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Dabney Coleman

Dabney Wharton Coleman (born January 3, 1932) is an American actor, best known for his roles in 9 to 5, WarGames, You've Got Mail, Sworn to Silence, The Beverly Hillbillies and as the voice of Principal Peter Prickly in Recess and Recess: School's Out.

Dolly Parton Short Time Lily Tomlin Gerald McRaney Tom Selleck Henry Thomas War Games Martin Landau Chevy Chase Raquel Welch Best Picture Kevin Spacey Paul Newman Jayne Mansfield Fred Astaire Gene Hackman William Holden Bobcat Goldthwait

Just for future reference, DEFCON goes from 5 (peace) down to 1 (World War 3), which we learned from Dabney Coleman in WarGames.
This photo DOES remind me of the shot of Dabney Coleman when he's told he's going to the Amazon.
Doesn't he look like Dabney Coleman's character in "9 to 5" when he's told he's going to Brazil?
oh yeah, should add I'm referring to This is Us. I mean ... Dabney Coleman. Nice touch.
We also just go done watching WarGames. He liked it and I think Dabney Coleman is dreamy.
You are both one *** of a knockout. Judy, muh friend. I'm not reading the notes for Dabney Coleman's gum. Hate.
Best movie car chase is in Short Time, with Terri Garr and Dabney Coleman. Seek it out.
Dabney Coleman (84) and Gerald McRaney (69) look nothing alike. They're both still alive.
Instead of dabbing, I do the Dabney Coleman. I push pencils off of desks for my secretary to pick up.
Surprised that Dabney Coleman's not in the Mr Magoo movie. I've no idea who he'd play, but it feels like the kind of thing he should be in.
mike. There's a clip from War Games with Dabney Coleman explaining DEFCON. It's great.
Watched 20 minutes of Cloak & Dagger ('84) w/my kids. Terrivle. Loved it as a kid. Whatever happened to Dabney Coleman?
Do we like Gerald McRaney or is he a jerk? Is he Dabney Coleman?
But I did make some money doing commercials. I did fourteen in one ...
Dabney Coleman is like Major Dad's much more talented twin brother
Dabney Coleman is always perfect as the hateable SOB. So great in this and especially 9 to 5.
Dabney Coleman cornered the market on the mean boss character in the 80s.
Dabney Coleman: when you need someone to play a chauvinist in a movie. See also: 9 to 5.
I think that you get something for your acting from almost anythin...
This summer I sat next to James Woods while having a Dabney Coleman (medium-rare) and chatted about filming of Salvador...
Watching about the Troubadour is making me crave the Dabney Coleman at Tana's
Where is Dabney Coleman now that America needs him most?
I was very lucky in as much as I played a lot of tennis.
I always imagine him looking like Dabney Coleman.
The next night I got on an airplane, and flew to New York and loo...
Is it just me or did anyone else think that was Dabney Coleman at first (and not Warren Beatty) in the Rules Don't Apply trailers?
Am I the only person who typed the words Sexy Dabney Coleman into Google today? I certainly hope not.
Hey its getting late could anyone look up Dabney Coleman for me on imdb?
No not pigeon holed me as an actor, or as a character, or as to what I...
Dabney Coleman does the voice and its called "Horsin Around"
Now I just saw pop up in an episode of Buffalo Bill with Dabney Coleman. She's everywhere!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
(turns, lumbers toward ocean a la Dabney Coleman in MODERN PROBLEMS, realizes he just bought a Porsche, darts out of wavewash)
Pretty sure you equated the Dabney Coleman character to Lily Tomlin's in a recent interview…
Pep Strebeck. Dragnet! Of course Dabney Coleman stole it. Great bad movie.
no to cheat but Meg Ryan is in You've Got Mail with Dabney Coleman
Someone is great at 6 Degrees! For funsies, let's do Angela Lansbury to Dabney Coleman (wo using War Games).
I have worked with some great directors.
Is it me or does Dabney Coleman favor Kevin Kline here?
Roger Ailes is Dabney Coleman from the movie Nine to Five.
To tell you the truth I am hard put to think of anyone who's career was affected significant
There is something about New York City that in and of itself is so theatrical hat I use to
Kevin Spacey looks like Dabney Coleman in this.
When someone does something out of character, I always assume they think they're dying, because I watched Dabney Coleman's Short Time a lot.
I have a theory about that, if you have to say something, if you have encourage for one s
9to5 is on! I đź’— this movie & everything about it. theme is classic, Dabney Coleman's an awesome jerk & Tomlin/Fonda pre G&F!
Surprised to read it was remade for TV in 1975. Dabney Coleman & Tom Selleck with Vietnam vet James R. Miller in Returning Home.
