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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (called The Daily Show until 1999), is an American late night satirical television program airing each Monday through Thursday on Comedy Central and, in Canada, The Comedy Network.

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Be still my heart!. Jon Stewart is on Colbert tonight!. And John Oliver was just on Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After watching Bates Motel.😍
did yall play the Norm MacDonald bit from the Daily Show after that Crocodile Hunter discussion?
Trevor Noah may be an imbecile but worse he's actually really unfunny. Daily Show used to be good with Jon Stewart - now it's just meh
Fanfic of the Daily Show & Hardy Boys, that contains a haunted game cartridge
Elizabeth Warren will forever have my heart. Fell in love with her brilliance during her first Daily Show appearance
Watching Boston Mayor Walsh on the Daily Show explaining why Boston is a sanctuary city. Why are we trying to...
I liked a video Profiles in Tremendousness - SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch: The Daily Show
UPDATE: Trevor Noah says tonight’s Daily Show blackout was just a glitch.
Sybrina Fulton is an incredible woman. Just watched her on the Daily Show facing the world with such strength and courage. Love her!
with fresh takes like this it's no wonder the Daily Show is the pop culture phenomenon of 11 years ago
This is from 2014, but is so incredibly relevant today. I miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show. This is how I feel. ht…
Actually, it all started after hearing about Jon Stewart's early years on the Daily Show. We could only watch Comedy Central in hotel rooms
RC/DAAS/History Professor Heather Ann Thompson's interview on the Daily Show on 1/25/17 begins at 10:34
This is awesome! Historian Heather Ann Thompson on the Daily Show!
Congrats to for ROCKING it on the Daily Show!
Attica Historian & Author Heather Ann Thompson on the Daily Show with via
Former 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart, wife receive a key approval to open an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.
I wake up daily and pray for our leaders, our country, leaders-elect. Then check the news and face palm. Lord, show us your Grace and Mercy
Naomi to Ruth: Count the Cost First by Trumpet Daily Radio Show via
. I was hoping this was the announcement he's replacing . Oh well. Still no daily show for me. Miss Jon so much.
- Victoria's Secret Fashion Show sees Gigi and Bella Hadid hit the runway in Paris - Daily Mail…
Michael Che is tonight's guest on The Daily Show!
Anyone from Portugal - premieres on Thursday, January 5th on AXN so dont miss it IT IS SUCH A GOOD SHOW REALLy…
Sometimes, a drastic is the only way forward for a That's the case with ours, anyway.
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.celebrates a successful 365 Days of 'BC ROUND UP' - a one-of-its-kind Daily Community Update Show. 
Former correspondent himself. Though I've been on holiday longer than Michael Che was on The Daily Show
A proud moment for zee news,neighbor country closely follow zee news,DNA number 1 news show,we eagrly waiting for 9pm daily
'The Daily Show' has found some Trump supporters with really, really serously scary theories via
Christ but do I miss the classic daily show. Oliver and Bee will have to fill the gap in our new Dark Age.
We have a great blog post and daily show that talk all about it!
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Daily life can ware us down especially by Friday at 4:00 p.m. Yet still you have to pick up the kids from (cont)
Tarja with Asspera from their last show in 2016
Nothing echoes our values as loud as the megaphone of our daily stewardship.
Reading through the oral history of THE DAILY SHOW, and these anecdotes.
Today's daily forecasts appears to show some buyers remorse. lol looks like the sales…
Let It Shine: 'Focus on your own show' Gary Barlow's stern warning for ITV rival The Voice
Tech show looks beyond 'smart,' to new 'realities' - Space Daily
switch it to ESPNU. Lebatard show is a really entertaining daily train wreck of misinformation and ignorance.
On Today's Show: 2017 sales forecast, who is teaming up with to attract buyers & Eric Johnson…
now has someone who's contributed to Trumps conflicts of interest with a daily show, is this not a problem?
It's day three of show me your smile! >
EU citizens in the UK are assaulted daily, but you show scoffing, smug Europeans preying on UK railways. Good…
ICYMI: Borges says he has votes to remain as Ohio GOP chairman, but list doesn't show it | The Columbus Dispatch
Let It Shine star Gary Barlow urges to 'focus on your own show' before rival shows go head to head…
returns tomorrow. Of these, who is your favorite all-time Daily Show personality? 🤔😅.
the daily morning Trump bashing show.
