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Dabney Coleman

Dabney Wharton Coleman (born January 3, 1932) is an American actor, best known for his roles in 9 to 5, WarGames, You've Got Mail, Sworn to Silence, The Beverly Hillbillies and as the voice of Principal Peter Prickly in Recess and Recess: School's Out.

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is enjoying Dabney Coleman, Max Julien, Mireille Machu, Adam Roarke + Barry Williams on The Mod Squad (1968) on MeTV.
Because we are odd Michael and I are casting the remake of 9 to 5. We have Kristin Wiig in the Lily Tomlin role and Kevin Spacey in Dabney Coleman's part. Who else?
The Shia LeBeouf character in NYMPHOMANIAC is a combination of David Brent and Dabney Coleman in 9 TO 5.
Directed by Richard Franklin. With Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Michael Murphy, Christina Nigra. 11-year-old Davey, whose mother is dead and whose father doesn't spend nearly enough time with him. So the boy loses himself in video games--and even has an imaginary friend, a super-resourceful secret…
THE TOWERING INFERNO The Towering Inferno is a 1974 American action drama disaster film produced by Irwin Allen featuring an all-star cast led by Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. The picture was directed by John Guillermin. The film was a critical success, earning a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Picture, and was the highest-grossing film released in 1974. The film was nominated for eight Oscars in all, winning three. In addition to McQueen and Newman, the cast includes William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, O.J. Simpson, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner, Susan Flannery, Gregory Sierra, Dabney Coleman and, in her final film, Jennifer Jones.
just saw u on RR...Dabney Coleman - 2 funny! LOL gret show w/the Inmans...poor kids, they' will be ok
was that Rudy?!?!? Dabney Coleman is making sense now
Assumed it was part of your MetLife connection. If Dabney Coleman appears on this broadcast, lunch is on me for a week.
Dabney Coleman. Perhaps the most underated actor of all time
Dabney Coleman would make a great Carpetbagger. lol
There's something about Dabney Coleman that gives me that Icky "Used Car Salesman" vib. lol
I like Dabney Coleman but in that role..not so much. It is one of my makes me cry every *** time.
Loved that movie. :-) Despite that casting of Dabney Coleman as the boyfriend. lol
Watching "Muppets Take Manhattan" with the kids. Dabney Coleman is smoking a cigarette as he talks to the muppets in an opening scene (after hanging up his rotary phone.) Also, Miss Piggy is rocking a rather tight perm. God bless the '80's!
A full back tattoo honoring actor Dabney Coleman says two things that you absolutely love:. 1. Obscure references. 2. Wasting money
Back when movies had a cool and funny Chevy Chase Dabney Coleman and Nell Carter.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The movie featuring Dabney Coleman or the Marvel Comic Book?
If this was a scene from War Games, Dabney Coleman would be proposing we replace the gate crew operators with computer relays.
Dabney Coleman's character on was meaner than "The *** .
Oh snap! Dabney Coleman is on Diff'rent Strokes! And holy crap is he racist!
Some days start out Dabney Coleman enough, but just like that* they turn Charles Grodin. I need a vacation.
I couldn’t let the month go by without giving a big Happy Birthday to all the January birthdays! A lot of celebrities had birthdays this month! Cuba Gooding Junior (“Show me the money”) turned 46 at the beginning of January. Victoria Principal from Dallas turned 64, Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) turned 39 (she will always be 12 years old in my mind). Robert Loggia turned 84, Dabney Coleman turned 82, Jodie Sweetin (the middle daughter on Full House) turned 32. Dolly Parton turned 68 and Married With Children’s Katey Sagal turned 60. There are several celebrities who are having birthdays in the next few days. Tomorrow Oprah will turn 59 and Tom Selleck will turn 68. Okay, wait a minute. Magnum PI is turning 68? Ah, where did the time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was crusiing around Hawaii in his red Ferrari? Heather Graham – who was just in Hangover III – is turning 43. An who could forget Elaine – Mrs. Robinson’s daughter - from the Graduate? Kathryn Ros ...
DMGranny Clampett was played by Irene Ryan in the tv show and by Cloris Leachman, in the movie with Dabney Coleman & Jim Varney
No matter what year it is, "Modern Problems" always makes me laugh. Except for Dabney Coleman's *** That makes no one laugh.
I think Craig was right. Dabney Coleman vs. 's I Hate My Boss. Tasty beer!
Thank you, beautiful peeps, for showing up tonight. Very lovely to see you all and many thanks for your support. Next week: GIRL POWER with '9 to 5' - Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman - tremendous, enjoy x
Another great cameo on Shameless. The Native American guitar player was the bad guy in Cloak n Dagger. Dabney Coleman's second greatest role.
Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman star in this 4-DVD set of 30 episodes with guests Dabney Coleman, Billy Mumy, Maureen McCormick, and more. The episodes are available in either classic black & white or color. Exclusive bonus features include pilot episode
QUESTION OF THE DAY Jerry Van *** Carroll O’Connor, Raquel Welch, Jayne Mansfield, and Dabney Coleman were all consider for roles in what TV show?
No lie, I went to an L.A. afterhours one time, not too many people there, I think it was on La Cienega, or Fairfax, and Dabney Coleman was there!
