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Dade County

Miami-Dade County (commonly called Miami, Miami-Dade, Dade County, Dade, Metro-Dade or Greater Miami) is a county located in the southeastern part of the state of Florida.

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Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Dade County in SW Missouri until 1:00 AM CST
Severe Storm Warning for Dade County until 1am. Storm over Golden City moving E at 65mph. Damaging wind and hail…
Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect in Dade County in MO until 1 AM
Reason the Miami Dolphins need to speak with Kiko Alonso ASAP...
A Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Dade County, MO until 1...
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Dade County in MO until 1:00am CST.
Washington, Tallahassee hold keys to healthcare costs...
Jaromir Jagr: Panthers win, need to be better...
Asian markets mostly higher, watching Trump speech closely...
Well, Trump sounded more presidential, but...
Get involved and participate in one of the volunteer workdays to help protect and restore our natural areas throughout…
County’s mayor opens the door to a gold rush downtown...
Republicans praise the tone of Trumps speech, but it may not move the ball...
Edwin Pope's colleagues reflect on his legacy...
Hundreds turn out to celebrate life of Edwin Pope...
Miami heights elementary is the best elementary in dade county
Hundreds gather to celebrate the life of Edwin Pope, Miamis godfather of sports...
Rain or shine. Dade-County knows how to put on a show no doubt ☠
Christina White: Annually handles more than 20 elections in Miami-Dade...
FIU seeks link to university tourism school in Hong Kong...
My mom is also a public school teacher in Miami-Dade County, and I strongly second this!!!
And so the detention orders have begun. Nazi America ground Zero is Miami-Dade County, USA January 2017
State School Superintendent Richard Woods speaks at Chamber luncheon after he had visited all Dade County schools…
Congratulations to Alexander Bokor, L'02, for his appointment to the bench in Miami-Dade County!
Lord God, what they was feeding JUJU growing up in Dade County?
.promising Carol City will give Lake Gibson the "Dade County eviction note" in state title game. Carol City…
Opioid addicts are overdosing in staggering numbers across Miami-Dade County
My origins are 4rm Queens, I transformed ohio, but im a Dade County ***
Dade County has issued a State of Emergency and a complete Burn Ban for any outdoor Burning untill further notice
Crews from trying to contain a new wildfire off Tatum Gulf Rd on Lookout Mtn, Dade County. Some homes near…
Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, and Frank Gore, and the 2001 Hurricanes still have the best ground game Miami-Dade County has ever seen.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
.by Miami-Dade County voters with their completed mail ballots was arrested Friday after co-workers caught her illegally.
Ivanka Trump stumps for father in Miami-Dade County - Sun Sentinel.. Related Articles:
Weekly arrest reports for Dade County are up in the Mountain Valley Independent at
SteelerNation has officially evaded Miami-Dade County. We are here for Maui Maui and Long Island Ice Tea. Here we g…
idk it's undercover ,sheriff , state trooper, city, Maumee,holland, Detroit , and Dade County
BREAKING: Zika being transmitted locally in new areas of Miami-Dade County - Governor Rick Scott
At Miami-Dade County's Emergency Operations Center waiting for updates on
Miami-Dade County to Accept $250M Loan from FDEP for Water Projects -
Miami-Dade County to Discuss Sea Level Rise Impact on Water and Sewer Systems -
Take a free 5 star Lyft ride with Lyft promo code CODE to use: ZOOT *** Miami-Dade County
Republicans don't win Miami-Dade County. But if Cuban-American Republicans turn on Trump, it could impact overall R turnout…
Congrats to Coach Donahue & the Lady Dragon Volleyball team for their victory over Dade County today!
The Cape Florida Lighthouse Tower at Bill Baggs State Park is the oldest standing structure in Miami-Dade County. 📷…
Dade County has BSL so Tank isn't legal there. He must be adopted OUT of Dade. They just kill them by the thousands
I remember working for Miami Dade County and when I a S there they was in talks to build all those condos, businesses, etc in Overtown
"Thank you, Florida Medical Association, Dade County Medical Association and the Florida Nurses Association for your en…
Bocaagency Update 20,225 properties in MIAMI-DADE: 20,225 properties in MIAMI-DADE County,Fl are on the marke...
“When we bomb other nations to destruction, we bomb our nation into poverty.”. - Farid Khavari, Candidate for Miami-Dade County Mayor 2016
To Trump, golf-course values are a moving target: Lawyers have met with Miami-Dade County officials ...
you is SMOKIN I live in dade county
Pray for the teachers & students tonight as they go back to school tomorrow across Miami-Dade county.
