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Dahntay Jones

Dahntay Lavall Jones (born December 27, 1980 in Trenton, New Jersey) is an American professional basketball player, currently playing for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

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Thunder need Beverly and dahntay jones and just let them play defense against warriors and let incidents happen 😂
agreed! Let's see how the season unfolds. This could be like the Dahntay Jones move 2.0
He is sort of a younger version of Dahntay Jones with some good post moves.
Okay, but - why is Redick there instead of Dahntay Jones?
Dahntay Jones 😭😭😭 Mo cudve been the backup yall begging for but yall cut him. And yall didn't even play Mosgov!
We lost Delly, Mo, Dahntay Jones, and Mozgof.. All of our backup ball handlers and our ONLY rim protector...
No he didn't. That roster had people who didn't play. Lol. Dahntay Jones played in like 5 games.
I feel that way often too 😭last year with dahntay jones or whatever his name is. Even though he hardly played
Dahntay Jones gives great perspective on LeBron James asking for roster help, the Cavs' title run and some issues f…
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Dahntay Jones came in Game 6, HUGE minutes in the first half. That's what Bron's talking about.
I wish you told story to kids of leaving team dinner to do 40min cardio the night before historic game 7
Listen to 2016 NBA Champion talk with me on and give us background on that series win
Good Time today at "Hard 2 Guard Radio". Got to talk with Hen Roc today who was our in house guest and had Former...
They missing J.R Smith who played a major role. Plus Dahntay Jones was there last year which help defensively
remember we don't get to watch Kobe be great because Dahntay Jones
hey BC bring your scooter to Baton Rouge. I will be your enforcer, the Big Cat to your Dahntay Jones
Jordan McRae just flushed a dunk all over Bismack Biyombo, harming his manhood worse that Dahntay Jones did in the ECF, I'd imag…
LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, Richard Jefferson and Dahntay Jones were there, but they missed this!.
Dahntay Jones, Boris Diaw, Delfino, Kendrick Perkins, Barbosa, Josh Howard who fell off a cliff but was good, Steve Blake, Zaza, Bogans, etc
Cavaliers release Dahntay Jones two days before $1.5 million contract for the season becomes ... -
The Cavs have waived Dahntay Jones. Never forget him scoring 5 points in 5 minutes in Game 6 of the finals
LeBron just thanked Jordan McRae and Dahntay Jones in front of a million people, but people will still push a "selfish" narrative
S/O to everyone on the bench man. Sasha Khan, Dahntay Jones, & Jordan McRae. Y'all contributed in the locker room & on the practice court.
Dahntay Jones salary for this season is $8,800, which is less than some tickets to this game.
TMZ confirms that Dahntay Jones will be playing Richard Jefferson in the upcoming Richard Jefferson biopic, directed by Brett Ratner
In honor of Dahntay Jones we gotta bless the TL with this one time
When it all began: Draymond Green vs Dahntay Jones
Dahntay Jones is a Jersey kid as well. JERSEY
S/O Dahntay Jones 💯 You never know when you will get your minutes but always be prepared 🏀💪🏾 he showing up in the finals off the bench
Incase anyone forgot why we ever signed Dahntay Jones in the first place
Kevin Love last 36 mins = 3 pts. Dahntay Jones last 36 secs = 5 pts
JUST as we all expected, Dahntay Jones helps re-extend lead over to 16 at the half.
I thought Dahntay Jones mopped the floors after the game
When I said Lue should switch up his rotations, I didn't have Dahntay Jones in mind.
I agree. He SHOULD have been suspended for the Adams kick, esp w it coming on the heels of Dahntay Jones' punishment
yeah but why is Dahntay Jones up there lmao
The Cavs could have used Ray Allen in this series.. at least more than Dahntay Jones lol
James Jones, Dahntay Jones, Mozgov all in the game... OK the Cavs are giving up.
Is it wrong for me to want Dahntay Jones to guard Curry at one point?
has such S double standards. Don't suspend Dahntay Jones for 1 kick it can do it multiple times
Never been one to be a homer when talking sports. With that being said, since Dahntay Jones was suspended, Draymond Green should be too.
LeBron James will cover Dahntay Jones' fine from the NBA. No worries, it's only $80
If y'all suspend Dahntay Jones, then y'all gotta suspend Draymond too, the NBA basically backed themselves in a corner🤔
LeBron has volunteered to "take care" of Dahntay Jones' lost salary from his suspension. That lost salary: $80.17 .
Dahntay Jones is on a group text this morning with Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy and they're all blaming Biyombo's balls for asking for it
Dahntay Jones got a 1-game suspension for this...What will Draymond Get? 🤔
The heck with Dahntay Jones. Jason Terry Michael Finley. DeJuan Blair-Tiago Splitter. Draymond has to sit in G4
No, but Dahntay Jones definitely should. Maybe give Sasha Kaun a game, too, for good measure.
And a reminder, Dahntay Jones just got suspended for a hit the groin of Biyombo. I'm assuming that because it's Draymond…
It's easy to sit Dahntay Jones for a game. Does the NBA have the, uh, stones to suspend Draymond Green for Game 4?
