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Daisy Duke

Daisy Mae Duke is a fictional character, played by Catherine Bach, from the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Catherine Bach General Lee Bo Duke Luke Duke Hazzard County Good News Ashley Tisdale David Duke

There’s a daisy duke contest every Thursday and it’s always fun being a judge for it. But as they introduce each ju…
Off to bed! Been a rough day of physical therapy, car ride home, and the excitement from Duke and Daisy!!
got any hand towels with the REAL daisy duke on it ??? I want one to w…
I guess John Boyega's not in the running, but will Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley ever duke it out to prove who's rea…
Sweet sassy Daisy Duke. Abused, overbred and dumped, she is settling in at the ranch. Home needed for highly intell…
The two different Daisy Duke Beach Towels. One has the General Lee and one has Dixie. I can decide which one I like…
Lara Jones takes off her Daisy Duke outfit at Scoreland...
My chubby cats need this. Merry Christmas Milo-Spot and Daisy-Duke.
I never missed an episode of Duke of Hazzard. The car chasing, ravishing Daisy Duke with million dollar…
Cousin Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke, and their uncle Jesse, egg on the authorities of Hazzard County, Boss H…
You, in your Daisy Duke jean cut offs crater all the other ladies, I love a parade.
Daisy Duke's first training lesson, Stay or actually stay in one place. She was a pro. I'm the…
I thought that said thiccsnake and I was like no, brain. No. Don't picture a chubby Solid Snake in a daisy duke sneak suit.
Run Walk session with ‘Daisy Duke’ yesterday at Danson Park. She’s very proud of her new team colours. If you see us out…
Dude that’s 500+ lbs of dog in this house. . Duke. Daisy. Then her dogs Romeo and Coco. Romeo is a gia…
Daisy, Duke, and I do not believe in fantasy dieties. We're blame free.
I agree most beautiful and gorgeous person I've ever come across and I live in the state where the or…
Daisy Duke, she knows my habits. She knows from my actions she's going out or I have to leave…
Literally the first thing I thought of when I saw this was that one time put doggie booties on Daisy…
With Daisy Duke shorts like yours it was obvious you were a big Def Leppard fan
Ah daisy duke i remember her well from my youth
Actress Catherine Bach who played Daisy Duke in the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard (146 episodes between 1979 & 1985)
my uncle LOVES your show. Every time I visit him he shows me a scene that makes him laugh till he cries.…
Add the General Lee, Rosco P Coltrane, Uncle Jesse, Boss Hog, Daisy and those darn Duke boys and it wo…
Still working 'Melody' from film Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, origianl 'Daisy Duke' is 63. Wld U 'adam an' eve it'
Very Hazard... County that is... She's like Daisy Duke but even Daisier :-)
Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) was my first crush!. She has nothing on Valentina, who is beyond compare.
Daisy and Dorothy stood on the narrow timber, trying to catch bread crumbs as I threw them. Duke stood behind them, not very interested
Dorothy was Daisy's bff, and Duke disliked her very much.
Daisy was Duke's sweetheart, happy go lucky. He loved her.
2 white ducks that I named Daisy and Dorothy, and their leader Duke who was a green and black duck.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
And staying clear of I-75 will put you directly in Hicksville, USA with Daisy Duke and…
Son worry about your daisy duke wearing qb and his team...
A good weekend-Dukes of Hazzard's Daisy Duke and the Innisfail car show:
Washing my car in short shorts but they're my emmure band shorts so it's like I'm Daisy Dukes lil emo cousin Dahlia Duke 😂
I loved that car! And who didn't want a pair of Daisy Duke's shorts? lol
Daisy duke, hussein obama, muslim. Think about it
Ok guys what do youwant cuz that flag isso cool duke boys uncle jesse daisy running shine boss hog the devil in white running the law
Daisy Duke tasting her first wafer ***
Wow Nikki like it better than Daisy Duke sweetheart :) 😚😚😘
Happy anniversary! Ashley Tisdale wears Daisy Duke shorts as she takes husband to Santa Barbara to celebrate three…
Shock and horror hoodads been to see Daisy Duke without me today beginning to think doesn't trust me🙄
My little pooch Daisy Duke gets spoilt on her birthday too, doggy beer and doggy cake!