To all of my educator and school administrator friends and family. Tomorrow here in Miami-Dade County is the...
I'm messed up about my Dade County 😫‼️ Jesus Fix It...
A scheme fitting for one of Odebrecht's biggest defenders in Miami-Dade County.
when you guys come to Florida for tour you should come to either Dade, Palm Beach, or Broward County😌
name ya price my boys gon handle that! Like we in dade county.
had to show Las Vegas how Dade County get down!
Dade & Broward County students return to school tomorrow, so the roadways will be an adventure. Give transit a try!
At this point at 8 weeks pregnant and cannot be in Dade County due to the Zika Virus, therefore…
Miami Beach--and maybe all of Dade County--will soon be a no-go area for pregnant women due to zika outbreak
Domestic Violence has become an epidemic in Miami-Dade County with over 25,000 cases a year. Meanwhile, Carlos Gimenez…
South Florida used to be nice. They've turned Broward County into Dade. Last white man plz turn out the lights
Existing medical-marijuana laws in Florida could mean $125M in sales for Miami-Dade farmers, per county report.
Dade county, up to Tallahassee, Atlanta, these *** be getting at me...
Smart powered by to help Miami's citizens at any time of the day
Random FACT! The top 3 Wrs in college football all hail from Dade County! Ridley, Durant, Calloway! . Boy when UM gets the ship turned around
Free List of Motivated Sellers in Dade County, take a look inside, your next home might be here
source of these infections is localized to "one small area in Miami-Dade County, just north of downtown. The...
Active Zika transmission is believed to be occurring in one small area of Florida’s Miami-Dade County
.I am guessing you are a history freak like I am and read about the Dade county invasion
The Florida Department of Health said it is investigating a possible non-travel related case of Zika Virus in Miami-Dade County.
I am here on my lunch break with a friend for some moral support @ Miami Dade County Health…
Born in Cali,Colombia and Raised in my beautiful Dade County listen to my song
Zika Cases in Florida Were Likely Spread by Mosquitoes, a First in the Continental U.S.: The four cases, in Miami-Dade County, are be...
Florida has been investigating four possible cases of local transmission in Miami-Dade County and Broward County
ALL Miami-Dade and Broward County blood donations HALTED over fears
CONFIRMED Zika outbreak in Dade County. . For now, only a small area affected.
4 people likely caught Zika near downtown Miami/Dade County. Update on now!
Red Cross issues warning not accept blood donations from anyone who's been in M-Dade county in last 4 months...
I'm missing all my lil babies perform this wkd.. I'm so proud of my Dade county artists☺️
I'm a Miami Dade County *** *** , but Atlanta taught me a lot and got me heart 💯
. is asking all blood establishments in Miami-Dade and Broward County cease collecting blood
Zika Virus Update: "There were two cases in Broward County and two cases in Miami-Dade county."
The cases, in Miami-Dade County, are the first in the continental United States that were not contracted thro...
Florida says there is likely local transmission of occurring in a small area in Miami-Dade County. 1/2
NEWS: 4 Zika Virus cases likely came from mosquitoes in Miami-Dade and Broward County.
BREAKING: Florida governor says 4 people in Miami-Dade County have likely been infected with Zika from mosquito bites, a Nor…
"John Rivera, president of the Police Benevolent Association in Dade County, told reporters Thursday that the...
“Transit-oriented development is the wave of the future" Douglas Station .
the only county he won in Florida? Miami Dade and only because Cubans only vote for Cubans. The worst senate attendance record.
domain names
This Florida man makes Florida even weirder...
Hey Panthers! Miami-Dade County Public Schools is hosting a Technology Job Fair on July 22 at 9am!
The latest is in South Florida and is estimated to bring $464M in revenue to Miami-Dade County |via
The patient is a woman who lives in Miami-Dade County.
FL health officials in MIAMI-DADE county and trapping and testing mosquitoes for Zika Virus.
Since I'm in Miami-Dade County I'm getting this press conference live right now.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools was named the winner of the National Academy Foundation’s (NAF) inaugural...
I want to explain something about Miami PD and how it works with and in various in various cities in Miami-Dade county. +
Heres the Highlights from Pasco County Fairgrounds, Dade City Florida! Be sure to like, tag and share with a...
Until Tuesday, here is a link to see all the WeatherSTEM installations in Miami-Dade county:
Dr. Tony Villamil discusses the growth of the economy in Miami-Dade County.