Hi, I'd like to raise awareness of Dabney Coleman, who is awesome.
If you LOVE acting, theater, and movies CHARACTER is a *great* documentary about art & craft. Free w/ Amazon Prime.
But it was this tough little character part that I was playing, a very funny little guy that
Oh good gravy I didn't realize that was Dabney Coleman.
how could you leave out Dabney Coleman!
How'd you get Merle Jeeter for your panel? And here I thought he was a character played by Dabney Coleman.
I hope someone cares enough to call Dabney Coleman whenever he is a crossword puzzle answer.
I didn't have any extra money. But I can't say that I had a hard early career.
We can all agree that if it were actually made in '83, that sheriff would have been played by Dabney Coleman, right?
I shouldn't joke about this reboot since casting a woman in Dabney Coleman role opens up woman bashing potential
I saw it again a few months ago and still stands the test of time. Dabney Coleman gets better each viewing
I saw outtakes where they had to reshoot this scene several times. Dabney Coleman kept motorboating Dolly's ***
The amazing guest stars just keep on coming in this Sunday's episode of Ray Donovan: Add Dabney Coleman and Diane Ladd to the list.
We tried watching it this morning, but Coraline saw Dabney Coleman and shouted "I'M BORED!" Had to turn Power Rangers back on
A waiter at Dan Tana told me that Dabney Coleman, H.D. Stanton & Evel Knievel ate steaks there 2/wk for 20 yrs. HBD!
Apparently Dabney Coleman is in Warren Beatty's Rules Don’t Apply but he’s not mentioned or seen in the trailer. Lame. cc
Any chance you can get Dabney Coleman but totally focus the conversation on the movie Short Time (1990)
I just saw the movie 9 to 5, and strongly reminded me of the 'boss' role played by Dabney Coleman but worse
Between Dabney Coleman in HOT TO TROT and Clu Gulager in UNINVITED, it's a great week for fake teeth.
I work with Sally and I can see Sally doing that. She is very aggressive. Very fun loving...
Stars do impressions in this fun promo for the show! Includes and Dabney Coleman!
Dabney Coleman (I think) just put a raw egg in a blender with OJ for breakfast.
.In an alternate universe, Dabney Coleman kidnapped bad boss Dolly Parton in "9 to 5".
I feel like we can't have this conversation without the words "Dabney" & "Coleman".
I think is very beneficial to relax yourself so that when you are doin...
When I go to where I was getting excellent parts in movies I may have ...
I'm convinced that the place, if you have your druthers, to go to have...
I did two or three plays every summer.
Dabney Coleman is the first guest. He had a great run of movies in the 80's. He's plugging "Short Time," with Matt Frewer and Terri Garr.
Love how Robert Davi's still got enough juice to make it in those. Just edged out Dabney Coleman.
... Which, by the way, was the premise of a Dabney Coleman movie. He was great, wasn't he?
Since most people have hair styles the best way to describe mine is that Richard Jenkins, Dabney Coleman, cut
New poster art for my upcoming film "I'm NOT Such A BAD Guy: . Conversations with Dabney Coleman".
Trump in the Dabney Coleman garage door contraption?
Dabney Coleman is only 84. Seems like he should be at least 102.
i remember that movie. As a kid, it was odd seeing Dabney Coleman in it not long after seeing him in kept in bondage in 9 to 5 lol
Minor spoiler: I was expecting more Dabney Coleman.
Cloak & Dagger was Dabney Coleman's magnum opus.
I've always supported equality and never heard from Dabney Coleman lately?
you're the man America loves to hate! Kinda like a 21st century Dabney Coleman
My Date with the President's Daughter - Dabney Coleman - Elisabeth Harnois
But movies as much as anything developed what I thought was right and wrong...
Dabney Coleman as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York. Dabney Coleman as Daniel Plainview. Hollywood casting robbed humanity of so much
Starring in this ep of the Love Boat: Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman, Robert Urich, & Reuben Kincaid from the Partridge Family.
My new favorite COLUMBO guest star tryptic might be Martin Landau + Martin Landau + Dabney Coleman as the gum chewing cop in Double Shock,S2
Update your maps at Navteq
Donald Trump is the wealthy version of the Dabney Coleman character from "9 to 5.". "He's a sexist. egotistical. lying. hypocritical. bigot."
he was up for the Dabney Coleman part
Didn't you tell me you turned down a date with Dabney Coleman once?
That's kinda how I feel about Midway: Tom Selleck, Eric Estrada, Dabney Coleman, Pat Morita...not to mention all the headliners.
