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Daisy Duke

Daisy Mae Duke is a fictional character, played by Catherine Bach, from the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Jessica Simpson Catherine Bach Bo Duke General Lee Hazzard County Luke Duke Boss Hogg

A girl in daisy duke shorts always kills me 😍😵
Daisy duke I guess her brothers could help
The original Daisy Duke is now our newest frites fan
I might go to at Daisy Duke's in Nashville, TN - Feb 19
. Might I be so bold as to suggest Daisy Duke's & Red Plaid?
Finished packing, including my daisy duke shorts.cos I know I look hot in them 😉
I spy. "Daisy"! :-). "Duke" the and Daisy are counting down the minutes until playtime :-)
I, for one, think Daisy Duke's incessant torture of Enos wasn't very nice.
dude you're right though I need a daisy duke with some fat freakin pooper cheeks
I'll take daisy duke then ! I presume that's her standing next to the General lol
May I please have the one with Daisy Duke on the bonnet?
It's almost 2 years since Daisy and Duke arrived in RSPCA care as part of a cruelty case :( We're sad to report... htt…
I need to stock up on some boat shoes and daisy duke shorts for the summer. Gunna be hanging cheek and drankin drinks.
I added a video to a playlist Catherine Bach LEGS and FEET - Daisy Duke
“just keep on going and going Daisy Duke shorts and nude hose in the summer is a W…
I liked a video from Hyperfest 11' Daisy Duke Contest
Update your maps at Navteq
A Daisy Duke tribute band but which one gets a ride on your General Lee?
Chech this out . what ever happened to daisy duke.?
I think it's Daisy Duke night for the student section tomorrow night
I'd be a hit getting gas. Dress shirt, coat and daisy duke suit shorts. Oh and socks pulled high for warmth
she seriously compared herself to Daisy Duke. I could not get over that
So took daisy duke out for a ride tonight what a sound track she has and the torque . Wow
she's a kountry gurl just like the fictional character Daisy Duke
I'm going to at Daisy Duke's in Berry Hill, TN - May 14
Those might even make Daisy Duke blush (though they do look cute on you!)
i didnt get kicked out ov TDE deez niggaHz just *** just got on sum daisy duke dickies lol niggaH got me Hot
Nice evening at the lake with n Daisy duke
That is very very cool isn't it... I had a proper Daisy Duke CJ7 Renegade once that I thought was cool but that's next level 😎
daisy duke hotpants from daisy duke hotpants, Woman from Clara…
Went from googling Daisy Duke, Marilyn McCoo, and Lynda Carter to work, Benecol, and erectile dysfunction in less than 1 hr 🤔
ahhh the General Lee. ..Bo, Luka and Daisy Duke...those were the days😃
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Alex Ovechkin once showed up at the rink in Daisy Duke type shorts. Steve Eminger confiscated them "for the good …
So there's this time Kliffy Kingsbury, Daisy Duke, Luke, and Bo got together for Halloween..
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. Yep, won the bet this year, so me and are dudes.
The original Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach - "Dukes of Hazzard." Trivia: What was the name of Daisy Duke's Jeep?
Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke in 'The Dukes of Hazzard', 1970s
Daisy Duke-ing it to them! Ashley Tisdale flashes toned legs in skimpy jean cut-offs while grabbing lunch with...
Bo Duke (white) and Daisy Duke (brindle) are a super sweet brother and sister duo. They are about 10 to 11 weeks...
standing bye you and Tom Wapat with the General Lee car good old boys bye Bo Duke and Luke Duke and Daisy Duke and Ben Jones
yes I did, I had such a crush on Daisy Duke
Hey you can get rid of your confederate flags, but leave us Daisy Duke! 😔
.Might as well. You won't see Daisy Duke there!!!
Attention hyper-sensitive TV networks and internet sites: Do what you want with the *** car, but please leave us Daisy Duke!
I'll take the original Daisy Duke any day.
