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The Daily Caller is a news website based in Washington, D.C., United States, with a focus on politics, original reporting and breaking news, founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Bedford is a partisan working 4 Daily Caller which makes his take nothing but a s…
ah right my dude your work for Daily Caller, Town Hall, Wash Examiner is all a fiction. my…
Even the Daily Caller is calling out Ted Cruz for his lie on Sandy relief! 😳
Folks, this is right-wing Daily Caller throwin' in the towel. Manafort will bring Trump's playhouse down!
Tucker Carlson's "Daily Caller" made this video about running people over with cars. via
This is why RW media *** RS won't say it was conservative Daily Caller that went after Trump's 11-year-old son.
NOTES: When George Webb references "Luke" repeatedly here, he's talking about the Daily Caller.
and The delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests
What kind of monsters are these people/websites? ==> .
Fox News and the Daily Caller inciting violence. Daily Caller is redirecting to a newer article and Fox removed the…
"Lawmakers in several states have proposed laws intended to ease the liability for drivers who hit protesters"
Fox News and the Daily Caller posted a video instructing right-wingers how to mow down "liberal protesters"
People in that crowd on Saturday should sue Fox "news" and daily caller for inciting the violence.
Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests via
In Jan. 2017, Daily Caller published a supercut glorifying people running down protesters with cars. . In case they delete i…
You're not gonna believe this, but Chuck Johnson and a Daily Caller guy who goes on Hannity falsely accused a "communi…
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In other Daily Caller news, that whole lie about the Clinton staffer being murdered over secrets...sorry, can't bel…
Meanwhile, the Daily Caller and IJR are in a blood feud over their cutest dog contests
Tucker Carlson's 'Daily Caller' & the right-wing wack-jobs at Breitbart are TERRIFIED of Kamala Harris. So, the bli…
It's bs - they're just drawing a conclusion based on an article on daily caller from mid January
But The Daily Caller suited his rhetoric so guessing it was "real". 😅
More evidence of the great job is doing to - starting to staunch the flow of illegals.
Coming from politico, surprising that it shows the fact that is indeed in spite of
The Daily Caller is owned by Tucker Carlson. Employs Jerome Corsi of InfoWars/Prison Planet/Alex Jones.
Daily Caller?? Lol,, means they called their Rwing base. 40% of trump voters believe
The Daily Caller - Posts | A majority of American voters approve of
Basically, Trump's legal team read a mid-January Daily Caller article about Fusion GPS and decided to make it The. Worst.…
Justice Thomas Calls Out The Supreme Court for not supporting the Second Amendment |The Daily Caller
And the Daily Caller with specific facts about the case that the NYT…
You look at the messager NOT the message. Carried by the Telegraph, Daily Caller, Newsweek and others...
Fox News and Daily Caller retract stories on Seth Rich/Wikileaks conspiracy
32. Foster Friess, Santorums billionaire donors who basically funded the Daily Caller to the tune of 3 million
Um... no, as the Daily Caller article clearly says, he was telling Reince Priebus, a Tr…
Just a reminder:. The "Daily Caller" is a front group masquerading as a media outlet. has the goods:
poor chance perhaps you should get out more. Joe Walsh said it. margaret hoover and the Daily Caller both…
John Podesta slaps the Daily Caller with a cease-and-desist letter after a report on his Russian investments
little does she realize that three hours ago the Daily Caller published "Flashback: Barack Obama Allegedly Wiretapped A…
u follow me and u see how these trolls harass me w racist talking points. They often link Daily Caller.
Daily Caller founded by Tucker Carlson. Glad their not biased!
If you want to call out fake news, where is Fox News? Breitfart? Daily Caller? All that right-wing drivel for right-wing drips?
LBC host SLAMS caller who says Leavers are 'losers from the north' | UK | News | Daily Express
Yeah, I'm not reading Breitbart, Newsmax, InfoWars, or Daily Caller, either. Legit sources only.
Also called her "arbiter of news" which is absurd, but I guess what's really absurd is paying any attention to the Daily Caller
Daily Caller says Campbell Brown has a "history of holding an anti-conservative bias," which is absurd.…
a whole new batch of Trump trolls suddenly appear -- lots of fakes and eggs. Seem to be associated with The Daily Caller…
"Known for his wit and engaging social commentary, [his] words have been quoted by others for decades.". Daily Caller https:…
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Daily Caller reports: Paul Joseph Watson "Blowing Stephen Bannon was greatest privilege of my life"
Anti Trump liberal Jamie Weinstein of the Daily Caller attacks Chuck Johnson of GotNews, Alex Jones wasn't the...
