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Daddy Yankee

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez (born February 3, 1977), known artistically as Daddy Yankee, is a Latin Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican reggaeton recording artist.

Don Omar Luis Fonsi Prince Royce Justin Bieber Romeo Santos Miguel Cotto Sean Paul Marc Anthony Big Boi Elvis Crespo Ven Conmigo Oswaldo Arcia Jennifer Lopez Jay Sean Ricky Martin Danza Kuduro Bodega Bamz Costa Rican

I added a video to a playlist Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee - Despacito ft. Justin Bieber (french cover by
I added a video to a playlist Hula Hoop Official Lyric Video - Daddy Yankee
This is my friend whom I backed up danced we were back up dancers for Daddy Yankee, Shakira,…
If you prefer Justin Beiber's version of Despacito over the original by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, please don't speak to…
Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber's “Despacito” is now eligible for 40x latin platinum in the US.
Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press to spread Daddy Yankee lyrics to the European lower classes
Andas En Mi Cabeza (feat. Daddy Yankee) by Chino & Nacho is number 1 in Cayman Islands top 100 songs
What are your last 2 ringtones on your phone?. Literally - since 2008, I've had 2. Sebastien Tellier - Divine. Daddy Yankee - Jefe. Don't @ me
Did you know? Daddy Yankee actually wrote "Gasolina" for Radiohead, but Thom Yorke said to keep it, because it was too emot…
Despacito (feat. Daddy Yankee) by Luis Fonsi is number 3 in United Arab Emirates top 100 songs
"Despacito - Remix" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber still at on US iTunes! htt…
The Remix of "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber released last week is already breaking & setti…
Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee top Spotify's Viva Latino Top 50 Chart with their remix of "Despacito." https:…
Luis Fonsi - Despacito (feat. Daddy Yankee) in the Costa Rican iTunes top 100 chart.
"Despacito - Remix" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber was released last week & has 75M views on YouTube! https…
Nicky jam yesterday and Daddy Yankee coming in the summer. London getting these concerts on a regular basis now 👌👌 💣
Despacito by Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee gets me so hyped up I just wanna dance 😍
Daddy Yankee and Zumba Announce Global Partnership in Support of Artist’s New Single “Hula Hoop”…
. Freddy Lugo. 2001 - 2017. Died of laughing . at Julio's sc. "Pero ella me levanto". -Daddy Yankee
Jack G is insane with the aux cord... he'll go from The Fray to Daddy Yankee to Young Thug back to back to back and not even thi…
"And now the national anthem of Puerto Rico.". Gasolina by Daddy Yankee plays
Imagine a Hispanic as president lmao... they'll remake the national anthem with Farruko, daddy yankee, J balvin etc co…
Shaky Shaky by Daddy Yankee is number 2 in Ecuador top 100 songs
Big Pun 100% if you look close you'll see myself and
so according to Akon is better than T-Pain and Daddy Yankee is better than Don Omar... somebody go report this *** page.
hi lrene a Tilton good morning how are things going with you
I'm sure you've heard Don Omar he's good. Look up Nicky Jam, of course Daddy Yankee and checkout Elvis Crespo
Listen to Ven Conmigo (feat. Prince Royce) by Daddy Yankee & Prince Royce on I speak Spanish Fluent 🙈
I played Ven Conmigo by Daddy Yankee when he came out.
different music.. Daddy Yankee, Danny Rey, and Rob Thomas..with some Carrie Underwood mixed in..😊
Andas en mi cabeza by Chino y Nacho and Daddy Yankee is a great song! :)
"I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore". Yo en el tropi cuando suena Daddy Yankee
Everyone is in Vegas this weekend or was . Royce. Daddy Yankee . Selena Gomez. Roberto tapia . Canelo. Arturo and Mariah Corral . Lmao who else
No one will understand my love for Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Prince Royce or Aventura 😻
wait... bruno mars, daddy yankee and Prince Royce's was DOPE THO
I added a video to a playlist Daddy Yankee - Limbo
A new favorite: Yandel Wisin Daddy Yankee J Baivin Farruko by Master Hoodini Delirious on
Okay and that's the best video ever. 😭❤️
Another great voice for Dale Axel, bienvenido a
tell me why daddy Yankee voice is so sexy . ay papi como eres 😍
Daddy Yankee panda remix is better than the original
ginza by j balvin remix ft daddy Yankee, Don Omar, arcangel, farruko and otros
Presea dale, presea. Listen to Lo Que Paso, Paso by Daddy Yankee on
Daddy Yankee's Top 10 Hot Latin Songs: Daddy Yankee will take part in on one of the most awaited duets at the ...