I leave the room for two minutes, and Daisy Duke (our kitten, not Catherine Bach) ate all the olives off my slice of pizza. 😡😸
Breaking:The have been canceled by TVLand,what next,The Gap quits carrying Daisy Duke Shorts,KFC fires the C…
I swear I can never cuddle with my hubby because Duke and Daisy love to lay in between us 😅😭
if isn't Daisy Duke, the whole thing gets shut down. The guys from FGL play Coy and Vance
Flags are for morons. Daisy Duke was overrated. Flash was the only memorable thing to come out of Hazzard County.
The uncomfortable feeling the whiners are having is the fact that their balls dropped when they saw Daisy Duke.
Daisy and the Duke boys don't deserve it !
*** all those men are gonna miss Daisy Duke..and do we need to change the name of "Dixie Cups"
oh yeah? well I'm offended that Daisy Duke and her bottom side weren't enough to overlook a paint job on a car...
Rest in peace Daisy Duke Borowski we will love you and miss you so much you were a great dog September 1,2003- July 1,2015😔
"The REAL Daisy Duke was one of my first crushes. You & A million others !
Ha! Like most boys, I hoped to grow up and date Daisy Duke. It was must-see teevee when I was a kid.
I can one-up you. I wanted to be Daisy Duke when I grew up. Loved that show.
I was going to claim we're remembering Daisy Duke as being hotter than she really was. Then I did a GIS and .. no, we aren't.
Folks, you know your watching Dukes of Hazard not for Gen Lee, but fer Daisy Duke, all hopped up and all
seriously! What will all the men do now without Daisy Duke?
Y'all. 'The Dukes of Hazzard' has been pulled from TV Land? Really? You know what's offensive about TDOH? Daisy Duke's daisy dukes! Mercy.
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that is the reason.. Seems a little extreme. If they saw Daisy Duke they'd change their minds.
Dukes of hazard yanked from TV... Come on guys... Really... No matter what race you are you gotta love Daisy Duke
Didn't catch it right: It's either or Daisy Duke pees in guac ..There might be a mashup.
BTW. Women know that Daisy Duke is a sex object.
Kids: no, Jessica Simpson was not the real Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach was. & Paul McCartney was a Beatle b4 Wings.
Just heard Dukes of Hazzard reruns fell victim to PC police. Was it because of Daisy Duke? Because I liked her for her quick wit.
Can't they just digitally remove the Confederate flag from the General Lee? And maybe put some pants on that Daisy Duke hu…
TV Land Pulls Dukes of Hazzard Amid Confederate Flag Controversy...what no Daisy Duke, come on!!!
Seriously?!?. Society has produced way too many PC *** Daisy Duke was my first true love!
. In real life,, Daisy duke. liked black men. -OhNoyoudidn't
I'm breaking out American flag daisy duke shorts from Friday til Monday
Long live the Duke boys and daisy duke!!!
I'm glad they pulled Dukes Of Hazzard. Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke was bad casting!
I'm totally against the confederate flag but yanking Daisy Duke off the air just crossed the line! whats a fan of redneck 80's TV to do?!?
Oh no you don't! You will not disparage the Duke boys! Personally I think Daisy Duke's shorts should be flying over the capitol.
So: Daisy Duke's = women's empowerment ; Bo & Luke Duke's car = racist. Is there ANYONE left with a lick of sense?
TV Land pulled "Dukes of Hazzard" faster than I pulled it to Daisy Duke as a kid.
Can't even remember? All I know was I wanted to get into Daisy Duke :O
I watched Dukes Of Hazzard for the pure love of Daisy Duke not the General Lee, get real way to lose viewers!
Will and outlaw Daisy Duke shorts next cause she rode n General Lee. we watched TVLand 4 fun, no more!!
agreed overreacted the only reasons to watch the show was the car and Daisy Duke
I watched it for Daisy Duke not the General Lee how stupid is
DAISY duke is their cousin. Not sister
Daisy Duke was their cousin, not their sister.
And so, farewell Boss Hogg. Goodbye Miss Daisy and adieu Bo and Luke Duke. The Dukes of Haza...
I HOPE they don't pull Daisy Duke's shorts off the air!!?