Watching Cloak and Dagger again reminds me that one of my old neighbors was Dabney Coleman's daughter, Quincy
They don't make white men like dabney coleman any more
I haven't had a uniform since 2002. I don't have a mustache. And I don't resemble Dabney Coleman.
Dabney Coleman from Modern Problems, the way he says Roots slays me.
A partial list by Dabney Coleman from Modern Problems. The way he says Roots slays me.
Here they are in the early 80s with the third sister, Enid, and Dabney Coleman, who played Valgeir at the time.
But it is a hard, it's a hard profession teaching acting.
The end of that gallery scene reminded me of Dabney Coleman's "You've got balls as big as church bells" line from 'Dragnet'.
Good luck having a better 5 years than Dabney Coleman did from 1980-84.
Some of this stuff was actually worn by Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5?
The disease that Dabney Coleman is mistakenly told he has in Short Time is called "Wexler's Curtain." I'm reminded of the "brain cloud."
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Short Time is an action comedy starring Dabney Coleman. The early 90s was a very different time.
Mostly I'm a swing & a miss, but the fact that at 14 I wanted to see Short Time because Dabney Coleman was in it has to count for something.
Strong, understated performance by Gene Hackman as the coach of the U.S. men's ski team. With a young Dabney Coleman as an assistant coach.
Who was the most Dabney-iest of Dabney Coleman's characters in Cloak & Dagger; Jack Flash or Davey's dad?
"Where the Heart Is" With Dabney Coleman, Christopher Plummer, Uma Thurman, et al, had this as a central element.
Making of MODERN PROBLEMS,Steve Carell as a high, sweaty star,Chloe Moretz as Patti D'Arabanaville & Dabney Coleman as himself.
Looks like someone is reenacting Cloak & Dagger. Is he Henry Thomas or Dabney Coleman?
I thought Dabney Coleman had a mustache?
Any Dabney Coleman fans? Does he have fans? He must, right? I watched this entire episode, from 1967, without...
Aaww I hadn't thought about Dabney Coleman in a long time.
Here's a pic of me in my Dabney Coleman costume!
To be fair any show with Dabney Coleman is automatically old.
That was completely made up for by hanging Dabney Coleman from the ceiling.
Hasn’t Dabney Coleman made a living pretending to be the type of *** the GOP wants as President?
“Show me movies with Bobcat Goldthwait and Dabney Coleman” (Trick question! There is only one: Hot to Trot)“
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
It had Dabney Coleman in it and I was too young to remember it much.
MODERN PROBLEMS one 1 sheet movie poster Chevy Chase DABNEY COLEMAN 1981 ORIGINA
Met Lea, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman, Jim Varney, Dietrich Bader at Beverly Hills press junket for THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES
I don't think Dabney Coleman was ever a young man.
Speaking purely in physical terms, Dabney Coleman and Gerald McRaney have aged into the same man, and that man's name is J…
I'd trust my life, and this nation's life to Dabney Coleman.
naturally Dabney Coleman has the big Dad Boat
I liked so much better when he was played by Dabney Coleman in 9 to 5.
The only actor who was a better 80s *** than James Spader was Dabney Coleman.
Dabney Coleman. I think it was a federal law that every third 80s movie had to include him.
Dabney Coleman: "we need to take men out of the loop. I know 3 women who'd do much better."
The cast is top notch. Dabney Coleman and Ferris Bueller
Remember when Dabney Coleman was in everything?
Highly recommend Double Shock. Martin Landau in dual roles, Dabney Coleman and Julie Newmar.
waiting for the big announcement. Is it Ed Lover? Daniel Day Espinosa? Richard Milhouse Stabone? Dabney Coleman (again)?
I think I'd rather have Dale Jarrett and Dabney Coleman
Cloak & Dagger, Dabney Coleman in dual roles
Dabney Coleman stared a little too long into Broderick's eyes right there.
Dabney Coleman, Rue McClanahan, AND Dave Madden AKA Reuban Kincaid on the same cruise! Will the universe implode?
THEORY: Dabney Coleman is like Samson - he gains his power from his sweet 'stache.
Tom, you wrote Cloak & Dagger?! I love that movie! Seen it at age 9 in 84. The cast was perfect, love Dabney Coleman.
2/…it sounds just like Dabney Coleman. At the end of the song that chap and another exchange the lines, "Is Eddy OK?" "I don't know." I'm …
Other actors in the ensemble included Sean Young, Dabney Coleman, Harry Dean Stanton, and Kramer himself in a tiny role, Michael Richards.
PS, most of my male bosses are totally adorable, nowhere near Dabney Coleman levels of sexist, lying, hypocritical bigotry.
For a second I honestly thought Carter was crossing over with the 1984 Dabney Coleman movie CLOAK & DAGGER. It's late
I’ve got a killer Dabney Coleman outfit.