Buffalo Bill AND THE INDIANS / ORIG. U.S. ONE-SHEET MOVIE POSTER (PAUL NEWMAN ) / i1c813 - s290rv6 - mzm18193b, o4kgo18. Maybe the best offer: days 40 years in the old west: the personal narrative of a Buffalo Bill and the indians, or sitting bull's history lesson The life of hon. william f. cody known as Buffalo Bill / the famous hunter, scou Buffalo Bill's dead now (a wind river mystery) Buffalo Bill and the indians Dabney coleman geena davis Buffalo Bill orig 7x9 photo Collection: say it with music Buffalo Bill and the indians / orig. u.s. one-sheet movie poster (paul newman ) Exploring beyond yellowstone: hiking, camping, and vacationing in the national forests surrounding yellowstone and grand teton with map.
I am sitting here trying to figure out how I went from being retired to wide open and overworked in a matter of days. In the words of one of my favorite actors, Dabney Coleman, "What the *** happened here just now?"
Only if Dabney Coleman would sign my coloring book
"Beeper Madness" starring Dabney Coleman and Lana Clarkson(may she rest in peace, I loved her dearly) written, shot and directed by Jonee' Ansa
People ask me why I like old movies? Picking out good ones used to be simple . . . If it had Dabney Coleman in it, it was funny. And . . . he probably played an *** Take that Mr. McKittrick!
Thinking on the death of Russell Johnson, I remembered some of the people who were being considered for roles on Giligan's Island. The professor was almost played by Dabney Coleman. Ginger was very close to being played by Jayne Mansfield. And Maryann (who could only ever have been played by Dawn Wells) was possibly going to be Raquel Welch. I think having Mansfield and Welch on the same island would have radically changed the nature of the show. For one thing, the Navy would have sent entire fleets to rescue them. On the other hand, it would have explained the repeated failures of the professor and the crew of the Minnow to get off of an island that was only a three hour tour's length from Hawaii (although I would say that explanation probably would hold up with cast they did have.).
9 to 5 is a 1980 American comedy film written by Patricia Resnick and Colin Higgins, starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Dabney Coleman. The film concerns three working women living out their fantasies of getting even with, and their successful overthrow of, the company's autocratic, "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss. 9 to 5 was a hit, grossing over $3.9 million in its opening weekend in the U.S. and is the 20th highest-grossing comedy film. As a star vehicle for singer Parton, it launched her permanently into mainstream popular culture. Although a television series based on the film was less successful, a musical version of the film (also titled 9 to 5), with new songs written by Parton, opened on Broadway on April 30, 2009. 9 to 5 is number 74 on the American Film Institute's "100 Funniest Movies"
John Thaw who played Inspector Morse in the British Television Police drama "Inspector Morse" would sadly have been 72 today but Robert Loggia who starred in "Revenge Of The Pink Panther" with the late Peter Sellers, "Scarface" with Al Pacino, "Over The Top" with Sylvester Stallone, "The Believers" with Martin Sheen and "Big" with Tom Hanks is 84 today, Dabney Coleman who starred in "WarGames", "Dragnet" and "Short Time" is 82 today, former WWE commentator Jim Ross is 64 today, Hollywood tough guy Mel Gibson best know for his work of tough heroic Los Angeles Police Detective Martin Riggs in "Lethal Weapon" is 58 today, former MacGyver girl Joan Chen is 54 today, race car driver Joel Schumacher is 45 today and former Baywatch lifeguard Nicole Eggert is 42 today. Let's give them all a round of applause and 3 cheers for all their birthdays today. And that's not all. Pat Hingle who played Commissioner James Gordon in the first 4 Batman movies is 5 years gone today.
Happy birthday Gino Marchetti, Dabney Coleman, Jack Hanna, Tia Carrere and Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, on this date in 2012 we lost Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt of Iron Butterfly. In honor, today's song of the day is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
I'd forgotten how much WarGames is just full of a who's who of 80s awesome character actors. Dabney Coleman, Barry Corbin, John Spencer (!)
I had a real fondness for this one when I was younger. Great film. Not revisited it for far too long. BITE THE BULLET (1975), starring Gene Hackman, James Coburn, Candice Bergen, Ben Johnson, Ian Bannen, Jan Michael Vincent, Dabney Coleman and Sally Kirkland. Directed by Richard Brooks.
Oh no, Millennials don't remember 227 or the golden age of Dabney Coleman! Rolling Stone you are weird, man.
My 8 for Christmas is still to come, but here's another number I was given: Here's 12 more things you may not know about me: 1. I've always dreamed of being a writer and actor. I plan to audition someday for a part in a movie/tv show. I don't care if I get the part, I just want to audition. 2. Although I've enjoyed premium cigars for 20 years, I have always hated the smell of cigarette smoke. Still do. 3. I once had a date with Dabney Coleman's niece. 4. My father is one of 8 siblings and I am one of 16 cousins. I am the only cousin with the last name Brooks. 5. I have always been a Christian and a regular church attender. I've never walked away from either one. 6. My favorite author is C.S. Lewis. Although I'm a HUGE fan of the Narnia series and his space trilogy, I've read the book "The Abolition of Man" more times than any other work he has written. 7. I can go indefinitely without cigars or chocolate, but one week without cheese and I go dark side. Emperor Palpatine himself would be ove ...
RIP Dabney Coleman. An angel has left too soon.