Sorry for going all Daisy Duke there meant Cletus Brown 🤠
No your fake daisy duke profile pic is more worse lmao
Still 45c here so I shall just stick to strappy tops and Daisy Duke shorts for a bit longer..   10% Off
I feel Like pissing racist dudes off this Morning so here is another German/Mexican you thought was Pure white Dai…
R.I.P my baby girl Daisy Duke 💕🐶you are very loved and will be missed!!
Sat here thinking if they possibly changed Daisy Duke a tad bit because I think so and I'm gonna cry.
Uninformed *** bag , I mean you are so right daisy duke
Can't figure out what's better...the really drunk Aggie or the daisy duke Jorts on the Nichols St fan 😂
Good News, "Daisy Duke" ( ) is on Battle of the Network Stars on ABC tonight at 8/7p…
To be fair he obviously is sick and not the daisy duke I remember
My first love was daisy duke and them, cut off jeans
Today's there and called off gr,something about a soggy wicket so I went to see my furiend Daisy Du…
Much closer to what I had in mind, but I wanted just plain blue den…
having a mckenna binge! Not bad for an Essex bird! Like An english daisy duke with a personality! G…
Did I forget my daisy duke shorts too 😉
You look like Daisy Duke practicing sliding across the hood of that car.👄
The Daisy Duke Beauty Contest at the 2017 Chrysler Nats was a barn burner! See for yourself!...
Look how presh my mom is in Nashville w her daisy duke cute *** and cowboy boots
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hey daisy duke, she is a great loser, hillary the rapist lover
Daisy Duke will be pregnant, fo sho!
Ur next to Daisy Duke, muse of my childhood
Just got a chance to relive my youth! Had the pleasure of chatting with Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) from The Dukes…
Meet my babies Daisy & Duke, they do everything together 💕
Me and my daughter Daisy Duke having a splash on the tidal road, 😊 happy weekends
It's & Daisy Duke is showing off on this rainy morning! Meet all of our adoptable dogs here - https:/…
The only way they can take away our beloved "Daisy Duke"!. Will be when they pry her…
Can you believe Daisy Duke did that? I mean he and all his little white boys all voted for the
Hang on; I always thought it was Russians who put him in power.…
southern states?? NASCAR, cowboy hats and Daisy Duke 😏 Deary me
I'm now going to justify watching it, by pretending I was only doing so to perv up Daisy Duke. . Wh…
Listen up GOP pols. Daisy Duke supports the alt right, Nazi sympathizing, KKK hooding, white supremacist name calli…
"fulfills the promises of Donald Trump." - the Nazi Daisy (oops David) Duke cites to justify his…
My first love was Daisy Duke in them cut off jeans 😏
daisy duke hotpants from daisy duke hotpants, Woman from Clara, 26…
Oh lord...It's so funny because he's a dad now but back in the day we got Ryan to knot his plaid sh…
I was more of a Daisy Duke poster fan. 😂
Nice plastic surgery Can you get a refund Daisy Duke
I think Daisy's and old Duke with a ruddy face and broke vd acct under debt as *** sold gift silver chain unemploye…
So was "David Duke"/ "Daisy Duke"/ the "General Lee/confederate flag"/ "Dukes of Hazard"one whole sad coincidence or is my childhood ruined?
David Duke basically said don't bite the hand that feeds you. To the president.
Holy cow: David Duke is basically saying we have a KKK President. And you know what? He's right.
More important stuff to do. Back to watching Daisy Duke.
Theres violent riots over the planned destruction of a statue to General Lee in it will be international when Daisy Duke goes!
Clearly photoshopped. Daisy Duke is not very bright...
2007 - Confederate flag reminds me in Daisy Duke. 2017 - Reminds me in Hitler .
Yes, should really get advice from an obsolete ignorant simpleto…
LOL..this is hilarious OMG..I would hate to think who plays Daisy Duke in those shorts..maybe Putin in…
engines.when is the ROSCO peeko train arriving.daisy duke the pusher. Or we could push daisy duke😌😰
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I think Daisy Duke 'Trumps' all where that show is concerned 😍
Just waiting for Daisy Duke to pop up on my TV in those hot denim shorts to take me back to my teenage years
I liked Daisy Duke better, she was pretty 😸
I was surprised at what a strong character Daisy Duke is, esp considering how basic the plots are. You should test-watch an ep.
Yeah, I’m gonna need to see pics of that Daisy Duke.