They would love it and would need to put the daisy duke shorts on Bo & Luke
That's ridiculous. Daisy Duke and the boys will be most popular Halloween costume. Hope they get royalty
2 my son, i was Daisy Duke, dad was Boss Hog, he was Bo & Luke Duke and our family car- You guessed it: The General Lee. Loved those days.
Without the confederate flag there wouldn't be one of the most iconic pieces of clothing. THE DAISY DUKE SHORTS!
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I watched it as a kid. I was more concerned how much of Daisy Duke I was going to see and not racism. My opinion.
I would suck Daisy Duke off while she was driving the General Lee with Roscoe P. Coltrane in hot pursuit.
Daisy Duke was my hero as a little girl. She was strong, grounded, loved by her family, & drove stock cars! Don't tell me that show is bad.
Mrs. Daisy Hogg 👰🏽🙈 Daisy Duke and Boss Hogg's visiting nephew Jamie Lee fall in love and plan to marry.
I as make you right she was one of my first crushes along with Felicity Kendall, Daisy Duke & Sally James to name but 3 😉
now how did I know. You'd remember Daisy Duke !!!
Paulisha blowin me. Ruck blowin me.Daisy blowin me... Kapri blowin me. Duke blew me. Wisconsin blew me.
Come on everyone! Let's support our fave rescue angel, Daisy Duke! Her winnings will be matched and all given to...
It's no way Daisy believes Duke was the best team in the ACC all year
Duke's freshmen scored 60 of Duke's 68 points. No team of freshmen has ever scored more in a National Championship. http:…
*Drake teleports into the Duke locker room*
No one is going to class for the rest of the week at Duke😂
5 GOLDEN RINGS: Duke knocks off Wisconsin 68-63 for national title No. 5, its 2nd in 5 years:. ht…
Daisy Duke is the only one worth watching ;)
Well, thanks to my timeline I definitely know duke won.
Duke won, come down south with Daisy and celebrate this one.
My first love was Daisy Duke in them fix it instead of code is to just go to court tomorrow.
Wisconsin ended Kentucky's season for us. Don't know if Duke could've have beaten Kentucky, but this feels amazing
Kind of felt like Duke won with sheer depth. Wisconsin was as talented 1-5, but Duke had the luxury of bringing daisy fresh Allen off bench.
Only Duke I acknowledge are daisy dukes on the winninz.
Mad thots out there on the duke campus in daisy duke shorts
Don't too comfortable with that lead Wisconsin, Duke is coming
when bae says she's going out in them Daisy Duke short-shorts
fans... Here are your Daisy Duke winners from Mavericks in Jacksonville, Fl. These ladies will...
I'm old School love a lady in Sum Daisy Duke Shorts ;-)
Feed a Lion a Feline has a show on 04/08/2015 at 07:00 PM @ Daisy Duke's in Nashville, TN
hey EE93 hit needs to bring back: Duke, BoCo, Daisy, Donald & Douglas. make Thomas & friends even more better bring them back between coding biked over & The Duke Boys & Daisy on TV, listened to a Tchaikovsky playing chicken, & now BBQ.
An 80 year old lady wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a creepy old man dressed as a pilot.
You look truly stunning Megan. Love that outfit on you. You look downright sexy in those Daisy Duke shorts.
I've been watching The Dukes of Hazzard all day and *** Daisy Duke is a fine *** women 😍😘
Daisy and Duke enjoyed relaxing at Petco on Saturday. Duke is a 4 year old yellow lab and Daisy is a 2.5 year old...
Obscene amount of daisy duke/north face pairings today at school... 😫
"We got the jacked up trucks slap covered in mud, bikini tops and daisy duke denim, hoppin' out singin outlaw women."
My birthday is in two days and all I want is harry in those little yellow daisy duke shorts
Daisy Duke has finally arrived. Hope you all love her as much as we do 󾍇
I'm sure it did! Daisy Duke in them cut off jeans! Yeah it was 1970 something. My heart throb was and still is Bo Duke!
