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Dale Mabry

Dale Mabry (March 22, 1891–February 21, 1922) was an American World War I aviator.

Dale Mabry Hwy Dale Mabry Highway South Tampa North Dale Mabry Busch Blvd Kennedy Blvd Drive Social Burger King Super Market Land O Lakes Sports Bar Boy Scout Hillsborough Ave

HILLSBOROUGH: Crash on Dale Mabry Carrollwood Spring Blvd. There is road block NB in the middle lane!
NEW: Crash in Hillsborough on I-275 south before Exit 41 Dale Mabry Hwy and traffic backed up until before Himes Ave, left lane blocked.
the Halloween store next to the target and dsw on dale Mabry I believe
Coffee Alert! Come find us in tomorrow. At Dale Mabry & Neptune from 7:30–10am. At SoHo & Swann after that 'til 1pm!
& we just passed a serious wreck on Dale Mabry..see mom that's what happens πŸ˜’
Note to self: don't ever go near International Plaza or Dale Mabry when the bucs are playing!
Stop and go traffic in on Dale Mabry between I-275 and Dr King Blvd, delay of 4 mins
News: Vikings At Bucs, Open Thread - Yes, Joe is at the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway for the Vikings-...
I think there was an accident on Dale Mabry
This traffic on dale mabry right now 😩😩
TRAFFIC UPDATE: I-275 NB is backed up around the Dale Mabry exit. To avoid delay, it may be best to get off on Howard/Armenia
The bucs fans are taking over Dale Mabry right now!! Y'all better win with all this commotion.
Police out and about on Dale Mabry and Boy Scout y'all be safe!!
New Career! Personal Training Director/Director in Training- 14350 N Dale Mabry Hwy Check it out today!!
We are at and consistency is an issue at this location Dale Mabry location is much Bette, buffalo sauce rocks
Dirty car? The baseball team can fix that for you. Pizza Hut on south Dale Mabry across from Lowes.
Just had all green lights on dale mabry from Armenia to van ***
Food truck rally now. Until 3. Corner of S Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay! Get off the couch and enjoy this wonderful day!
Traffic accident off Dale Mabry and Kennedy causing a little backup
Come out to the deck today and join us for lunch! Open 11-4pm @ 6920 N. Dale Mabry Hwy
Come meet Kelly at the Labrador Rescue booth at the Petco in Carroll on Fletcher and Dale Mabry !!
Today you can find us on the corner of Dale Mabry and Bay to Bay from 11-3pm. Address is on the flyer. Come get...
the Halloween store on Dale mabry and fletcher across from Twistee treat
dude is walking down dale mabry with an afrika bambaataa shirt and a Viking helmet complete with horns
They have Letos Win on the electrical billboard on Dale Mabry with our logo and all πŸ‘Š
UPDATE: Traffic congestion in Hillsborough on I-275 north from Exit 32 4th St N to at Exit 41 Dale Mabry Hw.
Ugly traffic-g'dtr stuck at Boy Scout/Columbus and Dale Mabry from 5:40 to 7:45. Got to seat at 8:30-show started at 7.
Lot of baby girl size 3 & 4 shoes. Top row is size 3, and bottom row is size 4. All in very good used condition. The shoes on the bottom right are Janie and Jack, and are in excellent condition. All for $15! Available for porch pick up off of Anderson Road and Linebaugh, or can meet at the Dale Mabry Chick Fil A on Wednesday evenings. October cross posted
Tampa Police Bomb Squad and 911 dispatchers are at the Home Depot 16121 N Dale Mabry. Come out and see us! We will be here until 2pm
The cops on dale Mabry are tripping smh
there an accident or something near himes and Humphrey near Dale Mabry? Helicopter hovering and ambulance...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Want a chance to Concert tickets? will be at (1505 North Dale Mabry Hwy TODAY from 12-1pm!
Blessing of the Animals tomorrow at Grace Lutheran Church, 3714 Linebaugh Ave (off Dale Mabry). At the blessing,...
CHS Art Club car wash today @ the pollo tropical located on N. Dale Mabry in Carollwood from 10-2.🎨
you were perfect tonight. Now come join us at IHOP on dale Mabry and Hudson ;)
One Direction concert rapping up. Traffic on Dale Mabry will be slow going for a while
There was just a bad accident at Van *** and Dale Mabry. Please pray for the ones involved.
