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The Daily Express is a daily national middle market tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom.

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I prefer open xenophobia of Daily Express over "subtle" xenophobia of Telegraph.
Preaching hate has consequences. I'm looking at you Daily Mail and Daily Express.
Daily Express : Why star’s sudden illness has caused anger: appearance in question
Ross Worner in Daily Express article, currently states "farming shop" but still!
It would be easier to find Lord Lucan than to find some honest journalism in the Daily Express.
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp responds to criticism as pressure mounts ahead of Tottenham (Daily Express)…
People read the Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun & The Star in the UK. They all spout a load of tripe!
This is the kind of action we require to clean up the gutter press. Perhaps the Daily Express will be next:...
Who needs the Daily Mail and Daily Express when you have
Worth noting that Daily Express is not a widely read newspaper, so carries little influence. Be afraid if the Daily…
Well, them, the Times, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger I watched Chelsea against Liverpool and this player stood out (Daily Express)…
Joyrider in lucky escape as car hits water in Dublin | World | News | Daily Express:
making more laws in secret shock investigation finds | Politics | News | Daily Express
(Daily Express):boss Klopp: Only Man United have done this against us..
Marine Le Pen sets out vision to DESTROY EU by leaving euro | World | News | Daily Express
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
(Daily Express):lands role as political commentator on Fox News during..
Titanic WAS NOT sunk by Iceberg – new evidence suggests shock theory to disaster | Science | News | Daily Express
(Daily Express):turn down loan offer from United for Gary Mackay-Steven :..
Cargo plane crashes in Kyrgyzstan leaves more than 37 DEAD, including children | World | News | Daily Express:
End of EU-Ukraine love affair? Kiev and Brussels fall out over visa-free travel | World | News | Daily Express:
American police cautious about dealing with black people, says survey | World | News | Daily Express:
Is the Daily Mirror wanting to influence the Daily Express or have they realised backing Corbyn is a loser?
The Daily Mirror's owner is in talks to buy the Daily Express and Daily Star. Office parties would be a right laugh. https…
LBC host SLAMS caller who says Leavers are 'losers from the north' | UK | News | Daily Express
(Daily Express):police forking out more in compensation payments :..
My Column... on reforms in police department. check out (via Daily Express)
Tottenham Hotspur are preparing a £25m offer for Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha in the January window. [Daily Express]
Daily Express report Tottenham Hotspur will make a new £25m move for Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha.
AC Milan striker Carlos Bacca looks set to become the first of three West Ham signings in January. [Daily Express] htt…
Daily Express: BREAKING: Plane with 91 people on board goes missing
Russian military plane carrying 91 people crashes into Black Sea | World | News | Daily Express:
(Daily Express):World target talks with the over lack of punishment in George..
Brexit news - fishing boss says Britain does not need to stay in EU single market | UK | News | Daily Express
Tycoon Simon Halabi avoids race charge after calling a binman a 'monkey' in row in Mayfair | Daily Express
'EU immigration has Britain at breaking point and Brexit needs to sort it out' | UK | News | Daily Express
Woman fighting for her life after being set on FIRE on the street in Germany | World | News | Daily Express
Migrant crisis: Three quarters of child refugees age tested in Denmark are adults | UK | News | Daily Express
Cool to get images of Yell making the news this week- Daily Mail Scotland, Daily Express and online Daily Re…
Daily Express: BREAKING NEWS on Jordan Henderson 👍. This came out of nowhere!
Nigel Farage urges the media to think about immigration and EU | UK | News | Daily Express
No Jo Cox editorials in The Sun, Daily Mail or Daily Express today (last had Ed Balls on Strictly though)
Theresa May blasts new plot to 'sabotage' Brexit as civil service note surfaces | UK | News | Daily Express
Anger after Daily Express confuses Ireland and Northern Ireland on Brexit tea caddy :: Belfast Telegraph -- Claire……
Pls sign petition - 'Stop advertising in the Daily Express'! Thank you! RT
Barack Obama caught in Greek riots in visit to Athens to meet Alexis Tsipras | World | News | Daily Express
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
John Lewis and Morrisons stop advertising in the Daily Mail and stocking the Daily Express!