Why does face swap look like Daddy Yankee thoo 🤔
Obsession by Aventura, Gasolina by Daddy Yankee, Dos Locos by Monchy/Alexandra, & Suavemente by Elvis Crespo are songs every hispanic knows.
I just used Shazam to discover Danza Kuduro (Remix) by Don Omar Feat. Lucenzo, Daddy Yankee & Arcangel.
Instead of Daddy Yankee they should've brought Los Tigres De Norte lmao
my mom used to pic me up from elementary school bumping Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Tito el Bambino, all that good stuff
Back in the day when a Daddy Yankee jam would start playing.
Gangsta zone by daddy yankee and snoop dogg is still great
I would be listening to Daddy Yankee and 2 Live Crew while having to write about my home town.
after the Daddy Yankee concert I need to see more of him, he was on stage for like 10 minutes!😭
When your mom knows your favorite food 🍕 (song by )
I would kil daddy yankee bro if he ever even attempted
Daddy Yankee was my daddy before I even knew he was my daddy
Few things bring me joy more than an unexpected Daddy Yankee verse in a song
(downloads 3 TBs worth of Daddy Yankee tracks)
Listen to Mayor Que Yo 3 by Luny Tunes, Daddy Yankee, Wisin, Don Omar & Yandel on
A few hours to 'the big boss' ' birthday !!.Rome loves ya
Hamilton Collection
Meeting Daddy Yankee is definitely on my bucket list
Reggaetoni peaked when Don Omar and daddy Yankee were dropping those songs that had the mamis shaking their booty giving *** *** early
Just watched the prank they tried to pull on about Ricky Martin 😂. Can't fool 👊
Ek last gasolina by daddy yankee.. 😂. Ispy dance karnay ka maza hai :p
Nota De Amor by Wisin Feat. Carlos Vives & Daddy Yankee, found with Listen now:
Andas En Mi Cabeza (Feat. Daddy Yankee) - Chino y Nacho. Any music for free. Music Box app in Cydia.
My dad sang to Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Juan Gabriel, Calle 13, Daddy Yankee, and Aventura lol he's great 😂😂😂
your awful song never addressed international hip hop artists i.e. Sean Paul, Daddy Yankee etc etc are they stealing as well???
.A new most read by abt world leaders betrayal & the fight to stop a genocide
daddy Yankee is doing English songs now?
Daddy Yankee is always going to be my mce 😍👅
Dale play al official lyric video de →
Don't forget to check out latest new song!
I got the for "Rompe (rem..." by Daddy Yankee feat. Lloyd Banks, Young Buck & Nelly Furtado on
Watch for this x major later ft daddy Yankee
B-Dubs is playing "Gasolina" by Daddy Yankee. Hello middle school my old friend.
A new favorite: Daddy Yankee Ft J Alvarez - El Amante (Trave DJ Moombahton Remix) by on
Daddy yankee mad short irl tho like what a rican trait
Daddy Yankee doesn't age man. He's an alien
Joyce and I are twerking to Daddy Yankee
Listen to Alexandra Stan & INNA feat. Daddy Yankee - We Wanna by Alexandra Stan The Artist on
oye you using Daddy Yankee and Yandel's song "moviendo caderas" !! and i love reggaeton and PR🇵🇷 !