G'dtr driving, no limo. Stuck on Dale Mabry 3 hrs and counting. Bot tix in Dec--in Tpa at 5-says parents drpg kids problm
at parent pickup ... (@ Hillsborough Community College: Dale Mabry Campus - in Tampa, FL)
911 Dispatchers will be at Home Depot 16121 N. Dale Mabry 10–2pm tomorrow w/ the 911 simulator to educate kids about 911. Stop by & see us!
Traffic is madness around ray jay. MADNESS. Backed up along Boy Scout from Dale Mabry to Veterans.
TRAFFIC UPDATE Dale mabry is backed up use himes
omg yes! On one stretch of Dale Mabry cops were stopping lanes of traffic to allow one or two girls to cross at a time. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜–
Holy *** do not go near dale mabry or Raymond James. 1D has taken over
Paris avenue heading west from florida to dale mabry is a parking lot
Helped nearby drivers by reporting a heavy traffic jam on N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa on - Drive Social.
Why is there more traffic on waters than dale mabry?
Remind me to stay away from dale mabry today
Don't drive down Dale Mabry during a One Direction concert because you will get a cone stuck under your car.
The women's fellowship dinner is tonight at 7 pm at *** Wah on Dale Mabry.
Right next to platos closet on dale mabry
Come join us 4 the next Sciences Seminar Series event at the Dale Mabry Campus w/ guest speaker Dr. Robert Novak
Good news for One Direction concert goers - I-275 exit to Dale Mabry open and Himes entrance to I-275 open. More at:
any idea what time the concert should be finished? Dale Mabry 1pm - ??
Nick from IHOP on Dale Mabry is my best friend. Ask for him if you are getting breakfast
TAMPA: The right lane will be closed on southbound Dale Mabry @ 275 overnights from 10pm to 5:30am, Sunday through Thursday, Oct 5-9
Yes, Districts is at Bobby Hicks - same pool as the last few years.Off of S. Dale Mabry! Warm ups are at 7 and meet at 9 am.
Join me on Monday for my Radioshow @ the Press Box Sports Emporium. 222 S Dale Mabry Hwy-Special guests & more! http…
they're building a chik Fil a on gandy and dale mabry and a jersey mikes and chipotlein the new plaza
Looks like somebody's wings were just a little too charged up today! Kennedy & Dale Mabry
no I don't but I can usually get in people for free after 6 because I use to work on the Dale Mabry one
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Dunkin would make so much money off me if they finally put one on kennedy but they suck and i refuse to drive to dale mabry.
One direction of Dale Mabry Highway to be closed at I-275 nightly
if that happens 8-7. I will kiss his bare *** in the middle of Dale Mabry and give you a week to draw a crowd.
I swear every time I drive on Dale Mabry me and see each other at stop lights lol
i feel u. I stay over on dale mabry now so i go over there
CHLOE, SIZE 6 $198 | Call 813.449.3578 to purchase or visit us at 1543 s dale mabry
Something big going on near Dale Mabry and Waters. Traffic backed up SB well past Gunn. More than 1 chopper hovering.
HILLSBOROUGH: Crash on Dale Mabry just north of Linebaugh. There is some road block on Dale Mabry!
Co: Crash with some road block on Dale Mabry Hwy north of Linebaugh Ave
Y does it take so long to go .75 mi south on Dale Mabry
TAMPA: Dale Mabry ramp to SB 275 will close overnight for construction 9/7-9/9. I expect it to reopen by 5:30am each day. Detours in place.
Come get donuts at 2109 S. Dale Mabry, along with & beverage…
Hey Tampa. You can now get Meat Church rubs at Just Grillin at 11743 N Dale Mabry. Go get em!
That awkward *** moment you see someone wearing a Support SPAM shirt in the WalMart on Dale Mabry
Sex trafficking is in Tampa , mostly around the clubs on dale mabry - Kennedy area.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ah no can do, Brit's waiting on dinner I gotta pick up by North Dale Mabry
I know goes to Dale 1891 on N. Dale Mabry. She may know of more.
The 1st one in class...that's a first 😜//\\ El 1ro en el salon.que milagro!! πŸ˜œπŸ‘ @ HCC Dale Mabry…
I hate school this Dale Mabry campus no Rap
Honestly the best part of going to the dale mabry campus is that there is the best Cuban restaurant 2 mins away πŸ˜‹
I have to leave my house 30 minutes early just to find a good parking spot at dale Mabry campus 😑
That's the Best Buy along Dale Mabry right? Will report to Neighborhood Enhancement. Thx!