Yes show us that you can get a daily close above 118.66
Pointless contestant death stares her friend after incredible quiz show fail - Daily Mail
Woah. were on the Daily Show. For like a second I was on Tv in fursuit. !!!
Mischief Makers Mannequin Challenge video appeared on the Daily Show! (9 minutes in)
Incredulous Shameless disappointment is putting it mildly especially coming from those who supported him and...
to "It doesn’t matter how smart you are.” Without regular intelligence updates "you are flying blind".
literally had a tv show based off her daily life lol the Westbrooks
Watch President Obama talk Obamacare, Russian hacking, and more on The Daily Show:
I'm confused as to what they need to redeem themselves and why u can't show compassion towards ppl dying daily.
I liked a video The Daily Show - Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi"
Indian channels banned in pakistan but I love the show ishqbaaz in star plus and also so i watching t…
Tomi Lahren has gained prominence after debate on The Daily Show. 5 things to know about her, including S.D. roots. https…
Watching Obama on The Daily Show is mesmerising. Such an elegant orator.
President Obama on the Daily Show: Without proper intelligence 'you are flying blind'
Obama defends decision to order probe of alleged Russia hacking
This segment is really, really good. I kind of wish it wasn't called The Daily Show or aired on Comedy Central. T…
Citizens: We could help the media regain its self-respect if we ignored the daily side show of the Trump Circus. No jokes. N…
In keeping with our theme that the Presidency isn't entertainment, POTUS will appear on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
They did care, media minimized it. Voters should have cared more about meddling in the https…
So wait obama did a policy speech on the daily show that no one watches?
This is what our country has come to:  latest figures show that over four family homes are being repossessed daily https:/…
*yels about fake news *. *continues to watch the daily show Hall of fame John Oliver and Larry Wilmore and call them Real News *** ***
Trevor and discuss climate change, Russian hacking, race relations and much more. Watch the full interview: https:…
Trevor stops by the White House for an in-depth interview with President Barack Obama.
Obama: America still hasn't overcome slavery, racism
Obama golfed with Bill Murray & went on the Daily Show while people in Aleppo are being burned alive. Don't pretend this sta…
Trevor sits down with President Obama to talk Russia, the Trump administration and more.
A post-election must-watch. Evan McMullin on the Daily Show
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Obama on the ‘Daily Show’: Voters should have cared more about Russia’s meddling and less about Clinton's emails https:…
I haven't watched his new Daily Show, I just thought he did a fairly good job in this particular instance.
Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah met for drinks last night in the aftermath of her controversial "Daily Show" appearance.
Colbert is funny and more yet an esoteric Talk Show has too much Daily Show. Steve Remembers Pug Ravenel and would Steve Rub for SC gov.
Little girl, you were owned by Trevor Noah on last night's Daily Show, you Ann Coulter never be.
Here’s the entirety of interview with Tomi Lahren on the Daily Show. This one was…really something.
Well, Tomi Lahren, after that Daily Show beat down, it looks like you're finally a victim.
Anyone who goes on the Daily Show regarding should be ready to face their fake hit squad.
John Stewart is still the only "Daily Show" type anchor I respect. I don't always agree, but his stands by his beliefs.
I'm never going to forgive John Stewart for retiring from the Daily Show
Correct! Getting to host SNL & getting friendly treatment on the Daily Show by John Stewart only appeals to RINOs
Worth a watch - Jon Stewart on Daily Show history, the election: via
Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed CNN 4 falsely reporting arrest of a suspect in bombing at Boston Marathon.
has ruined the Daily Show.. The man isn't funny!? Bring back Jon Stewart!
. It took years for the Daily Show to turn Jon Stewart into a misanthrope. It took months for Trevor.
Alex Jones — who has claimed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax — says Trump will soon appear on his show
Donald Trump assures America that he’s willing to compromise his core campaign promises.
. you assume he reads. think GWB and the picture show daily briefing he required.
.and Engage in Politics and Music on The Daily Show -
Don't be with someone who doesn't wanna show you off daily.
Kellyanne gets an A+ probably the best guest you've had on your show. Thanks for your daily remarks Eric
Welcome to the variety show that has become Trump’s informal kitchen cabinet — now webcast daily by C-SPAN.
