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The Daily Caller is a news website based in Washington, D.C., United States, with a focus on politics, original reporting and breaking news, founded by journalist and political pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

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Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) Analyst Day provided analysts with a lot to be positive about. - Daily Caller
Let me guess Free Beacon, Daily Caller and the Berniebot echo chamber, coupled with a real ignorance?
I may believe some of this but she in no way has ties.Daily Caller is RW news
Why don't the just tell us what isn't it will save time. The Daily Caller
If you want to say the media created Trump, better name 'em: Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge, Daily Caller, The Blaze,etc. Pa…
How can anyone read, let alone take seriously, Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller? Garbage in, garbage out
don't send me stuff from the daily caller...RW trash rag
Nothing against you, but I trust Daily Caller as much as I can lift a planet (only my character Solamaine can do that).
damning report on Clinton backers funding Chris Matthews' wife's campaign (it is the Daily Caller …
Daily Caller buried the lede: the tears were OF JOY.
Daily Caller: Obama to Visit Mosque with 'Deep Extremist Ties' - Fox Nation--We'll see more of this-HE'S MUSLIM!!
.is a good one. There is a good one at Daily Caller and one at Legal Insurrection I believe.
Huck may come out of this thing with a sweet Daily Caller freelance gig.
Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller thinks he's Super Cute! 😂😂😂. Even Mika found that awkward!
a daily caller reporter? Seriously? What a conservative hack. Latinos vote on issues, not looks. Should the be called?
Matt Lewis from the Daily Caller has a huge man-crush on Marco Rubio right now on
Happening now: the 1st of our daily Good Morning Washington $700 giveaway. Watch right now & be the 7th caller!!
in are types that quote and farther( fr Daily Caller to A Jones ) as "reliable sources"
.do your guests from Daily Caller arrive on Big Wheels? I didn't photoshop the below photo
I hate to link to Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, but this snippet from his career says it all about Uncle Don Lemon:
I'll be in DC & happy to buy roughed up Daily Caller boys a drink or two.
Chuck C. Johnson is a moron that worked for the moronic Daily Caller which was founded by the moronic Tucker Carlson. Any questions?
you should have told him you worked for the Daily Caller, meaning you're not actually a real reporter.
Never trust a guy in a bow tie. That's all I have to say. Tucker Carlson’s DAILY CALLER’s DISGUSTING POST
oh my, I had totally not seen the Daily Caller story till right now.
something in the water over at Daily Caller i think.
fwiw Looks like Daily Caller's sean medlock is having short arm meltdown over - sad little guy.
Good-bye Daily Caller! Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson acknowledges that his publication will not allowed criticism of Fox News. Boo
NJ Sen. Robert Menendez indicted; Sorry, Daily Caller, no underage hookers this time
Another story you won't find on Fox, Breitbart, The Daily Caller, The Blaze or *** Limbaugh. Religion ***
This, after he bragged the Daily Caller "won't suck up to people."
Tucker Carlson: Daily Caller not allowed to criticize Fox via
I would not trust Greg Kelly or his dad near a baby. Woman Who Accused TV Anchor Of Rape Speaks Out |The Daily Caller
Chris Hayes: The Daily Caller's sexist, "odious" emails provide "a view into the world of Tucker Carlson"
Mickey Kaus quits Daily Caller over having a story critical of Fox News spiked…:
The Hill publication in the class of Breitbart,Daily Caller,John Birch American Standard.These fly by operations sell very well in the South
Judging by that, the Daily Caller must think it's really making swell progress with Jones' piece :/
(Daily Caller) - Republican Governor Chris Christie is hitting back at critics who are calling him a bully after the governor told a heckler to shut up and sit down. A heckler attempted to shout down the governor at a speech last week when a tense exchange occurred. Critics charge that Christie’s harsh demeanor will not ...
Last night, birth control fiend Sandra Fluke lost her bid for a seat in the California state Senate, reports the Daily Caller: Sandra Fluke was facing off against another Democrat, Ben Allen, who is a board member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District. The women’s rights activist…
Chamber of Commerce to oppose Tea Party in primaries - Daily Caller
A Red Sox fan defends Jeter - my latest column for the Daily Caller
By Jason Howerton President Barack Obama caught some heat from his critics on Tuesday after he returned a formal military salute holding a coffee cup in his saluting hand. While some argued it was no big deal, the Daily Caller noted that a Marine Corps manual states a person should not salute while “carrying articles with both hands or being otherwise so occupied as to make saluting impractical.” Watch the video of Obama’s coffee cup salute as he exits his Marine Corps helicopter in New York before the United Nations General Assembly: Many of the commenters on the White House’s Instagram page were not kind. “Oh my …read more Source: The Blaze
Interesting read. Thats all i have to say about that!! In the National Football League, some commentators are starting, are beginning to catch up to your host in realizing/recognizing what's going on. We have audio sound bites and documentation coming up. If you're looking for evidence that we have lost the country, and you still are on the ledge about this, you don't know which way to go, let me throw a story at you. In San Francisco: "Ninth Circuit Affirms That It’s Illegal to Wear American Flag Shirts on Cinco De Mayo." It is against the law in the United States of America to wear American flag shirts on Cinco De Mayo. The story comes from the Daily Caller. "It's official: the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued an order declining a request for an en banc hearing in a case involving four students in at a California high school who were sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. "The full slate of Ninth Circuit judges has thus agreed with a lower district court and with .. ...