Daily Express : Jack Wilshere: This is the reason I had to leave for
Daily Express : star set for January exit: giants expected to make £25m bid
Thomas Mair wasn't radicalised by studying the Qur’an or even Mein Kampf. He was a 'Daily Express' reader.
Jo Cox's murderer, Thomas Mair, was a Daily Express reader. Express, Mail, Sun should be in the dock alongside Mair today. htt…
also unsurprising all positive news results from Daily Express (incognito search).
Daily Express has full confidence in PM Theresa May and her ability to deliver on her promise that Brexit means Brexit, i…
West Ham star reveals all on Liverpool rejection I was devastated (Daily Express)
John Humphrys in heated clash with Keir Starmer over Brexit vote | UK | News | Daily Express
Easyjet emergency as plane declares mayday on flight from London to Edinburgh - Daily Express:.
Daily Express : star Sterling: How Guardiola compares to Pellegrini and ex-boss Rodgers
UK Housing -Britons to live in pre-fab homes after 30,000 council houses given to migrants | UK | Daily Express
Sweden cracksdown on migrant benefits as parents face tough new cap on parental leave | World | News | Daily Express
Migrant crisis sees number of Muslims in Italy rocket from 2,000 to 2 MILLION | World | News | Daily Express
Daily Express : Henrikh Mkhitaryan made to do this by Jose Mourinho after absence…
Daily Express : boss Jose Mourinho should be punished this way, claims former referees’ chief…
Daily Express : Jurgen Klopp: Why it’s wrong to say this about
I hate this man - Tony Blair outlines plan to keep Britain in the EU despite Brexit vote | UK | News | Daily Express
Daily Express : LIVE: v team news, host in action…
Dimwits like you, who think the Daily Express is worth quoting are damaging Scotland's reputation.
Daily Express : Antonio Conte ready to reward midfielder with new contract
(Daily Express):David Davis 'being spied on by 27 member states trying to gain..
Jurgen Klopp How I would rate my first year at Liverpool (Daily Express)
Sturgeon to brand Brexiteers as ’XENOPHOBES’ to stop hard Brexit during SNP conference | UK | News | Daily Express
Nicola Sturgeon accused of 'cheap rabble-rousing' over Brexit | UK | News | Daily Express:
Daily Express : Rooney can’t play midfield for Man Utd or for these two reasons, claims Cascarino…
Islamic State fighters 'slipped back into Britain from Iraq and Syria' | UK | News | Daily Express
Graham Hill, Elena Ferrante, Radio Luxembourg and of course, Bros. my column in tomorrow's Daily Express.
Daily Express said "ms James is standing down and Mr James is odds on favourite to take the leadrship, dont they...
JohnB4 commented on 'Merkel must go' demand furious protesters in Dresden | World | News | Daily Express
Bye-bye single market, bye-bye customs union. My country is now a little nation in the image of the Daily Express.
Britain NEEDS a free trade agreement with the European Union, top Tory Lord Price claims | UK | News | Daily Express ht…
David Benson, the Daily Express motoring correspondent, at the wheel of the new Ford Capri 3000…
After now -> September 2016: When is the Black Moon TONIGHT? | Science | News | Daily Express
Hi! I'm a reporter with the Daily Express newspaper in London, UK. Could u follow me please so I can DM u about crash plse?
Financial CRISIS: Would Deutsche Bank collapse be WORSE than Lehman Brothers in 2008? | Daily Express
Daily Express : Player Ratings: Sanchez off target but Walcott stars again in win over FC Basle…
Tells a lot about Dr Scott when he's defending the Daily Express to the hilt.
News: Richard Branson: Germany should be proud of its migrant policy - it made me cry ... – Daily Express
Today in London: a man making howling noises through a traffic cone at a copy of the Daily Express
BBC presenter Jeremy Paxman takes pills to battles his depression | UK | News | Daily Express:
MERKEL GOTTO GO: More than HALF of Germans fear 'Islamisation' of their country | World | News | Daily Express.
