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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (called The Daily Show until 1999), is an American late night satirical television program airing each Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central and, in Canada, The Comedy Network.

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Peak North Side: White people in line for the Daily Show grumbling at petitions for Chris Kennedy as "two billionaires on the ballot"
Pining for Obama, 'Daily Show' keeps it earnest on third Chicago night
New video by The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Between the Scenes - Resting Mitch Face: The Daily Show …
I liked a video The Daily Show Takes Chicago: Culture and Crime in Obama's Hometown: The Daily Show
Excellent reminders for brands headed to OR. How to get covered in Daily Winter Market 2018…
So cool to see my former student and current actor Marilyn Bass on the Daily Show last night!
.rides along with CeaseFire, a Chicago organization that aims to interrupt violence before it happens. https:/…
We've got the Tuesday edition of the Business Insurance Show Daily at Our team is in the lobby of Sheraton Gr…
PIC. Pouter in Chief. *** in Charge. We deserve and demand so much better. You know, our children are watc…
As National Republicans and failed President pretend tax reform is not simply a huge t…
I've just watched episode S23E05 of The Daily Show!
"CeaseFire in Chicago: Lowering Crime in the Windy City" Really cool from
“When there’s shooting, Obama’s from Chicago. All the other times, he’s from Kenya.”. Trevor Noah dishes on city in fir…
Trevor takes a look at how Trump politicizes Chicago's crime rates:
Habits of happy people:. 1 don't show off. 2 talk less. 3 learn daily. 4 help less fortunate. 5 laugh more. 6 ignore nonsense. 7…
Trevor Noah calls out Trump and others who only (seem to) care about using Chicago to score political points
📰 | "Grein On Grammys: Surprises On The Grammy Ballot. Albums that don't show up where you expected them to." — Hits Da…
Trevor looks at how right-wing media politicizes violence in Chicago.
Why is Robin Thede's show airing at the same time as the Daily Show with Trevor Noah?
New 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah says he's not trying to be Jon Stewart - Sep. 28, 2015
I liked a video Uncovering Discrimination at the Baltimore Police Department: The Daily Show
I liked a video The NFL Takes a Knee in Protest of Trump: The Daily Show
Hillary Clinton, Obama blasted by 'Daily Show' co-creator over silence on Weinstein
Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain, will represent a conservative perspective on the daily chat show
Melania Trump is hoping to profit from her 'multi-year term' in the public eye, court papers show
Outnumbered is the best show on Fox. Daily such good discussions & Harris is awesome lead.
• Art Daily: Major new show at Picasso Museum focuses on pivotal year in Picasso's life and…
Britain draws up battle plan in case of North Korea war | Daily Mail Online - Britain draws up (cont)
Thanks, Russia, but America can divide itself. reports:
Hey Lumpy, didn’t you have a sexual harasser on your show this week? And aren’t your lips on Trump’s fat rump daily?
Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump show us one simple fact daily, they're both as corrupt & criminal as their criminally driv…
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Dear Dave, It's been a lot of fun to enjoy your new "Good Sports" daily segment…
.For years before Trump’s campaign, Jon Stewart referred to what he did on THE DAILY SHOW as fake news.
What's going on? Daily Show's Trevor Noah gets real about guns after Las Vegas… Get found ->
Daily Show's Trevor Noah gets real about gun control after Las Vegas shooting , but says nothing before about…
I will go to my grave never understanding how Garbage Time w/ Katie Nolan didn't become a Daily Show-esque franchise.
Daily Show with Cast is ok but Noah really *** Plus he often panders to DC crooks like…
Memba John Stewart? Memba when the Daily Show was good & actually funny? Memba when it more than a bashing game? I memba.
I might be the only South African that Trevor ruined the Daily Show for. I really liked John Stewar…
'Daily Show' host weighs in on Melania's high heels.
.sounded off about healthcare on the Daily Show:
You're very popular, Colbert, Daily Show, People, you name it. If you execute Marcellus Williams toda…
"Daily Show" co-creator Lizz Winstead unleashes on "troll-in-chief" Donald Trump
Soundcheck, goodie bag, snacks and dinner before the show, getting to buy merch before everyone else
Copyright of online news, movies, TV shows to be enforced 'severely' in China - The Daily Star
I need a fic where they show kirishima and bakugou's daily lives as husbands. Just pure fluff and maybe some light bick…
Show takes place on July 26. Gates open to the public at Sandringham…
I didn't see you attempt to explain away the daily murder rate statistics in Chicago and show how u…
Anthony Scaramucci once told Trump to "bring it."
will always be my favorite Daily Show correspondent. This article is awesome.