Foster Friess funded the Daily Caller. He also funded the National Blogger's Club, full of wanna-bes.
Some of the comments on Daily Caller piece on Cruz and the ME Christians are despair-inducing:
Email Reveals Lois Lerner Ignored Political Expenditures By Unions - Daily Caller . . The official at the center of the Internal Revenue Service Tea Party scandal once dismissed complaints that lab...
Dying at the Daily Caller tilting at the windmills of Peter Singer and Cornel West though
July 18, 2014 - If you never thought you'd hear these words, you may want to prepare your fainting couch: During Friday's edition of Real Time, Bill Maher agreed with a senior editor from conservative website The Daily Caller. Not only that, but his audience applauded the conservative writer on multiple occasions. While disagreeing on several other issues during the program, Daily Caller senior editor Jamie Weinstein and Maher found themselves in-sync over the justifications for the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip as well as who's to blame for the civilian deaths incurred by the Palestinians.
Can't wait for the Daily Caller to write a piece about how this decision shows that LeBron is a conservative with family values.
The explosive allegations that the Cuban government was behind claims that Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) had sex with underage prostitutes may be most directly tied to the Daily Caller, but the saga touches a handful of conservative journalists who now find themselves at different outlets.
Cuban spy was Daily Caller's source 4 failed prostitution smear of Sen Bob Menendez. Is a Cuban commie agent or just a dupe?
How the Daily Caller published the false Bob Menendez prostitution story and got away with it:
Dem Sen. Bob Menendez wants probe into Cuban conspiracy to smear him through the Daily Caller via
That awkward moment when the Daily Caller smears Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez and ends up helping Cuban communists:
The Obama family is turning out to be the most expensive in presidential history. Barack Obama has become the most well-traveled president in American history, taking 31 trips and spending 119 days overseas since becoming president. Then we have the family vacations. According to the Daily Caller: “In 2010, Obama flew aboard Air Force One 172 times, nearly every other day. Just the cost of flying aboard Air Force One to Obama’s hometown of Chicago reportedly hovers around $180,000 per hour. In 2013 alone, Obama incurred over $7 million in flight expenses for his family vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as a trip to California to appear on the Jay Leno show.” In total, the Obamas have spent over $44 million in taxpayer money on travel since 2009. Read more:
Rand Paul slams NSA at CPAC: What you do on your cell phone is none of their ... - Daily Caller
I just watched your exchange with Bob Beckel via the Daily Caller. You are now my hero. :)
Via Daily Caller: Vice President Joe Biden inadvertently offered U.S. citizenship to thousands, or even tens of thousands, of illegal immigrants from Central America — even though he was trying to persuade them to not cross the border. “We’re going to hold hearings with our judges consistent with in…
"Illegal alien kids are the best that we have." That's in the Daily Caller, three days ago. Valerie Jarrett said this to Walter Isaacson at the Aspen Institute. Obama just yesterday says DREAM kids are the future. Why? Because they don't know anything about American history. They don't have to be deprogrammed. They willingly accept speech restrictions. They'll willingly accept jobs Obama plugs them into. They will be totally obedient. They will owe their existence to the Regime. So Valerie Jarrett, Obama, they're telling us exactly. What else could it mean? What administration talked like this before? What administration praises the children of foreign countries and says they are the future of this country? It doesn't ever happen, hasn't ever happened. What about the kids that are growing up here, born here? What about American kids? Why aren't they the future? Well, there's an answer. They're not the future because they're not sure we can count on 'em. They might rebel. They might not go ...
DO THE LIES NEVER END ? Just an update on the Bravo Sierra from the White House.. All told with the straight face of sociopaths.. Honest, I'm telling the truth. Top 8 lies about Bergdahl from the White House Written by Allen West on June 11, 2014 Who’s on first? I’m quite sure ya’ll have seen the famous Abbott and Costello sketch — to this day, it’s still quite hilarious. Well, comedic skits are fine for humor but troubling when it relates to the modus operandi of the Obama administration — supposedly the most transparent administration in our history. The White House had previously stated that it was Secretary of Defense Hagel who approved the release of the now infamous Taliban Five. Then today in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Hagel said it was the commander-in-chief, President Obama. Who’s on first? And so I found it quite appropriate that the Daily Caller has produced the “Top 8 White House Lies” regarding the case of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, compiled by Jo ...