Sen. Mitch McConnell’s reaction to Steve Bannon produces the worst to date. h…
Hi! This account is dedicated for Victon's Lim Sejun. We will be posting Pics, Videos, Gifs, Fancams of Sejun daily. Sho…
We remember the pure soul energy of Sharon Jones with our review of her show at ACL Live back in 2014.
The Daily Show holds a (not to be missed) service commemorating the passing of "Facts" -
Yes, religion should have no place in US government. I'll sign as this is a bridge too far.
Trevor Noah: All Americans should sign up for Trump's Muslim registry via
Join call for americans to sign up for Donald Trump’s Muslim Registry.
I liked a video The Daily Show - Uganda: Even Worse at Elections Than America
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Wasn't MSNBC the ones lauding real "fake news", the Daily Show & Colbert Report, as excellence in journalism?
"Daily Fail" or not, you're right. If it was up to that dude, the star of the show'd be subject to "conversion" therapy. 😒
Disney Drone Update: Dates have been announced for Disney Springs show.
Donald Glover really about to have album and TV show of the year
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Jon Stewart on why Donald Trump is a "repudiation of Republicans"
Sure, he ended the Daily Show with a $2.2 Million gift to Charity... What's he doing with the rest of the money?
Make it a daily ritual :) Vote for ElNella on . You can vote online onc…
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Wasn't meant as a diss in any way. Im a fan and enjoyed the show. Posse? Check. *** Check. My vocab is shrinking daily.
Donald Trump picks Steve Bannon, a white nationalist, as his chief strategist.
I don't watch all show on daily basis. I keep in touch with updates. I watch only 6-7 complete.
.host turns an outside perspective into funny observation. Watch report:
Amy Adams confesses to crush on Leonardo DiCaprio on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - Daily Mail
Mike Huckabee as ambassador to Israel is the worse thing to happen to the Jewish community since Jon Stewart left "The…
Drumpf's Muslim Registry: even Megan Kelly is vs this... via…
Truro Daily News Tickets for Gord Downie show in Halifax sell out in minutes Truro Daily News Shaking with emotion,…
Trevor on why he wrote “I know that I popped up in a lot of people’s lives out of nowhere when I came to The…
humorist & Daily Show correspondent, is coming to the on 12/11. Details at
wow. And the word Progressive makes them auto ACTUALLY right. Daily Show logic wins again
John Bolton, while funny on the Daily Show, is insane and thinks that only the US should have nuclear weapons...…
And the hint about John Stewart and Hal thought Guy meant Jon Stewart from the Daily Show lol
"But I have been spectacularly wrong before," he added, before showing another Daily Show clip where he said the...
Day 312 - Catching up on the Daily Show and John Oliver.
I could literally write a book or have a talk show with all the thoughts that come across my mental on a daily lol
One aspect of the Clinton administration I'm looking forward to is the sudden cancellation of The Daily Show, John Oliver,…
Donald Trump Comments on Daughter Tiffany's Body in Clip Aired on Daily Show via
tvserieshub "steckleberry hyadamsfoster Calzonafan2013 things like The Daily Show"
It's from too many years of watching The Daily Show.
Staggering before and after photos show what happens when you stop drinking alcohol
MrDizneyKing waiting for the brand NEW Royal Friendship Faire castle stage show playing daily
I maintain that if had stayed at his Daily Show desk we would not be in this spot w
Definitely! I hate when people wait for holidays to show their partner their love & affection. I live to make Bae s…
Been setting my alarm for 5:55 daily to listen to Bill's show and I'm retired! You don't like him, don't listen..
The Staying Young Show is available in & Subscribe for Free for daily
funny, the best bit of the show are when I'm not involved. 100% correct. Although Nora Jones ffs
It's You can win prizes 4 participation n the daily tasks. Help us helps u…
What's similar between 'Daily Show' and 'RJ Berger' is that people a...
Desperate Housewives comes to the Highlands with unique villa modelled on the set of hit TV show.
Behind the Scenes of the Trump Campaign-The Daily Show with Trevor Noah | Trump’s speeches all make sense now
Limited edition Disney buttons. Gotta love when Dad goes to an antique show.