Today is tomorrow, it is . 's birthday event!!. It is an important day we shape our daily gratitude!. It's s…
Can I be the one to show you off to the entire world? Take pictures of you daily, showcase your beauty and how much I adore you?
I added a video to a playlist The GOP Brings the Dead Health Care Bill Back to Life: The Daily Show
We believe in you guys let nothing intimidate you guys we are routing and praying daily. Show…
The GOP haven't been able to resolve health care in seven years. Now they're trying to do it in three days.
Safadohunks! 22 is my age, I have been doing live shows for a while here to see my show…
Thank you God for the grace and mercy that you show me daily.
YB confirmed to appear on MBC's 'I Live Alone' - an unscripted reality show documenting daily life
forgot to mention main star is Wyatt Cenac from Daily Show. Plus Ana Gasteyer is amazing.
Remembered this Daily Show bit about childhood nostalgia. Feels relevant to what we're talking about today:
All that said; we do need our own Daily Show. Nish Kumar could pull it off.
Little Giant Ladders
MN Rep. Ilhan Omar on 'Daily Show': 'I am America's hope and the president's nightmare'
New episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
None of these actors and singers wanted to be president when Jon Stewart was on the Daily Show..
Jon Stewart, 'Daily Show' crew reunite for skit:
Did you write the same article on Jon Stewart and the Daily Show?
Jon Stewart unloads on CNBC's Rick Santelli for ‘bail[ing] out' of Daily Show appearance.
Approving of so far! Jon Stewart's Daily Show hard to live up to, but not bad, not bad at all!
I watch Daily Show with Trevor Noah (&Jon Stewart before him) John Oliver & SNL so I stay up to date.
agree 100%! Seeing this circulating has reminded me of this Daily Show clip:
Jon Stewart teases Boris Johnson about drugs on the Daily Show | Political Scrapbook
My first encounter with the Rubick's cube occurred just as claimed by Jon Stewart on Thursday night's Daily Show.
Jon Stewart almost quit Daily Show over *** coworkers
Jon Stewart Signs Off from the "Daily Show" with the Perfect Advice for Us All - Mother Jones
President Obama on 'Daily Show': 'Jon Stewart cannot leave' - Jul. 21, 2015
RICK MERCER REPORT:. A better, Canadian version of the Daily Show. Less correspondents, more comedy.
Enjoyed the Daily Show segment. Very f*g distinguished. Thank you for your service.
Classic Carrboro. : ) Good chance to point to one of my favorite Daily Show bits:
Trevor Noah (The Daily Show) on the Philando Castile ruling and dash cam video.
The Daily Show has tickets available for: 2017-06-20
We're chatting with the hosts of the new show Reno, Set, Go! Watch The Daily Glow here👉…
I use it daily to commute and got very last seat on 15:30 from airport. Dreading Thu & Fri during Royal Highland Show.
[REMINDER]. Daily reminder to vote for MONSTA X on Show Champion! . ✨
A couple photos for from last night's spellbinding show at
Castile being black is keeping NRA silent about cop's acquittal, 'Daily Show' host charges
Or, please write a story how many times Mike Francesa will "the bottom line" during his daily radio…
Navajo Code Talker documentary to show on Wednesday
In bid for young viewers, CNN to launch daily show for Beme’s Casey Neistat
Navajo Code Talker documentary to show on Wednesday via
Last night I stopped by to discuss my new book with
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah's short segment on Philando Castile is incredible. First time I've seen a segment with no…
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You would think The Daily Show would have taught them this.
'An officer of the state depriving a citizen of his life because he was legally carrying a firearm'. via
I actually can't wait to show you guys this video
Trevor Noah on the Philando Castile verdict: the NRA should “be losing their *** minds” - Vox
Trevor reacts to the Philando Castile verdict.
NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre has nothing to say about the fatal police shooting of legal gun owner Philando Castile.
shooters favorite shows were Rachel Maddow, Daily Show, Young Turks. Please tell me how right wing conspiracy/Donald Trump is at fault
Imagine if an Infowars fan tried to massacre Dems. This gunman loved John Oliver, Rachel Maddow & the Daily Show. Do th…
Saw wonderful interview with Dr. Reverend William J. Barber on the Daily Show.
Seriously can't recommend Hasan Minhaj's new Netflix special enough. Definitely the greatest Daily Show correspondent in a long time 👌🏼
Daily Show comedian: Other comics passed up hosting White House Correspondents' Dinner over the name:
Jon Stewart and HBO have made a final decision on his post-Daily Show project
Daily Show is accused of transphobia via
It's not new though. Just look what happened after Jon Stewart of the Daily Show annihilated Glenn Beck
Can't wait for the Corbyn One Show interview where he suggests we should bring back milk in schools and the Daily Mail e…
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Pedro Caixinha knows what he is representing and so do I but we'll still show respect to one another.
Hey, why'd you run a rerun of South Park instead of after the Daily Show rerun? I work late & look forward to it.
Trevor Noah: Trump's reason for firing James Comey is "gangster" via
Saw you on Daily Show where Noah said you speak out against Trump. I couldn't love you more. Love your humor. Never change.
+1. I bought it on a whim cos I'm a huge fan of the daily show and was really pleasantly surp…
I have gone down the rabbit hole that is The Daily Show
Vindicated on the top BBC politics show .then arrested in a dawn raid the next. Wh…
😭u see know we must wait for Friday, can we have daily show please!
Yeaaahhh, so we're all going to need you guys to start a daily show now... that'd be great..
Daily Cathedral of Orleans, Center-Loire Valley, amazing light show showing Joan of Arc
Daily Show breakroom in ‘05. I’m ready to hang up my poster of my two comedy heroes. They’…
could not have found a better day to bring back Jon Stewart and the rest of the old Daily Show crew
Jon went down that path while still on he Daily Show when they kept going left but he seems to hav…
MUST WATCH: Former Labour voters tell the Daily Politics show why they’re backing Theresa May on 8 June. https:/…
Jon Stewart defended right to make dumb jokes about on tonight:
"This is insane." gives the first late-night reaction to James Comey firing: https…
“This was what it was like to hangout backstage for years at the Daily Show. It was the greatest experience” -
And early Daily Show was pretty much a rip off of Michael Moore's TV Nation, except…
I love Daily Show, Larry Wilmore and John Oliver, but how Sam Bee got her own show, I don't really get it.
What guests will you have on the show today?
37. . Do I not gush enough over this show daily?. No. The answer to that is NO. If you like scary stories, this show is OMEGA.
The sad part is when the re-election comes, people will forget because of his daily appearance in a mediocre show.
Trevor unpacks Trump's war on the reality of climate change.
We're steps closer to I trust called &defended Transcript:. htt…
PrEP is a pill taken daily & it is one way for a HIV-negative person to reduce their risk of becoming (cont)
Stephen Colbert is hosting a Daily Show reunion to celebrate 20 years in late night:
Why thinks cable news has ruined chances of connecting with voters…
to vote] as Top Social Artist for Keep the momentum going to show ARMYs' Strong Power. Let's widen t…
's won over critics with The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Today is the last day to grab this copy and r…
Hi can you explain why you are not willing to sit & talk to me tomorrow on the show about…
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That's pretty conclusive , I'll be live on show between 12-1 with on BBC 2.
Can you tell me why you have refused to sit & debate with me on the show tomorrow
I wish on a daily that my facial expressions didn't show exactly how I felt at that exact moment 🙃🔪
Good morning radio people. Lemme go and start with my daily job. Love the show
My professor played a clip from the Jon Stewart Daily Show and I lit up like I was reconnecting with a lover after being lo…
Show your support for and with artist-designed posters, temporary tattoos, and more: https…
Watch Trevor Noah try to get Trump to care about climate change on The Daily Show:
Haven't watched him in years. I will boycott the advertiser . Same with the Daily Show. So not funny…
Trevor Noah, Daily Show host, said Obama is cashing in, like everyone else. But it used to be considered improper
Thank you for all the kind words. Much love to my Daily Show family and writing team for everything.