I'm always late to my 8am class because of the traffic on dale mabry fml
I hate dale mabry campus so much. The traffic to actually get there makes me just wanna not go to college anymore πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Just saw the sexiest lambo on dale mabry πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
NOW - SB Vets - 44 mins from Van *** Rd to Mem Hwy. Crash at Waters now in the const zone. Use Sheldon or Dale Mabry this AM
TAMPA: Ax at Dale Mabry & W. Humphrey Street. FHP reports no roadblock.
What's the quickest way to to get to Uncle Julio's from Dale Mabry? 😭😭😭😭
deputies directing traffic at NB Dale Mabry and County Line Road. County Line drivers, all together now: Om.
If u drive on I-75 (everyone in Tampa) prep for more traffic. Starting today, SB Dale Mabry exit closes for MONTHS:
Went to Applebee's on Dale Mabry after helping a friend unload a 26 foot moving truck, and look who was here with his Family. I greatly admire this man for his stand and for Jesus. Thank You Tony Dungy, for standing tall for our Lord!! What a super nice man!!! πŸ‘
New Walmart Neighborhood Market going in at vacant CompUSA on Dale Mabry and Hillsborough.
Charley visits this interesting new shop, where they have 300 flavors of soda and thousands of different types of candy. Take a trip back in time at 14365 North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa!
Ahhh and once again I have a normal working iPhone. I now don't have to move things up and down to read between the cracks. I know if I have missing letters and/or punctuation and all letters work! All for the low price of $150! But, in the glass half-full side...cheaper than the $250 apple wanted to charge me. I highly recommend igeneration at Dale Mabry and Cypress.
Thursdays are our "stay open late for our busy, fashionable peeps" day! We're here until 7pm just for YOU! 1543 S Dale Mabry ● 813.449.3578 ●
Lots of cool stuff coming up in the next week, jammin', jammin', jammin'! This Friday I'll be playing at Pete's Place in South Tampa from 5pm till 9pm followed by PJ's Sports Bar and Grill 8603 N Dale Mabry Hwy from 10pm till 2am. Then this Sunday I'll be at the Copper Top Pub for Caleigh's Last Day/4:20/Easter celebration from 4pm till 6pm! Let's Rock!
South Dale Mabry by the Shells seafood spot.
Come to the precision mazda dealership 4636 n Dale Mabry Hwy
See you tonight at our monthly social meeting, 7-9pm at Beef O' Brady's, 4516 S. Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa.
4516 South Dale Mabry Hwy - Tampa, FL: Find out what's happening at your local Beef 'O' Brady's. We're serving up good food, good times and good prices every day. Catering available.Full Bar. Party Room.
And shall close out our Dale Mabry adventure with an exchange of hand signals.
As the light turns from green to red at the intersection of Dale Mabry Highway and Kennedy Boulevard, it’s Jeff Stevens’ cue to go on.
TPD running radar just before MLK southbound on Dale Mabry!!
What's with the fluorescent orange bikes all along N. Dale Mabry? Anyone know?
BREAKING: spruce and dale mabry left turn still *** b hole.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Does anyone know why there are orange painted bikes along Dale Mabry Hwy?
I-275 SB is slow from Fletcher to Dale Mabry, Veterans SB also slowing down.
Here are the current speeds. I-275 SB is our slow spot from Hillsborough Ave to Dale Mabry.
Dale mabry is so much easier to drive on late at night
We went to dinner in Tampa at Sam Seltzer Steakhouse on Dale Mabry. He stumbled over his words but got it out and sweetly asked if I would become his wife. I accepted and he placed the ring on my finger. It was a heartfelt proposal from a man who struggles with his softer side.
Gotta be honest...the new Dunkin Donuts on S Dale Mabry at Britton is WAY too classy looking for S Dale Mabry and Britton.
Hey guys its supposed to rain friday . Lmk if u still wanna meet.. please pm or text chiko!! Chillis off n Dale Mabry. 7:30pm
The funeral will be held friday at 6pm at 7209 n Dale Mabry Hwy. At Gonzalez funeral home. For my tia vina.
Who all goes to hcc Dale Mabry campus mon-thurs?
Does anybody know what those orange bikes along dale mabry mean ?! I just started noticing them
Dale Mabry is very very slow going north due to an accident at Waters. Looks like police are on the scene.
you can get them at this amazing place called KFC on dale mabry here's a pic of what they look like 😊
Open House tomorrow night at 7 p.m. for culinary management, restaurant management, hospitality/tourism and our dietetic technician programs. Event will be held in the Dale Mabry Campus Gourmet Room. Come see what HCC has to offer!