Lol I got my roommate into old reggaeton and now he's playing Rompe by Daddy Yankee. Now I'm waiting for the girls next door to complain
Nota de Amor (feat. Daddy Yankee) by Wisin & Carlos Vives is number 2 in Peru top 100 songs
I tell damian to be quiet for like 5 minutes so I could do something and he starts singing daddy yankee
Lmao, my mom swears that Chico looks like daddy Yankee 😂😩
Please help fot my son! He lives in Venezuela and has SMA type 1
Have we forgotten how sexy Daddy Yankee is 😍👅
You are listening to QUE ES LA QUE HAY - DADDY YANKEE
they're missing pose by daddy Yankee 😂
Listen to Daddy Yankee - Sigueme Y Te Sigo by Daddy Yankee Official on
Being hispanic, I grew up on spanish artists like Selena, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, and Jennifer Lopez.
Just in:Trump to be Grand Marshall at WBCA parade;Del Mar to be renamed Trump Blvd;Trump mst notable rcpnt of Key to City since Daddy Yankee
Pastor Joey look like Daddy Yankee in Lo Que Paso Paso when he wears a fedora
There's a Daddy Yankee concert happening next door to us and it's so loud when I open my window you'd think I was there 🌚
"Ven Conmigo - feat. Prince Royce" by Daddy Yankee from Prestige . Love it 👍
I just used to sing along to La noche de los dos by Daddy Yankee feat. Natalia Jiménez
Daddy Yankee is with over 100 million views! Check out his best videos on
Conosci la canzone? pt. 299. Finally found you - Enrique Iglesias feat. Daddy Yankee
Now Playing on IAC FM Inna feat. Daddy Yankee - More Than Friends Send your music to mixfor air play!
Check this out; my new clients! I will write a personal post about this later about this & lessons learned on my lil journey through life. ***The GRAMMYs and Billboard Latin nnominated Latin-American, international act VozAVozOficial will perform with Ricky Martin, Prince Royce, Daddy Yankee and many more of Latin Music's superstar this Satruday!
Few of my investors at Daddy Yankee's concert in Puerto Plata. by armandolhvc
Full choreography of "Limbo" by Daddy Yankee in Just Dance 2014, the successor of Ubisoft's Just Dance 4 game. Mode: CLASSIC | Duet (2 player) | Difficulty: ...
Reason why David shouldn't go to the gym: David will break out in Zumba step in the middle of a Daddy Yankee song and get started at.   10% Off
AD Boyz Latest Music Video with the latin grammy awards winner Daddy Yankee.
Zumba Kids master classes with Amit Shaw from DNA Danceworks in collaboration with The Telegraph with more than 400 kids. Artist: Daddy Yankee - Limbo I do n...
The cartel Records present a new song of the EL JEFE DADDY YANKEE
Download and Stream new track of Daddy Yankee – Infinito (New Version) on
DMV this upcoming Friday night July 18 brings his tour to our Nations Capitol Washington…
Daddy Yankee - Barrio Fino . It's exactly (almost to the day) 10 (TEN) years that this album was released. Time.Flies.
Can't wait to see Daddy Yankee in concert next... ♫ "La Nueva y la Ex" by (@ Bossier City, LA, USA)
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Oye Mi Canto by NORE ft. Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star and Big Mato from
Massachusetts United States I love with el jefe Daddy Yankee seen him 2x front row baby left of picture
It's 5 de mayo, and what they've being playing it's Elvis Crespo, Marc Anthony, and Daddy Yankee!!! I guess that all Hispanic music it's made with the same passion and rhythm. But right now I am dancing and enjoy the song that abuela left me that day: VIVIR LA VIDA Marc Anthony ! Hay q reir la vida es solo una!!!
you look like you were listening to Daddy Yankee all day
do the as geniuses switch out Pitbull with the more NBA fan friendly Daddy Yankee for the second round? I need answers
Been a Hip Hop DJ for over 10 years, but I gotta say this reggeaton music is still killing the game!!! Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Tego Calderon!! Latinas!
Wow!!! MY CELL DOES NOT STOP RINGING! I am all out of TICKETS FOR BOTH SHOWS! Daddy Yankee tickets available at ALL BOOTJACKS!!! Ticket reps comment here if you have tickets left!!!
Listening to Daddy Yankee - Pasarela on now in Google Play store for free via
VIP TV takes you to Calle Ocho 2014 on the Power 96 Stage with Daddy Yankee, Sean Paul, Jayquan, Steven Spence, J...