Dahntay Jones been to the Chris Paul school of sportsmanship I see.
Dahntay Jones is a team player. He figured this was the only way to get Sasha Kaun playoff minutes.
Dahntay Jones in the past has been called dirty player by Daniel Gibson, Kobe Bryant & 2 players in last three years have asked for reviews
New least favorite player in the league is Danny Green. Following in the footsteps of greats like Josh Childress and Dahntay Jones
Damon Jones and Dahntay Jones be doin the most man lol
Dahntay Jones dunks on Nick Vanderlaan then does pushups! (Vine by NCAA Best Dunks)
Reggie Miller really wants Marv Albert to acknowledge that he called the Dahntay Jones three lol
Byron Scott and Boobie Gibson had a lot to say about Dahntay Jones being a dirty player
How much has the Clippers roster improved from last year? . We turned Hedo Turkoglu and Dahntay Jones into Jeff Green and Wes Johnson.
Yo... We need Ruben Patterson, Shane Battier, Dahntay Jones, Ray Allen @ the game Who else did Kobe give all the buckets? Ronnie Brewer..
hard disagree. If you're playing Dahntay Jones/Turkoglu meaningful minutes in a game 7-guys in the last season of their careers
Dahntay Jones dunks on defender, does push-ups on top of him...😂😭😫
Dahntay Jones not only dunks ALL OVER the defender...he then proceeds to do push-ups on top of...
I had a Kobe Dahntay Jones flash back
Ive seen my son Majer smile 3 times in his whole entire life. and getting this t-shirt from Dahntay Jones is...
NBA D-League might need an age limit. Dahntay Jones 35yrs old, I know it's another young man out there that deserves the opportunity.
TD said Dahntay Jones should retire after making the Top 10 plays because that's the only thing he has going for him in his career. 😂
Dahntay Jones this player who dunks ?
Dahntay Jones talks about his record-setting scoring night for
Experience is key. Dahntay Jones, the elder statesman of the team, set a franchise record with 45 points in the...
Dahntay Jones posted a season high 45 points on 16-28 FGs and 12-14 FTs for Grand Rapids
Dahntay Jones sets scoring record in Drive's home finale
Dahntay Jones sets team record but fall in home finale. Story:
Dahntay Jones (sets a new single-game scoring mark with 45 points tonight in a loss to Raptors 905.
Dahntay Jones tied the franchise record for points w 43 for the with 1:54 left to go in the 4Q vs in
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Dahntay Jones might be 35 but he just boomed on 7'5 Sim Bhullar! (h/t
Nuggets had "thug life" in full effect back when the team consisted of Melo, Iverson, JR, K-Mart, Birdman, Dahntay Jones, etc. Throwback lol
I remember hating Dahntay Jones and Shane Battier. K recruits punks of all colors.
Christian Laettner, Greg Paulus, JJ Redick, Cherokee Parks, Grayson Allen or Dahntay Jones. Duke has more dirty players than anyone.
I had a dream i gathered up Raja Bell Chris Childs and Dahntay Jones to a fake meeting and killed them for Bean
35 y/o Dahntay Jones playing for Grand Rapids, just had a nice block on Dakari Johnson. He is what he is, but clear he's in good shape.
It's sad that clippers bench last year with Austin Rivers, Jamal, Dahntay Jones, Big Baby, and Spencer Hawes is better than this year
Good God no. Just a Rutgers fan still aching at missing out on Jay Williams and the Dahntay Jones transfer.
You can't do that w/o talking about that roster.. also had Dahntay Jones
sometimes u just need a little Dahntay Jones in your life
Carlos Boozer, Dahntay Jones, Jason Maxiell, Dan Granger, Sam Dalembrert and Reginald Evans.. All toast in the
lmfao check out Dahntay Jones dynamic
Brooklyn Nets have waived Justin Harper and Dahntay Jones, the team announced.
Nets announce they've waived Justin Harper and Dahntay Jones. Willie Reed makes the team. Roster now stands at 15. No mor…
I didn't think Dahntay Jones was making the team from the beginning. Liked Justin Harper game tho. Does this complete the cuts?
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fun fact. Neither you nor Dahntay Jones are on an NBA roster.
SF Dahntay Jones has been waived by the Brooklyn Nets.
man Lionel Hollins out here hurting Dahntay Jones
The Brooklyn Nets have waived guard Dahntay Jones and forward Justin Harper to trim roster to 15 players, the team has …
The announce they have waived Dahntay Jones and Justin Harper.
Nets waive Jones, Harper to get roster to 15: NEW YORK (AP) The Brooklyn Nets have waived Dahntay Jones and J...
Nets waive Dahntay Jones, Justin Harper to get roster down to 15
The have requested waivers on forward Justin Harper and guard/forward Dahntay Jones: https:…
Nets waive Justin Harper and Dahntay Jones; Roster now sits at 15 players
Lionel Hollins singled out Donald Sloan and Dahntay Jones as two guys that played well today.
A yr ago we were debating Motum, Felix, Dahntay Jones... then suddenly Jingles was available. So watch the waiver wire. Jazz certainly will.
Can Dahntay Jones make a team already? I want to see him get burned by Kobe. It's been too long.