Come on Daisy Duke I'll give you a ride. At my place I got wine & weed. We can have good time, yes indeed.
Opener from Springfield goes to Annas Lucky Star. Daisy Lou Duke 2nd and Beatrice 3rd. 1:55.3 for 3yo filly trotters.
Well you should be able to remember Daisy Duke nothing wrong there
Don't tell him that tomorrow's meeting with Daisy Duke is actually a meeting with David Duke.
literally this is gonna be Duke when Daisy dies
If you are old enough to remember Daisy Duke, you shouldn't be wearing Daisy Dukes.
come on we all know why you watched Dukes of Hazzard cuz of Daisy Duke
Stunningly beautiful!! You are my pick to play Daisy Duke gorgeous
Catherine Bach, the original Daisy Duke, is absolutely ageless at 63: via
Waiting in line for the one and only Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
That would be me dressed like Bo Duke and dressed like Daisy Duke
Ch35-Ria scanned Lester’s bedroom—a mattress sans headboard, a Daisy Duke poster, some dusty dumbbells. In the closet, she found a safe.
Dear Nicola you ain't no Daisy Duke for looks, but you are a Red Neck, or Blue Faced Nat!
I humbly request Dukes of Hazzard with or or as Daisy Duke.
or should be Daisy Duke and and should be Bo and Luke.
1st March 1954, Born on this day, in Cleveland, Ohio, was Catherine Bach, actress, known for playing Daisy Duke... htt…
Daisy Duke made me support this dog park in Big Stone Gap for her.
The Dukes of Hazzard Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke by Hay 8 x 10 Inch Photo
Happy 61st birthday to another of my teenage memories. Catherine Bach, or as we lovingly knew her, Daisy Duke.
Happy Birthday to the legendary Catherine Bach aka Daisy Duke who turns 63 today!
Birthday greetings to the actor with $1,000,000 legs, Daisy Duke herself, Catherine Bach!
1954 Catherine Bach born in Warren Starred as Daisy Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard”
Happy 63rd Birthday to Daisy Duke aka Catherine Bach!. Who still loves to rock a pair of Daisy Dukes when it gets warm?
Daisy Duke is now available for adoption! This female Retriever is 2yrs 2mths old. Learn more at
My first love was Daisy Duke in those cutoff jeans
Split Ray... In Detroit Check it.. proud to be a small part of an amazing build... Daisy Duke…
DAISY DUKE. Hot pants haven't been out of fashion since Daisy ruled Hazzard.
Rachel told me I looked like the brunette Daisy Duke! 😂 *** lol
1973-1974 Plymouth Roadrunner. Anyone remember Daisy Duke? She drove one of these in the original Dukes of Hazzard
good people don't get endorsed by David Duke. Heck, I don't even trust Daisy anymore, isn't she Kelley Ann now?
Marysa got her puppy early for her birthday...We named her precious pup Daisy Duke🖤
Thanks for the advice but it's too late.Daisy Duke has run off with a Knightrider from Twekesbury
Woke up this morning to find out that is endorsing Daisy Duke on 2020???
Hey pick up some exclusive merch before it’s gone! 5pm tonight and 11am tomorrow at Daisy Duke’s.
I'll duke your daisy... Dukes of Hazard sext between cousins
Daisy Duke/Duck was the best thing that happened to me today emotionally. Thanks 4 longest laugh I can remember.
Thank you Daisy Duke, for introducing the world to your shorts.
That's one thing I don't have to repent for. I knew when I 1st saw Daisy Duke I was straight.
now I'm thinking about daisy duke.m
Off to enjoy a nice walk at the park with Sally and and her dogs Daisy and Duke 🐶😊
I just want it to be nice enough out to where I can wear my cute little rompers & daisy duke shorts 😭
"Jump to the next curve. Too many companies duke it out on the same curve. If they were daisy wheel printer...
Yes, the original Daisy and Luke Duke -- and General Lee -- will be at via
...and will be Daisy Duke. Trolling Over - You can Breathe Again
Meet our adopted children Daisy and Duke 🦆❤
Just wanna be home so I can go downtown Springvegas for this Daisy Duke outfit weather 😩
Hoping I get this jeep so I can fulfill my childhood dreams of having a Daisy Duke jeep
Daisy stole Mr. Frog from me. How rude. (Duke)
that could be cute!! I love daisy and duke it sounds cute for poodles and it's not Disney 😂 I'm thinking of more
Mickey and Minnie, lady and Tramp, daisy and duke
Say hello to the cute little Russian spinner named DAISY DUKE!