New Ukip leader Diane James claims Theresa May 'can't be trusted with true Brexit' | Politics | News | Daily Express
Mark Carney admits Bank of England was too negative about Brexit | UK | News | Daily Express
Angela Merkel set for ANOTHER election battering THIS WEEKEND as Berlin goes to the polls | Daily Express
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
(Daily Express):Watson made to sweat over Team Ryder Cup spot with one final..
Angela Merkel: German leader's CDU faces poll slump in Berlin at hands of AfD | World | News | Daily Express
Ali Hammuda tells young Muslims it is ‘ACCEPTABE’ to keep sex slaves | UK | News | Daily Express
England boss Sam Allardyce axes Sturridge Alli and Smalling for first World Cup qualifier (Daily Express): a ...
Boris Johnson fan club member. All tropes © and c/o the Daily Express and Daily Mail.
hailed a hero by Wills says 'I can't walk due to NHS failure' | UK | News | Daily Express
Markus Söder: Send back 'impossible to integrate' refugees | World | News | Daily Express
Daily Express headline when he moved from Forest to Man Utd for £200K in 1972: "The Gold-Plated Hyphen".
Tottenham News: Pochettino vows to trust youth if he doesn't sign Zaha | Football | Sport | Daily Express
LOL . Commented on: Camber Sands drowning - three people pulled from sea in East Sussex | UK | News | Daily Express:
Just read an article at the Daily Express and noticed an image of a Royal Thai Police office with a metal...
Dishwasher hacks from cooking to cleaning to make your life a breeze | Life | Life & Style | Daily Express
Sturgeon’s independent Scotland in TATTERS as OIL CURSE continues | UK | News | Daily Express
Fury over SNP plan to grab £100m council tax cash from local authorities | UK | News | Daily Express
Paul Pobga will earn around £275,000 per week when he joins Manchester United. (Daily Express)
Brexit could be delayed until 2020 as EU exit like WW2's 'Phoney War' | Politics | News | Daily Express
spoke to legal department at Daily Express & they will be removing the pic and consider apology
According to Daily Express, Olympic Champion Jade Jones is one of the Great Britain's Top Olympic...
How we can get rid of the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Sun? Very simple: Don't buy it. Don't read it. Don't spread it.
Hannah Murray and Rose Leslie are the favourites for Doctor Who | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Daily Express
PLAYING GOD? Tens of millions spent on huge project to change the WEATHER | Science | News | Daily Express
Andy Coulson predicts Ukip surge if May backslides on Brexit | Politics | News | Daily Express
Who is Tonia Couch? British Olympic diver aims for glory at Rio 2016 | Olympics 2016 | Sport | Daily Express
crisis - rise in number of retired soldiers reporting | UK | News | Daily Express
Labour Party civil war descends into chaos as Owen Smith compared to David Cameron | Politics | News | Daily Express
Daily Express ordered to publish correction by IPSO after distorting migration figures – Press Gazette
Daily Express front page claims its "good news all round" following Brexit - Except for the millions of EU nationals unsure…
Islamic State forced Michael Caine to change his NAME following spate of terror attacks | TV | Daily Express
P'haps you've had a little too much Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express run by those heroic kind billionaires?
Looking forward to the Daily Mail and Daily Express trying to do a feature on imminent snow, if this 30c 'Spanish Plume' arrives.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Brexit: Britain has ten trade deals lined up with economic powerhouses | Politics | News | Daily Express
Still awaiting 17 IPSO adjudications on False Stories in Daily Express & Daily Mail on subject of EU. Both titles mana…
Downton Abbey actress on Mrs Patmore and new show The Catch | Life | Life & Style | Daily Express https:/…
More PROOF of EU shambles: Croatia government COLLAPSES as PM is OUSTED after vote | World | News | Daily Express
Tottenham Hotspur have had a bid in the region of £17million accepted for Vincent Janssen. (Source - Daily Express).