Trevor Noah back: D Love this guy. Easter at the Trump White House: The Daily Show via
People who like the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left remind me of people who think Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond. Who?! Exactly!
.and prepare for The Daily Show Drag Race with a little help from the cast of
Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj to host White House Correspondents' Dinner . (Trump previously said he won't be there)…
.friends confronted him about being a swinger! Details here: (7:02)
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"Daily Show"'s Hasan Minhaj will host the White House Correspondents' Dinner: (Photo: AP)
.responds to a racist Fox News segment. Tonight @ 11/10c, Your Moment of Them: The Best of Ronny Chien…
Exactly. They're​ more of the Daily Show style. That's why I don't like that they put them in the…
Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, is this week’s real president of the United States!
'The Daily Show' joins in the fight for *** not glocks'
"Daily Show" correspondent and comedian to perform at WHCD
Members of media get dressed up expensive tuxes and dresses, hosted by a Daily Show comedian to make fun of Trump which will…
Myles Garrett declines to do radio show with Booger McFarland -
So NOT a national show? Not shown to the entire United States daily?
Daily Show correspondent to host White House correspondents' dinner
Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj to host Trump-less White House Correspondents Dinner, which just got WAY more interesting.
I liked a video Between the Scenes - The "Hidden Gun" of Health Care: The Daily Show
High school theatre bud is sharing the stage with Daily Show's Hasan Minaj! Check it.
'Daily Show' correspondent is getting a late night spinoff
Vice President Pence insists on having his wife present during his meetings with other women. htt…
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'Daily Show' correspondent Jordan Klepper is getting his own show.
Comedy news - Daily Show's Jordan Klepper given nightly show to air at 11:30, starting in the fall.
'Daily Show' veteran Jordan Klepper will replace Larry Wilmore's show on Comedy Central
.is the new Jon Stewart. The correspondents of Stewart's Daily Show don't have the requisite courage to oppose the establishment
Stephen Colbert spent years as correspondent on Daily Show, another nine years on Colbert Report perfected his opinionated political satire.
Colbert hasn't been funny since he played an anchor on the Daily Show
Neal Brennan makes a hypocritical fool of the Republican Party, Daily Show
Make The Daily Show Great Again! Bring back John Stewart. But I'll settle for the WH Correspondent's dinner host...
Feb 28th Horoscope: Complacency could be your worst enemy as you dismiss a chance to show someone what... more:
I just listened to the replay of yesterday's CBD show. Hey Nate, You think we need to g…
Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. discuss the Oscars and how America has reached “peak blackness.”
When you really FEEL this way, it will SHOW in your daily by association of…
People actually view the Daily Show as real news...
daily life Show yourself off. Fit closely your *** and *** to keep them easy to reach and lick.…
you know us too well...just plowed through some Chipotle and doing show somewhere downtown featured in NBC s Science of Love
and show their staggering incompetence daily. 6 years to develop a plan and GOP did nothing but obstruct Obama.
Me? yes, this is a daily show of the definition of conflict of interest
Daily reminder World Peace was the best show on AS.
WWE Big Show vs Shaquille O'neal Wrestlemania match AXED: 'It is not going to happen, and it's not my fault'…
Now playing : ' Mechanical Movements" in rotation on
Daily Show full 21:06 show. Trevor came back from a break to the real, no, surreal world the rest of us live in.
They all say this "nobody knows you" but show up on your TL daily. Same hater, different avi.
Pentaholics, show your loyalty to and keep voting daily!.
Trevor Noah in less than year:. Became 1st from SA & Africa to host Daily Show. Bought $10m penthouse . Interviewed Obama. R…
Our full show from this morning has been added to our section! Listen to it whenever you want
Maybe The Young Pope will replace Girls as my next pet show-Andrew Sullivan: The White House Mole via
Former "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has message for media: Stop whining
.celebrates black excellence at the Oscars, and John Oliver talks about "eviscerating" Trump every week. https…
Best bestest show on IndianTV. My 1&only favourite daily soap
study's show Jon Stuart provided more real news based on facts than real news outlets
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Today had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with on a live british parliamentary style debate show.
John Oliver appears on 'The Daily Show' to call Trump a clown.