All these flags tied to the hedges on Dale Mabry at Kennedy are festive too
Panera on dale mabry is work lunch central. Almost everyone is here for a meeting and I got asked if interested in a financial job.
HCC Southshore Campus in Ruskin for lunch tomorrow 10:30am-2:30pm and then at Amplified Motor Sports on Dale Mabry from 7-9pm...a little double duty! USF Health for lunch Friday from 11am-2pm Wild Rover Brewery in Odessa on Saturday from 5-10pm! Off Sunday for Easter!
The biggest struggle is going down Dale Mabry and not getting Chipotle
And to clarify it's the one at n dale mabry and fletcher!
Derpy plushie for 10 bucks at Walmart! We've got a few left at the North Dale Mabry Walmart!
Over the past few days, the bright orange bikes have been spotted tied to trees at N. Dale Mabry Highway and Fletcher Avenue, Gunn Highway and Casey Road, and along Casey Road to name a few locations.
Whoever planned this seminar from 4-6 at dale Mabry needs to have their head examined!!! I'm going to be stuck in traffic longer than I'll be sitting in the seminar!
Working Women of Tampa Bay at Sagicor Life Dale Mabry office for branding seminar today.
Stop in the office and try Gigi's Cupcakes while they last. They are located in Carrollwood next to us (Outback Steakhouse Plaza off North Dale Mabry).best, gourmet cupcakes fresh every day! Order your Pre-Easter Minis! I did! DELICIOUS!
Can some one explains the ring around the sun??? @ HCC Dale Mabry Campus
Woke up at 7am and we drove to Dale Mabry for them to tell me that my MRI was rescheduled.
Getting ready to teach an Entrepreneur class! Watch out! β€” at HCC Dale Mabry Campus
Speeds are improving across Tampa Bay. It's still a bit slow on I-275 through the I-4 junction to about Dale Mabry.
It's Meet NIGHT! Here are the meet details for those who have not been. Newbies always welcomed! 8:30pm-10pm-We will all gather at the Starbucks located in the Target/Publix plaza on Gandy between Dale Mabry & Himes. Park on the Publix side of Starbucks as the lighting is very good! 10pm-Post meet at Hooters on Gandy between Manhattan & Westshore!
The deadline for submission for our 2014 Dale Mabry Alumni Scholarship has been extended. All applications are due into the office no later than Friday, May 2, 2014.
Two hours later and I'm finally in the office. That would be 28 miles in 2 hours, btw. Thanks, Dale Mabry. Oh, and Veterans isn't any better
I could literally go faster from Land O'Lakes to South Tampa via Dale Mabry by cycling than driving. And I'm a slow cyclist.
I HATE traffic on Dale Mabry!!! It should not take me over an hour to get to school!! Especially on a day I have an exam!!! Gr!
Red elephant cafe on Dale Mabry covered the bushes in Bolts flags, who said Tampa didn't support hockey?
Crash on Ehrlich Rd west of Dale Mabry Hwy at Casey Rd
FHP is reporting a crash on Dale Mabry Hwy at Cheval Blvd.
Slow traffic SB 275 Bearss to I-4 a 17 min commute! SB 275 jams up at the junction than continues to slow to Dale Mabry Hwy
Speeds are slowing to about 34 mph on I-275 SB from I-4 to about Dale Mabry. Typical AM volume.
If you don't have a home church this Easter Sunday, you are more than welcome at The Gathering. 😊Corner of Bay to Bay an…
it's only valid the next 10 minutes and the nearest Pollo is on Dale Mabry. Think you can make it? Lol
If u want bad service and u wanna wait over 30 mins over ur food with a waiter that says "wait a minute" when u ask their name, then go to Macaroni's on Dale Mabry. I will never eat there again.EVER. But, Captain America made my night. That movie waz crazii! Can't wait for the 3rd one :-)
This thurs YOU need to be at the villagio cinemas on dale mabry 730pm
NEXT TUESDAY evening from 4pm to 7:30pm at the Tampa Pitcher Show, 14416 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL ---SEE YOU THERE! Come join this lively group for some good networking, some free munchies and drink specials and even some door prizes. Sponsored by TALK WAD STUDIOS and Tampa Bay Networkers...