How is Dahntay Jones still on an NBA team?
TMZ said that the Clippers are in turmoil, and because of that one of their free agents didn't resign. Who? Dahntay Jones? Big Baby?
SF Dahntay Jones has signed a non-guaranteed contract with the Brooklyn Nets.
LMAO so I just found out who Dahntay Jones was and he got some Brooklyn in him ... I like him lmaooo
Fansided. Ex-Clippers' wing Dahntay Jones agrees to deal with Nets.
The Nets signed Dahntay Jones that pretty much sum up how this season is gonna go.
Dahntay Jones to Nets: Latest contract details, comments and reaction
ICYMI: Dahntay Jones agrees to non-guaranteed contract with the Brooklyn Nets.
Dahntay Jones agrees to deal with Nets: After being in L.A. for just a few months ...
Dahntay Jones has agreed to a non-guaranteed deal with the Brooklyn Nets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.
Report: Dahntay Jones, Nets agree to non-guaranteed deal
Dahntay Jones to Nets: Latest Contract Details, Comments and Reaction: Looking to add veteran talent that won't increase their tax bi...
Nets come to terms with free-agent guard Dahntay Jones: The Nets added some vete...
Dahntay Jones agrees to deal with Nets
Dahntay Jones won't make the Nets roster unless the team is desperate for depth.
After making just 6 career buckets with the Dahntay Jones will sign with the Nets:
Report: Dahntay Jones agrees to non-guaranteed deal with Nets
Ex-Clippers’ wing Dahntay Jones agrees to deal with Nets Dahntay Jones wasn’t re-signed by…
My hometown's exports include Sam Alito, Bill Baroni, Dahntay Jones, Todd Cray, and Chris Smith. I would like to take a moment to apologize.
Also there are like no shooting guards left on the market. Top 3 are probably Landry Fields, Dahntay Jones and Rasual Butler.
McDaniels gerald green tayshaun Alan Anderson I believe he is still available even dahntay Jones
better than the same old scrubs like Dahntay Jones
Similar to the way that Denver WCF team used Dahntay Jones. Starts, but doesn't see majority of minutes.
Paul peirce, Dahntay Jones, Kendrick Perkins, Manu Ginobili, Tony parker, LeBron James, Ibaka, there are so many.
Why do Dallas people want Dahntay Jones so bad for!? I guess I'm for it too!
Oh wow... At least Dahntay Jones is still available for the
There goes another potential target for the Knicks. Up next on their list: Derrick Williams, Robin Lopez, Lou Williams and Dahntay Jones.
They need an expert towel waver to replace Dahntay Jones
Instead we're going after WILLIE GREEN, Kendrick Perkins, JEREMY LIN, and DAHNTAY JONES
now we space to max out your boy Dahntay Jones!
Report: and have expressed interest in UFA SG-SF Dahntay Jones.
Dahntay Jones has received interest from the Kings, Clippers and Knicks.
Turkoglu, Dahntay Jones, and something called a Lester Hudson all played 7+ playoff games for Clips...
Nothing says 'splash' quite like Dahntay Jones
According to reports the and are showing interest in Dahntay Jones
Wow the Knicks are reportedly interested in dahntay jones, bringing back bargnani and resigning Jason smith, I'm pumped for next season 😐
Multiple teams? I assumed this was an article from The Onion. Come on NBA, Dahntay Jones is toast now.
Recommendation by :Dahntay Jones averaged just under four...
I’ve seen Clips linked to Willie Green, Dahntay Jones, Perk today. Doc has moved on from ‘09 All-Stars to guys w/mediocre peaks in ‘09.
29 NBA teams are going after marquee free agents while the Knicks are going after guys like Kendrick Perkins and Dahntay Jones.
NYK, LAC, and Sacramento have all expressed interest in FA Dahntay Jones. He was a member of LAC this previous season.
every time you think it can't get weirder, three teams dial up Dahntay Jones.
ew Dahntay Jones is *** the most important thing he's ever done is bump Draymond Green during an interview
Dray vs. Pierce/Blake/the ghost of Dahntay Jones will be incredible next season.
Kings free agency prospects have been narrowed down to Rondo and Dahntay yeah. We ain't doing much better.
The New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings have expressed interest in Dahntay Jones, according to l…
The Knicks, Clippers & the Kings are interested in Dahntay Jones!
If we get Dahntay Jones I've been a Spurs fan for life
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Demarre Carroll is Ruben Patterson is Raja Bell is Deshawn Stevenson is Byron Russell is Dahntay Jones is Matt Barnes is Craig Ehlo is Lance
Jason Terry probably my least favorite player ever next to Dahntay Jones
Think I'll check out this Clips/Rockets game...only for JJ and Austin of course...and Dahntay Jones (for
Good thing Ekpe Udoh and Dahntay Jones kept things in line
Former NBA players in TBT: Josh Selby, Donte Green, Dominique Jones, Hakim Warrick, Dahntay Jones & more to be added:
Hakim Warrick, Dahntay Jones...who's the third??? Ugh
Doc sticks with his 2nd unit way too long. Glen Davis is horrible and I thought Dahntay Jones was like 50 years old.