Bo,Luke,Jesse,Daisy Duke love the Dukes Of Hazzard best show ever on DVD right before Charmed
Pros: Daisy Duke, Daisy Dukes, comedy stylings of Roscoe & Boss Hogg. Cons: KITT has more personality than all Dukes combined.
Da Boss says his are: Velma Dinkley, Princess Leia, Daisy Duke & Phoebe Cates
Frank Zappa and the Mothers "I'm the Slime" is on Underground Garage right now! Suzy Creamcheese beats Daisy Duke anyday >:-/
'Dukes of Hazzard' star Catherine Bach working to get back in Daisy Duke sha 1980s
The Dukes of Hazzard, starring Faith native Catherine Bach and her Daisy Duke shorts, debuted on CBS today in 1979.
Guys... in the late 70's who didn't have a thing for Daisy Duke, played by Catherine Bach?
Catherine Bach, wearing the 1970's tightest short, as Daisy Duke in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’.
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'Looking like Daisy Duke': Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott revives 'crop top' look, inspires
Just wore shorts and boots, you can call me daisy duke
Craft beer and heavy metal. All is right in my life now - Drinking a Heineken @ Daisy Duke's -
Unsuccessful: I went looking for o picture of Daisy (Duke) holding a bass.
Daisy Duke took off when I tried yo take a picture
Someone just yelled "nice daisy duke's" half heartedly at me from their bmw suv
Daisy Duke. One for the dads. And the pervs.
daisy duke hotpants, Woman from Clara, 23 years
regarding my service dog, Daisy Duke. Just spoke to the doctor... they are doing kidney tests and will contact...
Crystal wins 100 bucks at the Daisy Duke Contest!
Our Stand at Magherafelt Christmas Market is right outside Daisy & Duke. See you there! :-)
I'm obsessed with this new Laura Geller eyeshadow pallette. It's even better in person.
Dukes of Hazzard every time. Daisy Duke shorts of course
Y does McDonald's even ask me what sauce I want if they're not even going to give it to me??
One Nation Under Control has a show on 11/29/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Daisy Duke's in Nashville, TN
“Duke is Today he went to his forever home!. TY Marty 4 photos & Daisy for fostering him.
From me, and daisy duke danger-Nugent , hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.
Saw a lot of Daisy Duke's in the 90's, but nothing this hot! OMG!
no it's okay...I just want dads..I'm ***
you're right. You're way prettier then me
Here's a video from my CD release party: An unreleased song called "Daisy Duke."
Daisy Duke's shorts looked like bloomers compared to Thomas Magnum's.
Well done Daniel and Daisy. Interschool cross country winner of yr4 boys and Daisy Duke 2nd in yr6 girls
My sister would find out her baby Daisy 🐶 has breast cancer this month 😞 Prayers for Daisy Duke
A guy at Austin City Limits last weekend dressed as Daisy Duke, it was hilarious.
Every time I see a I think daisy duke but the I see with and fake glasses! !!
Chastity Nichols you missed it a man came in with daisy dukes on !!!
Daisy Duke poses pretty for the camera. Such a pretty girl.
Knee high leather boots. Daisy Duke shorts. Plaid shirt tied off at the midriff. Long hair in a pony tail. Gotta love how men dress in EP.
Duke and Daisy enjoying the almost perfect weather down at the barn!
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ha love it! Farmerish! What are you wearing a chequered shirt & Daisy Duke shorts!!
I had a dream I was playing with my puppies.. I'm having withdrawals from Daisy and Duke 😞
- This is Daisy and Duke they came in for their last puppy visit today! . -
Everytime Daisy runs around with a toy in her mouth, crying, I can't help but think she's looking for Duke 😪💙
performing "OH, PRETTY WOMAN" on The in 1981 with Daisy Duke just over his shoulder-
We can duke it out without hazard I leave you daisy
tried to get most every girlfriend into Dungeons & Dragons - one wanted to be Daisy Duke had no armour but a gang of skinheads
this Sat night!!! I might need some help judging the Daisy Duke contest.