The Daily Show has tickets available for: 2016-11-10
Win bitcoin. Daily drawing. Details: Five pictures that show how social media can be a minefield
Excellent show, but no 1 mentions that Tad Devine was in almost daily contact w/Brazile. Don't have his email
Mother claims she was told to 'calm down' her seven-year-old disabled son after he LAUGHED during Mary Poppins... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bro when we up, getting a show about his daily life.
if seeing me being annoyed by mikey bullock isn't a daily occurrence for you, COME SEE METAMORPHOSIS. our last show is toda…
I have bee watching Daily Show. It's really easy for Trevor to roast Trump. But for Hilary the jokes don't really sound
Mornings with Sixty Me is a daily news show that inspires, educates and connects. Here is the link to today's show.…
I talk about everyone on the show. Fair and accurate coverage. Daily truth
I love it when you show me daily you dgaf. It makes it that much easier. 🙂
is a great month of celebration 4 awareness of the community Help show awareness is fun by pa…
Trump's lies are too blatant. ...if he becomes prez,it'll be a daily clown show for 4 years.
South Africa Govt respond if 34 IS supporters want to return home? Re-upping my interview.
Good to hear Wyatt now he's not on the daily show. 3 bugles in as many weeks😳
I can imagine! At least you get a new tag line out of it... "Lolitics. The comedy show the Daily Mail warned you about"
it was telling when the Daily Show asked "when was America great?" and they were like "uh"
need to have a daily show. She is what real news is. Joy brings the news straight and real. JOY…
I knew Tiffany would be hot since she was a toddler. Not as hot as Ivanka, but still hot.
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Nothing against Noah but less people would be voting for Trump if John Stewart was still hosing The Daily Show.
I don't say I love you often ... I'll show it but I'm not saying it daily
"The O'Reilly Factor" Gets Racist in Chinatown on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah via
we actually feel d importance of certain things, when we cant see n hear. Ur show is very imp n its my daily doze of happiness😊
Wikileaks TUSD: Emails show censorship by the AZ Daily Star in covering Utterback parents plight; they were “bad...
EXCLUSIVE: We got a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most influential members of Team Trump.
After all the intimidation, after all the pushback from the district, it appears that our only remaining daily...
- The Daily Aztec : camp report: SDSU quarterback battle is 2-man show
If Jon Stewart infused “The Daily Show” with wearied exasperation, default has been befuddlement.
Because now that Jon Stewart is gone the Daily Show is a stain on America. Trevor Noah is horrible.
I think Trevor Noah does a fantastic job on Daily Show but holy gosh I miss Jon Stewart sometimes
The worst part about the Daily Show is that Jon Stewart used to be hilarious, but Trevor Noah just comes off as arrogant.
People see me on the 'Daily Show' or 'About a Boy'. But the reality is t...
Rosie adores Trevor Noah on the Daily Show, this was right after she kissed the screen.
Wow, Trevor Noah has made the Daily Show virtually unwatchable.
Jon Stewart funniest moment on the Daily Show was his roast of Glen Beck. You got a moment go YouTube it.
weighed one last trip to Jon Stewart's Daily Show | AP Photo
Man, I wish Jon Stewart was still on the Daily Show! This guy is not up to Jon's level.
Republican Ana Navarro on 'Daily Show': Donald Trump is 'like a Zika mosquito' for the party via
that was NOT funny. Now, this is funny
👏 The Daily Show's blasts Fox News reporter's racist Chinatown "report" in the best way 👏
I know he doesn't work at the daily show. I forgot it's only okay to edit people to look stupid if they don't agree with you.
"Everyone wondered who'd be the target of 2016's worst racism-I didn’t know Asians were in the running” https:…
This was immensely cathartic. Thank you
and then I heard the show is winding up, and I felt terrible only because I won't have my daily dose of your awesomeness!
.unpacks a racist "O'Reilly Factor" segment, and finds out how sexism sells in the election. http…
The Daily Show also sent its correspondent Ronny Chieng to talk to people in Chinatown. The results were 😗👌
"The Daily Show" delivers a masterful takedown of that Fox News Chinatown segment
The Daily Show needs to after Fox News more often because Jon Stewart would definitely be proud of this.
Wow. This video is incredibly cathartic. Has Daily Show improved?
And this is why I get so upset with certain people who shall remain nameless (but you know who you are) that...