Thank God for Spanish radio bringing back the Rupee and Daddy Yankee song back into my life.
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Common, Daddy Yankee, Big Boi on ‘Game of Thrones’ Mixtape - According to the Wall Street Journal, HBO decided...
Catch The Throne: The Mixtape is a Hip-hop and Reggaeton “Game of Thrones” inspired 10 song mix tape from seasons 1-3 will and feature exclusive tracks from Wale, Big Boi, Common and Daddy Yankee, in addition to songs from up-and-coming artists Snow Tha Product, Bodega Bamz, Magazeen and...
Game of Thrones is to 'bring that Khaleesi heat' ahead of season 4 with a promotional rap mixtape that features Big Boi, Common, Wale, Bodega Bamz, Daddy Yankee and more.
If you don't know who is Prince Royce, Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Romeo Santos.
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Happy to Rebel Wilson! She is 27 today. Let's see who else is celebrating a birthday. Sean Kingston (24) singer Nathan Lane (58) actor Isla Fisher (38) actress born in 1976 Daddy Yankee (37) singer Warwick Davis (44), well-known for playing the role of Willow Julio Jones (25) NFL wide receiver.
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Somebody needs to stop daddy Yankee
i want Gasolina by Daddy Yankee to b playing when i give birth
YES CARNEY! Tomorrow ya no va ver ni un piggie virgin y daddy Yankee is going to be dead:D love ju chuma;*
look Gigi when sulema goes to sleep, we rape all the pigs alive and kill daddy Yankee
Thanks to Daddy Yankee, I always sing the "gasolina" song while pumping gas.
Idk what Daddy Yankee is saying half the time, but his songs pump me up and make me want to dance. 😂
Laawd those old daddy Yankee songs got me feeling some type of way
Listen to: 'Lo que paso, paso' by 'DADDY-YANKEE'
throw back song Daddy Yankee no mames ahah still gangster jam
This was last week working on my El Amante on -
Daddy Yankee is the best rapper alive ok
throwback thursday club playing daddy Yankee lol
Hopefully I chill with my boys this weekend👌 Osama, Daddy Yankee, Shark Tail, and Shrek
Inna feat Daddy Yankee More than friends lyrics
Had gas spew all over me at the gas station just now. I feel like a Daddy Yankee song, and at any moment, with the help of a match, i could become Johnny Storm.
Since George Steinbrenner owned the Yankees, wouldn't that make him "Daddy Yankee"??
When people ask me what I like to listen to, it is a bit difficult to get my point across. This is probably why. Playlist of my life: While Lifting: Chiodos, Coheed, The used Runnning: 30 Seconds to Mars, Daddy Yankee, Lil Wayne Abs: Don Omar, Ciara, Panic at the Disco Studying Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang, Vitamin String Quartet Walking to class (like a boss): Drake, Trey Songs Dancing: Luke Bryan, Josh Abbot, Randy Rogers, Josh Turner
Great now Google Chrome thinks I'm hispanic um xcuse me but can't one enjoy Daddy Yankee and empanada recipes without being stereotyped?
Tres Who’s Listening to Latin Music? And What Are They Listening To? November 27, 2013 In last week’s blog post, we highlighted the importance of music in Latino young adults’ lives. This week, we turn to the listeners themselves. Which artists and genres are their favorites? And what are the demographics of this audience overall? Tr3s has answers from its report on Latin music listeners, “Hispanic Young Adults Today: Exploring Latinicity through Music,” which draws from numerous quantitative and qualitative studies commissioned by Tr3s, as well as Experian Simmons and Latino Intelligence. Here are key findings from that study: Favorite music celebrities among Hispanics 18-34 are mostly Latino. Just 2 of the top 10 music celebrities were not Latino (Beyonce and Drake). The others in the top 10 were Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jenni Rivera, Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Selena, Romeo Santos, and Daddy Yankee. Latin music listeners 18-34 have different genre preferences than listeners over 35. Regional Mexi ...
Dad Family: George Dad,Daddy Yankee,The Holy Father and Papa John's go through shenanigans in this hilarious Emmy-winning animated sitcom.
escucha buena musica en Daddy Yankee - Ricky Martin Drop it on me
Que hecho verga ese Daddy Yankee utilizando una rola de Major Lazer - Watch it for this.