And the winner of our Play Fridays competiton with Daisy & Duke is. ** ELLEN CARSON **. Congratulations -...
Anyone recognize the handsome heartthrob with Daisy Duke?!!
Dead and Lovely just wanna break you down @ Daisy Duke's
Can't wait to meet my goddog, lil daisy duke nugent 💕🐶
Sophie's got a brand new apartment. Darrin Bradbury @ Daisy Duke's
I deal with Rachel everyday. I can handle sassy
wanna kiss babe... but he doesn't let me when I have on lipstick... Lipstick? Kiss? Truly a deliemma.
Jon Latham's got a second hand love @ Daisy Duke's
Daisy Duke- I miss you almost as much as Zephryllis
Got my daisy duke attire ready for tomorrow😏
Is there ANY doubt about Bruce?? DAISY DUKE BRUCE! The Kardashians HAD to know about this!
Slow down Daisy Duke! Find out what QBs r made of when they lose their running game or star WR. Not hating, I like RW.
I was chatting with and noted how Daisy Duke drives as well as her cousins.
If you can't watch football without cussing and having a fit, then don't watch it in public.
“6. Fictional character that reminds you of yourself” daisy duke
Judy Garland slumped over in the bathroom... the door's locked. He can't get to her. No key in his…
Can any of you really see Dapper Dan Elijah hooking up with Daisy Duke Hayley? SHE CAN"T EVEN SPELL CRAVAT.
It's been less than a week, and my dog has many nicknames. Daisy Duke, Upsie Daisy, Crazy Daisy, Nugget, Sweetie, Whimper and Tremble.
Anytime I hear Crazy in Love by Beyoncé I always picture Dj Smith in his daisy duke outfit. 💁
Want to meet the original Daisy Duke? Actress Catherine Bach will be signing autographs at *** s Place in...
I totally could have been in this music video with my Daisy Duke picture,
My 13-year-old is into watching The Dukes of Hazzard. Warms my heart. While the plot may not stand the test of time, Daisy Duke sure does.
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Rick Perry being interviewed on CNN about Israel? Who is next? Daisy Duke? Gomer Pyle?
Coming soon...we just purchased what we think is one of the best "General Lee" replica, 1969 Dodge Chargers in the country. This "General Lee" replica is also signed by Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke! “One of the best General Lee replicas I’ve seen” – John Schneider, AKA: Bo Duke!
If I had a time machine I'd use it to go back to 1985 and get my Daisy Duke poster before my Mom threw it away due to "exces…
We can't help but to be star struck this summer as we see all the celebrities who have booked summer vacations with us. TMZ has just leaked our books to the public so we wanted to beat them to it: Sophia Loren, "Jackie-O" Kennedy, Batman & Robin, Ace Ventura, Mickey & Minnie, President Truman, Picasso, Shazam, Apollo & Zeus, Tim Tebow, Tim Hudson, Dan Uggla, Chipper Jones, Walker Texas Ranger, Raggedy Ann,Thor, Daisy Duke, Nelly, Luke & Leia, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vadar, Chewbacca, Smokey & Bandit AND FINALLY...LIBERTY & JUSTICE the danes! Oh, and Lady Diana just called in her hair appointment :)
My first car was a Buick Regal. After a few months of owning it the doors would not open any longer and I would have to climb in and out of the driver side window like Daisy Duke.
Horse show season is coming! That is all I can't think of! I am counting down days until my first show with Daisy Duke!😁 It is 15 days from tomorrow not counting the show day.
that's the impression your shorts gave me. Daisy Duke would have been lucky to wear those.
ATTENTION MODELS! Body paint this Sunday 10am in Mayfield hts. Start time 10am, finish around 4 or 5 pm. Theme: tee shirt and daisy duke short. TFP. No larger than a C cup please. Message me if you are available.
I just want to look like Jessica Simpson when she was daisy duke
Jessica Simpson looked good as Daisy Duke, don't even lie
I'm just over here on the weights and running outside everyday tryna look like Jessica Simpson when she was Daisy Duke idk 😎
My chinchillas name's are Duke and Daisy :)
Today I've seen too many butts in daisy dukes that aren't in daisy duke shape
Daisy Duke is creating a dream farm, and hopes this dream will come true with her/his friends!