I hope everyone knows November is Dabney Coleman Awareness Month. Looking at you
Finally, the Dabney Coleman classic CLOAK & DAGGER is streaming. A weird curio in the history of movie/video game connections.
long forgotten show I'd like to see on or = "Buffalo Bill" with Dabney Coleman
US New movies for November 01, 2013 Broadcast News (1987) Three ambitious workaholics -- a handsome but weak-minded anchorman, his driven producer and a neurotic reporter -- are set loose in a network TV newsroom, where their professional and personal lives become hopelessly cross-wired. Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) Gene Saks directs this film adaptation of Neil Simon's hit play, starring Jonathan Silverman as Eugene, a Jewish teenager sharing very cramped quarters with his loud, nosy and loving family in Depression-era Brooklyn. Both touching and laugh-out-loud funny, the film co-stars Blythe Danner and Bob Dishy as Eugene's parents, with Lisa Waltz as cousin Nora, the source of many of Eugene's adolescent fantasies and frustrations. Caligula (1979) Malcolm McDowell portrays the infamous emperor who wielded godlike power over ancient Rome while at the same time sleeping with his sister (Teresa Ann Savoy). Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole and John Gielgud co-star in this film produced by &NFi;Penthouse Magazi ...
Directed by Ken Shapiro. With Chevy Chase, Patti D'Arbanville, Dabney Coleman. Jealous, harried air traffic controller Max Fiedler, recently dumped by his girlfriend, comes into contact with nuclear waste and is granted the power of telekinesis, which he uses not only to win her back, but to gain a…
Kids! If a kid shows up tonight dressed as Dabney Coleman, he/she gets the entire bowl of candy.
Raven and I are watching an 80's classic, "Cloak & Dagger" starring Henry Thomas(E.T.) and Dabney Coleman. Ahhh, the 80's, what a wonderful era...
An old Jersey bud of WBSTYN asked the author about the Misfits and Dabney Coleman.
I would use my savings to hire the death squad: frank Stallone, Dabney Coleman and Carl weathers to fight them.
balls as big as church bells.Dabney Coleman...Dragnet...:)
what a great movie. Dabney Coleman is the best a-hole in the business
Modern Problems with Chevy Chase, Dabney Coleman, and Mary Kay Place is on Movie Ch. I must have watched this 100x time.
WARGAMES: 30 year old movie. Dabney Coleman: 81. Jim Leyland: 67. Matthew Broderick: 51. Broderick's more likely to be cast.
Watched "War Games'' at hotel last night. I vote for Dabney Coleman to play the lead in "The Jim Leyland Story.''
“Burt reynolds is poor man's dabney coleman” OR it's the other way around
Burt reynolds is poor man's dabney coleman
If you don't know who Dabney Coleman is we have nothing else to discuss.
DO NOT MISS the creepy, pervy goodness of BAD RONALD, perhaps the greatest made-for-TV movie ever. Blandly professional visuals spiked with chuckleheaded plot turns and wacky neighbors seem harmless enough at first, only to become something like a YA novel gone hideously, skin-crawlingly wrong. A true nightmare. Plus Dabney Coleman.
A partial list of my favorite things (as spoken by Dabney Coleman)
I watched it with the kids recently. It holds up surprisingly well. Remember when Dabney Coleman was everywhere?
Loved you in Tootsie & Hot to Trot w Bobcat Goldthwait. Was just telling my friends Dabney Coleman is underrated & here u are!.
Tonight I learn that King Arthur's lance was named Ron. His shield Kevin and suit of armor Dabney Coleman carried him bravely into battle
if i were to remake Modern Problems, i'd put Seth Rogen in Chevy Chases role but still use Dabney Coleman and Brian Doyle-Murray
Voodoo Priestess make me a doll of Dabney Coleman
It was just a DVD that we popped in so I didn't know much about it. Don't have HBO to Go yet. Dabney Coleman? Oh.. :)
and Gretchen Mol and Dabney Coleman… also did you know that Steve Buscemi was a Ny firefighter!? Amazing man…
Dabney Coleman, on what research he did to play his character in Wargames: "I always just look for the *** in my roles."
I'm voting Pat Hogan. He reminds me of Dabney Coleman. I love the stache.
Backpackin' it around town. Kinda feel like Davey Osborne from only missing a walkie talkie and Dabney Coleman.
Dabney Coleman's finest hour. And no, I didn't need to look that up.
"Im a COLE MAN" - Dabney Coleman, naked in front of a mirror
need 1987 version w/Dabney Coleman as Hugh Hefner and Chris Plummer as a televangelist bent on ruling LA
Thinking of Newsroom as the movie 9 to 5 wherein Dabney Coleman represents Aaron Sorkin's superego is the only way to make sense of it.
John Badham, Dabney Coleman, more to appear for special screening of WARGAMES, Tuesday, Sept. 10 at Regent, 7:30pm:
Wait a minute... Dabney Coleman never became a huge movie star?!
Charles Dickens may have coined the phrase "cloak and dagger", but Henry Thomas and Dabney Coleman made it real.
I always think I can't love "Rolling Thunder" more, and then I remember Dabney Coleman is in it
Back in the early 80’s, a producer friend asked if I’d like to work on a Muppets movie. Well, I wasn’t a big Muppets fan and I had just finished writing for a hit show (“Mork and Mindy”) so I wasn’t anxious to do it. Oh, and I was an *** But my friend said it’d be easy; the movie was already written, they just needed someone to write bits for the guest stars. And who would those be, I asked. And he said: Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, Laurence Olivier, Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin and Micheal Jackson. Seriously. I picked my chin off the floor and said yes. Hoffman was going to play a Broadway producer and planned to do his impression of legendary movie producer Bob Evans. But as the shoot approached he became concerned Evans would take offense, and he dropped out. (He later did the impression for an entire movie: “Wag The Dog”.) When Hoffman left, so did everyone else. We ended up with Art Carney, Linda Lavin, Dabney Coleman, Gregory Hines, James Coco, Brooke Shields and Joan ...
