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Daddy Lessons

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I feel like everyone needs to see this iconic video of Tracee Ellis Ross dancing to 'Daddy Lessons' while modeling.
I can't with Poppa Pope. He be taking Daddy Lessons to the millionth degree. Also, this red wine drinking family is MESSED UP🍷
Beyoncé's track 'Daddy Lessons': co-writer shares the story behind the song: via
Can I just say for the millionth time that "Daddy Lessons" is my fave song on Lemonade and I want a full Beyonce country album now.
Vox: "Daddy Lessons" is a reminder of country music's black and West African roots.
I can't wait to see "Daddy Lessons" crush it at the Country Music Awards.
Ofc my favorite track on Lemonade is "Daddy Lessons".
Daddy Lessons will sweep the CMA's. Just watch and see, ladies
covered and I'm ok with this, very ok. via
My dad warned me about men like you.. he said baby girl his playing you.
Daddy lessons gives me major chills 🍋
she didn't learn her daddy lessons hinny. That just looks weird 😂
Texas. Texas. Beyoncé's "Daddy Lessons" is officially getting the country treatment:
Daddy Lessons is a really beautiful song.
Watch the Dixie Chicks slay this cover of Beyoncé's 'Daddy Lessons'
still what we REALLY need is a Carolina Chocolate Drops cover of Daddy Lessons.
Just caught myself doing a subtle (not subtle) line dance to Daddy Lessons in public.
I see the Alabama Shakes & I raise you Beyoncé performing 'Daddy Lessons' with the Carolina Chocolate Drops instead.
Only reason I like that costume is cause she performs Daddy Lessons in it and the line dance is cute af
I need a line dance to Daddy Lessons
When you're listening to "Daddy Lessons" and you just want to break into a line dance but you can't because you're in public.
The fact that the line dance during Daddy Lessons is something I’ve probably done at that country bar in VA>> official fave part of the show
Y'all we gotta create a line dance to Daddy Lessons 😩🐝.
Ay , where is the line dance for Daddy Lessons? Am I gone learn it at the concert? 🤔
I know someone out there is a creating a cute two-step or line dance to Daddy Lessons
me: why do people even like country music i can't stand it. Beyoncé: released 'Daddy Lessons' . me:
I need someone to come out with a line dance for Daddy Lessons. I'm from the country so maybe I should work on this lol
But yall should listen to the Carolina Chocolate Drops tho. If you like Daddy Lessons.
i can't tell if i want to line dance or grind when listening to Daddy Lessons
The way they're dancing with a coffin mid street procession on Daddy Lessons is exes funeral goals
We need to come up with a line dance for Daddy Lessons
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If you marveled at a black woman doing country on "Daddy Lessons," allow me to introduce Carolina Chocolate Drops
Has anyone made a line dance routine to Daddy Lessons? Asking for myself
I really hope somebody creates a country-western line dance for Daddy Lessons.
Sorry to urban. Hold Up to pop. Daddy Lessons to country. All Night to gospel
This new Beyonce is giving me so much life in the library.. Could line dance between these shelves to Daddy Lessons
Daddy Lessons is more old blues than country to me.
I wanna go line dance with some cowboy boots on when I listen to 'Daddy Lessons.'
Yall we gotta make up a line dance to Daddy Lessons
Daddy Lessons isn't really country, it's way more on the Blues side of things. But it JAMS nonetheless.
Daddy Lessons is Texas and but blues but soulful!
Daddy Lessons don't sound country to me. More like blues
ii need to cut a mean line dance to Daddy Lessons
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