Come see me tonight at ponytails 900 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Good Day! I have a fun place to tell you about today: Rocket Fizz (14365 N. Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa). It's a modern day take on the old fashioned soda shop. From 300 flavors of soda, to 1000 different types of candy from past to present...and fun gag-gifts galore. Do you have a favorite candy from your childhood? Chances are, they have it here. Tune in for a sweet treat.
Hurry and get your playoff pack between 7-8 p.m. at McDonald's at 1905 N Dale Mabry! First 50 fans only.
You'll see congestion south from before Roosevelt Blvd to 54th Ave N. and from I-4 to Dale Mabry Hwy. Slows down to 30ish mph
I found my own personal *** here in Florida. It's called "Dale Mabry Highway during rush hour." Pray for me.
Driving down Dale Mabry has just become more interesting.Someone took the time to paint every bicycle on the side of the road bright *** orange.
Hi everybody. I am looking for a shop that I can take Sophia White to and they can make and paint things. I've been there before but can't remember the name of it. I think it's on Dale Mabry but I heard there was one in NPR as well. Does anyone out there know the name and address? I think it's in same shopping center as one of those hookah bars with the belly dancing but of course I can't remember the name of it either. I sure would appreciate any ones help here. Thanks!
NOW - NB Howard Frankland Bridge - 16 mins from 4th St N to Kennedy Blvd. Delays from before the hump to Dale Mabry
Come and get your delicious Sweet "G's" BBQ for lunch tomorrow between 11:00-2:00 at the Cypress Point Business Park on Linebaugh between Dale Mabry and Gunn (next to Thorntons) We look forward to seeing you there!
If the super Walmart on Waters and Dale Mabry ain't the most ratchet
Beef O' Brady's (S. Dale Mabry) spirit night this Thursday. 15% of sales go to lacrosse. Spread the word and help us rai…
TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA, AND SECOND ROUND A 500 LOCATION Treasure Chest and Dale 1891 invite you to Texas Hold Em Tuesday Night Style. Come out at 7:00 and 10:00 for some Fun and poker. Second round tonight is a 500 Location, come out and take first and automatically qualify for the monthly, So see if you can be there next one we send to Vegas with a $1000 W.S.O.P seat. And best of all, its ALL FREE! Dale 1891 Bar & Grill Β· Sports Bar Β· Burger Restaurant 11742 North Dale Mabry Highway, Tampa, Florida 33618 β€” with Michael Moore.
Last night we had a Mommy raccoon come in. She was found Hbc on the intersection of Euclid and Dale Mabry in...
The Dark Mon vs Moose Ojinnaka in Tampa this Friday. It dont get no better on Dale Mabry Highway
So I'm working just south of Kennedy BVD on dale Mabry. Must b a lot of rich people down here never seen so many Porsches in my life everyday
For those of you wondering what is going to be on the SE corner of Gandy and Dale Mabry here is a drawing of the plans for the property which includes a Chick-Filet, Bank, Strip Mall and a building marked "Retail".
I get such a headache driving on Dale Mabry
Dose anyone know what is going to be built on gandy and dale mabry its not a wawa
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Anyone been by Busch Blvd and Dale Mabry lately? The new Dr Patel Estate is well underway in construction.
TAMPA - CARROLLWOOD: Generally slow traffic SB Dale Mabry from south of Bearss to Waters, and Sligh through MLK.
F-Troop social at O'Briens Dale Mabry Thurs at 5:30. Lots of fun to be had!
We're starting to see traffic pick up as we head into the AM rush hour. I-275 SB in slowing to about 29 mph b/t Busch and Dale Mabry.
Our new patients today include a Cooper's Hawk with a broken wing. A female young raccoon HBC in Ybor City... Another female also HBC in the Dale Mabry/Eustalice area.not sure on the spelling but will find out. She is a nursing Mom so we are on baby watch for this area we would live to reunite the family. Mom will be ok just some head trauma...big nose bleed. A little sore and shaken...hopefully she clears up so we can get her home!! She is also the largest *** I have seen in florida. I am including a pic of my crazy squirrel :) JUST BECAUSE :) he would not stay still
Some homeless guy in the middle of dale mabry tried to hop into my car out of nowhere! He got a nice F…
visit me this week at Post 5 (American Legion building) on the corner of Dale Mabry and Kennedy Blvd and say hello as I'm finishing two murals on the face of the building.
Man did that comment bring the tough guy haters out. Well I'm at Gracie Fighter Tampa daily. 6333 s. Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa FL. Stop on by.