Signing on for Hazzard County humpday! Come hang out if you ever dreamed about Daisy Duke doing butt stuff.
*** looking divine in your Daisy Duke's babe!! 😍😍😜
Thoughts of tying up Daisy Duke, putting her in nappies & looking after her. I was 6! 😂 And Penelope Pitstop - similar ideas! 😉🖒x
The lady in the leopard skin vest is Catherine Bach AKA Daisy Duke # ytr
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach, stopped by the Petty’s Garage booth today at Carlisle Chrysler Nationals!
This humidity is making me wetter than Daisy Duke at a Luke Bryan concert.😵
It is fun taking the *** though. Do you reckon he thinks he’s Bo Duke, Luke Duke or Daisy Duke?
I got a like from *** and Daisy Duke, but Luke and Bo Duke are still holding out.
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke will all be at in Knoxville this weekend! Just pretend this is a General Lee flag emoji. -> 🦄
June is here and what better way to spend the month than with the Gen'ral, Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke?
Stars from Friday - Just in case you missed Supreme Champion, Daisy Duke
📷 I never realized how much Boss Hogg and Daisy Duke look like Mike Huckabee and Michelle Bachman...
Daisy Duke and Cletus Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard will be at Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 15-17!
.is in Dega. $ says dude is wearing daisy duke jorts has Alabama HackeySack & a gas station cowboy hat.
Born to two pianists, James and Daisy Ellington, Duke Ellington was surrounded by music from birth.
️Bring Duke on over Sadie and Daisy have him ! Ericka Shimkus
For the last 3 weeks I've taken a break from my chicken and veggies diet...time to get back on! My new BEFORE pics:
So Ezekiel Elliott showed up to the NFL draft dressed as Daisy Duke?
If he walked into Tom Coughlins office wearing a daisy duke outfit, Coughlin would shake his head and say "Get out of here"
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. I mean it's like what daisy duke used to wear.
future cowgirl, so he had to wear a top like Daisy Duke would wear
Cars and money go together like Daisy Duke and denim...
California gurls we're unforgettable. Daisy duke, bikinis on top 🎶.
The final round to get in to the Daisy Duke Contest was last night to kick off the 2016
The Duke of Cambridge launches new industry-led taskforce, supported by the →
Le back. some serious daisy duke styles ... a bit rangey... but sexy rangey ... ♡ These…
Can you post on pet finder and adopt a pet?. My name is Daisy Duke! I am a healer/hound mix and am 5 months old.
Great pre-party to kick off Suwannee River Jam. Up next Ms Seagrams Daisy Duke Style competition and Southbound...
Daisy Duke my golden retriever sharpei girl
There isn't no denying it, my first love was Daisy Duke in those cut off jeans.
Daisy Duke would do this, reason I can't take her anywhere!
She was so fine. This was my second crush. Right after I fell in love with Daisy Duke. 😍
Update: No takers, so these two healthy, happy dogs in FL will die in 10 days.
ON was having a 30% off all of the things sale. The things included non-Daisy Duke (5" inseam) shorts for first time in years. So I bought.
hey coo is this how Daisy duke wakes debs up 😉
Makes him sound like Daisy Duke almost.
Happy Gotcha day to Daisy Duke 🌸 can't believe she's been with us a…
Whos racing with daisy duke today all bets on ;)
oh yeah,dukes of hazard style, just call me Daisy, Daisy Duke to you..👊🏻
I just still can't believe you're gone. I mean you were only 10 months old, healthy and happy. I miss you so much Daisy Duke 😢💔
Reminds me of Starchy & Hutch...and daisy duke! LOL ...but I gotta say...up to 195mph...zoom zoom zom! Lol
not jessica Simpson she was awful as Daisy duke
galielo the painter told me that there are no fish in the Kentucky lake and that he liked daisy duke
We got the jacked up trucks slap covered in mud, bikini tops and Daisy Duke denim 🎶
My first crush was Daisy Duke in em cut off jeans 🎧
Absolutely in love love love with my new kittenish Daisy Duke Romper
Freshman cutie is a Daisy Duke lookalike
I'd advise watching it just for Daisy Duke
giving Daisy Duke a run for her money
We loved chatting with , aka Daisy Duke! Check out our chat!