Clippers' Dahntay Jones to appeal 10k fine for bumping Draymond Green
Dahntay Jones bumps Draymond Green, who later reminded Jones that 'he don't ... - Yahoo Canada Sports (blog)
"Draymond Green on Dahntay Jones bumping him after the game😂😂 *** lol
Draymond Green on Dahntay Jones bumping him during his post-game: 'if he gets suspended, they may not even notice.'
Draymond on Dahntay Jones' bump: "I think he wanted a reaction from me, but he don't play," saying that a...
Green on Dahntay Jones: "He wanted a reaction from me ... But he don't play."
Austin Rivers, Hedo Turkoglu, Dahntay Jones, Jordan Hamilton. These are the players Doc Rivers has acquired. He should fire himself as GM.
Dahntay Jones on bench just pulled the Pedro Cerrano move from Major League II after CP3 hit that jumper. Classic.
The difference between Jordan Farmar and Dahntay Jones as far as chemistry goes was night and day. [2/2]
Clippers have changed direction on 10-day contract, will sign Dahntay Jones instead of Darius Miller, league sources tell …
Between Sam Cassel, Mike Woodsen, Reggie Bullock and Dahntay Jones, the CLippers have the ugliest and worst bench in the NBA
Those 8 are the only Duke transfers I remember. Dahntay Jones, Seth Curry, Rodney Hood & Sean Obi are guys that have transferred into Duke.
have released Fort Wayne's Bennie Lewis to make room for Dahntay Jones.
Dahntay Jones returning to the Mad Ants: NBA veteran small forward Dahntay Jones will be in uniform for the Fort…
Mad Ants pick up Dahntay Jones, NBA vet who played in Fort Wayne in 2008.
Fort Wayne Mad Ants officially announces they have acquired Dahntay Jones from the player pool.
The Fort Wayne Mad Ants have officially announced the acquisition of Dahntay Jones. broke the news.
NBA veteran Dahntay Jones will return to NBA D-League according to a source. Jones played 10 games in 2007-2008 with For…
How is there no video on the interwebs of Dahntay Jones dunking on Clemson and talkin' smack to Larry Shyatt?? Best game I've ever been to
You guys, we've waited all summer for the Roscoe Smith/Dahntay Jones matchup.
I should say that Dahntay Jones, Brock Motum and Jack Cooley are fighting for the 15th roster spot. Can't see Toure' Murry getting cut.
The Jazz now have 17 players on their roster. Dahntay Jones, Toure' Murry, Brock Motum and Jack Cooley fighting for final 1-2 spots.
Dahntay Jones is 215 lbs, not 225. Enes Kanter is 245, not 247. Kevin Murphy is now 200, not 185. Steve Novak now weighs 225 lbs, not 235.
Only two out of 19 Jazz training camp invitees have more than four years of NBA experience: Steve Novak, Dahntay Jones.
Knicks will look at Carmelo Anthony's friend, free agent Dahntay Jones
Dahntay Jones is expected to work out for the Knicks this week as the shooting guard/small forward attempts to make a comeback after sitting out last season due to injury. Source : New York Daily News Icon 007
Welcome to Rodney Stuckey, now all we need is Marion, World Peace or Dahntay Jones and we'll be back to a possible top 5 team
For anyone watching on ESPN3, Ryan Ayers missed dunk over Dahntay Jones should be nominated for "Victor Oladipo Missed Dunk of the Year"
Yeah we should've kept Dahntay Jones and Darren Collision. Mahimi is awful too
“Lance Stephenson came a long way from this *** that's dahntay jones next to him throw back
I've watched and rooted for Jerome Moiso, Ron Mercer, Eric Montross, Joseph Forte, Acie Earl, Kedrick Brown, Dahntay Jones, Gabe Pruitt, JR Giddens and Fab Melo... Lord, I don't ask for much, please give us a top 3 pick... The Tim Duncan draft had haunted my dreams for years. Can we get some lottery luck please???
can't forget that time Dahntay Jones did it to Kobe in the WCF and they didn't call it
and Melo has been in the west majority of career and made it to the c finals with Billups, dahntay Jones, NeNe and old KMart
Great story from about beating Dahntay Jones' 25-year old dad in Finals of 1-on-1 Hoop It Up tourney in Philly. Rip was 13.
I think Jack Nicholson will be paying Dahntay Jones a visit real soon.
Jeremy Evans dunks over Dahntay Jones during the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest in 2013.
Free Agency update: -The Knicks are trying to sign two defensive-minded players before meeting the Miami Heat on Thursday in Miami. - Knicks haven't ruled out Jimmer Fredette, league sources tell Yahoo, but organization's focus with two available roster spots: Defense. - Knicks brought Dahntay Jones in for a workout today as they look for a perimeter defender to fill one of their two roster spots. -The New York Knicks are potentially finalizing an agreement with free-agent forward Earl Clark
The Knicks reportedly brought in street free agent Dahntay Jones for a workout on Tuesday to hopefully fill one of two open roster spots. The Knicks waived backup forward Metta World Peace and reserve guard Beno Udrih on Monday and are looking for veteran perimeter defenders. Ironically, the Knicks are searching for that strong perimeter defender, but never gave (World) Peace a chance.