Cameron levitates?: Is the Daily Express trying to be the Onion? UK | News | Daily Express
Manchester United will miss out on Fenerbahce midfielder Ozan Tufan this summer as he opts to stay in Turkey. (Daily Express)
Let me guess, lifted straight from the Daily Express, you guys really love Dicky Desmond and his Asian Babes gentlemans interest.
Sajid Javid tells Today: We re all Brexiteers now | Politics | News | Daily Express:
Juncker: Cameron is to blame for Brexit, not immigration | Politics | News | Daily Express:
EUROZONE IN CRISIS: Italy blames Brexit to try to bend EU rules to secure bailout | World | News | Daily Express:
Remain campaigners Crabb and Javid in bid for Tory leadership | UK | News | Daily Express:
Man City are preparing an official bid for 22-year-old Everton defender John Stones. (Source: Daily Express)
"ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC will reportedly join Manchester United this summer as assistant manager to Jose Mourinho" -Daily Express
Simon Cowell outraged by Yulin Dog Meat festival in China | Nature | News | Daily Express
West Ham and Leicester are on alert as AC Milan have put a £21m valuation on Carlos Bacca. (Source - Daily Express)
Ellie Butler's father 'tortured pet dog' when he was a young boy | UK | News | Daily Express:
Woman raped in flower bed by asylum seekers who were 'having a bad day' | World | News | Daily Express
Cameron red-faced as official says EU will trade with post-Brexit UK | UK | News | Daily Express
Christians forced to hide their religion from abusive Muslim refugees in Germany | World | News | Daily Express https:…
British truck drivers 'stabbed by gangs of migrants' in Calais | World | News | Daily Express
Turkey is rejecting refugee applications for resettlement | World | News | Daily Express
Outrage as ‘Britain caves in and ALLOWS Turkey to join the European Union’ | UK | News | Daily Express
'calciomercato' are not the source. They are quoting the 'Daily Express.'. Badelj/Spurs:.
HERE HERE . . Commented on: Leave campaigner slams Remain over immigration on LBC | UK | News | Daily Express:
Undecided on the EU referendum – SEVEN reasons to vote LEAVE, writes Dan Hannan | Comment | Daily Express...
Micky Flanagan want to know your view | The funniest EU memes | Pictures | Pics | Daily Express
Manchester United boss José Mourinho reportedly sees no future at the club for midfielder Ander Herrera. [Daily Express]
Reece Oxford is ready to sign a new long-term deal at West Ham (Source - Daily Express)
For every UKIP-supporting NHS staff member I could find you two-dozen who believe the opposite. Daily Express...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Leading doctor says remaining in EU will kill of free NHS | UK | News | Daily Express:
(Daily Express):fall into river as road with massive sinkhole : A HUGE..
WATCH: Sudden boom and flash of light in sky leaves thousands terrified' and baffled - Daily Express.
Political Editor of Daily Express not doing a good job of defending its ludicrous headline on Damages Brexit argument, ultimately.
Gordon Brown issues Brexit plea: 'Stay in EU for your kids' futures' | Politics | News | Daily Express
[Daily Express] Picture Special: Arsenal relax in training prior to Premier League clash with Aston Villa
[Daily Express] Pictures: Injury boost for Liverpool as Henderson and Ings train prior to West Brom clash
Regretful: Arlene Phillips and the story of her father's dementia - Daily Express
Video - Australian Senator James Paterson makes passionate case for Brexit | Politics | News | Daily Express
Manchester City will battle PSG and Manchester United for Real Madrid star Toni Kroos. (Daily Express)
UK's biggest EVER gold nugget found off the coast in Wales | UK | News | Daily Express
Daily Express: Exclusive: John Terry meets with Antonio Conte twice to discuss Chelsea future
[Daily Express] Chelsea and Arsenal given huge boosts: Juventus out of deals for star midfielders
[Daily Express] Louis van Gaal makes surprise admission: Man United don't want to spoil West Ham's party
Oligarch’s teen son ‘beat MUM to death after she tried to seduce him' | Daily Express
type "ted cruz god wants him to be president" into google. Various newspapers inc. Daily Express
take note Guys, and it will be multiples of this price if come after as per Daily Express. https:…
Dramatic moment Muslim wife forced to watch ISIS beheading videos by husband is rescued | UK | News | Daily Express
Black student who refused to tip white waitress will STAY at Oxford because of FREE SPEECH |Daily Express
"Daily Express has been forced to backtrack after referring to refugees as 'illegal'": by for https…
Hi Gina! It was in Friday's Daily Express. Not sure if it is online yet. Great show. Congratulations all round.