Each day takes us closer and closer to Daisy Duke weather!!!
you know anybody that would want to work at my car wash drying off cars Daisy Duke bikini type totally professional in and legit
Not sure that's Bo and Luke with her but nice to see Daisy Duke at the
Daisy & Duke, boxer sibs evicted by landlord, now may lose boarding too via
How your Abuelo looks like in his daisy duke shorts 💀💀💀
Daisy and Duke are a beautiful duo way overdue their forever home. After having an awful start in life they're...
Bikini tops and daisy duke denim, Hoppin out singin outlaw women.
send a funnel to us so you know a legend like this is using it,Daisy Duke has to be blushing seeing this https…
gets a mention on I love it! But we all know is the one true Daisy Duke! https…
Dean: The silver lining of being cursed: I get to come face to face with Daisy Duke.
A girl in daisy duke shorts always kills me 😍😵
Daisy duke I guess her brothers could help
The original Daisy Duke is now our newest frites fan
I might go to at Daisy Duke's in Nashville, TN - Feb 19
Meet Black Singles 300x250
. Might I be so bold as to suggest Daisy Duke's & Red Plaid?
Finished packing, including my daisy duke shorts.cos I know I look hot in them 😉
I spy. "Daisy"! :-). "Duke" the and Daisy are counting down the minutes until playtime :-)
I, for one, think Daisy Duke's incessant torture of Enos wasn't very nice.
dude you're right though I need a daisy duke with some fat freakin pooper cheeks
I'll take daisy duke then ! I presume that's her standing next to the General lol
May I please have the one with Daisy Duke on the bonnet?
It's almost 2 years since Daisy and Duke arrived in RSPCA care as part of a cruelty case :( We're sad to report... htt…
I need to stock up on some boat shoes and daisy duke shorts for the summer. Gunna be hanging cheek and drankin drinks.
I added a video to a playlist Catherine Bach LEGS and FEET - Daisy Duke
“just keep on going and going Daisy Duke shorts and nude hose in the summer is a W…
I liked a video from Hyperfest 11' Daisy Duke Contest
A Daisy Duke tribute band but which one gets a ride on your General Lee?
Chech this out . what ever happened to daisy duke.?
I think it's Daisy Duke night for the student section tomorrow night
I'd be a hit getting gas. Dress shirt, coat and daisy duke suit shorts. Oh and socks pulled high for warmth
she seriously compared herself to Daisy Duke. I could not get over that
So took daisy duke out for a ride tonight what a sound track she has and the torque . Wow
she's a kountry gurl just like the fictional character Daisy Duke
I'm going to at Daisy Duke's in Berry Hill, TN - May 14
Those might even make Daisy Duke blush (though they do look cute on you!)
i didnt get kicked out ov TDE deez niggaHz just *** just got on sum daisy duke dickies lol niggaH got me Hot
Nice evening at the lake with n Daisy duke
That is very very cool isn't it... I had a proper Daisy Duke CJ7 Renegade once that I thought was cool but that's next level 😎
📷 nofrillsretro: Hot Catherine Bach, the Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard
I had my money on Catherine Bach, but it's hard to run in those high heels & Daisy Duke shorts.
Went from googling Daisy Duke, Marilyn McCoo, and Lynda Carter to work, Benecol, and erectile dysfunction in less than 1 hr 🤔
ahhh the General Lee. ..Bo, Luka and Daisy Duke...those were the days😃
Alex Ovechkin once showed up at the rink in Daisy Duke type shorts. Steve Eminger confiscated them "for the good …
So there's this time Kliffy Kingsbury, Daisy Duke, Luke, and Bo got together for Halloween..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. Yep, won the bet this year, so me and are dudes.
The original Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach - "Dukes of Hazzard." Trivia: What was the name of Daisy Duke's Jeep?
Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in 'The Dukes of Hazzard', 1970s
Daisy Duke-ing it to them! Ashley Tisdale flashes toned legs in skimpy jean cut-offs while grabbing lunch with...
Bo Duke (white) and Daisy Duke (brindle) are a super sweet brother and sister duo. They are about 10 to 11 weeks...
standing bye you and Tom Wapat with the General Lee car good old boys bye Bo Duke and Luke Duke and Daisy Duke and Ben Jones
yes I did, I had such a crush on Daisy Duke
Hey you can get rid of your confederate flags, but leave us Daisy Duke! 😔
.Might as well. You won't see Daisy Duke there!!!