John Oliver 'accidentally eviscerates' Trevor Noah as guest on 'The Daily Show'
Full Episode of The Daily Show 2017 /02/ 27 at Comedy Central with john ... via
. Firing Line is my generation's idea of political discussion.". The kids think The Daily Show is politi…
Be still my heart!. Jon Stewart is on Colbert tonight!. And John Oliver was just on Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After watching Bates Motel.😍
did yall play the Norm MacDonald bit from the Daily Show after that Crocodile Hunter discussion?
Trevor Noah may be an imbecile but worse he's actually really unfunny. Daily Show used to be good with Jon Stewart - now it's just meh
Fanfic of the Daily Show & Hardy Boys, that contains a haunted game cartridge
Elizabeth Warren will forever have my heart. Fell in love with her brilliance during her first Daily Show appearance
Watching Boston Mayor Walsh on the Daily Show explaining why Boston is a sanctuary city. Why are we trying to...
I liked a video Profiles in Tremendousness - SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch: The Daily Show
UPDATE: Trevor Noah says tonight’s Daily Show blackout was just a glitch.
Sybrina Fulton is an incredible woman. Just watched her on the Daily Show facing the world with such strength and courage. Love her!
with fresh takes like this it's no wonder the Daily Show is the pop culture phenomenon of 11 years ago
This is from 2014, but is so incredibly relevant today. I miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show. This is how I feel. ht…
Actually, it all started after hearing about Jon Stewart's early years on the Daily Show. We could only watch Comedy Central in hotel rooms
RC/DAAS/History Professor Heather Ann Thompson's interview on the Daily Show on 1/25/17 begins at 10:34
This is awesome! Historian Heather Ann Thompson on the Daily Show!
Congrats to for ROCKING it on the Daily Show!
Attica Historian & Author Heather Ann Thompson on the Daily Show with via
Former 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart, wife receive a key approval to open an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.
I wake up daily and pray for our leaders, our country, leaders-elect. Then check the news and face palm. Lord, show us your Grace and Mercy
Naomi to Ruth: Count the Cost First by Trumpet Daily Radio Show via
. I was hoping this was the announcement he's replacing . Oh well. Still no daily show for me. Miss Jon so much.
- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show sees Gigi and Bella Hadid hit the runway in Paris - Daily Mail…
Michael Che is tonight's guest on The Daily Show!
Anyone from Portugal - premieres on Thursday, January 5th on AXN so dont miss it IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW REALLy…
Sometimes, a drastic is the only way forward for a That's the case with ours, anyway.
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.celebrates a successful 365 Days of 'BC ROUND UP' - a one-of-its-kind Daily Community Update Show. 
Former correspondent himself. Though I've been on holiday longer than Michael Che was on The Daily Show
A proud moment for zee news,neighbor country closely follow zee news,DNA number 1 news show,we eagrly waiting for 9pm daily
'The Daily Show' has found some Trump supporters with really, really serously scary theories via
Christ but do I miss the classic daily show. Oliver and Bee will have to fill the gap in our new Dark Age.
We have a great blog post and daily show that talk all about it!
Gentex to Launch New Rear Vision Technologies, Automotive Biometrics and Vehicle Connectivity Features at the...…
Daily life can ware us down especially by Friday at 4:00 p.m. Yet still you have to pick up the kids from (cont)
Tarja with Asspera from their last show in 2016
Nothing echoes our values as loud as the megaphone of our daily stewardship.
Reading through the oral history of THE DAILY SHOW, and these anecdotes.
Today's daily forecasts appears to show some buyers remorse. lol looks like the sales…
Let It Shine: 'Focus on your own show' Gary Barlow's stern warning for ITV rival The Voice
Tech show looks beyond 'smart,' to new 'realities' - Space Daily
switch it to ESPNU. Lebatard show is a really entertaining daily train wreck of misinformation and ignorance.
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On Today's Show: 2017 sales forecast, who is teaming up with to attract buyers & Eric Johnson…
now has someone who's contributed to Trumps conflicts of interest with a daily show, is this not a problem?
It's day three of show me your smile! >
EU citizens in the UK are assaulted daily, but you show scoffing, smug Europeans preying on UK railways. Good…
ICYMI: Borges says he has votes to remain as Ohio GOP chairman, but list doesn't show it | The Columbus Dispatch
Let It Shine star Gary Barlow urges to 'focus on your own show' before rival shows go head to head…
returns tomorrow. Of these, who is your favorite all-time Daily Show personality? 🤔😅.
the daily morning Trump bashing show.