How about Mr. Hart, after Dabney Coleman's character in 9 to 5?
Just your dream...but it does have the dreamy Dabney Coleman
I wonder how Dabney Coleman is doing.
. Yes and yes. You are attacking my right to be a Dabney Coleman ala 9 to 5 jerk!
Dabney Coleman, Xanax and Chucky appear in Robert Munsch's Thomas' Snowsuit. My new article for
I think Dabney Coleman scores on that play.
I think Dabney Coleman would have done a better job scoring from 3rd base
Apparently was the basis for the Dabney Coleman film "Cloak & Dagger" - watched that movie to death as a kid.
Dabney Coleman did his best work in the 80's, his most memorable role as Franklin Hart, Jr. (F.Hart) in 9 to 5.
I asked, "Who do YOU think is this generation's Dabney Coleman?" She stared at me, then silently finished dinner. There…
Maybe Coach Q is just an elaborate piece of performance art by Dabney Coleman. HOW WOULD WE KNOW.
Dabney Coleman is kind of amazing in this.
Cloak and Dagger would have been rad. Either the comic duo... Or the 80's movie with Dabney Coleman.
I had to look to see if Dabney Coleman was still alive.
May be the closest baseball name we'll ever get to "Dabney Coleman"
The popular topics of the moment. That's just me. That's what I'm all about. Anyways Dabney Coleman does not have a tony
Watching Nine to Five and trying to figure out who is our generation's DABNEY COLEMAN
I always THOUGHT that was Dabney Coleman in disguise.
She was Dabney Coleman's secretary when they are trying to sell their musical on Broadway.
All purpose parts banner
Throwback Thurs: 80s classic: Modern Problems with Dabney Coleman dictating his favorite things on "June 5" .
I still laugh at the memory of Dolly Parton's scene misandrizing Dabney Coleman...
Pretty sure Jude is going to get asked if his parents are Beatles fans as much as I get asked if my parents are Dabney Coleman fans...
More importantly what actor has the gravitas of a middle-aged Dabney Coleman or the joie de vivre of a young Dolly Parton
Relationship goals: Make friends, justify falling out of touch, feel regret when they die. Sound familiar? Hi my name is Dabney Coleman and
So much Dabney Coleman selling tonight. Love it.
That or a visit from Dabney Coleman.
I always knew Dabney Coleman would work there.
Dabney Coleman. More than just 9 to 5 S&M bondage.
Sometimes I wish the movies were real. Who WOULDN'T want to watch the comedy hit Sack Lunch starring Dabney Coleman?
Dabney Coleman should have a comeback already please sign my petition thanks
I'm watching 9 to 5 for the first time. I bet Dabney Coleman gets a comeuppance.
If I never hear the word "Dab" again I would not be mad... except for Dabney Coleman of course. That guy is pretty cool.
Roz from "9 To 5" passed away today. Rest in peace, Elizabeth Wilson. And don't go running to Dabney Coleman with your eavesdropping.
1984 Video release where the heart is ( Dabney Coleman.
Mary Kay Place and Dabney Coleman from Mary Hartman were in it. oops, mistake, Ken Shapiro wrote
Already had Craig T Nelson, Ernie Hudson got a figure Dabney Coleman is next.
Do any of you know Dabney Coleman and can maybe get my fan art to him? It would mean a lot.
Some great performances on BE. Steve Buscemi, Dabney Coleman, & 2 of my all-time FAVES, Bobby Cannavale & Stephen Root
Modern Problems starring Chevy Chase, Dabney Coleman & Nell Carter just started on the Encore Channel.
Tony's girlfriend has some odd, older celebrity crushes. Dabney Coleman & Ernest Borgnine are two. Who is your...
Dabney Coleman will receive his star on the Walk of Fame in a few minutes. Watch here:
THE TOWERING INFERNO is a 1974 American action drama disaster film produced by Irwin Allen featuring an all-star cast led by Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. The picture was directed by John Guillermin. A co-production between 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. (this was the first film to be a joint venture by two major Hollywood studios), it was adapted by Stirling Silliphant from a pair of novels, The Tower by Richard Martin Stern and The Glass Inferno by Thomas N. Scortia and Frank M. Robinson. The film was a critical success, earning a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Picture, and was the highest-grossing film released in 1974. The film was nominated for eight Oscars in all, winning three. In addition to McQueen and Newman, the cast includes William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, O.J. Simpson, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner, Susan Flannery, Gregory Sierra, Dabney Coleman and, in her final film, Jennifer Jones. PLOT: Architect Doug Roberts (Newman) returns t ...