Attention hyper-sensitive TV networks and internet sites: Do what you want with the *** car, but please leave us Daisy Duke!
I'll take the original Daisy Duke any day.
I leave the room for two minutes, and Daisy Duke (our kitten, not Catherine Bach) ate all the olives off my slice of pizza. 😡😸
Breaking:The have been canceled by TVLand,what next,The Gap quits carrying Daisy Duke Shorts,KFC fires the C…
I swear I can never cuddle with my hubby because Duke and Daisy love to lay in between us 😅😭
if isn't Daisy Duke, the whole thing gets shut down. The guys from FGL play Coy and Vance
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Flags are for morons. Daisy Duke was overrated. Flash was the only memorable thing to come out of Hazzard County.
The uncomfortable feeling the whiners are having is the fact that their balls dropped when they saw Daisy Duke.
Daisy and the Duke boys don't deserve it !
*** all those men are gonna miss Daisy Duke..and do we need to change the name of "Dixie Cups"
oh yeah? well I'm offended that Daisy Duke and her bottom side weren't enough to overlook a paint job on a car...
Rest in peace Daisy Duke Borowski we will love you and miss you so much you were a great dog September 1,2003- July 1,2015😔
"The REAL Daisy Duke was one of my first crushes. You & A million others !
Ha! Like most boys, I hoped to grow up and date Daisy Duke. It was must-see teevee when I was a kid.
I can one-up you. I wanted to be Daisy Duke when I grew up. Loved that show.
I was going to claim we're remembering Daisy Duke as being hotter than she really was. Then I did a GIS and .. no, we aren't.
Folks, you know your watching Dukes of Hazard not for Gen Lee, but fer Daisy Duke, all hopped up and all
seriously! What will all the men do now without Daisy Duke?
Y'all. 'The Dukes of Hazzard' has been pulled from TV Land? Really? You know what's offensive about TDOH? Daisy Duke's daisy dukes! Mercy.
that is the reason.. Seems a little extreme. If they saw Daisy Duke they'd change their minds.
Dukes of hazard yanked from TV... Come on guys... Really... No matter what race you are you gotta love Daisy Duke
Didn't catch it right: It's either or Daisy Duke pees in guac ..There might be a mashup.
BTW. Women know that Daisy Duke is a sex object.
Kids: no, Jessica Simpson was not the real Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach was. & Paul McCartney was a Beatle b4 Wings.
Just heard Dukes of Hazzard reruns fell victim to PC police. Was it because of Daisy Duke? Because I liked her for her quick wit.
Can't they just digitally remove the Confederate flag from the General Lee? And maybe put some pants on that Daisy Duke hu…
TV Land Pulls Dukes of Hazzard Amid Confederate Flag Controversy...what no Daisy Duke, come on!!!
Seriously?!?. Society has produced way too many PC *** Daisy Duke was my first true love!
. In real life,, Daisy duke. liked black men. -OhNoyoudidn't
I'm breaking out American flag daisy duke shorts from Friday til Monday
Long live the Duke boys and daisy duke!!!
I'm glad they pulled Dukes Of Hazzard. Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke was bad casting!
I'm totally against the confederate flag but yanking Daisy Duke off the air just crossed the line! whats a fan of redneck 80's TV to do?!?
Oh no you don't! You will not disparage the Duke boys! Personally I think Daisy Duke's shorts should be flying over the capitol.
So: Daisy Duke's = women's empowerment ; Bo & Luke Duke's car = racist. Is there ANYONE left with a lick of sense?
TV Land pulled "Dukes of Hazzard" faster than I pulled it to Daisy Duke as a kid.
Can't even remember? All I know was I wanted to get into Daisy Duke :O
I watched Dukes Of Hazzard for the pure love of Daisy Duke not the General Lee, get real way to lose viewers!
Will and outlaw Daisy Duke shorts next cause she rode n General Lee. we watched TVLand 4 fun, no more!!
agreed overreacted the only reasons to watch the show was the car and Daisy Duke
I watched it for Daisy Duke not the General Lee how stupid is
DAISY duke is their cousin. Not sister
Daisy Duke was their cousin, not their sister.
And so, farewell Boss Hogg. Goodbye Miss Daisy and adieu Bo and Luke Duke. The Dukes of Haza...
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