Dale Mabry campus needs Dental Hygiene (Adjunct) Instructors. New applicants to hiring on Mondays. Apply at
2 salads, 1 sandwich and only one of the 3 is correct. C'mon, don't force us to go to Dale Mabry
sweet and sassys is hiring . Idk what they pay it's on dale Mabry
Juan Roldan's funeral service will be held on Thursday, March 6th. The viewing will be held from 12 noon until 3pm at Segals Funeral Home. Followed by a 5pm mass at St. Paul Catholic Church. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love during this difficult time. We're blessed to be surrounded by you all. Segal Funeral Home 3909 Henderson Boulevard Tampa, Florida 33629 St. Paul Catholic Church 12708 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa FL 33618 I love you dad!!
Come to PDQ tonight on Dale Mabry and say you're here for Ms Sanchez's class. There's tough competition to win a cookie party!!!
To the lady driving a consistent 20 mph on Dale Mabry in a mustang for no apparent reason- give your husband his wimpy *** car back, go find your mini van and go back to the school zone you've so obviously lost
why Tf are you walking down dale Mabry
I'd like to 'fire the cannons' into the brains of the focus group that thought these uniforms looked good. The more I look at them the sillier they appear. What's the new billboard on dale mabry going to say?..."please don't laugh at us"
Anyone wanna go to chick fil a a dale mabry?
All day today at The Red Elephant in Tampa on North Dale Mabry 15% of all sales will be donated to the foundation. Also, if you come from 5 til close you can register for the Journey To A Cure 5K Run/Walk. Please join us in making a difference today for a better tomorrow.
the delays will come from getting to 275 from downtown, and to Dale Mabry from 275 (assuming that's your route)
Hi! I live/work in downtown Tampa but tmrw I'm going to Bearss/Dale Mabry at 8:45 a.m. Typical day, how long will it take?
Bakers (South Tampa - 1 mile south of Kennedy on Dale Mabry): Please scroll to the bottom for a li...
If you're a man who drives a scooter in the middle of dale mabry don't go 15 miles an hour
Crash on Dale Mabry Hwy NB approaching Busch Blvd at Humphrey St blocking left lane. HCSO on scene.
I'm seeing SB Dale Mabry traffic slow from Fletcher to Waters Ave. Crash NB at Humphrey blocking left lane
Co: Injury crash NB Dale Mabry Hwy at Humphrey St. FHP says the left lane is blocked
I-275 TAMPA: Right lane of SB exit to Dale Mabry now CLOSED until end of August. 3 lanes will remain open on the ramp.
I absolutely love the Publix on N Dale Mabry that just reopened. They're always great.
Testing Assistant (Student Services on Dale Mabry campus in Tampa) closes advertising 3/4/14. Apply at
Nursing Instructor (Dale Mabry campus in Tampa) Open Until Filled. New applicants to hiring each Wednesday. Apply at
The on Dale Mabry in Tampa is seriously perfection.
I think everyone in Tampa is driving on Dale Mabry. What's the deal with this traffic?!
The campaign is still going strong! Come see me at AIO Wireless 410 N Dale Mabry in…
Hanging at 410 N Dale Mabry in Tampa today until 2p! Check all the Grand Opening deals and get a shirt.
IT's been a long week but we made it. Remember you can find us and great art and framing in Tampa 804 S Dale Mabry.
are y'all opening a new 5 guys in Tampa? N dale mabry?
lol the one on dale mabry does . And hmmm il see
This was the student center at Dale Mabry Campus in 2007. It's been renovated since then.
I'm in Tampa and my CVS still doesn't have NYX. Which ones do?? Tired of trekking to Ultra or Target on Dale Mabry!!
Heavy traffic on I-275 SB between Himes Ave and Dale Mabry due to accident. left lane blocked
Where should I go for dinner on North Dale Mabry?
Whiskey Willy's tonight! Land O'Lakes on Dale Mabry at US41. 9:30pm
I just saw two bald eagles fly over dale mabry
If anyone remembers the Gold Bug on Dale Mabry by El Prado, fire it up and party on! I used to go there and buy my underground comix in HS and talk to the now late owner, Bob Jones. --pic scanned from my '78 PHS yearbook ad section :)
Peg now has a permanent plaque at Palma Ceia United Methodist Church at the corner of Bay to Bay and Dale Mabry in the Memorial Garden.