Have you guys seen "The Guardian" casting Simon Baker, Dabney Coleman, Alan Rosenberg?? If you're anxious to acquire a good knowledge of Americans' living situation or to study law and psychology, I strongly recommend it. "You are my son doesn't mean you will receive special treatment among my other employees in my firm" said Burton Fallin to his son Nick Fallin." Is he a good father or a bad father? Find it out and watch it! Enjoy, guys!!
Winding down with some cinematic comfort food—9 to 5 (What a way to make a living!). Great ensemble, fun film, and every time Dabney Coleman is on screen, I remember when he got out of my father's car without putting it in park and put a ding in the bumper, which caused my father to say "that *** rectum put a ding in the bumper!" He's not just an evil boss—he's a bumper-dinging *** rectum. My late father had a way with the mother tongue.
This stinks. As the numbness goes away, the more pills I want to take.
My name is Dabney and while I am not Dabney Coleman, feel free to say that you have the support of all Dabneys.
Ooh! I was once at a bar where Dabney Coleman happened to be having a birthday party for his wife!
I just named a bug I found Dabney Coleman because, you know, freedom.
For real guys; not watching it unless we get some Dabney Coleman
.,Dont Mark & Gabby Gifford (bless her heart) remind you of Dabney Coleman and Dustin Hoffman (as Tootsie?)
A CEO is being held captive by his own employees. Admit you've thought about doing that.
CNN these days is basically Dabney Coleman in "9 to 5," right?
“searched Amazon for the Best of War Games DVD. Is this the right one? Dabney Coleman is Arn Anderson
Next to "The Towering Inferno" (1974), "WarGames" (1983) and the way underappreciated, forgotten & entertaining "Short Time" (1990), this is my favorite Dabney Coleman (excellent as Jack Flack/Hal Osborne) film and still lots of fun, even for fantasy gamer fans!
American boss held hostage in China. Female workers lock him up due to workplace grievances. Could be a movie script! Sorta reminds me of that movie "9 to 5" where the office workers (led by Dolly Parton) kidnap their evil boss (played by Dabney Coleman).
Profoundly enjoying some 5am "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" magnificence. The only thing that could possibly make this movie any better would be Burt Reynolds and an eight year old wit a badge, or Dabney Coleman with a deathwish on a timeline. or possibly Queen Latifa if we're blending decades of bad movies together.
Every time I see Joel Quenneville, I think Dabney Coleman (see pic). Cool customer and horse guy to boot!
a "9 to 5" but with Chris Brown in the Dabney Coleman role
CHARLES Saatchi accepted a police caution over the incident at central London restaurant
Koenig also studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse with fellow students Dabney Coleman, Christopher Lloyd, and James Caan.
Tupac Shakur To Receive Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Rapper/Actor Tupac Shakur will finally get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Pac delivered five terrific albums before his untimely death at the age of 25. Perhaps his greatest was The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, which he recorded entirely before his death, but wasn't released until almost 2 months after he passed. 6 other Makaveli albums have been released posthumously. The rap icon has sold over 75 million albums worldwide. Tupac was also a great actor. He starred in the movies Juice, Above The Rim, Poetic Justice, Gang Related, Gridlock'd and more. He will get his star during a 2014 ceremony. Others who will also be honored next year include Giancarlo Esposito, Tavis Smiley, Orlando Bloom, Ray Dolby, Sally Field, Jack Harris, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Paul Mazursky, Tom Sherak, Dabney Coleman, Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes, Deidre Hall, Cheryl Hines, Don Mischer, Katy Perry, Rick Springfield and Phil Hartman.
I'm punch-drunk from 24 hours driving a car and I want to know why Dabney Coleman never played a sci-fi space general.
meloni to koteas. As hackman to Robert logia/dabney coleman
Music News: The recipients of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for 2014 were announced Thursday (June 20). No induction dates are yet available. The honorees include Jeff Lynne of Electric Light Orchestra, Ray Parker, Jr. and the Motown songwriting team of Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland. Singer/actors Rick Springfield and Sally Field will be honored, as well. Other celebs chosen include Katy Perry, Jessica Lange, Liam Neeson, Dabney Coleman and the late Tupac Shakur and Phil Hartman.
Man, what a gift that the best singer/songwriter to come along since Dabney Coleman is coincidentally witty as ***
Hollywood Walk of Fame: Kaley Cuoco, Phil Hartman, Claire Danes, Giancarlo Esposito to get stars Also getting Walk of Fame stars in 2014 are Cheryl Hines, Sally Field, Jessica Lange, Don Mischer, Deidre Hall, Rickey Smiley, Dabney Coleman and Katy Perry. PLUS: Jennifer Lopez got her Walk of Fame sta...
Jenna has dropped the Louise from her name. So from now on, in all of her upcoming projects (including Doctor Who) her name will be Jenna Coleman in the credits.
Fave *** TV/movie person of da week/life = Lily Tomlin Voice of Ms. Frizzle on Magic School Bus General Bada$$ Who's with me?
The part of Joel Quenville will be portrayed by Dabney Coleman.
Just got back from "9 to 5" auditions in Simsbury.I think it went well, we will see how it goes.
Whose lucky day is it? Why, it's mine of course! No seriously, one of my favorite movies, Cloak and Dagger, is about to start, and it makes me really happy. Trying to do better about this whole enjoying the small things and counting my blessings bit. Hope everyone else is having a great day!
Watching cloak and dagger, anyone remember that movie?
No let-up this week, eh? It's looking more and more like my flood gates are effin' faulty. Harbinger (Valiant): Dysart's drummin' up some deliciously dangerous super-team drama. Consistently ...