Knicks brought in Dahntay Jones in for a workout today, a decent perimeter defender. Knicks also looking at Tiny Gallon from the NBDL. Hearing the KNicks also may be interested in signing Danny Granger once the 76ers buy him out. They are looking to fill the two holes vacated by the buyouts of Metta World Peace and Beno Udrih.
Among players who could be in position for impending buyouts are just-dealt Jason Terry, Reggie Evans and Eric Maynor, as well as veterans getting on in years, receiving minimal playing time and stuck in no-win situations, such as Caron Butler, Keith Bogans, Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva and Chris Kaman Also Among such candidates who are free agents are Lamar Odom, Richard Hamilton, Mickael Pietrus, Josh Howard, Tyrus Thomas, Stephen Jackson, Deshawn Stevenson, Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette, Marquis Daniels, Marcus Camby, Dahntay Jones, Jason Collins, Kwame Brown, Ryan Gomes.
Dahntay Jones for the grizzlies? him and mike back on this new grizzlies team would be great to watch!
The grizz should also take a look at Dahntay Jones him and mike miller from past grizzlies combined with this new team would be awesome!
acquire Dahntay Jones from and Jeremy Tyler from
Dahntay Jones pushed Kobe numerous times in this series. I dislike that dude a lot.
I can see Miami signing dahntay Jones
Dahntay Jones and Ronnie Brewer are both better defenders, but DeShawn is a better shooter...not by that much.
Would still rather have Dahntay Jones or Ronnie Brewer. Per Synergy, DeShawn ranked 322nd in PPP given up last season.
Deshawn Stevenson would actually mesh well in the Heat's defensive system. Dahntay Jones as well.
Miami Heat next targets could include Mo Williams, Lamar Odom, Dahntay Jones, and/or Al Harrington at the minimum. (Op…
Dahntay Jones needs a team. Kobe wants revenge.
Shelden Williams, Miles Plumlee, Danny Ferry, Chris Duhon, Dahntay Jones, Nolan Smith, Lance Thomas, there are a few good..
I'd like the Knicks to get Beno Udrih, Metta/ Dahntay Jones and Byron Mullens. I don't know if this is feasible though
A league source told that the Knicks are "looking for a 3 who can shoot the 3 and is a good defender on the wing." A few small forwards the Knicks have expressed interest in, who could be in their financial ballpark, are Carlos Delfino, Francisco Garcia and Dahntay Jones.
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Hawks have signed Forward Paul Millsap. Good player, averages about 15 and 8 a night. Hawks also got Demarre Carrol. Another forward who's a hustle kinda guy. Hawks will have to release or renounce the rights to Devin Harris, Josh Smith, Johan Petro, Dahntay Jones, and possibly Zaza.
Lots of cap holds though (Zaza, Devin Harris, Dahntay Jones, Johan Petro), so there would have to some renouncement to sign bigger FA.
Team of the day: Atlanta Hawks There are only 3 players guaranteed to be on the roster for the Hawks next season: Al Horford, Lou Williams, and John Jenkins. The Hawks' back court remains a mystery, as they don't have a top 15 PG. Jeff Teague was solid, averaging 14 points and 7 assists, but he still has a lot of learning to do and needs to take better care of the ball. He has a qualifying offer of 4.5 mill, but it's no guarantee he'll be back. Devin Harris is a FA, and the Hawks will likely let him walk. Hawks did a decent job drafting PG Dennis Schroeder who could be a playmaker in this league and PG Shane Larkin who is a George Hill type player being as he brings hustle and hard work both in the first round, and in the 2nd round they drafted G Raul Neto who has potential. Lou Williams will make 5.2 mill next year, and while he was decent Atlanta doesn't think he's the answer. Kyle Korver and Dahntay Jones are both FA's and are not likely to return, Shelvin MacK will get a qualifying offer of 884K but . ...
Gonna try something a bit different leading up to the NBA Draft next week. I'm gonna post, throughout the day, several different teams and who they have leaving in FAs, potentially leaving and what draft number they have. Do a bit of a breakdown, if you will, of each team. And then everyone can discuss what they think the team in question should do going into the offseason. I'll let some of you guys weight in first before I do. I'm gonna do it by division and start off with the Southeast division in the East. To kick it off, I'll start with a team that has quite a stir surrounding it this offseason, the Atlanta Hawks. End of season starters: PG - Jeff Teague, SG - Devin Harris, SF - Josh Smith, PF - Al Horford, C - Johan Petro Unrestricted Free Agents: Devin Harris, Dahntay Jones, Kyle Korver, Zaza Pachulia, Johan Petro, Josh Smith, Anthony Tolliver Restricted Free Agents: Ivan Johnson & Jeff Teague Players Left Under Contract: John Jenkins (G), Lou Williams (G), Shelvin MacK (G), Mike Scott (F) & Al Horf ...