I hope you talk about the black therapist that got shot in Dade County helping one of his patience yesterday
Caretaker Shot by Police As He Attempts to Save Autistic Man: Miami-Dade county officials are investigating. .
Florida mosquitoes being tested for Zika to confirm case
Fck fame, we out to get paid ! Born and RAISED in the county of Dade 😜😜
Miami-Dade County considering water transit solutions to lessen traffic gridlock in
Congrats to CareerSource for having placed 64,0 people in jobs in Miami-Dade County
Improving the quality of of life in Miami Dade County by helping create jobs
All of these races pertain to our black and brown communities in Miami-Dade County. We will release an in depth guide very so…
This was my first thought when I got to Miami, "What do you mean there's no water ferry?"
Just a big Paycheck coming. Miami Dade now that's a Billionaire county with lots of surplus money in its books.
Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez updates hundreds on the state of the county at Report to the Community.
It's raining 5.76 in/hr at U of Miami Hecht Athletic Center in Miami Dade County, Florida!
I'm in Philly for the DNC - Proud to represent as the only Male Hispanic Delegate out of Miami-Dade County
The Making Miracle Babies Fund provides interest-free loans to 1st-time Jewish parents living in Miami-Dade County.
Will you join me so that we can be One Miami-Dade County?
Miami-Dade County considers flood of water transit solutions
Miami-Dade approves huge Metrorail station project so you can ditch your car: The county commission approved ...
Mosquitoes trapped in Miami-Dade County being tested for Zika Virus. Trying to confirm if ill woman is first case contracted…
But Miami-Dade County to me..will always be Wade County!!!
I thought Dade County's public school system was bad but I guess it wasn't that bad lmao
MALS representing at the Dade County writing institute with writer Kwame Alexander.
Chattooga County, GA and Dade County, GA are now eRecording through CSC |
Imma keep posting this for anybody 18-27 in Miami-Dade County looking for a job.
Helping Miami-Dade County deliver on its mission to protect public health and the environment.
Miami-Dade County is recruiting for Assistant Inspector General for
Research Associate in Bioinformatics - Miami-Dade County, Florida (US) - University of Southern Mississippi
Pierre Realty P.A brings the latest: Great news for the planned 10-mile linear park and trail in Miami-Dade County.
20% of GOP voters in Miami-Dade County say they will back Clinton over Trump.
Red Flag Warning for Broward and Miami-Dade County in FL until 7:00pm EDT Saturday.
Carlos J. Martinez, a man of principle, embarks on a well-deserved new term as Public Defender, Miami-Dade County.
What to know about the manufacturing plant slated to create dozens of jobs in Miami-Dade County via
Why are and his partners dragging their feet on an stadium deal with Miami-Dade County?
Fighting to Protect the Health of Miami-Dade County - Florida CHAIN via
Think a wave of immigration is harmless? Read the name plates at Miami-Dade County government offices; few Afro-Americans & non-Hispanics!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Miami-Dade County needs a Veterans Court now. What is the timeline?
There's something about living in Dade County that sends your driving ability down the drain
Central Florida should follow Miami-Dade County's model for diverting the mentally ill homeless from jail.
CASHIER 2 - Miami-Dade County - Miami, FL: Two years of experience as a bank teller or cashier r...
Vote for Warrior's QB Christian Matos, for the Most Popular Award for Hispanic Athletes in Miami-Dade County:.
Check out a LinkedIn article on Foreign Trade Zones in Miami!...
So very proud of our very own Ms. Wallace- not only is she a fantastic math teacher but Ms. Miami Dade County!!!
Outlier: Miami-Dade is biggest FL county,73% of GOP=Hispanic. Stumping in Spanish is almost a must. Rubio's doing it https…
Still looking for a spring break camp for the kiddos? Check out what Miami-Dade County has to offer.
Armando Chamorro has met with Dr. Sarkar from Miami Dade County Public Health Department to prepare the second training program.
Donald Trump was sued in Florida 4 discrimination against Latinos and Spanish workers check it out Google Dade County Clerk of Courts
Special Olympics Florida - Miami-Dade County and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s…
"Among Florida, Palm Beach County tied with Miami-Dade for richest weekly wages $924. But both trailed the national median wage of $974."
Loving the new digital animation for our client Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition. Thank you to our partners...