With the fifth torrential rainstorm in 24 hours, my yard looks more like a river while my gutters have turned into waterfalls.
No Captain America traffic today. So where will the 5 car pile-up be that I'll get stuck in?
In 1980s cinema Dabney Coleman was shorthand for misogynist.
Pretty soon the main stream or lame stream media is gonna be dead . Then some incendiary firebrand like Glenn Beck or Alex Jones is gonna lead a bunch of lemmings off a cliff . Then we will start over and probably a good thing.
"Heroes don't just shoot bad guys. They put supper on the table. They fix bicycles. They do boring things. Real things. Not make believe." --Dabney Coleman as Captain Osborne and Jack Flack in CLOAK AND DAGGER. Happy Father's Day, Dad. You'll always be my hero.
I'm starting to feel like Lily Tomlin in the first 38 minutes of "9 to 5".
I felt so bad, last night I saw Dabney Coleman and had to ask who he was. He wasn't even recognizable.
A fact that is fun: the voice of Principal Prickly from "Recess" is the same guy who played the President in "My Date with the President's Daughter." His name is Dabney Coleman, and he appears to be an upstanding gentleman. He also looks in real life how I always imagined Principal Prickly would look in his later years.
Uuhhh have any Dabney Coleman movies been added to Netflix recently?
I'm a god damned good looking man! Me and Dabney Coleman. What can we do? (For all the kids, look Dabney Coleman up on IMDB).
Aw man! Missed 1st 30 min of Cloak & Dagger. Dabney Coleman, Henry Thomas.
More importantly about War Games is, what happened to Dabney Coleman?!?!?!
"A little dab'll do ya" - Circa 1969 Dabney Coleman pick up line.
Ha, I just saw this for the first time a bit over a year ago! It was interesting after first watching an online review of how bad it is (Nostalgia Critic probably). As a kid, I always wanted to see it because I had a crush on the girl, just from seeing her in trailers and movie posters I guess, and maybe in another movie or two, but no idea what. I think I'm the same age as the kids in the film.
You are so right Dabney! I am doing well, heading later this evening to LA. What about you?
Directed by Jack Smight. With Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda, James Coburn, Glenn Ford. A dramatization of the battle that turned out to be the turning point of the Pacific Theatre of World War II.
That episode of Law & Order: SVU where Captain Cragen is played by Dabney Coleman and everyone pretends everything is okay.
What's your favorite restaurant?: Get that Dabney Coleman. with sliced tomatoes rather than th...
how come you went back to the dabney Coleman?
If Dabney Coleman were amenable, I would gladly visit him in Brentwood and play tennis with him, just for the pleasure.
Dabney Coleman is a national treasure and should be treated as such.
Any movie with Dabney Coleman is an instant classic and should be preserved by the AFI
So, Garry died on the show. This is a little morbid... But we got Bob Newhart and Dabney Coleman!
Columbo Watch: 'Double Shock'. Landau plays twins, Dabney Coleman is the sergeant, Julie Newmar still has Catwoman eyebrows. And glamour.
I just had a random dream with Dabney Coleman in it. Or was it Gene Hackman.
Watching Tootsie for the 1st time. Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lang, Teri Garr, Gina Davis, Dabney Coleman, Bill many greats!
Is Eric Stoltz making out with Dabney Coleman's corpse, or...?
Dabney Coleman, Harvey Korman. Harvey Korman, Dabney Coleman. Oh, you've met? *hissing and scratching like territorial cats*
Who remembers this one? Used to be one of my favorites. Hint: Dabney Coleman had a part in it.
*** you! I'm watching Rolling Thunder, Tommy Lee Jones, William Devine and Dabney Coleman! Better than Buddy Weiser
Who is Dabney Coleman you ask? He is the guy you thought was Ed O'Neil or still confuse with Craig T. Nelson.
So when are they going to reboot The Beverly Hillbillies?
Q: Is the 1984 movie "Cloak & Dagger" as good as I remember it? A: Yes, if you remember it being terrible.
Am I watching War Games? Matthew Broderick is in it, and there are military-esque things going on.
Fun Fact: Fictional residents of the town were portrayed in a 1986 comedic mini series titled "Fresno", featuring Carol Burnett, Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr and Charles Grodin, along with numerous other celebrities. The mini series was presented as a parody of the prime time soap operas popular in the 1980s.
What's up, baby Dabney Coleman on being kind of a ***
My favorite 80's movie is the one where Dabney Coleman plays a misogynist.
So...Meet the Applegates is even funnier than I remembered. I think all you guys should watch it. And while everyone is great in this movie, Dabney Coleman is a genuine comedy genius.
I have no idea what you are talking about, but if it’s not a reboot of Cloak and Dagger with Dabney Coleman… boo!
+ Dabney Coleman!RT Both are wonderful but You've Got Mail beats Sleepless in Seattle. I mean DAVE CHAPPELLE is in it you guys
At tonight's school board meeting Mike McMahon said "the role of a board member is not to listen to the people". How does a responsible board member make decisions without listening to the people?
Blake Cook Staci Qualls Hudspeth ... they killed Peter!!! But love seeing Dabney Coleman!
John Boehner is like today's Dabney Coleman characters...except a whole lot less charismatic or funny.
There's nothing like watching Dabney Coleman jump over 12 sided dice in cloak and dagger.
The American version of Downton Abbé should be about the life and times of The Commodore from Boardwalk Empire, starring Dabney Coleman.