New show! Week 5 Matchups, In or Out, and the Daily Dose. Android: https…
Fox News finds itself in hot water for a racist segment about China. Correspondent reports.
reminded me of Craig Kilborn's Daily Show before Stewart raised the level of discourse: immature, cheap, lowbrow.
oh good, in a typical Daily Show twist, Jon Oliver opens his segment on police accountability by making fun of people who film the police
like when Daily Show brought on Jerry Seinfeld to make a lot of *** jokes about Marcus Bachmann
Never heard of Tomi Lahren before watching last nights Daily Show. But, wow, what a terrible person.
I think we should deport Trevor Noah's back to S. Africa where he belongs. He has taken John Stewart's crappy Daily Show and made it worse.
Saying Hillary started Birtherism isn't like saying Craig Kilborn started the Daily Show, it's like saying Harry Shearer did
It's what I really miss from Jon's tenure on the Daily Show. Trevor Noah's a good comedian but he lacks Stewart's understanding.
Daily Show is trying to skewer him but it's hard to replace Jon Stewart. Noah is good but he doesn't have the same authority.
I don't think I've gotten over Alex Jones thinking Eric Andre was the Daily Show guy, Trevor Noah, yet
Remembering my friend, colleague, & great bowtie wearer Rick Beeman. A big loss to Penn. Here he is on Daily Show.
Fondly remembering Richard R. Beeman today. Here's Rick on the Daily Show expertly debunking David Barton's malarky.
If you're a Daily Show fan, make sure to check out Egypt's Jon Stewart, on Sept 21&22
Read "trade' articles like on John Oliver/Daily Show ratings; alt-media's not even mentioned as competition.
Super excited to see Hasan Minhaj of the Daily Show!
Is it too late to give Larry Wilmore the Daily Show?
The Daily Show - Uncovering Discrimination at the Baltimore Police Depar... he gets u don
Here's ten GIFs that show why is the sexiest surfer we know.
If actually wants to sway black voters, this isn't going to cut it:
Our Kashmiri brothers show their love to Pakistan daily & is this how we repay?
A DOJ inquiry found Baltimore cops were once instructed to “lock up all the black hoodies.” https…
Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj on covering election as a Muslim: "That tells yo...
Larry Wilmore as host of the Daily Show would have been something good.
So MSM's Daily Show, the Nightly Show & Samantha Bee's show have had Gary Johnson on in past but no mention of Green Party 🤔 🌍☮
Lord, I hope they're not like that! Watch this Daily Show from the other day:
Daily Show clip. Thought and might compare "blocking" comment to ATL mayor. via
Roy Wood Jr., your favorite correspondent on a the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, is here this…
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Jon Stewart: New animated show from the Daily Show host set to launch on HBO later this year -
The real star of the new Daily Show isn’t host Trevor Noah; it’s Roy Wood Jr.
Seattle! Roy Wood Jr. of the Daily Show is here next week!
the Daily Show is just brilliant at this
he has a radio show here daily... He's lived here for quite a while.
Like Fox News is all googly eyed for Trump. Both are awful choices. You should be watching the Daily Show for all your news.
We had the interview and the filming this morning. I was asked about the show, the comic, Shaun Daily and what we th…
Can't wait to see what the Daily Show says about all this. They just have teeny tiny booth but still represented.
I've just watched episode S21E134 of The Daily Show!
This came up with a brilliant way to create daily with your this
"we don't have to kiss" YES SHOW ME WHAT WE CAN DO INSTEAD DADDY
Daily Show talks with Trump supporters at RNC
"Truthful is bringing the truth. Neutral can be creating a false equivalence between this side and that." http…
Trevor calls for changes in how police are utilized following the Charles Kinsey shooting. https:…
Indie Art and Craft Show enthrals citizens - Daily Times
Dallas Police Chief: Get Off the Protest Line and Become Part of the Solution - The Rush Limbaugh Show
This show needs to be a daily show in syndication or network tv!!!
I used to really like the Colbert Report and Daily Show, but it went downhill for both real quick
Make your morning special with new show 'Good Morning' from 7 am to 9 am daily.
With a Trump presidency around the corner, says goodbye to the America.
My first convention: 'Daily Show' correspondent shares lessons learned: Roy Wood Jr. is better-prepared for Philadelphia.