Dade City holds groundbreaking for the new city hall
Hamilton Collection
Today my legislation was approved, making the PACE program available to property owners in unincorporated Miami-Dade Count…
The Roman Show is your ticket way in to the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair. . Like the post and we will randomly...
The welcomes Metro-Dade County, FL Local 1403 to headquarters today
Chairman of Miami-Dade County Libertarian Party endorses Austin Petersen for president
Memo to GOP & . The Cuban immigrant theme does not play well outside of Miami Dade County...less in South
For help deciding how you should pursue your family law matter in Miami-Dade or Broward County, call (305) 690-6868
no no dade county *** no 🙅🏽 I have family in some good areas Orlando isn't so bad
you'd have to live in a really wealthy area like coco plum or outside of Miami maybe even west palm. But dade county is bad
Somebody in Dade County go whoop his *** por favor.
Pay your water bill, manage your account and see how Miami-Dade County has some of the lowest water rates around. Visit us online today...
Ofc people like Broward County over Miami Dade County, it's quieter and less crime ridden...
The doc Dawg Fight (2015) on Netflix about backyard street fighting ring in Miami-Dade County, FL and fighters who go pro was inspirational
like Miami Home Care Services: Independence & Safety at Home for Dade County Seniors
Three more qualify for office in Dade County on Tuesday. More on the KWN Morning News at 7:55, 8:30 & 8:55 on 1420/106.1 KWN.
Children in Dade County, Florida walking to school,1937 No shoes on their feet, but books in…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
FW: Alert from Miami-Dade County Transit MDT Alert- SB Buses running behind schedule on Route 95 due to an accident.
FW: Alert from Miami-Dade County Transit MDT Update-On Metromover, the Omni Loop is back in service.
My Freinds in Dade County... We need people like Denise Martinez Scanziani for Circuit Court Judge! Please vote...
AA General Contractors - Serving Broward, Palm Beach and Dade County in Home Repair and Remodeling.: AA Genera...
I'm from Dade County. I live by Magic City Casino. Close to the stadium Beyonce is starting her concert !
And the Dade County contingency is nice and loud in Phillips Arena ---as usual
ELIGIBILITY INTERVIEWER - Miami-Dade County - Miami, FL: One year of public contact or clerical ...
Liberty City in Miami-Dade County is becoming a mecca for the arts!!! Come witness the artistry of Miami's...
The clearest example I can think of is Dade County. Marlins Stadium.
Walker, Catoosa, Whitfield and Dade County all CLOSED today Be careful
The first visit is planned for Thursday and Friday to Miami-Dade County in Florida, where Lynch
Sign the petition: Please allow pit bulls in Miami-Dade County, FL!
W/ Mayor Gimenez in Tally, Dpty Myr Ed Marquez is in charge of Miami-Dade County thru Tues.
Banana ran away from home in southwest Miami-Dade County on Sunday, and managed to get inside the house of a 100-year-old, who awoke in
Welcome Miami-Dade County to our illustrious campus. Florida Memorial University where we roar🐾 h…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I just want to drop all of you off in the south Bronx or Brooklyn. Take you kids to Dade County or LA see how long Paulding kids last 🙃
Congrats to Dade County library in Trenton, GA; finalist for Library Journal's Best Small Library in America Award!
I had a computer like that when I taught in Dade County in the early 80s at Shenandoah Elem.
I love it the head coach is making his rounds now Dade County can get locked down.
Tim Brewster just said Uncle Luke is the best DC in Dade County. Odd, since his defense gave up hella points and team …
An ATV stolen from Cobb County found in Dade County. Details in the Mountain~Valley Independent at
Very reminiscent of Dade County after Andrew. Shoddy construction, lax code enforcement.
Amazing night at the Adrienne Arsht Center For The Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County!! Disney in Concert was beautiful.
Miami-Dade County bus crashes into Downtown Miami building.
So many Pitbulls @ Miami-Dade Animal Services! Please share they need out of Dade County!.
Throwback pic of my days at The Northwest Boys Club. Some Dade County high school Legends in this photo
own records at UCF, Marshall, FSU, NFL, VUU, USF, FAU, Dade County, all in the last 7 yrs. …
Seeking Models! All shapes and sizes in the South Florida area, Palm Beach, Broward,Dade County. . Please send us your info and pictures.
Arts Connection Foundation is a nonprofit cultural organization, based in Miami-Dade County.
All of Florida north of Dade County... POOF! Miami should be an island anyway.
Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County - Miami Arts & Culture
If Miami Hurricanes football still meant something, Ahmad Thomas never would have left Dade County, let alone the state itself for OKLAHOMA!
check out " Never Like Me" my Unpollo next big thing in Dade County!
Police in Dade County, Florida, just released a graphic video of an assault that happened two years ago when a...
"What's your story?". Well this one time, I was in Miami-Dade County, Florida….
New opening at UnitedHealth Group in - Case Manager - Miami-Dade County, FL
marked "Hispanic" on a 2009 voter registration application in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
All this talent coming out of Dade County, Florida. And every one goes to Florida or Florida State.
THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! If you ain't from Dade County or South Florida, you might not understand.
Police Fatally Shoot Suspect in Miami-Dade County: Police: Suspect fatally shot in South Florida after attempt...
Miami-Dade County is being asked to put the ball in play today to create a redevelopment agency for soccer & more...
In 2013 a Florida man wrestled and killed an 18-foot Burmese python in Miami-Dade County.
Somewhere in Miami-Dade County, Joe Philbin is failing to win the respect of the middle school gym class he's now subbing for.
Dade: Dade County's ex-sheriff indicted for spending thousands of dollars in ... - Chattanooga Times Free Press:…
Grants to Miami-Dade County, Florida Nonprofits to Promote Equality in the Local Jewish Communit- Due: 10/16/2015
"Information provided by the Miami-Dade County government to Citizens Allied for Safe Energy, Inc. (CASE), a...
Florida Governor, Rick Scott: Keep Jose "Pepe" Diaz as a Commissioner in Miami-Dade County - Sign the...
Jose 'Pepe' Diaz conveys concern about political career in DUI arrest video: A Miami-Dade County commissioner…
Not only is it budget season in Palmetto Bay, but it's that time of the year for Miami-Dade County, too -- as...
Great to meet Roland Smith last night huge "Year of the Bull" fan & the success he has had in Dade County
8:30am in Miami . Monkkboy ent on every thang @ Miami-Dade County
Looks like will miss us here in Miami-Dade County. Family and friends in other parts of Florida stay safe!
11 PM: Most of Miami-Dade County and all of Broward County is outside the "cone of concern" for Tropical Storm
Miami-Dade County. is hiring a Relationship Manager, apply now!
・・・. Always forever reppin my city Miami-Dade County, 305, Tha Crib!!!
Miami-Dade County scratches hurricane from worry list, focuses on rain |
A thin line of showers and thunderstorms are moving through parts of Miami-Dade County.
" 305, that's my city, yes I'm from Dade County."
Greg Brown and Bob Walk, struggling to figure out the area code in Miami-Dade County; have obviously never heard of Pitbull.
23 years ago today, Hurricane Andrew hit Miami-Dade County as only 3rd Category 5 in US history to make landfall
Ion like this version , bih do you want the Dade county 305 version 😂😂😂😂
I came to the prison today to see two young men who were sentenced to our Dade County Boot Camp, but midway thru th…
Dade county we gone show you what them sticks do
I rock with alot of djs but one Dj I could truly say put on for the city of Miami Dade County is that *** ..
I got killers in Decatur as well as Dade County.
performing live Wednesday @ King Of Diamonds da whole Dade County will be there Trick…
We had a great time presenting SCORE that Grant to Miami Dade County teachers! Want to know more about grant...
I added a video to a playlist Miami Dade County and Fort Lauderdale
Aging trends in Local take on earlier article by &
Video: attends Miami Dade County Boot Camp Graduation. we will hv pics soon
Dade county school buses have wifi now
Recognition at The Dade County HD ! Thank you Albert for loving your associates & management team.
Big things coming to Friday nights at DCHS. @ Dade County High School
Free WiFi comes to Miami-Dade Co. school buses. checks it out.
Waterfront Listings in Miami Dade County - Miami condos, homes, and houses for sale -
Hi Cat. Carnival Sunday is October 11, 2015 at the Dade County Fair Grounds. For more info:
In dade county that's my city don't get wet up 😈
We are opening cities every week with new dealers in the USA! If in Miami, Florida dade county start looking for both…
$HJOE Miami, Florida dade county will soon have Git R Done Energy, hitting counters in the metroplex. Lot counters $HJOE
"Miami-Dade County has the highest rate of HIV infection in the nation. Broward County is second." via
is going to be crazy ! Broward Dade and Palm Beach County Will Be There Turning Up w/ Some of the Hott…
Also, how good is the receiver class you signed when Da'Vante Phillips, a 4-star All-American from Dade County is the least talked about?