Thanks to Creative Loafing Critics for selecting Foodtalk with Kim Bailey as the Best Foodie Radio Show - Best of the Bay 2013. We could not have achieved this great success without the creative genus of Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ted Dansen, Marla Maples, my dog Buddy, and all the "little people" behind the scenes that hopefully remain behind the scenes so I can get all the credit. Our local and national guests have all been "ok", but rose to the level of stardom through my insightful, thought provoking interviews. I'm happy to have helped your careers. What can I say about my co-host Suzanne Perry (owner of Datz and Dough) that hasn't been said already? Nothing, I won't repeat the gossip. Thanks nonetheless. I will be at Borders Bookstore on Dale Mabry next to J Alexanders today at 3pm, and Valencia Gardens Restaurant this Friday at 7pm to sign copies of my Best of the Bay award - a nominal $10 donation for my autograph is requested (please do not sell on eBay). If you cann ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
did you pass by Dale mabry and sligh ?
12 PM EST ...UCLA...BEEF's...South Dale Mabry.Your Family and a BBQ Bacon's all good!!!
I'm on dale mabry I'll just head that way now
This is the South Dale Mabry location. Love seeing all those classic cars parked in front!
is it on Dale Mabry BLVD? Or is it in Ybor. If its in Ybor I'd stay home
I-275 TAMPA UPDATE: All lanes open NB approaching Dale Mabry. Traffic slow back to Howard Frankland, but should start to speed up now.
Accident partially in the right lane along NB 275 at Dale Mabry. Delays back to Westshore Blvd.
- UPDATE - turns out NB I-275 at Dale Mabry is a disabled vehicle. Still blocking right lane.
Co: UPDATE: Sky 9 overhead. Crash is partially blocking the right lane, NB I-275 at Dale Mabry Hwy,. Delays from West Shore
- UPDATE - big delays beginning to build approaching NB I-275 & Dale Mabry. Leaving in 20 mins? Use Gandy Bridge or CC bridge
Co: DELAYS NB I-275 from before Lois Ave thru Dale Mabry Hwy. Crash reportedly blocking the right lane. Speeds at 22 mph
Reported accident along NB 275 at Dale Mabry. Traffic is slowing down on the camera near Lois Avenue going NB, but no accident in site yet.
I-275 TAMPA UPDATE: Right lane blocked NB 275 at the Dale Mabry overpass. Road Ranger on scene of accident. Traffic slow back to Westshore.
I-275 TAMPA UPDATE: Found it! Crash is NB 275 @ Dale Mabry. Traffic starting to back up through Westshore.
- Crash on NB I-275 reported at Dale Mabry Hwy - right lane blocked, but only minor delays right now. FHP not there yet –  10% Off
I-275 TAMPA: Reported crash on 275 @ Dale Mabry, but unclear on direction (it's reported NB & SB!) Checking my traffic cams for ya.
are show studio is located off of Dale Mabry & Linebaugh
Somewhere on dale mabry Mercedes Diaz is twerkin πŸ’ƒ
I'm talking bout the McDonald's in nuccio NOT down dale Mabry
Dale Mabry exit from I-275 SB flooded at the intersection. I called it Lake Dale Mabry!!!
back in the day, we only went to JL then headed back to Mako's on Dale Mabry.
There was an accident reported at Dale Mabry & Waters an hour ago.
He looks somewhat like a man who sells papers every weekday morning at the corner of Lois and Dale Mabry. Hope that helps!
lol yea I know every time I go to the one on dale Mabry I see mad people I know lol
If you are in a yellow Mazda, NB on Dale Mabry at Linebaugh, I see you wailing IN your nose. Knuckle-deep.
Omfg some stripper just borrowed a guys phone and now he's parked in the middle of Dale Mabry waiting I can't. What is this.
Impressed with They were out of ABC cards on Dale Mabry by Bearss, but I'll get one next visit.
PK saying Freeman spends too Much Time on Dale Mabry,Not enough Commitment
Who at or near hcc dale mabry right now?
I did and I asked the grocery manager as well who said they didn't carry them there, Carrollwood store on N. Dale Mabry
All purpose parts banner
City says access to potential store off Santiago in South mandated by DOT limits on cuts onto high-traffic Dale Mabry.
South residents on Santiago fighting request to turn house facing Dale Mabry into a store with access from their street.
Finding a parking spot under 30 sec in dale mabry campus is amazing
Co: UPDATE: Sky 9 overhead: Exit 41B is closed. NB I-275 traffic to Dale Mabry exits at 41A then turns either way.