Foster Design Build 'The Daily Show' turns 20: A look at its legacy: You might be missing Jon Ste... Robert Berg
Jon Stewart went full "Daily Show" on the GOP's love of Trump. It was glorious
Watching Stewart's segment on Colbert makes it clear Noah's Daily Show is like Voyager. Sure it's Star Trek but something's missing.
Daily Show deceptively edits 100% of its victims. Kudos to Breitbart (really) for this
"Daily Show" host worried Trump might have him deported:
Where can I watch old daily show episodes
Agreed. If the news would show every good thing that people do on a daily basis, we would know the goodness of humanity.
I would totally marry Hasan Minhaj from the Daily Show tbh
Wow, watched daily show for first time in a decade. If you are brainless to media practices, this is your show.
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Trevor Noah is killin it on the daily show rn
Silents like BROKEN BLOSSOMS (19) show origins of basic flm techniques [cross-cutting] by great Also early "Here's Johnny!". B-
do you guys hate good TV like Outlander! It is a phenomenon. More fans growing daily! Quit being the Kardashian show.
you need a daily/ weekly podcast.I can feel the passion on show especially yesterday 🙌🏽
Not enjoying The Daily Show's treatng Hillary as being as bad as Trump. Grow up. Imperfect isn't same as deluded fascist.
Whose Line is it Anyway, SNL, The Daily Show. If you don't watch them start.
oscar isaac on the daily show with Trevor Noah NEEDS TO HAPPEN SOON
Police Shoot people on a daily basis. The only time the news will show you is when they want to distract you.
'Daily Show,' no Stephen Colbert at the ... - -
.Today's show made the point well that the popular narrative is 1) a fraud and 2) c…
No 'Daily Show,' no at the Is it the year 2000? via
Our latest daily winner contact us here to claim RT&follow to enter the draw. Thanks Guys :) https:…
Let's please show same respect for all the innocent, men, women & children killed daily in war-torn countries 🙏🏻 4 U
When you have faith and believe that God can do the extraordinary, that’s when He will show Himself strong in your life.
Love without condition. Show kindness without expectation. It's the least each of us can do daily to help heal our brok…
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I thought Obama gets all his news from John Stuart on the Daily Show on comedy channel?
Aerosmith's Perry 'doing well' after getting sick at NY show - Chicago Daily Herald
My hubby & I live in Louisiana & would love to meet you or show you around NOLA! Big fans! We listen to the podcast daily.
I will sincerely miss the 2004-era Daily Show correspondents covering the RNC:
"Daily Show and Lady Gaga snubbed by Emmys" well one blows despite all the fake memes and publicity push & the other sings songs
yes they show us almost daily just peaceful they realty R !!
Jon and Tracey Stewart love their pigs. After Jon left the Daily Show he turned his New Jersey farm into a...
So looking forward to seeing more from Jessica Williams. And so missing a strong Daily Show.
Jon Stewart was the Daily Show. They should've ended it when he retired.
"Daily Show" correspondent uncovers why Bernie Sander supporters are now planning to vote for Donald Trump
Samantha Bee show now double the ratings of Daily Show, even though it's more than twice as good.
Jessica Williams is brilliant and deserves better than what the Daily Show has become, this is super exciting!
Sad to see Jessica Williams leave the Daily Show. She has some big things headed her way in the future.
Trevor Noah is pretty hilarious on the Daily Show 😂
'Daily Show' correspondent Jessica Williams is leaving for her own Comedy Central pilot https:…
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Jessica Williams' departure is a blow for Trevor Noah's Daily Show
Three hours together so most was cut. Here's another clip. Fun experience. Btw, Daily Show is a comedy.
Tomorrow night's Daily Show will be the last for via
Hey Alyssa -- in your (excellent!) Daily Show piece, you mentioned Craig Ferguson when you meant Craig Kilborn. Just an FYI
Yall should watch The Daily Show if you don't already.
I sometimes think that the Daily Show just should have ended with Jon Stewart's departure.
wow! :P. All Eyes on Farnborough, and F-35 via
'Go knock someone up in Texas': 'Daily Show' draws criticism with ... -
'Daily Show' celebrates Texas HB2 law overturned, causing the internet to explode with anger
Good on SCOTUS re Texas abortion law. Furore over Daily Show joke ridiculous via
Daily reminder to that is your best show, so we'd love it if you ❤❤❤
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