Daisy Duke is an outstanding neighbor! Join Family Farm and move in right next door!
she is smoking, and would give Daisy Duke a run for her money.
So apparently wearing a SKIRT makes you a *** but it's perfectly fine to wear daisy duke short shorts that shows half of your *** Oh.
Poor Ryn when shorts fit her perfect in the waste they are super short on her legs. I guess I have a Daisy Duke girl that's all legs lol.
Ii had to bring Out the Daisy Duke Shorts it's So hot out here!
So I just had an interview at a smoke shop and if I'm hired then the uniform is a hooker outfit. I'm talking corset like top and daisy duke shorts. No joke. Granted it's a job but this is WAY outta my comfort zone.
I want some cow boy boots. I'm tryna look like Daisy Duke from dukes of hazzard
I still think the original Daisy Duke is cute as ***
Who picks up thier kids in daisy duke n a tank respect for the children
I think I rubbed out my first load to her, or maybe it was Daisy Duke. Either way it was great lol
I think there should be a weight limit on daisy duke shorts just sayin !!!
I can't even eat chipotle anymore ever since it made me sick.
Seriously! There should be a "Dress Code" for parents who take their poor children lunch. One Mom had on "Daisy Duke" shorts with pockets hanging out, below her navel and a shirt above her navel. With a muffin top. I will let you visualize. The other Mom had a nose ring and 4 rings in the bottom lip. And they were staring at me for being fat.
gradually stealing every pair of PJ/sweat pants that Zach owns until I have them all.
My first goes out to my first crush. If you say you never had a crush on Daisy Duke you're a fool…
So if I could have a Jeep like Daisy Duke's that would be okay with me.
If you loved the Academy Award-Winning film then don't miss the stage play "Driving Miss Daisy" at Duke Energy...
I hate when people call me daisy duke 😒😒😒
I have too many pairs of jeans I don't like anymore. Daisy duke making session anyone?
Normal that daisy duke comes to Westow on Wednesday !
I got my little daisy duke sittin by my side sittin way up high in a four wheel drive cruisin down the road doin 95
Once again though how many daddy issues do you have to be in the daisy duke contest
How much do you have to hate your dad to be in the daisy duke contest
Those daisy duke shorts they sell at Cotton On are meant for people with shwabas. It really loollks like a panty on black chicks
Well, Daisy Duke, Peek a boo. I might've learned a thing or two. on a friday night joy ride. out there on the county line!
8:00 pm! Change in time ladies tomorrow's class is at 8:00 pm!! Daisy duke edition !!
Not only did I survive, *** I turned out to be a good man! Yes Daisy Duke was a hottie, to say the least!! :)
NO COVER CHARGE. And ladies can enter in the daisy duke contest...
Today was just weird. It was super windy in Eastlake Chula Vista!! My mail lady hard hat flew off of me and I was laughing like a dork by myself as I delivered the mail. On the bright side, I had on my daisy duke mail shorts so my cooochie got that Summers Eve Breeze all over it lol 🙊 Loving it!!!
My girls were raised on Hee Haw.I told them if they wanted to see a *** Daisy Duke was the Poster Girl.
Daisy Duke, what a rebel! Wish she would toggle with my squidward one day!