Affordable shooters on the market this summer are: -Leoandro Barbosa -Roger Mason -Dahntay Jones -Martell Webster -Anthony Morrow -Chase Budinger -Mike Dunleavy -Wayne Ellington -Wesley Johnson -Daniel Gibson Who on this list would be the best option for the Bulls? -ch
Bobby Cunningham Kenny Kings Here is a list of Unrestricted Free Agents: - Dahntay Jones(defensive but no offense) - Josh Smith - Andre Blatche (We could use him for sure) - Ben Gordon - Nate Robinson (why not bring him back) - Marco Bellinili - Mareese Speights (like this guy can defend rebound and knockdown shots 6"10) - Elton Brand - O.J. Mayo (I love J.R. But I'm signing him) - Corey Brewer - Andre Igoadala - Jared Jack (could definitely use him) - Brandon Rush (great wing defender can knock down shots) - Carl Landry (could help our bench) - David West (most likely resign to pacers) - D.J.Augustine - Lamar Odom (Could be huge for us because he can start at the 4 can defend rebound pass shoot and knock down shots, also can get it off the rebound and go to push break) really should look at signing him - Chauncey Billups (2 injury prone now a days) - Chris Paul (if we can get him via trade for Felton, if not keep Felton) - Metta World Peace (could be huge for us if we could get him) - Tony Allen (think h ...
Though in all likelihood. If any move; Chandler, Jham, Mozgov out. In: A Draft pick, Dahntay Jones.
Chris Paul doesnt have the ability to take over a series, dating back to his Hornets days. Remember how Dahntay Jones canceled him out?
Bruh, i'm talking Deshawn Stevenson, Anthony Toliver, Dahntay Jones, Ivan Johnson and Morrow over our entire bench lls
The 2 good things that have come from Duke are Dahntay Jones and Tucker Max. And if Miles Plumlee isn't a total bust, he could be 3
Dahntay Jones is on the floor. Good thing Terrence Williams, the man he's guarding, has on extra-hi top Jordans to protect his ankles.
I love Kenyon Martin tough aggressive play. Intimidating but not dirty aka anti- Dahntay Jones.
Wow, wait ... harsh call. Is it true? Cavs' Daniel Gibson rips the Hawks' Dahntay Jones for 'dirty play' -
Daniel Gibson Fires Off On "Dirty Player" Dahntay Jones have to admit his D on kobe did look suspect
Cleveland's Daniel Gibson goes in on Atlanta's Dahntay Jones re: Kobe play. Good gracious. Via -
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Cavs' Daniel Gibson says Dahntay Jones is a dirty player who is rumored to have taught Paul George "a few tricks"
Dahntay Jones has been saying the reason Kobe rolled his ankle is because he kicked his leg out. B.S.
Larry Drew tells Dahntay Jones to "Sweep the leg. Do you have a problem with that?". They played the audio on the 710 ESPN radio.
Is there any truth to the rumor about there being audio of coach Larry Drew telling Dahntay Jones to "sweep the leg" on Kobe?
Nice try Dahntay Jones. trying to get the coach to take the heat off you. Larry Drew you are a Laker. How dare you think you can fool us.
Proposal: Hang Larry Drew and Dahntay Jones' bodies in the middle of STAPLES Center and throw torches and rocks at them.
I hope there's actually a video of Larry Drew telling Dahntay Jones to take out Kobe's leg from last night
“NBA says officials missed a foul call when Kobe Bryant landed on foot of Dahntay Jones.”
Why isn't history playing a factor in the Dahntay Jones dirty play like it would with other players?
Kobe Bryant says Dahntay Jones "Jalen Rose’d” him. Well I think Kobe "Dwyane Wade'd" himself to injury. He kicked his leg out!
"(Dahntay Jones) Jalen Rose'd me " -Kobe Bryant on how this injury compares to his others.
Lol Jalen Rose even admitted his play was dirty. Dahntay Jones need to grow some nuts and admit it.
I saw the video of Jalen Rose hurting Kobe, he obviously did it on purpose, I don't know if Dahntay Jones hurt Kobe intentionally though.
Dahntay Jones "Jalen Rose'd" Kobe hard last night. That was ridiculous... and I don't like Kobe or the Lakers.
Dahntay Jones played defense. Injuries happen but it's a story because it happened to Kobe. Jalen Rose on the other hand...
So hwne Kobe Bryant says he has to wait a year to get his revenge on Dahntay Jones, is he going to do a Tonya Harding on him?
So Bruce Bowen called the Dahntay Jones play dirty. He should know. Did it it himself all to often.
Kinda ironic that Bruce Bowen had to judge whether Dahntay Jones attempted a dirty play towards Kobe. lol
FWIW, ESPN analyst and former Kobe foil Bruce Bowen said last night's play should have been a foul on Dahntay Jones but was not dirty.
[LA Daily News: Inside the Lakers] - Jalen Rose, Bruce Bowen weigh in on Kobe Bryant-Dahntay Jones p...
Bruce Bowen must have a bow tie up his a**, saying Dahntay Jones did a dirty play. Bowen whole career was dirty plays! 😇
James Earl Ray's mentions looked better than Dahntay Jones' right now.