Kid's Picks double header tonight: - Wargames (1983) with Matthew Broderick and Dabney Coleman - Rocky (1976) with you-know-who
Can't sleep, so I'm up watching my favorite WWII war movie. I know for most guys my age, it's Saving Private Ryan, and I even know a few fellas that put Enemy at the Gates at the top of their list (that one is actually second on my list). No, for me it's the 1976 classic Midway, staring Henry Fonda and Charlton Heston. Not only was it a pretty accurate tactical recounting of one of the War's most pivotal battles at sea, but had a cast with as many powerful stars of the time as Private Ryan. Along with Heston and Fonda, we had Hal Holbrook, James Coburn, Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson, Pat Morita, Robert Wagner, Toshiro Mifune, Robert Ito, and Dabney Coleman just to name a few.
IMDB is my friend, thec op is Dabney Coleman (Boardwalk Empire, beverly hillbillies) and Philip michael Thomas (of miami vice fame)
Larry Hagman with a mustache looked a LOT like Dabney Coleman. Just putting that out there.
The Man with One Red Shoe Diaries (1991) - Dabney Coleman and David Duchovny team up for this erotic comedy of mistaken identity.
Agreed. Dabney Coleman was dat dude back in the day.
I want Dabney Coleman to trend a lot. He just turned 81 this month. I'm glad he's still around.
This movie was so worth buying. Great acting by the recently departed Dabney Coleman. Not to mention The Tubes song "Gonna Get It Next Time"
I was watching a movie recently and this question came up during a scene and got me thinking. Please share your thoughts and feelings. Question: Dating a single woman with a kid is a disadvantage because you will never be her priority. True of False?
Who had a better roll of roles than Dabney Coleman did in the early 1980s?
I watched Tootsie with last night and I think we both identified a bit too much with Dabney Coleman
The world needs more Dabney Coleman movies.
Film review and analysis on... Cloak & Dagger?? Oh yes. Relive all the Dabney Coleman action!
Dabney Coleman. Grossly underrated. If I made movies they would all feature Dabney, Michael Keaton & Kurt Russell.
Quiet night, just watching old episodes of "Datin' M'Dad" with Kirk Cameron and Dabney Coleman. So quaint how timid sitcoms were back then.
I'm definitely one of the dudes that keeps it 300. Signed Dabney Coleman.
We have the technology. The time is now. We can, should and WILL have a Dabney Coleman Tumblr in 2013.
Unfortunately, Dabney Coleman has died, so you'll have to forego tying him up.
It must be watched because it's insane how much progress we've made in 30 years. We could all be working for Dabney Coleman.
TRIVIA: Matthew Broderick would work with John Wood and Dabney Coleman again. Wood in Ladyhawke. And Coleman in Inspector Gadget.
I liked Woody Johnson better when he played Dabney Coleman's stage manager on Buffalo Bill.
Where the Red Fern Grows online Where the Red Fern Grows movie download Actors: Dabney Coleman Renee Fai
I can't speak for Mel Gibson, Sir George Martin, Victoria Principal, John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin, man), Stephen Stills, Dabney Coleman or Robert Loggia but I had a terrific birthday yesterday. THANKS for all the nice notes and wishes.
Susan Sarandon talking about being in prison where they only showed "Dabney Coleman and the ET kid's one film on loop!"
Burgess Meredith, Ernest Borgnine, Dabney Coleman, Dan Hedaya, Abe Vigoda. We could do this for hours.
Tom Hanks did a Spy Comedy (a Spomedy?!) in 1985! Jim Belushi acting like a weirdo! Dabney Coleman being.Dabney Coleman! Carrie Fisher in leopard print undies! What more can you ask for!
I meant you in the collective "you." You'll need to share it w your mailman, Dabney Coleman, etc.
I think I just passed Dabney Coleman wearing a bolo tie. 9 to 5 Dabney Coleman. Who names their kid Dabney? I'll ask.
Tom Hanks is starring in "The Dabney Coleman Story" a Lifetime Channel world premier. Check your local listings.
Tom Hanks is starting to look exactly like Dabney Coleman. I like that.
Tom Hanks on with Hanks with a mustache bears a striking resemblance to Dabney Coleman.
I was reminded of it this week when I read a big interview with Dabney Coleman ;)
How can everybody not love it? It's got Dabney Coleman AND Bill Murray. It's like a comfort film!
be Dabney Coleman like the movie Cloak and Dagger.
Great interview with Dabney Coleman. Reflections on everything from War Games to Boardwalk Empire.
Watching Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd in Dragnet. Dabney Coleman's lisp is hilarious! Silly movie gives me the giggles.
Had a dream that I went to a party at Troy Cordingley's place. Dabney Coleman was there.
Random memory: in 1984, the coolest dudes alive were Voltron, Sean Connery, Bernard King, and Dabney Coleman. Hey, I don't make the rules.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Best Car Chase EVER,From the comedy 'Short Time' with Dabney Coleman, Matt Frewer and Teri Garr. Overall, considering all factors, I find this the best car c...
I like when Dabney Coleman turns up in a movie. It's like finding an onion ring in your french fries.
love that movie! Kinda had a little crush on Dabney Coleman too.
Wow, glad you liked my chat w/ Dabney Coleman. (I saw the piece on your site.) Man, I love doing Random Roles interviews...
Still, strangely pleased to discover Dabney Coleman is still alive.
Told to ask Dabney Coleman about BLACK FIST, and he TOTALLY did. - Dabney Coleman Random Roles
via - Dabney Coleman on Boardwalk Empire and why WarGames doesn't make sense
A fair question. I find these reasonably entertaining, yet a bit jokey. Dabney Coleman once said of his great...