Chipping Away: Spoil Island Restoration in Biscayne National Park. The development of Miami-Dade County has...
Check the View & Welcome to My City, Da 305, M.I.A. Dade County, Miami, FL @ Larios on the Beach
Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami need to buy new park sites too...More people and less parks?
A brush fire has been reported in the North Deer Run area of New Home in Dade County. Watch for responding emergency vehicles.
Man, 20, dies after shooting in northeast Miami-Dade County -
See how & help 150,000 Miami-Dade County students improve how they learn:
Last weekend minors can be out late in Miami-Dade County before police cracks down on curfew violators.
"Little secret in Miami-Dade County: the injustice of the justice system" - MDC Public Defender Carlos J Martinez
Miami Heat ordered to remove lock on public parkland: Miami-Dade County officials ...
Here's a look at stats from some of the top RBs in Dade County over the past 10+ years
Shouts out to Memphis New Orleans and San Antonio and Dade County
SEARCH IS ON- Police are looking for a man who shot at his girlfriend in northwest Miami-Dade County.
"USE CAUTION DUE TO POSSIBLE ROCKS BEING THROWN" -- per FHP in Miami-Dade County. . This is why we can't have nice things, Miami.
Florida Highway Patrol would like drivers in Miami-Dade County to use caution on I-95 & I-195 because of a "rock throwing" incident.
After experiencing this humidity for a few minutes, I understand why Miami-Dade County has one of the highest suicide rates in Florida.
Heavy rains now pelting large parts of Miami-Dade County and moving east
Attn Miami-Dade County tweeps: Join us in Coral Gables tomor evening to hear from Edward MacDougall
It makes Dade County look like a pretty horrible place to live. Like even worse than Baltimore.
The approach to the Rickenbacker Causeway got some nice green bike lanes. These are rare in Miami-Dade County and...
John Gerard says the heavy storms in Miami-Dade County have weakened quicker than expected, not much left out there.
SPSMFL from 4/17/2015 6:15 PM to 6:45 PM EDT for Broward County, Miami-Dade County. More information… Read more at
Miami-Dade County's unemployment rate spiked in March: The jobless rate was trending downward in two South Florida
Love it or hate it, state approved sale of for in northwest Miami-Dade County.
Miami-Dade County reaches milestone with highest number of jobs in its history
Miami-Dade County's unemployment rate spiked in March
Dade County's own ... Miami... I'm just getting started!!! SYU video coming soon!
BREAKING: A plane has crashed in SW Miami-Dade County. The crash happened near SW 144th Street just west of Krome Avenue.
February 25, 1967: Miami News editorial complains that Dade County court has too few Spanish language “interpreters.”
Knowledge is power. As residence of Miami-Dade County we have a right to know!
In Miami-Dade County public schools, black girls get punished more than boys, study says -
INTERACTIVE MAP: Miami-Dade County one of Florida's tax fraud hot spots via
Foundations of Networking & Security class this Saturday, Feb 28 @ 10 am at Westwind Lakes in Miami-Dade County
Key Biscayne and the city of Miami topped the list for the most luxury condo sales in Miami-Dade County last week
Are you a Company? Become SBE certified for future Miami-Dade County opportunities
I did not release the various condo owner emails to Miami-Dade County but, yeah, rich people problems out the wazoo
30 day letters and threats of lawsuits = answers. And actually Miami-Dade County was super professional
Early South Florida pioneers: "A party of buyers & agents from many states view tract of Dade County
I'm bout to be on my way back to Florida in a few weeks. Spring break baby! It ain't nothing like Dade County.
A small plane has crashed in southwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, killing four people.
Small plane crashes in rural part of Miami-Dade County: Authorities say a twin-engine propeller plane has cras...
4 dead after small plane crashes in southwest Miami-Dade County
Four people are confirmed dead after a small plane crashed in Miami-Dade County, Florida, per
UPDATED: Four dead in small plane crash in SW Miami-Dade County in Florida. -
Woman shot by boyfriend at west Miami-Dade County salon dies
Dade County. The home, in Indian Creek Village, had been on the market since early 2011, when construction was still being completed.
Miami-Dade County, the city of Miami and Coral Gables "Duh, we din't know nothin' 'bout Civil Rights Act,"
One of the best running backs in the country, and one of Dade County's finest - Mark Walton!
So. Florida class of 2017 TOP Slot WRs in Broward and Dade County is Emmanuel Greene (Coconut Creek) and Kevin Romer (…
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