The NBA trading deadline came and went without any major moves with any major players, but Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reported today one involving Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce almost went down with two other teams The Boston Celtics were as close to trading Paul Pierce had they ever been last February with a three-team trade that would have seen him dealt to the Dallas Mavericks and the Celtics receiving Atlanta Hawks forward and much talked about soon to be free agent Josh Smith. The Mavericks would have sent Brandan Wright, Jae Crowder and Dahntay Jones to the Hawks, while also swapping first roudners in the 2013 NBA Draft. The Hawks also sought a first round pick from the Celtics.
I'm watching the Hawks vs Nuggets Game. Nothing personal, but We have the most BORINGEST Team in the NBA. We need to RELEASE Josh Smith, Devin Harris, Dahntay Jones, Jeff Teague and Deshawn Stevenson (who are ALL Free Agents this year). We need to get a Super Star (who can sell tickets like 'Nique use to), two Big Men, a few Role Players and choose GREAT Draft Picks (something we haven't done in YEARS) !!! Free Agents list...Dwight Howard (who's NOT happy in L.A.), Brandon Jennings & Isiah Thomas. Top 2013 NBA Draft Prospects...Ben Maclemore (Kansas), Deshaun Thomas (Ohio St.), Phil Pressey (Missouri), Gorgui Dieng (Louisville), Rasheed Sulaimon (Duke), Allen Crabbe (California). But then again, I'm not a part owner..LOL !!!
Kyle Korver (right great toe sprain) will not play on Monday against the Nuggets. Dahntay Jones will start.
Ivan Johnson & Dahntay Jones enter the game with 3:02 left in the 1st and the Hawks down 5. Pistons score just 1 to end qtr, Hawks up 27-24.
Dahntay Jones is the best player in that whole game for some reason.
The Hawks have traded Anthony Morrow to the Mavericks for Dahntay Jones, sources tell ESPN. Morrow makes $4 million and is in the last year of his cur
The Mavericks didn't let the trade deadline pass them by after all. Eddie Sefko reports that Dallas acquired Anthony Morrow from the Hawks for Dahntay Jones.
Deadline Trades: Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt to the Rockets; Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich, Toney Douglas and cash to the Kings Marcus Morris in exchange of a second-round pick from the Suns Sebastian Telfair to the Raptors; Hamed Haddadi to the Suns Anthony Morrow to the Mavs; Dahntay Jones to the Hawks Josh McRoberts to the Bobcats; Hakim Warrick to the Magic (rumored to be waived) Jordan Crawford to the Celtics; Leadro Barbosa and his torn ACL, Jason Collins to the Wizards Eric Maynor to the Blazers; rights of Giorgio Printezis Ronnie Brewer to the Thunder; Second-round pick to the Knicks Grizzlies adquire Dexter Pittman, cash; Heat adquire the rights of Ricky Sanchez (on Argentina) Charles Jenkins to the 76ers, Jeremy Tyler to the Hawks; A couple of second-round pick to the Warriors J.J Redick, Gustavo Ayon, Ish Smith to the Bucks; Doron Lamb, Beno Udrih and Tobias Harris to the Magic Knicks are rumored to sign Kenyon Martin (10-day contract)
Update your maps at Navteq
Trade C Dwight Howard and SG Jodie Meeks to Dallas for C Chris Kaman, SF Shawn Marion and SF/SG Dahntay Jones.. *** NO!!
IT COULD HAPPEN, AND I THINK I'D LIKE OPTION 2B!! 2a. SF Shawn Marion, SG Dahntay Jones and SG Dominique Jones from Dallas Mavericks to Atlanta Hawks for SF Josh Smith 2b. SF Vince Carter and PG Darren Collison to Milwaukee Bucks for Brandon Jennings and Tobias Harris [+] Enlarge Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images Pairing Jennings and Mayo could create Dallas' backcourt of the future.View this however you like -- as two separate trades or a two-part trade. Regardless, this is the course of action Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban could take to rebuild his team, and head coach Rick Carlisle will be the key. Having played under Carlisle, I can attest to the man's ability to get the most out of his players. He's among just four current coaches to have won an NBA title. That's elite company. Cuban struck out in free agency this past offseason, failing to acquire Deron Williams via free agency and Howard by trade. Would he have to overpay to bring Smith and Jennings to Dallas? Perhaps. While many industry insid ...
Should the lakers trade Dwight Howard and Jodie Meeks to Dallas for Chris Kaman, Shawn Marion, and Dahntay Jones??? Now that deal would be very interesting
Ok, im back from the ESPN NBA Trade Machine & did some moves for the Trades that will benefit the Mavs and not hurt them in the salary cap and luxury tax. Look at these and tell me which one would you prefer? 1. Dal gets Josh Smith & Jeff Teague ATL gets Chris Kaman, Roddy Beaubois, and Dominique Jones 2. Mavs gets Josh Smith, ATL gets Kaman, Dahntay Jones, and Roddy B 3. Mavs get Al Jefferson, Jazz gets Kaman and Roddy B 4. Mavs get Paul Milsap and Raja Bell, Jazz Kaman and Roddy B 5. Mavs get Brandon Jennings and Samuel Dalembert, Bucks get Kaman and Roddy B 6. Mavs get Brandon Jennings, Bucks get Dahntay Jones and Branden Wright 7. Mavs get Paul Pierce, Celtics get Kaman, Vince Carter, and Beaubois 8. Mavs get Eric Bledsoe, Clippers get Dominique Jones and Branden Wright 9. 3 team deal: Mavs get JJ Redick, Raptors get Roddy Beaubois, Magic get Linas Kleiza and Vince Carter 10. 4 team deal: Mavs get Demarcus Cousins, Raptors get JJ Redick and Rodrique Beaubois, Magic get Tyreke Evans, and Kings get An . ...