I think there's a little Latin in my blood. Nothing gets me going more than Limbo by Daddy Yankee
Bringing out my inner williams in chico yankee
Seguire siendo el mejor you know I am the best!
.That's right! Life is You have also danced with and wrote with corr…
Hey, . Daddy no cae. Nazza no cae. El piso Lamborghini y le digo BYE BYE. Papi, that's right .
My mom wanted me to record her dancing to Daddy Yankee, okay...
My bf knows my favorite daddy yankee song
I stopped listening to reggaeton since daddy yankee came out the closet. Seriously.
Carlitos reminds me of Daddy Yankee. If you know who he is..
Is this a daddy yankee performance or xfactor live show wuuttt.
Carlito reminds me of a fetus Daddy Yankee
Don Omar fell off, and Daddy Yankee voted for John McCain..
tbh at one point in my life, I swore I was gonna marry Daddy Yankee and have beautiful Puerto Rican babies with him 😍😂😭
I wanna go see daddy yankie welcome to Ri papi :-*
Everybody is going to the daddy yankee concer
tonight at Roxy Providence lettts go 😘
Mi este tema me recuerda is killing with this success !
I guess Daddy Yankee is the topic of the day , Jesus...
All time low: listening to Daddy Yankee while I make my model
How we go from daddy Yankee to 2 chains lmfao
I wish I knew how to do my make I guess eyeliner could do for tonight, Daddy yankee still loves me either way. Lmao.
Ou daddy yankee comes today at roxys
My older brother singing in Spanish acting like he daddy Yankee lmaoo 😂😂 fufu *** *** 😭
Daddy yankee's at roxy's tonight.. But why can't I be 18 😩
Drinking while listening to daddy Yankee is the best way to get ready for the concert
Listening to Latina 100.3 daddy yankee throwbacks
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Daddy Yankee in glazz on Friday and Don Omar in Tette on Sunday 😩👯👯👏
When I talk about Dary... I always start with "Dary (mex accent) like daddy Yankee,yup.. just call her daddy"
Can't wait to hear all the new songs !
For some reason I'm in a shakira and daddy yankee mood this morning 😳⛅️
I just used to tag La Noche De Los 2 by Daddy Yankee Feat. Natalia Jimenez.
Working on some miracles. . Daddy Yankee. . Hitting New York. . Real soon. ... Try Oct 11 th@ CLUB GLAZZ. Tickets will be on deck shorty will keep u posted. D.y In New York big big big move. .
Why did Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin start playing on my Daddy Yankee station? O.o
Yesss my day has been made daddy yankee and Don Omar Zumba thing at fau lol
I'm 100% playing limbo by daddy Yankee at my wedding
Can't stop listening to the new remix we are GONNA see this performed live one day 🙌
Now this Daddy Yankee song stuck in my head -.- lmao
Don't miss Daddy Yankee performing his hit single, Limbo tonight on ESPN for their special, "One Nacion" at 8pm EST
I don't understand Pitbull and Daddy Yankee's Genre. Like is it Latin Pop or Hip Hop
Playing basketball at Chamberlain and leaving when a group of Puerto Ricans show up 8 deep in a civic blasting Daddy Yanke…
Just heard Gasolina - Daddy Yankee. Reminds me of cheap holidays, local vodka and shots that taste of nail polish. URGH.
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will be Performing LIVE on . it's on Hot Latin Songs for 13 weeks. ht…
tonight we could be more than friend!🎶🎵 ♫ More than Friends (feat. Daddy Yankee) by Inna —
Limbo - Daddy Yankee via 80 millions views. Are you watching LIMBO?
It's crazy how much my taste in music has changed since high school... From Jack Johnson, Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Daddy Yankee (ha!)
Its way too early to be listening to Daddy Yankee in Spanish class.