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Event Details for June 14-15 at *** s Place in Nashville, TN DAISY DUKE DAY Meet and Greet 10-5 with the fabulous Catherine Bach, autographs and photo ops. Hazzard County cars galore!! Meet Sun Record Artists Sonny Burgess and The Legendary Pacers, Sleepy Labeef and more. Prizes and drawings. *** will be waltzing around. Saturday Night 8pm at The Palace next to *** s Place: Rockabilly Saturday Night Concert, hosted by Catherine Bach and Ben Jones! With Sun Record artist, Sonny Burgess and the Legendary Pacers, Sleepy LeBeef and other great Rockabilly Artists. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Max 500 tickets to be sold, so get them early! Sunday 10am at The Palace: A Special Brunch with Catherine Bach "Daisy Duke" Only 200 tickets- $25 , Hands on Hips Society members only $20, Kids 10 and under $10
So we went to the mall yesterday and Johnny buys me this daisy duke outfit and is like hey u could be a stripper I'm. Like wtff ..# omgg
Whoop whoop, my new front tyre and battery have come yipee. out on the bike soon me thinks. Time to give Daisy Duke a wash :-)
Hey listen up y'all, Have you ever wanted to be like Daisy Duke? Well here's your chance, at the Dearborn County turns Hazzard County event dress as daisy did on the show and come up and show off! If you are interested hit us up (: We'd love to see ya there! From ages 12 & under, 13-17, and 18 & up! August 9th hope to see y'all there!
Its going down this Saturday nite @ the Daisy Duke night club,Spring Fling 2K14 Hosted by the homie Ali wit the Dynamic Duo of the O.G. DJ Irvin & The Truth In The Booth DJ Young Don of KZRB 103.5, & if u missed last week it was epic.Dukes Saturday Nite The Word
Watching some good ole' Dukes of Hazzard. Then gonna watch the old Footloose. It feels good to watch some Uncle Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. (:
After our Dukes of Hazzard conversation at the weekend - the actors playing Bo Duke is 54 and Luke Duke is 62. And just for interest Daisy Duke is now 60! Just had to have a look Paul Ivey Ross (Rosco P Coltrane)!!!
If i'm wearing my "Poison Concert" wife beater, "Daisy Duke jorts & my new Bret Michaels brand bandana, someone is getti…
Step by step, Jessica Simpson is shedding the baby pounds! After already reaching her weight-loss goal last month, the singer is continuing to turn heads with her impressive, Daisy Duke-ready
Had a great time at Daisy Duke's last night playing my "first" gig with Heretic's Fork. Got lots of compliments on my playing and one "Dude, you kicked *** on drums and it's awesome that you were wearing a LOBO shirt! Gotta support my friendly neighborhood rock stars! (Yes, this means you Brandon Bell lol) See you all again the 29th at Sweetwater and possibly May 31st at The Rutledge. (That escalated quickly!)
We've got some wonderful singer/songwriters on stage right now! Later tonight we look forward to getting Tread On Me onstage! Come on out to Daisy Duke's! No cover, cold beer, and lovely people!
New buff in our household, welcome Daisy Duke:)
Tony *** ..Jessica Simpson back when she was Daisy Duke fine and Caire Underwood, but yea cleat chasers are hotter overall
Chip Wells I told ya I had some Daisy Dukes! And with THE Daisy Duke herself! :)
Girl I gotta tip my hat never knew a country song could make you move like that.and she's doin it in daisy dukes
Globe; Warner Bros./Zuma; Fame Who wears short-shorts? The barely-there bottoms have been a Hollywood onscreen staple ever since Catherine Bach made her debut as the original Daisy Duke in 1979. And when Jessica Simpson reprised Catherine’s role in the 2005 big screen version of The Dukes of Hazzard...
Daisy Duke (Boston Terrier) is being returned to rescue after 4.5 years because her owner had a change in life circumstances. She feels Daisy would do best in a home that doesn't have as many stairs, as Daisy does not like being carried, and with somebody who is home more often. Daisy is now 10.5 yrs old. She is a sweet and quiet senior girl, who spends most of the day napping. Daisy will be arriving soon at her new foster home. We will post an update once her foster family gets her settled in.
UM has anyone else seen Jessica in her daisy dukes?!?!?!?! This brings me back to when Jessica was in her music video dancing all sexy and getting wet with soap on the car, and that was amazing. But i have to admit i am LOVING this daisy dukes side of her better. She doesn't look too skinny, and she...
Jessica Simpson showed off her sexy, muscular calves in tiny Daisy Duke denim shorts on Sunday, March 23 -- see the sexy look!