Play like a pro, eat like a king and relax like a president. Review by
KEY TO ETERNAL LIFE? Someone already born will 'live to 1,000 and immortality IS possible' | | News | Daily
Nigel Farage now MORE trusted than David Cameron on EU, new YouGov poll shows | Politics | News | Daily Express...
Win £50 worth of vouchersvouchers Enter now!
Will Leicester be crowned champions today? Unusual facts you didn't know about the town:.
Is Spring here to stay? Deer pokes his head out of beautiful bluebells.
Can you spot what is wrong with this sentence? Share when you figure out the answer.
There's a word for people like him ...and I think most of us would know what that word is
Judging by speed of Daily Express pulling James Murray article overnight, trigger words are "timeline" & "reconstruction"
"SY officers working on OG ..focus on the theory that Madeleine was taken in a burglary"
Internet left furious as man's 'abusive' prank on girlfriend backfires. Are YOU shocked?.
I think this one is a failure on one point ... Why would his wife book tickets to Syria!
[DAILY EXPRESS]: Fresh agony for the McCanns: THE PORTUGUESE detective who coordinated the failed attempts to...
Praises multiply - every day we care to express them. Offer praise daily! is worthy of all our praises. RT
No endorsement wins an election! Tyson kissing Trumps racist behind shows the brain damage he's suffered! They're both trash.
.a first-hand report of the Calais Jungle fire. Fancy revising your article?
The Daily Express just love a good 'cure' story
well the were thinking with this story. Then they got scared of and pulled it
they declared war on Hitler in 1933. There's a Daily Express front page banner headline with it.
Even China is fed up with EU as official says 'stop interfering' | World | News | Daily Express
no please not Gerry nemesis Mr Smith.
The Daily Express is worried about anti-semitism in the Labour Party
The Daily Express & Daily Star are concerned about antisemitism within Labour... glass houses comes to mind.
Here is pulled story from on Goncalo Amaral . Cache:
Joachim Low favourite to replace Everton boss Roberto Martinez. Magnificent hair so for that alone I'm in.
Horse Racing Tips: 28/04/2016: THE SCOUT is the principal tipster for the Daily Express and Sunday Express, a...
Busy PR day for our members…is hosting BBC News and should be in the Daily Express tomorrow
Blow for the George Osborne as the government miss borrowing target | Politics | News | Daily Express
I thought this kind of thing was the Daily Express's specialty?
EU referendum: Britons 'face TIDAL WAVE of new laws' if we don't leave | UK | News | Daily Express
Chelsea have made the first move to sign Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Javier Pastore. (Source: Daily Express)
West Ham eye shock move for Aston Villa ace to replace striker following bust-up with boss (Daily Express)
IIRC, it was full of setups ("I see Roy Hattersley is TV critic for the Daily Express") but without any punchlines to match.
check out: Javed Chaudhry is so Angry. Relaxe Ch. sb (via Daily Express)
Remote tropical island St Helena is soon to get its own airport | Travel News | Travel | Daily Express
[Daily Express] Revealed: The text Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp sent to his players that had them in hysterics
First notices: Daily Express in 1961 expects "really large sales" for Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.
Can't decide if the Daily Express is trolling David Cameron or trying to help him out!
[Daily Express] Manchester United boss shock: Louis van Gaal set to stay and splash out £80m this summer
Tom Cruise to play drug dealer who was America's best informant | World | News | Daily Express...