When they played Limbo by Daddy Yankee for Oswaldo Arcia's walk up song at the Twins game I felt feels
shout out to Oswaldo Arcia for choosing a Daddy Yankee song
I should never be bumping this hard to Rompe by Daddy Yankee
Daddy Yankee the Paj basking by the great majestic Nile on our
I'm even listening to daddy Yankee old stuff
Omg I remember I was totally obsessed with Daddy Yankee. Holy crap. He was the ish. 😍
I'm good! I thought your Daddy Yankee heritage *** was calling me from Miami earlier today lol
is your icon little kid daddy Yankee
would be bumping Daddy Yankee in the car lol
i dont care i still think Daddy Yankee is fine lol
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Hoping to hear a lot of Daddy Yankee at the latin festival
We all have that one artist or type of music that we listen to that we know we normally wouldn't. For me it's Daddy Yankee
"Pasarela" by daddy yankee reminds me of pre drinking before our soccer games and jamming out the whole way there.😊 Good times ...
It's almost 1 am. Tell me why I'm up listening to Daddy Yankee & Don Omar..
“Lmaoo Pitbull??” Lmaooo no nina sky with noriega and daddy yankee 😭😭😭😭
Sing gasolina by daddy yankee with me so I know it's real.
Pero why am i listening to daddy yankee . ROMPE ROMPE ROMPE ROMPE woulda swore it was like 2006 😂
“Still debating if I should go to J Alvarez concert or Daddy Yankee's. Mhmmm”. Same here! 😩 lol don't know.. Don't know.
I just used to tag La Despedida by Daddy Yankee Feat. Denoizer.
Daddy Yankee is so sexy and has a perfect smile 😍
he goes to six flags just to see daddy yankee in concert LOL
Its time for a lil daddy yankee now .
Looking like the Mexican version of daddy Yankee on the twit pic
I'm tryna get Gucci mane for Prom. But these white people want Daddy Yankee smh
I remember when I used to be in love with Daddy Yankee's song Gasolina xD
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
twerked to gasolina by daddy yankee so hard the pockets on my jeans fell off and I suddenly had hoop earrings on *** ?
Limbo By Daddy Yankee and She just love this one :) I wanna dedicate this one
Limbo by Daddy Yankee PS: She just love this one
Prince Royce and daddy yankee are my
Pandora had to play Tu Principe x Daddy Yankee right now 😞
I remember when i used to listen to daddy yankee in 5th grade 😐 me gusta la gasolina lol😂
"I've been rapping for seventeen years" same. dropping my mixtape soon. took me 18yrs to make. I sampled…
Gasolina by daddy Yankee just came on the radio.
.is creating a new fan base for Latin artists such as and
WHAT I can't believe Daddy Yankee came out the closet
attention we are now in the Dominican Republic with Daddy Yankee
i been called Daddy Yankee, Clay Thompson, Aaron Hernandez, Carlos Arroyo all in a matter of 4 hours smh.
Good morning I feel so well rested today :) listening to my on my way to work
I don't care what anyone says, I will always love 🎶❤
"YOO..check out my joint "Summer Time" by on 30 stations this weekend with
& Daddy Yankee "More Than Friends" makes its debut on my latest playlist of 7.28.2013 @
Nobody appreciates nomore .. Y'all missing out on his sexy *** voice 😏
I've been in love with for soo long !! I think it's time I confess my love to him lol
I favorited a video from Daddy Yankee Ft Nova & Jory - Aprovecha (Video Offi…
Daddy Yankee - Limbo makes me wanna break out and dance no matter where I am!
His music for me is the best I never tire of listening to his songs I hope God will allow many years of life.
Inna and Daddy Yankee party beachside in their new video “More Than Friends.”
Love the collaboration of Sean Paul and Daddy Yankee!
The other day in zumba El Ritmo No Perdona by Daddy Yankee came on & it reminded me of my Sissy singing it in business class freshman year♥😘
Inna ft. Daddy Yankee - More Than Friends. INNA deserves to be famous in the U.S.A !! :D Thank You Atlantic Records .
It's forever you could be mine or whatever you like. ♫ More Than Friends – Inna, Daddy Yankee
Any hispanic singers you like ? — Of course Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, and Daddy Yankee
What I would do for one of those video vixens in Daddy Yankee's videos.