"Daily Caller": Art Laffer says Britain leaving EU is another signal that will become president.
So good: A quick list of the nefarious influences within 1,000 feet of the Daily Caller.
Why did Daily Caller give editor power when he clearly doesn't give half a crap about that company, or about journalism?
I report fairly on all the presidential candidates. All my Daily Caller articles can be accessed through this link:
Your paycheck will feel the BERN according to Tax Foundation/Daily Caller
Daily Caller is like Conservative Buzzfeed but it is real -.-
Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) Analyst Day provided analysts with a lot to be positive about. - Daily Caller
Let me guess Free Beacon, Daily Caller and the Berniebot echo chamber, coupled with a real ignorance?
I may believe some of this but she in no way has ties.Daily Caller is RW news
Why don't the just tell us what isn't it will save time. The Daily Caller
If you want to say the media created Trump, better name 'em: Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, Daily Caller, The Blaze,etc. Pa…
How can anyone read, let alone take seriously, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller? Garbage in, garbage out
don't send me stuff from the daily caller...RW trash rag
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Nothing against you, but I trust Daily Caller as much as I can lift a planet (only my character Solamaine can do that).
damning report on Clinton backers funding Chris Matthews' wife's campaign (it is the Daily Caller …
Daily Caller buried the lede: the tears were OF JOY.
Daily Caller: Obama to Visit Mosque with 'Deep Extremist Ties' - Fox Nation--We'll see more of this-HE'S MUSLIM!!
.is a good one. There is a good one at Daily Caller and one at Legal Insurrection I believe.
Huck may come out of this thing with a sweet Daily Caller freelance gig.
Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller thinks he's Super Cute! 😂😂😂. Even Mika found that awkward!
a daily caller reporter? Seriously? What a conservative hack. Latinos vote on issues, not looks. Should the be called?
Matt Lewis from the Daily Caller has a huge man-crush on Marco Rubio right now on
Happening now: the 1st of our daily Good Morning Washington $700 giveaway. Watch right now & be the 7th caller!!
in are types that quote and farther( fr Daily Caller to A Jones ) as "reliable sources"
.do your guests from Daily Caller arrive on Big Wheels? I didn't photoshop the below photo
I hate to link to Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, but this snippet from his career says it all about Uncle Don Lemon:
I'll be in DC & happy to buy roughed up Daily Caller boys a drink or two.
Chuck C. Johnson is a moron that worked for the moronic Daily Caller which was founded by the moronic Tucker Carlson. Any questions?
you should have told him you worked for the Daily Caller, meaning you're not actually a real reporter.
Never trust a guy in a bow tie. That's all I have to say. Tucker Carlson’s DAILY CALLER’s DISGUSTING POST
oh my, I had totally not seen the Daily Caller story till right now.
something in the water over at Daily Caller i think.
fwiw Looks like Daily Caller's sean medlock is having short arm meltdown over - sad little guy.
Good-bye Daily Caller! Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson acknowledges that his publication will not allowed criticism of Fox News. Boo
NJ Sen. Robert Menendez indicted; Sorry, Daily Caller, no underage hookers this time
Another story you won't find on Fox, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, The Blaze or *** Limbaugh. Religion ***
This, after he bragged the Daily Caller "won't suck up to people."
Tucker Carlson: Daily Caller not allowed to criticize Fox via
I would not trust Greg Kelly or his dad near a baby. Woman Who Accused TV Anchor Of Rape Speaks Out |The Daily Caller
Chris Hayes: The Daily Caller's sexist, "odious" emails provide "a view into the world of Tucker Carlson"
Mickey Kaus quits Daily Caller over having a story critical of Fox News spiked…:
The Hill publication in the class of Breitbart,Daily Caller,John Birch American Standard.These fly by operations sell very well in the South
Judging by that, the Daily Caller must think it's really making swell progress with Jones' piece :/
Breast Cancer Awareness
(Daily Caller) - Republican Governor Chris Christie is hitting back at critics who are calling him a bully after the governor told a heckler to shut up and sit down. A heckler attempted to shout down the governor at a speech last week when a tense exchange occurred. Critics charge that Christie’s harsh demeanor will not ...
Last night, birth control fiend Sandra Fluke lost her bid for a seat in the California state Senate, reports the Daily Caller: Sandra Fluke was facing off against another Democrat, Ben Allen, who is a board member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The women’s rights activist…
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