My favorite Dabney Coleman movie is Short Time. Forgotten classic. Pretty sure it's out of print.
classic film, dabney Coleman. Pour myself a cup of ambition. One does not have to be *** to enjoy such a classic!
Turns out a few of Dabney Coleman's roles didn't make it into the final edit of the piece, so here they are on my blog:
I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile, mostly because my Random Roles interviews have, for the last several months, managed to make it onto the AV Club more or less as I submitted them.
Look, I know you're busy, but you need to take 15 minutes and read Random Roles with Dabney Coleman.
If you've ever wondered how awesome Dabney Coleman is or his thoughts on Telly Savalas, here u go Great job,
The AV Club talks to Dabney Coleman whom I adore as an actor. As a bookshelf, he needs work.
how do you talk to Dabney Coleman about his career and not bring up TOOTSIE??!!??
You saw the AV Club Newswire story a few weeks ago, but here at last is my Random Roles interview w/ Dabney Coleman:
"Wreck It Ralph" versus "Cloak & Dagger," Because Dabney Coleman is the video game character every kid aspires to be...
With that little mustache and the face he just made, could play Dabney Coleman
If there was ever a movie made about my life, I wish Dabney Coleman could play me. It would be funny seeing him in my teen years.
I bet Dabney Coleman still mourns the passing of his son Gary.
he's a tired, overweight Danney Coleman. No offense to Dabney Coleman.
And a lot more fun to watch. Dabney Coleman would make a better president. Joshua, what are you doing?
I added a video to a playlist Decode the Scene GAME - Dabney Coleman Michael Murphy Henry Thomas
If you live in Lathrop, CA, you might consider not voting for the incumbent Mayor Santos who has a habit of chasing the ladies around the desk. He makes Dabney Coleman in "9 to 5" look like a rookie.
I read Dabney Coleman. Wine just got away from me tonite:).I hope,"it happens to the best of us" isn't just a figure of speech.
Romney's going as Dabney Coleman from Cloak & Dagger for Halloween
Workin' 9 to 5, whatta way to make a livin' -- Dabney Coleman.
Romney advocating a flex-schedule like Lily Tomlin's plan in 9 to 5...Dabney Coleman would not be happy...
Omg Romney is the reformed Dabney Coleman character at the end of the old 9 to 5 movie. Is this insane or what?
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Romney talking about women in the workplace reminds me of Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5.
Kind of thinks Romney sounds a little like Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5 right about now. It's amusing. And sad.
Mitt's going to play the Dabney Coleman role in a 9 to 5 remake.
Romney sounds like Dabney Coleman from 9 to 5
"if you're going to have women in the workforce..." I think that Romney is Dabney Coleman in 9-to-5 tonight.
Poison Dabney Coleman and hallucinate Disney animals for Boss's Day
Why doesn't Dabney Coleman have his own TV show yet? SMH
just heard the channel surfing podcast about Dabney Coleman and f*k yh. Gr8 music 2
Sorry, guys. I wish there was a GW or a Dean Wormer or a Dabney Coleman character to be mad at. Don't think that's the case here.
Hah! For some reason, I'm now curious about Dabney Coleman.
My bf asked what happened to Gene Hackman last night. I described the plot of 9 to 5. Oops that was Dabney Coleman.
Debate I'd pay to see: Dabney Coleman as the Commodore vs Gerald McRaney as George Hearst. In Character.
Tonight at the Brattle Theatre! Our comics panel discussion at 6, followed by the Brattle's presentation of a classic 80s spy thriller at 8:30.
Everybody has one friend whose dad looks like Dabney Coleman.
The second season of "Boardwalk Empire" was propelled by a plot against Nucky Thompson led by The Commodore and Jimmy Darmody, but the coup storyline had to be re-written on the fly when actor Dabney Coleman was diagnosed with throat cancer. The A.V. Club interviewed Coleman and "Boardwalk" creator ...
Little Giant Ladders
Dabney Coleman's real-life cancer affected Boardwalk Empire (also, Dabney Coleman had cancer)
My fault? I blame Gene Hackman. // Dabney Coleman has been diagnosed with throat cancer.
I know - a bit behind in my must-see tv watching - just watched the first season's first episode of Boardwalk Empire - not bad - good to see Dabney Coleman working again! LOL And of course - Steve Buscemi would be great reading the phone book sitting on a crate!
Toured the granite fortress buried inside Mountain, Colorado. No sign of Dabney Coleman. No sign of chess, either,
James Caan and Dabney Coleman have been added to list of stars who will receive Lifetime Achievement Awards during the 27th annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival , running Oct. 19-Nov. 11.
Directed by Colin Higgins. With Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Dabney Coleman. Three female employees of a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot find a way to turn the tables on him.
So I pushed back the interview w/ Dabney Coleman by an hour - with his blessing (because I told him I'd stick with the original time if it wasn't workable for him) in order to have dinner with my mother-in-law on her birthday. Unfortunately, Ruby Tuesday's service was so slow that I had to leave before my food was ready in order to make sure I made it home in time for the interview. Naturally, when I got home, I had a message saying that Mr. Coleman had to postpone the conversation 'til tomorrow.
i have removed from my DVR. From number 3 to zip. How dare they kill Michael Pitt, Dabney Coleman and now William Forsythe
One of the Random Roles interviews I've been trying to secure for months is coming to fruition on Tuesday: Dabney Coleman. Any suggestions?