Raptors rookie Ross clinches slam dunk title HOUSTON — Toronto rookie Terrence Ross beat defending champion Jeremy Evans to win the slam-dunk contest during All-Star Saturday night (Sunday, Manila time). The 6-foot-6 Ross jumped over a ball boy, whipped the ball between his legs and threw down a one-handed slam to clinch the victory. Earlier, Ross donned a Vince Carter jersey, took a lob from high-school teammate Terrence Jones off the edge of the backboard, spun in the air, and then slammed home another one-hander. Evans jumped over a painted portrait of himself and hurdled Dallas Mavericks forward Dahntay Jones for a dunk in his final round. Ross earned 58 percent of the fan vote in the championship round. The first round was judged by former Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Dikembe Mutombo, Rudy Tomjanovich and Yao Ming. Kenneth Faried, James White, 2007 dunk champion Gerald Green and Eric Bledsoe also were in the field, while Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade were ...
Yo what is Dahntay Jones doing courtside with all the NBA players??? Guy has not been relevant since he played at Duke almost 10 years ago.
If Mavs get involved. They will get Calderon, Tony Wroten, & Terry Davis. Mavs give up Kaman & either/or Vince Carter/Dahntay Jones(cont)
Lakers should trade Pau Gasoline for Shawn Marion, Vince Carter, and Dahntay Jones. Dallas wants another All-Star with Dirk and lakers need depth and 3 point shooting and Pau just doesn't fit in to there system.
Karl's love of Anthony Carter...I mean Dahntay Jones...I mean Corey Brewer will be the undoing of this team
It's becoming painfully clear why the Mavs were able to acquire OJ Mayo, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, Darren Collison, and Dahntay Jones, and why they can't ditch Roddy Beaubois and Dominque Jones.
The tension between Lebron and Dahntay Jones right now.
Dahntay Jones would be a starter if I were RC
The (mostly racist) mocking of names in sports misses the point. There are 1,000s of Dante Jones' out there, but only 1 Dahntay Jones.
Dahntay Jones with 1-of-2 at the FT line and the Mavs have answered the Heat's 8-0 run with a 10-0 run right back at 'em till LeBron scores.
Dahntay Jones is such a hard nosed defender!!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Dahntay Jones attacked miller like he was fresh meat
yea that's what they need. And consistency from the bench. Like a Kyle Korver type guy and Dahntay Jones
Does anyone else say Dahntay Jones' name in their head like Short Round from Indiana Jones? No? Just me? Whatever you guys suck.
Dahntay Jones needs to hustle like that every game.
A 3 and then a transition score by Dahntay Jones had the Mavs up 10, now leading 74-67 with 2:33 left in the 3rd.
Was I the only person that just seen oj mayo just smack dahntay jones in the face? Lol
Dahntay Jones with the PLINKO now and it's 72-64 Mavs with the lead :)
Dahntay Jones getting the second-unit nod over CDR in second half. Shame. Liked some of the things CDR was doing.
Our bench got incredibly worse this season. Got dj green mahimi young. Gave up collision barbosa LOU and dahntay jones.
Stephen Jackson talking trash to Shawn Marion and Dahntay Jones on the bench. Jackson: "I'm nice!"
Tonight at dahntay jones bday celebration
Ok foreal foreal. The guest list for Dahntay Jones' bday at tonight is
Lots of laughs between Pop and Dahntay Jones. Then again, Jones is a very Pop type of player.
Jae Crowder gets the award for most intense about anthem. Dahntay Jones appeared to be possessed.
Dahntay Jones always looks so world weary. Sorry for whatever we did, Dahntay
It will be a packed house tonight for Dahntay Jones birthday tonight at Winstons! Dress to impress!!
Vince Carter will make his first start of the year for Dallas, replacing Dahntay Jones.
Dahntay Jones's Official Birthday Bash tonight at Winstons!! Be there early for !!
Rick Carlisle going with Vince Carter starting at SG instead of Dahntay Jones who was basically invisible Fri vs. Denver.
Dahntay Jones Birthday is tonight at Winstons Supperclub!! Hottest club in Dallas tonight so be there early
is the move 2nite for Dahntay Jones' Official BDay Bash/Mavs Game AfterParty w/
Dallas! The only place you need to be at 2nite is for The Birthday Party for DAHNTAY JONES (RT
Idea from ESPN: Chris Kaman, Dahntay Jones, Darren Collison, Rodrigue Beaubois and Jae Crowder for Cousins, Salmons, Hayes and Fredette.
Dahntay Jones in Dave & Buster's, Westlake, OH, USA on at Thanks to AmbiShawn
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