[Daily Express] £63m Man Utd target hits out at club ahead of huge match
[Daily Express] Jose Mourinho to Man United: Club have held many meetings with agent over £20m contract
[Daily Express] Chelsea midfielder set for end of season showdown talks amid quit warning
Germany: Asylum seekers who attacked pensioners on train walk free from court. Daily Express http…
Aliens exist: Scientists confirm extraterrestrial life to be found in a decade | Science | Daily Express
Daily Express understand Harry Kane is close to agreeing a new £100,000p/w contract with Tottenham Hotspur.
Daily Express: Harry Kane will turn down interest from Real Madrid and Manchester United to sign a new deal with Tottenham…
(Daily Express):need tax cuts too, warned : NICOLA Sturgeon has come..
Mike Hussey: England to rely on 'destructive' Eoin Morgan at World T20 | Cricket | Sport | Daily Express
[Daily Express] Antonio Conte to Chelsea: Italian agrees deals with the club, announcement expected
(Daily Express):join West Ham and Tottenham in race for Serie A centre-half..
seeks help from Hollywood to wipe out evil Islamic State narrative | World | News | Daily Express
Hyojung Lim: Woman charged with murder of man in south-west London | UK | News | Daily Express
[Daily Express] West Ham's Andy Carroll hails Champions League chasers as 'best' team since his arrival
Thai police arrest Scottish man after bike crash | World | News | Daily Express
Horror as woman in burka 'holding head of child shouts Allahu Akbar' in Russia | World | News | Daily Express
Fancy Osborne telling porkies about . And this appears in The Guardian, not the Daily Mail or Daily Express.
Looks like The Guardian is going with the Daily Express method of political commentary
As the great John Cooper Clarke once said 'You'll never see a nipple in the Daily Express'
Daily Express readership plummets in last 12 months, increases slightly
I'll never forget the Daily Express once ran a story about Paul Sterling but had a picture of Peter Sterling! Oops 🏉
Liverpool officials jet to China to open dialogue over shock summer transfer (Daily Express)
Great praise for Patrick Hennessey by Daily Express: “Step forward the new Michael Palin.”
[Daily Express] Club boss confirms decision close on major Chelsea and Manchester United target
How to get the best deals on flights THIS MONTH for a cheap last minute holiday.
Britons become "unhappy" at mass immigration to their area. The left ignores this,. Ross Clark. .
Manchester United are set to battle Real Madrid for Ricardo Rodriguez. (Source - Daily Express)
The Express and Mail just can't decide what they want migrants to do
I object the the language used in this! It is so racist and disrespects minorities.
err my night express bundle. Daily one i wasnt able to use on 30 jan2016
. For 95% of people it's perfectly fine. But for 50% of people being "trendy" is imperative!
Matt we've talked about this, there are other paper than the Daily Mail and Daily Express. But also polls? GE anyone?
Nevermind Gluten Free...i'm still trying to be trendy.
Going gluten-free has become trendy. But what is gluten and is it actually bad for you?
What chance has that poor kid got in the brain cell department, given her parentage?
Dear explain how this is a problem when we have less than that unemployed and many skill shortages?
That's pleasing. What are you waiting for Russia??
[Daily Express] Revealed: Chelsea arrange head-to-head meetings for two managerial candidates
What is the point being that attractive if you marry a guy who looks like he has been dragged through a hedge?
Just bin it. For the past half an hour has been trying to find anything good that the EU ever did. So fa…
if its priceless then it has no price so where do you get the price of £150.000 from? it cant have a price and be priceless
Diego Simeone has agreed a £9m a year deal to take over at Chelsea from next season. [Daily Express]
Manchester United are up against Real Madrid for Wolfsburg defender Ricardo Rodriguez who is valued at £23M. (Daily Express)
[Daily Express] Scottish League Cup final to return to November
[Daily Express] Louis van Gaal: Man United fans are right - we were f* s***!
[Daily Express] Revealed: Jose Mourinho wants to bring this Belgian ace to Manchester United
Read all about the wonders of the A-Lift in the Daily Express! . We love this treatment and so do our customers!...