It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between Dabney Coleman and Gerald McRaney via /r/Showerthoughts
More Columbo: Martin Landau, Julie Newmar, Dabney Coleman all in one episode. It's like a grab bag of stars from my childhood.
is enjoying Dabney Coleman, Max Julien, Mireille Machu, Adam Roarke + Barry Williams on The Mod Squad (1968) on MeTV.
Because we are odd Michael and I are casting the remake of 9 to 5. We have Kristin Wiig in the Lily Tomlin role and Kevin Spacey in Dabney Coleman's part. Who else?
The Shia LeBeouf character in NYMPHOMANIAC is a combination of David Brent and Dabney Coleman in 9 TO 5.
Directed by Richard Franklin. With Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Michael Murphy, Christina Nigra. 11-year-old Davey, whose mother is dead and whose father doesn't spend nearly enough time with him. So the boy loses himself in video games--and even has an imaginary friend, a super-resourceful secret…
just saw u on RR...Dabney Coleman - 2 funny! LOL gret show w/the Inmans...poor kids, they' will be ok
was that Rudy?!?!? Dabney Coleman is making sense now
Assumed it was part of your MetLife connection. If Dabney Coleman appears on this broadcast, lunch is on me for a week.
Dabney Coleman. Perhaps the most underated actor of all time
Dabney Coleman would make a great Carpetbagger. lol
There's something about Dabney Coleman that gives me that Icky "Used Car Salesman" vib. lol
I like Dabney Coleman but in that role..not so much. It is one of my makes me cry every *** time.
Loved that movie. :-) Despite that casting of Dabney Coleman as the boyfriend. lol
Watching "Muppets Take Manhattan" with the kids. Dabney Coleman is smoking a cigarette as he talks to the muppets in an opening scene (after hanging up his rotary phone.) Also, Miss Piggy is rocking a rather tight perm. God bless the '80's!
A full back tattoo honoring actor Dabney Coleman says two things that you absolutely love:. 1. Obscure references. 2. Wasting money
Back when movies had a cool and funny Chevy Chase Dabney Coleman and Nell Carter.
The movie featuring Dabney Coleman or the Marvel Comic Book?
If this was a scene from War Games, Dabney Coleman would be proposing we replace the gate crew operators with computer relays.
Dabney Coleman's character on was meaner than "The *** .
Oh snap! Dabney Coleman is on Diff'rent Strokes! And holy crap is he racist!
Some days start out Dabney Coleman enough, but just like that* they turn Charles Grodin. I need a vacation.
Electronic Device Insurance
I couldn’t let the month go by without giving a big Happy Birthday to all the January birthdays! A lot of celebrities had birthdays this month! Cuba Gooding Junior (“Show me the money”) turned 46 at the beginning of January. Victoria Principal from Dallas turned 64, Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years) turned 39 (she will always be 12 years old in my mind). Robert Loggia turned 84, Dabney Coleman turned 82, Jodie Sweetin (the middle daughter on Full House) turned 32. Dolly Parton turned 68 and Married With Children’s Katey Sagal turned 60. There are several celebrities who are having birthdays in the next few days. Tomorrow Oprah will turn 59 and Tom Selleck will turn 68. Okay, wait a minute. Magnum PI is turning 68? Ah, where did the time go? Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was crusiing around Hawaii in his red Ferrari? Heather Graham – who was just in Hangover III – is turning 43. An who could forget Elaine – Mrs. Robinson’s daughter - from the Graduate? Kathryn Ros ...
DMGranny Clampett was played by Irene Ryan in the tv show and by Cloris Leachman, in the movie with Dabney Coleman & Jim Varney
No matter what year it is, "Modern Problems" always makes me laugh. Except for Dabney Coleman's *** That makes no one laugh.
I think Craig was right. Dabney Coleman vs. 's I Hate My Boss. Tasty beer!
Thank you, beautiful peeps, for showing up tonight. Very lovely to see you all and many thanks for your support. Next week: GIRL POWER with '9 to 5' - Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Dabney Coleman - tremendous, enjoy x
Another great cameo on Shameless. The Native American guitar player was the bad guy in Cloak n Dagger. Dabney Coleman's second greatest role.
Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman star in this 4-DVD set of 30 episodes with guests Dabney Coleman, Billy Mumy, Maureen McCormick, and more. The episodes are available in either classic black & white or color. Exclusive bonus features include pilot episode
QUESTION OF THE DAY Jerry Van *** Carroll O’Connor, Raquel Welch, Jayne Mansfield, and Dabney Coleman were all consider for roles in what TV show?
No lie, I went to an L.A. afterhours one time, not too many people there, I think it was on La Cienega, or Fairfax, and Dabney Coleman was there!