A nice bit of good news in the wake of earlier annoyance: I've confirmed that I'm doing a Random Roles interview with Dabney Coleman on Tuesday.
My friend Jeff just watched a MCMILLAN & WIFE w/ Richard Dawson, Julie Newmar, Dabney Coleman, Robert Loggia you have him beat
Ive been compiling a list of my top 100 brutally honest favourite movies of all time. But first, here's some facts I've noticed... Tom Cruise is not in any of them but if he were, it would have been "Coctail". However, Dabney Coleman shows up more often than one would expect. Speilberg has the most spots as director but John Landis has the second most spots. If the list were 200, John Landis would win. No Johnny Depp or Tim Burton movies. However, if I were to pick a Burton, it would be Pee-Wee's big adventure. Come to think of it, I may go backhand see if there is a spot for Pee-Wee.
Why do you have to look like Dabney Coleman so much?
that movie is epic. Dabney Coleman had such a great run as that guy-- Tootsie, War Games, Cloak +Dagger...
"..think Dolly Parton hog-tying serial groper Dabney Coleman and dragging him across the office floor."
go downstairs dressed like Dabney Coleman and see where that takes you
"Mr. Berman requests a case of Old Crow, a floor keyboard, and Dabney Coleman."
Bryan Cranston is good, but he's no Dabney Coleman.
I used to watch that movie all the time as a kid. Dabney Coleman suspension should never follow Sat morning cartoons :(
I... I think Expendables 3 should be an all Dabney Coleman movie
Yo I heard Dabney Coleman reprises his role as Jack Flak from Cloak & Dagger!
My Achievement of the Week (so far...) FINALLY got my copy of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, taped from the ABC Thursday Night Movie on 2/11/88, dubbed from my Betamax tape onto DVD. Those who are familiar with this version know that it contains footage that was not included in the theatrical release. Most of it was later incorporated into the "Director's Cut" that was released a few years ago, but this version still has the different take of the Kirk/Saavik conversation in the elevator that has never been released in any format. Next project... getting the never-released mini-series "Fresno", starring Carol Burnett and Dabney Coleman, dubbed from Betamax onto DVD.
Nice end to a weekend. Watched "and the Murder of a Rock Star" with Dabney Coleman and a Little Richard cameo.
David Axelrod looks more and more like Dabney Coleman in Tootsie. Is this going to hurt Obama with women (who have seen Tootsie)?
Does anyone else miss Dabney Coleman as much as I do?
On this date in 1966: "That Girl" debuts on ABC. The show starred Marlo Thomas as a young, modern single actress trying to make it in New York City. It ran for 136 episodes over five seasons. It also featured (in regular or recurring roles): Ted Bessell (as Ann's boyfriend Donald), Bernie Kopell, Ruth Buzzi, Dabney Coleman and George Carlin.
Overheard "Dabney Coleman OWNED the Eighties. They were his time to shine!"
creepy how he looks like Dabney Coleman. I never would have guessed!
While Clint Eastwood busily addresses the Chair...matt ashford performs the Dabney Coleman role in 9 to 5 at Ogunquit ME Playhouse.
Dabney Coleman had it comin.' New posts are up, my fav? my girl Dolly Parton layin da smack
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Finally watched " Rolling Thunder" I can't believe I have not seen it before and it's easy to see why Quinton Tarantino liked it enough to name his company after it. Great 70's revenge film with William Devane and Tommy Lee Jones and Dabney Coleman.
Getting ready to bare my a** (literally) as the Dabney Coleman Boss from *** in Musical 9 to 5 at Oguquit Playhous ...
There are not enough Dabney Coleman movies. This is what the kids want these days. Wake up, Hollywood!
introducing the dabney coleman cooler, pre-loaded with all your favorite Drexell's Class outtakes and life lessons
The film in which Chevy Chase is given magical powers and Dabney Coleman plays a charismatic ***
Hello Buffalo! Makes me think of that great Coleman show.
I read that, I enjoyed it, but still in the back of my head is Dabney Coleman shouting, "It's Hedley!"
Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm for free online. Each half-hour episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm features semi-improvised footage of David (playin…
Dabney Coleman : Cranston breaking back into thesp race: Road to the Emmys 2012: The Actor ... - Chicago Tribune
"That's where my love of Dabney Coleman began."- Josh Desrosiers, on "9 to 5."
Also, Queen Latifah and Dabney Coleman. But I was really in need of "He Got Game."
might be able to dig up VHS tapes of that 80s TV show "Buffalo Bill" with Dabney Coleman & Joanna Cassidy :)
My commute gives me time to ponder the big questions of, whatever happened to Dabney Coleman?
Dabney Coleman : Theatre boss turns into bad boss - London Free Press
The art of Tony Scott? Manohla Dargis' great review of Domino: Knightley, Rourke, Walken, Dabney Coleman, Mo'Nique etc
Why is Dabney Coleman wearing those giant buckteeth?
While en route to death row after being falsely convicted of his wife's murder, fate gives Dr. Richard Kimble (David Janssen) an unlikely chance at vindication, causing his train to crash and derail, thus providing the avenue of his escape. On the lam, living in lonely desperation, Kimble embarks on...
are you really gonna make me google Dabney Coleman???
Are you sure it wasn't Dabney Coleman?
Cloak and Dagger with Dabney Coleman! I don't know why, but I was thinking about that movie today.
"you missed me again!" -- Dabney coleman, in a hilarious scene where he's trying to get shot.
Cloak and Dagger another underrated movie. Seems like Dabney Coleman movies are like that. 9 to 5, Wargames, Dragnet, etc.
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