On Friday, the Daily Caller released a poll that showed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's (R-VA) lead over Tea Party-backed challenger Dave Brat in the Republican primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District has dropped to only 13 points just days before the June 10 election. The poll, conduct…
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The father of the U.S. soldier released in a prisoner swap with the Taliban in Afghanistan on Saturday ended a White House news conference praising Allah with the most frequently used phrase in the Quran and questions continue to build over the wisdom – and legality – of the trade. bergdahls0601 Photo: CNN Appearing with President Obama in a brief Rose Garden event, Robert Bergdahl, the father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, recited “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahm,” according to the Daily Caller. In English, that means, “In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate.” When he finished reciting, the president hugged him. Bergdahl’s words echoed the Taliban’s official reaction to the prisoner swap. In a statement, the group that has been at war with the United States since 2001 announced that five of its members who had been held at the American prison at Guantanamo Bay prison had been released, “due to the benevolence of Allah Almighty and the sacrifices of the heroic and courageous Mu ...
llinois Pays out $12 Million in Bogus Medicaid Benefits – Wait Till the Full Force of Obamacare is Implemented the poor health care outcomes involving Medicaid covered individuals along with waste and mismanagement in the Georgia Medicaid program were highlighted as examples of why Medicaid expansion under Obamacare is not a solution to addressing the health care needs of the uninsured or under-insured. The article indicated that, along with Georgia, other state Medicaid programs are filled with the same problems riddling this federally-funded “state” health insurance coverage program. In fact, it was reported by the Daily Caller that the State of Illinois paid out $12 million in Medicaid benefits over the past two years on covered individuals who were, in fact, dead. According to a state audit, the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services maintained 8,232 dead individuals on the Medicaid eligibility roll that were receiving benefits. Per-month premiums were paid by the state at a cost of $ ...
Kevin Trudeau gets 10 years in prison for conning customers - Daily Caller
A picture really is worth a thousand words. Just look at the expression on the face of MSNBC's Touré Neblett when the son of Martin Luther King Jr. says black people should engage with the Tea Party. Brendan Bordelon of the Daily Caller sets the scene... King appeared Friday on MSNBC’s
By iteap Daily Caller - Federal Election Commission Chairman Lee E. Goodman warned that the federal government — including some officials in his office — may soon move to clamp down on conservative media. “I think that there are impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions of conservative publishers,” Goodman told Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. At threat, in Goodman’s estimation, is the media’s exemption from federal election laws governing political organizations like PACs. Many in government want to curtail the ability of all news outlets to endorse and promote candidates and issues without any limits …read more Source: Illinois Tea Party
By iteap Daily Caller - Top Republican lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee blasted the White House Tuesday for keeping details from the American public about the executive actions that it plans to force through on the climate change front “in an attempt to continue advancing an agenda” against fossil fuels. “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” according to a White House report released Tuesday about the impact of climate change. The report includes data from thirteen agencies and was promoted Monday by Obama counselor John Podesta, who said that the report will help …read more Source: Illinois Tea Party
California Congressional Rep Barbara Lee, Are We Still On-Track for Them 8.8 Million New Jobs by 2017??? On Friday I wrote here that according to the Dept of Labor--Bureau of Labor Statistics, Obamanomics liberated 806,000 from the workforce in April. (Daily Caller) Rep Barbara Lee has expressed sup…
OK.. I have had enough of Sean Hannity...he has jumped on the Clippers Bandwagon too and I am so sick of hearing this crap I want to vomit. I am down to reading the Daily Caller, Freedom Works, Drudge, Brietbart and The Blaze.
Jimmy Fallon mocks Hillary Clinton for dressing like a man - Daily Caller: Daily CallerJimmy Fallon mocks Hill...
Here’s the latest rightwing freakout that doesn’t involve cows: Sharp-eyed observers noticed a couple of Soviet propaganda posters in the background of a photo of White House press secretary Jay Carney’s kitchen that ran in a fluff piece for Washingtonian Magazine. Reaction was swift: Barack Obama is surrounded by communists who live in nice houses. Eric Owens at Daily Caller describes the photo of the Carneys’ “dacha” as showing a “vast spread of fruits, meat and breads of all kinds…fit for an extended family of Slavic monarchs.” Jeff Allen at Matt Barber’s
Poker News: Poker star sued for counting cards and winning millions - Daily Caller
Newly discovered emails provide evidence that Representative Elijah Cummings, who is the ranking minority member of the House Oversight Committee, actively colluded with Lois Lerner and the IRS to target conservative groups. Full story on the Daily Caller
(Daily Caller) – Attorney General Eric Holder exploded at Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert during a House hearing Tuesday. In the midst of questions about the Justice Department’s failure to divulge documents about the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial, Gohmert made a side comment about h...
" Why Ted Cruz's speech at Liberty University should concern Rand Paul - Daily Caller " -
(Daily Caller) – As part of its plan to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the Obama administration is targeting the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions in their operations. This comes despite falling methane emission levels across the economy since 1990. The White House has proposed cutti...
Sometime soon, you may not be hearing the following six words in a row: “White House Press Secretary Jay Carney…” That’s because -- according to my reliable sources -- Mr. Carney will resign in the spring. This comes on the heels of a Daily Caller report three days...
(Daily Caller) – Piers Morgan couldn’t leave quietly. At the end of the final episode of “Piers Morgan Live” Friday, the CNN host known for his militant anti-gun agenda signed off with one last screed about what he sees as America’s “absurd gun laws.” “The scourge of gun violence is a disease that n...
Bitter white liberals urge University of Minnesota to rescind Condi Rice ... - Daily Caller -
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