Buffalo Bill AND THE INDIANS / ORIG. U.S. ONE-SHEET MOVIE POSTER (Paul Newman ) / i1c813 - s290rv6 - mzm18193b, o4kgo18. Maybe the best offer: days 40 years in the old west: the personal narrative of a Buffalo Bill and the indians, or sitting bull's history lesson The life of hon. william f. cody known as Buffalo Bill / the famous hunter, scou Buffalo Bill's dead now (a wind river mystery) Buffalo Bill and the indians Dabney coleman geena davis Buffalo Bill orig 7x9 photo Collection: say it with music Buffalo Bill and the indians / orig. u.s. one-sheet movie poster (Paul Newman ) Exploring beyond yellowstone: hiking, camping, and vacationing in the national forests surrounding yellowstone and grand teton with map.
I am sitting here trying to figure out how I went from being retired to wide open and overworked in a matter of days. In the words of one of my favorite actors, Dabney Coleman, "What the *** happened here just now?"
Only if Dabney Coleman would sign my coloring book
"Beeper Madness" starring Dabney Coleman and Lana Clarkson(may she rest in peace, I loved her dearly) written, shot and directed by Jonee' Ansa
People ask me why I like old movies? Picking out good ones used to be simple . . . If it had Dabney Coleman in it, it was funny. And . . . he probably played an *** Take that Mr. McKittrick!
Thinking on the death of Russell Johnson, I remembered some of the people who were being considered for roles on Giligan's Island. The professor was almost played by Dabney Coleman. Ginger was very close to being played by Jayne Mansfield. And Maryann (who could only ever have been played by Dawn Wells) was possibly going to be Raquel Welch. I think having Mansfield and Welch on the same island would have radically changed the nature of the show. For one thing, the Navy would have sent entire fleets to rescue them. On the other hand, it would have explained the repeated failures of the professor and the crew of the Minnow to get off of an island that was only a three hour tour's length from Hawaii (although I would say that explanation probably would hold up with cast they did have.).
9 to 5 is a 1980 American comedy film written by Patricia Resnick and Colin Higgins, starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, and Dabney Coleman. The film concerns three working women living out their fantasies of getting even with, and their successful overthrow of, the company's autocratic, "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss. 9 to 5 was a hit, grossing over $3.9 million in its opening weekend in the U.S. and is the 20th highest-grossing comedy film. As a star vehicle for singer Parton, it launched her permanently into mainstream popular culture. Although a television series based on the film was less successful, a musical version of the film (also titled 9 to 5), with new songs written by Parton, opened on Broadway on April 30, 2009. 9 to 5 is number 74 on the American Film Institute's "100 Funniest Movies"
John Thaw who played Inspector Morse in the British Television Police drama "Inspector Morse" would sadly have been 72 today but Robert Loggia who starred in "Revenge Of The Pink Panther" with the late Peter Sellers, "Scarface" with Al Pacino, "Over The Top" with Sylvester Stallone, "The Believers" with Martin Sheen and "Big" with Tom Hanks is 84 today, Dabney Coleman who starred in "WarGames", "Dragnet" and "Short Time" is 82 today, former WWE commentator Jim Ross is 64 today, Hollywood tough guy Mel Gibson best know for his work of tough heroic Los Angeles Police Detective Martin Riggs in "Lethal Weapon" is 58 today, former MacGyver girl Joan Chen is 54 today, race car driver Joel Schumacher is 45 today and former Baywatch lifeguard Nicole Eggert is 42 today. Let's give them all a round of applause and 3 cheers for all their birthdays today. And that's not all. Pat Hingle who played Commissioner James Gordon in the first 4 Batman movies is 5 years gone today.
Happy birthday Gino Marchetti, Dabney Coleman, Jack Hanna, Tia Carrere and Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, on this date in 2012 we lost Larry "Rhino" Reinhardt of Iron Butterfly. In honor, today's song of the day is "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"
I'd forgotten how much WarGames is just full of a who's who of 80s awesome character actors. Dabney Coleman, Barry Corbin, John Spencer (!)
I had a real fondness for this one when I was younger. Great film. Not revisited it for far too long. BITE THE BULLET (1975), starring Gene Hackman, James Coburn, Candice Bergen, Ben Johnson, Ian Bannen, Jan Michael Vincent, Dabney Coleman and Sally Kirkland. Directed by Richard Brooks.
Oh no, Millennials don't remember 227 or the golden age of Dabney Coleman! Rolling Stone you are weird, man.