Yes show us that you can get a daily close above 118.66
Pointless contestant death stares her friend after incredible quiz show fail - Daily Mail
Woah. were on the Daily Show. For like a second I was on Tv in fursuit. !!!
Mischief Makers Mannequin Challenge video appeared on the Daily Show! (9 minutes in)
Incredulous Shameless disappointment is putting it mildly especially coming from those who supported him and...
to "It doesn’t matter how smart you are.” Without regular intelligence updates "you are flying blind".
literally had a tv show based off her daily life lol the Westbrooks
Watch President Obama talk Obamacare, Russian hacking, and more on The Daily Show:
I'm confused as to what they need to redeem themselves and why u can't show compassion towards ppl dying daily.
I liked a video The Daily Show - Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi"
Indian channels banned in pakistan but I love the show ishqbaaz in star plus and also so i watching t…
Tomi Lahren has gained prominence after debate on The Daily Show. 5 things to know about her, including S.D. roots. https…
Watching Obama on The Daily Show is mesmerising. Such an elegant orator.
President Obama on the Daily Show: Without proper intelligence 'you are flying blind'
Obama defends decision to order probe of alleged Russia hacking
This segment is really, really good. I kind of wish it wasn't called The Daily Show or aired on Comedy Central. T…
Citizens: We could help the media regain its self-respect if we ignored the daily side show of the Trump Circus. No jokes. N…
In keeping with our theme that the Presidency isn't entertainment, POTUS will appear on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
They did care, media minimized it. Voters should have cared more about meddling in the https…
So wait obama did a policy speech on the daily show that no one watches?
This is what our country has come to:  latest figures show that over four family homes are being repossessed daily https:/…
*yels about fake news *. *continues to watch the daily show Hall of fame John Oliver and Larry Wilmore and call them Real News *** ***
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Trevor and discuss climate change, Russian hacking, race relations and much more. Watch the full interview: https:…
Trevor stops by the White House for an in-depth interview with President Barack Obama.
Obama: America still hasn't overcome slavery, racism
Obama golfed with Bill Murray & went on the Daily Show while people in Aleppo are being burned alive. Don't pretend this sta…
Trevor sits down with President Obama to talk Russia, the Trump administration and more.
A post-election must-watch. Evan McMullin on the Daily Show
Obama on the ‘Daily Show’: Voters should have cared more about Russia’s meddling and less about Clinton's emails https:…
I haven't watched his new Daily Show, I just thought he did a fairly good job in this particular instance.
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah met for drinks last night in the aftermath of her controversial "Daily Show" appearance.
Colbert is funny and more yet an esoteric Talk Show has too much Daily Show. Steve Remembers Pug Ravenel and would Steve Rub for SC gov.
Little girl, you were owned by Trevor Noah on last night's Daily Show, you Ann Coulter never be.
Here’s the entirety of interview with Tomi Lahren on the Daily Show. This one was…really something.
Well, Tomi Lahren, after that Daily Show beat down, it looks like you're finally a victim.
Anyone who goes on the Daily Show regarding should be ready to face their fake hit squad.
John Stewart is still the only "Daily Show" type anchor I respect. I don't always agree, but his stands by his beliefs.
I'm never going to forgive John Stewart for retiring from the Daily Show
Correct! Getting to host SNL & getting friendly treatment on the Daily Show by John Stewart only appeals to RINOs
Worth a watch - Jon Stewart on Daily Show history, the election: via
Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed CNN 4 falsely reporting arrest of a suspect in bombing at Boston Marathon.
has ruined the Daily Show.. The man isn't funny!? Bring back Jon Stewart!
. It took years for the Daily Show to turn Jon Stewart into a misanthrope. It took months for Trevor.
Alex Jones — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Trump will soon appear on his show
Donald Trump assures America that he’s willing to compromise his core campaign promises.
. you assume he reads. think GWB and the picture show daily briefing he required.
.and Engage in Politics and Music on The Daily Show -
Don't be with someone who doesn't wanna show you off daily.
Kellyanne gets an A+ probably the best guest you've had on your show. Thanks for your daily remarks Eric
Welcome to the variety show that has become Trump’s informal kitchen cabinet — now webcast daily by C-SPAN.
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