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I liked pitbull and lil Jon better when they made remixes with daddy yankee
I wish they made reggeton like they did when I was younger. With Daddy Yankee and all them.
Why is lohanthony listening to daddy yankee
I like to give More Than Friends of Inna Ft Daddy Yankee
The mustang sliding in daddy Yankee's music video. 😍😍😍
get your ugly daddy Yankee looking *** out of my mentions.
Puerto Ricans celebrate everything to daddy Yankee or wish and yandell 😂😭😭
Why my manager in this daddy Yankee video ? We making stars at Sofrito everyday out here b
The behind the scenes look at Daddy Yankee latin urban superstar career. Check it out! >>
The vine of jammin out to Gasolina by Daddy Yankee just about made my day. 😂👌
🎵 entre tu y yo 🎵😊 lol I see daddy yankee is still playin down there!
I ount care what anyone says. Daddy Yankee is still the man.
its bc his dad looks just like daddy Yankee lmao omg
I'm a little disturbed by ur knowledge of daddy yankee songs
The official video for INNA ft. Daddy Yankee 'More Than Friends'! Subscribe to Spinnin' TV for more INNA: More info at
Hearig Limbo by Daddy Yankee or Salio El Sol & Danza Kuduro by Don Omar always makes me think of my surprise dance from my Quince ♡
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Watch the music video for Self Made (Audio) by Daddy Yankee ft. French Montana and more new Rap/Hip-Hop, Urban Latino and Reggaeton videos on VEVO.
AVA AmphitheaterThe nearly 5,000-seat Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater has become a hot-spot of Southern Arizona, taking the entertainment world by storm, selling out shows with such acts like Van Halen, Daddy Yankee, Toby Keith, Gwen Stefani, Alejandro Fernandez, Luis Miguel and The Scorpions.AVA...
Daddy Yankee did more than anyone to establish reggaeton as a marketable music style during the early 21st century. Yankee's success was so phenomenal in the wake of his 2004 mainstream breakthrough, Barrio Fino -- and in particular the international hit single "Gasolina" -- that he transcended cultural boundaries and genre trappings. He became more than just a reggaetonero, having transformed himself into an international name brand by the time his 2007 follow-up album, El Cartel: The Big Boss, was released. Daddy Yankee's name, image, and music were used to sell soft drinks for Pepsi and footwear for Reebok, as well as a syndicated show for ABC Radio Networks (Daddy Yankee on Fuego) and a feature film for Paramount Pictures (Talento de Barrio). Daddy Yankee indeed had become a business empire, of which the primary asset -- his music -- remained independent from major-label control: he keenly operated his own independent label, El Cartel Records, and chose to partner with labels such as Interscope only f ...
The fact that i saw Daddy Yankee today and Miguel Cotto is pretty cool.
Puerto Rican Day Parade was LIVE! Daddy Yankee was there. Even millie quesada was there.
I'm here tried at home in my bedroom. I had a great at puerto rice parade. The most pr people and million. I see waving bye Daddy Yankee, Michael Bloomberg and Adam G. Sevani :D.
I still can't get over how I met Daddy Yankee, Miguel Cotto and Alex Sensation 😊
Alex Sensation from La Mega and me, Archbishop Dolan ,Miguel Cotto the boxer and Daddy Yankee in the black car
Highlights of the parade today for me were Daddy Yankee and Miguel Cotto. Love em both! Great time @ NYC♥
I actually love Daddy Yankee, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, etc. Thats the Spanish side of me 💃
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Only if Daddy Yankee & Prince Royce were to come to London 💃👌
I'm not Daddy Yankee so you shut up Celia Cruz
Neighbors wondering why Patrick Swayze doesn't save them as they're being assaulted with Red Army Choir and Daddy Yankee
My niece is in the backseat screaming/singing Gasolina by Daddy Yankee on the way to soccer... I've taught her well :)
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Surprise bday party for daddy. Yankee theme. Duh. ⚾
I never really liked daddy Yankee D;
This was a fun first big corporate sponsorship was with the Bok... Me, Nelly, Mike Jones & Daddy Yankee
Eminem to rap as Daddy Yankee is to reggaton . ❤
Oh no my mom is listening to daddy yankee
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