*** girl I gotta tip my hat Never thought a country song would make you move like that yeah And she's doing it in daisy dukes Girl she's got ya tappin on a boys shoulder Hey dog check this out And that's how girl do it in the dirty south yeah She'll have you on your knee "can I marry you?" Yeah tonight is bottoms up
Considering trying to smuggle daisy Duke into the house tonight.
Jessica Simpson is back in Daisy Dukes and looking fabulous. Simpson slipped on a pair of cutoff denim shorts, a white T-shirt and high wedge sandals before stepping out to Fish restaurant in Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday, March 23, ...
Yehaw! DAISY! Who can tell me what Daisy Duke drove
Jessica Simpson is out and about in her Daisy Duke outfit. For a woman her age she sill looks lovely. You can look lovely and without breaking the bank by visiting the Ocean Mist Cosmetics Inc. online store during March. The promo code "wow40" will get you 40% off the already low prices at OMC and get free shipping for orders over $25 in the United States while international customers can get a $10 gift certificate for order over $25. Free shipping and the gift certificate are for orders over $25 after discounts. But hurry this sale ends soon!
Jorge just brought the body count to 296,040 by icing udie Daisy Duke.
Daisy dukes bikinis on top, west goes represents now put your hands up. Ohhh Oh Oh.
New post (Jessica Simpson and her Daisy Dukes Show Off Weight Loss Success) has been published on Get Fit Bookmark
Look at those girls with them daisy dukes on.
Ten years and two children later, Jessica Simpson has reprised her Daisy Duke look with some tiny denim shorts, and she looks better than ever.
remember that halloween you dressed up as Daisy Duke and didn't sleep for weeks?
I'm totes obsessed with combing Zach's beard.
As many of you know, I am fighting in Fight Night this Saturday at Daisy Duke's. If you aren't planning on going, change your plans and go. It's gonna be awesome
SmackTalkin Aussie just brought the body count to 191,844 by icing udie Daisy Duke.
Lil Wolf just brought the body count to 132,770 by icing udie Daisy Duke.
so i put a new screen door on only took 2 weeks at my new house finished it tonight i take the garbage out and the screen door slammed shut can't get it open so i was locked out... windy & snowing wearing Daisy Duke shorts tee shirt & flip flops i had to crawl in my bdroom window ..that screen door is definitely a man's ...won't open from inside either i did something wrong
Needless to say I'm still Daisy Duke-less after our trip to Nebraska.
Jessica Simpson slips back into Daisy Dukes and shows off legs
I took the stickers off of my Rubix cube watched MTV all afternoon my first love was Daisy Duke In them cut off jeans
If everyone could please day a prayer for miss sweet daisy duke. She Isnt doin very well and Is in the…
Why ain't there a girl like daisy duke
I can not wait for skirts and daisy dukes..
Wub yoo brutha BUT I'm sorry but i'd beat you over the head with a shovel if it meant I had a go with Daisy Duke...
Its bottoms up oh yeah and daisy dukes
Tha old daisy duke has no stds i take her
I forgot how sick this movie is, it's bad but it's brilliant. And yeah, she's off the scale in dem Daisy Duke shorts. 👌
Watching the 2005 remake of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' - Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke tho 😍😍😍
LADIES ! . Be careful washing your Daisy Dukes as they have been known to shrink in the wash. .
Todd just brought the body count to 243,964 by icing udie Daisy Duke.
She did it! Jessica Simpson slips back into her Daisy Dukes via
Jessica Simpson is back in her Daisy Dukes after reaching her goal weight
Must be my week or something... first Lenny Kravitz buying my Frappuccino at Starbucks a few days ago and now a daisy Duke wearin' Richard Simmons looking guy who just paid my $137 dollar dry cleaning bill for me!!! . And that was with underwear and Slacks on too! Can you imagine what would happen if I were to go totally Rambo!?! The skies the limit!!! / - :
Buddies having cuddles before bedtime! Daisy duke loves her boy!
Bikini tops and daisy duke denim outlaw women
I will never understand why dressing like a redneck in daisy duke shorts and suspenders is "frat"
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