Royal Bank of Scotland sued - Fred Goodwin set for a grilling in court | UK | News | Daily Express:
UK Daily Express: 'Brother of Briton murdered during 9/11 attacks calls for inquest to be re-opened' -
Frederick Forsyth: Our way of life is now under threat | Express Comment | Comment | Daily Express
And you will not find any of these profiles covered in The Daily Mail, Sun, Times, or Daily Express. ...
Rémi Garde could walk out on Aston Villa after failing to sign any of his transfer targets. (Source: Daily Express) ht…
New foreign aid row as Britain spends £45m on tax havens in just one year | Politics | News | Daily Express
Top Gear star Richard Hammond wife Mindy column on her fight against the flood | Mindy Hammond | Daily Express
And another 4 stars,this time in the Daily Express: '...with all 4 actors giving fearsomely authentic performances.'
[Daily Express] Manager confirms Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool enquiries for 'next Dele Alli'
[Daily Express] Liverpool weighing up shock swoop for Stoke ace
Daily Express reporters desperate to fill quota of weather stories. In other news, Noel Edmonds starts acting old.
AC Milan will have to pay £20m if they want to sign Belgium midfielder Marouane Fellaini, 28, from Manchester United. (Daily Express)
Daughter continues to idolise her father Himmler and has a shrine of him | Daily Express
Putin preferred uk leader over cameron. Daily Express poll.
[Daily Express] Steven Gerrard cashes in for appearing Down Under in Liverpool legends side
Do the Daily Express have a bet on for how many "killer weather" front page headlines they can publish in a calendar year! Rubbish paper.
big Daily Express reader are you. Bet you love the glossy Princess Diana supplements.
[Daily Express] Liverpool urged to take 'gamble' and sign Real Madrid starlet
Pathankot Airbase Mystery after 45 hrs. Fragile Peace Talks should not be derailed in any case. (via Daily Express)
Child 'glued to toilet seat' in Exeter McDonald's | UK | News | Daily Express:
Could archaeologists' discovery of '800-year-old mobile phone' prove time travel is real? | Science | Daily Express
Highland home which belonged to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page up in flames | UK | News | Daily Express
Eagles of Death Metal launch music campaign to raise money for Paris attack victims | World | News | Daily Express:
David Walliams: Watching Monty Python made me want to get back to doing pure comedy | Daily Express
EU blows £210million on FAILED scheme for jobless | Politics | News | Daily Express
Guy next to me is reading the Daily Express... It has an Ann Widdecombe PAGE. A whole freakin' page!
when Ann widdecombe asked that in the Daily Express she was deluged with small squares of embroidered lawn
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rangers legend John Greig in row with neighbours | UK | News | Daily Express:
Edinson Cavani is being lined up by Manchester United as part of their summer spending plans. (Source: Daily Express)
Daily Express: Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has named Paul Scholes as the best player he's ever watched.
javed ch PRO of malik Riaz justifying his salary . check out (via Daily Express)
Chelsea and Man City are ready to challenge United for the signature of Neymar next summer. (Source: Daily Express) htt…
'Martina Cole at her best' Even in Daily Express list of best crime and thriller novels of the season
[Daily Express] Fantasy Football: Why you must have this Arsenal star, Everton ace and Manchester City man
Me on the Daily Express battle to get Britain out of the EU,five years after it began
[Daily Express] Picture Special: Rooney and Van Gaal discuss tactics ahead of Man Utd's clash with PSV
[Daily Express] Paul Lambert pulls Blackburn in for Sunday training with fitness the Championship key
More than 3,000 Islamist extremists in UK being monitored by MI5 | UK | News | Daily Express
I wish people would accept my autistic nephew for who he is, says Gethin Jones | Life | Life & Style | Daily Express http…
[Daily Express] Revealed: Which Premier League side has the best shot conversion rate so far this term?
On Armistice Day, read my article in the Daily Express on the heroics of Private George Peachment VC
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