My 8 for Christmas is still to come, but here's another number I was given: Here's 12 more things you may not know about me: 1. I've always dreamed of being a writer and actor. I plan to audition someday for a part in a movie/tv show. I don't care if I get the part, I just want to audition. 2. Although I've enjoyed premium cigars for 20 years, I have always hated the smell of cigarette smoke. Still do. 3. I once had a date with Dabney Coleman's niece. 4. My father is one of 8 siblings and I am one of 16 cousins. I am the only cousin with the last name Brooks. 5. I have always been a Christian and a regular church attender. I've never walked away from either one. 6. My favorite author is C.S. Lewis. Although I'm a HUGE fan of the Narnia series and his space trilogy, I've read the book "The Abolition of Man" more times than any other work he has written. 7. I can go indefinitely without cigars or chocolate, but one week without cheese and I go dark side. Emperor Palpatine himself would be ove ...
RIP Dabney Coleman. An angel has left too soon.
I hope everyone knows November is Dabney Coleman Awareness Month. Looking at you
Finally, the Dabney Coleman classic CLOAK & DAGGER is streaming. A weird curio in the history of movie/video game connections.
long forgotten show I'd like to see on or = "Buffalo Bill" with Dabney Coleman
US New movies for November 01, 2013 Broadcast News (1987) Three ambitious workaholics -- a handsome but weak-minded anchorman, his driven producer and a neurotic reporter -- are set loose in a network TV newsroom, where their professional and personal lives become hopelessly cross-wired. Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986) Gene Saks directs this film adaptation of Neil Simon's hit play, starring Jonathan Silverman as Eugene, a Jewish teenager sharing very cramped quarters with his loud, nosy and loving family in Depression-era Brooklyn. Both touching and laugh-out-loud funny, the film co-stars Blythe Danner and Bob Dishy as Eugene's parents, with Lisa Waltz as cousin Nora, the source of many of Eugene's adolescent fantasies and frustrations. Caligula (1979) Malcolm McDowell portrays the infamous emperor who wielded godlike power over ancient Rome while at the same time sleeping with his sister (Teresa Ann Savoy). Helen Mirren, Peter O'Toole and John Gielgud co-star in this film produced by &NFi;Penthouse Magazi ...
Directed by Ken Shapiro. With Chevy Chase, Patti D'Arbanville, Dabney Coleman. Jealous, harried air traffic controller Max Fiedler, recently dumped by his girlfriend, comes into contact with nuclear waste and is granted the power of telekinesis, which he uses not only to win her back, but to gain a…
Kids! If a kid shows up tonight dressed as Dabney Coleman, he/she gets the entire bowl of candy.
Raven and I are watching an 80's classic, "Cloak & Dagger" starring Henry Thomas(E.T.) and Dabney Coleman. Ahhh, the 80's, what a wonderful era...
An old Jersey bud of WBSTYN asked the author about the Misfits and Dabney Coleman.
I would use my savings to hire the death squad: frank Stallone, Dabney Coleman and Carl weathers to fight them.
balls as big as church bells.Dabney Coleman...Dragnet...:)
what a great movie. Dabney Coleman is the best a-hole in the business
Modern Problems with Chevy Chase, Dabney Coleman, and Mary Kay Place is on Movie Ch. I must have watched this 100x time.
WARGAMES: 30 year old movie. Dabney Coleman: 81. Jim Leyland: 67. Matthew Broderick: 51. Broderick's more likely to be cast.
Watched "War Games'' at hotel last night. I vote for Dabney Coleman to play the lead in "The Jim Leyland Story.''
“Burt reynolds is poor man's dabney coleman” OR it's the other way around
Burt reynolds is poor man's dabney coleman
If you don't know who Dabney Coleman is we have nothing else to discuss.
DO NOT MISS the creepy, pervy goodness of BAD RONALD, perhaps the greatest made-for-TV movie ever. Blandly professional visuals spiked with chuckleheaded plot turns and wacky neighbors seem harmless enough at first, only to become something like a YA novel gone hideously, skin-crawlingly wrong. A true nightmare. Plus Dabney Coleman.
A partial list of my favorite things (as spoken by Dabney Coleman)
I watched it with the kids recently. It holds up surprisingly well. Remember when Dabney Coleman was everywhere?
Loved you in Tootsie & Hot to Trot w Bobcat Goldthwait. Was just telling my friends Dabney Coleman is underrated & here u are!.
Tonight I learn that King Arthur's lance was named Ron. His shield Kevin and suit of armor Dabney Coleman carried him bravely into battle
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if i were to remake Modern Problems, i'd put Seth Rogen in Chevy Chases role but still use Dabney Coleman and Brian Doyle-Murray
Voodoo Priestess make me a doll of Dabney Coleman
It was just a DVD that we popped in so I didn't know much about it. Don't have HBO to Go yet. Dabney Coleman? Oh.. :)
and Gretchen Mol and Dabney Coleman… also did you know that Steve Buscemi was a Ny firefighter!? Amazing man…
Dabney Coleman, on what research he did to play his character in Wargames: "I always just look for the *** in my roles."
