:
I will give up $15 for that. Guess I am back in this game now. Ha ha.
Hey Mr. Murphy, I just graduated high school and would love a signed Dale Murphy Jersey!(:
I'm selling 5 bats and two signed baseballs very cheap, let me know if you're interests. Baseballs signed by Evan longoria and Dale Murphy.
Pete Rose is a no-brainer here, but excluding Rose & the likely steroid users, I would go with 2X NL MVP Dale Murphy http…
Awesome person, the best baseball player of all times. A stand up man.always does the right thing, treats everyone with fairness, honesty, and respect. Respected and appreciated by his fans. Will never be anyone better than murphy.
Dale Murphy at the M-Braves Game: My hero growing up was Dale Murphy.  Dale played centerfield for the Atlanta...
Dale Murphy is ranked at the 217 place of most Hits in history with 2,111!
Man i forgot all about Dale Murphy being a colorado rockie in 1993!
Am I the only Braves fan that doesn't think Dale Murphy isn't a Hall of Fame caliber player? Don't get wrong he was good, just not great.
Thanks to my favorite player of all time Chase Utley (followed by Dale Murphy) for coming to speak to our boys!
The Crime Dog and Dale Murphy really got shafted by the steroid era regarding the HOF. 2 of the best during a complete offensive depression
Dale Murphy batted and threw righty but signs lefty.
Check out 2014 Topps Tribute Dale Murphy Auto 11/24 RARE BRAVES! Got to be some Braves fans eh?
Jeff Francoeur's role models as a kid? His dad ... and Dale Murphy.
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Guy just inducted into the Barons hall of fame while his son, standing right next to him, wears a Dale Murphy jersey.
did you ever play in a game with the other legendary Brave Dale Murphy?
On this day in sports history, 1993: Braves great Dale Murphy ends his career with 398 home runs.
Today in History May 27,1993 - Former Atlanta Braves All-Star Dale Murphy announces his retirement from...
when my dad was @ NASJAX we used to go watch the play. He got me a Dale Murphy autographed bat.
Dale Murphy is signing autographs on 5/27. For details click on via
Baseball was so awesome back then, wasn't it? I lived, breathed and ate it, man lol Dale Murphy and George were my favorites.
Did you notice in late 70's early 80's if you came across the Braves on TBS Dale Murphy was always on deck.
Remember Eric Davis, Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker, Dale Murphy hitting into double plays, Steve Sax booting the ball
*sigh* Braves so trash this season...Freddie Freeman might be the new Dale Murphy...toiling away on wack teams
I remember the former Philly, John Kruk. Whatever happened to Dale Murphy?
Ugly today but I've been a Braves fan since the Dale Murphy days so I've seen worse!
My Franchise 4? Chipper Jones, Hank Aaron, Greg Maddux and a man who SHOULD be in the hall of fame Dale Murphy
Hank Aaron ,Dale Murphy,Chipper Jones and I'm cheating and putting Maddux,Glavine and Smoltz as a combo on Braves top 4 of all time
Today, Dale Murphy is exactly as old as Walter Johnson was the day he died: 21,583 days.
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I mainly have all Dale Murphy memorabilia. I do have an autographed Bobby Cox print.
Quite possibly my favorite moment of the night: Chipper Jones, Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro,…
I always say Hank Aaron is why I became a fan. Dale Murphy is why I stayed a Braves fan. Amazing pic
What a day in sports, honoring Ben Crenshaw first, now Hank Aaron, Phil Niekro and Dale Murphy.
Great ovations for former players, leading off with Henry Aaron, Phil Niekro, Dale Murphy.
Dale Murphy in 1983. I want to know who was knocking him in, because Bob Horner only had 68 RBI.
4 parallels from my boxes of Tribute:. Ernie Banks /50. Dale Murphy /50. Carlton Fisk /99. Ozzie Smith /99
How cool to see both Dale Murphy and Fred McGriff in the dugout...
"Anybody who played in the late 70's will tell you that the toughest guy to hit was J.R. Richard." ~ Dale Murphy http:…
its the party that's in denial of its direction it has none. Dug dale and Murphy have made bad start
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