TAMPA 275 drivers! Exit 41B-(Dale Mabry) closed for good today. Use the other Dale Mabry exit to go either direction.
- The NB I-275 exit to NB Dale Mabry Hwy will be closed until 6 a.m. - use the SB exit (after the NB exit) until then.
TRAFFIC ALERT: NB I-275 exit to NB Dale Mabry to be combined with exit to SB Dale Mabry. Drivers will now use Exit 41A.
they wrestle at that place on dale mabry by Anderson elem.
I-275 TAMPA: NB 275 Exit 41A to SB Dale Mabry will be CLOSED 11:30PM-5:30am. Use Exit 42, go SB on Armenia, W on Cypress to Dale Mabry.
I hit every single light on dale mabry every time 😑😑😑
I've begged a Wawa manager to bring those here. They have the small bags but not the big ones on Dale Mabry
Getting the groceries (at Super Market at Dale Mabry Shopping Center)
A1 grocery store hands down... (at Super Market at Dale Mabry Shopping Center)
Roads and bridges go without repairs yet they are building elevated boardwalk sidewalks along Dale Mabry in rural N Tampa
Guys go get your car washed at Burger King off of dale mabry and van *** πŸ’¦πŸš—
If you're bored, Nick Bosco is dancing shirtless on the dale mabry and van *** median. $1 truffle shuffle, all money goes for new jerseys
Sunday 8/4 Big rally in Carrollwood at 11742 Dale Mabry Hwy. Near Mimi's in the old Main Street Cinema parking lot! 11am to 5pm!
If you're real you'll come to the Burger King on van *** and dale mabry and make a Steinbrenner football player wash your car
yeah I saw one without any plates the other day on dale Mabry.
And my walk ends on fletcher and dale mabry z.Z
but im at dale mabry campus ):"A lot of the people who are going to hcc I plan on being close with ."
Someone better be dead on dale mabry. No excuses for this traffic.
on s.Dale Mabry in tampa I am very unpleased Frequent customer ur service and ur rude management today is unexceptable.
they had one in Tampa near HCC Dale Mabry but closed it. It's was sooo good! πŸ”πŸŸ
Wish I was on Dale Mabry tonight for night practice.
Come support the Bay Area Raiders Youth Football team car wash. AutoZone at 5702 S. Dale Mabry
Hate the turn light on dale Mabry n waters.3seconds
TRAFFIC: Palmira Ave E/of of Dale Mabry Hwy closed, as Tampa Wastewater crews repair a sewerpipe. Expected to re-open Monday.
Apparently my family was driving near me on Dale Mabry
Anyone who's not doing anything come down to Sport Clips on Gandy and Dale Mabry for a $5 haircut!
I'm so glad I transferred McDonald's, the one dale mabry is πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
"If anyone, ANYONE, has ANY job opening suggestions ANYWHERE. Please lmk, in serious need of a job." Panera on Dale mabry
Amazing, relaxing fibro massage by Jennifer Fuller Cummins, Melt Away Massage. Get into car and on to Dale Mabry...
The chick fil a on dale mabry takes a life time
I hate Dale Mabry with a burning passion.
Wow...I have got to compliment a restaurant. Little Greek Restaurant on Dale Mabry and Henderson has got to be...
aw okay, I'm going to the dale mabry one
tonight! Special meet and greet 6.30! 4535 S Dale Mabry Hwy Can't wait to see all my there!
I want to thank Galaxy Fireworks, Andrew Neumeier, Sheril Cookman, Adrian Floyd, Vy Nicely Krassnoski, Sean Haigler, Carolyn Harrod and everybody else who helped to make these last three weeks one of the most intense summer vacations that I have ever had! So, would I sell fireworks again? I don't know; it's a lot of hard work and crushing when someone steals from you. I tell you what. I will think about it and you can come talk to me on the corner of Dale Mabry and Columbus in December. I'll help you pick out the perfect Christmas tree then and we can talk about the whole fireworks thing. I'm sure to have made up my mind by then. :)
I-275 TAMPA: Drive time southbound from Fletcher to Dale Mabry = 30 minutes.
Co: FHP tells me the crash at Dale Mabry Hwy and Zambito Rd is clear.
TAMPA - CARROLLWOOD UPDATE: Accident is on SB Dale Mabry @ Zambito (north of Bearss/Ehrlich) but no delays.
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