I'm voting Pat Hogan. He reminds me of Dabney Coleman. I love the stache.
Backpackin' it around town. Kinda feel like Davey Osborne from only missing a walkie talkie and Dabney Coleman.
Dabney Coleman's finest hour. And no, I didn't need to look that up.
need 1987 version w/Dabney Coleman as Hugh Hefner and Chris Plummer as a televangelist bent on ruling LA
Thinking of Newsroom as the movie 9 to 5 wherein Dabney Coleman represents Aaron Sorkin's superego is the only way to make sense of it.
John Badham, Dabney Coleman, more to appear for special screening of WARGAMES, Tuesday, Sept. 10 at Regent, 7:30pm:
Wait a minute... Dabney Coleman never became a huge movie star?!
Charles Dickens may have coined the phrase "cloak and dagger", but Henry Thomas and Dabney Coleman made it real.
I always think I can't love "Rolling Thunder" more, and then I remember Dabney Coleman is in it
Back in the early 80’s, a producer friend asked if I’d like to work on a Muppets movie. Well, I wasn’t a big Muppets fan and I had just finished writing for a hit show (“Mork and Mindy”) so I wasn’t anxious to do it. Oh, and I was an *** But my friend said it’d be easy; the movie was already written, they just needed someone to write bits for the guest stars. And who would those be, I asked. And he said: Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, Laurence Olivier, Richard Pryor, Lily Tomlin and Micheal Jackson. Seriously. I picked my chin off the floor and said yes. Hoffman was going to play a Broadway producer and planned to do his impression of legendary movie producer Bob Evans. But as the shoot approached he became concerned Evans would take offense, and he dropped out. (He later did the impression for an entire movie: “Wag The Dog”.) When Hoffman left, so did everyone else. We ended up with Art Carney, Linda Lavin, Dabney Coleman, Gregory Hines, James Coco, Brooke Shields and Joan ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Have you guys seen "The Guardian" casting Simon Baker, Dabney Coleman, Alan Rosenberg?? If you're anxious to acquire a good knowledge of Americans' living situation or to study law and psychology, I strongly recommend it. "You are my son doesn't mean you will receive special treatment among my other employees in my firm" said Burton Fallin to his son Nick Fallin." Is he a good father or a bad father? Find it out and watch it! Enjoy, guys!!
Winding down with some cinematic comfort food—9 to 5 (What a way to make a living!). Great ensemble, fun film, and every time Dabney Coleman is on screen, I remember when he got out of my father's car without putting it in park and put a ding in the bumper, which caused my father to say "that *** rectum put a ding in the bumper!" He's not just an evil boss—he's a bumper-dinging *** rectum. My late father had a way with the mother tongue.
This stinks. As the numbness goes away, the more pills I want to take.
My name is Dabney and while I am not Dabney Coleman, feel free to say that you have the support of all Dabneys.
Ooh! I was once at a bar where Dabney Coleman happened to be having a birthday party for his wife!
I just named a bug I found Dabney Coleman because, you know, freedom.
For real guys; not watching it unless we get some Dabney Coleman
.,Dont Mark & Gabby Gifford (bless her heart) remind you of Dabney Coleman and Dustin Hoffman (as Tootsie?)
A CEO is being held captive by his own employees. Admit you've thought about doing that.
CNN these days is basically Dabney Coleman in "9 to 5," right?
“searched Amazon for the Best of War Games DVD. Is this the right one? Dabney Coleman is Arn Anderson
Next to "The Towering Inferno" (1974), "WarGames" (1983) and the way underappreciated, forgotten & entertaining "Short Time" (1990), this is my favorite Dabney Coleman (excellent as Jack Flack/Hal Osborne) film and still lots of fun, even for fantasy gamer fans!
American boss held hostage in China. Female workers lock him up due to workplace grievances. Could be a movie script! Sorta reminds me of that movie "9 to 5" where the office workers (led by Dolly Parton) kidnap their evil boss (played by Dabney Coleman).
Profoundly enjoying some 5am "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot" magnificence. The only thing that could possibly make this movie any better would be Burt Reynolds and an eight year old wit a badge, or Dabney Coleman with a deathwish on a timeline. or possibly Queen Latifa if we're blending decades of bad movies together.
Every time I see Joel Quenneville, I think Dabney Coleman (see pic). Cool customer and horse guy to boot!
CHARLES Saatchi accepted a police caution over the incident at central London restaurant
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